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Only devils in human form would be influenced by the hypocrites. They make friends with the hypocrites. Hypocrites try to appear as devout, honest people. Only devils in human form would be influenced by the hypocrites. They make friends with the hypocrites. Hypocrites try to appear as devout, honest people. They put on a mask. Satan comes with a mask of a Muslim. They talk about the Qur’an, they praise God, talk like Muslims and those devils in human form like them would be fooled by them and go join them.

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Without wisdom, mere intelligence might cause disasters. Hypocrites are very intelligent but they are extremely foolish. They have an evil intelligence yet they are ultra fools.

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This world is a metaphysical environment. There has been a scientific struggle between believers and satan ever since the beginning of this world and this will continue. In this struggle the team of the satan has a fake prophet and believers have true prophets. Dajjal is the fake prophet of this team of the satan. With love, peace, science and wisdom, believers make the beauty of the religious morality prevail all over the world. The system of the dajjal strives to shed blood and make persecution prevail. Although the system of the dajjal might seem bigger and stronger than the believers, it is created to be defeated in destiny.

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Believers would be hasty in doing good. They do not delay anything that would be good and auspicious. Satan wants beauty and goodness to be delayed. For instance, if you are to show compassion, satan tells you to delay it. If you are about to forgive, it tells you to delay it. Satan is always a procrastinator. Believers on the other hand do good immediately in that instant.

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Bigotry is the plot of the satan; it is the religion of satan. Islam is the religion in the Qur’an. Islam is a pure and immaculately radiant religion. Bigotry is like mixing milk with poison. Islam is the religion of good manners, joy, high quality, vivacity, happiness, love and peace.
Love is the only goal of sincerity. The goal of everything you find beautiful is love. Satan is trying to kill this feeling. Both in the Darwinist and the orthodox fractions there is a desire to remove this love. With all our might, we are preventing this with knowledge and wisdom.

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The hypocrites are incarnated satans. The attacks of the hypocrites are actually the attacks of the satan against Muslims. These attacks become instrumental in increasing the quality of the trial Muslims are subjected to. The hypocrites are instrumental in Muslims’ becoming stronger and holding closer ranks. Each attack of the hypocrites is in fact a blessing for Muslims. God creates everything for a reason, with wisdom.

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Jealousy over happiness started with satan’s jealousy of the Prophet Adam. Good people should know that there will definitely people who will struggle against them. God did not create this world for us to live like there is no tomorrow. It is a Muslim’s duty to live in a state alertness and vigilance every moment of their lives.

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The satan claims that people will not love one another and that they would not love God. It says that people will become cruel, selfish, loveless, merciless and will shed blood. To prove itself right the satan imposes lovelessness on people with all its might.
Love is the foundation of life just like breathing. Satan has taken away love from the hands of people, that is what actually is surprising. Love should not be something that will be searched for and found. Love should prevail everywhere.

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The fact that terms of affection are used very scarcely is one of the greatest scourges on this world. Although it is the most crucial issue in the world, under the influence of the satan, love is the least use word. Politicians, writers, intellectuals, youngsters, everyone should keep love constantly on the agenda.

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The system of idolary that cruelly destroys love, beauty, art and science is evil. This evil system can be removed with the light of the Qur’an.

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The existence and treachery of the hypocrites shows Muslims all the intricate aspects of satan’s mentality and teaches them how to demolish the house of satan with knowledge.
Faith is to defeat the inner self, satan and the negative suggestions and to give a struggle and become victorious against those who are unscrupulous for a lifetime.
Satan always speaks one side only. We have intellectually attacked the language of hatred and rendered the poisonous tongue of satan ineffective.

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Satan, hypocrites and unbelievers are like evil-producing machines. They never feel any remorse and are arrogant.

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Satan is a sort of a robotic being. Many people fall into the games of the satan because they do not use their minds wisely.

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Hypocrites are satan in human form, because satan has surrounded and taken over their whole beings.

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Hypocrites constitute a system based on evil intelligence. They place importance on disputes and on displaying a hypocritical wit. They use a special technique of arguing.
Satan is a negative intelligence that treats every person differently according to their weaknesses. It has the power of secretly speaking to people’s brains. Believers resist the incitements of satan. But a person with weak willpower can easily succumb to satan’s negative suggestions.

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Just like satan, hypocrites also claim that they want to do good deeds. They give unsolicited advice to believers with the petty opinions they get from the unbelievers.

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What will render satan ineffective is preaching and spreading sincere faith.

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The essential characteristic of satan is arrogance and obstinacy. It regards its egocentrism as more important than everything.

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Wars will be incited as long as the system of the dajjal exists. Bloodshed and cruelty are traits of the devil.

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Satan only has influence over people who have feeble minds and are weak in willpower. Satan will have no effect on believers if they struggle against irrationality.
The religion of the ignorant is a lifestyle where people assume poses and haughty attitudes towards one another and never behave like themselves. This evil and hidden life style is used by satan to bring people under his influence.
The religion of the ignorant is an evil belief system, that is not properly named yet known by all.
Having a standoffish attitude is an ugly form of worship in the religion of the ignorant, which is actually a satanic ritual.

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Hypocrites are people who have sold themselves to satan.

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Hypocrites are steered by satan. Satan is their guide and surrounds them like a crust.

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Satan is destroying people’s true nature to take his revenge. Women should be like women and men should be like men.

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Believers are never under the influence of the whisperings and negative inculcations of satan.

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It’s easy to defeat the inner self and the satan. Muslims are strong-willed.
Satan is an important part of people’s test. Satan will continue to try to sway people until their death.

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Haters are people who have failed to control their lower selves and who are defeated by satan. Such people should be approached like a doctor would approach their patients. We need to treat haters by approaching them with compassion like a doctor approaches a patient. These people are spiritually ill.
Satan’s whisperings, doubts can come to mind any moment. But believers ignore them by means of their faith. One’s inner self, satan attacks the mind with thousands of doubts, groundless worries, but believers just ignore them.

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Satan might distract people and cause forgetfulness. It whispers evil thoughts into people. Strong, clever people do not give into the calls of the satan.

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Satan ridicules people through Darwinism. Trying to explain everything with coincidences is not science; it is a failure of logic.

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Muslims live in their own dimension under the protection of God. Unbelievers are under the sway of the satan and live in satan’s dimension.
Satan is mocking humanity with Darwinism. Darwinism is like the religion of satan and has virtually enslaved people.

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Anger has a satanic lure. One shouldn't be tempted by it. God tells believers to refrain from anger.
Satan will want to make people lethargic. One should fight lethargy, because if one yields to it, it will consume him/her completely.

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Satan casted a spell of lovelessness in the world to set people against one another. We will break this spell by talking diligently about God and love.

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Hadiths tell that dajjal will die spiritually at the feet of Mahdi. Mahdi will abolish satan’s mischief.
The existence of satan and events that seem unfavorable are essential for believers to develop their wisdom and character.
Love is the subject that satan opposes the most. It aims to destroy love and beauty. Films that incite hatred and violence serve satan without people’s knowing.

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Most who think that they are contacting jinn are actually falling under the influence of satan. Our brothers should not give credit to this.

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Satan always wants to derail people. Hypocrites want to disintegrate believers and bring detriment and failure to their efforts.
God describes the immorality and games of hypocrites in detail in the Qur'an. A hypocrite is a devilish and marginal creature. The logic used by the hypocrite is the same as the logic used by satan.

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Satan drags people into marginality. Croesus, for instance was marginal; so was Samiri. That is a common attribute for the hypocrites. Their logic works defectively.

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Reminding people of love is the best answer to the enmity satan is trying to inflict on people every day.

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Hypocrites are like devil disguised as human. Therefore, believers should always be very careful with them.

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Coming up with an understanding of Islam devoid of joy, arts and beauties was a plot played by the satan to put an end to Islam- May God forbid the thought. We thwarted that plot.

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Satan sets a trap to people using Darwinism and materialism. Those who fall prey to this trap become inclined to selfishness, aggression and violence.
Those whose souls are enslaved by satan are people of hatred and are unable to express any other feeling besides hatred. Such people lose their humane feelings and become like animals.

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Hypocrites have no patience and do not trust in God. That’s why they are deeply shaken by everything and have frequent nervous breakdowns.

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The British people are innocent of the crimes of the British Deep State, which is a dark structure using evil people and hypocrites.

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Satan devastates human beings by instilling the most unbecoming doubts; likewise hypocrites devastate one’s mindset, the environment and everything else.

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Satan applies great pressure on hypocrites so that their bodies can be completely possessed. That’s why hypocrites act insane.
Hypocrites, which are actually human satans, are very active. Even one of them can be a serious source of trouble for Muslims.

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Satan knows every weak point of all people; that is why he is a master in how to use hypocrites.

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Satan took away music, arts, science and beauty from Muslims. We have made it possible for Muslims to regain all these beauties deemed lawful by the Qur’an.

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Hypocrites are like bats, they make secret plans in darkness. They get into contact with satan. Yet every plan of theirs is actually created by God.
When satan falls down on hypocrites their bodies almost become beastly. The Qur’an draws special attention to the emptiness in their looks.

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Hypocrites don't like peace. They want trouble, tension and fight because satan stirs up constant anarchy in their souls.

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Since hypocrites bear satan’s intelligence, they are talented in an evil way and the British Deep State exploits hypocrites like satan’s army.

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The number of hypocrites is predestined. In the Qur'an, it’s stated that satan can have no influence over the sincere servants of God.
It is almost a miracle that hypocrites surrender to satan and are influenced by it. Satan’s power is weak, but a hypocrite gives in.

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Believers should refrain from being occupied by any kind of futile issue and meaningless empty talks that would paralyze their inner worlds and occupy their brains. These are all satan’s tricks.
Muslims are lenient, reasonable and companionable while hypocrites are surprisingly evil beings. Hypocrites have a devilish kind of restlessness, vigilance and insane courage. Satan takes possession of hypocrite’s soul and uses his body as a machine.
When people meet hypocrites they are surprised to see their unfavorable behaviors, in truth hypocrites are like robots that satan has taken hold of.
Satan is snobbish and cunning. The reason why hypocrites are so pretentious and cunning is that satan has captured their souls.
Satan has an amazing power to deceive. Hypocrites also have this power of deception. Hypocrites influence those with weak minds and souls.
Hypocrites are human satans and they have many sycophants around them. The British Deep State uses them all for its use.
Hypocrites have insane energy like satan, they approach people from right and from left, they are always restless. “[Satan] said, "My Lord, because You have put me in error, I will surely make [disobedience] attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all.” (Qur’an 15:39)
Hypocrites are like the living dead. Satan uses their bodies. The term “eyes revolving like one being overcome by death” in the Qur’anic verse refers to that. “Indisposed toward you. And when fear comes, you see them looking at you, their eyes revolving like one being overcome by death. But when fear departs, they lash you with sharp tongues, indisposed toward [any] good. Those have not believed, so Allah has rendered their deeds worthless, and ever is that, for Allah , easy.” (Qur’an 33/19)
Hypocrites always cause sedition upon the incitement of satan. They never calm down. Whenever we assume they have, they make another insane act.
Most people do not realize that he lives among millions of zombies. They don’t know that those they fight are a sort of zombies. Zombies in human shape, whose souls are captured by satan cause trouble in all over the world. This is a special requisite of the worldly test.

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Satan wants disobedience, conflict and anarchy. Satan wants to incite anarchy. “He said, ‘What prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you to?’ He replied, ‘I am better than him. You created me from fire and You created him from clay.’
He said, ‘Descend from Heaven. It is not for you to be arrogant in it. So get out! You are one of the abased.’” Qur’an, 7/12-13
The satan also has an anarchist spirit of confrontation. When God commands to prostrate satan says ‘I am made of fire, I won’t prostrate’.

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Hypocrites and satan have the same personality. Both the hypocrite and satan are ungrateful to God.
Hypocrites are like machines under satan's control. With their evil intelligence they imitate Muslims, and wants to distract attention from him.
Hypocrites live with an anarchistci soul inclined towards unrest due to the incitement of satan. Hypocrite cannot be at ease even for half an hour.
A hypocrite is suspicious of everything. Satan whispers "this statement is against you" for every sentence, and he is under that surmise.

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The hypocrites feign friendship with Muslims but when they are alone with their own people and with satan, they speak against Muslims.

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God wants Muslims to be united. Satan and the antichrist, on the other hand, wants the dispersion of Muslims.

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The antichrist acts with the mind of satan, but satan’s scheming is feeble and very foolish. Therefore it’s easy to overpower it.

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The hypocrite is satan in the form of man. He is very talented in an evil way in plotting against Muslims.

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Not giving due attention to the issue of hypocrisy would amount to giving opportunity to satan in hatching its plots. A hypocrite is a soldier of satan and what scares him the most is to be uncovered.

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Hypocrites are like hounds that Muslims can use to detect satan. Hypocrites inadvertently reveal all hypocrites and their weaknesses.

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There is inherent peace and wisdom in acts of worship. If one gets tired while reading the Qur’an, taking ablution, paying charity and so on, satan must be troubling him. God created all acts of worship in such a way that they are both easy and pleasing to humans.

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Masculinizing women and feminizing men is a conduct of satan and that is the philosophy of the British Deep State.

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Hypocrites assume that their brains is a property that belongs to themselves. They’re unaware that God creates it. Intelligence that hypocrites uses is a demonic intellect.

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Every community of believers needs hypocrites to identify satan. By observing the behavior of hypocrites, the evil methods of satan can be seen.

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A hypocrite is a spiritual soldier of satan and its deep state. Now the British Deep State governs satan’s powers in the world.

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Satan has a psychopathic soul as it claims and gives off an image of a so-called superiority in piousness, and regards itself to be superior.

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It is satan that taught homosexuality to the people of Lot. The philosophy of homosexuality is the philosophy of the satan. The hypocrites have the same philosophy.

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A Muslim’s rank in Heaven raises with the intellectual struggle he gives against hypocrites, against satan and his lower-self.

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The intelligence of satan would rule over the hypocrites. A Muslim would be intellectually struggling against the intelligence of the satan while scientifically struggling against the hypocrites.

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The existence of satan boosts the energy of believers. Intellectual struggle of believers against satan is the reason why they are loved.

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Living an easy life without hardship, sickness and getting injured and going to the Hereafter like that isn’t valuable. Test should be difficult and exhaustive; seeing the beauty amidst intricate details is what matters. Adam and Eve fell for even the slightest trap of satan because they weren’t previously tested. Without the test, without the elaborate details of the test, it’s not possible to appreciate the art of God or Heaven. An ordinary-level test will lead to trivial happiness in Heaven. The more exhaustive the test is, the deeper the love, the better life will be. God wants a difficult test especially in the End Times. The more tough the test is, the higher levels of Heaven one will attain. If God had willed, He could have caused Islamic morality to reign on the Earth right now, but it takes time. Why? So that the test can be arduous and its reward can be greater.

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It is the indoctrination of satan and the dajjal's system that debilitates people's sense of wonder and awe towards wonders. Yet we encounter miracles every moment of our lives.

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Some people take satan very lightly, they are freshly discovering the fact that satan is badgering the whole world.

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Satan coats over hypocrites just like a magnetic field. It whispers him all the treachery acts he commits.

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Some who have submitted themselves to the British Deep State engage in the propaganda of homosexuality. They preach Darwinism while presenting Islam as a religion by which people cannot live. They try to replace the Islam prescribed by the Qur'an with the Rumi movement. This is the hypnosis of satan.

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The hypocrite is a being who sometimes gets into contact with satan. In such moments the way he looks becomes so meaningless that he no longer looks like a human being. This is why the Qur’an draws attention to the treacherous way hypocrites look.

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It will be the believers who will triumph. The followers of satan will lose.

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Hypocrites are insanely liars and impostors. But they use their evil minds which can only be neutralized and demolished by the Qur'an.
Hypocrites are vile and treacherous and possess an evil mind. When exposed and disgraced with all the details, they are paralzyed.

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Many people give in their lower-selves and the pressure of the satan but forget about love. Without love, the body collapses, sanity regresses, foresight and perception would be lost.

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The Qur'an provides many examples regarding the argumentative nature of hypocrites. As hypocrites act in compliance with the orders of satan, they become rampant for no reason and cause problems.
The soul of hypocrites is rampant; they are incited by satan.
Satan wants the Islamic world to be formed of argumentative, egoistic, selfish, maniacal people. This is an outline of the mind of satan.
There exists dispute in the soul of satan. The willingness to dispute is actually a disease. In Hell, hypocrites and irreligious people will continue to argue with one another, just as they typically do in this world.
Shadow states are entirely under the command of satan. The British shadow state also acts under the command of satan.
Satan is also a homosexual. First he gave the order to shed blood, fight against the Mahdi and eradicate Islam.

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Hypocrite only admires himself and wants to live alone in his dark world. Satan also deemed himself to be superior and desired isolation.
Satan enfolds the entire body of the hypocrite and becomes as if a second soul for him. Satan's soul is then in charge of the hypocrite.
Rebellion, anarchy and haughtiness are the dormant characteristics of the hypocrite. Satan is the teacher of the hypocrite.
Hypocrites are prone to arrogance, rebellion and treachery. The Qur'an teaches us about this evil character that is seen also in satan's nature.

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Satan is also a scholar in a way, but a scholar of disbelief. The real intellectual attainment is the one based on the Qur’an and the truth.
“Satan places his throne upon water; he then sends detachments (for creating dissension).” (Sahih Muslim, Hadith 5032)

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Satan can only influence those with weak faiths. It’s impossible for him to have any effect on true believers. True believers are metaphysical beings and they are the ones satan fears the most. Satan cannot affect sincere believers.

 Adnan Oktar Says... April 23rd, 2016> Click for more

We must get ourselves acquainted with satan, we must try to understand the ways of the hypocrites and the irreligious. We must try to learn the ways they can harm the Muslims. In the 104th verse of the Surah an-Nisa, God commands this to Muslims as a form of worship.

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Satan, the self, dissentious people, blood-shedders, warmongers, thieves, evil people; all are a part of the trial. "If it weren't for them..." some people say. They will always exist. If the trial exists, so will they. What you must do is to respond to them patiently through wisdom and willpower and defeat them.

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Through bigotry, satan has dealt a powerful blow that aims to destroy Islam. Under the influence of satan, bigots render prayer impracticable and ablution impossible to perform.

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Satan seeks to impede the mind. His most effective method to accomplish this is causing a sense of inertness. It can be readily seen in the eyes of many people. It causes an idle, dull look. Believers are like hawks. They will never give into such influence of satan.
Satan affects people in many various ways. Among these effects, one of the worst is the sense of inertness. Believers should counter it through their will and wisdom.
Those who abandon the path of Quran lose their sense of reason and judgment and ultimately, lose control. Believers will never allow satan to hatch such plots.

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The hypocrite is like a virus lying in ambush. He resurfaces and overwhelms in an appropriate environment like a tuberculosis virus. When satan asks him to hide, he hides; and when he asks him to appear, he reappears. He does not give up being a hypocrite.

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Suffering is a necessity for achieving the love of God. Satan must exist in order for suffering to exist. And satan usually engages hypocrites and disbelievers for its deeds.
How can something be considered right if the opposite of it does not exist? How will we be tried if satan and the lower-self do not exist? How can we recognize what is beautiful, what is right? It is impossible. It is impossible to achieve any higher love, any higher wisdom in this way. Then we would be no different than a child, we would not be able to develop.
God wants to be loved sincerely. Suffering and satan must exist for real love and compassion to be achieved.

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Hypocrites feel as if their souls burn and suffer when they feel they are becoming more like Muslims. Thus, they try to inspire their evil natures by committing indecent, treacherous deeds, by keeping in touch with disbelievers, or by hatching insidious plots against Muslims.
Hypocrites find comfort in tapping into their evil sides. They feel obliged to commit vile, secret, dishonest deeds, to hatch sinister plots; their souls can find no rest otherwise.

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Those who have a sickness in their hearts are proud, egocentric and arrogant. They regard the sense of superiority as a precious form of worship. However, they are not aware of the fact that they are doing it under the influence of satan. They cannot realize their evil actions.
Satan specifically identifies and attacks those people with sickness in their hearts. Should these people forsake God, then they are unaware of this. The influence of satan envelops them like a layer of iron and satan will never release his hold on them again. He has a strong grip on their souls.

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The hypocrite waits among Muslims for the right moment to attack them. At the moment of attack he wants to appear as a leader with all his filth and vulgarity and devilish characteristics. In other words, he is a human form of the devil.
Satan has a vast level of general culture. Hypocrites are also very cultured but they use it for devilish purposes, to put on airs and look very grand.

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When you advise hypocrites to talk about God, they go crazy, you tell them to stay away from blasphemy, they go crazy. It is like satan’s session. You know how satan goes mad all of a sudden? That is how they go mad out of nowhere. That is why you have to be very careful and even-tempered when you talk to hypocrites.

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Satan dragged down Islam in the world by specifically complicating it. Complicating religion is a satanic method. It appeared as the product of that filthy mind of the satan.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 15th, 2015> Click for more

Satan would want to blow down a successful Muslim. If that Muslim is doing something beneficial, satan would want to render it ineffective. For instance, he is writing a book, satan would want to stop it. He is preaching religion but satan would want him to stop. He is talking about something good and satan would want him to stop.
Satan obtains results rapidly in unbelievers. I mean he gets very fast results one after the other. He can escalate anger to the highest levels instantly so much so that one person goes and shoots another. He makes them persecute others instantly or be disloyal in a moment.
A Muslim, a devout person might have difficulties in understanding satan but the disbeliever thoroughly knows the satan. A Muslim wouldn't have such cooperation, such a connection with satan. That is because Muslim wins every time, and thus he takes no account of satan. For instance, he behaves patiently whenever there is something to be patient about, he never stoops to egoism on occasions one might behave egotistically.
Satan is an interesting creature. I mean no concrete intervention on humans can be seen during the course of one's life. We understand that he employs methods such as dragging people into sentimentality, into pessimism.

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Satan helps those with weak sagacity. Satan attracts them. But Muslims do not fall prey to such plots. Satan doesn’t have any power over Muslims.

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When a person yields to satan’s instigations, he would be responsible for that act. That is because the scheming of satan is always feeble. With his faith, a Muslim would not follow it. Consequently saying; “satan did this, I am not to blame,” would not be acceptable. That would be an offense.

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If a Muslim is devout and is a genuine Muslim, satan might sometimes impose itself on him. It would insistedly attempt to infiltrate his heart from a corner, it would attempt to hurt him somehow. For that reason, doubt free faith, one that is beyond any doubt is very worthy. One needs to seek refuge with Allah from that because satan does that just to hurt that person, just to disturb him.

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How could this huge world be not enough for people? This aggressiveness people display is really bewildering. They are being deceived by a maniacal plot of the satan.

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The antichrist (dajjal) and the satan are the same. That is because the satan assumes the form of a human and appear before people as the antichrist (dajjal). People might assume that he is a normal person. Actually he is the satan, satan in the form of a human.

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Whispers are devastating humanity. People are suffocated by whispers. The best thing to do is to take refuge with Allah from the whispers and do not give them the time of the day. Not thinking about them and not minding them, not giving consequence to them is the best action. You should say; "my friend, I am not interested in you, come to me 10 years later, only then I will take care of you." If you do not give them the time of the day, they will go away. If you attach importance to them, they will push you around.
There are insidious whisperers everywhere. They are in the newspapers, in the radios and in the televisions. We will take refuge with Allah from the insidious whisperers. We will not attend to whispers.

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Let us become members to every organization as Turkey. Let us love everyone. Let us become friends and companions to everyone. Let us have no enemies. Let us be friends with everyone. Let everything go very well, and go towards good, go towards the Truth. Let it take us to the Unity of Islam, Insha'Allah.

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There is a negative force that is called satan but it's effect is weak. The important thing is that if we use our good conscience, if we use our mind, Allah constantly reveals in our conscience. For instance when we do something, if it is wrong, it comes to us as knowledge; it is revealed to us. It is inspired in our hearts. If we resist that knowledge, we would be acting conscienceless. If we do not resist it and act on it, we would be acting in compliance with our good conscience.

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Satan tries to wean people from religion by complicating acts of worship.

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Satan specifically targets the leaders of the Muslims.
Satan has a specialty to cause people become forgetful.

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Struggling against the system of the Mahdi is one of the main subject matters of the satan.

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This is how satan has cast his spell. He took faith from people's hearts and with that the system of the body has collapsed. The functions of the brain have worsened, people have lost their attention span, they lost their ability to think. The cells of the body have started to attack themselves.

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Satan causes trouble. It does not happen for no reason. He creates this influence by employing electricity, a kind of matter unknown to human beings, or employing matter. But if one has a bath, drinks water, makes exercise, then he feels relieved. The Qur’an refers to this.
Thirst makes a person exhausted. Satan overloads the human body with negative electricity. Water withdraws electricity from the inside. When one has a bath, it takes the electricity covering the surface of the body. When one exercises, taps on the floor, it discharges the electricity rapidly and it gives relief.
What do bigots say? A thing produced by an irreligious person or clothes, a house, a car or any materials produced by a pervert can never be used. What does Allah say? “Satan used to produce every sort of possession for it.” This was produced for Prophet Solomon (as) and Prophet Solomon (as) uses it. A possession can never have a guilt. IT IS THE SATAN WHO IS GUILTY. A POSSESSION IS NOTHING MORE THAN BOOTY; IT IS PURE.
What is satan? It is an enemy of Allah. Satan is a pervert. It is perverse from all aspects. It is a typical maniac. And it is very indecent. He is seriously very immoral. He persists in irreligion. He is involved in all kinds of perversion and sends humanity into all sorts of perversion. But he also produced goods for Prophet Solomon (as) and he (Prophet Solomon (as)) uses those goods produced by satan. So what kind of a quality do these possessions have? They are loot.

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The brain attempts to attack with miserable whispers. Be cautious! WE WILL ALWAYS SIDE WITH ALLAH, THE TRUTH AND LOVE.
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