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Adnan Oktar Says... April 9th, 2017> Click for more

The CHP and the MHP are political parties that are an assurance for Turkey. A ruthless opposition between them is not befitting.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 8th, 2017> Click for more

All national, patriotic political parties are valuable for us. The CHP represents the enlightened face of Turkey. A tone alienating the CHP would not be right.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 5th, 2017> Click for more

The CHP should become a political party that advocates modern religiousness and position itself on the rightest range of left wing in the political spectrum. Our people would then hold them in high esteem.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 23rd, 2017> Click for more

Ms Selin Sayek Böke’s family has both Christian and Muslim heritage. This is an honor and beauty. It is immoral to threaten an innocent woman.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 10th, 2015> Click for more

Freedom of faith; this is the greatest beauty the CHP can provide. They should be close to religious communities. They should show that they will present love to everyone.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 1st, 2014> Click for more

The CHP should be venturesome, very audacious and should possess a very innovative spirit. They should very thorough internalize Ataturk’s understanding of piety and make it prevail within the party.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 29th, 2014> Click for more

The understanding of Ataturk should settle in the CHP. Ataturk’s understanding of love, friendship, brotherhood and unity, his understanding of Turkish Islamic Union, his understanding of Islamic unity, a union of the Turkish world, his understanding of love towards the Qur’an, his approach about women and the arts should settle in the CHP. Once this is covered, there is no need for the CHP to do anything else; our people would embrace them instantly.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 9th, 2014> Click for more

The CHP (Peoples’ Republican Party) should be powerful; they need to be in unity and solidarity. Respecting and trusting their leader is of crucial importance. The notion of a dispensable leader is not acceptable.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 25th, 2014> Click for more

A religious CHP will be successful. A religious CHP will be the ornament of Turkey. They should be sure that they would come to power with at least 70 percent of the votes. You are talking about Marx; you should also be talking about Bediuzzaman and Suleyman Hilmi Tunahan. Only then you would be successful. Anything other than that would not work.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 7th, 2014> Click for more

Those who criticize the CHP should make constructive and sincere criticisms instead of employing such a harsh, sharp- tongued attitude. They are in a competition of knowingness and impertinence. That would harm the spirit of the CHP and it would be wrong.
What the CHP should do is to adopt the warmth, beauty, colors and the wealth of the right wing and to advocate left wing's understanding of quality, aesthetics, freedom, democracy and science to the fullest. They should not leave any point that the left wing is not satisfied with, but they should also adopt all the beauties of the right wing.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 15th, 2014> Click for more

The CHP (Republican People Party) should start a strong initiative against radicalism. Radicalism can only be annihilated through piety. It is not possible to remove radicalism with irreligiousness, with materialism and leftism. Religion would always be victorious and sweep over radicalism.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 13th, 2014> Click for more

An intellectual, progressive CHP (Republican People's Party) that defends the modern understanding of Islam. A CHP that defends the Islamic Union. That is a convenience, a beauty that could be attained. This is the beautiful formula that would save the CHP. Islamic Union, a modern Islam. If these two prevail in the CHP, the CHP will become the leading party in a heartbeat.
The CHP should place the modern understanding of Islam at the forefront; that is because the Islamic Union was the ideal of the late Ataturk. To attain a good result they should talk about the Islamic Union, they should bring forth Ataturk's modern understanding of Islam.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 1st, 2014> Click for more

What the CHP (Republican People's Party) should be doing is to stand up with a modern understanding of Islam and to loudly advocate the Islamic Union, to advocate the Turkish Islamic Union in line with the opinions of Ataturk and to advocate the facts of the Qur'an.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 18th, 2014> Click for more

The best thing the CHP (Republican People’s Party) can do is to develop a spirit that addresses the spirit of the people, of the people of Anatolia, the spirit of our people.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 15th, 2013> Click for more

The reason why CHP could not come to power is their uncalled for support for Marxists. Actually CHP is the party of Ataturk. Ataturk has served intensely to Islam. CHP should be doing the same.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 29th, 2013> Click for more

It is a beauty to have a Kemalist, enlightened, secular CHP in Turkey. CHP is a party with very valuable, classy people.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 22nd, 2013> Click for more

CHP should not follow the advices and instillations of a handful of communists but they should follow the general tendency of people. With its modern aspect, with its endearing aspect, with its Kemalist aspect, they can then soundly come to power, insha’Allah.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 29th, 2013> Click for more

CHP cannot come into power with a classical revolutionist mindset. Those times have passed.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 12th, 2013> Click for more

What CHP should be doing is to assume an attitude against Darwinism-materialism and to advocate the Unity of Islam.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 1st, 2013> Click for more

CHP will find bounty and power if it adopts an attitude against Darwinism-materialism. CHP will then advance greatly. If CHP turns towards spirituality and holy values, if it advocates the enlightened understanding of Islam, the modern understanding of Islam in the sense Ataturk has explained, it will come to power with 70-80 % of the votes, insha'Allah.
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