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1 The hypocrites tell the lie that homosexuality and Darwinism, which are unlawful, are in conformity with Islam
2 The whole world is under the rule of the dictatorship of Darwinism
3 Darwinism is a supersititous belief that disparages women
4 Darwinism is a supersititous belief that disparages women
5 Darwinism is a supersititous belief that disparages women
6 Dr. Oktar Babuna speaks about the collapse of Darwinism on Tsargrad TV
7 Dr. Oktar Babuna explained the invalidity of Darwinism in Zain Khan’s show
8 Darwinism is taught in schools under the compulsion of the British deep state
9 During the Time of Abdul Hamid Darwinism and Materialism Spread to Every Corner of the Ottoman Empire: During this period the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic World were Fragmented
10 One of the reasons why Abdulaziz was martyred is his rejection of Darwinism
11 Darwinism disproved once again
12 Darwinism disproved once again
13 As long as Darwinism, on which the Marxist philosophy is built, continues to exist, PKK can never be annihilated
14 Darwinism Conference at the Faculty of Biology at the University of Oran
15 Through Darwinism, the antichrist made the world Godless. Now, he is spreading homosexuality under the name of the Rumi philosophy
16 Darwinism is the main philosophy of communism; the PKK scourge will not end unless Darwinist education is abolished
17 Darwinism is not mentioned in Quran. God does not support the system of antichrist
18 We are the only ones that have proven the invalidity of Darwinism that was acquiesced by 8 billion people
19 Becoming Aware of the Scourge of Darwinism
20 Muslims should see that Darwinism is the dajjal that will make the whole world deny God
21 Our Prophet (saas) stated that Mahdi (pbuh) will not appear before two schools (Darwinism, Marxism) which claim people are free from believing in God emerge
22 The philosophy of the English deep state is Darwinism. It is freemasonry that made Darwinism dominant in the world.
23 By letting Darwinism be taught in schools, Abdul Hamid contributed tothe fall of Ottoman Empire
24 Muslim states adopt Darwinism because of the respect they have for the faithless
25 In some Catholic churches, homosexuality is supposedly legitimized and Darwinism is promoted. This is the work of the British deep state.
26 With scientific evidence we have put forth the fact that Darwinism is not science. People clearly came to realize that evolution is mere superstition.
27 They were teaching Darwinism under the pretense of science to people through indoctrination. Being unaware, many thought they would oppose science if they refute Darwinism.
28 Bediuzzaman says that the first duty of Mahdi is to bring about the collapse of Darwinism and materialism. His second duty is to form the Islamic Union.
29 Darwinism - Watch
30 A 80 Million Year Old Rare Frilled Shark Fossil Found in Australia Speaks Against Darwinism
1 - 30 / total: 3164
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