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One of the most popular nature sports today is mountain climbing.  If you are interested in this sport, you should first undergo an excellent training. In theoretical training, many relevant subjects are explained in detail such as; climbing techniques and styles, how to set up climbing and descending stations, technical equipment, what precautions to take against hazards and what to do in emergency situations. In practical training, you are asked to put into practice what you learn theoretically from an expert climber. If you are aiming to climb higher altitudes, you will need to receive more extensive training on altitude climbing. In this training, there are courses on subjects such as planning and organization, climbing psychology, altitude diseases, meteorology, avalanche knowledge, nutrition.

No matter how knowledgeable and experienced you are in mountain climbing, you can still face with dangerous situations while doing this sport. If we look at the mountain climbing accidents that took place in America between 1951-2006, 24,2% of the accidents were suffered by inexperienced mountaineers and 26,1% by experienced mountaineers. The interesting thing about this percentage is that experienced mountaineers suffered more accidents than inexperienced mountaineers. Despite all the experience, all the equipment, and training received, mountain climbers can still experience accidents. 

Mountain climbing, which is difficult and troublesome for people as explained above, is as easy as walking in the park for mountain goats. So much so that mountain goats are the best mountain climbers around the world. They can easily walk on the edges of steep cliffs, find seemingly impossible routes on the rocks and continue on their path, and can comfortably tackle terrains that can be deadly for us. They are exposed to some of the most unfavorable weather conditions during these climbs and they live on  inaccessible steep cliffs. The "Great Orme Kashmiri Goats" living in the Great Orme in North Wales can easily reach places where other grassland animals cannot reach and they can do it safely.  Moreover, this way they are also protected from predators on slopes.

The first safety material for goats is their horns. The horns are quite thick and can act as a helmet, reducing the impact of a possible impact. Additionally, their horns provide vital protection as they extend to the back of the neck.

These creatures have expert climbing vision due to their rectangular pupils. These pupils give superb peripheral vision to the goats, so that the goats see all the climbing options in one look.

Another feature that allows mountain goats to climb even the steepest slopes is their feet. As known, there are hardly any flat surfaces on mountainous terrain.  However, the goats have feet specifically created to cling to the ground. There are two flexible hooves on each foot that allow them to stand on the ground firmly. Each hoof also has a very hard outer nail that allows them to comfortably grab small ledges. The leathery section inside the hooves provides them with a good grip and serves as a kind of suction cup that allows them to stick to the ground.

The fact that goats use short steps instead of long ones is also not arbitrary. By doing so, they distribute their body weight over the feet and centralize balance.

The mountains are very difficult places to live on. However, the goats were created to persist on this terrain. It would not have been possible for mountain goats to continue living for generations on these terrains if they didn't possess these features since the first moment of their creation. The anatomical and physiological properties of goats are precisely adjusted to the requirements of the area they live in. The fact that details like distinct foot structures, protective horns, eyes with special visual fields are all gathered in the same organism can't be explained with coincidences. The mountain goat has innate skills due to its unique body design. Consequently, a newborn can run and play with its mother even on the edge of a very dangerous cliff shortly after birth.

Thinking deeply about this information is enough to understand that the behavior of living beings could not have emerged through coincidences. All creatures are born with the knowledge and features necessary for their living, that is, God creates all of them in an instant with all their body parts intact. As the Qur’an says:

He is God – the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of (the perfect) Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surat al-Hashr, 24)

http://www.summitpost.org/mountaineering-accident-statistics/658474, https://dogayakacis.com/2014/05/13/1951-2006-abd-dagcilik-kazalari-istatistikleri/

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The deep state comes to light

US President Trump's claims on social media that the former Obama administration had his office and phones wiretapped during his presidential campaign had Washington circles buzzing with the talk of a 'deep state'. White House spokesman Sean Spicer, during a briefing last Friday, mentioned the claim and said that there could be an organized group of people left from the Obama administration trying to undermine President Trump from within.

Last month, a dozen articles appeared in the mainstream US and European media about the 'deep state'. In the New York Times article 'As Leaks Multiply, Fears of a Deep State in America', the matter was discussed, and the newspaper asked the question if this could be the US witnessing the rise of its own deep state amidst concerns that leaks in the government were undermining the Trump administration.

CNN, on the other hand, interviewed Steven Hall, a former CIA operative in Russia with a supporting article 'Fears of a Deep State in US government'. Another article that appeared on CNN's website on March 11 examined 'what the deep state was and why it became a hot topic recently', and explained how the notion was used to describe 'the criminal structures within security forces and government bureaucracy'. The piece mentioned that the term was first used in 1997 in a New York Times article as 'a set of obscure forces that seem to function beyond the reach of the law.' Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said to Associated Press, 'Of course, the deep state exists. There's a permanent state of massive bureaucracies that do whatever they want ... They are fighting to keep hold of their power'.

In other words, 'the deep state' many believed to be exclusive to only Middle Eastern countries has suddenly became a hot topic at Western democracies.

Surely, the leaks and dissent against the Trump administration are not the only indicators of the existence of a centuries-old deep state in the US. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln and President Kennedy clearly reveal the existence of a deep US state that is powerful enough to kill Presidents. However, the current deep state is not limited to a group of people that infiltrated the Obama administration, as many believe today; what is visible can be described only as the tip of the iceberg. Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Kentucky, also holds this view:

"I'm worried it's something deeper than that. I'm concerned that it's an effort by those who want a provocation with Russia or other countries to sort of push the president in the direction. So I don't think it's Trump vs. Obama, I think it's really the Deep State vs. the President, the duly elected president."

Indeed, the arms of this 'deeper state' that Massie mentions are definitely not limited to political and bureaucratic circles, but stretches far beyond that to the CIA, the NSA, the Pentagon, think-tanks, academic circles and even mainstream media groups. The deep state wields high power in these key positions. However, stunned by its failure with the election of Mr. Trump as US President, the world's deep state started acting rashly and unwittingly exposed itself in the process.  Anti-Trump rallies that broke out simultaneously in the US and all around the world right after the elections, as well as strong anti-propaganda campaigns, clearly showed that the deep state was not effective only in the US, but instead was a formidable, deeply-entrenched hierarchical establishment that was making its influence felt all around the world.

In other words, we can say that the real culprit is not the US deep state, but the global deep state that is deeply entrenched in the US. Then where is the center of this world deep state?

White House spokesman Sean Spicer cited a Fox News report about the real center of the 'world deep state' and said that Obama didn't use the NSA, the CIA, the FBI or the Justice Department to wiretap the calls of Donald Trump, but instead used the British intelligence agency, GCHQ. Apparently, all the intermediate systems were bypassed due to the significance of the task and the resources and technology of the 'headquarters' in the UK were made available to Obama. Andrew Napolitano, a former Superior Court judge in New Jersey also said that during Obama administration, three different intelligence sources stepped outside the boundaries of the chain of command and used the British GCHQ instead.

Immediately after the word of a deep state started circulating in the US, leading British publications like the Independentthe Economist and the Daily Mail sprung into action in an attempt to downplay the deep state debates with familiar themes of 'conspiracy theories', 'baseless allegations' and 'the new terminology of the Trump administration'.   

Similarly, some media outlets of the US including the New York Times and CNN chose to pursue their familiar cover-up methods. Even the famous New Zealand Herald of New Zealand, a commonwealth nation, renewed its allegiance to the world's deep state from the other side of the world with an article titled, 'Deep State' is the latest US conspiracy theory you need to know about".

Like in the famous Indian story, Americans today - like many other societies of the world - are left in the dark, trying to work out what they are facing in a dark room and are unable to tell that it is an elephant. Everyone is coming up with their own theories as to what it is, based on what they perceive and all the commotion results in contradicting accounts. However, once light is shed on the elephant and people look at it from a wider angle, they will see that it is only one elephant, in other words, the British deep state, the colonial empire -which has operated in the open for centuries, and chose to remain secretive in the last five decades.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Pravda:


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Universities should be places where terrorism ends, not its breeding ground

The Turkish public was surprised to hear that many militants, who recently participated in the attacks and activities of separatist terrorist organizations in Turkey, were university students. It became clear that these militants were continuing their university education while at the same time receiving guerrilla training in terrorist camps and learning to handle weapons and build bombs. Among these university student terrorists, there were senior leaders of the terrorist organizations such as the PKK, the DHKP-C, and TKP/ML, militants, bombers, assassins, and even suicide bombers.

At first glance, this situation looks like a contradiction; according to general opinion, terrorists are usually uneducated, poor, unsuccessful people with inadequate intelligence and skills who are looking for an identity in the world. Yes, this argument may hold true for explaining some people’s motivation for turning to terrorism. However, the truth is, terrorist organizations are looking for the exact opposite characteristics in their new recruits and administrators.

They always prefer skilled, intelligent, educated people with necessary operational skills who will carry out the given orders in the best way possible without any problems. Needless to say, the aforementioned “unqualified” group of people can also find a place in these terrorist organizations as expendable personnel or for running simple errands. However, the true, effective, and operative teams are recruited at the universities. Moreover, today, these qualifications are gaining increasing importance for international terrorist groups.

Scientific studies on the subject are producing similar results that support this fact.

For instance, analysts Charles Russell and Bowman Miller from the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations conducted a sociological study on the members of eighteen revolutionary groups that are known to have participated in terrorist activities in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The study, subjects of which included members from Japanese Red Army, the German Baader-Meinhof organization, the IRA in Northern Ireland, the Italian Red Brigades and Turkey’s PKK, produced some interesting results:

“The vast majority of those individuals involved in terrorist activities as cadres or leaders is quite well educated. In fact, approximately two-thirds of those identified terrorists are persons with some university training, university graduates or postgraduate students.”

Indeed when we look back at history, we can see that the terrorist organizations turned universities into important strategic hubs. The leadership cadres, theoreticians and the most fervent supporters of terrorist groups developed their ideological disposition mostly in universities, and were usually introduced to revolutionary activities and actions in university.

Universities, if left uncontrolled and unsupervised, can easily provide a suitable environment where all sorts of separatist, anarchist and terrorist ideologies can be easily offered to students disguised as scientific, political sociological and philosophical narratives. This is also the reason why groups associated with terrorist activities protest the non-autonomy of the universities and their not being exempt from supervision and create disorder for this purpose. They do not wish for anyone to intervene with their terrorist activities or their organizations.

Especially in the last century, student movements in various universities have been the trigger of anarchist movements and terrorism. The basis of the ideological backgrounds, organizational activities and practices of communist terror leaders such as Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and Stalin, who defined “anarchy, violence, terror and mass slaughters as essential instruments of socialist revolution”, can be traced back to their university years.

This tradition of the pioneers of communist terror is still adopted by their followers. To give a few examples:

The foundation of Red Brigades, who were responsible for 14,000 acts of violence in Italy throughout the 1970s, and who were famous for their bombing, arson, assassination and kidnapping, was laid when the University of Trento student Renato Curcio formed a leftist study group based on Marx, Mao and Che Guevara’s communist views at the university in 1967.

In his book The Making of Terrorism, French sociologist Michel Wieviorka explained the emergence of Red Brigades with the following words; “Everything begins in the high command of the student movement that was the University of Trent”. (The Making of Terrorism, Michel Wieviorka, University of Chicago Press, p. 97)

The origin of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group dates back to the student protests initiated in West German universities in late 1960s. The Guardian describes the organization in the following way:

“The Baader-Meinhof group, a left-wing terrorist collective born of the student revolutions of the Sixties, terrorised West Germany with a series of bombings, assassinations and hijackings in the Seventies.”

Likewise the civil war in Peru, which broke out in 1980 and still flares up occasionally and which caused the deaths of 70,000 people, also originated from a university movementThe Shining Path, the armed branch of the Communist Party of Peru, first appeared as a Maoist group in San Cristóbal of Huamanaga University in Ayacucho. The organization was led by Abimael Guzmán, a professor of philosophy at the same university, who had been influenced by Maoist ideas during a trip to China. Wieviorka summarizes the incident as follows: “In Ayacucho in Peru, as in Russia a century before, students moved from a dispute within the university to a popular or leftist movement, and from these, to terrorism, etc.” (Wieviorka, p. 41)

There are countless examples like this.

As is seen, universities, the cradle of education, culture, technology, prosperity, civilization and enlightenment, have been regrettably struggling in the clutches of terrorism for more than a century. Be it communist, fascist, radical, ethnic, or separatist, all sorts of terrorist entities have entered into a competition for exploiting the halls of education and enlightenment for their own evil purposes.

Therefore, it will be a vital step for the peace and safety of the entire world to keep universities away from the blood-stained hands of terrorism and free them of all terrorist elements as soon as possible, thus turning them into institutions that are transparent and open to supervision.

The first thing that should be done in the education system is the equal teaching of knowledge. Just as the ideologies against science, reason and conscience are taught, it is a vital necessity to include their answers in the curriculum. So long as the ideologies that form the basis of one-sided, deviant terrorist views and ideas are imposed in universities, increasing the number of universities will only provide fresh blood for terrorism rather than offering a solution. The important thing here is to provide an honest, accurate, rational and unbiased education in universities. Discourses based on scientific facts and free from falsehoods, superstitions and deceit will steer the youth towards reason and conscience. A healthy education system that is free of deviant ideologies of terrorism, anarchism and the bigoted notions of radicalism, a system that introduces facts and truths to the conscience of the people, will be the biggest blow dealt to the ideological and physical presence of terrorism.

Adnan Oktar's piece in News Rescue:


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Syrian refugees should become Turkish citizens

The issue of granting citizenship to the Syrians was one of the most important topics on the agenda for Turkey back in July 2016. The issue had been a subject of heated debate and attracted many comments, when the conversation surrounding this topic suddenly gained a new dimension. On the evening of July 15, 2016, Turkey faced a bloody coup attempt. In the wake of this treacherous attack, the conversation surrounding this issue from the perspective of Turkish citizens would deepen and continue for a long time to come. 

Only one year prior in February 2016, the issue of citizenship for Syrians, which at that time had not long been publicly discussed, was voiced by President Erdogan in Bahrain. Throughout Turkey, the number of those who had a positive approach on the issue was in the majority; but as it is with every community, those who are opposed were also making themselves heard through various ways. 

Let us summarise the refugee issue in Turkey through an overall assessment. According to official records, there are 2.8mn Syrians and 300,000 Iraqis currently living in Turkey. This rate elevates Turkey as a country that harbours the most asylum-seekers in the world. The money that the Turkish state has spent for the asylum-seekers, so far is $25bn. Those who come from Syria are granted the “asylum-seeker” status in Turkey.

Turkey  signed the UN Refugee Convention in 1951, announcing that it would only accept those coming from Europe as refugees according to the circumstances of the time. In 1994, the Turkish government announced that temporary refugee status would be granted to those coming from outside Europe. A new arrangement was also made in 2013 following the latest developments. This regulation provided various conveniences for those coming from Syria and Iraq, but still did not allow them to be considered refugees. 

Although Turkey has mobilised all its means for the Syrians it hosts, the fact that these people do not bear the title of “refugees” deprives them of long-term opportunities such as citizenship, residence and employment.

Since the deplorable war in Syria continues in all its ruthlessness, leaving these people homeless, stateless and unsafe, the decision that has just been taken by the Turkish Government is quite accurate. Although the government has stated that the qualified Syrians will be gradually granted citizenship, what should actually be done is to give citizenship to all the Syrians in our country.

In this regard, security is of particular concern, and those who will be granted citizenship are required to have no terrorist criminal records and go through security inquiries. After undertaking these inquiries, as brothers and members of the same religion, it is our obligation to make our brothers and sisters, whom we have been hosting for years, citizens of our own country. 

Turkey is a democratic country; surely, everyone should be able to freely express their opinion. Some may feel personal reservations over granting citizenship to Syrians and they can voice it as they wish. But it is important that these reservations are not a product of mass psychology, and that the reactions in this regard are founded on a rational and conscientious basis. Just like in every society, similar reactions might be triggered in Turkey as well, through mass propaganda and provocations. Turkey, however, is responsible for acting upon its conscience, not upon mass, egoistic or political accounts. 

In response to those who are trying to present the subject of granting citizenship to Syrians as a political issue, government officials have stated that the naturalisation process will take place after the Constitutional referendum that will be held in March. Furthermore, the Syrians who are granted citizenship will not be able to vote for one year. This makes it clear that the decision is not based on accounts of political interest. 

Those who have the false pretension that they will suffer from limited amenities when Syrians are accepted as citizens are worrying for no reason. With the breakthroughs made in recent years in matters such as welfare and social security, Turkey has proven to be a country that would not let its citizens be in despair. No one will lose their jobs, no one will go out of their business, no one will suffer any restrictions on their social and educational rights just because Syrians are granted citizenship. Guests always bring with them abundance. It is likely that the contributions of our Syrian brothers and sisters to the business world in Turkey will further expand trade links and business opportunities with the Islamic world. 

One should always keep this fact in mind: If any Muslim around the world is experiencing hardship, all Muslims are responsible for the situation he is in. If a fraction of Muslims is in distress, it is the fault of other Muslims who remain silent and fail to unite against this oppression. So, the selfish approach of saying “refugees are not my concern” is inappropriate and a horrific viewpoint that can pave the way for greater disasters, especially nowadays when the oppression is more prevalent.

Turkey should indiscriminately grant Turkish citizenship to “all Syrians” who reside in its soil and do not pose any political and judicial risks. Muslims should raise a protective shield over those in distress. 

The mechanism that steers the world is not political manoeuvring and profit accounts as people assume. The world runs metaphysically. The alliance of good will always prevail; it will always remain strong and powerful. It is our duty to always remember this fact and strive as hard as we can to become one of the good ones. And protecting and looking after the Syrians is an excellent opportunity to that end.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Gulf Times & EKurd Daily:



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It is friendships and alliances that will protect the US from terrorism

The executive order "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States" signed last week by U.S. President Donald Trump suddenly came to the fore worldwide. Some interpreted the order as the first step of a strategy that will ban Muslims from entering the U.S., while some argued that the USA is naturally entitled to defend itself. 

Each day, a new anti-government campaign is declared over social media, while Muslims are feeling uncomfortable about being caught up in an internal political quarrel that has caused a divide among the American people.

As a Muslim, I believe that Mr. Trump has his heart in the right place, and that his stance is not against Islam but radicalism. He himself has highlighted this fact many times in his speeches. However, the fact that his first move on such a delicate matter was to issue an executive order has brought with it many misunderstandings and speculations. Taking advantage of the situation, the anti-Trump front has begun to cause great uproar within the country. The street protests in particular, which are noticeably orchestrated from a single center, further heightened the tension. Yet it is not difficult to extinguish the unease sparked by these executive orders. Compensatory policies will defuse the artificial tension generated by the demonstrations, undermining the ability of the anti-Trump media to manipulate the masses.

It is time for the Trump administration to realize that international terrorism is no longer a simple security issue. Radicalism is impossible to counter with police or even military measures. While waging a struggle against an entity that wields worldwide influence, sociological, psychological, economic and political measures are necessary. The struggle against radicalism cannot prevail through rigid methods; it requires acute thinking and elaborate planning. Presuppositions, preconceived opinions, extreme prejudice and extrajudicial executions will do more harm than good. It is important to make a distinction between the right and the wrong, the innocent and the guilty. Each step taken in the opposite direction will only serve to foster radicalism and allow it to do even greater damage both to the U.S. and to world peace. In fact, the foreign policy based on military counter-terrorist measures pursued by the USA in recent years proved the inefficacy of this method.

Therefore, when determining his policy, President Trump should remember that violence always begets more violence and not disregard the negative impacts of the policies pursued before him, and base his decisions upon these facts. President Trump's ideal of rebuilding the USA is a wonderful goal that is supported by Muslims as well. Trump says that he can act independently of the self-interest groups that steer the USA and world politics. He has a lot to do in the areas of education, economy and industry. It is friendships and alliances, not purely militaristic measures, visa limitations etc., that will protect the USA from radicalism. Strict measures of any nature will enable certain segments to incite hatred as well as weaken the hand of Muslims who are ready for alliance. The future of world peace does not lie in division and alienation, but in rapprochement, friendship among the believers, and even in their alliance against a common enemy such as radicalism. 

The bloc standing against Mr. Trump will go to any lengths to impede his every decision during his presidency. They will resort to all sorts of tactics, legal or illegal. A fierce struggle awaits Mr. Trump against this extraordinary bloc. But sincere Muslims are ready to support him in his intellectual struggle. Sincere Muslims heartily wish that President Trump will be successful. He has many allies among the Islamic world that he may or may not be aware of.

Establishing closer relationships between Christian Americans and sincere Muslims is the key that will unlock the door that leads to peace. God-loving Christians, Jews and Muslims should stand in the same ranks against secularism and radicalism that wreak havoc all around the globe.

Adnan Oktar's piece in The China Post:


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How does the Earth breathe?If you were asked to guess the number of all trees in the world, what would your answer be? 10 million? 250 million? 250 billion? No, none of them is the answer. According to the latest researches, there are a total of 3.1 trillion trees in our world. This is quite a big number... In fact, you have to add 11 zeros next to the number of 3.1 to get this number.

And now think about the number of leaves on all these trees. An enormous number comes up. The leaves in all these trees are working ceaselessly to maintain the oxygen - carbon dioxide balance in the atmosphere. To give you an example of how sensitive this balance is:

If there were more oxygen in the atmosphere than its current level, burning reactions would occur faster, and rocks and metals would be eroded much more quickly. Therefore, the earth would erode away rapidly, posing a major threat for life.

If we had a little less oxygen, breathing would become difficult, less ozone gas would be produced. Changes in the amount of ozone would also prove lethal for all life. Less ozone would cause the ultraviolet rays of the sun to hit the Earth more severely, effectively destroying all living things.

If there were less carbon dioxide, the amount of plants on the land and in the sea would be reduced, so fewer nutrients would be produced for animals. And there would be less bicarbonate in the oceans, resulting in increased acidity.

The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would accelerate the corrosion of the continents, leading to a harmful alkali environment in the oceans. On the other hand, as the greenhouse effect increases, the surface heat of the Earth would rise and life would perish.

As one can see, the ratio of the gases in the atmosphere is quite vital in terms of the continuity of life on Earth. The role trees play in preserving this ratio cannot be ignored. The leaves of the trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air, and then perform photosynthesis with the help of sunlight. Thus, while the carbon is converted to glucose and remains in the tree's body, oxygen is released into the air. In the winter, defoliated trees are not able to absorb carbon dioxide, so more carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere. In summer, on the contrary, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is reduced, as the trees are covered once more with leaves.

NASA published a video that revealed this magnificent process that trees carry out.  The ratio of carbon dioxide, shown in red and orange in the video, is very high in the winter months, while it becomes very low in the summer.

Carbon dioxide is at its highest levels in the winter

(Red and orange colors)

Carbon dioxide is at its lowest levels in the summer

According to a research featured in the Nature journal, the trees, the numbers of which exceeds the stars in the Milky Way, cleans the air by starting to photosynthesize through their trillions of leaves. So how does this wonderful process take place?

All these happen with the help of small, lung-like structures called stoma. The stoma, which means 'mouth' in Greek, opens like a mouth to absorb air. The leaf contains so many of these small respiratory tubes that there are hundreds to thousands of stomata in just 1 millimeter square of the leaf.

Now let's reimagine: 3.1 trillion trees, trillion times a trillion number of leaves on all these trees, and quadrillions of stomata on these leaves... Placed within a small leaf, these structures, the number of which we cannot even begin to imagine, cleans the air just like a filter, allowing us to keep breathing comfortably.

Every innovation we discover through science leads us to contemplate on the magnificent systems established on Earth.

As God informs us in the verse, "Does He Who created not then know?" (Surat al-Mulk, 14), God knows all that He has created in the universe down to the finest detail, and He pervades all living things. For God created each of them with all of their details. He also determined precisely the number of all the things he created, organic or inorganic. Certainly, man will never posses or be capable of such superb knowledge, and it only pertains to God, the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth.

It would be a process that would take days for us, feeble humans, to try to determine the number of leaves even on a single tree. Whereas our Almighty Lord knows the number of the leaves of all the trees in the world, and the number of the stomata, chloroplasts, thin veins and all other countless details in those leaves that we cannot even guess. God does not only have a command of their numbers, but also all their functions. These miraculous details, which are far beyond our comprehension, are the manifest proof of the existence of God Almighty, Who created them.

No matter which system we examine in the world, we see that everything is created in due measure for life to exist. And for all the beauty and blessings God bestowed upon us, what we should do is to be constantly thankful of the Almighty Lord. God informs us of this fact in the verses of the Qur'an as follows:

He has given you everything you have asked Him for. If you tried to number God’s blessings, you could never count them. Man is indeed wrongdoing, ungrateful. (Surah Abraham, 34)

God shows favor to mankind but most of them are not thankful. (Surat an-Naml, 73)


Nature, 10 September 2015, Vol. 525, p. 201

National Geographic, 3 September 2016, http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2016/03/09/the-earth-has-lungs-watch-them-breathe/

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Newly Discovered Species are the Manifestation of God's Infinite KnowledgeImagine that you set out on a journey through our Solar System. During this journey, you will come across planets with freezing cold or scorching hot temperatures, with atmospheres comprising of toxic gases, with severe storms raging on their surfaces, or without any water at all.  Only the 'blue planet' Earth that we live on was created in a way that is fully hospitable for life with all sorts of ideal balances it maintains, from its atmosphere to its landforms, from its temperature to its magnetic field, from the elements it contains to its distance from the Sun.

One of the primary reasons why the Earth is suitable for life is the amount of water it has. The majority of the earth, about 70%, is covered with water. These waters are home to millions of life forms with distinct colors, biological systems, and fascinating hunting and defense tactics. In fact, if we are to give a percentage, 90% of all living species on Earth live in these waters. The discoveries of new species in life forms increase with each passing day through the researches made possible due to the developing technology.

According to the latest research featured by the December 2016 issue of Scientific Reports journal, six new living species have been discovered in the Indian Ocean near the hydrothermal vents three kilometers below the ocean surface. Researches announced that the newly found species were discovered as a result of a survey carried out via remotely controlled underwater robots that could reach the ocean floor. And the newly discovered marine life forms were stated to be the members of the gastropod snail, a deep-sea worm, limpet, Hoff crab and scale worm species. 

Leading researches in Southampton University, Britain, Dr. Jon Copley and his team explored an area roughly the size of a football stadium on the ocean floor that contains more than a dozen mineral spires. An examination of these spires, also known as hydrothermal vent chimneys, revealed that they are quite rich in copper and gold, and that they can be utilized for undersea mining in the future. It was also stated that these spires are home to many marine species, and that these species are nourished by hot fluids gushing out of the vent chimneys.

Deep-sea creatures, without question, comprise only a part of all living species; the estimations regarding the total number of living species on Earth reach as high as 100 million. Professor Edward O. Wilson from Harvard University writes in his book In Search of Nature the following facts about diversity of living species:

Consider first the question of the amount of biodiversity. The number of species of organisms on Earth is unknown to the nearest order of magnitude. About 1.5 million species have been given names to date, but the actual number is likely to lie somewhere between 10 and 100 million... 

With the verse, "… And He creates other things you do not know" (Surat an-Nahl, 8) Almighty God informs us in our Holy Book, the Qur'an, about the diversity of living beings He created. The fact that, despite our highly advanced technology, only 1.5 million species have been so far identified among the 100 million living species is one of the proofs that there are many life forms that 'we do not know' about, as God states in the verse, living on Earth. From the vastly deep locations in oceans where sunlight cannot penetrate, to the summits of polar mountains, countless creatures inhabit everywhere on Earth. Developing technology falls short in identifying all the life forms created by God. Every creature is an unparalleled and flawless manifestation of God's infinite knowledge. God reveals the following in the Qur'an:

In the heavens and earth there are certainly Signs for the believers. And in your creation and all the creatures He has spread about there are Signs for people with certainty. (Surat al-Jathiyya, 3-4)



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Can Spider Silk Be Finally Produced Artificially?

Spider silk is a substance with incredible properties that has proven to be quite hard to imitate. Following are a few of these features:

  • Spider silk is five times stronger than steel of the same diameter.
  • It can stretch four times its initial length.
  • It is extremely light in weight. For example; a spider silk strand that could be stretched around the globe would only weigh 320 grams.1

Being able to artificially mass-produce this amazing substance has long been a dream of many scientists. If this dream comes true, many sectors, from the military to healthcare would benefit enormously from spider silk. To give examples to the products planned to be manufactured using spider silk:

  • Bulletproof clothing
  • Wear-resistant lightweight clothing
  • Ropes, nets, seat belts, parachutes
  • Rust-free panels on motor vehicles or boats
  • Biodegradable bottles
  • Bandages, surgical thread
  • Artificial tendons or ligaments, support for weak blood vessels.

Why Spider Silk Cannot Be Produced Through Natural Means?

There are inherent problems that come with the incredibly difficult process of natural spider silk production. It is nearly impossible to breed spiders and farm them for their silk like silkworms; it would be far too arduous a procedure. Moreover, since the silk obtained from spiders is very limited, it does not meet the amount required for mass production. So, all these challenges led scientists to carry out research on the possibility of artificial production of spider silk.   

News From Sweden Caused Excitement In Scientific Circles

A major step has been taken on the issue of spider silk with research recently conducted by the scientists of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Karolinska Institute. Led by Anna Rising, the research team announced they had developed a new method, which allows them to produce a kilometer-long material that has the same properties with spider silk.

Before being spun into a fiber, spider silk, which is made of proteins, is stored as an aqueous solution in the silk glands. The research showed that there is an impressive pH gradient in the spider silk gland, and that this well-regulated pH gradient affects specific parts of the spider silk proteins. It was seen that this ensures the rapid formation of fiber in a defined place of the silk production apparatus. In this manner, its production has become suitable for industrial use.

"To our surprise, this artificial protein is as water soluble as the natural spider silk proteins, which means that it is possible to keep the proteins soluble at extreme concentrations. This is the first successful example of biomimetic spider silk spinning," says the team leader, Anna Rising.

What truly excites scientists, especially Anna Rising, is that now the industrial production of spider silk will be possible. With its production, this fruitful silk will begin to be used in many of the fields we have listed above.

State-of-the-art technology, hundreds of scientists, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent: What is to be achieved through all these means at hand is the silk flawlessly produced by the tiny body of a spider for millions of years. And the silk that was produced in the laboratory environment could only be obtained after countless hours scientists had spent devising a strategy and making a myriad number of highly complex calculations. Just as we cannot explain the formation stages of this silk with coincidences, so too can we not explain the silk produced by a spider in the same way.

No matter which creature we examine in nature, we definitely come across a "technologically wondrous" superiority they posses. Dozens of articles can be written solely about the silk of a tiny spider. Besides, their silk is not the only amazing aspect of spiders; these creatures exhibit many superior abilities from their hunting techniques to the webs they weave, which are marvels of design. There are millions of similar creatures in nature that we can draw inspiration from and every living organism is equipped with many superior features. Our Lord, Whose creation is flawless, presented every entity, organic or non-organic, for the benefit of us, humans. God informs us about this fact in a verse of the Qur'an as follows:

And there is certainly a lesson for you in your livestock. We give you to drink from what is in their bellies and there are many ways in which you benefit from them, and some of them you eat. (Surat al-Muminun, 21)


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Plos One Journal Finally Admitted: "Lucy Is Not An Ancestor Of Man, She Is An Ape"The 3.2 million-year-old fossil discovered in Africa in 1974, popularly known as  "Lucy", has been periodically brought up for propaganda purposes. However, with the ever-growing means of science and technology, it has become evident that this fossil, which had been long alleged to be  "evidence" for the theory of evolution, has actually dealt a devastating blow to the theory.

Although the Lucy fossil is supposedly portrayed as a transitional form specimen representing the so-called evolution from ape to man, it has in fact proven this claim to be a scenario based on mere prejudice.

Today, all the international scientific journals with a board of academics are, one by one, saying their goodbyes to Lucy. Now, let us take a look at some of the confessions about Lucy featured in journals from the past until today:

Evolutionists' Confession in 1999: "ADIEU LUCY"

In May 1999, the well-recognized Science et Vie journal used the title "Adieu Lucy" (Goodbye Lucy) on its cover and wrote that the apes of the Australopithecus genus should be removed from human genealogy. The article, written upon a new Australopithecus fossil discovery code-named St W573, included the following statements:

A new theory states that the genus Australopithecus is not the root of the human race… Australopithecus and Homo (human) species do not appear on the same branch.

However, this farewell was not limited to Science et Vie journal. After that, confessions on the fossil known as "Lucy" kept coming with each passing day.

Science & Vie Journal, Issue May, 1999

Evolutionists' Confession in 2000: "We Should Stop Bringing Lucy Up"

Another article published in 2000 in the journal Nature confessed that Lucy was a member of an ape species. The article wrote that the Lucy fossil, with respect to her "relatively long and curved fingers, relatively long arms, and funnel-shaped chest" was exactly like chimpanzees. Upon the close examination of its hand bones, the confession came that contrary to what had been previously claimed, Lucy was not bipedal, but "knuckle-walked as chimps and gorillas do today."1

The ape-like features of the Lucy fossil are not limited to its way of walking and hand bone structure only. Its chin is U-shaped, identical to those of ape species, and teeth are quite large compared to humans.

Anthropologists from Tel Aviv University have also pointed out that the upward-projecting mandible  (mandibular ramus) on Lucy's lower jaw is very similar to that of gorillas, and thereupon, researchers advocating the theory of evolution have consented that keeping the Lucy fossil on the agenda will not serve their interests.2

Evolutionists' Confession in 2016: "Lucy is a Chimpanzee"

A more recent study on Lucy published in the November 2016 issue of PLOS One gave the same results. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Texas, who micro-CT scanned Lucy's skeleton by tomography, admitted that much of Lucy's life had been spent in trees and that, from this aspect, it resembled a chimpanzee more than a human being.3

John Kappelman studying the fossil Lucy

John Kappelman, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, examined Lucy's skeleton at the National Museum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and interpreted it as follows:

"I think that by demonstrating with an independent data set that Lucy very likely spent enough time in the trees that the evidence is preserved in her bones provides additional support for the idea that she may have fallen out of a tree as well... She (Lucy) comes out showing a similarity to chimpanzees which suggests that was due to climbing.”  4

However, these facts revealed by modern technology were already known at the time of the fossil’s discovery. In a speech at the University of Missouri, Kansas City on November 20, 19865, Dr. Johanson claimed they had found a knee bone and asserted their allegations that Lucy is the ancestor of man based on this bone. In response to this claim, one of the participants (Roy Holt) asked Johanson, "How far away from Lucy did you find the knee?" Dr. Johanson answered, "About 200 feet lower and two to three kilometers away." Continuing, when he was asked, "Then why are you sure it belonged to Lucy?" he answered, "Anatomical similarity". But this answer was met with cynicism because of the scientific inconsistency it posed. The scientific world was already aware of the fact that even completely different species such as dogs and bears could bear anatomical similarities.

As is seen, Lucy has been promoted as ‘man's so-called ancestor’ for 43 years through a specially devised, biased propaganda, even though it was widely known that the fossilized skull belonged to an ape since the moment of its discovery. The entire world was indoctrinated as if it was the ‘so-called 'missing link’ between man and ape. However, this unscientific and non-factual supposition has been repeatedly disproved in every means of studying it under the light of advanced science and technology.

To date, circles that advocate evolutionary theory for ideological reasons have made a number of fossil forgeries and fictitious claims. However, not even a single one of these allegations have been proven scientifically, while on the other hand, their fallacy has been consistently demonstrated.

There is only one fact that 21st Century science shows us: Living beings have neither gone through evolution nor gradually transformed from one species to another as a result of blind chance.  

Modern life forms and their millions-year-old counterparts all share the same appearance. They did not undergo even a single change despite the millions of years that have passed in between. They have retained the same features as they have today since the moment they came into existence. Living things did not appear on earth through millions of years of evolution but they came into existence suddenly, with all the features they possess intact in their bodies. In other words, they were created by God.

"We did not create heaven and earth and everything between them to no purpose. That is the opinion of those who deny…" (Qur’an, 38:27)


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Crimea Crisis can be turned into an Opportunity

Crimea is a peninsula of utmost geopolitical and strategic importance, dominating virtually the entire Black Sea. Together with the straits of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, it is one of the most critical points with regards to the security of the Black Sea and the countries with a coastline on it. It is an established conviction that the power that controls the region will also control the passage of the Black Sea and, through the Straits, of the Mediterranean. For this reason, the peninsula has witnessed many wars throughout history. Therefore, Crimea becoming a safe zone under the hegemony of pro-peace and pro-stability countries is an absolutely vital issue in terms of world peace.

In various epochs, the peninsula came under the rule of Roman, Byzantine and Trapezuntine empires, as well as that of Geneva, Venice and the Golden Horde. Nevertheless, the two nations that have the most deep-rooted and strong historical, cultural, religious and ethnic bonds with the region are the Turks and the Russians.

Both countries share a holy and spiritual heritage and have countless of their martyrs buried in Crimean soil that has been home to Muslims and Christians in every era. The Russian prince Vladimir was baptized in the town of Chersonesus, an Ancient Greek colony in southwest Crimea, in 988, later bringing Christianity from here to his own country.

Tatars are one of the Turkic clans that settled in the region as far back as the 6th century. The Crimean Khanate, the historical state of the Crimean Tatars, was founded in 1428 as a successor state to the Golden Horde. As of 1475, the Khanate remained under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for 300 years as an autonomous khanate. This ended in July, 1774 with the Treaty of Kucuk Kaynarca signed between the Russians and the Ottomans.

According to the treaty, the Muslim tribes and Tatar communities indigenous to Crimea were deemed politically independent and recognized that it was a vassal to no other country. However, they still were to remain subjects to the Ottoman Sultan due to his position as the Muslim Caliph. One of the most important provisions of the treaty, which was signed on the condition of being "perpetual" and still remains in effect today, was that "Crimea cannot be ceded to other third parties."

Following the Kucuk Kaynarca, on March 21st, 1779, the Treaty of Aynalikavak, a regulation and trade agreement, was signed again between Russia and the Ottomans. According to the treaty, the Ottoman Sultan was to be asked for approval for the selection of khans coming after the then ruler, Sahin Giray. Thus, with the Treaty of Aynalikavak, the independence of Crimea was reconfirmed.

As a result of these two treaties that compliment and consolidate each other, the Tsardom of Russia and the Ottoman Empire acquired - in modern terms - guarantor state status over Crimea. It was signed that in the case of any possible political disputes that may occur in the Crimea region, the Ottoman and Russian states retained the right to impose the regulation agreed upon between the two upon Crimea.

Therefore, the Turkish Republic and the Russian Federation, the successors of the aforementioned states, are the two countries who have the right to have a say in Crimea. The article of the Treaty of Kucuk Kaynarca specifying that Crimea cannot be ceded to other third parties renders it impossible in terms of international law for other countries to lay claim to and intervene in Crimea.

For that reason, Ukraine, the European Union, the USA, or any other country (or NATO) have no legitimate authority to intervene in/over Crimea. Ukraine does not lose Crimea or its territorial integrity either, because save for neighborly relations, it has not shared any real historical, cultural or ethnic bonds with Crimea all along.

In 1954, the region was perfunctorily handed from the SSR of Russia to the SSR of Ukraine. Since the concession was made within the USSR and was largely a matter of Soviet internal politics, nobody really paid any attention to it in that era. In fact, only 13 of the 27 members were in attendance in the USSR's Communist Party General Assembly where the historic vote took place. In this process, no one asked the people of Crimea what they wanted; the legal processes that should have been followed were violated, and a referendum that was supposed to be held did not take place. The possible future consequences of this decision, which was taken after a rather brief 15-minute discussion, were never considered thoroughly.

In 1991, following the USSR's dissolution, Crimea was given to Ukraine as a gift by Boris Yeltsin, the President of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia. The people of the region, with a population of 2.5 million, were not even asked for their opinion. Upon this decision, Crimea, which had been under Turkish and Russian rule for centuries, remained within Ukrainian borders on paper for the next 23 years. The agreements in effect concerning the region and international law were openly violated.

Today, led by Mr. Putin, these historical mistakes have begun to be rectified with the consent and support of the people of Crimea. However, the Crimea issue is still brought forward as supposedly valid grounds for anti-Russian isolation and sanctions introduced under the guidance of the British and Obama governments. These policies are also a part of the plan to neutralize the countries of the region such as Russia and Turkey in the Black Sea, and are strongly supported through criticism, intimidation campaigns and the manipulation of public opinion masterminded from London.

As is the case with every topic, a powerful Russian-Turkish alliance that will be forged over Crimea will prove to be the most effective and legitimate response to these organized criticisms, objections and threats. These two countries acting in the role of arbiters and protectors over Crimea is, in Russian senator Aleksey Pushkov’s own words, more legal and "reasonable than the Falklands having to be part of Great Britain."

When the cooperation between Turkey and Russia is raised to the highest levels by rectifying the erroneous policies and negligence of some previous Turkish and Soviet governments, the people of Crimea will attain the historical and cultural identity and beauty they deserve once more. Economic, cultural and material support from the two countries for Crimea to develop, progress and thrive will give rise to a peninsula world-renowned for its beauty. The region will become of significant historical and touristic value. On the other hand, the military alliance between the two countries will ensure the security of the Black Sea and Black Sea countries in the strongest manner.

Mr. Erdoğan and Mr. Putin, making great use of this historical opportunity by leading the way in cooperation, will pave the way for wonderful developments. An independent Crimea, bound by ties of blood, history and love, and under the care and protection of both countries, will become the adamantine symbol of a strong Turkish-Russian alliance and brotherhood. This alliance will be the greatest response to the British deep state, which has a habit of provoking the two countries against each other throughout history.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Katehon & Jefferson Corner:



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Iran and Turkey will stay as brothers no matter what

The Middle East has always been the target of certain factions due to its geopolitical significance and rich underground sources.

These circles have stirred disorder in the region by driving a wedge between the regional countries. Against all odds, Turkey together with Iran and Russia dealt a strong blow to those who tried to hatch plot to fragment this league. This alliance had the privilege to take the first practical steps on the way to a peaceful solution in Syria since civil war broke out. Yet, as soon as the effect of this union was clear, these provocateurs imposed pressure in many ways to disband this nexus. These countries bear grave responsibility to bring stability to the region.

For a long time, these agitators attempted to execute several schemes to damage the ties between Turkey and Russia. However, recently both countries did not allow any kind of fracture to splinter their on-going affairs taking lesson from the damage done to both peoples during the time of the downing of the jet crisis. Recently, these provocateurs have tried to derail the relations between Iran and Turkey. Regardless of being aware of the burden and responsibility to bring peace to the region, these two strong countries have repelled such attempts. They will probably do so for current and future events; not only because they are two regional countries that need each other in many aspects but also because they have a lengthy history of brotherhood and friendship dating back to a thousand years. Presidents Rouhani and Erdogan's meeting in Pakistan on the sidelines of Economic Cooperation Organization summit was an exemplary move in which both leaders used constructive rhetoric to improve their ties. While Rouhani stated “Resolving political differences [between Iran and Turkey] can lead to regional stability,” Erdogan focused on ending the bloodshed, saying, "Let us extinguish the flames of fitna".

When we examine the history of both countries, we see that the existence of Turks in Iran dates back long before the Oghuz migration. Thanks to these mass movements, the Turkish population became a significant part of the demographics of Iran making us true brothers. With the effects of this intermingling, the Turkish language endorsed many Farsi words and Iranian culture had a profound impact upon Turkish culture. On the other hand, Turkish became the second spoken language in Iran. Additionally, there were numerous interactions between them concerning the states’ administrative systems, arts and science. 

A very important accord to determine the border between the Ottomans and Safavids was signed in 1639. The 570-kilometer border that was determined during the time of the treaty of Qasr-e Shirin is still valid today. This border is famous because it is the only border that has stayed unchanged for 377 years and it is, at the same time, the only border in the Middle East that was not drawn by the imperialist powers. This accord is frequently stated as a historical document to recall how these two countries have a long-term relationship based on mutual respect. Despite the fact that there were some conflicts between the Ottomans and Iranians throughout the course of history, they penned many peace treaties aside from the Qasr-e Shirin and enjoyed political and military relations. 1555 Peace of Amasya, 1590 The Treaty of Constantinople, also known as Treaty of Ferhad Pasha, 1612 Treaty of Nasuh Pasha, 1618 Treaty of Serav, to name only a few.  

Turkey and Iran should be mindful of this rich, common history all the time and determine their foreign policy accordingly. Their relationship should be kept intact even though there might be government changes in one of them.  Their ties are beyond politics. History has proven this friendship and hopefully time will show the same. They should both feel blessed they are neighbors. It is a great favor for Turkey to have Iran on its border as a devout Muslim country and vice versa. Believing in the same God and following the same faith are the most important factors to draw two countries together as a family. Leaders from both sides have declared their identities as Muslims not differentiating that they are Sunni or Shia on many occasions in which they shared. 

They both have very powerful armies and their union would be a great deterrence for those trying to fuel tension in the region. They can also develop a strategy on cooperating in terms of energy and trade. This collaboration will definitely be very fruitful to increase the living standards of both peoples. Turkey can play an important intermediary role to connect Iran to Europe since Iran is new in the international arena after some of their sanctions were lifted. Iran had been having difficult times due to these sanctions and when they were lifted, they found relief. With the support of Turkey, Iran would get a huge economic boost. It would give both Turkey and Iran a huge economic relief. 

It would be a great mistake to fall into the erroneous idea of sectarian division in the region. No Muslim should let anyone speak against any sects. There are millions of Shias living in Turkey and at least fifteen million Shia Azeri Turks inhabit in Iran. The Shia sect is a beauty that all the Muslims should be proud of and those endorsing this sect are all very dear and blessed people. When both countries like each other, they will certainly witness abundance. To accelerate the steps in forming this unity, leaders from both countries should make frequent visits to one another, giving positive messages of unity and cooperation. Businessmen and civilians should follow. Carrying out joint projects on many levels will help the links grow. Lifting visa procedures between these countries will also be an important achievement in this approach. This unity will be sufficient to thwart any plans to destabilize the region. The unification of these two countries will be a role model for other Islamic nations and hopefully we will see others follow in their steps.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Tehran Times & EKurd Daily:



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Trump-Putin Cooperation Presents a Historical Opportunity for the World

The new American president Donald Trump's name frequently being mentioned with Putin and Russia in the media surely has not escaped the notice of the discerning eyes. How the relations between the two superpowers will be shaped in the new period and how it will affect the world is of course a matter of interest. Moreover, unlike the previous periods, the relations between the two countries and their leaders are more positive and warmer this time.

Trump and Putin's respectful, genuine understanding and well-intentioned attitude towards each other is a good start.  They both do not shy away from expressing their positive sentiments about each other. The Russian leader describes Trump as "a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt,” and “the absolute leader." Similarly, the new US president is keen to use praiseworthy words at every opportunity for his Russian counterpart: He says that "he has always felt fine about Putin,” and that "he does respect him," and that "he aspires to a fantastic relationship with Putin.”

Promising developments are not limited to the presidents of these two countries. The new US administration and the Russian state have defused tensions and initiated something of a détente, an agreement and cooperation process, as well. They have taken steps in this direction at the two important international summits held in Germany in the previous days. The meeting of G20 Foreign Ministers in Bonn and the Munich Security Conference were home to harmonious and fruitful negotiations between the two sides.

These are valuable breakthroughs made on the road to restoring and improving the bilateral relations. Especially considering the fact that US and Russian relations went through hard times reminiscent of the Cold War during the Obama administration. Deep disagreements in Middle East and Eastern Europe policies; economic, commercial and political sanctions; new missile systems that targeted one another and increased military spendings; dangerous close encounters on international waters between the war ships and planes: In short, the Obama period was a time that will be remembered for such undesirable incidents. Moreover, some of the actions of the Obama administration in their last days in office further escalated these tensions. Groundless and serious accusations against Russia, the claims of a cyber attack on the presidential elections, and the decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats all seemed like an attempt by the Obama administration to leave behind crises that are hard to overcome.

President Trump rightly argues all along for the importance of establishing good and stable relations with Russia, despite the adverse reactions he elicits regarding the issue both from his own country and from the Western world. In fact, as a consequence, he is being subjected to heavy pressure, insults and slander. His policy on Russia is perhaps the most heavily criticized matter. The new President frequently and sincerely explains the reasons for his determination in this regard, just as he did at his press conference of February 16th: 

Tomorrow, you’ll say “Donald Trump wants to get along with Russia, this is terrible.” It's not terrible.  It’s good… If we could get along with Russia — and by the way, China and Japan and everyone. If we could get along, it would be a positive thing, not a negative thing… Look, it would be much easier for me to be tough on Russia, but then we’re not going to make a deal… But it would be much easier for me to be so tough —The tougher I am on Russia, the better. But you know what? I want to do the right thing for the American people. And to be honest, secondarily, I want to do the right thing for the world.

Trump has a point regarding this foreign policy strategy. A constructive cooperation between Moscow and Washington will not just be for the benefit of the two countries, but the whole world. This union is also necessary for the solution of global and regional problems and the successful struggle against terrorism, as well as for bringing peace, tranquility and prosperity to today's world that has re-entered an arms race. Obviously, although both are superpowers with tremendous political, economic, military and technological means, they cannot solve these problems on their own. Cooperation is essential for a permanent solution.

This cooperation is undoubtedly important for the peoples of both countries as well. The two major powers that are in alliance for world peace, even signing a non-aggression pact, could allocate the enormous amount they spend on arms to the welfare, peace and development of their people. Thus, the social problems arising from unemployment, homelessness and wage gaps, which have become serious problems in both countries, could be eliminated.

Both Trump and Putin are quite eager to establish mutual good relations, co-operation, reconciliation and agreement, not to mention the fact that they have a lot in common. Both are leaders who deeply and sincerely respect God and Jesus Messiah, and adhere to national, spiritual and sacred values.  Both share similar domestic and foreign policy strategies, similar economic plans, and similar worldviews.

However, there are some circles, especially in the US and the Western world, that are vehemently opposed to forging good relations between the two countries. Therefore, instead of criticizing Trump's decisions within reason, slander and defamation campaigns have been put into action in an effort to discredit Trump. “Fake news” is also a part of this effort. With this goal in view, there are those who knowingly or unknowingly attempt to harm the bilateral relations, as well as those who seek to spark a political storm through flimsy excuses and baseless claims with an aim of provoke crises and creating irrelevant issues leading to increased tensions.

Just like every leader, Trump, too, can certainly make mistakes. However, it would not be right to raise obstacles in the very first step of his project to turn over a new leaf with Russia; he should be given an opportunity in this respect. It is important not to leave him alone in such an initiative that will contribute to world peace and prosperity.

In this delicate period that we are going through, the governments of the USA and Russia should also exercise great caution. They should avoid sudden lashing-outs, angry reactions and harsh moves against provocations. The best response to those who strive to hinder this friendship will be to accelerate mutual negotiations and connections, make leaps without any delay to consolidate the friendship and rapprochement, and lay the foundations of a strong and unshakable cooperation.

Adnan Oktar's piece in American Herald Tribune & Daily Mail:



http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/243441/trump-putin-cooperation-presents-ahttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/243441/trump-putin-cooperation-presents-ahttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/american_herald_tribune_adnan_oktar_Trump_Putin_cooperation_presents_a_historical_opportunity_for_the_world2.jpgSun, 05 Mar 2017 01:11:46 +0200
The Hub of World Evil: The British Deep State

Throughout history, evil has always been controlled from a single center. Those who propagate wars and massacres are acting under a chain of command and are following the plans originated from a single center. There is only one hub responsible for the great wars of the 20th century, the colonization, the massacres, the division of the Middle East and Africa and of economic crises. Evil is like an octopus with lots of tentacles; our eyes tend to focus on the most active tentacle first. However, there is a brain which directs all these tentacles. The tentacles move with perfect coordination towards a single goal on the commands of the brain. The fact that tentacles seem to move independently is just an illusion - all these tentacles are under the control of a single brain. Moreover, evil is a pyramid-like hierarchical structure.  No matter how wide a base it has or how many hundreds of layers it is made of, there is only one point at the top, and this point has absolute authority over what is underneath. 

It is impossible to get results in the fight against evil by merely focusing on the tentacles of the octopus or targeting the lower levels of the pyramid. We should put up an intellectual fight against the top who controls, manages, and commands the system and makes the final decision. Exposing this aforementioned hub should be at the core of this intellectual fight, because this power is only effective as long as it can confuse others and hide itself as it utilizes all the shameful advantages of secrecy. 

While talking about the leader of evil in the world today, many names are mentioned: the deep states of the United States and Israel which are frequently mentioned, bodies such as the United Nations, NATO or the EU, organizations such as the CIA, MOSSAD or Gladio, secret societies like the Illuminati, Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, the Rosicrucians, and the Templars, and those who control the world economy such as financial barons in the Wall Street, oil trusts and multinational corporations. But these are all the gears of this system. They are the tentacles of the octopus, the lower levels of the pyramid. 

The British Deep State has been, on the other hand, at the top of this hierarchy for centuries. The British deep state is also the center of colonialism and slavery. China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia remained under the British yoke for centuries. It was also the British deep state who introduced opium to China, disciplined India with hunger, and terrorized most of Southeast Asia with the East India Company. Nowadays, the genocide carried out in India by the Britain of that period would not be remembered. The Britain of that period, which left 330 million  people face to face with famine 150 years ago, caused the death of more than a million Indians. 

It was the British deep state which destroyed the Ottoman Empire and occupied Anatolia. The founding cadre of communism was assembled in Britain. Marx and Engels’ The Communist Manifesto (original title of the first edition: Das Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei) that constitutes the keystone of Communism was first published in Britain. All the foundational theoretical texts of communism, including Das Kapital, were written there. Founders of liberalism, Adam Smith and David Ricardo, were British. Charles Darwin, who founded the ideological basis of social Darwinism that unleashed such horrors upon the world in the 20th century, was British. 

The policies that forced the Middle East into a bloodbath are the work of the British Deep State. Most of the Middle Eastern nations were founded by Britain. The borders of the Middle Eastern countries were drawn up at the Cairo meeting presided over by Winston Churchill. Most of the administrators of the countries in question have been chosen by the British deep state. The men of the British Deep State - T.E. Lawrence, Gertrude Bell, General Allenby, Orde Wingate, Hubert Young, Sir Percy Cox, Herbert Samuel, etc. - found, trained, and authorized these people. 

The vast majority of the cadre who ruled the Middle East in the 20th century were trained in British schools such as the Sandhurst Military Academy, SOAS, School of Oriental Studies, Exeter, Cambridge or Oxford, and were brought in to serve the plans of the British Deep State. Indeed there are countless honest, sincere, and good people who were trained in those schools. However, it is also clear that these schools are used as training centers by the British deep state. 

Most of the founders of today's radical terrorism were trained at the University of Al-Azhar. The Anglo-Saxon racist and evolutionist Lord Cromer, the Colonial Governor of Egypt, who made the Al-Azhar University what it was. Al-Azhar University, along with Muhammad Abduh, who was financed and supported by Lord Cromer, became the center of Social Darwinism in the Islamic world. These cadres are the ideologists of radical Islam. The system established by Lord Cromer came to influence the entire Islamic world within 30 years. This negative effect is the main cause of the present war environment.

The League of Nations was founded at the 1919 Paris conference controlled by Britain. The conference materialized the plans of Britain to a large extend. The British Deep State is also behind most of the UN resolutions and decisions. The chief architect of NATO, Gladio, and the EU, was British Prime Minister Churchill. The founders and the initial administrators were always British. These historical facts do not prove that these institutions or organizations act in a completely biased fashion. Undoubtedly, the UN provides numerous useful services, and every intelligence organization provides important services for its own country. However, this does not change the fact that the dark influence of the British deep state is present in the structuring of such institutions and organizations and in some of their decisions.

The British Deep State was behind the Mosaddegh coup d’état in Iran, the coups of 1960, 1971, 1980, 1998 and 2016 in Turkey, and the entire coup-filled recent history of Egypt, Syria and Iraq. 

The CIA and MOSSAD, who allegedly rule the world today, were established and trained by MI6 staff, the British intelligence.

The American Federal Reserve Bank was founded by the Bank of England, as well. The Rothschild family, one of the leaders of the world economy, is based in Britain. George Soros was educated in Britain. 

Five Eyes, the world's largest surveillance system which was exposed by Edward Snowden, was founded in British-controlled Australia. In Five Eyes, US intelligence is joined by Canadian, New Zealand, British and Australian intelligence - all members of the British Commonwealth. 

Karl Popper, the founding father of Soros' Open Society movement, is British. Richard Dawkins, who is the flag-bearer of atheism in the 21st century, is British. One important thing should immediately be noted here: the British people are loving, friendly, beautiful and decent people.  Exposing the structure of the British deep state will save the British people from this affliction that has hurt them for centuries as well.  

Britain has historically invaded the entire world at some point except for 22 countries. Let us take a look at this map of invasion: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Beliz, Botsvana, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Brunei… Cayman Islands, Gibraltar Christmas Islands, Cocos Islands, Cook Islands.. Dominica, Falkland Islands, The Gambia, Wales, Gana, Grenada, Guyana, South Africa, India, Scotland, Jamaica, Cameroon, Canada, Kenya, Kiribati, Northern Ireland, Kingdom of Leshotho… That is not all, there is more: Republic of Malawi, Maldives, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Coral Islands, Montserrat, Mozambique; Namibi, Nauru, Nigeria, Norfalk Island. That is not all, there is still more; Papau New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Ross Dependency, St.Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, St. Helena, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapour, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Swaziland. There is still more; Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tokelau, Turks and Caicos Islands, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Zambia. All these 52 countries are members of the British Commonwealth. Elections are held in some of these countries. Prime Ministers are being elected, but above all these elected administrators in some of these countries, there is still a Governor assigned by London. That means the UK is sending “GOVERNORS” to rule all these countries as if they are her counties. Elected governments make decisions, but put these decisions before the British Governor. The assigned Governor presents them to the Queen. The Queen says “Yes” or “No”.

The United States itself is a former British colony. The machinations of the British deep state led to the War of 1812, in which British forces briefly occupied Washington, D.C. and burned down the White House. The peace negotiations proceeded under British control after the First and the Second World Wars.  It is also noteworthy that it is a veteran British intelligence agent who has been preparing counterfeit reports against President Trump. 

Bernard Lewis, the mastermind of the Afghanistan and Iraq occupations, the Iran-Iraq War, the Iranian Revolution, the Red Crescent Project, the fragmentation of the Middle East, the Clash of Civilizations and the Age of Muslim Wars, is a British military intelligence officer.  He taught at SOAS for 30 years. Lewis, who came to the United States on a spur-of-the-moment decision in 1974, has been the chief consultant for almost all US presidents regarding affairs in the Middle East since then. He is the educator of Kissinger, Brzezinski, Huntington and the recently famous neocons. He is the person who wrote US policies in the real sense.   

Today, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria and Yemen, where terrorism has claimed the most lives, have been under British occupation. Osama bin Laden was educated in Britain. The GIA, which covered Algeria in blood, assembled its cadres in Britain. The most important gunmen of ISIS were soldiers from Britain.  

ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, FETO, Hezbollah, the PKK, the PYD, Asala, the DHKP-C, the Red Brigades and similar terrorist organizations all serve as the foot soldiers of the British Deep State. This structure brings bloodshed and tears everywhere it goes. The list goes on. To summarize, the last 300 years of human history have been covered with blood by the British deep state. Hundreds of millions of innocent people, including British people, have died at the hands of these racist, colonial, self-seeking, brutal, merciless killers. The greatest genocides of history have been carried out by the British deep state. The British deep state has caused great suffering for the British people as well. 

On July 15th 2016, when the masks slipped off and true colors were revealed with the armed insurrection in Turkey, England dispatched thousands of soldiers in the Royal Air Force base in Southwest coasts of Cyprus 100 miles away from Turkey, and sent Royal Navy war ships to the Mediterranean, deploying hundreds of jets, helicopters supposedly to help about 50,000 UK citizens move away from danger. Soldiers were free to shoot at ‘local insurgents’ who would attempt to interfere with this operation. All these preparations made by England seem to be something other than an attempt to rescue citizens, and more like a calculated plan. 

After Turkey’s relations with Russia - the only country to offer support to Turkey during that period -  improved swiftly, the British Deep State was deeply troubled to realize that the three countries joining forces for the resolution process for Syria would bring peace and unity to the region. Then the UK, who was waiting on standby - ready to invade - during the coup attempt, started to display a supposedly ‘friendly’ and ‘candid’ attitude towards Turkey. Of course, having good relations with the people of the UK is important for Turkey. Yet the plots of the British Deep State are never for the good of Turkey nor her own people and have never been so. 

No leader, no nation, no state can stand alone in the face of the machinations of such a structure that has been organized on this scale and penetrated the capillaries of other countries.  It is the alliance of the good that will stop these vicious plans. Last year, the foundation of a strong and unshakable alliance between Russia and Turkey has been laid on the initiative of President Putin and President Erdoğan. The duty of everyone with a clean conscience who wants to save the world from the scourge of the British Deep State is to defend and support this alliance. 

Adnan Oktar's piece in Katehon & News Rescue:



http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/243282/the-hub-of-world-evilhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/243282/the-hub-of-world-evilhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/katehon_adnan_oktar_the_hub_of_world_evil_the_british_deep_state2.jpgThu, 02 Mar 2017 19:58:27 +0200
A league to extinguish the flames of war

Adnan Oktar's piece in The Daily Star:


http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/243158/a-league-to-extinguish-thehttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/243158/a-league-to-extinguish-thehttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/daily_star_adnan_oktar_a_league_to_extinguish_the_flames_of_war2.jpgWed, 01 Mar 2017 17:11:55 +0200
Will US visa restriction halt terrorists?

Just about everyone was curious as to what President Trump would do in his first 100 days. Many critiques have been made in the press and talk programs all over the world. Following his inauguration ceremony, President Trump initiated his presidency by immediately signing several executive orders one of which is a suspension of visas from seven Muslims countries. This limitation has become one of the most criticized and disputed executive orders. Messages of denunciations have come from European leaders and Republican lawmakers while Americans flooded into the streets to hold protests.

Even critics arose from within President Trump's own administration and more than 100 people in the State Department signed a dissenting memo opposing this order, claiming that it would increase anti-American sentiment instead of building bridges with societies. Also, Attorney Generals from 16 states announced a joint declaration denouncing this executive order as unlawful. Recently, a federal appeals court has blocked the travel ban from going into effect. Consequently, President Trump stated in a press conference held last Thursday that his administration plans to prepare a revised version next week.

To assess this move from President Trump's perspective, it is best to go back to review his relevant rhetoric during his presidential campaign as he had always emphasized the safety of the American people. Given the global terrorist threat, he is taking some tough actions until improved vetting procedures can be implemented by the administration in terms of counter-terrorism. However, this decision has provoked a backlash both within the States and abroad. He probably does not want to walk back on the things he promised during his campaign but he needs to take into consideration the fair criticisms and opinions of those who are victims of this act. Reneging to a degree on this order does not mean that he would not be keeping his promises. On the contrary, it will gain the trust of the Americans along with the Muslims who are substantially affected by this decision. For example, it was a wise step for the U.S. administration to renege on some parts of the order by exempting travelers possessing a green card. Also as protests escalated, Trump issued a written statement declaring that it is not a Muslim ban but a temporary travel restriction, and blamed the media for false reporting. He also indicated his compassion for those afflicted by the civil war in Syria: "I have tremendous feeling for the people involved in this horrific humanitarian crisis in Syria... My first priority will always be to protect and serve our country, but as president, I will find ways to help all those who are suffering."

This move is undoubtedly causing an unnecessary reaction and also attrition to his team in the first days for the Trump administration. Even though he is issuing statements defending his decision, the duration for the postponement of entry is far too long to wait to make until a settlement in regulations is decided. He should minimize the suspension to 15 or 20 days at most. Moreover, through a well-organized and a more rigorous vetting process, the threat of terror can be reduced.

Within the scope of this executive order, while there is a temporary halt for refugee processing, there is a definitive barring for refugees from Syria. Therefore, this decision should be reassessed since the refugees already go through strict supervision by medical doctors, psychologists and police officers before entering the country. These officials can determine whether Syrians seeking refugee status are affiliated with terrorist organizations or not.

In a testimony at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing in November 2015, Anne Richard, a senior US State Department official, said that any Syrian refugee is scrutinized by officials from the National Counterterrorism Center, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, State Department and Pentagon. It is worthwhile to mention that the investigation process for the refugees who get the most scrutiny takes two or more years to be completed

President Trump's statement favoring Christians over Muslims for refugee assignment did not bring joy to most of the Christian community. Many Christian leaders denounced this ban for closing the door to those most in need. One of the Christian leaders opposing this discrimination was Bishop Joe S. Vásquez who said, "We believe in assisting all, regardless of their religious beliefs".

This temporary ban or the building of walls isn't an effective way to repel terrorism. Among Muslims there are those who love Americans and respect other faiths. What the world expects from America is to take sensible steps while taking precautions against terrorism. When we take into consideration the terror statistics in the US, the attacks related to immigrants are very rare:

Virtually all the deaths from immigrant attacks (98.6 percent) came from one event: 9/11. Other than that, fatal immigrant-linked terrorist attacks in the US were vanishingly rare. The average likelihood of an American being killed in a terrorist attack in which an immigrant participated in any given year is one in 3.6 million -even including the 9/11 deaths.

Additionally, according to data put forth by the Cato Institute, between 1975 and 2015 there have been no American deaths on US soil by any foreign terrorists from the seven Muslim countries listed by the executive order. I believe it is essential to mention that there are 3.3 million Muslims in the United States and they are largely middle-class and well educated who are integrated as part of the American society. They are taking positions in a wide variety of jobs as college teachers, officers, doctors, politicians and so forth. According to Pentagon, as of 2012, there were 3,600 Muslims on active duty in the US military.

Instead of taking such strict measures, the US administration can be more effective in combatting terrorism by focusing on its main cause, which is its ideology. In line with this target, an intellectual campaign should be initiated urgently through an alliance between the US administration and sincere Muslims. The US should be in cooperation with Muslim religious leaders, academicians who can refute the erroneous ideology of terrorism and with those who believe in goodness of humanity. Such alliances will benefit both the Trump administration and eliminate the global terror threat.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Pravda:


http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/242601/will-us-visa-restriction-halthttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/242601/will-us-visa-restriction-halthttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/pravda_adnan_oktar_will_US_visa_restriction_halt_terrorists2.jpgFri, 24 Feb 2017 18:38:21 +0200
The Perfect Distribution of Organelles in the Cell

The basic structural unit of creatures, the cell, is incredibly complex enough to leave people amazed. Just like the existence of a single cell, the harmony and cooperation in the cell is very impressive. As the structure of the cell and systems in it are further investigated and new details are found, this perfect order is seen more clearly.

A single cell may be said to resemble a large city with its operation systems, communication networks, transportation and administration. The power plants generate the power used by cells; the plants generate the enzyme and hormones which are essential for life; the data bank including all information regarding the products to be manufactured; the complex transportation systems and pipelines transferring the raw materials and products from one region to the other; the laboratories and refineries separating the raw materials taken from outside into the useful parts; the expert cell membrane proteins executing the enter and exit controls of materials to be taken in or sent out of the cell create only a part of this structure.

Just like cities, there is a dense traffic flow caused by the molecules like “moving on the boats”, “walking” and “taking hands” like people and by the “trucks carrying the organelles” in the cells. However, there is a great order in cells against the traffic congestion in these cities.

An investigation demonstrating this smooth order was made in Exeter University in recent days and the results were published in the journal Nature Communications. This study has shown one more time that the dispersion of organelles in the cell is not random at all, and is caused by a motion depending on energy.

As is known, organelles are specialized functional units of cells. The organelles for the cell are the same as organs in the body. Each organelle has special duties to ensure the sustaining of the cell. The order in the arrangement of organelles inside the cell is also exceptional. Let us review the results of the research showing how this positioning occurs in the cell.

The distribution of organelles is executed by a special molecule named  ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The energy attained from food items is first packaged in ATP. Later on, this energy is used in all the production and transportation processes that take place inside the cell. Actually, ATP is like the fuel for molecular motors, which transport its cargo along the fibers of the cytoskeleton. Just like  trucking rigs carrying a load, organelles are also carried by means of this fuel from one place to the other as to the needs. During the transportation process, other organelles are also both dragged and kept under the impact of a turbulence increasing their motion. However, these motions never occur randomly. Organelles do not get clustered in a certain part of the cell, or become dispersed randomly; in short, their distribution does not cause any disorder.  Quite the contrary, such organization of the cell’s components is essential to ensure their interaction and persistence of the cell. Lead researcher Professor Gero Steinberg, Chair in Cell Biology and Director of the Bioimaging Centre at the University of Exeter, said the following on this matter:

"Many people had previously assumed that organelles are randomly-distributed, as that's how they appear. Our research has revealed a new fundamental principle of the way cells organize themselves -- that they use energy to create this seemingly random, even distribution. This allows the organelles to interact with each other throughout the cell.”[i]

If organelles were distributed randomly during their transportation as claimed prior to this research, certain diseases would arise. In fact, organelle clustering without proper distribution inside the cell is found in some human disorders, such as Zellweger Syndrome, which is a fatal disease. Children born with this disorder may only live until the age of one”.[ii]

While evolutionists cannot even explain the origin of a single protein molecule, they keep up with their allegations that the cell came into existence through coincidences. The impasse of evolutionists is not limited with their not being able to explain how the protein and cell originated: Just like the order in the distribution of organelles in the cell, they are obliged to give an account for the existence of thousands of other mechanisms, and how inorganic molecules could give structure to such organizations that necessitate confounding consciousness, information and intelligence.

This new scientific research carried out by Exeter University makes evident that organelles in the cell are not dispersed randomly and they cannot be moved from one place to another without an intelligence that directs them. There is no doubt that this perfect order in the cell is not the coincidental ability of organelles that lack intellect or consciousness. On the contrary, that is one of the most profound instances of Almighty God’s infinite power and His artistry in Creation. God reveals the following in a verse:

“That is God, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is responsible for everything.” (Surat al-An’am, 102)


[i] University of Exeter. "How to organize a cell: Novel insight from a fungus." ScienceDaily, 2 June 2016. www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/06/160602083246.htm
[ii] Femke C. C. Klouwer, Kevin Berendse, Sacha Ferdinandusse, Ronald J. A. Wanders, Marc Engelen and Bwee Tien Poll-The. “Zellweger spectrum disorders: clinical overview and management approach.” Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, 2015; 10: 151

Adnan Oktar's piece in News Rescue:


http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/242443/the-perfect-distribution-of-organelleshttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/242443/the-perfect-distribution-of-organelleshttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/news_rescue_adnan_oktar_the_perfect_distribution_of_organelles_in_the_cell_2.jpgWed, 22 Feb 2017 13:06:51 +0200
From Which Creatures Do Drones Draw Inspiration?

The maneuverability of the dragonfly, the firefly's ability to generate light at one hundred percent efficiency, the owl having the most silent flight among all the bird species: The characteristics many creatures have that are similar to these have long fascinated people for centuries. So much so that these characteristics have been an inspiration to particularly scientists, leading to the emergence of a new scientific field.

Biomimetics (biomimicry) is a term first coined by Janine M. Benyus, an author and scientific observer from the American state of Montana. The term was later assessed and put into practice by many others. Literally meaning "the imitation of living organisms in nature", this scientific field has been mentioned rather frequently, especially lately, in the world of technology and has significantly broadened people's horizons. For example, according to recent studies featured on the December 2016 issue of Interface Focus journal, the flying robots called “Drones”, in other terms, unmanned aerial vehicles, are designed via inspiration received from nature. The following are some of the living beings that have served as a model for the development of drones: 

Birds That Can Fly for Days Without Sleep

During migration, some bird species can fly for days, or even months, without taking a break or nap. Scientists have been researching for years how birds manage to do so. It was previously thought that birds were relying on a method called "one hemisphere sleep". It was believed that employing this method birds would keep one eye open, thus using only one cerebral hemisphere at a time while resting the other. However recent studies showed that frigate birds (Fregata minor) can both maintain flight and rest their brains taking a "micro-nap" at the same time (during soaring or gliding). Thus, scientists continue working on drones that can remain in the air for days, or even months without having to land just like this bird species.

Silent Flight Specialists: Owls

Most of us know that owls are expert nocturnal predators. The primary reason why they are such great hunters is that they are capable of flying without making any sound. Biologists, mathematicians and engineers investigated this amazing aerodynamic performance of owls and discovered that owls incorporate many features required to produce such a silent flight. For example, the features of owls, such as their large wing size, velvety surface texture, and interlocked ragged feather structure allow them to fly silently. The work on applying this silent flight technology to drones continues. 

The Fruit Fly's Ability to Fly Despite Damaged Wings

Although drones are the products of advanced technology, they, too, can certainly be damaged. For this reason, one of the subjects investigated by the scientists who design drones is how these machines can still continue flying despite any sustained damage. To be able to answer this question, this time, researchers focused on fruit flies and examined these living beings which are still able to fly despite a damaged wing with high-speed videography.  The obtained result was eye opening for the scientists: 

They found that fruit flies could manage to maintain flight by modifying their wing beats midair and rolling their bodies toward the damaged wing.

Bees That Do Not Get Affected By Turbulence

One of the major problems both flying animals and flying robots face is unpredictable wind gusts. However, scientists have discovered that bees can even travel in extremely windy conditions to reach their intended pollen sources. To understand how they manage to do so, scientists placed  bees in observable wind tunnels and recorded them during flight. The result of the research was full of calculations that could be considered marvels of engineering.

By changing the amplitude, frequency, and even the symmetry of their wing beats, the bees would gain resilience while flying against wind gusts  they would suddenly encounter. If scientists can apply these techniques employed by bees to drones, it will allow drones to maintain flight through turbulences.

Pigeons That Skillfully Overcome Any Obstacles They Encounter

A hardy journey awaits a bird that flies close to the ground. It needs to swiftly process the visual input from its surroundings and make rapid flight adjustments to dodge any obstacle that might stand in its way. Seeking to investigate this success of  birds that maintain forward momentum while maneuvering through gaps between objects, scientists recorded pigeons' movements in three dimensions. As a result of the research, they discovered that the pigeons adjusted their routes by selecting gaps that closely aligned with the direction they were flying. And a few small adjustments pigeons would make in their wing beats were enough to do so.

Scientists currently aim at applying this skillful orientation and maneuver capabilities of the birds to unmanned aerial vehicles. Thus, drones will be able to avoid any obstacle they might encounter without any damage, as well as swiftly choose the safest route.

The Agility Insects Display When They Fall Will Further Enhance Drones

Interestingly, to gather information on flight, researchers sometimes benefit from insects that do not fly at all. To this respect, scientists have studied many insect species and in their studies they observed that some insects were capable of quickly rotating in midair while falling. For example, tiny stick insect nymphs are wingless, but this insect species can right itself in midair while falling from any height, thereby achieving a safe and proper landing.

It was discovered that the insects in question rapidly rotated to turn right side up by coordinating leg movements with airflow, and turning completely around within 0.3 seconds.  Researchers think that if the said technique employed by the insects is applied to drones, it will further improve their midair agility.

How Birds Can Maintain Flight When Molting?

Imagine you are flying in an airplane and in mid-flight, the bits and pieces of its wings start to break off.  Such a catastrophic situation might sound unthinkable, but this is exactly what birds experience during their molting season.

During seasonal molting, birds replace their worn out feathers while still having to continue flying, regardless of how dangerous it is. Seeking to find out how birds manage to do so, researchers examined a jackdaw, a bird in the crow family.

They investigated the flight aerodynamics of birds during different molt stages. At the end of their research, they found that the birds' flight efficiency was indeed reduced during molting but miraculously, the birds adjusted their wing posture to make up for gaps in their wings where feathers were missing, and thus they managed to continue flying. If scientists can apply this strategy as well to drones, it is likely that drones will be able to continue flying even if their wings encounter damage during flight.

It is God Who Created the Superior Features of All Living Beings

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, humanity derives many substantial benefits by imitating nature, be it in terms of time and effort, or simply making good use of  physical resources. Every single one of the living beings given as an example in this research is equipped with vastly superior features. Almighty God has created all living beings with these features. God, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, is the Originator. This truth is revealed in the Qur’an as follows:

"He is the Originator of the heavens and earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, ‘Be!’ and it is." (Surat al-Baqara, 117)



Adnan Oktar's piece in News Rescue:


http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/242442/from-which-creatures-do-droneshttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/242442/from-which-creatures-do-droneshttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/6-makaleler/news_rescue_adnan_oktar_from_which_creatures_do_drones_draw_inspiration2.jpgWed, 22 Feb 2017 12:50:06 +0200
An Islamic view on Trump’s Travel Ban

Adnan Oktar's piece in Christian Media Magazine:


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Why Are Deadly Industries Promoted?

When we start to list the bloodiest industries worldwide, the armaments industry will come first and the drug industry second. Indeed in the 20th Century, the arms industry caused the loss of millions of lives. With the advancement of new technologies, weapons become more and more lethal with every passing day. The trillions of dollars worth of investments made in this sector return as lost lives and devastated cities. 

As for the drug industry, from manufacturers, to distributors, from street dealers to end-users, it brings death at every stage. Drug cartels have ceased to be local powers, and on some occasions, even took control of entire countries. In South American countries, tens of thousands of people die in drug wars every year. This number is many times more than those who lose their lives in terrorist attacks.

These two industries are closely followed by a dark and insidious industry as number three: The tobacco and cigarette industry. Despite its luminous advertisements, colorful boxes and so-called “cool” image, this sector is no less deadly then the weapon and drug industries.

Since the 17th Century, tobacco has been one of the greatest sources of income for the colonialist and imperialist countries, and as a result of this, millions of people, from tobacco manufacturers to smokers, have lost their lives. Tobacco was first introduced to the Europe of the era and the Ottoman Empire by British merchants. In the 17th, 18th, 19th, and even in the 20th Centuries, particularly the USA and many British colonial countries labored hard to meet the world's tobacco demand.  Egypt, Australia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Songea, Rhodesia and Borneo as well as Iran, which was at the time within the British sphere of influence, all turned into vast tobacco plantations. The tobacco manufactured in the colonies was purchased cheap and sold to the world for extravagant prices. During this dark period, from the Caribbean to the Far East Asia, a great majority of the world's population became a part of this cycle as either tobacco manufacturers or consumers. 

The American tobacco industry was also supported by the slave trade. British merchants bought slaves from the local kings in Africa in exchange for weapons. These slaves were then transported to the Americas, where they were traded for raw materials such as tobacco and sugar.

Financed by slave trafficking, the “Atlantic Trade" remained under a British monopoly for 200 years. While 10 million Africans were transported to the new continent as slaves, another 10 million lost their lives during this period. During the height of the slave trade, warehouses were constructed on the West African shores, where slaves were piled in while waiting for ships to arrive. In this period, Africans of all religions, all nations and tribes were enslaved by the millions. The famous British Navy of the era was financed through the Atlantic slave trade.

The effects of the tobacco trade have lasted from that time until today. The entire world is under the influence of tobacco as a deadly industry. In 2014, smokers spent 750 billion dollars for 5.6 trillion cigarettes. This figure is higher than the combined gross national product of 170 countries and corresponds to the 19th largest economy in the world.

Today, about 1.2 billion people are tobacco addicts. This number is estimated to reach 1.65 billion by 2025. 80% of these people belong to middle and low income classes.  While 1,800 cigarettes are smoked per capita each year in Japan, this number is 1,000 in the USA. Each year, six million people die from tobacco- related diseases. If the nations of the world do not take any collective action, approximately one billion people will die from the effects of tobacco consumption over the course of the 21st Century.

The main factor that initiates millions to smoking is marketing methods and window dressing. In fact, this cycle of deception began in the 16th Century with merchants presenting tobacco as a medicine. Along with the advertising world of the 20th Century, cigarette smoking was made into a lifestyle. Through professional marketing techniques, people were initiated to this harmful habit at a very young age, and this mistake continues still. Today, two third of the smokers are introduced to this substance before they were 18. Legal prohibitions and advertising restrictions imposed until today, the warning messages put on cigarette boxes regarding its deadliness, did not deter the widespread use of this poison.

In 1954, the USA cigarette manufacturers launched a major advocacy advertisement campaign published by more than 400 newspapers throughout the US. The statement, titled "A Frank Statement to Cigarette Smokers", reached about 45 million Americans. The statement rejected claims that cigarette causes cancer and gave assurances stating that cigarette smoking was safe. Today, it has become evident that this statement blatantly contradicts scientific facts, facts which were known as early as the late 1920's. Eventually, it was understood that the companies that signed the statement were well aware of the harm caused by their products even then.

In our day, science has definitively proven the deadly consequences of cigarette smoking. Firstly, cigarette smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer. Studies show that one out of every four people that die from cancer develops this disease because of cigarette smoking. In addition to various forms of cancer, cigarette use also causes heart and lung diseases. The number of those who die from tobacco-related diseases in the USA is higher than the total number of those who die from AIDS, drugs, alcohol, suicides, homicides and car accidents; even passive smoking takes more than 50,000 lives worldwide. When we consider the fact that 45,000 people died in terrorist attacks in 2015, we see that passive smoking is deadlier than terrorism.

 Tobacco and cigarette are also the most wasteful items in the world. Millions of hectares of land are being wasted. If the manufacturers around the world produced food instead of tobacco, 30 million people living below the hunger threshold could easily be provided with nourishment. Such an enormous potential is being used for poisoning people instead of feeding them. Today, 124 countries around the world are tobacco manufacturers and the majority of them are under the global wealth average. The tobacco industry is exploiting the poverty of these countries. In fact, the tobacco manufacturers too are victims of this system.

Tobacco is a downright poison. It has been poisoning people for 500 years. It destroys the societies’ capacity to cope, rendering them susceptible to exploitation, abuse and being ruled. Only a handful of oligarchs make profit from this bloody industry. 1.5 billion people endanger their lives for this substance. It is impossible for countries to single-handedly struggle against this poison dictate. What is needed is an alliance among politicians, statesmen, opinion leaders, clergymen, community leaders, non-governmental organizations and every person with a clear mind and conscience. Tobacco takes 20,000 new lives with each passing day. This is a struggle that cannot be delayed even for an hour.

Adnan Oktar's piece in American Herald Tribune & Riyadh Vision:



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Travel ban not a solution to terror threat

President Trump concentrated his pre-electoral promises and statements on certain key topics. The most prominent ones among these topics were the issues about immigrants, war on radicalism and new international economic measures aimed at protecting the America’s economic interests.

Among these, the executive order implemented the fastest by Mr. Trump after taking office was to ban the entry of refugees and various Muslim nationals to the US. Under the Executive Order, which has been dubbed a "Muslim Ban" by anti-Trump circles, the US refugee admission system has been suspended for 120 days; the Syrian refugee program has been indefinitely discontinued; the citizens of 7 Muslims countries consisting Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan have been banned for 90 days from entering the United States.

The order, which has sparked widespread reactions and protests within and outside the United States, has placed many Muslims with valid official visas, even residence permits who come to the US to study, work, visit their relatives, or receive treatment for various illnesses in an exceedingly difficult position. In fact, when the order was issued, many among them were flying on their way to the US, unaware of the unfolding events.

The order brought with it contradictions and uncertainties. For example, those who are citizens of the 7 countries but also hold dual passports from countries such as France, Canada and Britain were also included in the ban. On the other hand, the Department of Homeland Security announced that those who have permanent residence permits and pose no serious threat to the US would be allowed in on a case-by-case basis. However, it remains unclear whether this would extend to those in possession of work or student visas.

It is clear that, other than causing grief to innocent harmless Muslims, the order, which was issued on the grounds of establishing security measures against terrorism, will be of no avail to the safety of the country or the image of the new administration. Welcoming refugees is a crucial part of what America represents and values, a part of the American Dream that Trump promises to revive. Since the 2nd World War, the US has been the world's leader in resettling refugees. Half of the refugees who are permanently resettled in a third country resettled in the US. Since the Refugee Act of 1980, the federal government has suspended refugee admissions only once before: in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, to December 11, 2001. The executive order presumes that the US needs to take longer reviewing refugee procedures in 2017 than it did after 9/11.

Amongst the terrorist activities carried out in Western countries, many terrorist organizations employ the members they have recruited from among the citizens of those countries. Lately, the terrorists who carry out acts of terrorism in Europe or the US are found to carry the passports of those countries. For example, the terrorists who perpetrated the Paris attacks in December 2015 and killed 132 people were in possession of French and Belgian passports.

Furthermore, those coming from these 7 countries obtained their visas or permanent residency rights only after going through extensive inspections, psychological tests and interviews, and thorough investigations on their entire backgrounds, activities, connections and social circles. Those who do not meet the required criteria or arouse even the slightest suspicion cannot obtain a visa in the first place. For this reason, trying to get a visa from these countries is a method no terrorist would follow.

Radicalism, as pointed out by President Trump, indeed poses a serious threat for the US, Islamic countries and the entire world. However, it is quite unlikely that this order, signed out of concern for urgently implementing the election promises, will offer a solution to the said threat.

On the contrary, such a practice will only please the deep state elements who are dissatisfied with the new administration. It will present a significant leverage to the provocateurs of the "deep" global anti-Trump campaign, lying in ambush for the opportunity of finding a flaw. The fact that the circles who previously did not voice any criticism against the Muslim massacre in the Middle East, or may even have supported it, now supposedly look out for Muslims merely for the sake of opposing Trump is a clear indication of this.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that such policies fuel the feelings of anger, hatred and vengeance, as well as nurture the radical elements who look for an opportunity to attract new recruits to their ranks from among the 3.3 million Muslims in the country.

Therefore, it’s best to not insist on such an erroneous and unfruitful practice that is far from being effective and realistic while having so many negative outcomes. Even if it is impossible to fully reverse the order, it is necessary to make adjustments that will at least reduce the grievances and minimize the ban periods urgently.

Radicalism is a deviant ideology that emerges in the name of Islam but completely contradicts the spirit and tenets of the Qur’an, the one and true source of Islam. Thus, before all else, it is of utmost importance to make a distinction between radicalism and the true Islam that is based on the Qur’an.

If President Trump wishes to eliminate radicalism as he has promised, this can only be achieved through an ideological and scientific struggle. The powerful, real, and truthful  ideas of the Qur’an will undoubtedly eradicate the false and hypocritical message that terrorists use to justify their violent acts.  It has been proven countless times by experience that, contrary to expectations, erroneous policies of violence and military methods provide terrorist structures with ever greater grounds for justification of their cause and a larger number of followers.

For that reason, the Muslim community in the US and around the world should be made aware of the truth of Islam and the deviancy of radicalism in the light of Qur’anic and rational evidence. A broad and extensive worldwide education campaign will deal the most devastating blow to radicalism and eradicate the terrorists’ deviant ideology altogether. It is high time for the world and for President Trump to realize that this is the only way out.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Gulf Times & Jefferson Corner & News Today:



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