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Believers would want to go to Heaven gloriously with the honor of having proven their love for God to themselves. Going to Heaven after being tested and trained in this world would be a glorious departure and a great blessing.

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We are one with Heaven. It is like there is a very thin membrane between us, we are that much nested in Heaven. There is no such thing as place in the Sight of God. Place is created for people. God is beyond time and space.

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God educates people in every second of their lives. It is not possible for people to be educated without hardships and ordeals. The education we receive in this world is perfect. We learn the morality that we will live by for all eternity with the training we receive in this world. This world is like a small container, in this small container the beautiful attributes one attains accumulate and that accumulated goodness would go on for all eternity. Bravery, altruism, patience, mercy accumulates here on people and in Heaven people would be praised, exulted and happy with that beauty they attained here in this world for all eternity.
Heaven is very similar to this world but it is like a new form of a dream. The reasoning changes completely but those reasons would seem very rational to us. Just like we are not surprised in the dreams we see, we will not be surprised in Heaven either. In Heaven, there will be houses, gardens, malls and everything we like in this world. The greatest pleasure in Heaven will be the love of God.

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Muslims come from Heaven, that is why they have a tendency in their soul towards Heaven. They learn about high quality in Heaven and that is why they search for the highest quality in the houses, clothes and people around them in this world. Quality is the yearning for Heaven, it is searching and putting the quality we have learnt in Heaven into practice in this world.

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According to the hadiths there will be big markets, where people would be able to go and get whatever they like; there would be no need for money. There will be posters of beautiful people in these markets. One would turn into the person they see on those posters as they admire the beauty of the people on them. As one looks at a poster of a woman, she would say ‘what a beautiful woman’ and then when she looks at the mirror, she would see that she had turned into that woman she liked a lot.

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We will be very happy in Heaven because we are in love with God. We will enjoy all the blessings and all the beauties immensely because we will know that we surrendered to our Lord, Who has infinite wisdom, infinite beauty and because we know that infinitely beautiful God loves us.

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We will see everything we know in this world in its actual and best form without being dependent on any cause, in Heaven. We need electricity or fuel in this world but in Heaven everything exists and works without any means.

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Love is the most natural right of people. The purpose of this world and Heaven is love. The universe is created for love. We will see love prevail.

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In Heaven, we will not have any worldly weaknesses and we will have the things we long for. This will make us happy each and every day.

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The dimension that we live in now is like a screen attached to our eyes. Heaven is behind that screen.

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In Heaven, there is a completely new creation independent from the laws of physics in this world. There are glorious mansions floating in the air, there is no need for sleep, there is no fatigue, etc.

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In Heaven, we will have one soul but thousands of different bodies, each one more beautiful than the other.

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Feelings of hatred and resentment are in people’s nature. The strong will and determination that people show in defeating these feelings beautify people’s morality and make them worthy of Heaven.

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The characteristics of this world resemble 50% of hell and 50% of Heaven. Looking at the 50% hell-like characteristics and refraining from sentimentality and looking at the 50% Heaven-like characteristics and never forgetting the hell-like features, knowing that they are specifically created, is important.

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We will take pleasure in remembering the good morality we have shown in this world. These are memories with which we will feel gratified.

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Waiting pertains to this world. There is no waiting in Heaven as what one imagines is created instantly.

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The existence of hell is necessary for the better appreciation of Heaven.
A normal person with an open mind and profound consciousness would believe in God for sure. Those who believe belong to Heaven.

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In Heaven, everything happens at the speed of the imagination. Everything we want is created in that instant.

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People will have many bodies in Heaven; they will have one soul but multiple bodies. Just like both of our arms are controlled by one soul in this world, all of those bodies will be controlled by one soul in Heaven.

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Every word in the language of Heaven will be special. There will be words in the language of Heaven that are not used in this world.
The language of Heaven is not known exactly but there will be a language that everyone in Heaven will easily understand.

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Cleanliness is a manifestation of our longing for Heaven.

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Senses will not be limited to five in Heaven.

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Everything has an opposite in this world. In Heaven there is nothing negative. Everything is positive in Heaven.

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Showing compassion to people and animals is the morality of Heaven.

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Cleanliness is a manifestation of one’s longing for Heaven. Cleanliness is one of the vital qualities of believers.
A person who listens to their conscience with complete honesty would become sincere. A sincere person is like from Heaven.

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As Muslims, our ideal is to live the spirit of Heaven as described in the Qur’an. We want to live the enthusiasm and joy of this spirit.

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I want the world to be full of love like Heaven. My purpose is always earning the good will of God, His Mercy and Heaven.

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The greatest blessing in Heaven is to see the manifestation of God’s Own Being.
Love of children is a reflection of our longing for Heaven. Children are one of the most beautiful blessings of Heaven.

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One of the most important qualities of Heaven is cleanliness. Enjoying cleanliness as an instinct is God’s gift to us. Being clean is also an art as it brings about beauty and quality. Cleanliness is a manifestation of our longing for Heaven.

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A person carrying the spirit of Haven and good moral values loves greenery.

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God is the One Who creates all the details in this world will create all kinds of beauties that we love in Heaven. Everything we wish will be there.

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Layers of Heaven and Hell are different. Layers of heaven are defined according to the pleasure one takes from Heaven and is proportional to one’s fear of God. Hell is in layers according to the oppression one did in this world. Both the horridness of the environment and the pain suffered differ accordingly.

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We will be given everything we want in Heaven, in its best form.
A martyr is guaranteed to go to Heaven. It’s wrong to cry for a person that is in Heaven. Everyone should be happy about martyrdom.

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Because of the dajjali system, the world cannot appreciate ladies. However, ladies are the greatest blessings in this world and in Heaven.

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Pains and troubles are created for a reason, for our test in this world. But there will be no pain or negativity in Heaven.
One earns their place in Heaven by working to earn the approval of God.

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A believer always wants to go to Heaven immediately, however, they also pray to have a long life so that they can serve God and spread His beautiful message for even a longer period of time.
There is nothing ordinary or plain in Heaven. Even a single grit of sand can all of a sudden turn into a whole another universe inside Heaven.
People assume that the gardens, fruits in Heaven will like the ones in this world. Even a single apple in Heaven will boast unimaginable art and beauty.

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By means of the difficulties and trials in this life, we will be able to appreciate the beauties of Heaven more.

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People instinctively long for Heaven. People are created to be drawn to love beauty, to water, to greenery.
People like greenery and the seas because of the inherent desire they have for Heaven.
We will be able to appreciate the beauties in Heaven because of the difficulties we will have experienced in this life. Hardships are necessary for people to become more refined.

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God explains in the Quran that whatever believers want, it will be in Heaven. God did not put a limitation. Whatever one wants, it’s going to be in Heaven, insha’ Allah.

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In Heaven, God will manifest Himself to believers in the form of a beautiful human being.
Even the most beautiful composition in this world, will sound dull and boring compared to the music in Heaven.
In Heaven, there will be completely new colors and sounds no one has ever seen or heard before.
Our Prophet (saas) informs us that in Heaven, there will be unimaginable beauties and gifts.
Everything in Heaven will dance whenever they like. But it will be very different to the dance in this world. The dance in Heaven will be mesmerizing, fascinating.
There will be the most beautiful, the most glorious music in Heaven. If it was possible to listen to the music of Heaven in this world, no one would ever want to hear the music in this world again.
Everything in Heaven is intended to create love, to make us thank God. And we will love the people in Heaven because we love God.
Consciousness and the senses are heightened in Heaven. Compared to the sharpness of senses in Heaven, the life of this world is like a dream.
Heaven will be similar to the world but everything will be flawless. The negativity in this world will not exist in Heaven.
Everything in Heaven will be created in their most beautiful form and will be conscious.
Heaven will be completely alive and everything will be conscious. Heaven will be adorned with the wisdom of God and will give happiness to all its residents.
There will always be beautiful words in Heaven. There will be no discomfort in Heaven.
The gardens, vineyards and everything else will be conscious in Heaven. People would be able to do whatever they like in the most beautiful manner in Heaven.
There will be every kind of animal that one might think of in Heaven and they will all be created in the form people would like the most.
There will be lots of children in Heaven. They will be the children of Heaven (the vildans), full of joy and happiness.
Children are the joy of this world. There will be children everywhere in Heaven as well, and will be the joy of Heaven, as well.
The Houris (women of Heaven) are impeccably beautiful ladies. They will always be immaculately clean, pretty, nice and pleasant.

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In Heaven, there will be incredible music, breathtaking art, and exquisite tables. All these beauties are gifts for Muslims in this world, too. Muslims should be leaders in art, science, be very modern. They should enjoy beauties of life. Religion doesn't ban them from any of these.

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Paradise is meaningful for those who love God no matter what. For those who abandon God at hard times Paradise would have no meaning.

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Believers should fear God, but it should be the fear of losing God’s love. Believers come here from heaven and are bound for heaven.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 24th, 2017> Click for more

Once a flower is picked in Paradise, it is immediately created again on its branch.

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Muslims will be seeing the manifestation of God Himself in Heaven. That is the most beautiful blessing in Heaven.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 9th, 2017> Click for more

The most beautiful being and blessing in Heaven is the manifestation of the Almighty God.

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Heaven will be a place in which we will pet and love animals to our hearts’ content. There are always weaknesses and deficiencies in this world, but there is only perfection and impeccability in Heaven.

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This world is somewhere between heaven and hell. God makes believers live in a world dominated with iddylic attributes. This’s a great blessing.

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The love between children and their pets is like a preview of Heaven.

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In Heaven, the technology will be much more advanced compared to the world. There are seas, lakes, rivers in heaven, and all sorts of boats. In heaven, there are speedboats, race cars and everything else that one might wish. God says ‘whatever you wish, you will get it in heaven’. Everything in the world is created within the cause-effect system. In Heaven, there will be no causes.

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The Dajjal's [antichrist] system brings hell, yet it appears like heaven; it’ll provide all means to dajjal’s supporters and make his opposers live a life like hell.

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Those who spoil religion and seek to show happiness, art, beauty as anti-religion. This way, they’re pushing Muslims into a sort of hell. Islam is heaven. God wants heaven for Muslims both in this world and in the Hereafter. Muslims should make this world a heaven-like place. Only the tyrants, murderers, those who hurt people are ‘infidels’. There might be bad people both among the Muslims and People of the Book.

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Without love there is no meaning to the universe. Even heaven is meaningful with love.

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Paradise is a place of joy. Those who can't appreciate delight and love due to idolatrous immorality here would not take pleasure in Heaven.

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A Muslim’s rank in Heaven raises with the intellectual struggle he gives against hypocrites, against satan and his lower-self.

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The heart of the believer is in Heaven. Wherever the believer is, that place becomes as if he is in Heaven.

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Living an easy life without hardship, sickness and getting injured and going to the Hereafter like that isn’t valuable. Test should be difficult and exhaustive; seeing the beauty amidst intricate details is what matters. Adam and Eve fell for even the slightest trap of satan because they weren’t previously tested. Without the test, without the elaborate details of the test, it’s not possible to appreciate the art of God or Heaven. An ordinary-level test will lead to trivial happiness in Heaven. The more exhaustive the test is, the deeper the love, the better life will be. God wants a difficult test especially in the End Times. The more tough the test is, the higher levels of Heaven one will attain. If God had willed, He could have caused Islamic morality to reign on the Earth right now, but it takes time. Why? So that the test can be arduous and its reward can be greater.
If our tests in this world were just ordinary, there wouldn't be any meaning to this life or Heaven. God created every setting for the perfect education for us by means of tests.

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God informs of mansions of Heaven, fruits and bazaars of Heaven, drinks and glasses of Heaven in great detail in the Quran.
Everything one could desire is present in Heaven. God grants believers that anything they ask for in Heaven will be created that instant.
The wine in Heaven has no resemblance to wine in the world. The honey, glasses, drinks and wine in Heaven are described in detail in verses.
The wine in Heaven has no similarity to wine in this world. And there is lawful -halal- sexuality in Heaven that God creates as a blessing.

 Adnan Oktar Says... July 7th, 2016> Click for more

God constantly shows people that this world is transient. Heaven is the real abode. God constantly draws attention to love towards Him.

 Adnan Oktar Says... June 27th, 2016> Click for more

All the clothes in Heaven will be very nice; every speech, every address, every food, every furniture will of high-quality.
What is most desired for being high-quality is to have an artistic soul. A Muslim should have an artistic soul. Without that it is impossible to see the niceties of Heaven.
High-quality is a delight of Heaven. Our Prophet was a very modern and high quality person. The main reason behind lack of quality is lack of fear and love of God.

 Adnan Oktar Says... June 2nd, 2016> Click for more

God creates all beauties, adornments and pleasant sights so that we can picture how heaven will be like.

 Adnan Oktar Says... May 31st, 2016> Click for more

God creates the beauties of this world as samples bearing semblance to ones in paradise.

 Adnan Oktar Says... May 20th, 2016> Click for more

Seeing hell is a means for being grateful for believers in paradise. Irreligious people continue to be immoral and snobbish in hell.
In paradise, spouses will have deep passion for one another. Men and women will never think of any illegitimate sexual relations.
God will create entertainment and beauty duly in paradise. God created this world with imperfections on purpose.
In paradise, people will have moral perfection. Grudges, fear, sorrow and grief are feelings peculiar to this world.
In paradise, what people will like most will be to see God.
People like to live nearby water. In paradise there will be pools, rivers and seas in their most perfect states.
In paradise, there will be horses of ruby. If they wish, people will be able to fly.
In paradise, the heart will exist only to feel the excitement of love.
Paradise is a feast that exists for all eternity. There is no sickness, exhaustion or sleep there.
There is no rage or anger in paradise. No one humiliates another. No one hears anything hurtful.
Paradise will be a familiar place to the world only it will be incomparably perfect.
In paradise, God instantly creates everything that a person wishes. Technical equipment is created in their most perfect forms. Cars, boats, airplanes are perfect in paradise.

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When a believer thoroughly masters love, God takes them into His heaven. Love does not occur out of nowhere; love develops through suffering, agony and training.
The palaces, the rivers, the fruits of Heaven; none of them would have a meaning if it weren't for love, for passion. And to achieve true love, we have to go through training, through suffering.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 10th, 2016> Click for more

There are gardens, orchards, fruits and rivers in Heaven. Heaven has everything you could ask for. But without love, these would mean nothing to humans or God. Heaven is beautiful only with love.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 10th, 2015> Click for more

What good would it be if one is in Heaven unless he doesn't feel love for God? Muslims take great pleasure from Heaven because they love God.
God considers being loved as very important. The goal of God for us is not to love the food and the honey in the Heaven. Almighty God sees His being loved as crucially important. He wants us to love honey and the other beauties of Heaven as manifestations of Him. He would not let us love those blessings independently. Actually, we could not take pleasure from it anyway.

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For you to believe in love in Heaven you need to show self-sacrifice, bravery, patience, cleanliness and piety. A Muslim feels sure of himself because he shows that morality; he feels sure of being loved. Those who love him, love him in that respect anyway.
There is no patience in Heaven, there is no courage, there is no reason to be courageous. You cannot be patient, courageous, brave. There is nothing to resign one's self to. Purity, self-sacrifice, none of those exist in Heaven. It is the abode of fun. Of course there is being thankful and praising, there is seeing the Manifestations of God and loving.

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There are constant negatives and positives in this world. For instance, night and day, good and bad, beautiful smells and bad smells, good food and bad food, fear and trust; everything is created with its opposite. But that is not the case in Heaven. So everything will be one -sided and everything will be positive.
There are no grumpy people in Heaven; no one acting harsh, no one being impertinent, no one being greedy. There is no anger, no fear, nothing of that sort in Heaven.
You will find everything that you like within your culture, within your knowledge; all that you fancy, all that you imagine in Heaven. For instance, some like car racing, some like boat races, some like swimming and some like painting. And they will all find their likings in Heaven.
Some people are puzzled and ask, "How can there be motor racing in Heaven?" Or else, "How can there be cinemas?" Actually, all these blessings are presented to us here as examples anyway; they are given to us here for us to get to know them.
Competition is something our Prophet (saas) sees as acceptable; it is something religion considers as acceptable. It is also seen in Heaven. Muslims will have fun racing each other. They will have motor races, boat races to have fun, or have footraces or horse races.
Children who die young will remain as the children of Heaven. They will run around and have fun, play games and laugh there.
God will manifest Himself to the people of Heaven whenever He likes. In an account it is stated that "He will manifest Himself on Fridays" but it is clearly understood from other accounts that He will frequently manifest Himself. And it is stated that this is the one blessing that Muslims would enjoy the most in the Heaven.

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The thing that the people of Heaven take the greatest joy in their faith in God, their love in God and God's manifesting Himself. That is what they take the greatest pleasure from. Otherwise it is not only the gardens, the tables of Heaven. What they enjoy the most in the Heaven is their love for God and God's manifesting Himself. That is how it is in this world as well.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 12th, 2014> Click for more

Heaven is the real abode. This world is only a place that we are being trained in. There is something missing in everything. Muslims are going towards the Hereafter rapidly and everyone is going towards there. The good ones and the bad ones are constantly being differentiated between.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 5th, 2014> Click for more

A Muslim should see the beautiful things and also the ugly ones; yet he should prefer the beautiful things and look for the wisdom behind the ugliness. There is nothing ugly in the Heaven. Ugliness is only created in this world for testing. Everything and everyone is beautiful in the Heaven; trees, plants, people, children and all food.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 16th, 2013> Click for more

If people were to go to Heaven without learning about love, their hearts would be completely empty. We have to learn about love before going to Heaven. Those who have no love in their hearts would not take pleasure from the blessings of the Heaven.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 5th, 2013> Click for more

Heaven is very similar to this world but it is much more modern and high quality. The mansions in the Heaven are made of glass and they remain up in the air. When you say "come" to the food in the Heaven, they come by you. God creates millions of details for people to take pleasure. But the beauty that gives most pleasure in the Heaven is God Himself manifesting and greeting the people of the Heaven.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 18th, 2013> Click for more

The feeling of boredom is removed in the Hereafter. There is no such thing, no such feeling in the Hereafter. Muslims see the blessings of the Heaven for quadrillions of times but never get bored.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 22nd, 2013> Click for more

Allah wants His servants to go to Heaven. But some cannot go to Heaven because they fall in disbelief. Or else the real aim of Allah is Heaven and He wants to make people live endlessly in the Heaven.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 11th, 2013> Click for more

After his life is taken Muslim would not be kept waiting, he would instantly go to Heaven.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 10th, 2013> Click for more

We will see colors we've never seen in the Heaven, we will taste flavors we've never tasted, insha'Allah.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 7th, 2013> Click for more

If you feel in love with Allah, if you taste that fervent love, then you would kiss the soil of the Heaven. Everything will be very beautiful for you and you would never be bored from them for all eternity, you would feel a deep affection.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 16th, 2013> Click for more

Everything is one-sided in the Heaven. For instance there is no darkness, it is always radiant. There is no evil, there is always goodness. For instance there is no negative electricity, there is always positive electricity. Everything is one sided in the heaven insha'Allah.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 27th, 2013> Click for more

Those who will go to Heaven will enter the Heaven; the abode of pleasure and beauty, how nice this is. Those who enjoy love, those who enjoy affection, those who enjoy goodness, those who enjoy kind words will constantly see beauties. The Heaven is like light, it is the abode of pleasure, the abode of beauties.
There are many animals in the Heaven, there are all sorts of animals. They all will be speaking, they all will be intelligent. We will feel love to our hearts' content. All the animals we love will be there. All the animals that we miss, all the animals that we have had in our minds in our childhood, they are all there, insha'Allah.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 4th, 2013> Click for more

There is a very thin cover in front of the Heaven, it is as thin as a membrane. When the angel of death pulls you from your arm, you get inside.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 3rd, 2013> Click for more

Heaven has been presented to us as a target. We will target Heaven in this world and we will target Heaven in the Hereafter.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 2nd, 2013> Click for more

Birthdays will be much different in the Heaven than it is in this world. Eighty quadrillionth birthday, ninety quadrillionth birthday will be celebrated. It will not be like the birthdays in this world. That is because time will be endless in the Heaven. I mean a hundred quadrillion years will pass by and it will be like it has never started yet. Endlessness is immense. Yet here in this world seventy years pass by as if they were only seventy hours. Life in this world comes to an end in a moment's time.
Do you know how strong the passion in the Heaven is? It is such a profound passion that it can move mountains. Passion felt in the Heaven is a feeling that has never been seen before, insha'Allah. I mean it is so perfect that it can melt one's heart.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 24th, 2013> Click for more

We will be very beautiful in the Heaven. This is the world, it has many many deficiencies. Thanks be to Allah even this much is very good, very beautiful Masha'allah. Allah creates a sample of the Heaven in this world, just for us to taste a pinch of it. The real place for that is the Heaven.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 15th, 2012> Click for more

Never leaving love by no manner of means is a characteristic of Paradise. That is because love is never left aside in the Paradise. In paradise love will never be left aside for all eternity. That is the greatest blessing. That is the greatest beauty. Otherwise Paradise will not have a meaning without love. Because we love Allah, we will love everything in the Paradise.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 9th, 2012> Click for more

Allah will remove the laws of physics in the Heaven, there will be new laws. There will be no inner organs. Cells will not be mortal. Normally cells die, but in the Hereafter they will never die.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 25th, 2012> Click for more

None of the animals, none of the living beings that we love and cherish would ever disappear when they die. In Paradise, they will instantly come to us when they are called insha'Allah.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 6th, 2012> Click for more

The green of the paradise is not the green that we know of. We will see that green only in paradise.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 7th, 2012> Click for more

Heaven means nothing without Allah’s approval. The reason why Heaven is beautiful is Allah’s good pleasure.

A9 TV May 3rd, 2012> Click for more

The matter is alive in Heaven. It does whatever you want. For instance, you tell a spoon to take the form of a bird and it does. And then if you want, it turns into a spoon again. Bediuzzaman says that all these happen in a matter of the speed of dreaming, the highest light speed.

15 July 2011; A9 TV and Kaçkar TV> Click for more

Allah says, “....there are goblets in the hereafter.” We like goblets in this world. So we will also like them there. If we did not know them from this world, they would mean nothing to us in the hereafter.
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