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When Darwinism was intellectually defeated, leftist ideologies have lost their anchor point, causing the left wing to retrieve throughout the whole world.
An ordeal depends on the person’s spiritual and perceptual strength. We may not be able to understand one’s ordeal looking from outside.
Passion is a special blessing granted to people who look for the most in earning the good pleasure of God.
Deja-vu is what God uses to make people remember destiny.
Greeks are very good people. We need to have strong relations with Greece and protect Greek people.
In China, there is a state of mechanization brought about by the communist ideology, which results in most people having a dull and fearful expression on their faces.
When people do not love God or value God’s creations, hate would dominate them. After a while they even consider bloodshed as reasonable.
The Muslim world will be saved when they gather around a single mind. When there are too many heads they conflict and cause separation.
A sincere person never lives for oneself. This is the measurement of sincerity.
Sincerity is the easiest act of worship. God only wants people to be sincere.
They think the PKK’s aim is only to get hold of the southeast region of Turkey but the communist ideology is a movement aiming to swallow the entire region.
What God wants from the universe is love. God loves His creations. Love makes life meaningful. The universe is beautiful with love.
It is the duty of the state and family to ensure that women are economically strong enough to protect themselves.
Women want their beauty, their artistic spirit, deepness and gentleness to be appreciated. Being appreciated uplifts their spirit.
Women’s economic freedom is important. Women must be given priority in workplaces and they must be protected in every way.
They want some religion engineers who criticize God (God is beyond this) to give advice to Muslims. Muslims take advice from the Qur’an and the Prophet (saas).
Imposing a single structure upon religious communities and prohibiting the preaching of Islam would cause communism and irreligiousness to spread.

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A person who does not resist what God inspires in his heart, in his conscience, is a sincere person.
God adorned the world with animals and plants.
Irreligious people also have concepts of virtue, family, goodness because they learn it from religion. Religion reigns in society.
Sports is crucial for health. Governments should have a very sound policy for the physical training of children.
Sincerity is being yourself completely and never telling any lies.
As long as it does not limit someone else’s freedom and happiness and does not contradict laws, people should be completely free.
God makes anyone who trusts God and doesn’t ambitiously feel attached to this world live a beautiful life.
Respect is sincerity; it is an expression of love.
A Muslim acts only for the good pleasure of God.
God answers the prayers; if one prays in a state of need, God makes it happen. This is a miracle of God.
According to the Qur'an, Torah and Gospel, the time we live in right now is the End Times.
A hypocrite is like a hound; they immediately find the wicked. Muslims attentively track hypocrites and disclose the wicked.
God creates qualified hypocrites so that Muslims benefit from their existence. Muslims use qualified hypocrites to disclose the centers of evil such as the British Deep State.
For anyone who knows the essence of the matter, everything is a sign leading to faith.
If Muslims sincerely pray for the prevalence of Islamic morality, God will answer it. If we remain sincere to God, He will definitely make it happen.
God definitely answers prayers. Prayer should not be done as a formality; any sincere prayer asked from God would be answered.
Focusing one’s attention on God and turning to God and not being distracted with trivial issues is important. Otherwise a person may feel embarrassed.
Not thinking in favor of God would be a shame against God. It would be a huge mistake to be influenced by others and forget God.
Some avoid thinking about the essence of the matter and numb their brains about this issue. Anyone who recognizes God’s soul in himself would not be able to do this.
Technology is created by God; all opportunities, all speeches, all articles are created by God.
God opens the ways of those who sincerely make effort in the way of God. God has a plan; we can neither delay nor speed up that plan. Nothing happens other than what God wills and nothing can ever change what is predestined.
It is not acceptable to weep for martyrs; we can only congratulate their martyrdom.
The followers of the Mahdi (pbuh) are active in all parts of the world. God gave the Internet to the use of the system of the Mahdi (pbuh). It is possible to communicate the message of Islam, by means of Internet based broadcasts, websites etc.
God would not give way to anyone who struggles against the system of Mahdi (pbuh)
Iran and Turkey must be members of both NATO and Shanghai Cooperation Organization but most importantly, Muslim countries must unite.

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Even if you are not being treated kindly or honestly, you are still supposed to be sincere and honest, because you are a believer.
You cannot be the owner of an animal, but only a friend. A cat is not your pet; but it might be called your friend, your sibling.
Hypocrites are always surrounded by an air of negativity.
Being forgiving is an important religious observation. God creates that specific incident so that you have an opportunity to forgive. A person who cannot forgive, doesn't yet have a character worthy of Heaven. God creates the incident and the act of forgiving.
The whole world sees at the moment how Muslims suffer because they don't have a spiritual leader.
The emptiness and darkness of the lives of irreligious people is not something believers can understand.
A person that is aware of their existence, their soul, will inevitably understand God and become a believer.
This world is not created for pleasure and enjoyment. True enjoyment will be in eternal Heaven.
Having a disease in heart means, not listening to one’s good conscience.
For a believer, everything is positive. For example, if they miss the bus, they know that it might be because God is protecting them from an accident.
Hate culture is a disaster afflicting the world. Selfishness is hurting the world and many people consider cruelty as normal behavior.
The British Deep State hates the Turkish people. Darwin also wrongly claimed that Turks were inferior and had to be exterminated.
There is nothing wrong with communicating with people with different ideas, from different backgrounds and exchanging ideas with them.
Communist leaders also say that Darwinism is the basis of communism. Darwinist propaganda helps communism.

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There must be special feeding stations for street animals: for birds, cats and dogs. This is an urgent need. They must be given treats.
Technical and vocational schools are important. It’s crucial for children to be educated according to their talents. Medical high schools must also be established.
Iran, Russia and Turkey taking joint action would bring peace and comfort to the whole region.
Stinginess is unlawful in religion. Becoming ambitious with what God has entrusted us and not distributing what God has given is not right according to the Qur’an.
God gives us an important secret about the people of hell: He says that their eyes don’t see, their ears don’t hear and that they are dead.
Layers of Heaven and Hell are different. Layers of heaven are defined according to the pleasure one takes from Heaven and is proportional to one’s fear of God. Hell is in layers according to the oppression one did in this world. Both the horridness of the environment and the pain suffered differ accordingly.
Troubles and distresses could happen despite all precautions. They are necessary to see the temporary nature of this world and love God even more.
People feeling tired can drink a lot of water, take a cold or warmish shower and do sporting activities to feel refreshed.
There will be no Mahdi other than the Mahdi chosen by God. God would never grant success to false, wanna-be Mahdis.
Some rules of society ruthlessly crush people. In such societies, people wrestle with conflicting philosophies of the system of idolatry and live without the beauty of the Qur’an.
Passion and true love is attained when one lives only for God.
Turkish people are faithful. The British Deep State or no other group could ever defeat this nation. Victory is in the destiny of Turkish people.

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Islam is pure love. Those who resort to violence put forth their own sick mindset and superstition. There is no violence in the Qur'an.
Seeing a sincerely believing person strengthens faith in people's hearts
God says, “There is no compulsion in religion.” This provision outlaws all kinds of impositions. A Muslim enjoins the good and then leaves the person to his own conscience.
Once children grasp the beautiful aspects of being a high-quality person, they will naturally take pleasure from education.
It is very nice to have a generation that loves and protects stray animals.
Having taste, appreciating quality, having an artistic soul is a privilege and can be gained through culture and etiquette training.
A Darwinist education system removes compassion and respect from hearts. This one-sided Darwinist education should not continue.
Freedom opens up the mind, broadens horizons and improves creativity. Islam brings freedom.
Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all Muslim countries are brothers. They should ally and deal an intellectual blow against the British Deep State.
God tells us in the Qur’an that Jews have the right to be in Israel. All the children of Prophet Abraham (pbuh) will live in those lands in brotherhood.

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Some people imagine violence against women to be manly. Considering the oppression of women a skill stems from wrong education.
People may feel a hole in their lives when they retire. They must be guided in a way that they remain useful for both themselves and society.
Sincerity is what I look for in people. A sincere person has a deep and rich soul, and is perfect in personality and manners.
Pets are entrusted to us by God. It's wrong to get angry with them, to distress or harass them.
Those who are impolite to waiters or waitresses are acting morally wrong. It is a requisite of good conscience to treat them respectfully.
God created the world in a way that things look fine with grooming. The mentality that forbids women’s efforts to be well-kept is not compliant with the Qur’an.
Protecting Christians and Jews is the command of God. It is also a requirement of Islam to show respect for the ideas of atheists and unbelievers.
Turkey supports all sections of the Muslim world without discrimination and strives for brotherliness.
All Muslims are brothers. It's in line with the Qur'an to reconcile and make peace between Muslims.
Patience is not the same as endurance; endurance includes idolatry. But patience is a religious observance done by seeing whatever befalls as good.
The only way to fight radical groups is to eliminate their false beliefs. Therefore the primary measure to be taken is to disavow fabricated hadiths and to unite in the Qur’an.

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The British Deep State plans to destroy the Islamic world. They support radical Shia and Sunni groups and provoke them against each other.
The source of human consciousness is God’s Spirit.
Let’s foil the plots to turn the Islamic world against Qatar. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are both great Muslim, fraternal countries.
God inspires love in people’s hearts. People love each other not because they choose to do so, but because God gives them the feeling.
There is a plan to isolate Turkey, drive a wedge between Qatar and the rest of Arabic countries and to oppress Muslims in general. It is crucial to raise awareness about the plans of the British Deep State for the Middle East.
If the Islamic Union were established today, all the current disagreements between Muslims would be resolved immediately. Since Muslim countries do not stand as a united front, they become easy targets.
Let’s make peace between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We should beware of the plots of the British Deep State to set Muslims against each other. The British Deep State plans to stir conflict between Shia and Sunni communities with an aim to crush the Muslim world. Qatar and Saudi Arabia should not fall into this trap. They should make peace.
If Turkey becomes very modern and refined, and promotes Islam described in the Qur’an, she can be instrumental in solving the problems of the Muslim world.

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Buildings should definitely have artistic value. Constructing buildings with only functional purposes is a sort of spiritual disaster.
The loss of real love and profundity of the soul raised superficial people in pursuit of petty interests who do not know about passion.
The erosion of the soul is seen in every branch of art. The harm Darwinist education inflicts on the soul caused loss of love.
The British Deep State seeks to wipe out Muslims, and with their misogynistic, anti-modern attitude, bigots are playing into their hands.
The solution to radicalism in the Islamic world is for Muslims to follow the true Islam as told in the Qur’an and the Mahdi movement.
In the radical understanding of Islam, violence is justified. But in true Islam based on the Qur’an, there is love, peace and brotherhood.
A true Muslim can never be hostile to the People of the Book.
We condemn any attack on civilians as it is savagery. God orders all believers -Muslim, Christian or Jewish- to be friends.

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Some people claim men have rights and women do not. Pressuring women is a pagan tradition.
Patients and paramedics should be very compassionate, mild and understanding towards one another.
It is not right to say ‘don’t mention God or religion while having fun.’ By doing this, you are – in effect- telling people to abandon religion while enjoying themselves.
Having good taste is about culture and grace. When there is lack of quality, people cannot realize lapse of taste.
Love is the reason of the existence of the universe. Love is attained with sincerity, by following God’s good pleasure.
Fasting in Ramadan helps people realize their weakness, calms excessive feelings inside and helps thinking about God deeply as a lenient person.
Most people cannot comprehend God’s art because they think superficially. They would understand the truth if they thought a little deeper.
There is no light outside the brain; inside the brain, a being with no eyes (the soul) interprets electrical signals as light. This is amazing!
God’s Artistry in creating reasons for everything is for our trial in this world.
God creates everything with reasons as a necessity of the trial in this world. If water were to flow through the walls without water pipes and dams, then everyone would believe in God.
Turkey must become the most modern and most democratic country of the highest quality as soon as possible. Only then will the anti-Turkey movement disappear.
Democratic displays and protests are the rights of every citizen but vandalism or attacking security officers is unacceptable. A society that talks, discusses, opposes the things they dislike and defends their different opinions is a beautiful society. But violence is never acceptable as a method.
Quality comes with love. Love brings art and art brings quality.
Women must be given priority in everything. They are very precious beings that must be highly respected.
Being sincere helps us distinguish between right and wrong. God always inspires people the right actions.
The good thing about being rich is having the means to do charity and make the poor and needy happy. Showing off is ignoble and humiliating.
Poetry is an influential field of art like music and painting. Nazim Hikmet is a valuable poet who wrote amazing poetry that penetrates the soul.
Modern Islam is the system in which people are friends with one another, where women are free and music and art flourish.
Modern Islam is the way Muslims lived at the time of our Prophet (saas) and his companions. Modern Islam was the way the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and all other prophets lived at their times.
By saying ‘people have a partial will’ they are actually claiming that ‘there is a field beyond the Control of God.’ There is no partial will. God creates everything.
Allah accepts every prayer, and creates what will be good for that person.
Cats are animals that know love and respond to love very well. Cats are very beautiful blessings.
Those who make Turkey appear as antipathetical to art, dance and music are very wrong. Turkey is a very modern country.
Putin is a religious man. He is an important person for Turkey and the whole region.
Some are trying to use homosexuality, an immoral act according to the Qur’an, against the system of the Mahdi. But they will be intellectually defeated.

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If a young girl doesn't feel safe to travel alone and fears love, that is a sign of serious lack of civilization for that country.
A person who always listens to his conscience would not be a blind follower of his desires.
God has infinite patience and compassion. He continues to grant His blessings on people despite the ingratitude of many.
There would be no sorrow left in the world if people appreciated God as His due.
People fail to see that God creates everything and causes are just means to an end. For example, water is created instantly by God when they turn on the tap.
One should pray for the ability to see, appreciate and admire God’s Artistry.
God creates millions of blessings like food or music to make human life comfortable but most people just live without ever remembering God. This is very wrong.
A single thread from a carpet contains the genetic code of the sheep it comes from. This alone is enough to appreciate God’s Art.
Not appreciating the artistry of God as it should be appreciated is absolutely unjustifiable.
People want to see sincere love and respect for God. Arrogant people who approach religion like technicians make people uncomfortable.
Islamic scholars should make us feel that they love God. They should talk about the greatness of the artistry of God in creation.

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One’s senses and perceptions become clearer with death. When they die, people will feel like their lives were just like a dream.
The love of God is the greatest secret of religion. Everything is for love.
The concepts of the past and the future are only thoughts in people’s minds. Eternity has already happened within an infinitely short amount of time.
The best teacher is one’s own conscience and judgment. God inspires the right choices to everyone’s good conscience.
God says in the Qur’an that we’ll only be asked from the Qur’an in the Hereafter. We only abide by the Qur’an without making any additions or without subtracting anything.
They made religion so complicated that people ended up learning a different religion of superstitions but thinking it is Islam. The Qur’an is sufficient as the sole source of religion and it is very clear and lucid.
While spreading the beautiful message of Islam one needs to be consistent, like constructing a building. One has to be very sincere; hollow-hearted demagoguery would do no good.
It’s a miracle that people can feel arrogant when they are in fact created so weak, with so many needs. This is a part of the trial of the life of this world.
It is common among young people to make snide remarks about each other. They think sarcasm shows intelligence; in fact, it is a humiliating form of behavior. Showing respect to each other and honoring one another is what really demonstrates one’s intelligence and wisdom. Sarcasm and cynicism is nothing more than an atrocious competition to humiliate one another.
It is important to lift people’s spirits, make them driven. Only then they can be productive. Invigorating people’s souls is necessary and that is only possible through sincere faith.
Starting early, children should be educated based on their talents and interests.
It’s very wrong to suggest that religion cannot co-exist with things that people enjoy like art, music, etc. Religion covers every sphere of life. It is the entirety of life.
God controls all hearts. At every moment God inspires people to understand what is right and what is wrong.
While it is possible to make education fun for children; the current education system requires lots of memorization and it is rather boring. This mentality should be changed completely.
People should be free to express their ideas and beliefs as they like, so long as they do not advocate what is illegal or contain violence.
Being instrumental for strengthening people’s faith is what the world needs the most. Distributing books that will help people find faith in their minds and hearts is crucial.
Believers are always tested with difficulties. Their accepting and loving patience will make them even more precious and valuable.
Those who love God deeply will approach the servants of God with compassion. Such people have a good grasp of the spirit of the Qur’an and know that they should not interfere with those who do not perform their acts of worship.
Talking about hunger, thirst, etc., while fasting would not befit the spirit of that act of worship. Such an attitude does not suit the dignity of a Muslim.
After we revealed explicit proofs, most of our intellectuals became aware of the British deep state.
Those who desire to go back to the pagan beliefs of five millenniums ago are the ones who are reactionary. Believers, on the other hand, are always ultramodern.
Hundreds of thousands of our people were martyred in the Battle of Gallipoli yet we’ve never shed a tear. Martyrdom is an honor and a source of joy for our noble nation.
The staff Moses threw instantly turned into a snake and the clay in Jesus' hand turned into a bird at once. Neither of them were created through evolution. Evolution has no place in the Qur’an.
God created all human beings intact in the spiritual realm before time and space was ever created and made them testify that He is our Lord. This is proof that there is no evolution in the Qur’an. Those who claim that creation through evolution exists in the Qur’an cannot account for the creation of the spiritual realm. Neither the spiritual realm nor this world were created through evolutionary processes.

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With death, we’ll have sharper perception and senses. Vision and consciousness will be sharper.
In Heaven, everything is fast. When one desires something, it just happens. When one wishes to go somewhere, he finds himself there right away.
We will be given everything we want in Heaven, in its best form.
Those who don't know about the Qur’an don't know about the extensive freedom and rights given to women in the Qur’an.
According to Islam, to the Qur’an, it is wrong to grieve for a martyr. A true believer is proud of martyrdom.
A martyr is guaranteed to go to Heaven. It’s wrong to cry for a person that is in Heaven. Everyone should be happy about martyrdom.
The sun will rise from where it set. We will completely end Darwinism by science and be the means to the rise of Islam’s sun again, insha’ Allah.
The Islamic Union will not happen by demagogy. It will happen if Darwinism is scientifically ended and the truth of Creation is spread.
If Turkey stops Darwinist education and openly defends the truth of Creation, it’d be the greatest response to anti-Turkey circles.

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We can learn Islam best from the Qur’an. But one needs to approach the Qur’an in a sincere and honest way.
People no longer greet each other or make eye contact. This is a disaster caused by lovelessness.
People should be open to new ideas; they shouldn't have prejudices. They should accept it when they see the truth.
Everything told in the Qur’an was proven right; it is matchless in terms of its literary power. It also offers scientific details that were not known 1,400 years ago.
Chemistry is a very exciting field of science. It is one of the areas where Allah’s Artistry is best displayed.
Some people wrongly think that Muslims are unrefined, miserable people. Showcasing the glorious, refined, elegant lifestyles and characters of Muslims is necessary to clear that misunderstanding.
Salat (prayer) is a religious obligation that must be performed at certain, designated times of the day.
Fasting brings people humility. People become more open to love and compassion.
God created everything with a purpose and a destiny. A person’s reason for existence is being a servant to God.
Those who say that they believe in God but not religion imply that God is unaware of people (God is above such claims). It is like saying that everything has a purpose, like glasses, or pencils, the eyes, etc., all have their purposes, but not man. This is very illogical.
The Qur’an is very open and clear. Anyone reading the Qur’an can easily understand the verses. People should pay attention to those who make so-called new rules based on superstitions and assumptions.
This is the time of the Mahdi. It is clear that God’s name ‘Al-Hadi’ (The One, Who continually shows the right way) is surrounding the youth.
Nothing ever ceases to exist. Everything that happened will forever continue to exist in the sight of God.
Sleep is a form of death. Every person, in a way, dies every night and comes back to life in the morning. Waking up from death will be like waking up to real life from a lucid dream.
Starting with the moment of their death, there will no longer be any fear for believers.
Putin is an intelligent and brave leader. He might have made mistakes like everyone else but overall, it is clear that he means well and is sincere.
Because of the dajjali system, the world cannot appreciate ladies. However, ladies are the greatest blessings in this world and in Heaven.
Our Prophet (saas) was ummi. Prophet Abraham (pbuh) did not graduate from a school. But all the prophets were incredibly refined and wise. A person who is sincerely very close to God becomes a very high quality person.
May God give Georgia and all our neighbors prosperity, peace and comfort. By the grace of God, soon visas will be removed with all of our neighbors.
Most of my friends have been with me for 25 to 30 years. My friends, moth men and women, are exemplary with their loyalty and sublime moral values.
A lady who was subjected to harassment or rape has no reason to feel shame. She has not done anything wrong. The one that should feel shame, that should be punished, is that repulsive criminal.
A person with no love or fear of God doesn't feel remorse. However, believers regret their mistakes with fear that they could lose God’s love.
Inactivity is not good for the body. Young people should not sit in front of a computer for hours; they should be energetic and lively.
Modern Islam means the Islam that was lived at the time of our Prophet (saas).

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Some people are prejudiced against religion because they’ve seen the horrors of the bigoted mindset. However, true religion is the opposite of that.
Freedom will boost both creativity and artistic talent. Social pressure is the reason behind the artistic stagnation in Turkey.
World peace will happen with love for God, with fear of God and will be led by the Mahdi movement.
God creates and God takes away life. A believer won't feel sad to see a beloved pass. They’ll be happy because their beloved is now with God.
It’s great that our youngsters are very kind and caring. Their love and protectiveness towards disabled people is commendable.
The best way to express love is sincerity. Ladies hate pickup lines, or dishonest compliments. Ladies can spot dishonesty immediately.
Being emotional is dangerous. It clouds the judgment and makes people unstable. Melancholy drags people into a schizoid state of mind.
The best time in one’s life is the time when they live with true faith in God. A young person without faith in God will be wasting away youth.
Many people don't know about God’s constant gifts to His sincere servants. Persistently sincere, righteous people will always win.
Sincerity will reveal itself at times of difficulty. If a person is kind during good times but becomes hostile at difficult times, that’s horrible. A believer, on the other hand, is always sincere and earnest.
People need to hear about Quran’s miracles, the creation miracles. Darwinism is leading people to atheism. But most scholars don't talk about it. Most scholars don't talk about the fact that Muslims are being slaughtered everyday all around the world. Instead they talk about completely irrelevant, trivial things.
Islam is an easy religion, easy to practice. It only takes sincerity and earnestness.
What children need the most is love and compassion. If they are shown true compassion, they will learn everything quickly. Otherwise, they will quickly get bored. It is crucial to embrace the freedom in children’s soul and give them endless love. Then they will grow up to be excellent people.
When I love a person, it is forever. I love that person deeply as a friend in Heaven.
Beauty belongs to God alone. God creates all beauties and God brings together the sincere people. Power belongs solely to God. God gives the Mahdi a metaphysical power against the dajjali system.
A Darwinist- materialist education leads young people to believe that their lives are meaningless. When they wrongly believe that it is the case, they live only to survive. As a result of Darwinist education, young people stop seeking love, brotherhood and kindness. They lose their joy of life.
God is the true and the most glorious Artist. God beautifies the entire world with His art; He also created our souls with art. He taught us how to love.
Believers, for the sake of God, always act in earnest. God helps those genuine Muslims, who use all their resources for God’s sake.
It is incumbent upon all Muslims to engage in an intellectual campaign until Islamic moral values prevail around the world. This is called Mahdisim.
There is nothing in the Qur’an that encourages believers to live impoverished lives. On the contrary, believers lead beautiful, decent lives and watch over the needy.
Music, art, dance etc., they are all allowed by Islam. Some circles limit the freedom of people for no reason. Let the people live comfortably in peace, with joy. Due to their self-made and unnecessary rules, they are turning life into a living hell. Without love, arts and music, life itself becomes hellish.

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When God loves a person very much, even the whole world together would not be able to defeat him. When a person loves God very much, he will be very successful, even if he is alone against the entire world.
As I’ve always said, Alawites are great people. They are artistic, wise, deep and they are against radicalism. They are people of love.
Sirat bridge is not mentioned in the Qur’an. There is only questioning in the Hereafter, which will be easy for the believers and difficult for the unbelievers. The questioning of believers in the Hereafter will be very short and easy, but difficult for unbelievers. Unbelievers will be held to account for every little detail.
Marriage should be based on a desire to please God. While choosing a significant other, one must ask if that person is devoted to God. In choosing spouses, one must choose a partner for eternity and see if they love God, intellectually work to spread Islam and is selfless or not.
Pure Islam - easy, joyful and beautiful as in the time of the companions, who followed only the Qur’an - is the real Islam.
Believers get healthier by forgiving. Forgiveness is the basic component of love, passion and friendship. Without forgiveness, there can be no love.
The main quality of ladies is to love and to be loved. Without love, a lady starts to wither away, she loses her joy of life.
For a lover of God, love for God is eternal. A believer’s love will never be a source of pain. For them, there is no such thing as heartache. Some people idolize their beloved ones. When that happens, God punishes that person by turning that idol into a source of trouble.
General knowledge is great, of course. However, some people, despite their education, have temperamental and unreliable characters.
A noble person wouldn't get spoiled when they are praised. But some people are erratic and can get unstable when they are praised. Getting spoiled and acting out of control when praised is a form of mental disease; it is a character flaw. A loving person that loves God, that fears God, on the other hand, is always reliable and levelheaded. That person would never get spoiled when praised.
A beautiful character will make a person physically more beautiful, too. For example, a kind, smart woman is naturally very attractive.
The education system should not offer only a technical education . Its main purpose should be instilling love and compassion in hearts.
In most shopping malls [in the Muslim world], mosques are in the basements; they are small and not very well-kept. On the contrary, they should be spacious and very clean.
May God make us the followers of the Mahdi and Jesus. May God make us see the beautiful and blessed reign of Islam.
Love and compassion stemming from love of God can solve any problem. Nothing can be achieved with hatred. The Israeli- Palestinian problem is a problem of lovelessness,not a problem of land. Peace can be established when the hatred is replaced by love and brotherhood.
With a profound love of God, one becomes compassionate, loving and selfless. Similarly, the Palestinian-Israeli problem can be resolved only by the love of God. If both Palestinian and Israeli youngsters deeply love God and become sincerely devout, they will also begin to love and respect each other.
Young girls and boys can’t be happy because with the current system of the world, they cannot trust each another. However, if they acted with love and fear of God, and learned to appreciate human beings, they would experience all the joys of love in the utmost levels.
It is not normal that people don't like or trust each other. This is a deliberately developed menace.
In the Hereafter, God will question us from the Qur'an. A Muslim is only responsible for abiding by the Qur'an.
Jews have been loyal to Prophet Jacob (as), Prophet Abraham (as), and Prophet Moses (as) for thousands of years. And we love those that love God.
If one honestly and sincerely thinks and realizes that everything belongs to God, all the troubles and pains caused by idolatry will be gone immediately.
If people fully grasped the secret of the trial, they wouldn’t suffer even a tiny bit. One needs to think and comprehend well that everything belongs to God.
Bodies belong to God. People hurt because they want to think that they are the owners of their bodies. If they understood that God owned their bodies, they wouldn't feel any pain.
Our everything belongs to God. Some people –may God forbid- resent God because, for example, they get ill. They forget that both themselves and their bodies belong to God. A believer, on the other hand, always sides with God.
Through trials and tribulations, God makes us see how much we love Him, how selfless we are and how we behave when things don't go our way.
God frequently creates warnings to wake people up from their heedlessness.

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Organ donation is acceptable in religion. But it must be medically assured that death has definitely taken place. A person on life support should not be unplugged.
People are created weak and should not be bothered and pestered with unnecessary rules.
People must know that it is a very big loss and a grave offense to not remember God when they are given so many blessings all the time.
Because God is very merciful, He always gives people time but many people misunderstand this time they are given. A believer should not forget God even for a second.
In the Qur’an, God reveals "Man is indeed wrongdoing, ungrateful.” Most people are ungrateful. They don’t thank God for His protection and might.
The verse in the Qur’an, “your religion is yours and my religion is mine” is the most perfect description of democracy and secularism.
It is no one else’s business whether a person fasts or not. Everyone is responsible for him or herself. There is no compulsion in religion.
It is our duty to help and take care of each of our disabled brothers and sisters. They are our responsibility.
Arab, Turkmen or Kurd, it doesn't matter. Whoever comes from Syria as refugees, they are more than welcome. Turkey will lovingly host them all.
It is an obligation for believers to help one another. Believers are guardians of one another. They embrace and protect one another like family.
Making practical jokes that could harm people is inconsiderate and could cause serious injuries.
The essence of all beauties and goodness is a strong love of God and a strong fear of God.
The level of passion and depth in a woman’s eyes show her love potential.
When we analyze people according to the Qur’an, we can easily understand if someone is reasonable and balanced or not.
The criteria offered in the Qur’an is the most excellent way to understand people and be a good judge of character. The Qur’an helps us know both ourselves and others. By means of the Qur’an, we learn how not to hurt ourselves and other people, and also how to know other people.
Remorse makes believers better people. When a believer feels remorse, it is never destructive. On the contrary, it serves as a lesson and helps improvement.
I never live for myself. I live for the people I love.
Compassion and a loving attitude must dominate in workplaces. If an employee is laid off, the employer should help him find a new job.
The Khojaly Massacre was the work of British Deep State. The aim was to cut the ties between Azerbaijan, Turkey and the Turkish Islamic world.
The unity of Azerbaijan and Turkey is in our hearts. The only thing left is to remove the physical borders in between our countries.
Eye-rolling and other similar facial gestures, instead of [forthrightly] stating [one’s] discontent, is not something a refined person would resort to.
The body is a beautiful painting God created. However, if it is not taken care of in a loving, pleasant, respectful manner, it might become repulsive.
One of the reasons I use beautiful pictures in my books is to remind people of, and to make people see, God’s beautiful artistry.
All religions and many languages must be taught at schools. If a person doesn't know the religion of their society, it's a loss for that person.
Gold is not made unlawful in the Qur’an. There is nothing in the Qur’an that bans wearing gold. Our Prophet (saas) might have taken certain temporary economic or moral precautions at the time, but gold is not banned.
Marxism, Leninism and Darwinist/materialist ideologies can be eradicated only through science. Ending these philosophies by means of science is akin to destroying the basis of terrorism.
Young people are offered two options; either a conservative, orthodox world or a cold, distant socialist world. Therefore, they don't realize that there is another option, which is the loving, free, happy, pleasant life offered by Islam as described in the Qur’an.
While society gives men a blank check, they treat ladies as potential sinners. This is outrageous.
The most important marker of a high-quality civilization is the extent that women enjoy freedom. A society where ladies are considered temptresses, where they are not allowed to look beautiful, cannot be a civilized society.
It’s a pity that ladies are not free and do not feel safe and happy. Many of them feel like they have to be ready to fight any moment.
It was a lady who first heard the Qur’an from the Prophet (saas). Also, the first martyr was a lady. Ladies are highly esteemed and valued in Islam as described in the Qur’an.
God does not give love of women to those who can’t appreciate women’s worth.
Love cannot be obtained through material or physical means. Love is born out of faith in God and love for Him; God brings together those who love Him.
Remorse is a way to improve oneself. It is not a destructive feeling for believers.
A person who realizes that destiny moves like a filmstrip and watches it with respect will live a life of peace and tranquility.
Especially in regions where terrorist attacks occur, lots of night vision cameras should be used along with constant aerial surveillance.

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Selfishness is the worst possible character trait for a person. People should be selfless and caring. It’s difficult to love a selfish person.
It’s important to always have a compassionate approach. Otherwise, one cannot see the goodness and beauty all around.
Europe is not against Islam. Europe is against radicalism that promotes violence, misogyny and backwardness. Europe is right to be against radicals who hate the beauty of women, cleanliness, quality, art and music. Those radicals are also against Islam.
Muslims are immaculately clean in Ramadan, and pay particular attention to their dental hygiene.
Unhealthy people should never fast by compromising their health. That would be a sin. God tells us that unhealthy people should not fast.
It is definitely not wrong to listen to music in Ramadan. Some people are hurting themselves by making things unlawful which God made lawful.
Forest fires can be prevented by clearing up 200 m wide paths in the forests.
Loveless people don't feel the need to protect the environment. But a person who can appreciates love and beauty could never spoil something beautiful. Lovelessness causes people to destroy every beautiful thing.
The world’s economy is based on the continuation of war. Therefore, the troubles can end only when Hz. Mahdi comes.
When a believer feels regret, the feeling is never destructive. It’s the desire to do better, to be better.
Many people have a sixth sense, but it is weak. Many people feel it before something big happens. Animals also have that sense.
A conscious, sincere person will never go to hell.
People in hell are created especially for hell. God explains that those people will look alive, but that they are in fact dead.
Pains and troubles are created for a reason, for our test in this world. But there will be no pain or negativity in Heaven.
Children should be treated like adults, not like children. They should feel like they are respected. Then they will listen and be educated.
One earns their place in Heaven by working to earn the approval of God.
Being religious does not mean being stern and serious. On the contrary, religion brings quality, fun, happiness and beauty to life.
Getting defensive in the face of constructive criticism is an unwise reflex. Constructive criticism helps one see details and improve oneself.
Children should be educated in a fun manner, in a natural, pleasant setting. Education shouldn't bore or tire the children.
Work safety should not be left to the state alone. People should take individual precautions as well and unsafe practices should be immediately reported.
It’s good to be open to new ideas and be willing to accept the truth. God advised even the prophets to consult others.
The British deep state seeks to cause a divide between Iran and Turkey. Two countries have always been friends and will continue to be.
We love everyone regardless of their ethnicity. No one should pay attention to loveless people who favor certain ethnic groups over others.
Our disabled brothers and sisters should never be charged for the medical treatment they receive.
It’s not fair that the Greeks want more land in Cyprus. Let us remove the borders and ensure peaceful co-existence in Cyprus, but we will never give away land.
According to Islam, the attacks on churches in Egypt is tyranny. All places of worship should be protected by Muslims. Our Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world should protect and stand by the People of the Book and protect their holy places.
Homosexuality is an abomination made illegal by God in all religions. But there are attempts to make the believers accept it. The British deep state is trying to legitimize homosexuality all around the world and is trying to impose it on people.

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There is no commandment in the Qur’an about wife beating. On the contrary, the Qur’an exalts and protects women.
Some people think it’s wrong to listen to music while talking about religion. On the contrary, religion is present in every aspect of life.
It’s easy to defeat the inner self and the satan. Muslims are strong-willed.
There were no sects at the time of Prophet (pbuh). Now there are almost four different religions. Muslims will be asked of the Qur’an alone.
The Qur’an is the last book from God and it applies until the end of the world.
Muslims are happiest when they pray to God, focus their attention on God. There is nothing more pleasurable than loving God.
Satan is an important part of people’s test. Satan will continue to try to sway people until their death.
When a Muslim practices Islam, they will have a colorful, dynamic life. Muslims enjoy the beauties of life the most.
Some people think that being religious will make them recluses. On the contrary, Islam is life; Islam breathes life to people.
Without love for God, without a sincere soul, it is not possible to be happy.
What God wants from us is to work for His approval with all our might and to be sincere. God always helps such people. A believer should be completely sincere. Then everything will work out for that person. Otherwise, there will be constant problems, troubles and difficulties.
Our brothers and sisters can ask any questions to me. I’m only averse to the repulsive language of loveless people.
The world will calm down, prosper and find peace with the coming of Mahdi. The world will then accept love.
Some of my lady friends have been my friends for more than 30 years. I deeply love and respect them. I’m very protective of them.
Only in a safe environment dominated by kindness and love, where women are respected, can ladies be at ease and comfortable.
Education based on memorization is not beneficial. Education should be based on general knowledge.
Those who’re prejudiced against Kurds are racist and cruel people. They have a twisted understanding of superiority. But in fact, only piety and good actions make a person superior.
A person who trusts in God will always be successful, even when they are alone. The Messenger of God was an orphan, but he became the sultan of sultans. God does not leave a person alone if they sincerely love God. God will also make sure that such person meets good people.
The basis of education should be love and fear of God. Coupled with general knowledge, it will bring tremendous improvement.
Another beauty of Islam is that it changes one’s personality for the better. In Islam, the stingy become generous, the timid become brave.
The believers are always aware that they are with God. A person, who is always with God, will be the most powerful person in the world.
People humiliate themselves when they get angry and lose control. People should see themselves better than that. Believers also encounter situations that might make them angry. But they contain that feeling and know everything is from God and is for the best.
Economic stagnation and poverty result from stocking up wealth. When people love God, fear God, everyone will be wealthy.
Causing civilian deaths with air strikes is murder; it is definitely not “collateral damage”.
If TV channels air programs to increase general knowledge, it would help the society immensely. However, it is crucial to support culture and education with faith in God.
Being jealous of women should mean being protective of her, taking care of her, respecting her, honoring her. Being jealous of women shouldn't mean suspecting her, doubting her, spying on her: That would be insulting her.
Life can be lived to the fullest when it is lived to please God alone. That would be a well-lived life.
Selfishness hurts, taints and ages the people who choose it. It also disturbs the mental stability.
It is crucial that Turkey becomes a well-kept country where people are happy, lively, where women are always respected.
Economic problems will continue until the Mahdi era. But there will be unprecedented wealth at the time of Mahdi.
Iran is a great Muslim country and is a friend of Turkey. People shouldn't be affected by negativity on certain media outlets.
Istanbul is a very blessed, holy city. Prophet Moses met Hz. Khidr in Istanbul. Tombs of many companions are in Istanbul.
Whoever stands up for the downtrodden, he will be blessed. God will protect those that protect the downtrodden.
People should only whisper at places of worship. They should make sure that they’re not distracting the people praying there.
Our happiness stems from our love for God.
It’s very wrong that some parents think that they own their children. They should love their kids as manifestations of God.
The British deep state teaches savagery and oppression to the institutions it controls. A joint intellectual effort is required against it.
Most of my friends have been by my side for more than 30 years. Because of their faith in God, they are still very beautiful and young even after all those years.
According to the Qur’an, ladies should wear hijab only if they don't feel safe. And they are to decide if it’s necessary to wear hijab.
They made it almost a crime for ladies to love, to be loved, to look attractive and well-groomed. Particularly young girls are pressured like this, all around the world.
Ladies were truly free only during the time of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). They will find true freedom once again at the time of Hz. Mahdi (as).
The entire world will be wealthy and prosperous at the time of Hz. Mahdi (as).
Economic crises and poverty are tests created by God, to bring people closer to God.
Believers are brothers and sisters and take care of each other like they would with their children. This is true for me and my friends.
Friends should be chosen based on their love of God, fear of God and sincerity. And a believer can be friends with an atheist too, as long as the atheist is respectful and loving.
God willing, ten years from now, Turkey will be in a very beautiful position. Once these difficult days are over, our country will be the center of happiness.
It’s not acceptable to educate children by making them unhappy. Kids would do the right thing, if they were treated like adults not children. It’s essential to see kids as God’s servants and manifestations. Kids will listen and be disciplined, if they feel that they are respected.
Due to my love for God, I deeply love every pious, pure woman I see because I see them as manifestations of God.
It’s important to take necessary steps to end waste in hotels, restaurants, etc. If there was no waste in the world, there would be no hunger as well.

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I respect Muslim ladies and their choices to wear revealing clothes. However, it would not be right to post their pictures in revealing clothes and write a Qur’anic verse underneath that picture.
Suicide is just like murder. People should not even think about it.
We are in this world so that we can change and improve ourselves for the better. The test of this life is actually an education.
Our Syrian guests came here to escape death. We are happy to be able to help them.
Both President Trump and President Putin are honest and sincere people. They are perfect in their stance towards the British deep state.
My friends are very compassionate, loving, merciful, down-to-earth, humble people and do not have prejudices.
Being prejudiced is humiliating. Believers on the other hand, are sensible and approach matter in a reasonable manner. Personally, I can never accept to be prejudiced.
Ladies are the most beautiful manifestations of God.
Everyone is complaining about the pressure on ladies in society. The solution is the Mahdi’s system.
Women enjoy being appreciated and being admired. But well-groomed, happy, content ladies are very hard to come by.
Social peace can be achieved with faith, fear of God and love of God. Teachers of love are needed everywhere.
Sport strengthens the body. Professionals should encourage and help young people into sports.
Each of the four Islamic sects claims that others are invalid and superstitious. But according to the Qur’an there is only one religion and it is described in the Qur’an.
God will only ask us if we followed the Qur’an or not. We are responsible only for the Qur’an and not any other resources. We are sincere Muslims, do not associate anyone with God and we always side with the Qur’an.
Religion is the basis of family and moral values. There are atheists with good morals but their morality is also based on religion.
Society can be healthy only through religion. Without religion people will lose their mental health, resulting in a society-wide hysteria.
The Mahdi movement is necessary for wars to come to an end.
I never received any religious education. But even as a I child, I was very surprised to see that people did not remember or mention God.
My sole philosophy in life is to pursue and work for the approval of God in everything I do, in the utmost level possible.
A believer always wants to go to Heaven immediately, however, they also pray to have a long life so that they can serve God and spread His beautiful message for even a longer period of time.
Providing help to countries in need will bring prosperity and abundance to Turkey.
Making children happy is an incredible joy.
In God’s Sight, eternal time has begun and ended in an eternally short moment.
Every person, by means of God’s inspiration to her/his heart, knows what is right and what is wrong.
There is nothing ordinary or plain in Heaven. Even a single grit of sand can all of a sudden turn into a whole another universe inside Heaven.
People assume that the gardens, fruits in Heaven will like the ones in this world. Even a single apple in Heaven will boast unimaginable art and beauty.
Loving beauty is a quality of paradise. Being attracted to and loving beauty is a Heaven instinct created in people.
Every beautiful thing is a manifestation of God, and therefore causes great excitement and joy in my soul.
At the time of the Mahdi, utility services and health-care will be free.
Dreams are a sort of education, it is like another dimension of life. Believers can pray to be educated in their dreams, too. We are not responsible for our dreams but we can be educated in our dreams.
When a person acts in earnest towards God, God will allow them to get closer to God and strengthen their faith.
If one is sincere and leaves everything to God, God will help that person in everything and will strengthen his faith even more.
I know that the Mahdi has come. I know that Prophet Jesus has come. But we have not met them yet.
Society must be educated to learn love and respect for women.
Due to a mistaken belief that ‘natural’ looks better, ladies are prevented from being beautiful. Ladies become more beautiful with make-up and with beautiful clothes.
Ladies have an incredible potential for love, passion and depth. But most of them cannot ever realize that potential, because they cannot find a person that they can give their love to.
In many countries of the world, ladies are frowned upon for being well-groomed & wearing fashionable clothes and being attractive. They even make ridiculous assumptions about the ladies because of that.
A person, who refuses to surrender to his anger, starts enjoying the beauty of earning good deeds. We will always respond to negativity with kindness, with compassion and with forgiveness. Repel the bad with something better and, if there is enmity between you and someone else, he will be like a bosom friend. (The Qur’an, 41/34)
Anger is very dangerous for the body. It could cause cardiac rhythm disorder, hypertension or even a cerebral hemorrhage. A person who gets angry will do harm both to himself and the people around him. A true Muslim on the other hand, trusts God, peaceful with the knowledge that God creates everything.
Getting angry and losing control is humiliating for the person doing it. One needs to remember that God creates every incident and there is a great wisdom behind everything.
Trying to explain the beautiful flowers created by God with concepts such as “mother nature” or “evolution" is completely irrati onal and illogical.
Ladies should be valued, respected, loved, cherished everywhere in the world. However, for women’s rights to be secured, men must see ladies as holy beings that are among the most beautiful gifts created by God.
Only if ladies are seen as gifts from God, ladies can live truly comfortably and safe and be shown the respect they deserve. Feminism and other similar pursuits cannot ensure that.
Feminism shouldn't have a Darwinist-materialist mentality. Women rights can be protected only if women are seen as holy beings that are manifestations of God.
The Qur’an ensures social justice for everyone. In the guardianship system described in the Qur’an, everyone is taken care of.

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Those who cannot appreciate Allah’s artistry, of course cannot appreciate ladies, beauties, the nature, beautiful animals, and him/herself. Such people have no self-respect as well.
The sect of our Prophet (saas) was the Qur’an. It will be like that at the time of the Mahdi, as well.
The Mahdi’s system is told in surat al-Kahf. Each verse has hidden meanings.
Patience and loyalty are required for depth, love and passion to develop. And they can best be gained through the trials and tribulations in this life.
The Mahdi will end the sorrows of people. At the time of Mahdi, there will not be any grief or pain.
If people love God, Who is the true lover, they would have strong love for each other, as well. Other than that, people usually turn into sources of constant trouble for each other.
The British Deep State managed to secure support for racism, communism, fascism, injustice and oppression by means of Darwinism. Darwinism is the main weapon of the dajjal.
One should live according to the Qur’an, rather than only memorize it. At our Prophet’s time, there were some scribes, and they memorized the revelation but they still turned out to be hypocrites.
Our Prophet (saas) was a very modern, cheerful, extroverted person. Every prophet was the most modern person of his day.
It is a blessing that our refugee brothers and sisters came to our country. We are privileged because we are like Ansar of the time of Prophet Mohammed (saas).
Turkish young people today are level-headed, pious but against bigotry. This is very good.
God clearly explained the sins in the Qur’an. Some people make up new bans, but giving commands in the name of God, is blasphemous.
Iran and Turkey will forever be sister countries. Efforts of certain circles are in vain. Both Shias and Sunnis are great Muslims.
There is nothing in the Qur’an that says that people who listen to music or dance will go to hell. Bigots are turning the world into a living hell. It is wrong to ban things when God allowed them.
Our Prophet (saas) foretold that Prophet Jesus, when he returns, would have a student group of 1,400 people composed of both men and women.
Muslims should be kind, compassionate and friendly towards everyone. A loving disposition will always lead to positive results.
Some ignorant and misguided people use an arrogant and disrespectful attitude towards Christians and Jews. They are grossly mistaken.
Every healthy person has the duty of serving disabled people. You should be eyes for the blind, arms for someone who doesn’t have them.
Without love of God, everything goes wrong. People lose their ability to appreciate and love; they can’t even see and appreciate flowers or children anymore.
People cannot appreciate and love God as much as they should. As a result, they cannot appreciate ladies, too, although ladies are the most beautiful ornaments in this world.
Haters are people who have failed to control their lower selves and who are defeated by satan. Such people should be approached like a doctor would approach their patients. We need to treat haters by approaching them with compassion like a doctor approaches a patient. These people are spiritually ill.
Sometimes courtesy is to turn a blind eye to mistakes.
Darwinism disguises itself as science to deceive the world. In fact, evolution notion is a pagan belief left over from the Sumerians.
Opposition is necessary for progress and development. But it is important to be constructive and positive at all times.
Turkey is a country well positioned to be a leader with her culture and moral values. But this will be a leadership of love.
Jihad means making an effort. It is one’s struggle against one’s lower self. For instance, constant intellectual effort against the disbelief system is jihad.
Believers should respect and feel compassion for atheists. Atheists are honestly admitting that they cannot believe. They don't lie.
Seeing ladies as potential sinners or temptresses and misogyny causes homosexuality to spread fast.
Orthodox, traditional Muslims are so convinced that women should not be free and that there should be no art, nothing beautiful, as soon as they see something pleasant, they immediately reject it.
Our traditional orthodox brothers/sisters are almost suffocating themselves with fabricated rules. They made themselves an easy target for the disbelief system.
Firing shots in the air is not a form of celebration; it is completely unacceptable. And since it risks lives, it should be punishable by laws.
Allah knows the truth, but probably Judgment Day will happen because of a big meteorite crashing into the Earth. When Judgment Day comes, there will no escape for anyone.
Satan’s whisperings, doubts can come to mind any moment. But believers ignore them by means of their faith. One’s inner self, satan attacks the mind with thousands of doubts, groundless worries, but believers just ignore them.
Deep thinking is critical in Islam. It is important to recite God’s names by knowing and thinking about their meanings.
God’s names should not only be recited; it is important to know the meanings of the names and recite them with a great love for God.
Everything that happens in life takes place because God wills it. God created Nimrod and Pharaoh, too. There is a secret wisdom behind all those incidents.
When Prophet Jesus (pbuh) comes, he will follow the Qur’an. He will follow the unaltered parts of Torah and Gospel that are in compliance with the Quran.
Slaughtering children is a tradition of Pharaohs and Nimrods. It is evil and tyrannous. The dajjal system is now tyrannizing people in the same way.

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Young people should be educated based on their talents.
Love of God prompts one to seek and do the best of everything and display the best attitude. In other words, love of God creates an incredible high quality life.
Gossiping is unlawful according to Islam. But, in the absence of love and fear of God, people can’t keep themselves from doing it.
As we dance and have fun, our hearts are always with God. It would be outrageous to suggest that God should be forgotten while having fun.
Patience, compassion, loyalty, wisdom, inclination to beauty and aesthetics and grace, these are characteristics that God grants to ladies and that make them superior.
It is important to help people gain sincere, true faith in God, to enjoy the love of God every moment. The media can help achieve that.
Some people are selfish towards everyone; themselves, their families, their countries and they hurt everyone as a result. The Mahdi movement will eliminate egoism.
The dajjal has almost turned this world almost into a cage. The dajjal treads upon people, especially young people, with millions of unnecessary rules and obligations.
God slowly reveals us the secrets of the universe. It should not be forgotten that God keeps these secrets hidden and then He allows them to be discovered.
Both Atatürk and Bediuzzaman were blessed people who were vanguards of Mahdi.
The abundance of concrete walls and barbed wires in a city is a sign of lovelessness. We want a world without barbed wires.
The pious character and love for God of the American people is great. Texas is one of the states from where this program is watched the most.
According to Islam, wealth should not be accumulated or money should not kept hidden away. As a matter of fact, spending money and charity boosts economy.
We abide by only the Qur’an and the Islam as lived by the Prophet (saas) and his companions. We will not follow superstitions.
Eternal Heaven cannot be earned with an easy trial. A comprehensive, difficult test is necessary for eternity.
The details of the trial in this world enhance believers’ souls, and this richness will benefit them for eternity.
The existence of hell is important to make the blessings even more meaningful.
Helping the poor is a means for better health. Charity brings both prosperity and health.
Egoism is embarrassing and humiliating. People should be selfless and altruistic, instead.
If one keeps in mind all the time that God creates everything, every incident, there will be no risk of idolatry for them.
Prophet Jesus is a very refined, kind, modest person. He is also incredibly sharp. He is an amazing person, who is deeply in love with God.
While the magma is boiling underneath our feet, while the comets pass close by, most people live oblivious to this, occupied with mundane daily matters instead.
By the grace of God, we will see Prophet Jesus. We will see him with his original attire and personal belongings. He will look young despite being not very young.
Very important developments will continue to occur until 2023. God knows best, but probably things will start to calm down around 2023, and then in 2029, peace and tranquility in the perfect sense, will come.
There is no pleasure or fun that alcohol can ever provide. Wine is a terrible drink that poisons the body.
We can prove our love for God by choosing the option that will please God the most.
Believers are responsible for doing the best they can to earn the love of God. A believer should not settle with mediocre goodness, they should aim for the best.
A person that is aware that God’s wisdom surrounds everything, keeps his/her focus on God all the time.
Everything we see around us reflects the wisdom of God. Even a single grass leaf on the side of the road displays intelligence that is far more superior to that of the human beings.
I have friends from all walks of life, with all sorts of beliefs. I have friends who are atheists and deists and I respect them all and their ideas.
Lovers of God will be intellectually victorious.
God inspires the truth to the conscience of good people.

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By means of the difficulties and trials in this life, we will be able to appreciate the beauties of Heaven more.
Thinking a lot and taking on different responsibilities will help both mind and personal development.
Dishonesty and insincerity cause people to suffer immensely. It is so common, people live their lives like they are on stage, completely unaware of the existence of sincere love.
A lack of love forces young people to put up an act and keeps them from being themselves and being sincere. In sincere love, there can be no acting or pretending.
People think that following their conscience will cause them troubles. But if they persist in following their conscience, they will be rewarded greatly, both in this world and in the Hereafter.
Flesh cannot stand the test of time but the soul remains young and full of life: Souls don't get old.
God does not tolerate injustice. Believers therefore, have complete trust in God.
It is not wrong to desire to be admired. But since there is an attempt to make being well-groomed a crime, many people chose to be disheveled.
We are obliged to perfect ourselves both spiritually and physically. The spirit of the Qur'an requires beautifying everything.
There should be a race among men to respect women. That is the extent of the respect women deserve.
Three things I would change in the world: 1. End the wars. 2. Make people realize and appreciate God’s beauty and love. 3. Make everyone sincere and honest.
Focusing solely on practicality in clothing, house or furniture, without any regard to beauty and aesthetic, is a serious flaw, a lack of quality.
People all around the world long for freedom, justice, love and brotherhood. They are, in truth, longing for the Mahdi movement.
Those who love God with all their heart and soul, love others as manifestation of God. Religion is essential for true love and friendship.
There is no such thing as ‘the freedom to insult’ in any democratic country. Criticism and opinions must be expressed within the boundaries of respect.
Being loved and respected makes people happy. In the absence of love, people cannot find happiness no matter where they are or where they go.
What I look for in a person is sincerity, honesty and goodwill.
The British deep state thought they had Mr. Erdoğan in its clutches. We, as a nation, showed that Mr. Erdoğan was not alone.
Coincidence is another name for superstition. Coincidences should not be presented as science. As a matter of fact, evolution is a superstition left over from the Sumerians.
Only through mutual love and standing united can Muslims stop the blood lust of the dajjali movement. This will be accomplished by means of the Mahdi movement.
On the night of July 15th (the night of the coup attempt), we witnessed myriad miracles of God. God protected Turkey through countless miracles, and thwarted the plans of the coup plotters.
President Trump should be wary of the British deep state. The Turkish Islamic world should support him and stand by him.
Destiny unfolds like a movie. We are only supposed to be sincere towards God.
Nothing that seems to be difficult or hard upsets me because I know God creates it, and I know there must be a very good reason for it. Whatever it is, I am happy with everything God creates.
A person who doesn’t see others as a manifestation of God and doesn’t know the love of God, cannot know mercy and compassion.
Most of the time people’s relationships are based on the sole purpose of irritating each other. They mock, irritate and upset each other. But they all hurt in the end.
Our young viewers are very cultured, vivacious, enlightened. We all respect all their ideas, we love them all.
The greatest scourge in the End Times is the dajjali system, which is the British deep state. The British deep state oppresses Mr. Erdoğan, for it can’t control him.
The absence of faith in God pains children. They feel empty when they are told that their ancestors were apes.
There can be no warm and affectionate expressions on arrogant people’s faces.

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The human soul has no age. The soul does not age. The aging of the body is not always directly proportional to the years that pass.
Almost all the weapons sold to Muslim countries are used against Muslims. Muslims are martyred with the money of Muslims.
Marriage is a lifetime promise of friendship. How can a person leave someone whom he hopes to be friends in Heaven? This could never happen.
Some people leave their spouses as soon as a hardship, maybe an illness, hits. But a person that believes in God, a person that can deeply love, could never leave his spouse in an event like that.
Love and fear of God guarantees that love between people is never-ending, as well. Without love for God, there can be no loyalty, love or compassion for people.
Village life is amazing. You become friends with flowers and animals. But it is also difficult too; therefore, it should be a combination of rural and city life.
We will all see that very soon, the Islam as described in the Qur’an will spread and prevail in Iran and Saudi Arabia, too.
The salvation of Egypt and the entire Islamic world depends on the Islam as described in the Qur’an, which promotes art, quality, refinement, women’s rights and science; in other words, the Mahdi movement.
President Trump’s meeting with traditional opinion leaders will not make a big difference. He should directly follow the spirit of the Qur’an, the Mahdi movement.
Our persistent explanations that the Qur’an is sufficient as a guide is creating a great impact all around the world. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia have begun to change positively.
Traffic should be taken underground. It would alleviate the burden on the city.
Everyone that is capable of love and is sincere, is my brother or sister.
Every intellectual blow to Darwinism is a source of joy for all believers.
Darwinism/materialism are sinister threats that have silently ruined the world, but many people couldn’t see it. The most dangerous side of it is that it pretends to be scientific.
Sales assistants should be treated kindly and with respect. Treating them like they are robots is very disrespectful.
Because the traditional orthodox understanding of Islam has shown prayer (salat) as if it is too complicated to perform, many stay away from prayer.
In the Hereafter, God will not ask us why we did not read the Qur’an in Arabic. He will ask whether we lived according to the Qur’an or not.
Everyone must read the Qur’an in their own language. Reading the Qur’an in Arabic is not an obligation but living according to the Qur’an is an obligation. Therefore, everyone should understand its meaning.
I have deep love for all believers. Believers always approach believers with love.
Anything other than the Qur’an will divide Muslims. Abiding by the Qur’an is the only way for the unity of the Islamic world.
In the Hereafter, our Prophet (saas) will be held accountable only with regards to the Qur’an. Muslims are responsible only for following the Qur’an .
People instinctively long for Heaven. People are created to be drawn to love beauty, to water, to greenery.
People like greenery and the seas because of the inherent desire they have for Heaven.
There is no reincarnation according to the Qur’an.
Ataturk served Islam greatly, because he worked to save Muslims from traditions and superstitions and worked to make sure that Muslims follow the Qur’an only.
Ataturk (founder of Turkey) was a refined Muslim. He was a man who loved and read the Qur’an.
Secularism is best explained in Islam and the Qur’an. The commandment in the Qur’an that reads “your religion is yours and my religion is mine” is the best application of secularism.
If the congregation in the mosque is kind, loving, compassionate people, children will love going to the mosques. The priority should be the refinement of the souls of mosque congregations.
We will be able to appreciate the beauties in Heaven because of the difficulties we will have experienced in this life. Hardships are necessary for people to become more refined.
Without trials and tribulations, life and people would become crude and dull. However, difficulties create beauties, fine details and refinement.
I believe in the sufficiency of the Qur’an as a guide and I live my life according to the Qur’an.

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Young girls –some with headscarves, some without- and young boys having fun together, dancing is great. It is good that young people are happy, vivacious.
The British deep state wishes to use the YPG/PKK to oppress Muslims in the Middle East. After using them, it will turn on them.
Even a single leg of an ant has incredible art and detail. It is impossible for such a complex structure to come into being by chance.
Jeff Gardner to Mr. Adnan Oktar: You are a unique person in the world with your determined intellectual efforts against Darwinism.
Radicalism is not Islam. Islam is the religion described in the Qur'an. God encourages love and peace in the Qur'an. Radicalism on the other hand, is a pagan belief.
Ending violence using violence is the method of the dajjal. According to Islam evil should be ended by goodness, lovelessness by love, irrationality by wisdom.
Jeff Gardner to Adnan Oktar: I believe your efforts and works are very significant not just for the Middle East, but for the world peace.
Believers are willing to forgive, they don't hold grudges, they contain their anger. No subject turns into a matter of tension between believers.
Concentration exercises can help improve the attention span. By the grace of God, constant exercise will help solve the problem.
Ottoman architecture is magnificent, especially in homes and mosques. It should be popularized in Anatolia due to its beautiful artistic aspect.
I will get tired if I stop serving Islam. Serving Islam makes me happier, more energetic, more committed. Serving your Loved One is the most beautiful feeling.
No miracle will compel people to believe in God; people will always have a choice. The miracles Prophet Jesus showed also didn't compel people to believe; people there could have come up with an explanation not to believe it, if they wanted to.
Patience may seem tiring at first. Yet it makes Muslims more healthy both spiritually and physically and gives them strength and energy.
Pains, ordeals and patience in the face of these difficulties actually refine and improve people. People who have had no difficulty in life, will be insensitive and thoughtless.
Children should be disciplined with love, with compassion, with kind words. Otherwise, they could be negatively affected on a subconscious level.
We don't want any dissident voices to be silenced. An abundance of dissident voices is the beauty of democracy.
According to Islam, there is no unforgivable sin. Once you repent and correct your mistake, you can continue your life like before.
Every action of believers is only to gain the approval of God. God is the only Love of believers. Every effort we make is for the sake of God; it is a testament of our love for God.
I never adopt a destructive tone towards anyone. Although I don't agree with them on many things, I still respect people with traditional orthodox beliefs and I won’t stay silent if they are mistreated.
There will be difficult days ahead, but the end will be great. Turkey is a blessed country.
The appearance of the Mahdi will take place in this century according to Islam, Christianity and Judaism. There is no other time besides this century.
Sectarian divides cause serious tension between Muslims. We should all follow the Qur'an like in the time of our Prophet (pbuh).
The biggest problem of the Islamic world right now is the sectarian separation between Muslims. We should follow the Qur'an and end this division.
It is very surprising but there is a serious lack of love for women, children and people. This lovelessness will leave its place to love when Mahdi appears.
Our path is the path of the Mahdi movement. Even if we don't see him, we are following the path that he will follow according to the hadiths.
Those who have no power of belief in their souls have no words to describe the beauties of paradise, love for God or signs of creation around them. Strangely, they are very skilled in arguing, gossiping and making snide remarks.
There is no command in the Qur'an that says women without a headscarf will go to hell. This is a superstition that arose due to misinformation.
We should turn to God and pray to Him for everything we want.

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Those who’ve promised God in the spiritual realm before time and space was created, will become the students of the Mahdi. If a person had promised God in the spiritual realm, that promise would be kept no matter what.
The only secret of life is loving God. Love is the goal of the universe. Religion also exists for the purpose of love.
Beauty is the embodiment love seeks. Love and beauty go hand in hand. God creates beauty and then makes us love it. Had God not given us love, beauty would have no meaning.
Just like al-Ansar hosted muhajirs at the time of our Prophet (saas), we will host our brothers coming from Syria and other countries. This is a beautiful form of worship.
It is perfectly natural for the US and Russia to forge an alliance. It is very wrong to criticize Mr. Trump simply because he wants that friendship.
The most important thing in interacting with ladies is guarding their honor, and dignity. Saying even a single word that might offend her is an unacceptable.
Protecting a woman, respecting and loving her and making her feel what a superior being she is, is both a blessing and a joy. It is important not to bother women with words or with stares.
Life will be beautiful when ladies feel free, when they are not frowned upon for being beautiful and well groomed.
Muslims cannot afford to be romantics, while there are people waiting for help all around the world. We should always act with the wisdom offered in the Qur’an.
In order for the nightclubs to be really enjoyable, ladies should feel completely safe, free and comfortable there.
Our Prophet (saas) communicated religion to people from all walks of life and to all the women in the Market of Al-Ukaz. He did not shun people because of their clothes.
We will, insha’Allah, make love, peace and brotherhood prevail in the whole world.
At the time of the Mahdi, people will happily greet each other and approach each other with love and trust, instead of with suspicions and doubts.
With love and fear of God, there can be no heartbreaks or heartaches. Those who love for God will never feel a pain of that sort.
Money is not necessary to achieve quality and elegance. It is about one’s soul. For example, a modest house can be made very high quality through cleanliness, with flowers, etc.
Believers should be like time engineers and manage their time efficiently: Otherwise, time will fly.
People are in search of love but they are unable to find honest love. They are unable to find a single person they can trust. We will fix this, insha’Allah.
God expects sincerity from people. It is very important to be sincere while praying to God. God accepts sincere prayers.
Without belief in God, there is no point to love or beauty. And belief in God develops through creation miracles and with the scientific collapse of Darwinism.
The best way to end the PKK is ending their religion, which is materialism and Darwinism. Scientifically ending Darwinism will be the biggest blow.
Football is good for young people as a fun, socializing and energizing activity. But there should be no swearing, no insults or aggression.
We constantly watch our destiny unfold on an elliptical screen that is the view from our eyes. We first watch our destiny in this world and then the eternal one.
Money does not bring happiness. One might live in a palace yet still be unhappy. Happiness is found in faith, in the love and fear of God.
It is not right to see those who drink alcohol as irreligious. Of course we can tell them why it is wrong, but we will still see that person as our brother or sister.
Satan might distract people and cause forgetfulness. It whispers evil thoughts into people. Strong, clever people do not give into the calls of the satan.
Belief in God means not giving into doubts.
Love and true happiness can be achieved only with faith of God, love of God, fear of God. A true believer will always feel like he is already in Heaven.
Swimming pools are like washing machines. Many people do not think about it but many people jump in the pools with dirty bodies and leave all the filth in the water.
It would be better to use robots instead of depending on the physical strength of humans. People should instead spend their time with reading, art, culture.
People shouldn’t have to work non-stop. Fewer working hours is a sign of civilization.
A movement of love should be launched. People should be taught to appreciate and love other people, animals, plants and especially ladies. A loving person cannot throw his trash on grass. A person, who is capable of love, will try to make the world a more beautiful place. Without true love, the world will turn into a living hell.
People search for but unable to find people they can greet, they can trust and love. This is a disaster.
Turkey should be ultra -modern. Just like Israel, Turkey should embrace a model that protects both conservative and modern people.
Egotistical, selfish people cannot live love.
Our refugee brothers must feel at home in Turkey. If a Syrian guest encounters hostility, everyone should get together and defend our guest.
Istanbul is a very special, very historical city. God prepared Istanbul specially for the movement of Mahdi.
Europe is not wrong in rejecting a mentality that hates quality, art, women, music.

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Allah is All-beautiful and His manifestations are eternally beautiful. Believers should make an effort to make everything beautiful.
There is injustice all around the world. Justice will be perfected at the time of Mahdi.
Those who say religion contradicts modern life, knowingly or unknowingly, drive people away from religion. On the contrary, religion encourages modernism.
Most people stay away from performing prayers because bigots portray it like it is a difficult practice. On the contrary, it is very easy and brings happiness. Turning prayer/ablution into difficult practices, is satan’s plot. Allah explains ablution in one verse in Qur’an. But some people write 300-page books explaining it.
Belief in God cleanses people; makes them younger, healthier, radiant.
Children are the joy of the world. Many people do not realize how a great gift the children are.
Bigots made women feel guilty for being beautiful and when bigots see a beautiful lady, they try to insult her.
Misogyny is a mental disease and a perversion. Those who insult women only project their own darkness.
No person has ever seen matter in its real form. No person has ever been able to step out of their brain and interact with the true matter.
Lovelessness has spread around the world like a plague. We will save the world from this disease and make sure that love prevails, insha’Allah.
Artists should never be forgotten. It is crucial to appreciate, recognize and respect them both while they are still alive and after their demise.
Darwinist education has stripped people off their love, mercy and compassion.
It is horrible that some people ask for payment to preach Islam. Religion should be explained in a completely selfless manner.
In the past, many people disrespected the Kurds. This was definitely outrageous. They couldn’t appreciate the nobility, bravery and loving disposition of the Kurds.
Religion does not complicate things. On the contrary, God only expects sincerity and honesty. Religion is easy and simple.
The education system should be designed to teach people general culture that they can put to use in their daily lives.
President Erdogan and US President Trump are both good leaders. Their meeting will be good for the world. May God grant them success.
It is completely heartless to turn away from people who are fleeing death, who are trying to save their lives. We, on the other hand, love the Syrians.

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People go to a different dimension as soon as they pass away. With death, the senses become sharper.
Love is a blessing from God. Love is the reason for the creation of the universe and of the trial in this world. The goal of the dajjal is destroying love.
If Muslims lived by the true Islam as described in the Qur’an, Islamic morality would quickly spread and dominate the world. As long as we continue to preach the real Islam as opposed to the bigoted understanding of Islam, Islamophobia will end and the world will happily welcome Islam.
I risked the wrath of millions of people by pointing to the Qur’an as the sole guide. However, as long as I know something is true, I will never stop telling it.
It is unlikely for a person raised as a Darwinist, a materialist, as a selfish, jealous person to feel trust or to be trustworthy. People usually don't have anyone around them they can trust. This is one of the worst disasters in this world.
Most people cannot enjoy anything. A beautiful flower or a beautiful view doesn’t excite them.
Dance and music are among the most beautiful gifts in life.
Peace, happiness and prosperity will reign throughout the whole world. Under the leadership of the Mahdi movement, the beautiful spirit of the Qur’an will spread all around the world.
Turkish people would never accept any system that might lead to separation, such as federalism.
Children should never be subjected to a tense environment. The only thing they witness should be love, compassion and respect.
The British deep state is the one that benefits from the situation in the Middle East. But eventually, by means of the movement of the Mahdi, Islamic moral values, peace and love will triumph.
Passion, profundity, wisdom and love appeal the most to a lady’s soul. A lady who cannot find wisdom and depth feels dead inside.
Ladies are superior in many aspects. Their understanding of art, their ability to see details, their openness to love and compassion make them superior to men.
The fiercest hypocrites of the End Times display the highest levels of foolish treachery, dishonesty and instability.
Everything the hypocrites do is ignominious and dishonorable. They are like satan in human form. They are full of filth in every moment of their lives.
Darwinism is the religious and philosophical foundation that has lead to all the current disasters, to the current loveless, almost dead world. People cannot be saved unless this dark swamp is drained.
The hypocrites in the community of the Mahdi are the fiercest ones; they are almost a preview of the dajjal. The hadiths tells us that there will be around 30 different dajjals.
We understand from the hadiths that the Mahdi’s time when he kept a low profile out of the public view has probably passed. However, there can still be another similar era and a great cleansing at the last moment.
Some people follow what they learned from their ancestors, and not God’s commands. However, the Qur’an is sufficient as our guide and Islam is easy to practice.
God informs us in the Qur’an that we will only be held responsible from the Qur’an in the Hereafter and that the Qur’an is sufficient as our guide. God informs us that religion is easy. God says ‘Do not say about what your lying tongues describe: ´This is halal and this is haram,´ inventing lies against God.’ (Qur’an, 16/116)
The education given in schools should be founded on general knowledge. Taking children’s individual talents into consideration would be advantageous.
Children’s minds should not be filled with information they won’t ever use in their lives. Children should learn about the world and see the advantages of the education they are given.
A person’s honesty can be immediately spotted on his face. A dishonest person will give himself away with his words, while an honest person will also show his integrity immediately.
Throwing litter into the streets shows a lack of manners. Those who do that are lowering their own quality of life first.
It is unacceptable for Muslims to try to trouble each other while hypocrites and unbelievers cause tyranny all over the world and blood is being shed all over the Islamic world.
We should not leave Mr. Trump alone against the British deep state.
Our Prophet (saas) explains in his hadiths that the disaster of lovelessness and dishonesty will end by means of the Mahdi. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the teacher of love and sincerity.
Believers should be loving towards and not seek faults in each other. They should focus their entire energy on their intellectual efforts against the system of disbelief.
Believers should always be forgiving. God forgives. Believers should be happy that their brothers and sisters repent and correct themselves after making mistakes.
It is important to win people over. Anyone can make a mistake. It is important to allow them to correct their mistakes.

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Imam Rabbani said that some so-called Islamic scholars would be hostile towards the Mahdi when he appeared and claim that the Mahdi changed their religion.
God creates animals so adorably; they elicit strong feelings of compassion from us. They are all very beautiful, very cute. This is a great gift of God.
Following the Qur’an completely, being devoted to God with a very deep love; that will improve the physical and mental health of a person.
Believers should always be elegant and refined. Their sense of humor is also refined. But crude people find revolting things funny. A cultured person refrains from such coarse behavior. Believers are better than responding to vulgarity with a similar attitude. Believers should act with nobility and honor in every situation.
It is important that people improve themselves all the time. Muslims should always improve themselves with the Qur’an as their guide and get rid of the negativity and greediness.
My friends are all cultured, sophisticated, high quality people who love and fear God greatly.
The dajjali system is constantly promoting hatred all around the world. And we are constantly negating that effect with positivity and love.
The universe is created for love. Without love, there would be no purpose to life. A lack of love will lead to disasters.
Man is responsible for his actions. God inspires every person the right choices. This is a great blessing for people.
We should let the whole world know about the injustice done to Muslims in Bangladesh. Most people are not even aware of this tyranny.
Let’s continue to draw attention to all the injustice done to our fellow Muslims in Bangladesh and take care of them.
When a Muslim brother or sister hurts, no matter where they might be in the world, we will feel that pain. Muslims are brothers and sisters and are obliged to take care of each other.
People should know that when they get ill, God heals them, not the doctors or the medication. They are only means that God creates.
Those who claim that their hearts are in the right place yet do not thank God despite seeing the existence of God, are not being sincere.
All sincere believers of God will go to Heaven. A sincere person clearly sees the glorious existence of God and lives a life to please God.
We are told in the Qur’an that fully abiding by the Qur’an is a cure. Following the Qur’an makes people physically and mentally healthy.
Everything happens for a very good reason. If you have a headache, or if you trip over a stone, you should know that there is always a good reason.
Terrorists are raised with a Darwinist, materialist mindset. Draining that swamp would fundamentally solve the problem of terror. Many young people who are religious become communists after they learn about Darwinism in high school and begin to see violence, conflict and terrorism as ‘legitimate’ methods. The only solution to this problem is providing the right education to young people. Intellectually annihilating Darwinism and materialism would be the greatest victory.
No one should even suggest an alliance with the YPG.
A lack of love should be regarded as a national problem and should be dealt as a top priority.
There should be well-kept gardens, flowers in front of every house. Houses, clothes and even people’s lives are mostly only for the purpose of serving their functions. It is as if ‘survival’ is the only goal in their lives. However, without a desire for beauty, for quality and elegance, the life losses its joy too.
Ladies are not complimented for their beauty. On the contrary, sometimes beauty is frowned upon. As a result, ladies stop caring about their looks. This is wrong.
Children should be given basic medical skills. Everyone, not just medical school students, should know about basic life-saving skills. Children should also learn arts and should be taught how to make everything more beautiful and aesthetic.
Education in essence should have the purpose of raising refined people. Students shouldn't be stressed with exams, they should be able to have fun while learning.
An education system that disregards spirituality, will make children shallow. As a result, lovelessness will spread and lead to a disaster.
Children should be educated in a fun, conversational manner. Children should understand why it is important that they receive education.
People should be shown and reminded of God’s artistry everywhere.
Believers fear losing God’s love and offending God. This is how they strengthen their love for God and how they get closer to God.
The fear of God is the fear of offending the One you love the most. God is the One we love the most. May God forbid, offending God would be the most harrowing pain.
Sometimes people are influenced by the choices of the majority. Instead, everyone should act independently, and with common sense.
A lack of love can be eliminated with love of God and fear of God. Without loving God, it is impossible for people to really love one another.
People usually develop baseless prejudices against each other. This is again due to a lack of compassion and love.
A lack of love is a national disaster. It is crucial that the government sees the danger of lovelessness and takes cultural precautions to stem it. Our state should start a campaign of love. Everyone should show love and show compassion to one another. It is crucial that people love each other, love plants, animals, etc.
Electrons spin around the nucleus at thousands of kilometers per hour, yet they never crash or collide. God’s glorious artistry is magnificently displayed in the atoms.
Atoms have existed for about 15 billion years and are constantly moving around with an incredible speed but neither they nor their sub particles ever collide.
Mothers are among the most beautiful manifestations of God. Loving one’s mother means loving the manifestation of God. Mothers should be loved and respected every single day, not only on Mother’s Day.
Some people don't have much love for their mothers. They settle for buying a gift once a year on Mother’s Day and forget about her until next year.

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The dark spell that puts people to sleep in unawareness and hurts them by encouraging selfishness and lovelessness is Darwinism. We will enlighten the world by scientifically ending Darwinism.
Every time we meet a new person, we should have a compassionate, friendly approach. The beautiful message of God can be spread only with love and compassion.
The majority of people distance themselves from religion when something doesn't suit their interests. For example, they don't get up to pray in the morning because sleeping feels better or they send away beggars instead of helping them.
A truly healthy life is possible only by following the Qur’an. The Qur’an cures. When people follow the Qur’an, their sorrow, despair and all their negativity will be replaced with health and peace of mind.
Women are the most beautiful beings in the world. God’s name Al-Jamal is perfectly manifested on them. They are superior to men in their compassion, attentiveness and artistic potential.
Some people live in almost complete obliviousness in a kind of deep hypnosis. Only love and fear of God can overcome this problem.
My books have contributed greatly to the growing admiration and respect among the conservative people of Turkey towards Atatürk.
The real reason behind humanity’s decline before doomsday will be the spread of hatred and vengeance after the Quran’s holy light leaves the world.
Everyone would want quality and elegance. Subconsciously, every human being yearns for quality.
Diseases are a part of God’s artistry just as health is. At times of illnesses and afflictions, believers put their trust in God. Diseases prevent arrogance, vanity, undisciplined behavior and the threat of forgetting God by getting too attached to this world. Disease is a beauty that is a part of God’s hidden knowledge. It helps people earn Heaven.
Praising one’s beauty is praising God’s artistry.
Satan ridicules people through Darwinism. Trying to explain everything with coincidences is not science; it is a failure of logic.
Bigotry is designed by satan to destroy Islam from within. It hinders the ability of people to contemplate, to innovate and it numbs people. Let's not allow bigotry to suffocate people. With joy and love, let’s turn the world into Heaven, by means of the beautiful spirit of the Qur’an.
Tastelessness is a bad thing. We need to have a Ministry of Art and Quality that will work on quality and refinement. When art and beauty is lost, life becomes only about survival and functioning. When that happens, the world turns into a living hell.
Being beautiful or attractive was made almost a crime and that put many people off making the effort. This attitude removes beauty.
God loves beauty and grants more beauty when we appreciate and protect it. Therefore, disregarding art would be a disaster.
Let Turkey be the center of art in the world, with exhibitions, art competitions, recitals, etc. The disappearance of art is a disaster.
Incorrectly applied urbanization in Istanbul erases aesthetics of the city entirely. On the contrary, the city should be expanded outwards and the Bosphorus should be made completely green.
Refuting Darwinism scientifically and being an ultra-modern country should be among the top priorities of Turkey.
More than 700 million fossils were unearthed so far, and none of it supports evolution. On the contrary, they show that living things have always been the same for millions of years.
A just order can be built only by means of the Mahdi movement, with the Islamic Union and through full compliance with the Qur’an. Following the Qur’an only, in a manner that is completely free of traditions and fabrications, would make this world almost a heaven-like place.
Once Darwinism is eradicated, the terror of the PKK will immediately end.
The PKK’s ideology will be destroyed when Darwinism is destroyed. The destruction of Darwinism will be a harsh intellectual blow to the atheist system in the world.
Similar to Prophet Moses (as)’ s staff turning into a living snake when he cast it down, man is created instantaneously, not gradually.
Surat al-Araf verse 172 reveals that entire humanity was created in spiritual realm as human beings who hear and speak. There was no evolutionary process. Therefore, there is no creation by evolution in the Qur’an.
Those who falsely claim there is supposedly evolution in the Qur’an should be confronted with the fact that the jinns, the angels, the residents of Heaven were created all of a sudden. Similar to the creation of the jinns and the angels at once, and not through evolution, human beings were not created through a process of evolution.
Evolutionists feel insulted after we destroyed Darwinism with scientific evidence. Now, they are making futile attempts to reconcile the Qur’an with evolution. There is no evolution in the Qur’an.
Those that seek to reconcile the Qur’an with deceit of evolution, are naturally forced to make very illogical claims. There is no creation by evolution in Qur’an.
When we say that God’s spirit is everywhere, including the petals of a daisy, we mean to say that everything has surrendered to and controlled by God. God’s spirit pervades all space and time, the entire universe.
Ladies are perfectly able to judge the situation and protect themselves and their honor. Some men think that they should dictate ladies what to wear: This is wrong.
It is up to ladies to decide how to dress according to the circumstances. God commands ladies to wear hijab only when they need to protect themselves.
Claiming that Islam is founded on only five pillars is not right. Islam commands the observation of all the verses in the Qur’an.
Holding needless suspicion about believers could cause many problems, may God forbid. Believers should have a clear mind and give each other the benefit of doubt.
Cats are able to display their affection very beautifully. They are also very clean animals.

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Loving God, fearing God frees people of their chains. The Qur’an breaks all the chains that hold people prisoners.
A person who lives selfishly cannot be sincere. Only a person that lives for others can be honest and sincere.
Money should be used to make people happy. One shouldn’t want it for selfish purposes. Money will be helpful and fruitful only if used to make people happy.
When freedom and women’s rights are completely secured in Turkey, the whole world will love Islam. That’s why the British deep state is trying to stop this from happening.
When art is gone, love is gone, too. And when there is no love, there is no compassion, beauty, and life becomes meaningless and cruel.
Our Prophet (pbuh) gave hundreds of details about the End Times, about the Mahdi and all of them came true. Therefore the Mahdi movement is the number one subject we should be focusing on.
I focus on the topic of Mahdi (as) because we are in the time of the Mahdi. Our Prophet (pbuh) also talked about the Mahdi all the time.
The use of beauty and art is crucial while spreading the beautiful message of Islam. That’s why Prophet Solomon’s palace was majestic.
No one would be against Turkey if Turkey became a champion of women’s right, became better and even surpass Europe in art, science and modernism.
Turkey should be a leader in quality, modernism, women’s rights. If Turkey does that, every country would want to ally with Turkey. The main problem of Turkey is its inability to prove that it is a modern country, that women are respected and cherished in this country.
No one should advise Turkey to ally with the YPG/PKK. That’s what the British deep state wants. Turkey won’t fall into that trap.
Young girls should always be well groomed and look like flowers. But since they feel it’s wrong to look good, because they were made to think that way, most of them became withdrawn.
Many young people look disheveled and despondent. They don't even want to look good or be happy. This is bad.
Hypocrites are evil beings and condemn themselves to a life of humiliation. Believers on the other hand, are always strong.
Our intellectual efforts against atheist Freemasonry will continue. We are forever friends and allies with believing Masons.
The presence of hypocrites is good for Muslims, because they make Muslims more vigilant, careful and stronger.
The British deep state usually infiltrates economies first and then destroys them from within. The British deep state also promised military and financial support to the Ottomans but then destroyed the Ottoman Empire from within.
The Turkish intelligentsia and government agencies are aware of the British deep state. It’s not wise to pretend that this menace doesn't exist.
We have been warning for years that the PKK desires to build a communist state in southern Turkey and cut off our ties with the rest of the Islamic world.

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One has to love and fear God deeply so that s/he can love truly love people, too. When that happens, love will be very strong.
Based on the abjad values of Qur’an verses and hadiths, Said Nursi says doomsday might happen in 2120. God knows best.
God informed us of the signs of the doomsday and many those signs of have appeared. Gog and Magog will appear later.
Not having had any difficulties is not something to be happy about. Believers thrive amidst difficulties; tribulations turn into blessings for them.
Life will become beautiful when the Qur’an is fully followed, because the Qur’an breaks the chains and removes burdens on people, and frees them.
Mr. Erdogan is a brave, driven man and is very protective of Muslims. All his life, he’s been through difficulties. That’s why Turks love him. We will continue to support and protect Mr. Erdogan from the plots of the British deep state.
Ataturk says that communism should be intellectually crushed wherever it rises. This is a very good advise that should be followed.
Ladies are the most beautiful ornaments in the world and in paradise. It’s crucial that world sees the beauty, class, light of believer ladies.
If Turkey becomes extra modern, champions arts, women’s right and quality, the the anti-Turkish sentiment in Europe and the support for the PKK will end.
In the 75th verse of Surah an-Nur, Muslims pray to God for a savior, for a Mahdi, when they face difficulties.
There are so many loveless people. Loveless people are punished in advance by the unpleasant expression that appears on their faces. The hateful words of loveless people hurt only themselves. In the mean time, the Muslims they try to offend get younger, healthier, better.
The Mahdi system will end the misogyny created by the dajjali system. At time of the Mahdi, ladies will have the utmost freedom.
The Dajjali system plotted and showed ladies –the most beautiful blessings in the world- as horrid creatures that should be hated.
The Islamic world is divided because most Muslims don't follow the Qur’an completely. Sectarian divisions are causing immense pain. Following the Qur’an completely will remove all the causes of fights. The world will find peace and relief.
There is no reason why the world shouldn't be a great place. People think it’s normal that there are barbed wires separating people. And there is no reason why there should be wars. People from every religion, every ethnicity are great. They can easily live in peace together. All this fighting is unnecessary.
There is an ongoing intellectual struggle between the atheistic Masons and believing Masons of the world at the moment.
The Dajjali system constantly encourages violence through movies, books, wars etc. That negative teaching should be negated through positive teaching. It’s crucial to constantly encourage love. The sincere efforts of a few loving people will be enough to change the whole world.
The Kurdish people are noble, honorable, brave, selfless. They are great people. Some people consider it an insult to be a gypsy. It’s unbelievable. Gypsies are kind, cheerful, genuine, great people. People can’t appreciate each other because of the twisted suggestions of racism. Greeks, Armenians, Arabs, gypsies, Kurds, all ethnicities are all great.
Sincerity is the food of soul and mind. God says that His sincere servants will be saved.
Honesty and sincerity is crucial. Sometimes it costs a lot; it is difficult, but one has to persist in honesty and never give up.
Hz. Khidr will guide developments, but not in a visible way so that people will be forced to believe. He will operate secretly.
An era of rapid decline will start after the Mahdi (as) and Prophet Jesus (as) pass away. The children that are born now will see both the Mahdi and the decline.
The test in this world is flawless. No matter what happens, one will never feel obliged to believe, but will always have a choice.
The Mahdi movement moves forward like a strong ship that cannot be stopped, no matter how choppy the sea might be. It is because the Mahdi movement is in world’s destiny.
There is no such thing as the evolution of history. We are all watching destiny unfold. Everything happens as a part of that destiny.
May God send Hz. Mahdi and Prophet Jesus very soon; that’s the only way for the pain to end. The appearance of the Mahdi is a sign of doomsday. Doomsday is very close.
Tormenting animals or forcing them to behave in a certain way to capture their cute moments is unacceptable. No one should be allowed to do that.
Atatürk was against bigortry, not against religion. He advocated the Islam described in the Qur'an and he set an example with his attitude that did not favor any sect over the others. Atatürk laid a solid ground for the system of Mahdi. Atatürk set a great example with his refined manners, quality and sophistication. He had copies of the Qur’an distributed in Anatolia and had the Qur’an translated into Turkish. He spearheaded the spread of true Islam as described in the Qur’an.
Atatürk was a very classy person who used to read the Qur'an every night. Certain people’s attempts at insults will not hurt him.

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Certain circles are trying to condemn Muslims to a joyless, dull life with no beauties or art. It is because they know that people would flock to Islam if they understand the freedom offered by Islam.
Abandoning refugees to drown in the Mediterranean is appalling.

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Honor and power belongs solely to God. Only God can give honor and only God can take it away.
There is no headscarf in Surah Nur . Surah Ahzab mentions the necessity of hijab when there is a threat to the safety of ladies.
I never claimed to be the Mahdi and will never claim to be the Mahdi until the day I die. I’m also not an Islamic scholar, nor a teacher.
Some people confuse the dark world of radicalism with true religion and try to defend it. It is not what God wants. True Islam is the opposite of radicalism.
If Turkey becomes extra modern, champions women’s rights, arts and science, etc., countries will stop supporting the PKK.
In Syria, a technocratic government should be built from people that weren’t involved in crimes. The Syrian problem should be solved without Syria being divided.
Ataturk opened religious schools, distributed thousands of copies of the Qur’an in Anatolia, had the Qur’an translated into Turkish.
Ataturk wanted the true Islam as described in the Qur’an to prevail. He was a perfect Ottoman gentleman, was very classy and modern.
Conservative ladies and modern ladies should be equally respected no matter what they choose to wear.
Following our lead, many others have joined in the cultural and intellectual campaign against the British deep state.
God placed inside every fruit necessary amount of vitamins, proteins, minerals etc for humans. This alone is enough to believe in God.
The British deep state considers the Qur’an’s Islam (the true Islam as described in the Qur’an) as the biggest threat. It is because it knows the world will love true Islam if they learn about it.
In the Hereafter, people will be asked if they had been grateful for every gift, every blessing they were given like flowers, birds. They will be asked if those blessings were just coincidences.
The only rank that matters to me is the rank in the sight of God.
It is an obligation for the Muslim world to be united. It is a command of God, like prayer and fasting. And we are obliged to make an intellectual effort for it.
Certain circles are in a state of panic, because we are exposing the British deep state and will continue to do so.

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There are giant meteors constantly passing close to the Earth and boiling magma underneath our feet. Yet many people don't even think about it for a second. Many people are unaware of the reason why they are in this world and live their lives looking around with blank stares. They are usually only interested in what they’re eating or drinking at that moment.
If you look at the world carefully enough, you’ll understand that you are living in a dream.
The good looks of believers stem from their faith in God. Since people are used to seeing unkempt and disheveled ladies, they are surprised when they see ladies that are both extremely attractive and devout and chaste.
The radical understanding of Islam, which is based on superstitions and fabrications rather than the Qur’an, is conflicted in itself as well. But radicals pretend not to see it. The radicals came close to destroying Islam completely with made up rules, fabrications and principles that God never ordered. They drove people away from religion but we put an end to their plots.
Many so-called Islamic scholars focus on completely irrelevant and trivial matters and never spend any time that could actually help people gain a stronger faith in God. While millions of Muslims around the world are suffering extremely, many so-called scholars feel no remorse or shame talking about completely irrelevant or trivial topics. Islamic scholars should work to strengthen people’s faith by talking about Quran’s miracles, creation miracles. Instead, some so-called scholars constantly talk about superstitions and fabrications. Many so-called Islamic scholars refrain from talking about the necessity of an Islamic Union, the importance of brotherhood, or the beauties of Heaven. They never talk about the fact that Darwinism is a lie.
A materialist education can drive people away from religion and can make them materialists. Similarly, a counter-education will bring them closer to the Qur’an and will make them believers.
The jealousy and bitterness of those people that try to hurt believers will only elevate the position of the believers in Heaven. Therefore, their presence is actually a blessing for believers.

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The British deep state's is the world's number one problem right now. It is wrong to downplay it. Instead, it should be intellectually countered.
The people of Iran are decent, humble, brave people. Iran is a great Muslim country. No one should fall for the games of those who want a discord between Turkey and Iran. Both in Iran and in Turkey, there are groups trying to stoke hostility between Iran and Turkey. These people are guided by British deep state. The best way to answer the anti-Iran sentiment provoked by the British deep state is disavowing radical ideas and strengthening our friendship with Iran.
Although it is completely untrue, bigots have portrayed Islam as an extremist, misogynistic system. Because of that, Islamophobia has now spread everywhere.
Both Russians and Iranians are great people, with humble characters. The British deep state is discriminating against Russia. Let’s be good friends with them.
Turkey, Russia and Iran should form a powerful, solid bloc. We should also help Armenia and not be spectators to their isolation in a faraway land. Azerbaijan is very dear to us. Let's help them solve the conflict with Armenia and build an alliance of friendship in the region.
The main principle of Freemasonry is freedom of thought, respect for ideas, peace, friendship and brotherhood. Yet not every Mason can match that level of refinement. Surely there can be ignorant people among Masons that don't respect ladies and all humans in general, or who have no respect for art or refinement.
In the Qur'an, ladies are not commanded to wear a headscarf. They are advised to wear hijab only temporarily to protect themselves, if the situation requires it.
Bigots are driving people away from religion with rules that are not in the Qur'an. For example, there is no headscarf in the Qur'an. But ladies are supposed to wear hijab only if they feel unsafe, and only until the danger is gone.
Freemasonry has surprisingly ancient origins. Even on 12-thousand-year-old reliefs, Masonic symbols can be found. This is really surprising.
There are small, illegal groups in every country that claim to be Masons. They are not really linked to true Freemasons. Atheists that infiltrated Freemasonry for personal gains or small groups that pretend to be Masons shouldn't be taken seriously.
True Freemasonry is an ancient institute going back thousands of years. It believes in God and has an open-minded mentality that respects ideas, faiths and values women. True Freemasonry doesn't recognize or take seriously those small, atheistic groups that formed by themselves and claim to be atheist Masons.
Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi and other sects, they are all Muslims. They all believe in the same God, abide by the same Book, love the same Prophet. Yet satan wants animosity and hatred to exist between Muslims.
It’s important to remember and praise God everywhere. For example, you can go to a restaurant and look at the menu and say ‘God is creating so many blessings’.
Many people only rarely hear about God's name. Therefore, reminding people of God, even with one sentence, will make them happy, inspired.
God’s order in the Qur’an about ladies attire is not the headscarf. God advises ladies to wear hijab if they feel unsafe; and ladies are to decide that when it is necessary.
Obama did great damage to the USA. It is not possible for this damage to be undone completely in only 100 days. Trump will get results in time.
If a person has God's support, he will definitely be successful. When God supports a person, He will inspire everyone to support that person.
Because God supports the Mahdi movement, even though most people will be against it at first, it will eventually be successful.
Drinking alcohol is wrong according to Islam. Alcohol is nothing but pure poison; there is nothing fun about poisoning oneself. Even if it was allowed by Islam, it is not something to be drunk.
Certain circles don't want people to know that Islam is very easy to practice. Because if that truth is known, they know that Islamic morality will quickly spread around the world.
Being able to show that Islam can be lived in a modern way is clear proof that Islamic morality is beginning to take hold around the world. This is why some are alarmed.

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Göbeklitepe was a Masonic temple. Amazingly, Freemasonry existed even then.
Atheistic Freemasons and those who join Freemasonry to pursue material goals actually have nothing to do with Freemasonry. Right now, atheism is on the decline in Freemasonry and its influence is weakening.
In the new world order, Islam’s beautiful moral values will reign and bring peace to the world.
Suicide will be punished with endless hell. It is like murder: God would never test a person with more than he can handle, therefore suicide is not justified.
It is not the eyes that see. The eyes are in fact blind. The eyes only convey electric signals to the brain and someone inside the brain, without eyes, sees the electric signals as a colorful world.
Only Mahdi movement can bring peace to Syria and to other conflict zones.
I have never approved atheistic Freemasonry and always made my intellectual stance against it very clear.
There was a mistaken idea that religious people should not enjoy luxuries, or live beautiful lives. That was a plan to suffocate Muslims. We put an end to that.
Being religious correlates with modernism. Some people have wrongly suggested that faith could not co-exist with modernism. We proved them wrong.
It’s great that Turkey, Russia and Iran agree on a policy to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria.
The British deep state attacked at Gallipoli, drew up the Treaty of Sevres and drew the borders in the Middle East with rulers. Some people still act as like none of this has happened.
The Anatolian people have a historical wisdom and insight. With this insight, our people are able to quickly decide who and what should be supported.
Our intellectual accomplishment to spread the beautiful message of God is a guarantee of our future accomplishments. We will intellectually eradicate the British deep state.
I am open to all ideas. I respect everyone’s ideas and beliefs as long as they don't support violence.
Traffic should be taken underground as much as possible. There should be nice, large underground roads.
The water cup symbol is found in inscriptions that are tens of thousands of years old, in the Bible, in Freemasonry and in Surah Yusuf in the Qur’an.
God explains in the Quran that whatever believers want, it will be in Heaven. God did not put a limitation. Whatever one wants, it’s going to be in Heaven, insha’ Allah.
When Turkey becomes ultra-modern, Europe will gladly welcome her. Turkey will be both very modern and devout as the companions of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) were.
It is clear that in the future, the suffocating philosophy of bigotry and traditionalism will be gone and Turkey will be more modern and live by the true Islam as described in the Qur’an.
God purposefully created the world with so many shortcomings and negativities so that man can be tested. As a part of this test, man has constant needs and has to fight countless ailments. Yet, God also created cures and medications.

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Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is a command of God to all believers.
Hypocrites are cowardly and self-interested.
A believer should never use a destructive tone towards anyone, especially towards other believers. It is important to always have a constructive manner.
A water cup is a significant Masonic symbol that is found thousand-year-old inscriptions and wall pictures. It refers to the age of Aquarius. Ancient civilizations also mentioned that the salvation of the humankind would take place in the age of Aquarius. We live in the age of Aquarius right now.
Many religions that are remnants of ancient divine religions also have references to Mahdi. Hindus and Buddhists also believe the Mahdi will come in this century.
The Moshiach depicted in the Torah is the same person as the Mahdi awaited by Muslims. All religions give the glad tidings of the Mahdi’s coming.
The British deep state recruits treacherous, arrogant people to use as its minions. We exposed them all.
Mr. Erdoğan is a brave leader who boldly takes on the British deep state.
After we exposed the British deep state, the Turkish people and intelligentsia saw the clique of hypocrites used and supported by the British deep state.
It would be truly wretched to claim that God created this perfect order with no purpose.
We travel on a giant globe in the universe moving with tremendous speed and right beneath our feet, we have bubbling magma. Yet we live safely and comfortably. This is God’s beautiful mercy.
For a believer, whatever happens, it is always good and for the best. God will never let anything happen that is not favorable for believers.

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There should be authorities checking and making sure that animal owners care for and treat their pets well.
Our Prophet (saas) had a striking beauty and was very well-built. At the same time, he always made jokes, he was always happy.
Some radicals have such sick views, they consider the legs of a three- year-old girl provoking. That is horrible.
It is unacceptable to be disrespectful to sales assistants in stores. They should be addressed with kindness and respect for their efforts.
There is a very warm philosophy in Anatolia. Those that are unaware of that philosophy, that spirit, would not be able to enjoy Anatolian music and beauties.
The majority of our conservative, orthodox brothers are taken aback when they hear that the Qur’an is enough as the source of religion. They should cling to the Qur’an, without having any doubts that it is the sole guide. The Qur’an is sufficient as a guide. Everything is explained in the Qur’an. Saying anything to the contrary would be a sin.
Many people with a bigoted mindset sincerely believe that their beliefs are right. We need to explain to them the truth with patience.
Hazrat Mahdi will go through so many difficulties and many people will not even realize.
Everything is fleeting in this world. We will have our eternal and true bodies, true appearance in the Hereafter.
Islam is the wisdom of the world.
The British deep state was convinced that they would have won by 2023. However, Turkey’s bold moves and the spread of Islamic morality has made them extremely uncomfortable.
It is such a beauty to see vivacious young girls, taking care to look attractive. I believe that everyone should enjoy utmost freedom everywhere.

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The British deep state has sleeper cells and qualified hypocrites that it keeps ready to use when necessary. But their efforts will be to no avail.
The British deep state aims to replace Islam with Rumism. In their conception of Rumism, there is no room for Islam or the Qur'an.
There is a plan to erase Islam. But we will foil that plot with the Islam of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh); the true Islam that is modern, enlightened and refined.
We criticize the Rumi philosophy that is used by the British deep state to promote atheism. Our criticism is not directed at the concept of Rumism as adopted by the people of Anatolia.
When someone is betrayed, God will make that person even stronger. And the traitor will lose.
What bothers the British deep state most is Turkey’s abandonment of the Greater Middle East Project and her opposition to the division of the region.
A Russia-Turkey alliance will be an effective power against the British deep state. The USA, Iran and China should join, too.
Some circles struggled immensely to drive a wedge between Turkey and Russia. Yet all such attempts proved futile thanks to our efforts. We've thwarted such plots with my articles published in Pravda and other publications and helped rebuild the friendship between Russia and Turkey. Putin saw through the plots behind the Russian jet incident and saw President Erdogan’s honesty. Now, these two leaders will, insha’Allah, build an alliance.
President Erdogan is a modern person and embraces everyone regardless of them being modern or conservative or regardless of their attire. He stands up for everyone.
If a person lives solely for God, and does everything solely to please God, there will be no risk of idolatry for that person, insha’ Allah.
All the prophets were the most progressive, modern personalities of their times. It is irrational to regard modernity as a bad thing.
Many conservative people don't really know that the Qur’an is sufficient as a guide. With compassion and understanding, we will continue to explain them the truth.
God created the eyes only as an instrument. In fact, the electric signals sent by the eyes to the brain are too weak to create such high quality image. The world we see is directly seen by the soul itself.
Music is very nice when performed with love and passion. A cold, ceremonial performance will not have the same impact on our souls.

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Many people are doing the most treacherous thing by forgetting God. This is inconceivably immoral.
God creates the feeling of love and the people to direct that feeling to. If God took the feeling away, humans would be able to do nothing about it. For this reason, God should be loved the most.
God wants His servants to be focused on Him. God creates everything we have, we love; our houses, our friends, our belongings. Therefore, one should love God with all she/he has.
May God make us all students of the Mahdi, insha’Allah.
God makes us love the feeling of love. If God didn't give that feeling, even the prettiest sight could have disturbed us.
Wherever one turns his gaze, there is a blessing from God. God provides countless blessings - from a TV remote to fruits to vegetables at the groceries.
Unbelievers are created in a completely different manner, like they are in a different dimension. Therefore, it would be extremely wrong for a believer to be influenced by their attitude and have doubts.
People don't like the fact that everything is fleeting in this world, because it is in human nature to desire the Hereafter, the eternal. However, death helps people focus on God and the real life in the Hereafter. That’s the reason behind death.
God displays His spectacular artistry in the perfect details He creates all around the universe. Ignoring this art is very wrong..
Even if unbelievers seem to be unaffected by a truth they are told, in fact they are influenced on a subconscious level and realize that it is the truth.
Said Nursi also explained that the Mahdi would stay away from politics. The Mahdi will provide ideological support to politics, but will not actively take part in it.
The Mahdi and his students focus solely on their spirituality. The Mahdi is the spiritual vein that feeds the world, he is the spiritual heart of the world.
The Mahdi will not be involved in politics. The Mahdi system is about wisdom, spirituality, friendship and brotherhood. The Mahdi will have no political concerns.
A government without an ideological basis cannot stay strong. In Turkey, the right wing is always successful, because we destroyed the ideological basis of left wing politics.
For years, we have emphasized the importance of raising a good generation with a particular focus on their spirituality. Now everyone sees its importance and understands that constructing bridges and roads alone, will not be enough.
Turkey and Iran are two great countries. They are fraternal countries and allies. There are attempts to turn Turkey and Iran against each other through artificial problems. The Turkish government is thwarting these attempts and we are supporting them.
Our articles in the Tehran Times are a steely response to those who try to set Iran and Turkey against one another.

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The communist ideals of peace and social justice are commendable, but justice does not come by force; it happens naturally by means of willing brotherhood and friendship.
May 1st is not the holiday of the workers only. It belongs to everyone; peasants, civil servants, everyone.
We are not against the communist ideal of building social justice and peace; we are against the dark, irreligious, cruel, blood-shedding character of communism.

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It’s crucial that necessary precautions are taken against so that no fruits and vegetables are wasted during transport. We should make sure that nothing is wasted.
We criticize a person only to correct his mistakes; we don’t want anyone to feel down.
Turkey is in need of a dynamic, audacious spirit. That’s why zealous and driven leaders are very precious. Turkey cannot afford to be stagnant and introverted.
It is crucial that animals are protected very well. Animal abusers should be severely punished in a deterrent manner. Animals cannot defend themselves.
A single ear of wheat takes great pains to mature. It collects water, vitamins & minerals from soil. Not even a single bit of it should be wasted. If the waste in the world was stopped today, there would be no such thing as hunger.
If the leaders of the world’s most powerful countries came together and decided to spend money on peace and love instead of weapons, everyone would agree to it. They work hard to produce jetfighters, warships, bombs, weapons. This is crazy. It’s very easy to live as brothers and achieve peace.
The term ‘He is a sign of the Hour' (Qur'an, 43:61) is never used for any other prophet in the Quran, but it is used only for Jesus. He will return.
Muslims all around the world are suffering and there is bloodshed everywhere. But some so-called scholars are talking about completely irrelevant and trivial subjects.
God has stated clearly in the Qur'an that Jesus was not killed and that he did not die. By the grace of God, we will see Prophet Jesus in the Endtimes.
Said Nursi stated, based on the Qur’anic verses, that Prophet Jesus will return once again.
According to the hadiths and the statements of the great Islamic scholars, this is the last century for the Mahdi and Jesus to come. We will see both in this century.
The most distinctive quality of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is that he has a very deep faith. He obtained a very deep faith by thinking deeply.
Let us live together in peace and in comfort. Why should children in Syria die? The world is more than enough for everyone. Let us build parks, gardens, hospitals, schools, let everyone live in peace. Is it that easy; peace is very easy.
Some so-called Islamic scholars, due to their ignorance, concede defeat against Darwinism. They are unaware that science refutes evolution

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Unbelievers only imagine that they can ridicule Muslims. In fact, their pathetic attempts only heighten the ranks of Muslims in Heaven.
Turkey is the center of love, kindness, depth. It will teach world quality and love.
We work night and day to earn God’s approval and never take a break. Some people don't understand this but they too will soon understand.
We are religious, devout people and we always talk about God everywhere we go.
Muslims get even stronger when they are attacked. Their lives get longer and become even more vigorous. The Prophet Moses, too became stronger after the attacks of the hypocrites and lived a very long life.
The speech of unbelievers is filthy; all they talk is treachery, lovelessness and hate. Believers observe them and improve their character even more.
Muslims live in their own dimension under the protection of God. Unbelievers are under the sway of the satan and live in satan’s dimension.
According to the hadiths, Hazrat Mahdi will turn those hearts that are like coal into diamonds with love.
Hypocrites live among Muslims but they slide to the dimension of unbelievers. Yet they cannot harm those who believe.
The lives of believers on the other hand is a display of beauty, etiquette, kindness, culture, sophistication, blessings, cleanliness; in short, all beauties imaginable.
The lives of the unbelievers are dominated by the constant presence of stress, unhappiness and troubles. They also have serious judgment problems and are unstable.
God especially manages the lives of the believers and fills their lives with numerous beauties.
God gives special blessings and grace to believers; He will make them healthier, more prosperous, improve their looks, and will make sure that everything goes right for them.
2023 is an important date, everything is happening very rapidly. President Erdogan is a man with a special task; that is why God bestows courage, patience and perseverance on him.
God will bestow the blessing of discovering the Ark of the Covenant on Hz. Mahdi (pbuh).
There is an amazing intelligence in plants and they pass on all their characteristics to their offsprings. That requires an amazing knowledge.
The scientists of the world altogether are unable to do what a plant can do. Living beings are proofs of the amazing creation by God. Those who claim that oranges, cherries or apples came into being by chance will not be able to explain themselves in the Hereafter.
The Ark of the Covenant will be found soon and everyone will see the holy relics such as the staff of the Prophet Moses -mentioned in the Qur’an- the tablets and the ring of the Prophet Solomon.
There is no reason to worry, every one will see that in time Darwinism will be annihilated through our intellectual efforts.
President Erdoğan believes in the fact that the Qur’an is enough and favors the movement of the Mahdi. By the grace of God, no one could harm our President; he will carry out his duty.
It is very dangerous for Muslims to remain leaderless. There wouldn’t be such massacres if Muslims had a leader.
The Prophet Moses (pbuh) was striking and was very strong. People were intimidated by him; that was why the hypocrites couldn’t carry out their evil deeds in his presence. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) was a very valiant and powerful leader.
For every difficulty, God has created something that would make the difficulty easier for our Prophet (saas).
The wording of the Qur’an is magnificent; there is no such literal perfection in the wording of any other work. It is not possible to produce a piece similar to the Qur’an in any sense.
Our Prophet (saas) was very strong and was strikingly handsome. He had a chiseled nose and a very nicely shaped mouth and beautiful teeth. Our Prophet (saas) was immaculately clean and had spotlessly clean and bright teeth.
The Prophet Moses was a very passionate person; sometimes he wouldn't be able to speak fluently. He had gone though many tests.
Students would understand that Darwinism was wrong if they were shown fossils at schools through fossil exhibitions. Darwinists do not want paleontological findings to be exhibited. They hide fossils in warehouses because they know that fossils prove creation.
There is not even a single fossil that proves evolution. No transitional fossil has ever been found.
God creates countless variety in fruits, all exquisitely beautiful, yet Darwinists claim that they are all the products of chance.
Bigotry and the Darwinist/materialist system are two arms of the system of the dajjal. Our intellectual efforts helped block these two scourges. After our explanations, Darwinists’ belief in coincidences has lost strength.
Satan is mocking humanity with Darwinism. Darwinism is like the religion of satan and has virtually enslaved people.
Palaentology is a science discipline while Darwinism is a pagan fallacy. Physics, chemistry, geology are all science disciplines, while Darwinism is superstition and a pagan religion.
Condemnation will not end terrorism. The solution to terror lies in putting an intellectual end to Darwinism which, in a twisted way, regards man as an animal.
Coincidences are not science. It is the worst kind of superstition. Claiming that insects, fruits, humans, mitochondrium, cell membrane have all came into existence through coincidences is an insult to human intelligence. Ignorance is the weapon of Darwinism. Darwinism cannot resist knowledge and is always defeated.
They try to present being against Darwinism as being against science. They try to make people see coincidences as science itself.
Darwinism is not compatible with the Qur’an. It attempts to deny the creation by God. Those who try to reconcile it with the Qur’an are wrong.
Some people fail to realize that Darwinism is a philosophy that denies the existence of God. (God is above such thoughts) We are ending Darwinism with science and knowledge yet some people are unaware of this fact. They live secluded lives, they don't really see the truth. Those who fail to see the danger of Darwinism have a common language. They have a primitive and erroneous approach to the matter.
In Heaven, God will manifest Himself to believers in the form of a beautiful human being.
Hell is not a place we could ever imagine. It will be truly understood only when it is seen. Despite the terror and horror in Hell, some people in Hell will still continue to display the same appaling character and continue to fight and quarrel. That’s very suprising.
Even the most beautiful composition in this world, will sound dull and boring compared to the music in Heaven.
In Heaven, there will be completely new colors and sounds no one has ever seen or heard before.
Our Prophet (saas) informs us that in Heaven, there will be unimaginable beauties and gifts.
There is a horrible and completely unfounded belief in the bigoted mindset that says whoever abandons religion should be killed. In the Qur’an however, there is no compulsion and everyone is free to believe or not to believe.
Everything in Heaven will dance whenever they like. But it will be very different to the dance in this world. The dance in Heaven will be mesmerizing, fascinating.
There will be the most beautiful, the most glorious music in Heaven. If it was possible to listen to the music of Heaven in this world, no one would ever want to hear the music in this world again.
Everything in Heaven is intended to create love, to make us thank God. And we will love the people in Heaven because we love God.
Consciousness and the senses are heightened in Heaven. Compared to the sharpness of senses in Heaven, the life of this world is like a dream.
Heaven will be similar to the world but everything will be flawless. The negativity in this world will not exist in Heaven.
Everything in Heaven will be created in their most beautiful form and will be conscious.
Heaven will be completely alive and everything will be conscious. Heaven will be adorned with the wisdom of God and will give happiness to all its residents.
There will always be beautiful words in Heaven. There will be no discomfort in Heaven.
The gardens, vineyards and everything else will be conscious in Heaven. People would be able to do whatever they like in the most beautiful manner in Heaven.
Hell is conscious as well. It will be as whole as the human body and will give pain and discomfort to all those that fall in it.
Everything will be conscious in Heaven. Animals, flowers and everything else will be created in a way to make people love them the most.
There will be every kind of animal that one might think of in Heaven and they will all be created in the form people would like the most.
Children are entrusted to us. May God give them all health, wellness and long, blessed lives.
There will be lots of children in Heaven. They will be the children of Heaven (the vildans), full of joy and happiness.
Children are the joy of this world. There will be children everywhere in Heaven as well, and will be the joy of Heaven, as well.
The Houris (women of Heaven) are impeccably beautiful ladies. They will always be immaculately clean, pretty, nice and pleasant.
Illnesses are gifts because they help people get closer to God.
When God gives wealth, power and health, some people tend to forget Him. However, when that happens, life loses its meaning.
Muslims regard illnesses as a means to get closer to God, to lay aside the mundane affairs of this world and to win their endless life in heaven.

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The government of Syria should change but the state should be preserved. With a new system in place, Syria’s unitary structure should be preserved.
Sectarian divides have devastated the Islamic world. The Islam as lived by the Companions of our Prophet (saas) will make the world an incredibly beautiful place.
The ancient scriptures and archeological findings prove that Freemasonry goes back as far as 12,000 years ago.
Women are the adornments in this world and Paradise. Those who don’t know to respect and love women must first eliminate the lovelessness in their hearts.
God creates a myriad of creation miracles to prompt people to think. Nevertheless, many people don’t think, which is very wrong of them.
The Turkish nation must feel at ease; no matter what they do to Turkey, they can do no harm to it.
The British deep state has been bothering Turkey since the late Ottoman era. It is the system of the Mahdi that will intellectually defeat it.
Trees must be protected very well. Nailing signs on them, pouring detergent water on their soil, etc., should be banned.

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Darwinism is an irreligious philosophy supported and protected by the British deep state.
Darwinism is being imposed on the entire world; those academicians who don’t accept Darwinism are dismissed from their positions.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 26th, 2017> Click for more

In the absence of Darwinism, Marxist, Leninist thought cannot sustain. When Darwinism ends, so will the terrorism. There is no barrier providing shelter from the scourge of terror other than efforts to strengthen faith.
Darwinism is imposed in all schools. If a student challenges it, he is failed. While Darwinism is imposed on students like this, some people still say that they can’t see where Darwinism is.
A big part of the right wing conservative media does not openly express the fact that we all have been created from Adam and Eve. Knowingly or not, a big part of the right wing media carry out evolutionist propaganda. Since a great portion of the conservative right wing assume that Darwinism has a scientific basis, they admit defeat from the outset and fail to give its due scientific response.
The scourges and pains will not end as long as the education system, which openly denies God claiming that 'God did not create us', persists. If youth is inculcated with a mentality teaching that ‘our ancestors were bacteria’, they could easily lean towards violence and communism.
The solution to terror cannot be attained solely with military means. Terror has an underlying philosophy. It is not possible to defeat terror without defeating that underlying philosophy. They raise terrorists teaching them that man is a product of coincidences and that advancement is only possible through killing and fighting. Unless their ideology is eliminated and scientific evidence proving the invalidity of their claims is put forth, terrorists would not stop violence.

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Some radicals argue in favor of radical ideas not because they really believe them, but because they want to keep people away from Islam.
People wish to go to Europe because they like the art and high quality of life there. Turkey should be like that, be the center of art.
It is crucial that the streets and roads are kept very clean. Educational campaigns should be started to make sure that people keep them clean.
Democracy is about diversity of thought, freedom to pursue different political goals. But our people don't want deceit or plots.

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Some rightist, traditionalist people condemn themselves to a very difficult life for no reason. This is not what God wants.
In Heaven, there will be incredible music, breathtaking art, and exquisite tables. All these beauties are gifts for Muslims in this world, too. Muslims should be leaders in art, science, be very modern. They should enjoy beauties of life. Religion doesn't ban them from any of these.
It is important to approach those with orthodox views with compassion. Some people wrongly think their bigoted system is religion. They’re wrong.
Instead, youth should be told for example how all people combined couldn't match the skills or intelligence that God gives to an apple tree. A single apple tree has all the information pertaining to future apple trees. God created almost a completely separate world in it.
If you tell a youth that coincidences created them, you’d be telling them that life has no meaning, which is equal to taking their life away.
Lack of intelligence in a man irritates women the most. Women want intelligence, faith, depth and passion.
Darwinism, which seeks to explain everything with coincidences, is not science. Coincidence is not science. Darwinism is an ancient religion.
Faithless youth will be sick. God created people to be healthy only with belief in God. Faith will bring both physical and mental health.
Anger has a satanic lure. One shouldn't be tempted by it. God tells believers to refrain from anger.
Anger will cloud judgment. This is actually an instant punishment for anger. Anger physically hurts the person who relishes it.
Our government should take precautions to help hateful youngsters and educate them. This hatred is unhealthy.
One should find anger funny; make fun of it. It’d be strange to take it seriously. There could be nothing that could make a person lose it.
One should know better than to get carried away by temptation of anger. Ten years later, it won’t even matter, or be remembered.
One good thing that July 15 brought about was showing the whole world the bravery and altruism of this beautiful nation.
Darwinist education combined with the pressure of bigots, is making young people unhappy. An intellectual stance against both is crucial.
God protects our nation. It doesn't become divided or separated no matter what. Communism cannot take hold. Our nation has a beautiful duty.
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