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Handing out books and communicating the beautiful message of Islam through books is an invaluable effort. Books teaching the Qur’an and Islam are like scholars.


Unbelievers are full of hatred; they can't show or appreciate respect or courtesy, they make jokes about disgusting things. Muslims on the other hand, enjoy quality and etiquette.


Iran is a fraternal country; the Iranian people are our friends. Shia are dear to us, they’re in our hearts. God commands Muslims to be brothers and sisters.


Adversaries of the Mahdi movement are working in vain. They cannot change God’s destiny. The Mahdi is preordained in destiny and will come for sure.


His Highness Sheikh Nazım always talked about and praised the Mahdi system. Sincere students of our Sultan are also eagerly waiting for the Mahdi.


Trying to conceal the fact of the Mahdi would benefit the dajjali system the most. That’s why the British deep state is against the Mahdi system.


Since the passing away of our Prophet (pbuh), Muslims have waited for the Mahdi. This wait has always made Muslims more driven and enthusiastic.


President Erdoğan’s statement that he is praying to God not to leave him ‘without love, water and homeland’, is very nice. It’s great that he always emphasizes the importance of love.


Islamic Union is a top priority for our nation. We will never let anyone divide Turkey.


Our Prime Minister’s emphasis on preserving the unitary structure of Turkey is also very important. Such statements are an assurance for our nation.


It’s great that Mr. Erdogan made his anti-federalism stance very clear today. We thank him for this very significant statement.


People from all walks of life support and love us, including ladies with headscarves, and those with modern clothes. They’re all great people.


God creates not only beauty, but also the love for beauty. It’s a great gift that God instills love in our hearts.


The PKK should be taken on intellectually. They should be defeated ideologically.


The PKK will never abandon its weapons. Its goal is clear: They want to build a communist zone between Turkey and the rest of the Islamic world. The PKK will do what the British deep state says, not what Turkey says. It is being used to create a communist zone in the region.


We will continue our intellectual efforts until the Islamic Unity is formed, and until the dajjali system [antichrist] is intellectually crushed and the British deep state falls, no matter what opposition we encounter.


Some young people have ruined their lives with their lovelessness. It is important to help and advise these people patiently and carefully. Slowly and gradually, they will be able to get rid of that soul.


Some people wrongly think that religion should be practiced later in life. On the contrary, religion should be practiced as soon as one attains the age of reason. My friends devoted their entire youth to God.


There is a surge of faith in society, for which we became instrumental. By the grace of God, no one can stop this wave of faith.


I am not an Islamic scholar. I have no such claim. I have explained this numerous times and therefore I’d like to ask everyone to stop calling me an Islamic scholar.

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1-20 / Total: 12551
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