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I distance myself from everything far removed from God and am close to all things close to God.
Atheists and deists are allowed to ask any question they like for the purpose of learning. We can’t say, ‘Why are you asking this?’
Ignorance is actually the flawed hollowness in the souls of those who do not know, love or fear God.
God is the true Owner of knowledge. We ask God to increase our knowledge.
Every word in the language of Heaven will be special. There will be words in the language of Heaven that are not used in this world.
The language of Heaven is not known exactly but there will be a language that everyone in Heaven will easily understand.
Muslims are a community. With their decency, their bright and innocent expressions and their cultivated manners, all my friends resemble one another.
Believers do not approach each other haughtily; they are compassionate and merciful towards one another.
Believers carry the honor and dignity of their faith.
We need to unite on a single mind to ensure world peace. That single mind is the Mahdi movement, which means love, art, beauty, brotherhood and reason.
The system of the Mahdi is mentioned in the Qur’an in a covert manner. The wisdom behind this covertness is to protect the Mahdi from his enemies.
An Islam based on superstitions is a suitable mentality for the British Deep State to control and divide the Muslim world.
The reason why some Muslims declare each other to be unbelievers is because they follow false sources other than the Qur’an. Had Muslims followed only the Qur’an, all of them would embrace one another and accept their path as the right path.
Our people have seen that the true Islam is based on the Qur’an and this beautiful mentality is spreading in waves.

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Students can easily learn mathematics with great pleasure if they can see it as the Art of God.
The word dābba mentioned in the Qur’an might be referring to computers and Internet technology.
Both for health and safety purposes and for social reasons, serving alcoholic beverages to passengers on airplanes is not a reasonable practice.
The cure for cancer might be found at the time of the Mahdi.
The soul has no age.
My works have acted as a retaining wall for believers to intellectually defend themselves honorably and bravely against Darwinism and leftist ideologies.
Love lies at the basis of all my works and discourses. All my efforts are carried out with the aim of earning the good pleasure of God without any expectations of personal gain.
Any belief that does not agree with the Qur’an is a pagan and superstitious belief.
In Darwinism it is suggested that the strong are always right. This distorted mentality has devastated humanity and caused wars, hunger and poverty.
Poverty will come to an end once the morality of the Qur’an is practiced.
Sincerity is trusting in God without a shadow of a doubt, loving God profoundly and surrendering completely to God.
A lack of art is one of the main things that has brought ruin upon the Middle East.
Young people can perform their prayers wherever they want. They should pay no attention to those who seek to alienate them from prayers by raising spurious difficulties.
There are a handful of people who are highly disturbed to see religious people at beaches and entertainment venues. They can make as much fuss as they like, but believers will be everywhere.
Religion encompasses everything in my life. Religion and life are one within the other.
God will certainly lay the way open for those who read the Qur’an from the beginning to the end with love of God.
I love all my lady friends with a profound and fervent love. Impassioned love shows the richness and deepness of one’s soul.
People should find it beneath themselves to use cliché phrases or trendy slogans instead of expressing their own thoughts and sentences.
Hypocrites want believers to be isolated because they think that they will then be weak. God supports believers with other believers.
Wherever they may go, Hell follows the hypocrites. Their pain, suffering and unrest never cease.
With their foolish, small brains hypocrites try to deceive – may God forbid the thought - God and the believers by using the verses of the God’s verses in the Qur’an.
Hypocrites imagine that they will gain wealth and blessings when they leave the believers to join the ranks of the unbelievers. However, all the means God grants them are actually to increase their suffering.
Hypocrites are spiteful against Islam but they speak with the Qur’an and try to present themselves as believers to obscure their immorality, to get naïve Muslims support them.
Hypocrites imagine that they are so smart. But they sway from side to side like an old, sick and swollen deer floating away on the water.
Hypocrites take the unbelievers as their guardians instead of believers.
God made it an obligation for Muslims to protect and watch over one another. Hypocrites seek to crush this system of guardianship in Islam.

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Darwinism is the greatest deceit in the history of the world.
President Erdoğan wants to achieve the Islamic Union and protect innocent Muslims, even in the most difficult situations; he has very good moral values.
I have a sincere and beautiful dialogue with young people. This is something that no other religious scholar has. Since we present a life style that young people want, they approach us with love and admiration.
Most people will understand the effectiveness and importance of the method I use to preach the religion and the Qur’an to young people better in the future.
The most important spiritual support that could be provided for prisoners is to tell them about the morality and miracles of the Qur’an.
Matter is an interpretation of the soul.
Pride is a feeling that actually humiliates and degrades the proud. Humbleness and swallowing one’s pride and apologizing is truly noble.
The Qur’an is the sunnah of our Prophet Mohammad (saas). Abiding by the Qur’an is incumbent upon Muslims.
The positive, honest, and sincere demeanor of a person is the best way of preaching the religion. Discourses made in an unpretentious and humble manner are effective.
Cleanliness is a manifestation of our longing for Heaven.
After breaking someone’s heart, it is important to make amends by apologizing and speaking positively in a conciliatory manner in their absence.
God is the Owner of all things and is the One Who empowers all things.
Leaving President Trump alone against the British Deep State would not be good politics. Iran, Russia, Turkey and China should all support him.
What will render satan ineffective is preaching and spreading sincere faith.
True faith is gained by looking at the surroundings and observing inside the mind and soul.

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Saying “cats are ungrateful” is not right. Ungratefulness requires consciousness. Animals are not conscious. People consciously do ungratefulness.
Hypocrites are beings that people loathe. Even satan abhors hypocrites that is why hypocrites are always alone.
The rotten body of the hypocrite is like a corpse. Thinking that that corpse of a body could ever be envied is one of the biggest stupidities of the hypocrite.
What makes woman a woman is her artistic spirit. Women become very attractive as they beautify their eyes, their gait, their voice and their posture with their artistic spirit.
We will turn the world into Heaven on Earth for women, insha’Allah
Samiri -a hypocrite at the time of Prophet Moses- had lived in constant fear and died in distress suspecting that he was being followed all the time.
A hypocrite’s destiny is full of pain and suffering.
God sends hypocrites away from believers and they die all alone in fear and terror.
While communism makes people live in terror, the system of the Mahdi brings social justice through love.
Senses will not be limited to five in Heaven.
The most beautiful, the most meaningful word is ‘God.’
I only fear God. So I easily say everything that I know to be true.
The essential characteristic of satan is arrogance and obstinacy. It regards its egocentrism as more important than everything.
Everyone who complains of lovelessness and oppression, and advocates love is a student of the Mahdi.
One can sometimes see signs about his life in his dreams but it would not be right to accept these dreams as some kind of divine revelation.
We can render the atheist-materialist philosophy ineffective by talking about the miracles of the Qur’an, the invalidity of Darwinism and the facts of Creation.

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I love cats very much. My lady friends are as cute and sweet as cats are. This is why I liken them to “kittens” when I compliment them.
God ties people to one another with good moral values. Love is not something that happens with flesh and bones.
A hypocrite is like a poisonous snake or scorpion. The spread of their poison should be prevented. That would only be possible with reasonable discourse. The way to neutralize hypocrites is to uncover their games and treachery and to intellectually paralyze them.
God is the One Who creates beauty and gives the ability to speak.
Everything in life is a blessing for believers.
Art is love. Beauty, art and love go hand in hand. Everything that encourages love also encourages art.
Love solves all problems. When approached with love, every issue is solved.
Everyone would be happy in a country in which love, passion, beauty, aesthetics and art prevails.
The best freedom comes with religion. Religion saves people from peer pressure and the harsh rules of society.
It was the British Deep State that brought Hitler to power and caused such devastation to Germany.
Hypocrites and polytheists have brought ruin to the Muslim world. They are led by the British Deep State. The attacks of hypocrites and idolators increase the strength, wisdom and enthusiasm of believers.
If a person cuts his ties to God and starts living on auto-control, he would not be able to deal with it. His mind would swing him back and forth. A mind devoted to and connected with God would continue on a straight path without any bumps on the way.
Those who live for the ones they love and not for themselves are gallant and courageous people.
Wars will be incited as long as the system of the dajjal exists. Bloodshed and cruelty are traits of the devil.
Violence has no place in the Qur’an. Violence and cruelty exist only in the religion of idolatry and bigotry.
The boundaries of a person’s freedom is found in not demoralizing others or tarnishing one’s honor.

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When they see my out and about, atheists should not hesitate to come up and meet me. I respect them a lot for sincerely expressing their thoughts.
Loyalty is the best quality of a Muslim. I have lady friends whom I’ve known for 25 to 30 years. I would never waver in my loyalty. I would never want disloyalty.
Mistakes revitalize and encourage believers even more. They become more persistent in their efforts to gain the good pleasure of God.
If you don’t leave God, God would not leave you. If you love God very much, God would love you and make you loved by others.
Bigots preach a religion that is impossible to live by as if it is Islam, but they don’t practice it as they preach either. In fact, Islam in the Qur’an is very easy to live by.
They keep millions of women away from performing prayers and taking ablution by making up hundreds of rules, none of which are in the Qur’an.
The fact that my articles and books are published in Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Israel, the USA and many other countries is a blessing from God.
The social justice promised in socialism is based on administrative pressure and the threat of force. Social justice in Islam is practiced from the heart with love.
The system of social justice in Islam would bring richness to the world.
Religion is everywhere. Religion rules over the entirety of life. Religion and life are not separable from one another.
The philosophy of the British Deep State is based on enmity towards women, support for homosexuality and Darwinism.
Some people think religious people should be living in ghettos suffering an ugly life. In fact, believers deserve the best of everything.
When someone is in close connection with God with faith and wisdom, that person would not experience any emotional ups and downs.

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My lady friends and I trust one another very much. We are very close friends. May God strengthen our love even more.
God, Who created us, also sent us the information on how to use the world and our bodies, with the Qur’an.
One needs to have a strong and sincere connection with God via deep concentration at every moment.
Both prayer and everything else that happens after that prayer are part of destiny.
The Fleur de lis symbol used by Knights of the Templar symbolizes that young people and beauty will prevail in the time of the Mahdi.
Turkey will surely change for the better because it is her destiny.
Every day is like holiday for those who believe. Those who do not serve religion get tired both spiritually and physically.
All the universities of the world with all their thousands of professors are at the command of Darwinists yet they cannot bring forward any single bit of scientific evidence that would prove evolution. We refuted evolution with science.
People are suffocated in the darkness of the traditionalist orthodox system on one hand and of Darwinist-materialist thought on the other.
The source of technology is nature; that is the Art of God.
The space reserved for animals in zoos should be very spacious so that animals do not feel trapped.
Ataturk struggled mightily against bigotry and took Islam based on the Qur’an as a basis. This attitude of Ataturk was utterly right.

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Sincerity can be attained when people think that God is the Creator of everything and do not place unnecessary constraints and limitations upon themselves. Being uptight prevents sincerity.
They seek to turn women into people with no economic freedom and become dependent on their husbands. Women should have all basic rights and freedoms.
Difficulties make the human spirit more beautiful. People become more open to love and gain depth as a result of difficulties.
Wine is exactly like spoiled food; both are very poisonous for the body.
God is the One Who revealed that the Qur’an is sufficient.
I realized the existence of ‘the religion of the ignorant’ when I was a child. I found it to be very ugly and never accepted it.
A believer who strictly adheres to the Qur’an would never be unhappy or withdrawn.
A man who doesn’t know mercy, profundity and the value of love cheats: A man with love and loyalty in his heart and who fears God would never upset a woman.
Every praise made about a person’s beauty is actually a praise for the glorious Artistry of God.
Dreams are important because they let us think about how different dimensions of life might exist. Dreams make us think about death and how life after death would be.
While the Muslim world is in pieces and is drowning in a bloodbath, some religious scholars are still talking about petty matters that are of no relevance. That is against good conscience.
An unpredictable person is the most dangerous being in the world. One who has sincere faith in God and who respectfully fears God is a trustworthy person.
Deep thinking is only possible with sincerity. It is not possible for a sincere person to remain superficial.
Everyone should have a library at home, even if it is only a humble, small one. It is a different kind of pleasure to read books that contain righteous information.

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Islam is the perfect religion as it has not been distorted. Islam contains all religions inside.
There is goodness in everything.
I only fear God.
God is the One Who gives health, strength and energy to people.
Now that we are living in the End Times, the days are much shorter.
Those who take care of stray animals living on the streets are doing a very good deed.
Women are amazing creatures who are incredibly open to love.
Love should be the method that our brothers use while preaching Islam and the Qur’an.
Love and passion are the greatest pleasures in the world.
It is important to read the Qur’an in one’s own language to understand it properly. We will be held accountable from the Qur’an in the Hereafter.
Satan only has influence over people who have feeble minds and are weak in willpower. Satan will have no effect on believers if they struggle against irrationality.
Our brothers should read the Qur’an completely. They can thus understand the human characteristics described in the Qur’an and behave accordingly.
The forces which martyred Sultan Abdulaziz and worked against Turkey since the time of Sultan Abdulhamid, are the same: The British Deep State
The religion of the ignorant is a system that oppresses and disturbs people. We need to save people from this system with a rational and reasonable narrative.
Darwinists, atheists and those who follow the traditionalist orthodox understanding are all members of this religion of the ignorant.
In the religion of the ignorant, the essential aspect is that a person is never his or her true self but wears different masks.
People learn the religion of the ignorant starting from childhood. Even six or seven- year- old children know how to show an attitude or assume an artificial pose.
The religion of the ignorant is a lifestyle where people assume poses and haughty attitudes towards one another and never behave like themselves. This evil and hidden life style is used by satan to bring people under his influence.
The religion of the ignorant is an evil belief system, that is not properly named yet known by all.
Having a standoffish attitude is an ugly form of worship in the religion of the ignorant, which is actually a satanic ritual.
There is a hidden, evil belief system in the world that can be called “the religion of the ignorant” which is known and practiced by 99.9% of the world.
Freemasons have known for 12,000 years that the Mahdi (pbuh) will come. There is information about the Mahdi’s coming in ancient scriptures.
God is the One Who created time and space. God is the One Who created the infinite past and the infinite future. Destiny is under the command of God.
Snobbery is a very humiliating characteristic. One needs to be careful against those who are snobbish as well as their sycophants.
All the related institutions of the Turkish state will do their part in the intellectual struggle against the British Deep State.

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The Qur’an is enough for believers. Believers live a very balanced, beautiful, high quality life with the Qur’an, love and fear of God.
Hypocrites are very shameless and impudent people who don’t benefit from counsel. Muslims draw lessons from the state the hypocrites exist in.
Arabs and Turks are brothers. Against the attempts of those who want hostility between these two nations, we will become even closer friends with Arabs.
All knowledge belongs to God. God is All-Knowing; man is ignorant.
For a person who has attained true faith and submission to God, life becomes incredibly beautiful. That person becomes eternal.
It is crucial to have an education system in which young people can be trained in the fields they like. Loving one’s profession is essential.
There is freedom of faith in Turkey. The members of all religious sects are free to practice their faith as they see fit.
The British Deep State is very disturbed with the discourses on the subjects related with the movements of the Mahdi and the Messiah. They are trying to cover up the truth.
Religious Christians and Muslims who follow the Qur’an will ally against irreligion. This alliance will make the dajjal’s system ineffective.
Schools must be designed as elegant homes instead of concrete blocks. Education should be given in a friendly spirit.
President Erdogan is a believer who has dedicated his entire life to service in way of God; he has our full support.
In the traditionalist orthodox understanding of Islam, women are inaccurately considered as potentially dangerous beings that can be beaten. Violence against women is a result of this mistaken mentality. Darwinist theory insults women and considers them as nothing more than an animal species. This atrocious and false mentality, which considers women as half-human, is widely accepted throughout the world.
Those who believe in traditionalist orthodox system have a completely different worldview. In their own twisted ways, they try to shape young people. Young people would never adapt to their lack of taste. They should stop enforcing their broken, introverted philosophy that is far removed from art and science.
When believers say something wrong, they apologize, expressing that they will not repeat that mistake. Making excuses is not honest behavior.

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Every believer is born with the morality of the Qur’an. In the Hereafter, people will be asked from the Qur’an and whether they are sincere or not.
Homosexuality is an act that God has deemed unlawful in the Qur’an. Due to the propaganda carried out, some people assume that this despicable act is a sign of modernity.
Hypocrites are creatures that can take on many guises. They change based on where they are; in Mecca they act differently, yet in Spain they are completely different.
With their feeble minds, hypocrites imagine that they would defeat believers by quoting from the writings of dubious authors. No one can have success against the Qur’an. Every hypocrite who opposes the Qur’an suffocates in the pit of filth they are in.
Those who assumed that Muslims will not enjoy any beauties but will always be oppressed are now envious of the means Muslims have. Hatred of envious people only burns themselves. They get uglier as they burn and they burn even more as they get uglier. Their lovelessness brings them to a standstill.
God helps those who are honest and loving; God makes those who are loveless and envious come apart at the seams.
Women should be very free to wear décollete and makeup. They should ignore people seeking to destroy their life energy and live freely.
Some did not believe that Muslims could love art, sculptures, dancing and music or be cultivated and sophisticated people. They used to see all worldly blessings in the hands of unbelievers. Now that they see these blessings in the hands of believers, they are in a shock. There was a barrier built between the believers and blessings. We crushed that barrier and showed them that the believers are the real owners of these blessings.
Nothing can be a substitute for books. Books are sweet scholars that need to be present in every home.
Wealth is a great blessing as many good deeds can be accomplished with it but material gain should never be preferred over love.
For a believer, earning the most of God’s good pleasure is always the measure for actions: A believer, who strives for this, becomes sincere.
A wise person with a clear conscience is immediately recognized from the eyes. One can easily tell from the eyes whether someone is good or evil.
We understand that an action is religiously lawful in Islam, if there is no explicit statement in the Qur’an deeming that action unlawful.
Islam is the religion explained in the Qur’an.
School is sometimes a nightmare for children. For young people to love school, the purpose of education must be explained carefully to them. If it were explained to young people that they would gain quality, beauty, culture and cultivation with education, they would go to school with pleasure. Movies should be used more widely in education, especially for history lectures. The education system based on rote memorization should be abandoned.
It is important to perform prayers by knowing and thinking about the meaning of the prayer and expressing our deep love for God.
We are removing the influence of the British Deep State from Turkey by means of intellect and knowledge.
A cultivated person of high quality would never associate himself with prejudice.
The system of the dajjal has taken love away from people and placed it with fear and hatred. The Mahdi will teach the world love again.
Misleading the public is a crime against humanity. Teaching evolution as science is misleading the public. Fossils say there is no evolution.
There should be a friendly relationship between a teacher and student. Education should be a beneficial competition to determine who is going to be more cultivated and cultured.
Had the morality of the Qur’an prevailed in the world, not a single person would be in need thanks to the system of guardianship in Islam. In Islam, everyone is like the child of another. Muslims are the guardians and protectors of one another.
Life finds meaning with love. Love that results from faith is the greatest blessing God has granted to people.
Love and respect for women are the traits of every reasonable Muslim. Women are the light and the most beautiful ornament of this world.
The sycophants of the British Deep State have surrounded Turkey since the time of Sultan Abdulhamid. No politician should ever be associated with them.
The activities of the sycophants of the British Deep State in Turkey, particularly in the Southeast, must be watched very carefully.

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The criticism of Darwinism is also a criticism of wild-capitalism. Both support the notion that the weak should be oppressed.
Islam is very easy to live by as it is based on sincerity and love. What every believer reads and understands from the Qur’an is sufficient.
There is nowhere religion does not exist: Religion encompasses the entirety of life.
To be able to use time efficiently, willpower and wisdom must be used well and one has to have self-control all the time.
I put my trust only in God. I act by trusting in God.
Beauty, passion and love are the things from which I take pleasure the most. Deep passion means deep happiness.
Being prone to arguing and bickering is described as bad characteristic features in the Qur’an.
For all the problems in the world, our Prophet (saas) showed one solution; the system of the Mahdi.
The system of the dajjal is using the traditionalist orthodox understanding of religion to kill art and beauty in order to open a space for homosexuality.
My aim is to eradicate lovelessness. Believers can have no other purpose than loving God and God’s creations fervently.
I live my life according to the Qur’an. If those who criticize me could show me verses from the Qur’an as evidence for their criticisms, I would succumb immediately.
As God has stated in the Qur’an, all the beauties of this world are for believers and in the Hereafter, they will be given exclusively to those who had faith during their life in the world.
It is falsely assumed that Muslims will lead a poor, wretched life in this world and find all the beauties in Heaven. In fact, God created all the blessings for believers.
There is a false impression that there is no music, dancing or art in Islam and that Muslims are introverted and poorly-groomed people.
The passages of the Torah and Bible which agree with the Qur’an are true. Those parts that do not comply with the Qur’an have been distorted.
Muslims are always respectful, polite and lenient everywhere.
A person who has discovered the pleasure of being cultured and high quality would enjoy reading books.
Everything that carries God’s Spirit is eternal.

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Hypocrites can be easily used by the British deep state because they are foolish, sycophantic frauds.
The longing young people have for friendship, love and modernity shows that Turkey has a very bright future.
Meaningful eyes filled with love are beautiful.
Women are amazing beings. I am very surprised at the fact that some people do not realize this fact and appreciate them.
To love and be loved are one within the other. A person who loves is also loved.
Everything has an opposite in this world. In Heaven there is nothing negative. Everything is positive in Heaven.
The existence of a Superior Wisdom can be seen at every point of life. The Qur’an teaches us how to use the world. When we understand the Qur’an well, we have a balanced, wise, meaningful life of high quality.
Bigotry ruins both the mental and physical health of children. The sufficiency of the Qur’an must be explained to children.
People wrongly assume that alcohol is a prerequisite of having fun because a lot of advertising is done in that context. In fact, it’s a poison that destroys human tissues.
Alawites are people of love. They are anti-bigot Muslims who follow the Qur’an.
The Mahdi system is explained in a covert manner in the Qur’an. This is God’s Protection over the system of the Mahdi and the trap God set for the system of the dajjal. Every verse in the Qur’an that heralds the dominance of Islamic moral values refers to the system of the Mahdi.
The Mahdi is the master and teacher of love. The whole world is thirsty for love. We ask Almighty God to make His Mahdi appear.
The traditionalist orthodox system prevents the development of the human mind. It disrupts all reasoning, judgment ability and artistic strength. People who live in the idolatrous system are rude, hard and ruthless towards people and their attitude is always inappropriate.
The policy of hate developed by British Deep State causes nations to become enemies.
A handful of woman-haters make a lot of noise and easily pressure women. If women form a united front, these misogynists would have no influence at all.
Love is a light granted from God. Every believer should ask for the love of other believers from God.
Let’s save women from the pressures of the traditionalist orthodox understanding of religion.
Freedom befits women. Women can decide what to wear and how to live with their own conscience.
The universe, which is huge for us, may be as small as a marble for another in another realm. The concept of big and small is relative.
The yes-men of the British Deep State should know that they will never succeed in any attempt they make against Turkey.
God knows everyone both here and in the eternal Hereafter.
Let’s show that the Turkish people are united as a front against the puppets of the British Deep State plotting to destroy Islam.

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Hypocrites act as the guardians of their disgusting, rotten bodies. They protect their filthy bodies instead of Islam, the Qur’an and Muslims.
Hypocrites assume an attitude against God, the Prophet and Islam but they try to present themselves as religious only to protect their filthy inner selves.
Hypocrites invent a new religion for themselves every day.
Hypocrites, in their twisted minds, come up with false evidence from the verses of the Qur’an to abandon performing prayers, giving alms and to use as an excuse to not serve Islam.
Hypocrites interpret the verses of the Qur’an in a way to help them avoid practicing religion. They seek to follow the wishes of their lower selves.
Within the limits set by God in the Qur’an, I do the things I love when I want. I live as I feel like living. I love music, dance, women and beauty.
The Mahdi movement develops under the protection of God just like a baby grows inside a mother’s womb. When the time comes, birth will happen.
A wise and good-natured woman would be loved passionately.
Atheists are frustrated with the superstitions introduced by traditional orthodox system. The bright spirit of the Qur’an must be told to them.
Technology is a blessing put at the disposal of believers.
It is very ugly that some people think they can dignify themselves by crushing others whenever they have the opportunity.
The salvation of the Middle East is only possible with the unification of the Muslim world and the Mahdi movement.
Nothing happens outside of destiny. The movement of the final phase of this world’s destiny is the Mahdi movement. No one can stop this fate.
Emotionality is not a healthy state of mind. It is not possible to establish a reasonable, rational dialogue with an emotional person.
When Prophet Solomon’s palace is rebuilt, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the first one there setting the first stone.
It is an immoral, irrational and savage act to stab an innocent civilian and considering this an act of struggle in the way of religion.
Training animals by using punishment is a horrible method. Animal training must be based on reward system.
I am saying with certainty: The Mahdi will emerge. The moral values of Islam will prevail. God’s Promise is true. God will fulfill His promise.
Believers might feel some anxiety in a difficult situation even if they know it is part of their trial. But they trust in God, despite the anxiety they feel.
The commands in the Qur’an are open and explicit. The commands bigots presented outside the Qur’an are contradictory and reject one another.
The Mahdi movement has two main missions; social justice and love. The Mahdi movement will eradicate all the problems in the world with love.
The deadlocks on all the issues seen everywhere in the world can only be solved with the Mahdi movement.

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With a friendly, brotherly approach, the problems between Palestine and Israel would be solved as well and they could live together in prosperity.
Islam will prevail with compassion, art, beauty and wisdom as told in the Qur’an. It is not right to do evil to evil-doers or oppress the oppressors.
Hypocrites try to present themselves as rational, honorable people who live only for Islam but in fact, they follow an evil understanding of religion. Hypocrites interpret the verses of God according to their own whims and interests. They travel not for God but for their personal pleasure, they eat and drink religiously unlawful things and follow their own insane, evil law.
All religious acts of hypocrites are imaginary. Hypocrites don’t perform prayers or take ablution. They simply say that they are praying when they really aren’t.
A believer considers serving Islam as a blessing but hypocrites don’t want to serve Islam. They follow their own evil religious law. Living alone, being stingy and feckless, leading an aimless, vain life, any act of moral turpitude and lying are all acceptable in the evil religious understanding of hypocrites.
Making an effort on the Way of God, spreading religion and living together with believers has no place in the hypocrites’ evil understanding of religion.
Hypocrites serve believers for a certain amount of time and then run away, fleeing like mangy dogs.
Donating blood is vital. For healthy people who have no diseases, donating blood would be an important act of worship and would help save lives.
The fact that people are so different from one another, both in terms of character and physical aspects, is God’s artistry in creation.
We are overturning the negative activities of the dajjal’s movement with our positive activities and love.
To ensure the healthy physical and mental development of young people, encouraging a healthy, well-balanced diet should become a state policy.
Abandoning God is the cause of all mental illnesses. The soul and body of a person who forgets God would be impaired.
God would never leave a believer’s mind. God is the Creator of everything, He is the Owner of all beauties and He is the One Who makes us love all these beauties.
Showing compassion to people and animals is the morality of Heaven.
The prospering and development of public works throughout the whole world will be realized at the time of the Mahdi.
The right approach in choosing clothes should aim for beauty instead of mere functionality. Being free in making choices would help increase the beauties of life.
Had the people of Israel and Palestine become friends, they would live peacefully in those vast, prosperous lands.
Islam will prevail with love, art, quality and persuasion.
Violence only brings more violence; love and compassion are essential to solve problems.
The real reason behind the collapse of the Ottoman Empire was the infiltration of Darwinism into the empire.
The whole world is like a laboratory. A person who looks around carefully can detect countless details, information and evidence about the existence of God.
One who does not fear God would have the characteristics of a cruel, disloyal, dishonest and merciless cheater. It is not possible to trust such a person.
Forcing people to accept Islam does not spread faith but instead spreads hypocrisy. The Qur’an is very clear: There is no compulsion in religion.
This generation will have very important duties in the future. They will live in a world without borders and will contribute to the re-construction of the world.
There is a Darwinist dictatorship in the world. Nowhere in the world people in academic circles are allowed to say, “Evolution is not scientific. God created the universe.”
People will gradually see that the only salvation lies with the Mahdi movement.
Misogyny is a result of the idolatrous system. At the time of our Prophet (saas) idolaters used to kill their daughters because of their hatred towards women.
There are millions of pages of data inside every cell. Evolutionists foolishly claim that all these happened by coincidence.
Claiming coincidences can create living beings with all their beauties and mathematical precision shows a logical collapse.
Hypocrites are ready to commit a treacherous, spiteful act at any moment. They have a psychopathic character that should never be trusted.

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It is foretold in the hadiths of the Prophet Mohammad (saas) that wild animals will be friends with one another in the End Times.
In Shia, the belief in the Mahdi is essential. Our Shia brothers and sisters are religious and honest people.
Generally, the greatest problem in the world is a lack of love.
Hypocrites are very insidious. They try to appear as virtuous, innocent, scrupulous and religious but actually they are like snakes.
The situation of Muslims does not interest hypocrites. They ingratiate themselves to the unbelievers in a graceless and ignominious way. This is a heavy offense in religion.
Those who avoid mentioning the portents of the Mahdi’s coming, which have been realized in the End Times, are hiding our Prophet (saas)’s miracles.
Hypocrites have an evil intelligence but their attitude and actions are simple-minded.
God supports Muslims in all aspects. When hypocrites leave, this is a blessing for Muslims.
The reason that hypocrites do not want to use their wealth in the way of God is that they want Islam to be destroyed. This is very dishonorable.
Hypocrites draw themselves and their wealth away with an aim to disperse Muslims and see Islam defeated.
Hypocrites show commands which are not from the Qur’an as if they are from the Qur’an. Their real aim is treachery.
Hypocrites are people who have sold themselves to satan.
Hypocrites think that they can harm Muslims by deserting them. The aim of hypocrites is to feed information to unbelievers and to bring down believers. Hypocrites desert their cause while Muslims are martyred all over the world. Hypocrites are responsible for the martyrdom of millions of believers. This is worse than fornication according to the Qur’an.
Hypocrites depart from Muslims with an aim to desert Muslims in their intellectual struggle in the way of Islam and to make the cause of Muslims fail.
Hypocrites betrayed their cause and foolishly sided with unbelievers, therefore they have the blood of millions of Muslims on their hands.
When the Mahdi (pbuh) appears, the irregular structuring around the Kaaba will be corrected and become more beautiful.
If women are showed love and compassion and respected for their faith and dignity, they would live in comfort.
God is eternally beautiful. If you love God fervently, God would manifest Himself in all kinds of beauties. Love is a miracle that come into existence with the love of God.
God creates me together with my friends in destiny. We are altogether in our destiny.
It does not seem possible for the conflict in Muslim countries to end without the Mahdi system. Incidents will accelerate.
God turns people to Himself through diseases and the death of their kins so that people can win their eternal lives. Disease is the best trial in this world. The beauty of people who take care of patients increases because of their altruism and fidelity. God creates a special light on their faces.
Hypocrites have negativity in their eyes, their tone of voice, the words they choose and what they emphasize. They are instantly detected.
A good person is understood from his words, balanced state of mind, courtesy, understanding of compassion, sharpness of mind, peaceful face and wit.
As long as thousands of different minds and opposite ideas hold sway over the Islamic world, Muslims can never have peace. The solution to the conflicts in the Muslim world is the system of the Mahdi.
The state of war in Afghanistan will become more intense because war is being encouraged. The Mahdi movement is what will stop this violence in the region.
Homosexuality, which is unlawful in Islam, is explained as if it is religiously lawful in the books written in the name of Mawlana.
Hypocrites do not believe in God or the Hereafter. They are ungrateful and treacherous to God. They are the scurviest creatures in the world.
Their filthy bodies are very precious to hypocrites. They strive to keep them alive.
Hypocrites begin spreading their hatred and resentment after they part from Muslims. They engage in all sorts of immorality and obscenity.
Hypocrites attempt to prevent things that will benefit Muslims. They are very stingy and miser. They accumulate wealth instead of using it for people’s benefit.
Hypocrites part company with Muslims and ignominously serve the irreligious. They continue their dishonorable acts after they part from Muslims.
The commandments in the Qur’an are very open and clear. Lawful and unlawful acts are explicit and easy to understand.
The PKK terrorist organization is the outpost of the British deep state, they are the military volunteers of the British Deep State.
Believers who struggle in the way of God are beauties of the End Times. They are living a beautiful destiny.

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I look at the wisdom, honesty and love in a woman’s eyes. I become eternal friends with those with love in their eyes. It is impossible to befriend someone who does not know love.
The most primitive logic in the world is to claim that coincidence created life. The theory of evolution defends this distorted logic as science. Evolution is not science.
People should make a point of providing food and water for street animals.
The British Deep State is the dajjal system described in the hadiths of the Prophet Mohammad (saas). With the destruction of the dajjal system, the whole world will be relieved.
A good joke gives joy to the person at which the joke is directed.
In order to prevent violence against women, all bureaucratic obstacles preventing women from defending themselves must be removed.
Young people have enlightened, intellectual spirits and defend what is just and true. This is a quality that makes the system of the dajjal ineffective.
A hypocrite is a negative example for believers. That is why our brothers should lay great stress on hypocrisy as a subject matter.
God sent only one Islam. The four religious sects have four different faiths and implementations of the religion of Islam.
Not mentioning the movements of the dajjal or the Mahdi is one of the portents of the End Times.
Those who wait for the Mahdi are always enthusiastic and alive. Those who oppose the Mahdi are in a state of languidness.
Everyone watches the images shown to them in front of the screen inside their brain and is tested whether they will be on God’s side or not.
Science is the art of learning God’s Artistry.
Believers want a solution to the problems of not only the Islamic world but of the whole world. The solution God shows us is the Islamic Union and the Mahdi movement.
Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Freemasons all have leaders. Yet some circles do not want Muslims to have a leader. This is not an honest attitude.
Loving God deeply and strongly is the greatest pleasure of the whole world.
If we inform the public about the plots of the British Deep State well, their ploys against Muslims will never work.
Monitoring all Muslims under the name of a ‘transparency policy’ is the plan of the British Deep State and the Soros Foundation to pressure and oppress Muslims.

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We refute the theory of evolution through science itself. Evolution is a pagan belief with ‘coincidence’ as its idol.

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Being active and eating regular healthy food instead of snacks is necessary for the healthy development of children.
Believers always demand “knowledge” from God and pray saying “My Lord, increase my knowledge and wisdom.”
True social justice will be ensured at the time of the Mahdi. Poverty will end completely
The bad cannot harm the good. This is the Law of God revealed in the Qur’an.
Thinking that God creates everything for a reason is a blessing for believers. Believers should not be affected with what people think or say.
Hypocrites become like a corpse, they are hollow and rotton inside because of their evil moral values.
Cleanliness is a manifestation of one’s longing for Heaven. Cleanliness is one of the vital qualities of believers.
I see that young people are suffering intensely because of not being loved and not being able to find someone to love. This spiritual disaster will end with the system of the Mahdi.
Believing that any force or any cause other than God could have power like God has is idolatry (shirk).
One of the disasters that God gives to hypocrites is the early deterioration of their bodies both inside and outside.
The constitution defined in the soul of believers is the Qur’an. The love, passion, wisdom and deepness of believers are based on the Qur’an.
Women look for deepness, passion and trust. These values must be based on faith so that true trust can be found.
The soul does not age. Putting an age limit on love and friendship between two people is a very wrong point of view.
The best way to spend one’s time is to strive for the joy, happiness, faith and goodness of people.
The benefits of education must be described to young people well so that they can enjoy education instead of seeing it like torture.
What proves the invalidity of the theory of evolution with absolute certainty is the fact that there are no transitional fossils. All 700 million fossils prove the fact of Creation.
Detesting hypocrites, unbelievers and oppression is one of the most explicit signs of believers. Believers love for the good pleasure of God and detest for the good pleasure God. This is one of the sharpest qualities of believers. Believers have deep love towards what is good and resentment towards what is evil.
If there is selfishness, society ceases to be a whole body, is broken down to single cells and dies as a result. Egocentrism kills society.
Allah sevgisi olmadan sanat olmaz. Sanat, marifet ve ittifak Mehdiyet'in ruhudur. Her yerin sanatla güzelleştiğini göreceğiz
We see and know all the ploys of the dajjal movement. They are attempting to do things in which they cannot succeed. We will twarth all ploys with legal methods.
The British Deep State is now in a state of panic because they’ve been revealed. They are targeting Turkey from all four sides but their efforts are in vain.
We understand how valuable Prophet Moses (pbuh) is from Pharoh’s opposition against him. People who oppose believers prove believers’ real worth.
A person who listens to their conscience with complete honesty would become sincere. A sincere person is like from Heaven.
To those who read the Qur’an sincerely with love of God and without any doubts, God would reveal all the colors of the Qur’an.
Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi’s works have been instrumental in spreading Islam in Britain and dealt a major blow to the British Deep State. Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi is a true student of the Qur’an and has spread the light of the Qur’an throughout Britain.
The Qur’an is a blessing.

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Work safety is vital. Both working and resting environments of workers must be very comfortable.
My friends have devoted themselves to Islam and the Qur’an and they all live for the good pleasure of God. They have no worldly expectations.
With the Mahdi movement, lovelessness and loneliness in the world will come to an end.
Most people live alone because they cannot find anyone to love. They all look for love but cannot find honest, deep, loyal love.
The criticism brought about the acts of a Muslim must be based on the Qur’an. To criticize them, one needs to show that what they do is wrong according to verses from the Qur’an. If people who criticize a Muslim cannot show a verse from Qur’an as basis for their criticisms, this would justify that their criticisms are baseless.
The superstitious bigoted understanding of religion brings down Islam from within. As they do not know true Islam based on the Qur’an, they defend a completely different and false system instead.
Let women be free, wear as much make-up as they’d like, dress the way they want and not hesitate to be well-kept. Women want freedom and this is their most righteous demand. Pressuring women is removing the beauty of life.
When the irrationality of their claims about ‘coincidence’ has been incontestably put forth, evolutionists began to say ‘we do not mean coincidence, we mean happenstance’ or 'programmable happenstance.’ Evolutionists are in a panic as we have revealed their distorted logic. From now on, they need to abandon their unscientific explanations on evolution.
Islam based on the Qur’an is spreading in full flood. God will only hold us accountable from the Qur’an. Young people know this fact now.
One of the portents of the emergence of the Mahdi (pbuh) is the rise of voices saying, ‘The Mahdi will not come.’

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Vacation would make me tired. My vacation is to serve Islam. It would be terrifying to lie on a sunbed while Muslims are being oppressed.
Those who torment animals cannot be called human beings; they are at a lower state than animals.
Having fun gives relief to the heart, lifts pressure off the brain, strengthens people’s faith so people brace up to perform acts of worship.
Problems can be solved with faith, moral values of Islam and with the wisdom God shows in the Qur’an.
If a woman admires the honesty, sincerity and deepness of a man, that person becomes indispensable for her. Otherwise women would not be interested.
There is an unnamed Darwinist dictatorship all over the world. They try to intimidate anyone who criticize Darwinism in their own way.
The thing women want the most is to be respected, to be appreciated and to have someone whom they can trust.
Most people are ungrateful to God. But God does not give up helping or saving that person. Believers must adopt God’s moral values.
Unrequited love is important. Even if someone does evil, you will do good. This is how God loves us.
It is nice that feminists intend to defend woman’s rights but their methods are wrong. Woman’s rights cannot be defended by destroying woman’s nature.
Those who think that men and women are not equal are acting according to their own disrupted logic. According to the Qur’an women are free and have rights.
Our Prophet Mohammad (saas) was the dressiest person of his time. He wore the best clothing of the time.
The mentality that regards women as ‘second-class’ is everywhere. Darwinists, bigots and supporters of the philosophy of Rumi all see women as worthless.
If Europeans knew Islam as described in the Qur’an, they would immediately accept it and love Muslims a lot. Bigotry keeps them away.
President Erdoğan is a sincere statesman who defends and preserves secularism.
The verse “Your religion is yours and my religion is mine” in the Qur’an is the best summary of secularism. There is no compulsion in Islam. But there is no freedom in the system of bigotry.
We only asked Darwinists to bring a single transitional fossil that proves the existence of evolution. They’ve not been able to do that for years.
When the morality in the Qur’an is practiced, people do not intervene in the faith of others or oppress anyone due to their way of life.
The best version of secularism is in the Qur’an. According to the Qur’an, everyone has freedom of thought and every faith is protected.
Everything happens for a reason. There is a blessing and goodness in every incident.

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Hypocrites idolize everything that keeps them away from Islam and the Qur’an. They are very immoral, as they prefer their idols to God.
Believers live only for God. Hypocrites idolize everything other than the Qur’an and Islam.
Hypocrites idolize their wealth against the Muslim community or idolize an irreligious person. Sometimes they devote themselves to the world, which becomes their idol.
A person who idolizes his property, family, job or house moves away from the right path. One who follows the Qur’an is on the right path.
Prophets cannot render anything lawful or unlawful outside the Qur’an. Our Prophet’s (saas) sunnah is the Qur’an.
Hypocrites are like corpses inside. Even in this state, they think that there are so smart but they are incredibly stupid.
Hypocrites are determined to spend Muslims’ wealth but when there is a need to spend their wealth for Muslims, they find this very difficult.
Hypocrites avoid spending wealth in the way of God or to help the needy. They look for weak excuses to avoid such good deeds.
Hypocrites search for a philosophy to escape from religion. Therefore they falsely interpret the verses of the Qur’an to help them escape from acts of worship like prayers or giving alms. Hypocrites try to find a way to evade performing prayers. For them, their ugly bodies are more important than anything. They aim to sustain their filthy bodies.
Hypocrites do not fear God but they fear people especially prophets and spiritual leaders of Muslims.
Turkey is a country protected with the blessing of Mahdi movement. No matter what they do, their plots against Turkey will not be successful.
Good days are about to come with the moral values of the Qur’an, the Mahdi movement and love.
Diseases are trials that help people get closer to God. God gives harsh trials to the people that He loves very much.
Emergency medicine is vital. Treating the patient relatives waiting in the ER compassionately is as important as the effective treatment of the patients.
Sincerity has a price. One can face slanders, insults, loneliness or undertake responsibility for being sincere. This is why many people avoid sincerity.
Mathematics and geometry are examples of the manifestations of God’s perfect art.
A selfish person kills love. For love, you should be selfless and you should know not to live for yourself but for your loved ones.
The whole world wants love. This demand shows that the Mahdi movement has surrounded the world like light.
I want the fighting among people to end. I want them to love one another and live as friends and brothers. I want art and beauty to surround us. I want everywhere to be like Heaven.
After we’ve uncovered all the details of the British Deep State, countless journalists and intellectuals have begun bringing this issue to the agenda.
In order to encourage people to perform their prayers, you can make them love God. If they love God, they would want to show their love to Him through prayer.
The only complaint of our Prophet Mohammad (saas) from his ummah (people) is that they have abandoned the Qur’an.
The fact that the Muslim world has strayed away from the Qur’an causes the Muslim world to fall behind.
President Erdoğan speaks very reasonably and rationally. He carries out his works with the spirit of the Qur’an.
The Mahdi system will improve as the Mahdi opposers increase their activities. The dajjal will be defeated and the Mahdi (pbuh) will be victorious by God’s leave.
The Islamic Union cannot be achieved with an opposition to the Mahdi movement. Unity cannot be achieved without a leader.
Everything is created with its opposite version. This is a requisite for the trial in this world and one of the evidences of God’s Existence.
Our Kurdish brothers have very good moral values. We need to eradicate terror in the Southeast region of Turkey and turn the region into Heaven.
True cleanliness is attained only with wisdom. A wise person sees details and does not cause anything that could result in a chain reaction of contamination.
Wealth is not necessary for quality. Quality shows itself in the eyes, the speech, walking style, courtesy and manner of a person. It requires intelligence and wisdom.
Romanticism is very risky for one’s mental health. Sadness, pessimism and lack of reason follow romanticism.
It is a scientific fact that we can never get into contact with the material world outside our brains. We only see shadow beings as perceived by our brains.
Muslims cannot unite without a leader in the Islamic world. Muslims must unite around a spiritual leader to save the whole Muslim world.
The more the variety of flowers and trees in parks, the deeper we can think about the Artistry in God’s Creations.
There is pressure on women in many areas. It is important to provide freedom and give priority to women.
God is the Creator of many realms. There are countless realms that we don’t know of.
The common characteristic of religion technicians is that they are cold, loveless, arrogant and live their lives far removed from the moral values of the Qur’an.
Some people are alarmed everyday saying that there is no Mahdi. The reason of this panic is that they know for sure that the Mahdi (pbuh) is real.

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Love is the reason why God created everything with such detail. God wants to love and to be loved.
There is a world committee that encourages the high cost of living. This is why people cannot live in comfort.
Being jealous is a crude behavior. A person who loves is protective; not jealous.
Preaching religion by example of lifestyle is vital. When we show that we live in a loving environment of quality, we display the true beauty of Islam.
By separating hyprocrites from Muslims, God save Muslims from their filth.
Hypocrites’ slander against our Prophet Mohammad (saas) was to accuse him of influencing people with fear. This is the shameful ignominy of hypocrites.
Hypocrites are steered by satan. Satan is their guide and surrounds them like a crust.
Children can be raised very well if they are approached with sincere love and their ideas are appreciated. They should not be treated as if they have no mental capacity.
Muslims must have stronger sense of protection for Islam. Those who are very fervent in protecting personal interests are careless when there is an offence against the religion.
It is not possible to love a person for physical features without loving God. Love is the admiration for God’s manifestation in that person.
God sometimes sends man-like animals among believers. Those animals serve Islam. Then they leave believers to die like a stray dog all alone.
Believers use hypocrites like a hound. They observe the ugly activities of hypocrites to detect the source of the trouble.
Hypocrites are beings that live like parasites among believers. Existence of hypocrites helps believers open their attention and wisdom.
Believers love all prophets and all angels with great enthusiasm. There is strong love in the hearts of believers for anyone who is sincere and honest.
There is nothing bad in believers’ lives. Everything is auspicial for believers. Hypocrites do evil but their evil efforts turn out to be auspicial for believers.
Using the seas and parks like a trash can is a serious collapse of morality and conscience.
People are prone to forgetting. Books are important sources to eradicate this forgetfulness. Book is the greatest guide.
Love is the most sacred blessing that could never be abandoned.
When reading a book, a person can overcome boredom by thinking about the benefits reading it will bring to them.
Turkey has a perfect state discipline. The Turkish people have taught the world what state discipline and what ‘state’ means.
President Erdoğan’s dignified and unbowing attitude toward the British Deep State is perfect. We support him to the end.
God’s Spirit is everywhere. Therefore the whole universe is alive.

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Animals’ comfort must be ensured in properly built animal shelters.
The whole world is a masjid (place of worship). Having a clean place is sufficient to pray.
A Muslim always takes his/her inspiration from God and love of God.
I place importance on love, sincerity, being honest and understandable. I also make sure that my books bring relief to people’s hearts and souls.
Giving priority to our disabled brothers in everything is a matter of morality and good conscience.
Submission to one’s destiny brings beauty, comfort and prosperity.
Having art on the street is the joy, quality and happiness for that country. Everyone must support street artists.
We will see the Mahdi (pbuh), Prophet Jesus (pbuh), the world dominance of the moral values of Islam, the Islamic Union and the friendship of Russia, Israel, Iran, Armenia and all countries.
The maintenance of medical devices and the hygiene of hospitals are very important. There must be regulations and penalties concerning these.
I write my books, not to be memorized by people, but to be read, thought about, considered and practiced in their lives.
The superior quality of women is their moral values and the fact that they look for loyalty, fidelity and high level of faith.
The dajjal’s system organizes economic crises and wars. The British Deep State (the dajjal’s system) is leading the world into conflict.
The young have a good understanding of Islam. They're concerned about important subjects like salvation of the nation and protecting the poor.
Being sincere is enough. If one is sincere, God would show him or her a way.
Gypsies are masters of art. Our Gypsy brothers and sisters are ornaments of Turkey. We are all proud of them.
Alcohol drags people into pessimism and triggers sadness but never brings happiness. On the contrary, it results in spiritual collapse.
Places of worship cannot be places of protest.
I have many deist and atheist friends. Honesty is a very good trait for people. Hypocrites and idolaters are insincere and dishonest.
My days and nights are full of searching for love to earn the good pleasure of God.
According to the Qur’an, it is not unlawful for women to wear décolleté in safe environments or to speak about religion when women are present.
Those who claim that it is inappropriate to preach Islam when there are women present, can't bring a single bit of evidence against it from the Qur’an.
After our Prophet (saas) has passed, Islam strayed from its true form and became a religion of shirk (idolatry). As a result, the dajjal took away art, quality, joy and life away from Muslims.
People can find food to survive. But it is crucial to live with love, experiencing the beauty of passion, with art and high quality.
The world is now witnessing the intellectual struggle between the systems of the dajjal and the Mahdi. Economic crises, hunger, poverty, lovelessness will all end with the victory of the Mahdi movement.
Hypocrites are like dirt-producing machines. God removes hypocrites from believers just like the body clearing itself from toxic substances.
Hypocrites always go after their own pleasure. While they chase their own pleasures, their place in hell advances. Just like hyenas feasting on meat, hypocrites think they are in a good place but they are loathsome. Hypocrites don't realize their ugliness.
Wild dogs always chose loneliness when they are about to die. Hypocrites run into solitude like wild dogs because of their spiritual death.
Believers look for goodness, cleanliness, beauty, high quality and sincerity everywhere.
Those who sought to rule Turkey from Chatham House should not be given any posts in the Turkish state. Turkey cannot be governed from Chatham House.
Our President Mr. Erdoğan is in an endeavor for uniting the Muslim world. May God render his efforts successful.

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The British Deep State knows that Turkey is the fortress for the Mahdi movement. This is why they pressure Turkey. But they will never succeed.
We want a world with love, brotherhood, friendship, loyalty, love and fear of God and where there are no wars.
People who mistreat animals disturb me a lot. Such people must be legally held responsible for their ill actions.
We are in alliance with all young people who want goodness, beauty, cleanliness, joy, art and quality.
Islam is best preached through art and civilization.
Using beautiful or handsome people, glamorous houses and richness is the method of preaching religion used by Prophet Solomon (pbuh) as told in the Qur’an.
People with an inferiority complex and a lack of quality cannot reach women. This causes them to hate and oppress women.
People who criticize décolleté clothing go to beaches where there are women wearing bikinis. Their criticisms are very insincere. Some people believe that religion and life cannot co-exist and that where there is religion, there cannot be beauty, music or art. This is not right. Those who believe that religion is a dead system with no life in it are very surprised when they see our joyful and vivid way of living true Islam based on the Qur’an. Slowly people are beginning to see that Islam based on the Qur’an offers actual freedom and as a result they are approaching Islam.
Satan is destroying people’s true nature to take his revenge. Women should be like women and men should be like men.
Wisdom befits women very well. A wise woman is very attractive. Everyone loves a wise and beautiful woman.
Islam is a religion lived as a community. Muslims take pleasure from living together with Muslims. Hypocrites look for irreligion and vileness.
Some people have feeble minds and as a result they aspire to the apparent lives of hypocrites. In fact hypocrites live alone like dogs and are very despicable.
Hypocrites want to stay alone because they do not want to hear believers mentioning God’s Name. They support unbelievers to prevent Islam spreading.
Hypocrites want to be snobbish. They do not want their treachery and snobbery to be prevented. This is why they demand unruly freedom.
Hypocrites are like wild animals and want to have an animal-like freedom. Hypocrites want to stroll along like dogs all alone. They live a lonely life and die alone in the end.
Some people only have a small connection with God; they remember God once in a while. There must be a continuous, precise and sharp attention on God at all times. True happiness comes only then.
It's abnormal if people do not look for happiness. Happiness can only be obtained when one submits completely to All-Knowing, All-Merciful God.
When people take beauty, goodness, art, joy, love, quality and classiness out of their lives, they develop a selfish, introverted and schizoid mentality.
Most people care about functionality in everything. This results in a lack of taste in clothing, quality, art and beauty.
A person who abandons God falls terribly. We need to hold onto God tightly and never let go.
An understanding of love, compassion and maturity based on the Qur’an must be infused to people. This cannot be achieved with the conservative orthodox understanding of Islam.
Turning a disagreement into a fight is vulgarity. There must be educational programs that teach good morals against vulgarity.
The cold and monotone style of the Arab League is very wrong. When there are urgent problems to be solved, indolence is unacceptable.

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A person of high quality apologizes for a mistake he makes without making any excuses.
A believer who lives according to the moral values of the Qur’an is responsible to protect others like his own children. This is the system of guardianship in Islam.
Respect is not engaging in artificial, insincere behavior. Respect is a feeling of deep love and protection. It is considering another more than yourself.
Conscience has great power. It can crush people or make people very happy depending on whether people follow their conscience or not.
Preaching the religion to the prominent people in society is a method described in the Qur’an.
Stopping everything becoming concrete is vital. The number of green fields and gardens must be increased.
Not being separated, on the contrary, being united is an obligation for Muslims.
A person who cannot love believers cannot love anyone.
If one does not consider his intellect as superior, he could broaden his horizons even more. Progress is not possible for one who thinks he is sufficient.
In a decent environment, women can live as freely as they would like. Attitude towards women wearing décollete is a matter of education and good manners.
There is rhythm and harmony in the whole universe. Dancing and music are not unlawful in Islam, but a blessing and beauty.
I am not adversely affected when people speak ill of me. On the contrary, the furiousness of envious and loveless people gives me joy.
Piercings suit women very well. Women with piercings should not pay any attention to the loveless comments of jealous people.
The main reasons of the beauty of my lady friends are their faith, wisdom, cleanliness and good moral values. God creates every beauty.
Men’s criterion on marriage is also material: They treat a woman from a rich family differently than they treat a woman from a poorer family. This is very wrong.
Young women see marriage as a way out sometimes. It is a pity that due to a fear of the future, they consider marriage as an institution of financial guarantees and put up with the disrespectful attitudes of men.
Love is the purpose of man’s creation. Moving away from one’s purpose of creation would drag that person towards a life like hell.
All women deserve to live a beautiful life, to love and to be loved. But there is a tremendous amount of pressure on women that is born out of cruelty.
The increase in the number of earthquakes is one of the most explicit signs showing that we are living in the End Times.
The existence of contrasts, which are part of God’s Artistry, in this world is a requirement for our trial and a miraculous evidence for God’s Existence.
Violence brings more violence. Muslims are obliged to behave with reason, decency and wisdom at all times.
Synagogues and churches are places of worship entrusted to Muslims according to the Qur’an. A Muslim could never attack a place of worship.
The British Deep State uses the romanticism of the Middle East and calculates how to provoke and steer them.
One of the most insidious policies of the British Deep State is to easily stir up and provoke the feelings of ignorant masses, to pour them into the streets for violence and then crush them in the end.
The British Deep State has been following a tricky policy to throw Palestinians out of their homeland since the beginning of the 1900’s. One of the essential elements of the insidious policy is to increase the pressure on Palestinians.

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There is no such thing as ‘too much make-up.’ Women can choose the make-up that befits them the most. No one should intervene.
Believers have a resemblance to one another. This is because of their common moral values based on the Qur’an.
God gives prosperity, abundance and beauty to those who are sincere in His Way.
Bigots who claim that it is religiously unlawful for women and men to be in the same place are not telling the truth according to the Qur’an.
Turkey is the fortress of the Mahdi movement. This is why the claws of the dajjal cannot pierce through Turkey.
The human soul always looks for beauty, wants to see the most beautiful. Beauty, divine light and cleanliness are crucial while preaching the religion.
Loving God very much and focusing one’s attention on God brings sincere happiness and joy.
Joy that comes through faith is beautiful. Joy is a manifestation of love for and faith in God.
The Qur’an is freedom, joy, life and quality. One who does not see the Qur’an as a sufficient guide, falls into the sea of superstitions.
Egypt and Turkey are two sister countries. Egyptians are our friends and brothers.
The education of an artist is not an easy one. Artists are richness and beauty of the world. They should be appreciated as their due.
My lady friends love me with a strong love of God, loyalty and passion.
Jealousy is a feeling that harms both the physical and spiritual health of people.
Believers are happy to spend their wealth for God. Hypocrites have an insane greed and consider spending for God as a loss. Believers don’t collect and accumulate wealth. It is a compassionate act of worship to distribute wealth.
People are very inclined to forget God. We need to keep our attention on God with a meticulous determination.
The meaning of life is to find love of God and to melt in God’s Existence with love of God.
People think that they will lose the respect of others when they receive criticism. This is not true. It’s important to honestly accept criticism.
There is no camera in the world that could achieve the same quality and resolution as the eye. God created a perfect system.
Spiritual enthusiasm is required before all else, in order to remove unguided urbanization. This could only be achieved with the Mahdi movement.
It is important that a person shows regret for a mistake honestly using a reasonable and sincere language.
The British Deep State wants Palestinians to be incrementally erased from the region. This is the reason why they invoke violent street protests.
Israelis and Palestinians are the children of two Prophets. They can live in peace as brothers, just like they did at the time of the Ottoman Empire.
The puppets of the British Deep State organizing violent attacks in the name of Palestine make Palestinians unable to live in their own land. Muslims are the ones harmed by their acts.
We must be very careful as there is a plot designed to fan conflict and bloodshed between the Muslim world and Israel.

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It’d be nice to remove visas and passports between Northern and Southern Cyprus so two nations can live as brothers. But giving away part of our soil is out of the question.
War is never a solution. At the time of the Mahdi (pbuh), wars will be completely stopped.
The Qur’an teaches the perfect system of morality.
According to Islam, the places of worship of all religions are sacred and untouchable. Jews and Christians are the People of the Book; they are entrusted to us.
Muslims stay together, even in the face of difficulties. They never leave Muslims for the gain of wealth, property or fear of future.
Hypocrites have an extreme fear about their future and dread what will happen in the future. They also fear losing their wealth. Hypocrites stay with believers for their own self-interest and when they have no self-interest left, they leave. Hypocrites greedily accumulate wealth and property. Muslims always distribute their wealth to earn the good pleasure of God.
Hypocrites are very immoral as they attempt to use the name of God and the verses of the Qur’an in order to defend their own evil actions. They interpret the Qur’an with their own twisted logic.
Jews and Christians in Turkey are our own people. We love them and all Jewish and Christian people very much.
Haters hate everyone from every race, culture or background. God creates people different. Being different is beautiful. No race has any superiority over the others. We are all children of Adam and Eve. God created all of us.
There is no other commandment valid or more righteous than God’s commandments revealed in the Qur’an.

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Keeping restaurants and food trailers clean is essential. The lack of hygiene results in the most dangerous diseases.
True Islam is the Islam described in the Qur’an.
One of the most important things that make women beautiful is ‘freedom.’ Women find life when they have freedom. We must provide an environment for women where they can be free and protected.
Evil would not have any power in the face of the alliance of the good. Therefore, all people of love must come together as allies.
Starting with Qatar, the British Deep State actually wants to crush United Arab Emirates, Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia. Let’s not fall into this game.
Alawites are people of love. The enlightened mentality of Alawites is a strong fortress against bigotry.
There is a secret in sincerity. A person can reach the highest level of goodness only by being sincere.
Most people want to stay alone because they think that they don’t have anyone who sincerely loves them. God creates true friends and loved ones for the one who submits to Him completely.
As Muslims, our ideal is to live the spirit of Heaven as described in the Qur’an. We want to live the enthusiasm and joy of this spirit.
Darwinists cannot explain the complex structure of the eye.
There is only one leader who openly stands against the British Deep State: President Erdoğan. For this reason, we must support him.

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If the system of guardianship told in the Qur’an were applied, the whole world would live a very rich life and people would protect one another.
Muslim spends and distributes wealth in the way of God. Otherwise God could make that money hospital expenditure for that person, may God forbid.
According to the Qur’an, Muslims have an obligation to give away a part of their livelihood –what is left from their needs- to the needy. Muslims look after one another. There is no selfishness in Islam.
It is not reasonable to say ‘I want to quit smoking but I can’t.’ This is simply a matter of self-control.
The lack of quality and beauty leads to a lack of joy in society, which leads to introversion and sudden collapse.
Our intellectual blow on the theory of evolution is on the news on international media almost every day.
The July 15th coup plot was an attempted invasion and God prevented their efforts. I was the first one to announce on TV that this coup plot was actually an invasion attempt.
When I was a child, I was an explorer. I turned one room into a chemistry lab doing experiments. I also liked painting and ceramic sculpture.
I never put any limit to love and passion. They both are eternal blessings.
The world is frustrated with the unruliness of the dajjal system. People are complaining about lack of love and quality. These complaints will end with the Mahdi movement.
A9 TV is a TV channel where people from every school of thought, every religion and every ideology can freely express their opinions.
The Qatar crisis is a ploy of the yes-men of the British Deep State staged to set Muslims against Muslims.
God reveals in the Qur’an that Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will return to Earth and then the morality of Islam will prevail throughout the world.
True quality, deep love and a discipline for cleanliness could only be achieved through faith, love and fear of God.
Science proves Creation and shows the miracles of Creation. Young people must not be taught about the theory of evolution that is reminiscent of the ancient Sumerian pagan religion in the name of science.
The universe is not the outcome of evolution. It is the creation of a Superior Intelligence, that is God.
Bacteria’s antibiotic resistance is not evolution. It is the surfacing of a characteristic already existing in the cell structure of bacteria.

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Love is not something that can be attained with physical beauty. Women are attracted to wisdom and sincerity the most.
Evolutionists claim that the colors and aesthetic structure of bird feathers came into existence by coincidence. How could coincidence know beauty or symmetry?
Egocentrism hurts people a lot. It is morally righteous and beautiful to consider the well-being of others as more important than one’s own.
There is someone inside the brain that tastes, hears, sees, smells and feels. Materialists and evolutionists do not want to think about this fact.
Throughout the world there is a male-dominated system. The respect women truly deserve will come with the Mahdi’s movement.
Young hearts are shining with light of the Qur’an and the Mahdi’s system. A generation which is far removed from bigotry and follows Islam based on the Qur’an, is coming.
God creates music in our brains. God makes us listen all music inside our brains.
Women are under oppression. Thus women develop various mechanisms to protect themselves. Women’s freedom must be ensured to solve this.
There is no other way than the Mahdi movement that could bring peace to the Middle East.

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Hypocrites can never do any harm to Muslims. They suffocate in their own troubles.
According to all Islamic scholars, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has come and is on his duty now.
The traditionalist orthodox system considers women as second-class citizens. This is NOT a part of the TRUE ISLAM in the Qur’an.
Alcohol is not entertaining at all. It causes many discomforts and health problems at the moment of consumption and afterwards. It is meaningless to try to present alcohol consumption as if it is fun.
Tattoos are not unlawful in Islam. It looks very nice on both women and men.
The innocence and purity of animals satisfy people’s longing for innocent, honest and pure behavior. God creates animals as a blessing.
Religion and art are hand-in-hand because there is love at the essence of religion. One who knows love always searches for art, quality and beauty.
People who work in marketplaces and shops have very a difficult job, as they must stand all day in a narrow place. Treating them rudely would be very unseemly.
When we intellectually defeated Darwinism, this also led to the collapse of the leftist ideology.
We uncovered the invalidity of Darwinism and the mistaken nature of Rumi’s philosophy. As a result, the British Deep State collapsed intellectually.
We foiled the ploy of the British Deep State to renovate Islam when we explained the true Islam as explained in the Qur’an, which supports freedom of women, joy, art and quality.
In effect, the British Deep State says; ‘we will prevent people practice Islam as told in the Qur’an. We'll take Rumi’s philosophy as basis and we will replace Islam with this new form of religion’.
The British Deep State has launched a cultural empire in the world with an aim to change Islam as shown in the Qur’an.
God creates everything every single moment. There is a higher understanding and goodness for believers in everything that happens.
Turkey realizes the existence and treachery of the British Deep State and its yes-men. All ploys against Turkey will be foiled.

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In hospitals there must be doctors on duty for the night shift from every branch available for emergencies. The number of doctors should also be increased.
One cannot reach success through a religiously unlawful way.
The system of the dajjal wants a loveless, unhappy world where women are oppressed. We are waging an intellectual struggle against this.
The British Deep State should look at this image of the commemoration of July 15th victory very carefully to see how brave and faithful Turkish people are.
President Erdoğan is the leader of the Turkish people and he will remain so for long years. The British Deep State should not think otherwise.
God gives youth and health to those who live their lives for the good pleasure of God.

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Religion does not alienate people from social life.
Chinese people are humane. It would be beneficial for both China and Turkey to form a political and cultural alliance.
Tattoo is not unlawful in Islam. Tattoo pigments penetrate through the skin, so it is not an obstacle to taking ablution for prayers.
Had all the fundings reserved for wars, guns, tanks, missiles were spent for people’s welfare, there would not be any poverty left in the world.
Being chic and elegant is a measure of respect one has for others. Wearing clothes only for functional purposes is not nice.
We love Azerbaijan like our own country. We pray to God to make us brothers with Azeri people in Heaven.
The reason that the July 15th coup attempt was not a success is that Turkey is under the spiritual protection of the Mahdi (pbuh).
The struggle of the Mahdi (pbuh) will be an intellectual one. He will never wage a war or get involved in any kind of armed conflict.

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There will always be an intellectual struggle between the good and the evil, and those whom God loves will prevail.
Turkey is a country under God’s protection. The efforts of the dajjal’s system are in vain. They’ll not succeed.
Romanticism is a very dangerous, distressful mindset that corrupts one’s psychological state.
As a society we need to protect women and provide them a heavenly life.
‘Ether’ is smart and carries the spirit of God.
Taking refuge in God is the greatest blessing.
The most dangerous people are the remorseless, merciless, selfish, self-righteous people who do not fear God.
The best present is true love.
Evil is specially created so that goodness can be distinguished and understood.
The shortest path to reach God is to be sincere. Sincerity relieves the heart and saves the person both in this world and the Hereafter.
The Ark of the Covenant, the sacred relic from the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh), will be found and this will change the whole world.
Quality is vital. Without quality, culture and art would not have any meaning.
Wisdom is critical for love and passion. A wise person would never be bored with love.
A woman who is wise, who knows passion and thinks deeply is beautiful.
One who does not love art, does not understand love. One who has no love, cannot love God. Love & art is for God as He loves art and love.
The source of wisdom is the Qur’an. An intelligent person who follows and abides by the Qur’an becomes wise.
Science is the discipline of understanding God’s Artistry. It is very heartwarming and pleasurable to discover God’s Artistry. That is why science is very important.
Lovelessness is what gives pain to people the most.
What makes me happy is my love of and faith in God.
When God created the world, He also gave us a guide on how to use it. That guide is the Qur’an.
The British Deep State is a treacherous structure that aims to remove Islam from the face of the world.

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Human health is sacred. Ensuring food hygiene is very important.
In the Hereafter, we will be recreated in a different dimension where the rules of physics do not apply.
We believe in God because His Existence is a fact. Religion is a fact.
I love my lady friends with a great love and passion for God. I am devoted to them with a profound love because I see them as manifestations of God.
God exists. This is a very clear fact.
We want Greeks and Turks to live in peace and harmony in Cyprus as brothers.
If one does not listen to his conscience, his conscience would not leave him alone. Those who want to avoid suffering pangs of conscience should fully comply with their good conscience.
The purpose of faith is love. Lack of love is a disease of the heart.
Those who think about God constantly would talk about God all the time. Not thinking about God is impossible for such believers.
Cuteness is a trait that affects the human soul deeply. God gives animals cuteness only because we take pleasure from it.

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Believers’ love never ends. Those who don’t know how to love for God feel not love but fancy. Any feeling far removed from God is bound to end.
Had Iran and Turkey been united as brotherly Muslim countries, many troubles of the Muslim world would have been solved.
The trial of a person who has high wisdom and strong faith would be tougher.
Our Prophet (saas) was very noble and of high quality. He never expressed any displeasure with mimics or facial expressions.
The expression on our Prophet (saas)’s face was so honest and his conscience was so open that everyone immediately knew that he was God’s Messenger.
Our Prophet (saas) had very sharp eyes and a beautiful, rich voice. His beauty and grandeur excited the people who have seen him for the first time a lot.
Our Prophet (saas) had a perfect, clean and fresh skin like a child’s even when he was of age. The innocent expression on his face was very beautiful.
Our Prophet Mohammad (saas) was very clean; he had perfectly white teeth. He was muscular and strong with broad shoulders.
Our Prophet (saas) was extremely handsome and attractive. Our mother Khadija asked him to marry her when she was deeply touched by his beauty.
It is courtesy for people to greet one another even if they are not acquainted.
The best attitude to show a lady is to protect her honor and dignity. Love is caring for the health, joy and happiness of your loved one.
Some people insist on calling me ‘scholar/master.’ I don’t claim to be one. I am a sincere believer who loves and fears God very much. I can call myself a ‘teacher of love and passion.’
God loves every being He created with a soul.
I do not take any royalty for my books or other publications. It is religiously unlawful to preach religion in return for payment.
It is religiously unlawful and a horrible practice to preach Islam in return for payment.
The age that a child can begin performing prayers depends on his or her consciousness. One can begin performing prayers once he understands God’s Existence.
A person needs to befriend God to have real friends. For loyal friendship there must be strong faith. If one does not love God, God would not create people that will love that person.
At the time of the Mahdi women will be completely free. No one will intervene in their clothing or make up style.
It is important for a person to be able to express himself very well. It would be better to avoid slang language.
Muslims are in conflict because of the differences in the teachings of religious sects that are not in line with the Qur’an. There must be strong love among Muslims.
Darwinism is an ideology that supports a twisted belief that the strong will prevail. This is why hatred is spreading among young people.
It is impossible to bring up a balanced youth with Darwinist-materialist education where love and fear of God is not taught and religion is explained in a superstitious and loveless manner.

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When people are subjected to domestic violence, they must be cared for and protected by the whole society like their own children.
It must be prohibited to hang a sign on or pour out detergent water at the bottom of trees. Trees must be protected with penal sanctions.
If true Islam based on the Qur’an were to prevail in the world, all religious sects would become brothers and enmity would end completely.
A person with strong faith who loves God very much is never unhappy. When there is a lack of faith, there is unhappiness and distress.
A truly sincere person has a soul. A person who has a soul is created with faith in heart; that person would find religion no matter what.

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The Islamic Union is at the door. With the Islamic Union, women will be free, all faiths will be respected, societal pressures will be removed and social justice will prevail. Terror and anarchy will end, it will be like heaven on earth.
I respect the ideas of my atheist brothers and sisters. I approach them all with compassion.
I want the world to be full of love like Heaven. My purpose is always earning the good will of God, His Mercy and Heaven.
People are crushed underneath thousands of meaningless societal rules. The Qur’an eliminates all these. People can only be completely free when they live according to the moral values of the Qur’an.
Man, who is composed of flesh and bones, has no basis for arrogance. We will stay in this world for a very short time, die, turn into dust and go to the eternal Hereafter.
Legal precautions are not enough to protect woman’s rights. The best solution is to strengthen love and respect for women.
The social justice people aspire to will be achieved at the time of the Mahdi (pbuh).
I would like to see a world where women are highly respected and do not hear even a single evil word, let alone being exposed to violence.
Evolutionists have begun to use the term ‘programmable coincidence.’ If there is any kind of programming in question, this means that there is wisdom and consciousness; not evolution.

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In communism there is no religion, family, state or morality; but cruelty and lovelessness pervades.
For me, love is thinking about how I can do goodness to my loved one, how I can protect her and honor her.
If a person doesn’t have any ambitions in this world and lives only for God knowing that everything he has including his life belongs to God, God lets that person experience true, passionate love.
Women’s beauty would turn the world into Heaven. Most fields of art like poetry, music, painting and literature is based on women’s beauty.
A person who loves someone as a manifestation of God would not feel pangs of love. Love is a pleasure for believers.
In communism, life would become meaningless, people would be robotic and society would lack joy and happiness.
Without evil we would not be able to understand the worth of good people.
The Qur’an is a remedy for the heart. Heart’s medicine is the mention God and love God very much.
It was easy to cause religion to remain reactionary with a claim that art, beauty, joy or music has no place in a believer’s life. Our showing that Islam gave freedom and provided all these beauties of life was a great shock to the opponents of Islam. This is why they are panicking.
It is noble to protect another when you are in need. It is noble for Turkey to host Syrians despite her own limited means.
The greatest blessing in Heaven is to see the manifestation of God’s Own Being.
Darwinist education and alienation from the moral values of true religion have caused a withdrawal from art.
Religion is the root of love and moral values. Without religion there would be no life.
Turkish people love President Erdoğan very much. As long as we stick together, no ploy set against Turkey would ever succeed.
Love of children is a reflection of our longing for Heaven. Children are one of the most beautiful blessings of Heaven.
Many people live virtually a prison life in this world. As they don’t realize they are in a trial created by God, they can’t find a way out.
A person who suffers and is educated with the hardships of this world as part of the trial gets great pleasure from Heaven. Otherwise one might not be able to fully appreciate the blessings bestowed upon them in Heaven.
For believers everything happening to them, every moment of their lives is fortunate. This is not only something they believe in, it is a solid fact explicitly observed in their lives.
Peace will come to Syria through teaching the moral values of the Qur’an. Otherwise, false and superstitious ideas would fill the gap.

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Actually it is very easy to keep those who are in need, happy. God commands us to give away whatever is surplus to our needs.
Empathy is one of the best methods used to find the right move.
Protecting, respecting women and preserving their honor, freedom and dignity is of crucial importance. A woman is beautiful with her honor and dignity.
Some people who severely oppose women being well-kept, beautiful, wearing décolleté, support homosexuals wearing décolleté and putting on heavy make-up.
Silence is the best form of action against fools.
When one knows how to forgive, friendship and love becomes incessant. Those who do not know how to forgive lead a lonely, friendless life.
One strives a lot to become friends with one another but all their relations are severed in the slightest mistake. That is why God commands believers to forgive.
The only way money could bring happiness is when one helps those in need, serves Islam and makes other people happy with it. But of course having faith is the only possible way to be truly happy.
The reason why some people live in a state of obliviousness is their lack of love and fear of God. Those who are aware of themselves and their souls, and the existence of God are awakened, conscious people.
The British Deep State aims to set Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran and all other countries in the region against one another. We all must be very careful.
The British Deep State divided the Middle East and ruthlessly oppressed Muslims. Pain and suffering will not end without cleaning the region from this vile structure.

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Turkey needs to emphasize that she is a modern, democratic and liberal country. Then Turkey would be on good terms with the EU.
Young people should not fall in despair. All they need is to be patient; the 2020s will be the years of comfort and peace, God willing.
A person who is trying to humiliate someone by being sarcastic would actually humiliate himself.
The best kind of freedom is to do goodness to all and to befriend all.
No one can know the reality of matter. Our knowledge of matter outside comes from the perceptions of our five senses as interpreted by our brains. No one has ever been in direct contact with the matter assumed to be outside.
When love and fear of God prevails, there will be a world where all people will live in peace and safety.
Where there is no art, there is no science. Without science, there is no advancement, which leads to social collapse. The moral values of the Qur’an supports art and science.
Darwinism could be taught at school but as a lecture about ‘pagan religions’ in history class, not as a field of science.
Hatred and opposition towards women is encouraged all over the world by some segments of society. This also leads to homosexuality being spread.
The secret to anti-aging is faith. God gives strength, health and liveliness to one who loves Him sincerely.

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If you do not love for the good pleasure of God, you would end up being disappointed and you can never experience mercy, compassion and passion.
Those waiting for a prince charming are only infatuated with the idea of “the horse”, “the outfit” and “the career” of that awaited prince. When that is the case, the person they wait for turns out to be an affliction for them.
When there is true love, you would melt in the eyes, voice and the soul of your loved one. Such love never ends, such a lover never leaves.
A man who does not know passion, who cannot connect with a woman’s soul and only sees physical beauty as important, can never experience true love.
Anyone who harasses women because of what they wear- be it a hijab or a mini skirt- is immoral.
The best nourishment for children is love. Children would be ill in a loveless environment.
Anyone witnessing a woman being subjected to violence or harassment in any way, is responsible to protect her and provide her safety.
In an environment in which women are oppressed, religion could not be spread. In places women enjoy utmost freedom and beauty, religion spreads very fast.
There is no violence against women Islam. Our Prophet Mohammad (saas) has never given permission for the beating of women. This claim is a lie.
The war lobby will be eradicated from the world when the Mahdi’s system prevails. Everyone will become brothers and friends. Fighting will end.
The aim of our TV programs is to deactivate the system of the antichrist (dajjal) with knowledge and wisdom, and to collapse this system in all fields.
Health professionals are angel-like beings. They must be protected well and treated with love and respect.
Being a mother is the most difficult, honorable and sacred craft of the world.
We will never surrender our people, mothers and sisters in the southeast region of Turkey to the PKK terrorist organization.
Our ancestors had given their lives at the Turkish War of Independence for the good pleasure of God. We would never give away a piece of Turkey nor would we let anyone harm our values.
I am not a supporter of the AK Party but I support President Erdoğan. Turkish people will support him to the end.
Saying that life came into existence as a result of coincidental, random changes that took place in millions of years is the most humiliating and irrational explanation in history.
Even in a single cell of a bird’s feather, there is information as wide and complex as the city of Istanbul, which could not have come into existence by coincidence.
There is a flawless artistry, aesthetic and symmetry in all living beings. This cannot be explained by coincidence as claimed by the theory of evolution.
There is a false claim that if people embrace Islam, they will have to live an introverted life and women will be deprived of their freedoms. This does not reflect true Islam. Islam is full of freedoms for women and all.
Turkey will be the leader of the Islamic world. We, the people, will continue supporting President Erdoğan. Turkish people will not be divided.
Darwinism’s intellectual collapse means the rise of religion. This is why Darwinists are in mourning. Islam based on the Qur’an is spreading throughout the world.

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Syrian refugees are entrusted to Turkey. They are like the Muslims who migrated from Mecca to Medina at the time of the Prophet (saas). According to the Qur’an, it is our religious duty to protect and take care of them.
Having a beautiful spirit is enough for a woman to be beautiful. A woman with good personality positively changes and becomes more beautiful.
The existence of different races and languages is a beauty of God’s Art of Creation. God creates a very colorful life for our pleasure. The fact that people have different personalities and unique dispositions is the grandiosity of God’s Art of Creation.
Handcrafts like Edirnekari, tin-plating, copper-works and glaziery must be provided with government support.
Teaching Darwinism, a pagan religion, in biology class is just as irrational as teaching music in biology class.
It is terrifying that children are being adopted by homosexual couples. This is the reason why child abuse is spreading so rapidly.
What started the collapse of the Ottoman Empire was Darwinism entering the empire with the support of the British Deep State at the time of Sultan Abdulhamid.
We have defended Gallipoli together with our Syrian brothers at the Turkish War of Independence. Syrian people are very dear to us.
Children who are not raised with love and proper care carry deep marks in their souls all through their lives. We should love and care for all children like our own.
The Qur’an provides a system that gives people the highest level of freedom.
Religiousness is on the rise. We see that young people have embraced the loving, modern and intellectual understanding of the Qur’an and become more religious.
True moral values of the Qur’an are prevailing in Turkey. Modern religiousness is spreading against the superstitious ways of the bigoted understanding of religion.

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Every incident of harassment toward women must be condemned by the state by giving frequent public statements and assurance of legal follow-up for such crimes.
The Big Bang is an explicit proof of Creation. Coming into existence out of zero volume in an instant is Creation out of nothing and a clear evidence of God's Existence.
Darwinists cannot explain the complex structure of the eye. Darwin also said that thinking about the eyes gives him a cold shudder.
Darwinists cannot explain the formation of the first living cell. This is why they claim that ‘aliens’ have brought life.
Natural selection, which Darwinists claim to be ‘the driving force of evolution’, cannot create a new being, a new species.
Homosexuality is an abhorrent act, which God declared unlawful. Preventing women from being beautiful and attractive causes this perversion to spread.
The philosophy of Rumi is the main ideology of the British Deep State. Wherever there are perverted people against God and Islam, we see that they advocate the philosophy of Rumi.
Teaching Darwinism as science would be an insult to science as it is a pagan belief from the times of ancient Egypt, the Sumerians and Babylon.

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Now we are in a period when Islam proceeds to move forward and a modern understanding of true Islam based on the teachings of the Qur’an spreads among the young.
Saying ’Darwinism’ is science would be insulting to science. Trying to explain everything with coincidence isn't science, but superstition.
Darwinism is not science, but a pagan belief with ‘coincidence’ as an idol. ‘Coincidence’ is accepted as an idol in superstitious Egyptian and Sumerian faiths too.
No matter where we look, there is a perfect mathematical precision and golden ratio in the human body, plants and animals. Creation is a clear fact.

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The Mahdi will be a person of heart.
It is a righteous demand to ask for perfection in judicial system as long as it in line with laws. Opposition brings democratic opulence.
Preaching the message of religion by making use of books is an intellectual slap in the face of the dajjal’s system.
Trying to deceive people by saying that everything is a product of “coincidences” is a historical logical fallacy. Evolution is not science; but a pagan belief.
Communist philosophy develops on the basis of Darwinism. When Darwinism is eliminated, communism and communist terror etc. would end as well.
Darwinism is scientifically “dead”! Evolutionists' cries are in vain.
There is no Islam in Rumi’s philosophy that is advocated by the British Deep State. There is no Qur’an in it, instead there is irreligion, homosexuality and atheism.
Rumi’s philosophy is not the same as Mevleviyeh in Anatolian region. Rumi’s philosophy supports homosexuality and says, “There is no Islam in our path.” The Anatolian people would never accept the philosophy of Rumi advocated by the British Deep State. We will never let irreligion spread throughout the Muslim world.

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When a woman is mistreated, it is the responsibility of everyone witnessing the mistreatment to provide protection for the woman in question.
There is no verse in the Qur’an about dancing being unlawful. There is rhythm and movement in the universe. Dancing is a blessing from God.
The philosophy of Rumi, supported by the Gulenist terrorist organization and the British Deep State, is based on irreligion and it aims to destroy Islam from within.
God is the One Who created angels, jinn and human beings at a single moment. Angels did not evolve, nor did humans.
Coincidence cannot give people noses and ears, nor can it add nice flavors and vitamins to fruits as claimed by evolution. God creates everything.
The human eye is irreducibly complex and this fact alone destroys the claims of evolution.
There is a system of peer pressure when it comes to supporting the theory of evolution, which is a pagan belief with no scientific basis.

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Today young people have high ideals. They care about nature and animals. Their unselfish attitude and tone is very nice.
There should not be a cruel work schedule. Employers must provide a safe, healthy working environment where people’s rights are protected.
The prevalence of the moral values of Islam will not be through pressure or oppression. It will be through love and compassion.
Bigotry hurts young people a lot. There is no compulsion in Islam. In Islam people can be free without anyone interfering with the way they live.
Every person has the right to live freely according to their belief. But bigotry does not know how to approach people with compassion.
We need to approach the People of the Book with love.
It is a requisite of Muslim morality to approach Christians and Jews with compassion. They have been loyal to Prophets for thousands of years.
The fact that we are intellectually eliminating Darwinism has made a great impact in the whole world.
The Muslim community must be united against the British Deep State.

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The future will be very beautiful. We will see the Mahdi and Prophet Jesus (pbuh) by God’s leave.
The world media says “Adnan Oktar ended evolution in Turkey.”
Freedom will make streets liven up with the joy of young men and women. Now most of them are compelled to live unhappily.
Appreciating women’s beauty is through respecting their honor and chastity. Offhanded, carefree behavior toward women is very ugly.
Young people must be free to live and dress anyway they want. Their freedom is very nice.
Art is beautiful and meaningful with young people. Investment in art is investment in the youth.
People who torture animals must be legally kept under observation for the safety of society in general.
The cleanliness of the seas is very important. Polluting the sea is betraying the sea.
Children must be taught the importance of general culture, being clean, love, compassion and quality. The curriculums must be arranged accordingly.
Turkey must have a strong breakthrough in livestock breeding and agriculture without being dependent on the impositions of the EU.
It is unscrupulous and shameful to remember one’s family only from holiday to holiday for an hour or so.
Darwinism will be eliminated from Islamic and Christian communities in the Middle East. This fraud will not be able to mock humanity any longer.
President Erdogan is a brave leader who is able to stand against British Deep State and who is supporting Islamic Union.
We can hear Darwinist cries throughout the world. We proved that Darwinism is not science but a superstitious religion based on false idols.
Starting with England and Italy, European media made news with headlines declaring that Darwinism ended in Turkey thanks to the works of Adnan Oktar.

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Animals’ meticulous care for their babies is a beautiful manifestation of God’s compassion and artistry.
One of the most important qualities of Heaven is cleanliness. Enjoying cleanliness as an instinct is God’s gift to us. Being clean is also an art as it brings about beauty and quality. Cleanliness is a manifestation of our longing for Heaven.
Religion is practiced as a community. Patience, giving alms and preaching religion are acts of worship within community life.
Believers praying for one another is a good act of worship.
I love my sisters who prefer to wear the burkini or the hijab. I respect their will and patience.
The important thing is to think about and understand the meaning of the Qur’an. Those who consider themselves superior to others because of their ability to speak Arabic are wrong.
It is a fact revealed in the Qur’an that Muslims ask for a protector, a guide, a savior and a helper.
Jews, Christians, Muslims and the whole world are waiting for the Mahdi with enthusiasm despite those who are against the Mahdi’s system.

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Whoever is sincere, honest and defends the people and the country, that person would be the one I support.
At the time of the Mahdi, there will be great improvements, by God’s leave. Turkey and the whole world will be re-constructed.
People have not yet fully realized that the British Deep State wants to ruin the world with homosexuality, Darwinism and the philosophy of Rumi.
My only expectation from life is to earn the good pleasure of God. If I could earn this, I would be the happiest person in the world.
Both the morals and culture of my girlfriends are perfect; they are all university graduates and speak at least two foreign languages fluently.
The philosophy of Rumi and homosexuality go hand in hand. Therefore those who are against Islam support Rumi’s philosophy on a large scale.
In books claimed to be written by Mawlana there are statements praising homosexuality. This is why homosexuals support Rumi’s philosophy. The reason that the British Deep State insistently supports the philosophy of Rumi is that it's in line with its own philosophy and supports homosexuality.
Let’s protect our youth from falling into the grasp of homosexuality and say ‘stop’ to this disastrous act intellectually.
Those who oppose women wearing make-up, wearing low-cut dresses or being joyful support the ugliness of homosexuality. This is very abnormal.
The strongest basis of love is respect and appreciation. I respect women very much and love all of them with a very strong love.
I fall in love with every beautiful woman with love of God. I never forget any woman. I love all of them passionately.
The dinner tables of my girlfriends are like tables of Paradise. They are all beautiful, clean and noble. May God let us be together in Heaven as well.

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A wide-scale revolution in people’s souls is necessary for women to be shown the due worth that they deserve. Holding women in high regard could be accomplished through education, and with a respectful spirit full of love for God.
Once Muslim countries unite with spirit of brotherhood in the Qur’an, no one could dare perpetrating or hatching plots against the Muslims.
World is in great affliction right now, when there’s so much trouble now, I would never go on holiday. I’ve had no vacation in the last 40 years.
The most sincere affection is love, which is unconditional. But infatuation is only fad on the appearance and ends in conflict of interest.
Without religion, life would turn into Hell. Only with love of God and faith, world would be a place like Heaven. The more profoundly you love God, the more beautiful your life would become.
Many people live alone in misery due to pressure from society and the traditional orthodox system. They cannot experience love at all.
Success belongs to God. God reveals what is right or wrong in people’s hearts and the ones who follow righteousness are granted victory.
Traditional orthodox system also is a disturbance for Muslims. Without abolishing this false system, these sufferings will not come to an end.
It is the painful outcome of irreligiousness that some try to oppress and harshly mistreat those ones they regard to be downtrodden.
Abbreviating or shortening particularly religious topics or words over the phone and Internet communication is not an acceptable conduct.
The purpose of creation of man and the universe is pure love. Our soul is created to love, and purpose for our servanthood to God is love.
Living as a Muslim as described in the Qur’an is a benevolence for the entire world. This means removing all burdens and chains from people.
Those encountering traditional orthodox Islam distance themselves from religion when they see women are deprived of their rights and joy is forbidden.

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Armenians, Greeks, Jews, they are all our brothers. They are all the adornments of Turkey and they are all very precious.
Everyone who talks about the Mahdi is assumed to be the Mahdi yet this wouldn’t prevent me from talking about the Mahdi.
I have never claimed to be the Mahdi and I'll never claim it for the rest of my life but the coming of the Mahdi and Jesus Messiah is a fact.
The dajjali system wants to masculinize women and feminize men. That’s why they want to spread homosexuality to the world. Homosexuality is imposed on people in many parts of the world. The spread of this act, which is an obscenity according to the Qur'an, is horrific. Homosexuality is an obscenity, which is considered unlawful in the Qur'an, Torah and Gospel. It’s a persecution to impose it on people by force.
I love God, I fear from God. I am astounded that some people can’t recognize God and forget about Him.
I am crazy in love with God. If one serves God, if one is in love with God and loves believers, everyday becomes a feast for him.
Assuming that Islam kills all the good aspects of life like arts and science, people distance themselves from religion. However Islam is joy and life itself. People say they will live by religion when they grow old because they believe Islam is a system that will depress them. But Islam removes all the rules that oppress people.
Being generous is a beautiful attribute. Distributing one’s possessions for the good pleasure of God, without having any worldly ambitions would bring abundance.
Receiving a wage in return for preaching religion is by no means acceptable. This is incompatible with the Qur'an.

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It gives me peace that my friends are peaceful. It is a blessing that they are comfortable and joyful here with me.
Millions of dollars spent for fighting terrorism will be used for improvement, town planning and people’s happiness at the time of the Mahdi.
All buildings that disrupt Istanbul’s beauty must be demolished. Istanbul must be turned into a ‘green’ city with gardens.
A person who loves and fears God the most is the happiest person in the world.
It is important to dignify street artists. The music played on the street is truly amazing. It must be properly appreciated.
For young people to have fun, they must have peace in their hearts. Without love and faith, places of entertainment only cause tension.
A person carrying the spirit of Haven and good moral values loves greenery.
At the time of Mahdi, the whole world will be saved. We will not be happy with the salvation of one country, but the salvation of all people.
Most people live in fear and uneasiness. They cannot trust even their most closed ones. As a result, they walk around with sulky faces.
A wise person understands a wise person. A simple-minded person cannot recognize the immorality in others.
One needs to see a person’s rationality, faith and deepness before trusting that person. Without trust there is no love; there is mere fancy.
NGO’s have great responsibility in the nurturing of young people. Their intellectual and cultural activities must be supported.
Homosexuality is religiously unlawful in all faiths. All believers must take intellectual precautions against this moral degeneration.
God reveals in the Qur’an that homosexuality is an abhorrent act. We are obliged to warn society about this immorality.

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A lack of love for God and fear of God is the real reason behind every problem. People who truly love God cannot be aggressive.
Turkey should make peace between Qatar and Egypt. Turkey should embrace everyone without favoring one group over the other.
Turkey’s priority regarding Egypt should be working to stop the executions and the release of ladies from jails.
Turkey’s priority should be helping save young people who are scheduled to be executed in Egypt. This will be possible by embracing all Egyptians.
People should strive to be sincere, humble, compassionate and level-headed.
A person does not have to be very educated to have good judgment and wisdom.
People can be happy only with love, altruism and compassion.
Art cannot flourish in a society that is opposed to freedom and happiness of ladies.
No young girl would be accosted or harassed in a society dominated by love, friendship and brotherhood.
Young people wrongly believe that religion will add to countless rules created by society. On the contrary, the Qur’an sets people free.
People are unaware of the freedom in religion. Religion eliminates conflicting, society-made rules that weigh down on people.
A selfish person cannot be happy.
At the time of Mahdi, there will be no weapons left in the world. They will be melted and used for industrial purposes.
I cannot think about vacation when there is so much pain around the world. That would not be a holiday; it would be suffering.
Those who dream of a new coup attempt should not mistake the compassion of our people for weakness. They would regret a new attempt.
The strong voice of the opposition shows that democracy works perfectly well in Turkey.
Evolution is a superstitious pagan belief. Students should be taught about Darwinism in history lessons, as an ancient, pagan belief.

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A calming tone is always right. One needs to correct every provocative sentence, invite people to mildness and be moderate.
Turkey must become the center of art and quality.
People should look at women with a sense of love, protection and respect like a flower or a work of art.
Arabs, Turkmens, Kurds are all our brothers. They are one and the same for us.
Turkey would never leave the Turkmen people alone.
Declaring someone an unbeliever is a trap set by satan. Anyone who says “God is One and Prophet Mohammad (saas) is His Messenger” is a Muslim.
Matter is a shadow being composed of “ether.” No one has ever seen what the matter outside actually looks like.
According to the Qur’an, it is ungratefulness and oppression to deny God.
Destiny is a scientific fact that both the religious and irreligious would accept.
God loves the ones who love Him. God get closer to those who get closer to Him
The children of Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi are very precious people. They are entrusted to us. Each one of them is very important for us.
Animals get more beautiful when they are loved and their attitude improves as well.
Muslims would never support homosexuality which is an abhorrent action according to the Qur’an.

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Life will not be beautiful without love and fear of God.
Religion is in every part of life. There is nowhere without religion.
No woman can resist true love, wisdom and depth. However, if she is offered dishonesty disguised as love, she’ll shut herself away.
Imagination is a blessing from God. It is also another manifestation of God’s art of creation.
Emptiness and weakness in faith caused by Darwinist-materialist education causes people to easily adopt a hateful tone.
Novelty is a beauty of life and it will be in Heaven, too.
Chance is an opportunity or a difficulty God creates uniquely for a person in his destiny. There is no blind chance. Everything is in destiny.
Vanity and spoiled behavior results from a lack of manners and ignorance.
There would be no walls between houses or countries if love and brotherhood prevailed in the world.
One has to sincerely think about the message in the Qur’an. Sometimes it takes a couple of reads before one understands the Qur’an more thoroughly.
Everything, whole life becomes beautiful with love for God.
Aging is a difficult part of the trial in this world, but it is precious. An old person who lives with this awareness, will obtain a beautiful character.
Putin is a positive person with respect for religion. He is a brave leader and has a strong stance against the British deep state. Turkey and Russia should have a very strong alliance.
Never giving up in the face of difficulties and ordeals is one of my basic characteristics. Since 1979, I’ve never quailed and never stopped my intellectual efforts.
Everything that adds color to life, everything that is in line with Islam is good.
Stones and pebbles at beaches are exquisitely beautiful like jewels. They are God’s beautiful art.
Aggression in football is unacceptable. There is nothing wrong in supporting a football club, but being hostile to others is savagery.
God’s exquisite art displayed in natural stones is a true beauty.
Knowing the existence of God and the Hereafter gives peace to children. A child that is raised with love of God and belief in Hereafter, will be reasonable and well-balanced.
Children should be respected, treated and talked to like they are adults.
God creates animals adorable and cute, so that we will love them.

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Jokes shouldn't be offensive or hurtful. Jokes should motivate and lift the spirits of people.
Without love, there can be no respect. It would only be a show of fake respect.
The future is bright because God has a promise. We will see the Mahdi and Prophet Jesus (pbuh).
God creates the pain and the medication as a means to end the pain.
A person who knows that everything belongs to God and God creates everything, would not feel jealousy.
To me, the best person is the person that works hardest to gain God’s approval.
The most valuable time of a person in his life, is the time when he loves God the most and focuses his attention solely on God.
As a way to stop waste, local authorities can every day collect leftovers from restaurants.
Everyone needs love. Especially our disabled brothers and sisters should be treated with great affection and compassion.
Power and might belong solely to God.
It is crucial that work safety is fully ensured at construction sites.
There should be panic rooms in hospitals to keep healthcare professionals safe from attacks and threats.
Companies should give priority to the employment of people, quality and tranquility before their profits; this would be a nice display of patriotism.
Providing that it is legitimate, all protests, marches and rallies are favorable in terms of showing the prosperity of democracy in Turkey.

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Fast food is highly unfavorable for children. Reasonable medical rules should be put into practice for the nutrition of children.
There are brutal rules imposed on women in certain places. It will be only at time of the Mahdi that women will receive due respect and worth.
Society should be educated on how to be respectful to women.
The reason for ailments like back pain, skin disorders or hair loss is sorrow and stress. Defense mechanisms are fortified in happiness based on faith.
God asks for the most profound love from His servants. The difficulties of this world exist to elevate this love to the highest level. If people were perfectly heedful in their attention for God, they would not experience any difficulties.
There are both qualities resembling Heaven and Hell in this world. God makes people remember Him by creating ordeals.
Believers are never under the influence of the whisperings and negative inculcations of satan.
Sheikh Nazım al-Haqqani al-Qubrusi was a beloved, beautiful blessing of this world. May God pour His Mercy on him.
Both Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and the Mahdi (pbuh) have come. They will not advent until last moment. God conceals them as part of a plan and will finally make them appear. After Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) passes away, Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will continue with the efforts for communicating religion.
Turkey helps the innocent in need with all her strength and President Erdogan is instrumental in accomplishing this great effort.
President Erdogan strives in the way of God and has no selfish desires. His duty is full of ordeals. Those who criticize him unjustly are mistaken.
If there are perpetrators who fancy coup plotting in Turkey, they should know that they would be retaliated against in a way beyond their imagination.
The Turkish nation demonstrated on 15th of July that our people would never give way to a coup in Turkey.
The British Deep State wants to spread homosexuality everywhere. Strict attention should be paid at plots that intend making such propaganda.

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A person who only abides by the Qur'an is free in the true sense of the word.
In some sections of society, respect is misunderstood. If you candidly love, respect and appreciate a person that is respect.
The new generation is not under the influence of bigotry. They love modern and enlightened devoutness.
People wouldn’t remember their beloved ones only for a day. They love them very much every single day. Every day is Mother’s Day, every day is Fathers’ Day, every day is Valentine’s Day.
Turkey is predestined to be instrumental for the establishment of the Islamic Union.
It is important to abide by the Qur'an in our daily lives; that’s why it is essential to read the Qur'an in our own mother language.
The Sunni-Shia opposition is a plot of the British Deep State.
Trials and afflictions make it possible for people to witness their actual morality.
The PKK’s conception of peace or solution is establishing a communist state, which will divide Turkey and form a barrier between Turkey and the Middle East.
Iran is not governed with the assumption of racial superiority. On the contrary, it is based on the ummah principle. Iran is not a racist state. Shia may have their shortcomings, but they love Ahl al-Bayt and Hz. Ali (ra) very dearly. We love Shias, Sunnis, Wahhabis and embrace all of them as our Muslim brothers and sisters. Muslims should not accuse each other of racism.
The condition of lovelessness is contagious and dangerous. Protective measures should be taken against this disease.
Christians are the People of the Book and Muslims are ordered in the Qur’an to love and treat them with kindness and compassion.

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Every individual, including the most beautiful person in the world, will die. It’s meaningless to be ambitiously attached to this world.
God creates countless blessings but some people think against God when they encounter the slightest difficulty.
It's essential to constantly ponder upon God's Artistry and explain them. Everyone needs to remind God's Artistry to each other.
Those who insist that the Mahdi (pbuh) will not come are actually panicking because they know that the Mahdi movement is a fact.
Muslims in Europe are alienated from each other. They should love and embrace each other.
Women can be truly appreciated and respected only when they are seen as the manifestations of God. Ladies are among the finest examples of God’s art of creation. Men should always choose the comfort and happiness of ladies over their own.
Some rules of the society make life very difficult. People build a self-destructive system. The Qur’an, on the other hand, frees people.
We are advised in the Qur’an to learn and to research. We are responsible for learning the artistry of God.
I’m happiest while I’m praying to God. Being close to God makes one happy. Everything else is fleeting and temporary.
When a person is treated unfairly, God will definitely make the person doing the injustice pay for it. This is a law of God explained in the Qur’an.
It’d be wrong to reduce the number of Turkish troops at Cyprus. On the contrary, it should be increased because they guarantee peace.

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Every community, every sect in Islamic world should come together and take photos announcing that they are together. In this way they would thwart the plots of dajjali system on Islamic world.
Imposing an embargo on a country aggrieves women, children, elderly and all civilians living in that country. It is not in conformity with conscience.
One of the biggest damage that the conservative orthodox understanding of Islam causes is that it divorces people from religion.
God gives troubles, ordeals and sickness so that people draw close to Him. Each of these are blessings for His sincerely believing servants.
God is the One Who creates all the details in this world will create all kinds of beauties that we love in Heaven. Everything we wish will be there.
Both time and space are relative. God has created an infinitely long time in an infinitely short time. This is called destiny.

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Knowingly or unknowingly, people who are loveless and ignorant distance people from Islam.
Believers ask for worldy possessions from God in order to use them in His way and to serve His religion.
Being influenced by heedless people would be a huge mistake for Muslims. Those who forget God being in majority should not deceive anybody.
God is the One Who creates all images. Everything we like belongs to God. It's a miracle that people forget about God in heedlessness.
If there needs to be a policy of transperancy, primarily Chatham House, where the maps of Middle East are drawn, should be transparent so that the public can know what’s discussed there.
The British deep state first used the policy of transparency in Egypt; now Egyptian prisons are full of Muslims.

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Why would a person who does not fear God show any loyalty to you? Why would a person not loyal to God be loyal to you?
Our Prophet (saas) had never lived for himself even for a moment. He had retrieved from all aspects of life and lived only for God.
God taught every person evil and the way to be rid of evil.
When we see Prophet Jesus (pbuh) we will see him as a modern, handsome man. He will be very strong and athletic despite his age. Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will pass away soon afterwards the passing of the Mahdi (pbuh). Then there will be a sudden degeneracy in society.
Loving and fearing God means meticulously living according to the Qur’an.
Believers want to express their love for God Almighty with every opportunity. This gives enthusiasm and vigor to believers.
When teaching children any subject it is important to respect and value them. Using a disrespectful manner would not be right.
The believers will give the account of their doings in the Hereafter very easily. For unbelievers there will a very detailed and difficult judgment.
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