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They preach religion as if it is comprised of inextricable rituals and religiousness as if it is very difficult. Religion is sincerity. You need to be wholeheartedly sincere and patient in the face of time. When one attains sincerity, everything does not change all of a sudden with lightning flashes. But in time one would see that positive changes take place all the time.

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Humans are created hungry for love. Sincere love is the one thing that effects the human soul the most. The soul would be disturbed by fake love and would be in search of sincere love.

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Sincerity is the only solution for keeping one’s subconscious clean and pure. Once sincerity is attained, the body automatically cleans the subconscious automatically.

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Being sincere is our sole responsibility. It is as if we are sailing on a boat. No matter what we do on that boat, the boat would sail. Destiny doesn’t change, it goes by as God preordained.

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A sincere, honest person would naturally be knowledgeable and wise. Our Prophet (saas) was illiterate but he was an enlightened wise person. Knowledge and wisdom is a blessing bestowed upon honest, sincere people. Those who are sincere would be able to distinguish negative from positive, right from wrong.

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Sincerity and always thinking positively about God is the only way to success. A clear mind, a clear love, a clear faith and being sincere is the only way.

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Love is the only goal of sincerity. The goal of everything you find beautiful is love. Satan is trying to kill this feeling. Both in the Darwinist and the orthodox fractions there is a desire to remove this love. With all our might, we are preventing this with knowledge and wisdom.

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God wants His servants to be sincere and honest. Sincerity is the most important virtue.

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A sincere, honest person would be the one with the highest quality. A sincere person would have a candid connection with God. Such a person would wholeheartedly submit to God. Every movement of such a person, every word they utter, every attitude they adopt would be high quality. Some people claim to have high quality yet they look down on people. High quality is not something like that. Quality is the highest level in understanding of love in one’s soul.

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What God wants us to love Him as His due and to be sincere. We would then be gaining His good pleasure.

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Sincere people who do not engage in artificial and theatrical attitudes have absolute faith in God.

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Sincerity and faith is the secret behind long-term friendships. The friendship between an unbelieving man and an unbelieving woman is based purely on materialist interests. Their relationship continues so long as the man remains rich.

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Religion is very easy. We will be sincere and follow what God inspires to our hearts.

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Sincerity is important in faith. When someone realizes the truth, the faith of such a person becomes very sharp.

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Only people who have a high level of wisdom, a solid character and deep sincerity can appreciate sincere love. Thus a great majority of people envies those who have this.

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Sincerity is the best way to make someone happy.

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Sincerity is trusting in God without a shadow of a doubt, loving God profoundly and surrendering completely to God.

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Sincerity can be attained when people think that God is the Creator of everything and do not place unnecessary constraints and limitations upon themselves. Being uptight prevents sincerity.
Deep thinking is only possible with sincerity. It is not possible for a sincere person to remain superficial.

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A person who listens to their conscience with complete honesty would become sincere. A sincere person is like from Heaven.
To those who read the Qur’an sincerely with love of God and without any doubts, God would reveal all the colors of the Qur’an.

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Being sincere is enough. If one is sincere, God would show him or her a way.

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God gives prosperity, abundance and beauty to those who are sincere in His Way.

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There is a secret in sincerity. A person can reach the highest level of goodness only by being sincere.

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The shortest path to reach God is to be sincere. Sincerity relieves the heart and saves the person both in this world and the Hereafter.

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A truly sincere person has a soul. A person who has a soul is created with faith in heart; that person would find religion no matter what.

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No woman can resist true love, wisdom and depth. However, if she is offered dishonesty disguised as love, she’ll shut herself away.

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A sincere person never lives for oneself. This is the measurement of sincerity.
Sincerity is the easiest act of worship. God only wants people to be sincere.

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Sincerity is being yourself completely and never telling any lies.
If Muslims sincerely pray for the prevalence of Islamic morality, God will answer it. If we remain sincere to God, He will definitely make it happen.

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Seeing a sincerely believing person strengthens faith in people's hearts

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Sincerity is what I look for in people. A sincere person has a deep and rich soul, and is perfect in personality and manners.

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Being sincere helps us distinguish between right and wrong. God always inspires people the right actions.

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A person who always listens to his conscience would not be a blind follower of his desires.

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The best way to express love is sincerity. Ladies hate pickup lines, or dishonest compliments. Ladies can spot dishonesty immediately.
Many people don't know about God’s constant gifts to His sincere servants. Persistently sincere, righteous people will always win.
Sincerity will reveal itself at times of difficulty. If a person is kind during good times but becomes hostile at difficult times, that’s horrible. A believer, on the other hand, is always sincere and earnest.
Beauty belongs to God alone. God creates all beauties and God brings together the sincere people. Power belongs solely to God. God gives the Mahdi a metaphysical power against the dajjali system.

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When a person acts in earnest towards God, God will allow them to get closer to God and strengthen their faith.
If one is sincere and leaves everything to God, God will help that person in everything and will strengthen his faith even more.

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People think that following their conscience will cause them troubles. But if they persist in following their conscience, they will be rewarded greatly, both in this world and in the Hereafter.
What I look for in a person is sincerity, honesty and goodwill.
Destiny unfolds like a movie. We are only supposed to be sincere towards God.

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Those who claim that their hearts are in the right place yet do not thank God despite seeing the existence of God, are not being sincere.
All sincere believers of God will go to Heaven. A sincere person clearly sees the glorious existence of God and lives a life to please God.

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A person who lives selfishly cannot be sincere. Only a person that lives for others can be honest and sincere.

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Sincerity is the food of soul and mind. God says that His sincere servants will be saved.
Honesty and sincerity is crucial. Sometimes it costs a lot; it is difficult, but one has to persist in honesty and never give up.

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One needs to concentrate on faith most of all. A faithful country would not collapse. Sincere faith would keep that country standing strong.

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If people resist the nature God has created for them, they will get erratic. Without love and fear for God, their bodies lose balance quickly.

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Good morality is not difficult or complicated, what believers have to do is only to act in sincerity and due conscience. What is a burden and bothersome is acting in vile and perfidy. Immorality is a horrible dismay; however, living in sincerity is a great ease.

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The most important virtue in life is sincerity. God informs us that sincere servants of God would be saved.

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Speaking Arabic is not a requisite for interpreting the Qur’an correctly and for fully abiding by the Qur’an. Had speaking Arabic been a necessity, millions of Arabs would be the best at it. What is important is to attain sincere and profound faith. That is only possible with facts leading to faith and with faith attained through reason.

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There are significant differences between the conception of love of believers and unbelievers. The love of believers is based on grit, sincerity, sacrifice and love of God.

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If sincere people explained religion, people would have loved it and would be jubilant. Irreligion disturbs the mental health of people.

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My difference from many others is my fear of God and my sincerity and the way that I don’t allow anything against God.

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What is most influential on people is sincerity, wisdom and expression on one's face that reflects his embracing religion and faith in God.

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People love sincere, wise people who have a deep faith in God and they don't like those who try to show off with their knowledge. Idolaters think that God’s messengers must be well educated, etc. But the important thing is the insight and wisdom given by God. No prophet ever graduated from a university, but they were all very sincere. God rewards sincere faith incredibly. Meaningless knowledge is worthless in the Sight of God; it is faith that makes knowledge meaningful. God will not ask people about the languages they spoke.
Many people, websites and TV shows explain Islam for hours on end. But all it takes to create effect, even with a 10-minute speech, is sincerity. The greatest power is sincere faith.
God attaches the most importance to deep faith and sincerity. God bestows success to those that have a deep love for God. When one loves God with a sincere, deep faith, God will create causes that will help the success of that person. When there are people with a true, deep faith -even if they’re few in number- Islamic morals will reign. God rewards the sincerity of believers.

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In the communication of Islam’s message, sincerity and wisdom are the most effective factors. Knowledge or modernism alone will not suffice. One needs true, deep wisdom to explain faith in God. The most important thing is having a sincere belief, sincerely loving God, sincerely fearing God. The message of Islam cannot be communicated with a snobbish, pretentious attitude. Our Prophet (saas) didn't attend any universities, but achieved a world-wide effect with his wisdom stemming from his sincere faith. The Prophet Moses wasn't overtly eloquent, but he was very sincere. Because of his sincerity and deep faith, he was able to influence everyone. The Prophet Jesus and the Mahdi (peace be upon them both) will make Islamic morals triumph worldwide with their sincere faith. Jesus will not be a university graduate and the Mahdi will not have madrassa training, but they will make Islam triumph with sincere faith.

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One needs to enhance his sincerity in time. Sincerity should cause problems for one. Sincerity lands one on something. You act sincerely and become sleepless. You act sincerely and it makes you tired.
Sincerity costs one a lot. One would suffer through ordeals, get tired and even get into trouble. If you are living an easy life and show interest only in things that directly affect your interests, if you protect your own interests as if you are protecting a baby, where is sincerity in this?
There is no need to consume such an extraordinary amount of energy for attaining deep faith. If a person is very sincere, a deep faith would instantly be formed. They are imagining that religion is very difficult. They say, "You need to ponder deeply, you need to think deeply." Actually one cannot succeed at thinking deeply through mere willpower; God is the One Who will make one think deeply. A person does not have any individual power. What we need to do then is to be sincere. We have to be sincere and ask for it from God.

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You have no power to bring everyone to the True Path. God is the One to guide people to the Truth. One needs to see if the way he talks, if his culture, if his sincerity enough? One can only be influential if he is really sincere.

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If you have faith you need to be transparent and sincere. Only then would people who look at things sincerely and transparently approach you with love as well.

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Sincerity is of crucial importance. How important is it? It is the only way of salvation. God says; “The noblest among you in God’s Sight is the one with the most piety.” Almighty God defines being sincere as the main condition of piety.

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Did the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) have tanks and cannonballs? No, he didn’t. Did he have thousands of students? No, he didn’t. Did he have money? No, he didn’t. What did he have? He had sincerity. He was the Mahdi of his time. God made him victorious. What condition does Almighty God has for that? One should be able to endure hardships, one should be patient in the face of hardships and sufferings. Or else no result can be attained if one tries to present himself as if he is facing hardships yet not really facing any hardships.

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Sincerity is the greatest weapon of the Mahdi (pbuh). He becomes the Mahdi because he attains a level of sincerity that no other person could. This is why God makes him successful.
Let me give you a secret. God doesn’t say,” Those who have weapons, those who have power, those who have money and those who have political power will prevail in the world.” God doesn’t say ; ” Those who perform their prayers, those who fast will prevail in the world.” God says, “Those sincere servants of Mine will attain salvation and prevail in the world.” He only mentions the sincere ones.

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Love and sincerity is one within the other. Those who do not know love wouldn’t know sincerity; those who do not know sincerity wouldn’t know love. Those are related with reason and reason is related with the Qur’an, Qur’an is related with the fear of God.

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God says that His sincere servants will attain salvation. Sincerity is a subject matter is frequently overlooked. Actually God shows sincerity as the key for salvation. That is because if one is sincere, he/she would live by the religion as is due and live the best of everything.

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Our heart is set on the Hereafter. Our heart is set on the good pleasure of God, not on any rank or position.

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If one is a sincere Muslim, there is no need to bustle. A sincere Muslim would always be victorious. In the Torah, Almighty God says that it would be enough for the whole world even if there are only ten of you.

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Anyone who is sincere can be friends. They need to be really honest and never tell lies and that would be it. They need to wear their hearts on their sleeves and that would be it. Such people are radiant people.

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Insincerity, lovelessness will suffocate the world for a while. In the end people will come to realize that they can live on this world with a very simple and pure mind. A new beauty, a new opening an amazing system of the Mahdi will sprout and show itself, insha'Allah.

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If you set aside sincerity, troubles would never leave you alone. If you act honestly and sincerely, you start seeing that even those things that appear to be troubles would turn out to be good for you, you would see that there is good in everything.
God gives wisdom to sincere people. That is an evident fact. That has always been seen in all Prophets, in all beautiful people.
When Almighty God sees sincerity in people - and He knows it in destiny anyway - He constantly makes wisdom flow through that person. When one is insincere God takes away that flow. That person turns into a lunatic, he becomes like a maniac.

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If a person is in disbelief, everything he does would be a malice for him. He eats food and that becomes malicious for him; he goes out to the streets and that becomes malicious for him; whatever he does brings about malice. There would be no benevolence for him. If a person is sincere and devout, if he has a clean heart, there would be goodness in everything he does.

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If one acts very sincerely, loves God very deeply then he would find Mahdi (pbuh) anyway. They fail to find him because of their lovelessness, because of their lack of sincerity.

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Sincerity is the root of modernity. A sincere person is a super modern person.

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When interests of a party step in the fight starts, war starts. Interests of respective parties should not be a point of discussion. Every good deed should be done for the approval of God. The system of the Mahdi does everything voluntarily with love for the approval of God.

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There are not that many sincere and good people in the world. The good people, sincere people, these people of love should protect and watch over each other. If they start to push each other around that would be a grave gullibility, it would be a very very big credulousness.

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Sincerity is the greatest blessing. Allah informs us in the Qur'an that only His sincere servants will be saved.

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If one is sincere, he would understand the Qur'an anyway, such a person would understand the command of the Qur'an as well. A sincere person loves Allah very much, he loves the Qur'an very much, he loves the companions and he loves everyone. Such a person would be perfect with his humility and morality. The whole matter is about sincerity because Allah makes such a person feel the things that are wrong, and see the right things as well.

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My Protector is Allah who sent down the Book. He takes care of the righteous. (Surat Al-A'raf, 196) This verse is the secret behind the fact that nothing can ever be done against Mahdi (pbuh). This verse is the secret behind the fact that nothing can be done against the Jesus Messiah. This verse is the secret behind the fact that nothing can ever be done against Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). There will be those who struggle against them, there will be those who plot against them. But they can never do anything against the Will of Allah.

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Purity and sincerity means doing something solely for the good pleasure of Allah. I mean if someone does things for the appreciation of other people, he would lose all he has done anyway. A Muslim should purely be after asking "What would Allah say to this?" "Would Allah like this?" "Would Allah be pleased by that?" This should never be forgotten. This is the main characteristic of purity and sincerity.
Attaining the good pleasure of Allah is the most important matter. When a Muslim does something, he does so by constantly asking for the good pleasure of Allah. Whatever people say, whatever they do, a Muslim should never forget the real aim.

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Muslims are sincere. They love Allah deeply. They do not adopt a special attitude, they act whole-heartedly. People are amazed by our sincerity, let them be. We will continue to be sincere until the very end, we will be sincere for all eternity insha'Allah.

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We only focus on what Almighty Allah would say about a certain act.

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A Muslim would be devout even while in difficulties. Religion is for the good pleasure of Allah. That is because one might be a Muslim yet he might be put in jail, he might become disabled, he might be injured, anything could happen. The goal of a Muslim is solely attaining the good pleasure of Allah.
Religion exists because of the love of Allah. It would not be appropriate to see religion as –may Allah forbid- a remedy for straits. Religion is not to be implemented to be at ease or to find peace. Religion is practiced only for Allah.

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One of the greatest corruptions in the End Times is the dishonest understanding of religion. In the time of the Mahdi this will go away.

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It is a Muslim's wish to be one of the good , sincere servants of Allah both in this world and in the Hereafter.

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Genuine Muslims are humble, they are tranquil, they are companionable. They never engage in artificial behaviors, they never act haughtily, never put on airs pretending to be a pompous hodja or a mullah. They do not put on airs pretending to be a saint. They do not put on airs pretending to be a crispy voiced, special guy. Their manners are always normal and kind.

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Allah establishes a special connection with those who believe and do good and sincere deeds. He listens to their words and wishes, accepts their prayers. In the Qur'an, Allah says; "[He will] reward them for the best of what they did and give them more from His unbounded favor". For instance, if Allah gives them health, He then increases their health, if He gives them welfare, He increases their welfare, if He gives them properties, He increases that, if He gives them influence, He increases their influence, if He gives them power He increases their power.

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Some people are skeptical, some of them are timid, while some of them are introverted and hard to understand. A NATURAL PERSON IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. A person who expresses what he feels inside is beautiful. But of course I would not say that one would be incautious. One has to be cautious, but meanwhile he must be humanistic, reasonable. BEING WILD IS NOT BECOMING TO A WOMAN, IT IS A VERY ABNORMAL ACT.
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