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Women are the most beautiful beings in the world. God’s name Al-Jamal is perfectly manifested on them. They are superior to men in their compassion, attentiveness and artistic potential.


Some people live in almost complete obliviousness in a kind of deep hypnosis. Only love and fear of God can overcome this problem.


My books have contributed greatly to the growing admiration and respect among the conservative people of Turkey towards Atatürk.


The real reason behind humanity’s decline before doomsday will be the spread of hatred and vengeance after the Quran’s holy light leaves the world.


Everyone would want quality and elegance. Subconsciously, every human being yearns for quality.


Diseases are a part of God’s artistry just as health is. At times of illnesses and afflictions, believers put their trust in God. Diseases prevent arrogance, vanity, undisciplined behavior and the threat of forgetting God by getting too attached to this world. Disease is a beauty that is a part of God’s hidden knowledge. It helps people earn Heaven.


Praising one’s beauty is praising God’s artistry.


Satan ridicules people through Darwinism. Trying to explain everything with coincidences is not science; it is a failure of logic.


Bigotry is designed by satan to destroy Islam from within. It hinders the ability of people to contemplate, to innovate and it numbs people. Let's not allow bigotry to suffocate people. With joy and love, let’s turn the world into Heaven, by means of the beautiful spirit of the Qur’an.


Tastelessness is a bad thing. We need to have a Ministry of Art and Quality that will work on quality and refinement. When art and beauty is lost, life becomes only about survival and functioning. When that happens, the world turns into a living hell.


Being beautiful or attractive was made almost a crime and that put many people off making the effort. This attitude removes beauty.


God loves beauty and grants more beauty when we appreciate and protect it. Therefore, disregarding art would be a disaster.


Let Turkey be the center of art in the world, with exhibitions, art competitions, recitals, etc. The disappearance of art is a disaster.


Incorrectly applied urbanization in Istanbul erases aesthetics of the city entirely. On the contrary, the city should be expanded outwards and the Bosphorus should be made completely green.


Refuting Darwinism scientifically and being an ultra-modern country should be among the top priorities of Turkey.


More than 700 million fossils were unearthed so far, and none of it supports evolution. On the contrary, they show that living things have always been the same for millions of years.


A just order can be built only by means of the Mahdi movement, with the Islamic Union and through full compliance with the Qur’an. Following the Qur’an only, in a manner that is completely free of traditions and fabrications, would make this world almost a heaven-like place.


Once Darwinism is eradicated, the terror of the PKK will immediately end.


The PKK’s ideology will be destroyed when Darwinism is destroyed. The destruction of Darwinism will be a harsh intellectual blow to the atheist system in the world.


Similar to Prophet Moses (as)’ s staff turning into a living snake when he cast it down, man is created instantaneously, not gradually.

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61-80 / Total: 13014
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