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Being sad is clearly unlawful according to Islam; it is forgetting God and it is idolatry. A person who is sad – may God forbid- is actually saying ‘ I do not believe that God is creating the best of everything, I do not like the destiny God has created.’ God would instantly respond to such an act, take away one’s wisdom and such a person would be prone to making all sorts of mistakes.

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Ascribing individual power to incidents and individuals, imagining that they have their own powers would be idolatry and also cruelty in the Sight of God. God is the One Who creates every incident, everything is under God’s control. Nothing happens unless God wills so.

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A person who puts his trust in God, who submits to God would never ascribe any partners to God. If a person who has fallen ill says ‘ I will now go to the doctor’s, the doctor will give me a pill and that pill will heal me,” that person would be ascribing partners to God. One should say ‘I will go to the doctor’s and God will make the pill the doctor will prescribe instrumental and if God wills so, I will get better.”

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Their knowledge about many issues is wrong. God does not curse a nation as a whole. If you claim that a newborn would also be cursed just because he is born a Jewish you would not be acting in line with the Qur’an. The child of an atheist mother and an atheist father would be innocent as well. Children are innocent. God curses the irreligious, faithless, cruel Jews, cruel idolaters, cruel hypocrites. They never mention the fact that God curses the idolaters. In many verses of the Qur’an, God talks about faithful Jews. He says not all of the People of the Book are the same. It is not in compliance with Islam to declare the whole of a nation as cursed. That is a pagan belief reminiscent from the period of the idolaters. Real Muslims differentiate the cruel ones from the aggrieved ones and protect those who are aggrieved.

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It would not be compliant with the Qur’an for a person to be worried about the future. A person who worries about the future shows that he imagines that there is a force other than God forgetting that everything is under the command of God; and that would be idolatry. Idolatry is ascribing partners to God and is a grave sin.

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They [some people] don't understand God’s laws; that’s why they are so worried about everything. They think that every object, every being in the world is independently capable. They wrongly think that cars, houses, medications, in short everything has a power that is independent from God. That’s why they are continuously suffering, continuously in pain. If they comprehended that there is only one God and only God has power, if they surrendered to God, they would have lived very comfortably.

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The system of idolary that cruelly destroys love, beauty, art and science is evil. This evil system can be removed with the light of the Qur’an.

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Hypocrites and polytheists have brought ruin to the Muslim world. They are led by the British Deep State. The attacks of hypocrites and idolators increase the strength, wisdom and enthusiasm of believers.
Violence has no place in the Qur’an. Violence and cruelty exist only in the religion of idolatry and bigotry.

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The traditionalist orthodox system prevents the development of the human mind. It disrupts all reasoning, judgment ability and artistic strength. People who live in the idolatrous system are rude, hard and ruthless towards people and their attitude is always inappropriate.

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Believing that any force or any cause other than God could have power like God has is idolatry (shirk).

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I have many deist and atheist friends. Honesty is a very good trait for people. Hypocrites and idolaters are insincere and dishonest.
After our Prophet (saas) has passed, Islam strayed from its true form and became a religion of shirk (idolatry). As a result, the dajjal took away art, quality, joy and life away from Muslims.

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Patience is not the same as endurance; endurance includes idolatry. But patience is a religious observance done by seeing whatever befalls as good.

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For a lover of God, love for God is eternal. A believer’s love will never be a source of pain. For them, there is no such thing as heartache. Some people idolize their beloved ones. When that happens, God punishes that person by turning that idol into a source of trouble.
If one honestly and sincerely thinks and realizes that everything belongs to God, all the troubles and pains caused by idolatry will be gone immediately.

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If one keeps in mind all the time that God creates everything, every incident, there will be no risk of idolatry for them.

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If a person lives solely for God, and does everything solely to please God, there will be no risk of idolatry for that person, insha’ Allah.

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Radicals are so predisposed to hate the arts, music and happiness that they cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that Islam champions these blessings. Radical men believe that they deserve freedom and having fun, but cannot accept that women have the same rights as well.

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They want to follow the superstitious system of their ancestors, rather than God’s religion. This attitude brings disasters to Muslims.

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There is no such punishment as ‘rajm' [stoning to death] in the Qur’an. That is the custom of idolaters and it has no place in Islam.

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God says that unbelievers ‘don't use their reason’. Believers therefore should use their reason, read, learn and research all the time.

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God informs us that He made the Qur’an easy for seeking advice. But those with a polytheistic mindset lie by saying that it is difficult to understand the Qur’an.
Religion is not difficult as presented by some traditionalist Muslims. Those who are used to seeing religion as superstitious polytheist traditions are surprised to see that religion is actually very easy.

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Islam is not a religion that oppresses women. According to bigots, women cannot go out or have fun. They claim 99 percent of women will go to hell. If you oppress God’s servants, God would oppress you. There's no such oppression in Islam.

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Those people who considered the idolatrous religion as Islam are surprised when they see the true Islam related in the Qur’an which is the source of love and joy.

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Saying ‘Masha’ Allah’ which means ‘God has created so beautifully’ completely destroys idolatry.

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God creates all plants, fruits, animals with beauty. Saying that they came into existence by happenstance is an assault on love. God does not want us ascribing partners to Him because it’s an assault on love. It’s a great indiscretion.

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By inventing an understanding of an insincere, timid, player and idolater kind of Muslim, they wanted to wipe out the sincere, warm and true Muslim model.

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Paradise is a place of joy. Those who can't appreciate delight and love due to idolatrous immorality here would not take pleasure in Heaven.

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The idolatrous system acts according to what is learned from ancestors, not according to what God has sent down. It advises to live religion as learned from ancestors.
Some people support the idolatrous system that they call Islam. They don’t know the real religion is the true Islam that is based on the Qur’an.
Some people follow idolatrous people who have no relation with Islam assuming it is Islam that they practice.

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Rendering judgment in the name of God and inventing new lawful and unlawful acts in the name of God means ascribing partners to God and that is why bigots are also idolaters.

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It is the Mahdi movement that will save Muslims from idolatrous thinking.

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Dajjals comes up with the claim of being devout but they present a religion based on superstitions. The nonsense religion presented by the dajjal has the effect of opium just like Marxism and Darwinism.

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Give your love to God. He gives his love directly to his child and fails to say, "My Lord, how beautiful You have created my child, how beautiful You manifest Yourself." That is when God gives a lot of troubles. A thousand an done different torments. God either takes away that child from him or gives him a disease or some trouble, or takes away his riches from him. Why do you not say, "O Lord, thanks be to You. How beautiful You create beauties. These are all Your manifestations"?
One says, "I do love my child madly." God is the One Who shows that child to you, God is the One Who created your child. The fact is that it is the manifestation of God that you are holding on to, not your child. God manifests Himself in that child and reveals Himself as your child and that is what you actually are holding on to.

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The pain the Islamic world is suffering right now is because they have become bogged down into the swamp of idolatry. The Islamic world is suffering a great deal because they have fallen into idolatry. Islam would have prevailed in the world long ago, if they were not in idolatry. They would have lived by, preached and disseminated Islam in peace, in comfort, in beauty and abundance.

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A Muslim should strongly avoid idolatry. He should use all his will- power, all his attention to avoid being dragged into such a swamp. He should know that everything he rates so highly in this world is empty.
Idolatry shows itself with a lack of trust in God. A Muslim is obliged to attain such submission, such trust in God at all costs.
There are two kinds of idolatry. The first one is confessed idolatry. For instance, they build up an idol and worship it. That is confessed idolatry. And there is also covert idolatry. That is believing that others, someone or something other than God has power. For instance, it is believing that people have independent power. Actually God is the One Who makes everyone speak, He is the One Who makes everyone speak and do things.
Ascribing partners to God means thinking that a power, a force or any other attribute belongs to someone or something other than God. For instance, something happens and that person thinks, "this one did it." Actually that one does not have the ability to do anything. God is the One Who does everything. All power, all force belongs to God.

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Some people say, "Why is Syria being razed? Why is Iraq being razed? Why is Libya being razed? Why is Egypt being razed?" They fell into idolatry and idolatry brought troubles towards them. A Muslim should avoid ascribing partners to God.

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We need to be alert and cautious against the tendency for idolatry. In sickness, in university exams, in the selection of friends, in everything, idolatry becomes a trouble for them. In fact, if they should keep their contact with God and constantly pray and be close to God. Then there will be great abundance.

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God is the One Who shows beauty, He shows beauty as an image. The whole of it belongs to God, God is the One Who makes one love, He is the One Who shows it. So you should give all your love to God. The man who doesn’t give his love to God but gives it to an individual, then starts complaining.

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Beauty belongs to God. How prone people are to forget God. God says, “...people are cruel and ignorant.” All beauty belongs to Him yet one still goes and gives their love, that beauty, to that man or that woman.
If you become fixated on the love of a person, it would be idolatry. You should love with the love of God. Even the songs are about separation. Why don’t you love as the manifestation of God? If you love as the manifestation of God, you would not feel the need for such songs. You would not feel all that pain.

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Idolatry brings ruin to people. It drags them into committing murders, killing people and even killing themselves, burning and destroying their surroundings. But once those people are saved from idolatry they become a radiant, luminous people. And that will be made possible by Imam Mahdi (pbuh), insha'Allah.

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God takes away love from the hearts of those who ascribe partners to Him. Their loved ones run away from them and they chase after them; however had they have given their love and their appreciation for beauty directly to God, had they prayed to God, God would grant them those blessings.

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If you idolize the one you love, if you ascribe them as a partner to God - may God forbid-, if you assume that the one you love has an independent existence, God would take that person away from you. But if you see your loved one as a manifestation of God, God would not take away that manifestation from you. Separation is a punishment for idolizing the loved one.

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Because a religion that ascribes partners to God –may God forbid- has infested the whole world, Islam that is purely based on the Qur'an is lived by in only a few places. What is dominating [the world today] is the religion that ascribes partners to God.

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This is the way of the world. Of course, there will be people passing away every single day but mourning would be ascribing partners to God, it is a custom of the idolaters. We will always live the joy of faith.

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Mourning is only acceptable in the sense of respect, in the sense of showing courtesy, concentrating on the topic, being interested and concerned with it. It is not in the sense of being frantic with sorrow, crying, wallowing, freaking out, and feeling pain. Those would all be ascribing partners to God.

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Mourning after a deceased person was a custom of the idolaters of Mecca. It is a pagan tradition reminiscent from the Sumerians, from the ancient Greek.

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There is no spirit of mourning in Islam. That is idolatry. It is rebellion against God, it is unlawful, it is a sin. Consequently, talking about something that actually means idolatry as if it is a religious act would be wrong.

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Idolatry is a grave scourge. Idolatry, saying “Not God, but I did it,” “Not God but this one did it,” is what God detests the most. God says; “Know that I am the One Who does all of them so that I will increase the blessings on you. But if you say, “I did it,” then I will erase you from the face of this world and I will punish you.”

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God doesn’t like idolatry. That is because it is a manner that is not compliant with respect to God. Saying “I did this, he did that, he did the other,” even though God is the One Who does everything would not be appropriate.

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If Mahdi and his students sincerely put an end to idolatry, God promises in Surat An-Nur verse 55 that He will make Islam prevail in the world. God says; "I will give you security, in place of your fear” “I will firmly establish your religion for you in all respects all through the world. But you should not ascribe partners to Me, that is all I ask from you," God says.
A Muslim should be alert and sharp for 24 hours against secret idolatry. A person frequently comes across with idolatry. One escapes from idolatry but it chases him. When idolatry hunts a person down, he should shake it off and save himself.
Muslims should free themselves from idolatry and believe in the Might of God. May God not let Muslims come face to face with the spirit of idolatry.

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You are all images created by Allah. When a person says, “I don’t like Allah, but I love you”, then this is great cruelty, immorality, remorselessness and idiocy. How can such an image come into existence without it being created by Allah? And once it comes into being, who will make you love it? Allah will make you love that image.

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Many people get a headache and say, “I will take medicine and it will go away.” But that is not so. The medicine is an instrument. One must regard it as a prayer. IT IS ALLAH ALONE WHO RELIEVES PAIN.
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