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God appreciates martyrdom and getting wounded in His way. He appreciates preaching religion until late at night. What God also likes is the effortful search for His love. Only then God bestows this love and passion to those who are worthy.

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Those who mock the ones preaching do so because they are fiercely effected, or else why would they bother to do so? They would have never bothered if they were not effected, they would have gone about their own business. They mock merely to calm themselves: That is because their good conscience starts disturbing them. That is a precaution taken by unbelievers against that disturbance.
If you define the reward you get while preaching religion as three in numbers, it becomes thirty when you do it after being mocked. If the severity of mocking is high, it would be three hundred. If it is very very severe, it would be three thousand, let me say. What is your goal? Is it not an act of worship? God creates an act of worship for you.
They say, "We are preaching Islam, but they mock us." Who is the One that makes them mock? God is the One Who does that. He creates it at the same time with the preaching. It is a hidden honor created by God to increase the worth of preaching, of that act of worship. It is against unbelief, it is in favor of Muslims. It is an honor for Muslims and a scourge on disbelief. When you do not take that mocking seriously, your reward would increase many fold.

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Politics is very cruel in itself. It is not easy. That is why what those who strive for spreading Islam should be doing is to explain the facts leading to faith, explaining the miracles of the Qur'an, reinforcing their own faith and fervor. Otherwise they cannot cope with such things.

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Some Muslims imagine that being against Christians' celebrations during Christmas that take place once a year is a great way of striving on the path of God. Instead of being false heroes on that day, they should preach religion all through the year and talk about Islam and preach the miracles of the Qur’an.

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What are the components of preaching religion? Pain, difficulties and threats… If these increase, the value of the preaching would increase as well, and you would attain the good pleasure of God even more. If your goal is to attain the good pleasure and the mercy of God, you would lovingly endure those. Living such a cowardly, timid life in this transient world is vey humiliating.
God would not give relief to those who are not on His path. If one says, “I would preach religion but I have to be very comfortable,” he would not be wanting to preach. Preaching religion is the name of the religious service performed when one is not comfortable.
Threats are blessings in disguise. If Islam is preached in a threatening environment, it would be a religious service. If one says, “Let me only perform my prayers and avoid threats,” his deeds will decrease considerably. But a Muslim would want to collect as many good deeds as he could. Why would one agree to attain one deed when it is possible to attain a million times more?

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Intellectuals, people of thought should be sent everywhere. Turkey and the US have amazing means to do that; they have radio, televisions, newspapers; we would conduct an amazing campaign of preaching the word if they gave those to our command. All coasts would be cleared in less than a month.

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You are charged with “al-amr bi 'l-maʿruf wa 'n-nahy ʿan al-munkar” - enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong. God is the One Who will create the influence.

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“And your Lord would not have destroyed the cities unjustly while their people were reformers.”(Surah Hud; 117) So God says; “I would not destroy a country in which Islam is preached, in which genuine Muslims reside.” That is why no harm will fall on Turkey because Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) resides here. No big disasters will befall on Turkey, no calamities would fall upon Turkey. There will only be success and victory.

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Islam will prevail with science and knowledge. Nothing could come out of politics, out of this and that, or out of opening schools, etc. Telling people one by one about the facts leading to faith, about the miracles of the Qur’an, giving glad tidings of the system of the Mahdi, taking refuge in Almighty God, becoming brothers, being loving, merciful, classy and leading by example; once we succeed in these matters, the rest will be solved, insha’Allah.

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Information is like gas in a car that you start the engine with. When you fill the brain with information, that person would behave perfectly, but there will be no movement without information, just like a car left without gas. Such a person would not be able to do anything.
When you educate a person, that person would become a very precious friend of yours for a lifetime; he would become a person on Islam’s side.
Diamonds become precious when sculpted but as a rough gemstone they do not have the same impact. This is the same with humans; when they are finely trained, when they are finely educated they attain quality. It would not be right to be too lazy or to avoid making that effort.

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Love cannot be attained in vain. Love requires nourishing or else it would die. It has various nourishments. Patience is for one, second is forgiveness, and third is generosity, selflessness, profundity, loyalty... There is no end to this. Without those nourishments love cannot sustain.
Love cannot be attained without the fear of God. Without the fear of God one would be egotistical and selfish. One might say "I love you a lot," but he would be selfish, egotistical and cannot be generous. How can someone like that love? The love is gone in that; you would thus be burning out that love. Fear of God ensures all basic requirements of love.
Why would a person who is loved and who feels love inside commit suicide? They feel depressed because there is no love around. They turn to their left and see that there is no love there, they turn to their right and see that there is no love there either. They use drugs but even then cannot be saved. Eventually they commit suicide may God forbid.

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When they come across a communist, they instantly say; "let us bomb them!" Well if that one is a communist, why do you not educate him? Instead of throwing bombs on them, give them books. That would be a good deed; it would be a beauty, goodness, it would bring plentitude and it would be in compliance with the good pleasure of God. It is a good move in every aspect.

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After our meeting, Madonna started to feel love for the Qur'an.

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Madonna is a very intelligent person. Last year I met her in Çırağan Palace for three hours. I have presented lots of my books to her. God has guided her to the right path insha'Allah, and made our efforts instrumental in that.
People ask me; "Why have you met Madonna?" " Why do you meet Freemasons?" We are being instrumental for their guidance. All of them started to admire Islam and the Qur'an.

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People do not come to belief with books of the radicals, with the radical way of thinking; once they read Harun Yahya books, the matter would be closed. Anyone who reads those books experience a very strong change in their lives. Even if they seemingly deny, they accept them at heart.

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The most influential, modern understanding of Islam, the understanding of Islam like it was in the time of the Companions, is explained by us clearly, openly and without any compromise. We are not temporizing anything; we are explaining everything directly and honestly, exactly as they are.

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It is needless for atheists to be troubled with criticisms. I am merely showing an effort for those atheist friends to go to the Heaven as well. I want them to have a peaceful and comfortable life. Normally I could have completely ignored them but we are the only ones among religious circles who approach atheists and communists with compassion.

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It would be very wrong to adopt an exclusion policy. Even if they are pro-coup, people should be talked to and indoctrinated about what is correct. Exclusion is not compliant with spirit of the system of the Mahdi. Saving everyone is the right thing to do and it is the one compliant with the system of the Mahdi.

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Fanaticism should be responded with education and culture not with swearing and coup.
The best reward to give to the aggressive radicals is to distribute lots of books.

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Our Deceased Big Brother Sungur said; "brother Adnan, you've become a wall of Dhul-Qarnayn and unbelievers were unable to pass by you and reach us."

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While faithlessness is wreaking havoc in the world; one of the most beautiful services for Islam is to communicate facts leading to faith.

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We are the ones who stood in the way of radicalism, in the way of Darwinist-materialist and Marxist thinking in Turkey. We've been instrumental to this with our scientific, philosophical and intellectual studies.

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People cannot be happy with buildings and stones; they only feel happy with the love of God and with the fear of God. People should know the miracles of the Qur'an, they should know facts leading to faith, they should fall in love with God, they should submit to Allah and only then life will have a meaning.
Many countries invest in roads, bridges and dams but they do not invest on people. People's spiritual aspects, their hearts and their conscience should be invested on.

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If our youth is not educated so as to become strong in faith, it means that colossal disasters are at the door for our future generations.

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The reason why we are successful is because we completely abide by the Qur'an, we do not fear anyone but God and we abandoned all ambitions about this world.

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We will continue to enlighten our brothers and sisters in the South East of Turkey through our TV broadcasts, radio broadcasts and the internet. We have enlightened them and this disaster has found a wide-scaled solution. And it will continue to be so, insha'Allah.

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By the leave of Allah when it comes to matters related with God, religion, homeland and our nation my friends and I are always frontrunners.

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"I am a person who protects everyone, who looks at everyone with love. My inclusive character is out in the open. I am on the side of those who are on the side of the Qur'an, I am on the side of those who calm down a dissension."

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Those who resort to violence actually burn out their own souls. Ideas spread with science, love, reason and democracy.

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We’ve started our activities in 1980. And they could never ever succeeed to stop us. They have executed many complots and attempting to play tricks to us, they have sued us, they have casted slanders and all press came down on us. Their wind is on the air, they are not around. Look at us, we are still standing, Alhamdulillah. Allah helps the good ones, insha’Allah.
God says in the Qur’an that He would not inflict scourges upon a community as a whole while God is remembered and while religion is preached. At this moment Islam is about to prevail in the world. Islam will prevail in the world and corruption will start afterwards. Last Day will come upon the evil ones.

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While one is stating an opinion it should be done so with love, compassion, mercy and kindness. If you curse someone just because he cursed you, then you would be in an even weirder situation. That is not acceptable. The thing that should be done there is to set an example for them. A respectful, respectable, decent, balanced, stable manner that aims to win people over, one that would make the other one realize his own mistake should be adopted. What should be done to make the other party feel ashamed of what he did? You should adopt a very beautiful and noble attitude so that the others can take an example, so that they can envy you, so that they can like you, so that they feel the desire to be like you.

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The atheists can rest their hearts in peace. I do feel great compassion for them all. We can write to each other and make conversation, no one would have a negative attitude towards them. Such a thing would never happen. There is freedom of statement. People are free to state their opinions so that information becomes clear; so that opinions become clearer.

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By the leave of Allah, we will have ezan recited in Kandil; we will have the Qur’an recited there. We will explain the invalidity of Darwinism-materialism to everyone in Kandil and we will conduct an amazing study related with faith and the Qur’an, insha’Allah. And by the leave of Allah there will be no one without faith.

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PKK progresses as people scream out. But with science, information, books and compassion everything will be fine.
Services rendered for Islam under difficult times are very precious. May Allah not let anyone serving Islam pay any money for hospital.

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We will have even more successful and even more fruitful movements. Radical, merciless, pro-violence views will be wiped out and we will make this world a place like Heaven on Earth insha’Allah. The world will be an abode of peace, it will be a festive place.

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Main topic in my works is love and fear of Allah. My goal is to ensure that everything good and beautiful to prevail in the world.
Let us give books to the withdrawn PKK militants, they should read them where they go. That is because the ideas of PKK militants that are leaving are diseased. It is important for their ideas to be healed and changed.
Angels intensify in places that people strive on the way of Allah. The places they like most are gatherings of invocation where discourses of Qur’an are made. And the archangels never leave Mahdi’s (pbuh) side.

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The Qur'an informs us about what is auspicious and what is beneficial. The most beneficial thing to do is to strive to save the Hereafter of people and to give an intellectual struggle on the way of Allah. Or else it is not to become a businessman and to found holdings and operate touristic facilities and keep one's self with trade as some people claim. This is a highly insincere approach. Happiness comes with faith.

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You will talk about the existence and Oneness of Allah, you will talk about the facts leading to faith, you will talk about the miracles of the Qur'an, you will talk about the truth of the Qur'an, you will explain the invalidity of bigotry; only then PKK could come to a reasonable point.
If you want to persuade PKK, go and scientifically explain the invalidity of Darwinism. Distribute books, have films watched, give conferences to this end. You can only then persuade them.
One would not be devout just by saying "come on, be devout." Piety has its phases. For one to be devout, first idols should be eliminated. If their idols remain, they will not understand your religion, they will turn towards the idols. Without annihilating Darwinism, how can you communicate religion?

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Saying; "Praise be to Allah," saying "How beautiful Allah created," in the malls, in the streets, in cars, in buses would be a great service to people. People should hear Allah's Name everywhere. They should hear Allah's Name frequently. They will not forget, they would like that a lot and keep in mind. That is because some people are talking about their title deeds, some others are talking about their Money and others about their jobs, some others are busy gossiping, yet they see that someone there is talking about Allah with love. They would very much envy that, they would love that. They would take that person as an example and want to do that themselves as well.

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Scientific expositions are influential on people. Talking about the miracles of the Qur'an and the facts leading to faith are influential. Classical expositions would not be effective, that is because both the mind and the heart should approve. If you do not use the mind, faith would be weak.

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There is no one else who talks about facts leading to faith as extensively as we do. There is no one else who explains the Qur'an as rational, as plain and as sincere as we do, in an uncomplicated, clear, concise and comprehensive manner. We have not seen anyone else who talks about the miracles of the Qur'an in this extent.
There is no one else in the world, other than us, who crushes Darwinism in such a perfect manner throughout the World with scientific evidence. There is no one else who intellectually crushes materialism as powerful as we do.
There is no one else in the World who talks about the system of the Mahdi as rational as we do. It is never been explained based on sources in an undeniable fashion with proofs from the Treatise of Light, from the hadiths and from the Qur'an in anywhere else.

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We have showed the model of Modern Islam to the Muslims in Turkey and in the World.

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Islam is preached to everyone. If you do not train people, if you do not talk to them and explain them, then to whom are you going to communicate Islam? That would be very wrong; casting people out is not acceptable.
We do not cast people out calling them communists. We strive for them to attain faith. We do not cast people out calling them Masons. We strive for them to attain faith. We communicate religion to Christians, to Jews, to everyone. We do not feel hatred or hold grudge against irreligious people or atheists or Buddhists, or against any community, tribe or religion. We approach them all with compassion so that they can learn about Islam and the Qur'an, insha'Allah.

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There should be no delay in communicating Islam. Leaving things to time is not acceptable, we should not hold off. It should be done constantly without any delay from one moment to the next.

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We continue our beneficial works in Morocco, in Tunisia, in Algeria and all around the world.
The person who is being communicated religion, should not be offered religious services at first but only faith.

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The Islamic Centers that are opened should be scholarly centers that conduct campaigns to ensure faith. In these centers the scientific proofs of creation, fossils should be exhibited. Only then they would be beneficial as is due.

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In respect of solution for terror; scientific struggle with compassion, love, reason, mercy, by putting out an effort without offending anyone, with a kind hearted approach is the key and scientific explanations would solve the matters fundamentally. Apart from that, if the other side feels like things are going on in an assertive manner, turning into a war of pride, it would be very difficult for them to be convinced. Scientific explanations and addressing the good conscience would be enough.

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Our Prophet used to talk and preach religion to all kinds of people from all walks of life in the Sud'Ukaz (Market of Ukaz).

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Allah tells us not to act harsh against the system of the Dajjal but to approach them gently with knowledge, science and compassion.
Our cultural activities are going on with science, love and a great enthusiasm.

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They need to see that no result can be attained through explanations made about the Islamic law. The best effort that can be carried out is to verify one's faith and to increase his fear from Allah. Enabling one to become absolutely sure of the existence of Allah and having the verification of that faith settle in his heart and enwrap his soul and heart, then it would be okay. Or else simply saying "this is religiously forbidden and that is religiously lawful" would not have an effect.

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Even if the Last Day is to come tomorrow, we are charged with serving Islam.

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The faith of the youth should be reinforced but that cannot be done through giving them knowledge of religious law. I mean knowledge of religious love would not increase people's faith. It would be partial even if it did. Faith increases through facts leading to faith, through scientific evidence. There should be a way of explaining that addresses people's mind, people's hearts.

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Allah regards reciting His name intermittently and preaching religion intermittently as acting loose. Allah does not accept acting loose. Allah wants us to hold it tight, as tight as it could be.

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Brother Sungur said the following to Mr. Adnan Oktar: "How happy you should be! Both the past and the future is applauding you."
Brother Sungur said the following to Mr. Adnan Oktar; "Against disbelievers you've been like the barricade of the Dhul'Qarnayn, they can't pass over you and come to us. "

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Through education one can become an antichrist or a Saint. Education is very important.

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No one can ever be forced to perform prayers or give alms. Everyone is free in his faith. People's ideas should be respected.

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To obstinate with the other party while explaining a subject matter would disrupt the other party's will to understand. It is an art to overcome the obstinacy. Not to push the other party's buttons is an important characteristic of a preacher.

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Those who give an intellectual struggle on the path of Allah will be covered with prosperity.

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Preaching the truths of the Qur'an is most urgent.

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IN THE ISLAMIC WORLD THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A COMMUNITY SO DEVOTED TO ISLAMIC MORALITY. There is no other community so committed to Allah, devoted to the Book and the Qur’an. This is apparent.

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The message of the Islam and the Qur’an must be communicated with science, love, courtesy, and compassion in a democratic spirit.
Whether one is a Zionist, a Freemason, a communist or an atheist, we want everyone to melt in the melting pot of the system of Mahdi, to support the Unity of Islam, to support the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Unity and to live in this peaceful and beautiful community.

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A Muslim already prays five times a day, fasts, pays his alms but he is also responsible for learning, to make an effort for the Unity of Islam, to communicate the signs leading to faith, make effort to make people believe and strive against bigotry.

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WHY DO WE PREFER THE LOVE OF POSSESSIONS? WE PREFER IT BECAUSE OF REMEMBERING OUR LORD. Because it has great impact on serving Islam and the Qur’an. Because it has a positive impact on people. Because people feel more love for Muslims when they witness their might.

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Following our descriptions the system in the entire world has changed. Our Muslim brothers have proceeded to respond to the Darwinist system and acquired a tremendous self reliance. When they want to answer a question, they immediately resort to my books and drop the subject.
FIRST OF ALL THE MATERIALIST, DARWINIST SYSTEM OF IDOLS MUST BE REMOVED BY LOGIC, WISDOM, PHILOSOPHY. Just as how we do. The signs leading to faith must be taught. People’s faith must be reinforced. The signs leading to faith must be explained. IT MUST BE ENGRAVED IN HEARTS THAT THE QUR’AN IS JUST. Then the provisions of the Qur’an must be offered to them in a rational manner as it stated in the Qur’an.

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Islamic moral values require a person to be good, to do good and to strive for salvation. The opposite is immorality and lack of conscience.

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Services may look very minor, but they combine together and grow. Allah multiples one seed a thousand times.

18 July 2011; A9 TV, Kahramanmaraş Aksu TV> Click for more

For example, it is a good thing to tune the TV into A9 in a restaurant or gas station. It will be very useful and also be instrumental in many people earning merit.
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