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Anyone who truly knows Alawism would admire Alawites. Alawism means maturity and love. Alawites are people who close the door to bigotry, who are deeply devoted to Hazrat Ali, Ahl al-Bayt, our Prophet and above everyone else to God. Alawites are valiant people with an artistic soul. No one should ever pay attention to those who talk against Alawites.

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Alawites love God very much and are in love with Hazrat Ali. They have a deep love for animals, plants, people and everything God created in their hearts, they detest bigotry and are in love with Islam in the Qur’an. The existence of Alawites is a great blessing for Turkey. May God deem them precious both in this world and in Heaven. We love our Alawite brothers and sisters very dearly.

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Alawites are conscientious people who have a strong love for God. Many seemingly religious people do not possess the deep spirit of faith that Alawites have.

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Alawites are people of love. They are anti-bigot Muslims who follow the Qur’an.

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Alawites are people of love. The enlightened mentality of Alawites is a strong fortress against bigotry.

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As I’ve always said, Alawites are great people. They are artistic, wise, deep and they are against radicalism. They are people of love.

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Binali Yıldırım is a very kind and very decent person. His affectionate attitude towards Alawite brothers and sisters is very commendable.

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Alewites are immaculate people. It is not right to make generalizations claiming that they don’t go to mosques. Among every sect and community, there are those who go to mosques and those who don’t.

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Love of the Mahdi is very fervent among Alewites and Shias. Theirs is a powerful love. Sunnis have an unnecessary languor and that is not something good. They need to make it right.

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Alevis are very decent, reasonable people. They are the masters of maturity and profundity. Alevis are not communists. They are lovers of God; they are sagacious intellectuals. Consequently, they would not be deceived, they have superior personalities.

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The whole of the Ottoman army were Bektashis. Most of the Ottoman Sultans were Bektashis as well. Humanity, love, beauty and profundity prevail in the spirit of Bektashism and Alevism. They know nothing about egocentricity. They know nothing about peevishness. Radicals, on the other hand, have formidable egocentricity; most of them are in grave depravity.

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Bektashism is not known extensively in Turkey. Alevism is not known extensively. These are immaculately perfect perspectives. They are fabulous teachers of love. They are teachers of friendship and brotherhood. One cannot have enough of their discourses, their beautiful conversation. Their gatherings are nice, their addressing is nice. These people know the secret of maturity, humanity, profundity and wisdom.They are blessed, immaculate people.

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Alewism is love, it is brotherhood, it is peace, it is bravery, it is courage. Alewism is a system that depicts love very beautifully. There is profundity in Alewism.
Alewism is bravery as the name states. If one feels love for Hazrat Ali (ra) I would love him even more.

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Alevis are very dear to us. Alevis think freely and sincerely. They are not jealous, they are not malicious, they are full of love. They are people of affection; people of heart. They are very dear to us.

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Our Alawite brothers are very decent people; they have high moral values and they are really very kind. They are very extroverted. They are against radicalism, they are full of love, they are very decent and very mature. They are very wise people.

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Alawism is very dear to us; it is a beauty, it is a spirit, it is love and affection. Our Alawite sisters and brothers are the ornaments of the Islamic world.

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Alawism means beauty, it means love and compassion. It means friendship and gentleness and it means taking a stand against bigotry. Consequently our Alawite brothers and sisters bring about beauty whereever they go.

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Djemevis are places of beauty in which radiant people of love reside and talk about God, Islam and the Qur'an.

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Alawites love Hazrat Ali (ra) fervently. The great majority of their seniors are sayyids, they are from the line of our Prophet (saas). They should be appreciated.
One of the most beautiful aspects of Alawism is that they are strictly against radicalism.
Alawites are very precious people. Their conversations, their words would give relief to the heart. A spiritual state of mind is formed when one attends to their conversations for ten minutes. They are the disciples of love, compassion, peace, brotherhood; they are strongly against conflicts.

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Alevis are very dear and they are very devout people. First of all their souls are very open to love and arts. Think how enthusiastic the love of God would be in a person whose soul is open to arts and love. Because they love God fervently, they feel love for arts and they are in love with the Prophet (saas), they are in love with Hazrat Ali (ra). Alevis are the ornaments of Turkey, they are the ornaments of this world, they are such radiant people.

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Alevism is a superior, noble way of thinking; it is love, it is peace, it is brotherhood, it is goodness, it is beauty and aesthetics. Alevism is a state of mind that expresses the virtues of the Anatolian people, their wise personality and deep soul.

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We should protect and watch over our Alewite brothers and sisters. They are very dear to us and they are very beautiful people, they are endearing, they constantly put emphasis on love. They are against radicalism. They have broad perspectives, they are secular. They advocate secularity. They do not accept compulsion in religion. They are perfect people in every respect.

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Alawite means the lover of Allah, the lover of Hazrat Ali (ra), the lover of Ahl-al Bayt. It means a man full of love. Alawites love people, they love children, they love seniors, they love music, they say beautiful words, they speak wisely. They are not aggressive. They are pepole of peace, they are people of wisdom.

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They have attempted to set Alawites against the Sunnis. We said; “We love Alawites very dearly, we love Shias very dearly, we love Wahabbis dearly, we would never let anyone say a word against them.” We have thus wiped out that mentality as well. With this determination we are walking on a new path and we are moving forward every single day.

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Let us save Al-Assad, let us bring him to Turkey. Let our Alawite brothers come in power in Syria. Alawite means the lover of the Mahdi. When they hear the name Mahdi (pbuh) they feel exhilarated.

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Alawites are people who are madly in love with Allah, they are carried away with the love of Allah. They love human beings, they love animals, they love plants. Haji Bektash has a picture with a lion and a gazelle on his lap; that picture signifies love.
Alawites are against bigotry, they are brave and courageous people. If they attempt to harm even a single strand of hair of our Alawite brothers, we would have the heaven and earth collapse around them. We will not let anyone act as psychopaths.
Alawism means feeling love for Hazrat Ali (ra). Those who do not love Hazrat Ali (ra) cannot be named as Muslims anyway. Those who do not love Ahl al-Bayt cannot be named as Muslims. Such people do not have faith or any religious belief.

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Alawism is a light. It is love, compassion, friendship, goodness and beauty; that is the meaning of Alawism.
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