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The dimension that we live in now is like a screen attached to our eyes. Heaven is behind that screen.

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It is a scientific fact that we can never get into contact with the material world outside our brains. We only see shadow beings as perceived by our brains.

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No one can know the reality of matter. Our knowledge of matter outside comes from the perceptions of our five senses as interpreted by our brains. No one has ever been in direct contact with the matter assumed to be outside.

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For anyone who knows the essence of the matter, everything is a sign leading to faith.

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There is no light outside the brain; inside the brain, a being with no eyes (the soul) interprets electrical signals as light. This is amazing!

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No person has ever seen matter in its real form. No person has ever been able to step out of their brain and interact with the true matter.

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It is not the eyes that see. The eyes are in fact blind. The eyes only convey electric signals to the brain and someone inside the brain, without eyes, sees the electric signals as a colorful world.

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God created the eyes only as an instrument. In fact, the electric signals sent by the eyes to the brain are too weak to create such high quality image. The world we see is directly seen by the soul itself.

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It is not possible to understand that people do not remember God although they are aware of the system in vision, hearing and touch. That is great unawareness.
It is a breathtaking miracle to hear the atoms and electricity that enter into the ear in the form of speech and music with treble and bass arrangements made. Normally we would perceive the electricity that comes from the ears only as a humming sound. But we are capable of hearing it in the form of music, distinguishing the direction of sound and differences in treble and bass.
The capacity of ‘vision’ has nothing to do with the eyes. The eye is only a transmitter of electrical stimuli. There is 'someone' who sees the images inside the brain. The electricity that comes to the brain for the image to form is very weak. It is a miracle that this subtle electricity is perceived as a clear three-dimensional image.
Light and color are amazing. Darwinists do not want to think about who is seeing the world in a colorful way inside their dark brains. Hearing sound and having consciousness that perceives sound is amazing. Who feels, hears and smells? This is a great miracle.

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It is scientifically impossible for a single protein to come into existence through coincidences. Evolution theory cannot even account for the formation of a single protein. Evolutionists should go and buy barrels of protein powder and wait for millions of years for life to appear; no living being would come up from that. There is a being inside the brain that sees without an eye and hears without an ear. The evolutionists should investigate who this being is.
Who sees inside the brain without eyes? People must question this. The soul sees electrical signals as 3D perfect images.

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There is no music outside. Every person hears music inside his brain. There are only sound waves beyond us and it is the soul that perceives those waves as music. The soul has no need for electricity and sound waves to hear music. Sound waves and the electricity that reaches the brain exist merely as causes for music to form.

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God creates everything so marvelously that wherever we look we are amazed. The biggest marvel is the inside of our brain. The eye is located in a fluid structure. Light passes through it to form a reverse image, then turns into a low amp electricity and advances in the brain where that low amp electricity turns into a clear and colored image and thus the image is ‘seen’ without the eyes. This is a great marvel. Hence there is someone in the brain who sees without the eyes and hears without the ears. There is no other explanation to this situation besides believing in God.

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No one can see the actuality of the universe. When one thinks he is watching the stars on the far-away sky, in truth he sees the stars inside his brain.

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God grants pleasure out of music as a blessing. No sound comes out of instruments, and ears do not hear any sound. God creates vibrations as music. The soul takes pleasure of God's artistry. The soul is not related to the low ampere electrical current, but to what God creates in His Presence.

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Both eyes are actually blind. The eye is only a device that transfers electric impulses to the brain. Someone in the brain sees without eyes. Who, inside the brain, listens to music without ears? Evolutionists don't even want to talk about this very important topic.

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The electrical stimuli occurring in the brain when the strings of a violin vibrate is perceived of as music by the soul that finds delight in it. Many people are not aware of the reality of this world. There is no color, light or sound outside. The soul sees a colorful world with no eyes.

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There is no other being other than God. God is beyond time or place. There is no such thing as place or space in the Sight of God; there is only the condition of place. There is only the shadow of it. Only God is Absolute.

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Properties are created inside one's brain. A Muslim prays for God to distribute that image inside his brain and that is it. But some are unable to have the heart to give up that image, they do not have the heart to distribute it.

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There is no time in outer space. Time is a perception and a form of belief that is formed in the brain by making a comparison between one moment and the other. It is a product of the brain; it is a belief. They imagine that there is time outside. There is but one moment, and in that moment everything has happened within that moment. Everything is over and done with in that moment. This is how God creates.

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We’ve been entrusted a soul and yet we are made up from the weakest material. Stones are strong, steel is strong, iron is strong, these elements are very strong but flesh and bones are actually the weakest materials. They rot instantly, they come apart instantly. The soul is waiting there inside that shield. When the flesh and bone dies, the soul will be freed.

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There is no Absolute Being other than God.

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You will never ever see the origin of matter until the end of times. Only God knows the origin of the matter.
It is not possible to know God as He knows Himself: That is because no man is -may God forbid- God. That is why we will never be able to know Him as He knows Himself. But in Heaven, God manifests Himself and we will see His manifestation.

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Ascension means passing from the third dimension to the fourth dimension. There are dimensions in the universe. We are living in a three- dimensional universe; There is a fourth dimension, but we are unable to see it right now but those in the fourth dimension can see us. Angels and djinn are watching us right now but we are unable to see them. For us to be able to see them we should become light. Our Prophet (saas) saw them because he became dematerialized.
During our Prophet’s (saas) ascension, his body became light and became dematerialized. Once one becomes dematerialized, he can go anywhere in the speed of imagination.

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For every man of cause, the hypocrites are created inside his brain. You wouldn't know the body of a person outside. You are just responsible of knowing what you are shown. For instance when a child dies the child inside your brain dies. You wouldn't know about the child outside. That is the Knowledge of God. That is the Innate Knowledge, I mean that is the Secret Knowledge.

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We are in a state of sleep right now. Life is a sort of sleep and we are dreaming. When we die, we will be awakening from this dream.

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One should become a radiant light before seeing angels. One should be taken out of this material world. For instance our Prophet (saas) saw angels but he didn't see them materially. First he became like a radiant light after being removed from the world of materials and came to this special state.

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There is no time on the outside, there is one single moment. And that infinitely short time is called a moment. Within infinitely short period of time, God has created an infinitely long period of time. That is destiny. It is the faith in your mind. You have done and finished with everything in an infinitely short period of time.

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Angels see us and hear us but we cannot see them and we cannot hear them. That is because they are seeing us in the 3rd dimension yet we cannot see the angels in the 2nd dimension.

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Matter will in no way be non-existent. No image will ever disappear. No voice will ever disappear. Once something comes into existence, it will be locked to infinity, it is impossible for a being to disappear. That image will remain for all eternity. Voice will in no way disappear either, it is not possible.

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No dress is made by a factory. Allah is the One Who makes all of them but within reason, people assume that the factories make them. No television, no radio, no technical device is manufactured by a factory; all of them are made by Allah. But because that is a miraculous system and because Allah has created an amazing cause and effect relation, people cannot realize that. Allah has laid curtains on this fact with quadrillions of details.

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Materials exist. However materials are not absolute beings as people might presume, they are shadow beings. We see the reflection of that shadow being. Allah is the only Absolute Being.

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Materials exist as images. But they are not absolute beings.

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Absolute non-existence can not exist. If one asserts that he exists, then everyone has to believe that Allah exists for all eternity. A second alternative is not acceptable. This is unlikely, there is no return from it.
When one says, “I exist”, when a being is mentioned, it is not possible to talk about “non-existence” any more, for, when one considers it for some time, it is understood that “absolute non-existence” is absolutely impossible.

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To Whom do the images belong? They belong to Allah. To Whom does our love belong? To Allah. How can one forget about Allah? There is such an abnormality. Allah wants us to be thankful, and in return He says that He will increase His blessings upon Us. That is because everything belongs to Him.

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We can never know the true essence of matter. We can never know it. We can only know it as far as Allah shows us.

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There is matter called “ether” which scientists have not discovered yet. Bediuzzaman mentions about this matter and so does Nikola Tesla.

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When a Darwinist understands the truth about matter he will see he has no direct experience of his body on the outside. The only thing he has direct experience of is an image in his brain.
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