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Quality is crucially important. Culture and art might develop but if they do not have high quality, it would be a grave deficiency. Quality should be brought to the forefront.

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High quality countries do not collapse. Countries in which women enjoy their freedom, in which arts and beauty progress, do not collapse. Those countries in which arts and aesthetics are destroyed, in which women are oppressed - May God forbid- collapse. Therefore our President Mr. Erdoğan’s speech about the importance of culture and art is crucially important.

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We have cleared off the damage bigotry has caused, the understanding that caused youngsters to keep clear of religion. Right now youngsters are able to approach religion easily and at peace. The reason why they could crush Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan that easily was the lack of the quality and the rule of bigotry in those countries. They wanted to do something similar to Turkey as well but by the Will of God we have ruled out that fitna, that dissension.

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Muslims come from Heaven, that is why they have a tendency in their soul towards Heaven. They learn about high quality in Heaven and that is why they search for the highest quality in the houses, clothes and people around them in this world. Quality is the yearning for Heaven, it is searching and putting the quality we have learnt in Heaven into practice in this world.

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A sincere, honest person would be the one with the highest quality. A sincere person would have a candid connection with God. Such a person would wholeheartedly submit to God. Every movement of such a person, every word they utter, every attitude they adopt would be high quality. Some people claim to have high quality yet they look down on people. High quality is not something like that. Quality is the highest level in understanding of love in one’s soul.

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Love and trust are the prerequisites for the Islamic Union. Islamic Union means the prevalence of an immaculate justice, cooperation, watching over one another, friendship, companionship, mercy, quality and beauty.

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When the British deep state wants to devastate or divide a country, first they create an environment in that country that is devoid of science and culture, that consists of tasteless, filthy, aggressive people who do not know love and kindness. Then it would be very easy to devastate such countries. They then say ‘see the disaster in which these countries who live by Islam are dragged into, let us bring them down in ruins and rebuild these countries.’ They have applied the same tactic in Syria and Iraq. They now want to practice the same in Turkey. They want to create a country in which there is no place for art, beauty, freedom of women, joy and science, an introverted, crass country in which people do not feel the joy of life. We did not and will not let that happen in Turkey with science and knowledge. We demonstrate the enlightened, modern, high quality, chaste spirit of the Qur’an that is full of love and life and want this beautiful morality of the Qur’an rule in whole of Turkey and the world.

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Turkey is a modern, enlightened country. Those that have no love, happiness, love, art, beauty, quality in their lives, those live as if they are already dead, want Turkish people to live like them as well. Our people will not be like them. On the contrary, we will grow and get stronger as a modern, enlightened, religious, high-quality country insha’ Allah.

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Most people falsely think that Islam is ruthless, tasteless and lacks art, science and beauty. Therefore they kept themselves away from Islam. We have shown the whole world that the Islam shown in the Qur’an is the religion of love, beauty, quality, art and science.

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Quality comes with strong faith. When one thinks superficially or when one has weak faith, true quality can never be achieved.

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After we strongly emphasized the importance of quality, President Erdoğan also drew attention to the significance of quality and education.

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Under the influence of the traditionalist orthodox understanding of religion, the Middle East appears as a region that lacks freedoms, quality, art and beauty. This is why they are trying to re-shape the Middle East.

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Every society that lacks quality and love is bound to collapse. Love and quality are the manifestations of love for God.

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Without quality, there is no art; without art, there is no love; without love, there is no life. So quality is vital.

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If one does not refrain from sleaziness, it means that person has accepted being a petty and worthless person. A worthy person is always high quality and admirable.

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A cultivated person of high quality would never associate himself with prejudice.

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A person who has discovered the pleasure of being cultured and high quality would enjoy reading books.

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Islam will prevail with love, art, quality and persuasion.

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Wealth is not necessary for quality. Quality shows itself in the eyes, the speech, walking style, courtesy and manner of a person. It requires intelligence and wisdom.

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We are in alliance with all young people who want goodness, beauty, cleanliness, joy, art and quality.
Most people care about functionality in everything. This results in a lack of taste in clothing, quality, art and beauty.

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The Qur’an is freedom, joy, life and quality. One who does not see the Qur’an as a sufficient guide, falls into the sea of superstitions.

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The lack of quality and beauty leads to a lack of joy in society, which leads to introversion and sudden collapse.
The world is frustrated with the unruliness of the dajjal system. People are complaining about lack of love and quality. These complaints will end with the Mahdi movement.

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Religion and art are hand-in-hand because there is love at the essence of religion. One who knows love always searches for art, quality and beauty.

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The system of the dajjal wants a loveless, unhappy world where women are oppressed. We are waging an intellectual struggle against this.

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Quality is vital. Without quality, culture and art would not have any meaning.

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Turkey must become the center of art and quality.

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Once children grasp the beautiful aspects of being a high-quality person, they will naturally take pleasure from education.
Having taste, appreciating quality, having an artistic soul is a privilege and can be gained through culture and etiquette training.

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Having good taste is about culture and grace. When there is lack of quality, people cannot realize lapse of taste.
Quality comes with love. Love brings art and art brings quality.

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Some people wrongly think that Muslims are unrefined, miserable people. Showcasing the glorious, refined, elegant lifestyles and characters of Muslims is necessary to clear that misunderstanding.
Our Prophet (saas) was ummi. Prophet Abraham (pbuh) did not graduate from a school. But all the prophets were incredibly refined and wise. A person who is sincerely very close to God becomes a very high quality person.

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Eye-rolling and other similar facial gestures, instead of [forthrightly] stating [one’s] discontent, is not something a refined person would resort to.
The body is a beautiful painting God created. However, if it is not taken care of in a loving, pleasant, respectful manner, it might become repulsive.
The most important marker of a high-quality civilization is the extent that women enjoy freedom. A society where ladies are considered temptresses, where they are not allowed to look beautiful, cannot be a civilized society.

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Europe is not against Islam. Europe is against radicalism that promotes violence, misogyny and backwardness. Europe is right to be against radicals who hate the beauty of women, cleanliness, quality, art and music. Those radicals are also against Islam.
Being religious does not mean being stern and serious. On the contrary, religion brings quality, fun, happiness and beauty to life.

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Love of God prompts one to seek and do the best of everything and display the best attitude. In other words, love of God creates an incredible high quality life.

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Focusing solely on practicality in clothing, house or furniture, without any regard to beauty and aesthetic, is a serious flaw, a lack of quality.

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The salvation of Egypt and the entire Islamic world depends on the Islam as described in the Qur’an, which promotes art, quality, refinement, women’s rights and science; in other words, the Mahdi movement.

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Money is not necessary to achieve quality and elegance. It is about one’s soul. For example, a modest house can be made very high quality through cleanliness, with flowers, etc.
Without belief in God, there is no point to love or beauty. And belief in God develops through creation miracles and with the scientific collapse of Darwinism.

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There should be well-kept gardens, flowers in front of every house. Houses, clothes and even people’s lives are mostly only for the purpose of serving their functions. It is as if ‘survival’ is the only goal in their lives. However, without a desire for beauty, for quality and elegance, the life losses its joy too.

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Everyone would want quality and elegance. Subconsciously, every human being yearns for quality.
Tastelessness is a bad thing. We need to have a Ministry of Art and Quality that will work on quality and refinement. When art and beauty is lost, life becomes only about survival and functioning. When that happens, the world turns into a living hell.
Refuting Darwinism scientifically and being an ultra-modern country should be among the top priorities of Turkey.

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When art is gone, love is gone, too. And when there is no love, there is no compassion, beauty, and life becomes meaningless and cruel.
The use of beauty and art is crucial while spreading the beautiful message of Islam. That’s why Prophet Solomon’s palace was majestic.
Turkey should be a leader in quality, modernism, women’s rights. If Turkey does that, every country would want to ally with Turkey. The main problem of Turkey is its inability to prove that it is a modern country, that women are respected and cherished in this country.

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If Turkey becomes extra modern, champions arts, women’s right and quality, the the anti-Turkish sentiment in Europe and the support for the PKK will end.

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Turkey is the center of love, kindness, depth. It will teach world quality and love.

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People wish to go to Europe because they like the art and high quality of life there. Turkey should be like that, be the center of art.

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Turks don't want to live by the mentality of a couple of misogynistic, anti-modernism, anti-art people. They want modernism and joy.

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The reign of Islamic morality around the world means the reign of peace, love, democracy, freedom and quality. Everyone would like it.

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We will never allow a radical, hateful, discriminatory mentality to come and darken Turkey. A bright, beautiful future awaits Turkey. Anti-art, anti-science, misogynistic people shouldn’t hold their breath.

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People want freedom, quality, high-life standards. It’s crucial to show that women are free, people are free, that there is quality.
Stronger industry, lots of construction doesn't mean there is quality. China is doing the same thing, but mostly, without quality.
A lack of quality is widespread in the Middle East and the East. Let’s reverse the trend and make Turkey center of art and quality.
It is absolutely vital that Turkey becomes a country of art and aesthetics. We should show Europe that Turkey is a very modern country.

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Islam in the Qur’an means experiencing art, science, joy, freedoms, democracy, kindness in the finest manner.
The government shouldn't be worried about the pressure of the bigots. On the contrary, the government should be defenders of modernism, art, quality, joy, freedoms.
Respect for women’s rights, especially their choices as to their attire, as well as promoting art and modernism should be priorities for the government.

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In the absence of art, quality will also disappear. This will take away the joy, the happiness of people. Nobody can be happy in such an environment.
Our Prophet (pbuh) was the most modern person of his time. Modernism, art and quality are crucial parts of life.
Art and quality particularly are crucial. No one would want a world where women are oppressed, where there is no room for beauty or art.

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If a model of high-quality, refined, modern Muslims prevailed in Turkey, the whole world would love Turkey.

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The Mahdi movement is love, friendship, brotherhood and high-quality. It’s the manifestation of all beauties. No one can stop it.

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If Turkey attains modernity, if women’s freedom, paintings, statutes, music, culture, high quality and classiness become the main stand of Turkey, no one could ever bring harm to us.

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There is a plan to push Muslims into radicalism, and then use radicalism as an excuse to kill Muslims and Christians in a horrific war. The only way to foil this plot is being very modern, enlightened and being friends with Christians.

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Prophet Solomon used perfection in architecture and arts while preaching the Message of God.
There is the utmost freedom, joy, vivacity and high-quality in Islam. Islam means festive, a life enjoying justice, wealth and safety everywhere.

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Listening to music, taking photos, dancing, art, science, beauty, having fun; none of those are unlawful by religion.

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People who lack love in their hearts and are distant to a quality lifestyle feel jealous of the beautiful lives of the devout.

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Real science, art should be strongly encouraged. When that happens, national culture will get stronger. Education should be saved from Darwinist imposition so that the real arts and science can reveal themselves.

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What is the point of life without love, high quality and cleanliness? They live without reading the Book of God even for once. They should not see this normal.

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Some people want to draw Turkish people into an environment removed from quality, joy and arts like Syria, Iraq. For them it’s all about remaining alive, they want to live like an organism. This is not the life God wants for us. Love, beauty, quality and joy are essential in life.
We’ll not let Turkey be turned into another Syria or Iraq. Youth and women will be modern and free, arts and quality will prevail.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 25th, 2017> Click for more

Islam was presented as an introverted, loveless model to youth. We showed them the true religion of the Qur’an in which they can enjoy their lives. The bigoted mindset was about to ruin Islam with their loveless, joyless attitude devoid of arts. We showed a high quality way of life, joy and modernism exist in religion.

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People who have never been included in high quality environments, who have never experienced love feel ruthless anger and jealousy towards high quality people.
Some people persistently want women to remain uncared for and sloppy. It is impossible to understand the logic behind this misogyny. Let both men and women be beautiful and well-groomed. Dread and tension is observed in all those countries in which people are neglected and where there is no beauty or quality left behind. God does not want such unhappiness.

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Let's better Turkey with art, aesthetics and quality. Let's build a Turkey where no one is under tension or fear. Let's be united with no regard to one another's political party or school of thought. Let's abolish all fear and worries.

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Turkey’s aspiration to be a modern civilization actually corresponds to surpassing countries in which arts, aesthetics and high quality way of living is prevalent.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 16th, 2017> Click for more

Lack of quality can be observed on large masses. The downfall observed in the understanding of quality and art would be stopped at the time of the Mahdi and there will be an amazing advancement.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 13th, 2017> Click for more

Turkey should attain a high level of quality. It is crucially important for us to attain high quality in addressing people, in the way we dress, in our homes and streets, in every sphere of life. There is no such threat of military coups in Europe since they attach importance to arts and quality. Everyone wants to go to Europe because there is a yearning in everyone for arts and quality.
Attaining high quality is crucial for Muslims. Arguing for a matter in a childish manner away from rationality would be beneath Muslims.

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Life is as good as over without arts and high quality. That is crucially important.
When there is lack of artistic quality in clothes, buildings and streets, people lose their zest for life and an inward anger grows that in a sense leads the society to collapse.
Instead of building cement towers and painting everywhere in a weird green color, one can use available sources to create artistic and high quality works.
Quality is a very important issue. A lack of quality is very destructive for a country. A country lacking quality would collapse.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 9th, 2017> Click for more

It would be beneficial for Turkey to establish a Ministry of Quality and Arts.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 7th, 2017> Click for more

Everyone wants and looks for beauty. Islam is everything that is beautiful. Arts, quality way of living, decency, joy, happiness, all are embedded in Islam. Misrepresenting Islam as if it stands off from beauties is outright insincerity.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 4th, 2017> Click for more

Turkey should be a very civilized, modern country famous for her art visible in every aspect of life.
No one can target or plot against Turkey as long as she is modern, civilized, democratic and champions women’s rights.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 28th, 2017> Click for more

Bigots' life away from art, quality, entertainment and beauty causes Muslims to be oppressed even though they don't realise it.

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If there is no art and quality in a country, people living in that country cannot be happy and they want to flee from that country. A country lacking high quality, refinement and modernity; one that oppresses women a nd not let them be free would be devastated after a while.
Lack of quality, art, refinement, modernity, a lack of respect to women and freedom constitute a basis for the pro-coup mindset. That is these concepts are crucially important.

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Turkey should be a very modern country. This is one of the most important issues. Ministry of Art and Quality should be set up.
In many countries, coups are staged with the claim of bringing modernism, quality, and refinement to an otherwise backward country.

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Islamic Union will not be based on bigotry. An enlightened understanding of Islam based on modernity, high quality and arts will prevail.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 8th, 2017> Click for more

Islam means modernity, high quality and love. Muslims are very well kept; they laugh and have fun to the fullest as they like. Those who claim otherwise are wrong.

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One of the vital issues for Turkey is Quality and Arts. A Ministry of Quality and Arts should definitely be founded.

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Both at time of Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and our Prophet (pbuh), the quality and beauty of Muslims made a great impact in communicating Islam. Those who see the beauty, quality, courtesy and joy of Muslims will embrace Islam in delight. A lack of quality would undermine Islam from within.

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Some circles mispresented Islam as a system that turns life into a hell on earth for women while displaying it as comfortable for men. We have proven with the verses of the Qur’an that there is high-quality, art, beauty and joy in Islam and thus fundamentally brought down the system that the British Deep State created to oppress Muslims.

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It is not taking every moment of a citizen’s life under control that makes a state strong, it is raising high quality people.

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The entire world is seeking modernity, high-quality, aesthetics and art. However there is no high quality, aesthetics or beauty in the world of bigots. Some people regard religion as a system of unhappiness and cruelty; therefore, they cannot be modern and they keep distant from arts and aesthetics. People with a bigoted mindset do not ask for a progressive and modern lifestyle and are not pleased with aesthetics. Therefore, bigots do not develop the qualities of Heaven as they also are not willing to go outside their world of bigotry.

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At a time when radicalism ran rampant, Ataturk was a perfect gentleman, combining the European culture with the Ottoman Culture. He was a role model for high quality.

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It is a spiritual disaster that there is an increase in the number of people who lack quality, use the same words over and over and are very ignorant. These people can achieve a spirit of high quality by reading more and educating themselves. Turkey must leap in high-quality.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 1st, 2016> Click for more

We must prioritize art and high-quality in life and reinforce the spirit of unity under the flag of the Islamic Union and so move ahead.

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Muslims are in such a deadlock that their minds are frozen by rules non-existing in religion, i.e., music, arts, being joyful. Since being exuberant is shown as a potential sin and they regard themselves as guilty, they have a defeated character. Muslims who abide by the Qu'ran are enlightened, high-quality, self-assured and wise. No Muslims should agree to having a defeated style.

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The bigoted mindset is one that prohibits arts, beauty, music, freedom of women, science, the concept of quality; in short everything that is beautiful.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 23rd, 2016> Click for more

Loveless people who don’t have a high-quality life get jealous of the believers who live in environments like paradise.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 15th, 2016> Click for more

Developing women’s freedom, supporting arts and artists, attaching importance to refinement eliminates the rationale behind a coup.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 8th, 2016> Click for more

Modernity, looking for high-quality, putting arts and aesthetics in the forefront would render Turkey very strong. The mentality causing coups does not come about in countries that hold arts, freedoms, quality and women's rights in high esteem.

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In a country where modernity, arts and refinement dominate, there is no place for coups or uprisings since each stratum of the society leads a happy life.

 Adnan Oktar Says... July 24th, 2016> Click for more

The way to gridlock coups is modernism, high-quailty, arts and all kinds of freedom.
What our government should do is to advocate modernity, quality and arts, and to emphasize the progressive, enlightened spirit very well. Otherwise this commotion will continue.

 Adnan Oktar Says... July 17th, 2016> Click for more

It would be great to create a high quality society consisting of people who have a conscious love of God and that of humanity.

 Adnan Oktar Says... July 16th, 2016> Click for more

The absolute solution would be to build a modern, enlightened, high-quality Turkey that is in defiance of bigotry and lives by morals of Qur'an.
We should work on Turkey to be a modern, enlightened and high-quality country. Otherwise, a bigoted and traditional orthodox image would cause suffering. Turkey has to be high quality and full of love.

 Adnan Oktar Says... July 11th, 2016> Click for more

High-quality stems from the profound love of God and fear of God one feels inside.
The importance of high-quality should be understood very well. Snobbery, looking down on people and verbalism is not high-quality.

 Adnan Oktar Says... July 3rd, 2016> Click for more

High-quality cannot be achieved through industrialization. Some communist countries had strong industry but no aspiration for art, aesthetics and quality. There was no liveliness.

 Adnan Oktar Says... July 1st, 2016> Click for more

There must be fear and love of God in order to have high-quality.

 Adnan Oktar Says... June 29th, 2016> Click for more

Love is strongly connected to the spirit of art and high-quality. Without high-quality in one’s life, true love cannot develop.

 Adnan Oktar Says... June 27th, 2016> Click for more

All the clothes in Heaven will be very nice; every speech, every address, every food, every furniture will of high-quality.
To attain quality there should be respect. One should refrain from egoism and should have a very fervent love of God in his soul to attain quality.
What is most desired for being high-quality is to have an artistic soul. A Muslim should have an artistic soul. Without that it is impossible to see the niceties of Heaven.
High-quality is a delight of Heaven. Our Prophet was a very modern and high quality person. The main reason behind lack of quality is lack of fear and love of God.

 Adnan Oktar Says... June 26th, 2016> Click for more

A lack of quality is a grave disaster.

 Adnan Oktar Says... June 18th, 2016> Click for more

If Turkey adopts a superior understanding of love and quality, Europe would approach us very willingly.

 Adnan Oktar Says... June 2nd, 2016> Click for more

Turkey has to be modern, with modern cities, modern towns, modern roads and modern people. Quality has to be prevalent everywhere.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 20th, 2016> Click for more

It is of critical importance to establish a Ministry of Arts and Quality since all of those countries without any dominant sense of art and aesthetics are to be destroyed. History proves that all such countries were demolished. Any such countries that do not appreciate women and value quality are being razed to the ground.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 17th, 2016> Click for more

Establishing a Ministry of Quality and Art is of the utmost importance; a product has no value if it has no artistic or high quality attributes. Both art and quality should be encouraged.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 5th, 2015> Click for more

Beauty and aesthetics are indispensable characteristics of Muslims.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 27th, 2014> Click for more

If there is no quality in a country, it means there is nothing left for that country, may God forbid. Without quality, there would be no life, no art. Since life is intertwined with the arts, we give the name “quality” to the beauty that appears in there.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 17th, 2014> Click for more

The main characteristic of Asia is that a lack of quality rules in Asia. Human life has no value in Asia. I am not saying this about everywhere in Asia, but in general they regard people as machines. Turkey's European, loving, modern way of faithful thinking, full of love for God, will put away this dreadfulness. We will be a role model for the whole world.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 9th, 2014> Click for more

Once you unleash a lack of quality, it would be like a very deep pit. It goes on and on deeper towards disgrace. It goes on and on towards ignominy.
A meeting lacking quality, a building lacking quality, attire lacking quality would all bother people; it distresses people. Quality on the other hand unburdens one's heart. It is a blessing of the world. Quality is the other name of beauty.
A Ministry of Quality should be formed as soon as possible. And the Ministry of Quality should follow a policy that is based on quality in ideas, in people, in gardens, in trades, in every sphere: Quality should become the national policy of the state.
A life lacking quality is horrible; it is the other name of Hell.
A person lacking quality is a grave scourge. First of all, they should underline high-quality thinking, high-quality opinions. High quality books are required for that. High quality works, high quality writings are required. If you attempt to educate people with loveless, hateful writings lacking quality, the outcome would be wild and crude people lacking quality.
When a person lacking quality enters a high quality building, the quality in that location would disappear. But when a high quality person enters a low quality location, it would make that place high quality. He would make it a high quality place with only slight changes.
Quality people cannot be brought up with ideas of no quality. Islam in the Qur'an is the high quality idea. That is not the understanding of Islam advocated by idolaters, it is not the orthodox traditional understanding of Islam. You cannot find quality there. An intense inferiority would come out of that.
We need to start with high quality people, not with high quality furniture. Without high quality people, high quality furniture and high quality places mean nothing. First of all, we need to educate high quality people and for that to happen we need to develop high quality ideas.

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A person cannot have quality if he doesn't like his own culture. If he only likes foreign cultures, that would mean unmannerliness. That is the manner of a wanna-be. If you are unable to realize the beauty, depth and richness of your own culture, if you are unable to feel that quality and are unable to present it with quality, that means you are a wanna -be.

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Money is not an essential condition for quality; intelligence and taste is.
The person with the highest quality in the world is called a Muslim. The classiest, the best thinking person with the most beautiful morality is called a Muslim.
Quality is the most crucial characteristic of life. Quality is the most crucial aspect of beauty. Without quality there is no beauty. For instance, Heaven is quality in its entirety. Every corner of Heaven is high quality. When quality ends, beauty ends as well.

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Radicals cannot succeed in attaining quality and because they cannot attain quality, they try to put it out of sight.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 23rd, 2014> Click for more

If there is no art, no quality, then build as many bridges, as many roads as you like, and nothing would stick. Art, aesthetics, faith, joy, merriment, fear of God, love for God should be everywhere.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 7th, 2013> Click for more

Once a person gets used to shoddiness, it opens the doors for him to become dirtier, even shoddier, more vulgar and dull, then you find yourself asking: What is this? And they say “This is Islam.” They call a system in which violence, dirt, shoddiness and vulgarity reaches to highest levels Islam. That is a grave danger. That is national danger.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 23rd, 2013> Click for more

Lack of quality is virtually swallowing people, it is ruining them underhandedly. For instance lack of quality that wreaked havoc in the Middle East, ruined Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria and is now attacking people in Turkey.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 18th, 2013> Click for more

Muslims will see the Palaces and all beautiful glorious places, all high quality places. Arts, science, aesthetics and quality all belong to Muslims and they will always be for Muslims, they will be only for Muslims in the Hereafter.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 10th, 2013> Click for more

Criticisms are nice; criticisms increase one's quality and beauty. They help people in finding the truth.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 6th, 2013> Click for more

The understanding of quality and love in the Koran and how God describes this quality way of living in Paradise should prevail all around the world. When this is not done, then may God forbid, such military coups and conflicts will never end.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 22nd, 2013> Click for more

Quality should be advanced constantly. One cannot say “I am perfect,” one cannot say “ I am very good.” Quality in everything unburdens one’s heart. Freedom unburdens one’s heart. People like modern people.
My humble advise to Master Tayyip is to openly show his support for modern life style, modern people and modernity. That is because the whole Europe is modern, America is modern, the whole world loves modernity.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 21st, 2013> Click for more

A high quality person would not say “wow” and believe in the first lie he/she sees without looking into it, without making a thorough research about it. If one believes in everything he/she hears saying “wow”, that means that person lacks quality.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 18th, 2013> Click for more

Our government should support an ultra-modern understanding of science and arts. Furthermore, founding a ministry for quality would be very beneficial.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 17th, 2013> Click for more

Lack of love and lack of quality would create a vast emptiness.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 11th, 2013> Click for more

God says; "Muslims are immaculately clean," in the verse. God says; "purify your clothes." Being the highest quality person in the world is a characteristic of a Muslim.
The quality of a person lies in his/her cleanliness. Filth and dirtiness is the greatest sign of lack of quality. It shows that person's lack of common sense. How could a reasonable person not be disturbed by dirt? How could such a person not be uncomfortable about something that is sordid? If he/she is not uncomfortable that indicates a problem. Such a person cannot talk of quality. Such a person does not have any depth.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 13th, 2013> Click for more

Luxury means quality. Quality is the characteristic of Muslims. Everywhere is luxurious in the Heaven. Some people want Islam to be dull and thus could easily be eradicated.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 8th, 2013> Click for more

People with almond shaped moustaches who do not understand anything from art or aesthetics, people who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, people with glassy eyes… such a youth is not acceptable. Youth should be alive and well, they should bring joy to everywhere. With their laughter, with their smiles, with their talks, with their joy; there should be harmony in their eyes, they should present such a wealth and beauty of soul.
Our youth wants modernity, they want sweetness. There is a spirit of concretion, a greyness all around and youth does not want this. Being grey is not good; a Muslim should be full of life and joy.
Modern and vivacious society is nice, not a radical and cold one.
A high quality youth is very important, we do not want an introverted and senseless youth. We want our Master Tayyip to target such a lively, joyous, quality youth.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 7th, 2013> Click for more

Youngsters are living the essence of religion. That is because religion is love, compassion, goodness, beauty and good morals.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 5th, 2013> Click for more

There is a serious inclination towards piety among our youth and that is very nice. Modernity has different levels; there is a lower level of modernity, a moderate level of modernity. What we want is an ultra-modern and devout model.
The essence of Islam is ultra-modern, the superstitions and life style of idolaters on the other hand are ultra-radical.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 4th, 2013> Click for more

We like a lively Turkey. Our greatest aspiration is for youngsters to be very free, cheerful and well-groomed.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 19th, 2013> Click for more

Some people assume that they can turn Muslims into wretched, neglected, poorly dressed, tasteless people far removed from arts and aesthetics. And they imagine that they will then be attaining good deeds. They are thus making a horrible mistake.
Allah created Heaven fully adorned. Allah created humans fully adorned. Adornments are the wealth of this world; they are the artistry of Allah. Some people have assumed an attitude against ornaments. What are eyebrows? They are adornments. What are eyes? They are adornments. What is nose? It is an adornment. Trees, flowers are adornments. Allah creates all animals fully adorned. All birds are fully adorned, they are colorful. All bugs are fully adorned, they are colorful. Bees, ants are all fully adorned. All the women in the Heaven are fully adorned. Allah praises their adornments in length in the Qur’an. Why should adornments be unlawful.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 15th, 2013> Click for more

If shoddiness, filth and dirt are widespread in a country; arts, science, aesthetics and soul dies there. May Allah forbid. That is no good. For that reason, we should look for beauty and aesthetics to the fullest and we should beautify everywhere we go.
Beautifying life, making it pleasant is the duty of a Muslim. Allah charges us to turn this world into Heaven. We will beautify the gardens, we will beautify people. We will beautify children. Houses will be well-kept, cars will be well-kept.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 29th, 2013> Click for more

Beautiful and well-groomed people spread joy of living to their environment.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 4th, 2013> Click for more

We, as a nation, need to be determined to attain peace, love and quality.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 27th, 2012> Click for more

The societies lacking quality are bound to go down. Allah makes societies lacking quality go down. At the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) there was modernity, beauty, aesthetics, arts, joy and happiness. Allah made them prevail in the world. It was the same in the time of Dhul-Qarnayn; they have had joy, beauty, happiness, aesthetics and science. Allah made them rule the world. Other than that Allah did not let them. There had always been a destruction and devastation. The reason for that is bigotry.
Muslim is a person that would attract admiration. What is important is their chasteness. They know where to wear what. They have the necessary faith, wisdom, will power and chasteness.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 7th, 2012> Click for more

Quality is very important, without quality the lives would be broken.
Quality is a very important matter in Islam; it is an important aspect of life. If you do not attach importance to quality, without the aesthetics, without beauty the world would have the appearance of Hell.
Mosques should be high quality, the houses should be high quality, the clothes should be high quality, the speeches should be high quality, perfumes used should be high quality. For instance Europe attaches great importance to quality. They make a point of attaining quality in their lives. It is apparent that it is crucial for Muslims' lives to attain high quality.
If a high quality understanding of Islam was to be preached, the whole world would turn to Islam in crowds. People adopt an attitude against Islam because they are describing an understanding of Islam that lacks quality.
They presume that people react against Islam. There is no such reaction against Islam, there is a reaction against lack of quality.
Quality has no relation with money. I mean something can be cheap but might have a high quality appearance. I mean a person might have only one dress but it can be very high quality. It is very important to be ambitious about quality and to advocate quality determinedly.
The only obstacle in the way of spreading Islam is the lack of quality. Even if you talk to an irreligious person and say; "Love, compassion, mercy, friendship, amicability, democracy, well intentions, a sociable environment, social justice, a cutting edge progress in science, art and aesthetics; What do you say to that?" He would say; "I'd embrace it right away." That is what Islam actually is.
The main problem in front of spreading of Islam, in people not accepting Islam is lack of quality. There is no other reason.
If someone says; "I've been preaching but Islam is not spreading around," that person should look for the mistake in him. It means that his way lacks quality.
They misrepresent Islam as such an intricate, such a difficult and hard religion and they show the understanding of quality in Muslims'lives as such a sheepish, such a deficient life that it seems like –may Allah forbid- a living Hell to people. Why do you not present Islam like Paradise as it actually is, why do you not present an ambiance like that of Paradise, a manner like reminds Paradise?
Gaiety is a quality. Happiness is a quality. Joking is a quality. Being sociable and easy is a quality. For instance kindness, courtesy is a quality.
Bigoted people are mostly very obtuse and very dull. The children of many bigoted people live a modern life. For instance their daughters mostly do not cover their hair. Many of them do not have any religious friends. That stems from a reaction against lack of quality. Actually had they seen high quality people around them, they wouldn't engage in such an abnormal behavior.
Our Prophet (saas) was a very high quality person. His teeth were squeaky-clean. That for instance is a quality. He was smelling clean and sweet. He used the highest quality perfume. He wore the highest quality clothes for the time, for that age. His addressing was high quality, the sentences he selected were high quality. His gait was high quality, the way he sat, the way he stood up were high quality. The way he ate was high quality. Quality prevailed all around him.
Quality unburdens one's heart. It delights a person. Quality is one of the most important adornments of life. When quality is lost, one would withdraw into himself.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 10th, 2012> Click for more

Lack of quality and lovelessness is the greatest enemy of the Islamic world, it is their greatest opponent. Lack of quality and lovelessness gives way to bring about aggressive, terrorist spirited people full of hatred who want to kill and injure people and then may Allah forbid, ghettos will be formed in the neighborhoods. Ghettos of hatred will be formed. People of hatred will come about. That is very dangerous.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 8th, 2012> Click for more

Without a high quality society, a high quality life, the world would not embrace Islam.
There is a search for quality in the human nature. Quality is what is commanded in the Qur'an. The Paradise for instance is a very high quality place. There is the rule of quality in every corner. The clothes are high quality, the beds are high quality, houses are high quality, people are high quality, everywhere is high quality.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 9th, 2012> Click for more

Lack of quality is very widespread in the whole Asia and Middle East, and because of that lack of quality they are being crushed. Quality should be improved in all Islamic countries.
It is very crucial that Muslims become very high quality people as soon as possible. It is very important that they bring quality to the forefront, that they attach importance to science, art and love and that they become peaceful. A feeling of hatred develops in the hearts of people towards people full of hatred. And then they become very determined and very decisive to kill them. Bigotry and lack of quality is a grave danger, lovelessness is a grave danger.
There are two important matters in the world in regard to the global reign of Islam, let me state it clearly; the first is love and the second is quality.
Lovelessness brings about lack of quality; lack of quality brings about lovelessness. Lovelessness progresses very rapidly in an environment of poor quality. Love and quality is nested in one another. We will strive for our brothers to be very high quality Muslims. We will strive for love to develop to the utmost.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 13th, 2012> Click for more

Islam would not prevail without love, with an understanding far removed from aesthetics, with a ragged, shabby and pathetic appearance in an introverted world where there is no music, no art, no democracy, no enthusiasm, no excitement. Allah wouldn't deem such a horrible system an obligation on us. People invent such horrible systems, such atrocious systems on their own.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 11th, 2012> Click for more

The system of the Mahdi brought radiance and light upon Muslims.
Some circles have pulled a trick -in their minds- by confining Muslims in a bigoted mindset; they have thus stripped Muslim off from everything that is beautiful such as art, music, aesthetics and quality. And we have spiked their guns.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 29th, 2012> Click for more

Everywhere will be beautiful like flowers. We will beautify the provinces, villages and towns. We will embrace the Europeans, the Jews, the Christians and the Freemasons. They will all be the followers of our Prophet (saas).
A young girl has to be smart, she needs to exercise. She has to have strong muscles and be athletic. Her hair must be very clean and well groomed.
A Muslim has to be very clean in every way. Cleanliness also becomes absent in lack of quality.
NOT TOO MUCH MONEY IS REQUISITE FOR QUALITY. IT DEMANDS INTELLIGENCE, TASTE AND A TENDENCY TO ARTISTRY. For instance, a woman can be very shoddy with very expensive materials. Likewise, she can be a very quality person with very cheap materials. This is a matter of wisdom and conscience. THIS IS RELATED WITH THE PENETRATION OF THE POWER OF ARTISTRY TO THE SOUL AND THIS IS RELATED TO FAITH AND WISDOM. They are all interrelated.
The highest standard must be attained in artistry. The highest standard must be the goal in quality. Then the world becomes beautiful in the technical sense.
Quality is very vital. At the time of our Prophet (saas) there was quality. Quality in conduct, quality in style, quality in cleanness; quality must reign everywhere.
Quality must be adopted as a state policy.

A9 TV, April 29th, 2012> Click for more

THE LACK OF QUALITY IS A GREAT SCOURGE. This is the trouble in all the Middle East and its pain is being felt everywhere. In Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine a tremendous shoddiness reigns. Shoddiness prevails throughout the entire Islamic world.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 27th, 2012> Click for more

Heaven is quality. Our Prophet (saas) was very classy. Quality reigned in the time of the Companions of our Prophet (saas). THE QUR’AN DEMANDS QUALITY FROM US and the heart of a Muslim sides with quality. We must attach great importance to quality. Quality in outerwear, in the style we employ and everything else.
Quality is very vital; one needs to make the attainment of the highest quality his goal. Quality must be embraced as a state policy.
The measure of civilization, wealth and welfare is quality. Once quality is gone, the attributes of hell appear, which cause continuous corruption. It has an impact upon industry, the arts, science and the spiritual worlds of human beings.
A European style democracy and quality is becoming to Turkey. Indeed an understanding of quality surpassing them is becoming to Turkey. This has to be accomplished without any delay.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 14, 2012> Click for more

One does not become rich by accumulating his money. If one has a quality, classy life, if one’s clothes, car, house, everything is quality, beautiful, impressive and artistic, that is all right. We call such people to be rich. HOARDING MONEY IS NOT WEALTH.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 10th, 2012> Click for more

Living by Islam is the way of living of the highest quality people.
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