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God is Great in the spiritual sense. God does not need greatness in volume. That is because He is out of time and space. Time and space exists for us, however.

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Limited things are hard on people. Why does God promise an endless life in Heaven? Being limited gives pain to people, that is why. Limitless, endless things are beautiful. There is a beginning for a Muslim but there is no end. Almighty God has no beginning and no ending.

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God is the "Light" upon the whole universe. Light is the most beautiful thing to see, the most refreshing beauty, the most relishing relief the human mind could ever perceive.

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We are the servants of God who are in ignorance; God is the One Who is All-Knowing. We have no knowledge except what God has taught us.

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There is a beginning and an end for everything. God has neither. Beginnings and endings are only for those who are created: Yet Alhamdulillah, because we are carrying the soul of God we will have a beginning but not an ending in Heaven.

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Almighty God is Al-Ghaffar (the Forgiving) and Ar-Raheem. We feel an endless trust for God. God is the One Who teaches us mercy. May God Forbid, God would never do anything cruel.

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Almighty Allah is the Only Independent Power that exists. We are His pitiable, weak servants. We are nothing and Allah is the only One Who exists.

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Allah’s love and compassion is clearly seen in the commands of the Qur’an.

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Allah is Just. Allah knows what is to be done. Allah is the One Who creates mercy as a feeling. We do not know what mercy is, Allah is the One Who creates mercy in us.

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Allah is beyond time and place. Allah is the One Who creates time. Allah has created and finished infinite time within an infinitely short period of time. Allah is the Beginning and the End. Allah rules time and destiny.

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Allah exists. Allah, the All Knowing, All-Wise exists. That is a fact. Alhamdulillah.

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All the power is in the Hands of Allah. Allah is the One Who gives distress and Who takes it away. In the verse Allah says that "He is the One Who gives illnesses and that He is the One Who heals." Almighty Allah is the One Who gives the illnesses and He is the One Who heals.

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Allah is everywhere, with His Manifestations. In our face, in our head, in our arms.. Allah sees all parts of us. Allah has enwrapped us all over as His Manifestation. He knows our insides and out, He knows us all over. With His Knowledge and His Manifestations, Almighty Allah covers everywhere.

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How nice it is that Allah exists, how nice it is that we exist. Absolute absence is impossible anyway. Once something comes into existence, it exists for all eternity.
How nice it is that we have our Lord Who has infinite wisdom. How nice it is that Allah likes beauty. Allah loves beauty. And He showed us an easy way; "Be well mannered so that I will take you to the Heaven," He says.

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People are in need. Allah is Great, He is infinitely Great. The Name of Allah is a Name that would shake the whole endless universe. It is an Exalted Name.
Almighty Allah's Name is very exalted. Allah's Name is a glorious name that shakes the whole endless universe.

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Knowledge is in the Sight of Allah. We cannot know anything other than what Allah teaches us. Consequently Allah is the One Who knows everything, we are always ignorant. Allah is the One Who possesses everything, we are always in need.

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Our Lord Allah is the Infinite Wisdom. How nice, Alhamdulillah.

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How nice it is to be under the control of an infinite power. This is also so beautiful for the physical health, and the health of the mind and soul. How nice it is! You are under the control of an infinite power and you are entrusted in Him.
All might belongs to Allah. It is Allah Who makes us speak, Allah Who leads us. We do not treat people as if they are idols. Allah is the Glorious One. People are poor, they are only the poor servants of Allah.

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For all eternity, it is impossible for us to know Allah as Allah knows Himself. May Allah forbid, for us to know Allah in the way that He knows Himself. This is impossible.

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Allah does not want to oppress us, He wants our goodness. However, He wants us to be normal, conscientious, honest and good people. If you mock Allah and His angels, then Allah will torment you a great deal.

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Allah creates the ice-cream. It is not produced in an ice cream shop. Allah creates it and makes the ice cream producer instrumental for it. Allah treats it. Allah makes us eat it. This is the manifestation of Allah’s attribute. But for the sake of not losing one’s free will, Allah creates the means.

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HAVING A POOR LOVE OF ALLAH IS NOT BECOMING TO ALMIGHTY ALLAH’S GLORY. LOVE OF ALLAH MUST BE PASSIONATE. That is why Allah creates prophets, Mahdis, saints. They are few in number, but that is sufficient for Allah. Allah admires it.
Allah loves beauty, to be admired, to love and be loved.
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