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They preach religion as if it is comprised of inextricable rituals and religiousness as if it is very difficult. Religion is sincerity. You need to be wholeheartedly sincere and patient in the face of time. When one attains sincerity, everything does not change all of a sudden with lightning flashes. But in time one would see that positive changes take place all the time.

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Patience is not endurance: Patience is being determined in good morality.

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Patience is not the same as endurance; endurance includes idolatry. But patience is a religious observance done by seeing whatever befalls as good.

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Believers are always tested with difficulties. Their accepting and loving patience will make them even more precious and valuable.

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Patience and loyalty are required for depth, love and passion to develop. And they can best be gained through the trials and tribulations in this life.

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Patience may seem tiring at first. Yet it makes Muslims more healthy both spiritually and physically and gives them strength and energy.

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Putting trust in God and being patient is the clearest evidence of the love for God. Loving Him on good days and abandoning Him on bad days is serious turpitude.

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Hypocrites have no patience and do not trust in God. That’s why they are deeply shaken by everything and have frequent nervous breakdowns.

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Muslims should refrain from falling into disputes and quarreling among themselves. Before all else God deems that unlawful. "Obey God and His Messenger and do not quarrel among yourselves lest you lose heart and your momentum disappear. And be steadfast. God is with the steadfast. " (Surat Al-Anfal, 46) Yet God says that He will punish such acts in this world as well. God says firstly that they will lose heart and that their momentum would disappear. God says that these will happen to those who quarrel among themselves as a preliminary trouble; they lose heart and lose their momentum. So what should a Muslim do in such a situation? He will be steadfast. God protects and watches over those who are steadfast.

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"God loves the steadfast." That is how we recognize love. If one cannot be steadfast, that means he does not have love. For instance, one might have a loved one but it is important for him to preserve that love; I mean love cannot be for only two days. Some are like this, they love only for a day. They have love for a night. They have a fancy to be blunt. But a Muslim wants love for a lifetime and for all eternity.
Patience is an act of worship. Waiting as a form of worship is called patience. In toleration, one simply endures. Patience is the name of that act of worship. I mean like prayers, it is the name the act of worship.

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If a person is patient, if he constantly thanks God, God would open the doors to him where he least expects. But because they constantly complain, blessings do not come upon them.
God rewards a Muslim quietly. One might say, "I am in misery." God would reward you, if you are patient. If you are not patient, if you constantly complain, how can you expect anything good? Complaining would mean rebellion against God - may God forbid.

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Patience is a characteristic of Muslims; leaving behind the perks of this world requires patience, hearing a sharp and unbecoming remark requires patience, every topic requires patience.

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A Muslim should be steadfast. I mean he should refrain from losing his temper or getting angry.

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Patience is for a life time. We will love God for all eternity. You will only be tested for 70 years the most. But God will let you live in happiness for all eternity. Seventy years of training, everything you show patience for will exalt you; make you more beautiful and radiant.

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God takes patience as a basis. This is a place for trial. It would not be possible to get instant results. There has to be an enduring, long period of time. We need to go through a trial.

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Goodness and compassion is hard. Mercy and love is hard. But offending and destroying is very easy. One goes and takes a rifle in his hand and shoots at people. That is it. But loving demands effort, it demands patience. It requires will power, it requires generosity, it requires determination at the highest level, it requires perseverance at the highest level.

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There is a tendency to boredom in the human nature, in the human soul in proportion with that person's faith. However a Muslim would not be bored, would not feel weary of love, a Muslim would not feel weary of beauty and affection insha'Allah. For instance Muslims get bored from empty talks, from monotonic approaches. They search richness, I mean they want novelties, they want beauties.
One can never be bored of love or affection; one can never be tired of the love of God. However the feeling of weariness, boredom exists in the human soul. Muslims are able to overcome this feeling with their faith. For that reason an ordinary man gets tired of his wife, from his beloved ones but a Muslim would not because of their faith. However in disbelief, weariness enwraps a person very easily. With the power of faith weariness is crashed. It can be crashed in proportion to that person's faith.

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A Muslim should not say; "Why did the Unity of Islam not yet established, why do we suffer? Why do we have such hardships?" He will be patient. That is because Heaven comes at the end of patience and there is the good pleasure of Allah. You would lose if you do not have patience.

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"Be patient. But your patience is only by Allah. " [Surat An-Nahl, 127) Allah says that one cannot be patient on his own, Allah makes one patient. You act patiently if it is in your destiny, if Allah has created you like that, you act patiently. Or else you cannot be patient.

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Patience is the key to success. People will fall in mistake due to lack of patience. Allah always praises patience in the Qur'an. One of the characteristics of the students of the Mahdi is patience and determination.

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BECAUSE A MUSLIM IS PATIENT, HE PERSISTS WITH LOVE FOR A VERY LONG TIME. He never leaves it. AS YEARS PASS BY, HIS LOVE GROWS EVEN DEEPER. But this is not the case with disbelievers. They both get bored and are impatient. They go furious and sacrifice their lover all of a sudden.
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