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Only scientists can become aware of the Creator. Those who look at a black curtain only see a black curtain. God has shown us the easiness of taking away that black curtain. A little bit of attention, a little bit of will power and conscience and that curtain would instantly be removed.

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One needs to focus all his attention and love on Allah.

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Allah says; “You assume them to be alive whereas they are dead.” This is a certain verse. One assumes them to be alive because they speak, walk and look alive. However, Allah says that they are not alive. Allah has not inspired His soul to them. THERE ARE SO MANY ZOMBIES, DEAD PEOPLE IN THE SOCIETY. THEY ARE LIKE HEAPS OF FLESH. LIKE ORGANISMS, THEY ONLY LIVE TO SURVIVE.

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ONE NEEDS TO FOCUS ALL HIS ATTENTION WITH A SHARP JOY, KEEN FAITH AND ATTENTION. We need to mature our faith and love and while doing this one needs to think rationally and reasonably to attain it.
Allah always says in the Qur’an, “People are cruel and ignorant, ungrateful and give little thanks to Allah.” Somehow people’s minds have been divorced from Allah. That is why while calling on Allah we need to say, “MY LORD MAKE MY ATTENTION BE ALWAYS UPON YOU” but we also need to implore, “MY LORD! GRANT ME A PROFOUND LOVE FOR YOU THAT IS PURIFIED FROM ANY DOUBTS.”
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