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The word ‘Mahdi’ creates a feeling of relief at the hearts of believer. Unbelievers and hypocrites, on the other hand, do not like hearing the word ‘Mahdi’ or the system of the Mahdi.

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Only devils in human form would be influenced by the hypocrites. They make friends with the hypocrites. Hypocrites try to appear as devout, honest people. Only devils in human form would be influenced by the hypocrites. They make friends with the hypocrites. Hypocrites try to appear as devout, honest people. They put on a mask. Satan comes with a mask of a Muslim. They talk about the Qur’an, they praise God, talk like Muslims and those devils in human form like them would be fooled by them and go join them.

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Without wisdom, mere intelligence might cause disasters. Hypocrites are very intelligent but they are extremely foolish. They have an evil intelligence yet they are ultra fools.

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In the subconscious of some people, there is a flawed logic which states that one should endure pain for religion, that people should not laugh, should not have fun and that otherwise it would not be possible to go to Heaven. According to this mentality, the flawed mindset claiming that ‘religion should be inextricably difficult for people to advance well in religion,’ prevails among them. In fact, Islam always brings the freedom of Heaven. All true religions, including the religion the Prophet Abraham brought, the one the Prophet Solomon brought and the religion our Prophet (saas) brought bring the spirit, the beauty, the freedom, the quality and the joy of Heaven. The hypocritical systems on the other hand bring the dilemma of hell, the fruitlessness and the torment of hell. With the Qur’an, Our Prophet (saas) brought utmost freedom and preached this to people. God deemed the freedoms people want in their hearts lawful with the Qur’an. He removed all the pressures on people. Commands bringing freedoms came one after the other with the Qur’an. God removed the heavy chains on people. As the freedoms enjoyed by the believers increased, the hypocrites got jealous and imagined that they had thus attained an advantage in front of the public. They tried to influence people by saying ‘we are more conservative, they are (the prophets and the companions) are living by religion easier and are changing our religion.” All the hypocrites talk about is their criticisms about how the Prophet lived religion. They state that they do not trust the Prophet in every speech they make. They regard every command about the freedoms God revealed to our Prophet with suspicion. Those hypocrites with that treacherous and ignoble mentality became stronger after our Prophet (saas) passed away and created the foundation of the Orthodox Islamic understanding. They added their own horrifying interpretations that humiliate women and claim that women are satanic and should be beaten as if they were in Islam. Muslims that came afterwards claimed that false, fabricated interpretations unknowingly as if they were the commands of God. We will insha’Allah correct this error that reached today from those days by preaching the true Islam as explained in the Qur’an.
Hypocrites constantly attack believers claiming that they are against the freedoms believers are enjoying and that freedoms should be limited somehow. They step up saying ‘We are conservative, we have greater piety and taqwa ,’ yet in fact they are incredibly corrupted. They need to present themselves as devout, honest people who have taqwa to be able to carry out their dissension, so they persistently emphasize that they are against freedoms.

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True religions bring freedoms. Hypocrites are jealous about the freedom religion brings and they criticize that freedom. Hypocrites unite with those who are against religion and strive together to prevent the practice of the freedoms religion brings. They do not like the religion prophets bring –may God forbid the thought. They step out with the appearance of a conservative hardliner and regard themselves superior than the prophets. Furthermore, they claim that they have even higher moral stance than God Himself, may God forbid the thought. They are incredibly jealous of the freedom the Prophets enjoy, their love for beauty, their living in wealth and abundance, their being vivacious. To cover up their jealousy, they claim that they are more conservative and that the Prophets stray away from the religion. In fact the hypocrites are super corrupted and characterless. They are vindictive, they lack quality and have aggressive souls. Hypocrites carry this same characteristics at every period of time.
The hypocrites do not help the Religion of God. They do not help those who help the Religion of God. On the contrary, they constantly try to stop them. Loneliness is one of the greatest punishments God gives them in response to this. Hypocrites live all alone in constant rage and anger. Only sewage flow out of their mouths and they neither talk about the invalidity of Darwinism, nor about the erroneousness of materialism, or the British deep state or the threat of the PKK. They only talk about the Muslims and nothing more with their swamp-like mouths. Trying to demoralize believers, to dishearten them and to be annoyed with their success is all they ever have in their twisted hypocritical minds.

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Hypocrites give a struggle against believers all day long. Believers on the other hand give a scientific struggle against the satan and the system of the dajjal all day long. Believers present a feast of preaching the Message of God. The hypocrites on the other hand first make attacks like scabby dogs and then cringe cowardly.

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Hypocrites are working like sewage vacuum trucks. They gather and take away all the filthy ones among believers. They will continue with this task for a while and Muslims would be left an immaculately clean and pure community and by 2023 the moral values of the Qur’an will prevail in the world insha’Allah. At the time of the Mahdi, love will prevail everywhere. Love for God will the topic the Mahdi will emphasize the most.
The hypocrites collect and take away all the filthy, characterless, ignoble, despicable people they find around are like the crow that cleans the ticks that are situated on the lion. Hypocrites’ collecting and taking away all those filthy ones is a great relief and a great blessing from the believers.
Hypocrites are one of the greatest dangers facing the Islamic countries. Hypocrites present themselves as honest, rational people who live by Islam. But it is not Islam that they live by, theirs is a religion they have come up with in their minds. 99 % of the Qur’an doesn’t exist in the religion of the hypocrites.

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A hypocrite is a being God specifically creates and is like a machine vacuuming filth. They collect wherever they find an ignominious, unbalanced, coward, characterless, dark person with weak personality who imagines that every noise is against him, who had infiltrated among Muslims somehow, like a sewage vacuum truck. Consequently the hypocrites are like a sewage machine that purifies Muslims.
Hypocrites have a good nose for filth. Just like sacarab beetle they instantly recognize filth. They instantly detect the sold ones with the filthiest gaze, who are ready to do any kind of immorality, who are weak, hung-up, loose, spineless and thin-skinned and call them on saying ‘come to us.’ When that filthy one goes, Muslims feel relieved. Every hypocrite that leaves would be a great scourge for the hypocrites. Their filth increases incrementally and they get drowned in it as they hoard that filth.
As the hypocrites leave, the environment Muslims live in attains even higher quality. Hypocrites are filth collectors. They add new comers to their collection made up of filth. As they add psychos, filthy, opportunistic people to their collection, their sewage widens every more. Muslims rejoice over this cleansing and feel relieved. Hypocrites continue to swim in that filth, in their own sewage. We cannot even imagine the visual pollution that would appear had the hypocrites not leave. That would be like a nightmare, like Hell. It would be impossible to picture the horribleness of the environment such people exist. That is what God means when He says ‘believers are clean’. God cleans all the filthy, ignoble, characterless, undignified hypocrites among Muslims. Thus Muslims would be saved from that scourge. Instead of those filthy hypocrites, God sends Muslims very devout, loyal, beautiful, healthy, fit, humble, wise, hardworking and loving people.
The hypocrites imagine that they are sat loose. They never understand the fact that God creates every single step they take. The hypocrites are like the vacuum cleaner of Muslims. They vacuum in and clean out all the filthy ones among Muslims. They collect all the ignoble, characterless, undignified, mindless psychopath who have doubts about everything and take away with them. Because they are fools they would be delighted when new filthy ones join them. They gather all the filthy ones, go sit with them and foolishly rejoice saying ‘see how many filthy ones we have.” They work just like a sewage vacuum truck, collect the filth left here and there and are very much zealous about their work as a sewage vacuum truck. That is actually a blessing for Muslims. As the filthy ones are cleaned out, new, fit and immaculate people constantly come join Muslims. That circulation would create a perfect structure. Every new comer would be more faithful, more loyal, stronger, fitter, more beautiful and higher quality. Those who leave are always diseased, filthy and rotten ones. Consequently, this cleansing operation of the hypocrites is very important for Muslims to remain immaculately clean all the time.

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Hypocrites strive day in and day out for Muslims to disperse. Those activities of the hypocrites actually create the exact opposite effect on Muslims, they clamp together even tighter and close ranks. And that causes a great pain for the hypocrites. The hypocrites want Muslims to dispense. Their goal in that is the following: as they traitorously and selfishly leave Muslims, they would also be leaving all Muslims who’ve been suffering all over the world. They would be leaving God, God’s religion and God’s command to live Islam altogether. Since they present themselves as if they were Muslims and because they are very arrogant, they – in their own twisted minds- want Muslims to disperse completely to save their image. If Muslims disperse around they would only be one of those who broke away. The crime they committed and the evidence of that crime would then be lost. That is why they strive day and day out for Muslims to disperse. Those activities of the hypocrites actually create the exact opposite effect on Muslims, they clamp together even tighter and close ranks. And that causes a great pain for the hypocrites. As Muslims spread like wildfire as an opulent and glorious tree, the hypocrites rot inside on that soil.

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Constantly making evil and filthy plans causes enormous stress on the hypocrites. Their cells cannot stand that lack of love, that stress and they start eating their hearts out. That is why the hypocrites wear down and age very rapidly. They become unrecognizable in a very short time. They can never find happiness, they live in an inconceivable stress but they try to imitate happiness on the other hand, they put on a theatrical show and that tires them, wears them out immensely. Eventually the hypocrites become devastated because of that distress, that rage and die. God says: “Say, ´Die in your rage’.” (Surah Al-Imran, 119) In another verse God says that He will give the hypocrites a narrow, dark life. That would also cause their collapse. “But if anyone turns away from My reminder, his life will be a dark and narrow one and on the Day of Rising We will gather him blind.”
The hypocrites become instrumental for Muslims’ attaining great amount of good deeds. “Qualified” hypocrites pester Muslims with strong faith so that their profundity and quality could increase even further. Every activity carried out to annoy the hypocrites become instrumental for the strengthening of Muslims and the increase in their imposing glory.

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Hypocrites are ruined in this world and they will also be ruined in the Hereafter. They are humiliated in this world and they will be humiliated and disgraced in the Hereafter. Hypocrites are doomed to isolation. The society ostracize them, people hate them because even the unbelievers instantly understand the ignominy and the evil character of the hypocrites. As the hypocrites attack believers, the believers’ horizons widen, their determination and ability to struggle increase, they become even more beautiful, even more joyous. The hypocrites on the other hand collapse even further and their disgrace increases even further.
The lifespan of the hypocrites are always short, because all their lives pass in jealousy, greed, disgrace, humiliation and fear. They assume that every image is against them, that is why they so readily wear down and collapse. Since the hypocrites are hostile towards God, their cells become hostile towards them and thus they age very rapidly.

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Hypocrites imagine that they are at liberty of behaving as ever they like. Since they are fools, they cannot perceive the fact that God is the One Who does everything and that every step they take is preordained in destiny. They imagine that they are free to behave as the jackals they are, in fact God drags them into their humiliation but they are not aware of this fact. They constantly are disgraced and are constantly humiliated.

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God creates the hypocrites with their duty to carry out their ignominy, immorality, infamy, villainy and treachery. They are carrying out these acts with the whisperings of the satan. As a result of their acts believers are blessed with abundance and their ranks are elevated, their places in the Heaven broadens while the hypocrites are doomed to devastation and desolation.

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Both the hypocrites of our days and those at the time of our Prophet, are satan incarnated. The hypocrites of our days also are working to prevent the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi and the coming of the Prophet Jesus but you will see that they will all be disgraced and degraded.
The hypocrites act on their animalistic instincts because they do not have souls. The hypocrites of the time of our Prophet (saas) were waiting for the death of our Prophet (saas). They assumed that our Prophet would pass away and all his wealth would be theirs so that they would use them to their likings. However they have gone mad when they realized that our Prophet became even younger and healthier as years passed by while they worked like dogs and served him. That made them crazy.

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The hypocrites are incarnated satans. The attacks of the hypocrites are actually the attacks of the satan against Muslims. These attacks become instrumental in increasing the quality of the trial Muslims are subjected to. The hypocrites are instrumental in Muslims’ becoming stronger and holding closer ranks. Each attack of the hypocrites is in fact a blessing for Muslims. God creates everything for a reason, with wisdom.

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Loyalty to God would show itself at times of difficulty. It is very favorable if a Muslim stands firm and strong when faced with 3-5 difficulties at the same time. At the time of our Prophet (saas) Muslims were besieged from two sides. The hypocrites at the time ‘thought unworthy thoughts about God and His Messenger.” In the end, Muslims were victorious. And those who were shaken and who begun to suspect have lost.

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The hypocrites do not have any friends in this world and they will be all alone for all eternity in the Hereafter as well.
The hypocrites constantly swear in the name of God because they try to present themselves as if they are on the side of Islam. They try to give the impression as if they were honest. People with weak faith might sometimes be fooled by that. In fact the hypocrites are featherbrained. God says ‘they are like propped-up planks of wood.”

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Hypocrites want others to feel their so-called greatness, they are after an artificial prestige. That is why they try to give the impression they are living by religion and pretend that they are devout Muslims. While doing that they regard themselves greater than – may God forbid the thought- the prophets and God. What is weird about the hypocrites is that they devote all their time to struggle against Muslims instead of going and joining the unbelievers and living with them. They become enemies of the Prophet and the loyal companions of the Prophet. They carry out activities against Muslims day in and day out and they even risk death. But while struggling against Muslims, the hypocrites constantly waste away. Since satan has gotten hold of them, they are very restless, like mad cows they do not know what to do where to strike. That is why even unbelievers do not approach them.

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The hypocrites use the verses of the Qur’an to cover up their immorality. Those who have martyred Hazrat Ali also claimed that they were acting according to the Qur’an. The hypocrites are the worst weasels and the most vicious ones of the world yet they try to present themselves as if they are honest.

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Their knowledge about many issues is wrong. God does not curse a nation as a whole. If you claim that a newborn would also be cursed just because he is born a Jewish you would not be acting in line with the Qur’an. The child of an atheist mother and an atheist father would be innocent as well. Children are innocent. God curses the irreligious, faithless, cruel Jews, cruel idolaters, cruel hypocrites. They never mention the fact that God curses the idolaters. In many verses of the Qur’an, God talks about faithful Jews. He says not all of the People of the Book are the same. It is not in compliance with Islam to declare the whole of a nation as cursed. That is a pagan belief reminiscent from the period of the idolaters. Real Muslims differentiate the cruel ones from the aggrieved ones and protect those who are aggrieved.
There wouldn’t be a trial without the hypocrites. At the time of our Prophet, it was the hypocrites who incited idolaters against Muslims. Their existence becomes instrumental in the increase of worth of the good deed attained. There wouldn’t be a trial without the hypocrites. At the time of our Prophet it was the hypocrites who incited idolaters against Muslims. Their existence becomes instrumental in the increase of the worth of the good deed attained. Hypocrites bring fervor and excitement to the lives of the Muslims and become instrumental for a strong and sincere intellectual struggle. Hypocrites are useful for Muslims both in this world and in the Hereafter.

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God is the One Who directs all affairs. God is the One Who creates every single incident, we are not independent, autonomous beings. God is the One Who directs all affairs. God is the One Who creates every single incident, we are not independent, autonomous beings. If there is an attack of the hypocrites, that is under the control of God as well, if there is an attack of the unbelievers, God is the One Who creates it as well, or if the sleeping cells of the British deep state awakens, God is the One Who wakes them up as well. What we are to do is to behave wisely and to trust in God.

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Hypocrites burn in this world and also in the Hereafter. They are humiliated in this world and also in the Hereafter. Muslims lead very honorable lives both in this world and in the Hereafter. Because of the filthy lives they lead the hypocrites’ lives are short; they have never ending problems and diseases and end up in Hell eventually.
The hypocrites have a stressful and crazy life. They are buried under their greediness for possession and life. But not being able to do any harm to Muslims upset them the most. As they attack Muslims, they, themselves get consumed away but Muslims get stronger. They imagine that they would be able to get results and do harm to Muslims immediately when they attack Muslims. The hypocrites at the time of the Prophet Moses and those at the time of our Prophet (saas) were of the same opinion as well. Later on they all lost their mental and physical health and they all perished. All their goods and all their possessions were left to Muslims. As the hypocrites were sent to Hell, Muslims lived in health, wellness and welfare, and then were taken to Heaven later on.
Lack of divine light is the most obvious characteristic of the hypocrites. No one approach them, they do not have even a single real friend. They are always alone. God has created them contemptible and servile. They wouldn’t know who or where to attack. As they draw nearer to Hell, they start acting abnormally all the time because of the severity of their humiliation. God brings them to a point of no return. Had their actions been lesser, the response they would get in Hell would have been lesser as well, that is why God gives them possessions, means and time. They use all the means and time they have in struggling against Muslims. Their load of sins and their closeness to hell thus increases. When God deems that enough, He takes away their lives and put them in the deepest part of Hell. In the Qur’an, God says : “If only you could see when the angels take back those who were unbelievers at their death, beating their faces and their backs: ´Taste the punishment of the Burning!’ (Surat Al-Anfal;50)
Struggling against the hypocrites reinforce Muslims’ love and devotion for one another, it enhances their desire to step up for the defense of Islam and the Qur’an and understanding that the hypocrites defined in the Qur’an are real, becomes instrumental in increasing their faith. Struggling against the hypocrites makes Muslims healthy and well, increases their fervor and becomes instrumental in making them strong in every aspect. It brings abundance to Muslims. Without the attacks of the hypocrites there might be a stillness, a lethargy in the lives of Muslims but Muslims themselves see how the hypocrites cause an increase in Muslims’ strength.
The hypocrites have about 10-20 years incubation period among Muslims. Then, upon the inspiration of the satan they suddenly come alive like dead cells and proceed to attack. The attack of the hypocrites is not like that of the unbelievers. The hypocrites have about 10-20 years incubation period among Muslims. Then, upon the inspiration of the satan they suddenly come alive like dead cells and proceed to attack. The attack of the hypocrites is not like that of the unbelievers. Hypocrites proceed to attack by trying to appear even more Muslim than the Muslims. To strengthen their evilness, they use verses of the Qur’an. In fact they are very well aware of their ignominy and in order to avoid appearing as a traitor they step up with the claim of “putting things right”. In the Qur’an, God says, “When they are told, ´Do not cause corruption on the earth,´ they say, ´We are only putting things right’.” (Surat al-Baqara, 11) The PKK, homosexuals, rumism, bigotry, the British deep state do not interest them the least. They attack the Muslims with all their might. And with the guidance of the satan, they choose the most influential, the most auspicious ones among Muslims.

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One of the tactics used by hypocrites who have waged a war against national values is to show themselves as patriots when they actually aren’t.

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The existence and treachery of the hypocrites shows Muslims all the intricate aspects of satan’s mentality and teaches them how to demolish the house of satan with knowledge.
By means of the hypocrites, we have discovered the existence of the British Deep State, the propaganda of irreligiousness under the name of the philosophy of Rumi and many other games.

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Hypocrites are spineless people of no character; they take shape according to the situation they are in. They feel rage towards the Prophet and the people believers love.

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Hypocrites live as groveling beings, belittled and hated by other people for a lifetime, because of their despicable morality.

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The hypocrites of the time foolishly blamed the Prophet Mohammad (saas) for injustice. Their sole concern was their own self-interests. A sincere believer could never say, ‘Why are you not making me rich?’ to the Prophet (saas).

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Satan, hypocrites and unbelievers are like evil-producing machines. They never feel any remorse and are arrogant.

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Hypocrites want to sting believers like scorpions but every time they attempt to do this, God suffocates hypocrites with their own venom.
Hypocrites are odd creatures. They are treacherous and deceiving. They do not feel remorse for their immoral actions.

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The Qur’an mentions the deceit in the eyes of the hypocrites. They have filthy gazes that show emptiness and they have a foul, sulfur-like smell.

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Hypocrites are beings with foul mouths. The ugly words that gush out of hypocrites’ mouths would not have any negative effect on believers.
Hypocrites can only live with other hypocrites. The satan is only comfortable with the companionship of satan.

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Hypocrites are satan in human form, because satan has surrounded and taken over their whole beings.

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Hypocrites are incredibly disgusting. There is something like a smell of sulfur and sewage on them. They are extremely dirty.

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Hypocrites try to show themselves as moral and sincere people even though they are very immoral.
Hypocrites’ understanding of religion takes the shape of the cup they are in like mercury.
The common characteristic of hypocrites is that they are snobbish. Since hypocrites are skeptical towards religion, they always try to find false evidence against it.

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Hypocrites and unbelievers think that they are independent of God but every word they speak, every plan they make, is predetermined in destiny.

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Hypocrites constitute a system based on evil intelligence. They place importance on disputes and on displaying a hypocritical wit. They use a special technique of arguing.
Hypocrites are well aware of their own lack of character, dishonor, deceitfulness and dishonesty.

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A believer could never understand the spirit of a hypocrite or an unbeliever. It is a way of life that believers do not know and would never understand.

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Hypocrites are very ignoble, cruel and hateful. Inside they are like animals in a sewer. They go wherever the sewer tunnels take them.
Other than their own filthy bodies, the hypocrites don’t feel love for anyone. They only appear to love others merely to take advantage of them.
Just like satan, hypocrites also claim that they want to do good deeds. They give unsolicited advice to believers with the petty opinions they get from the unbelievers.
Hypocrites talk about religion and faith yet neither religion nor faith have any place in their lives. They wear the hijab in mosques but behave quite differently among homosexuals.

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Love gives people youth, health, joy and happiness. Hypocrites age in a very revolting way as they are loveless. Believers are always youthful.
Hypocrites are arrogant and snobbish. People abhor hypocrites like filth.
When hypocrites go to join the ranks of the unbelievers, they certainly get their due and end up alienated because they are very ignominious and filthy creatures.

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Hypocrites try to appear like busy people always doing important things, but their lives are completely empty. They are like hallow logs inside.
Hypocrites are deranged beings who strive to attack Muslims and yet seek to benefit from the resources of Muslims at the same time.

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Hypocrites are basically dead inside. Muslims abhor seeing hypocrites.

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Hypocrites want believers to be isolated because they think that they will then be weak. God supports believers with other believers.
Wherever they may go, Hell follows the hypocrites. Their pain, suffering and unrest never cease.
With their foolish, small brains hypocrites try to deceive – may God forbid the thought - God and the believers by using the verses of the God’s verses in the Qur’an.
Hypocrites imagine that they will gain wealth and blessings when they leave the believers to join the ranks of the unbelievers. However, all the means God grants them are actually to increase their suffering.
Hypocrites are spiteful against Islam but they speak with the Qur’an and try to present themselves as believers to obscure their immorality, to get naïve Muslims support them.
Hypocrites imagine that they are so smart. But they sway from side to side like an old, sick and swollen deer floating away on the water.
Hypocrites take the unbelievers as their guardians instead of believers.
God made it an obligation for Muslims to protect and watch over one another. Hypocrites seek to crush this system of guardianship in Islam.

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Hypocrites are beings that people loathe. Even satan abhors hypocrites that is why hypocrites are always alone.
The rotten body of the hypocrite is like a corpse. Thinking that that corpse of a body could ever be envied is one of the biggest stupidities of the hypocrite.
Samiri -a hypocrite at the time of Prophet Moses- had lived in constant fear and died in distress suspecting that he was being followed all the time.
A hypocrite’s destiny is full of pain and suffering.
God sends hypocrites away from believers and they die all alone in fear and terror.

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A hypocrite is like a poisonous snake or scorpion. The spread of their poison should be prevented. That would only be possible with reasonable discourse. The way to neutralize hypocrites is to uncover their games and treachery and to intellectually paralyze them.
Hypocrites and polytheists have brought ruin to the Muslim world. They are led by the British Deep State. The attacks of hypocrites and idolators increase the strength, wisdom and enthusiasm of believers.

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Hypocrites are very shameless and impudent people who don’t benefit from counsel. Muslims draw lessons from the state the hypocrites exist in.

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Hypocrites are creatures that can take on many guises. They change based on where they are; in Mecca they act differently, yet in Spain they are completely different.
With their feeble minds, hypocrites imagine that they would defeat believers by quoting from the writings of dubious authors. No one can have success against the Qur’an. Every hypocrite who opposes the Qur’an suffocates in the pit of filth they are in.

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Hypocrites can be easily used by the British deep state because they are foolish, sycophantic frauds.

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Hypocrites act as the guardians of their disgusting, rotten bodies. They protect their filthy bodies instead of Islam, the Qur’an and Muslims.
Hypocrites assume an attitude against God, the Prophet and Islam but they try to present themselves as religious only to protect their filthy inner selves.
Hypocrites invent a new religion for themselves every day.
Hypocrites, in their twisted minds, come up with false evidence from the verses of the Qur’an to abandon performing prayers, giving alms and to use as an excuse to not serve Islam.
Hypocrites interpret the verses of the Qur’an in a way to help them avoid practicing religion. They seek to follow the wishes of their lower selves.

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Hypocrites try to present themselves as rational, honorable people who live only for Islam but in fact, they follow an evil understanding of religion. Hypocrites interpret the verses of God according to their own whims and interests. They travel not for God but for their personal pleasure, they eat and drink religiously unlawful things and follow their own insane, evil law.
All religious acts of hypocrites are imaginary. Hypocrites don’t perform prayers or take ablution. They simply say that they are praying when they really aren’t.
A believer considers serving Islam as a blessing but hypocrites don’t want to serve Islam. They follow their own evil religious law. Living alone, being stingy and feckless, leading an aimless, vain life, any act of moral turpitude and lying are all acceptable in the evil religious understanding of hypocrites.
Making an effort on the Way of God, spreading religion and living together with believers has no place in the hypocrites’ evil understanding of religion.
Hypocrites serve believers for a certain amount of time and then run away, fleeing like mangy dogs.
Forcing people to accept Islam does not spread faith but instead spreads hypocrisy. The Qur’an is very clear: There is no compulsion in religion.
Hypocrites are ready to commit a treacherous, spiteful act at any moment. They have a psychopathic character that should never be trusted.

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Hypocrites are very insidious. They try to appear as virtuous, innocent, scrupulous and religious but actually they are like snakes.
The situation of Muslims does not interest hypocrites. They ingratiate themselves to the unbelievers in a graceless and ignominious way. This is a heavy offense in religion.
Hypocrites have an evil intelligence but their attitude and actions are simple-minded.
God supports Muslims in all aspects. When hypocrites leave, this is a blessing for Muslims.
The reason that hypocrites do not want to use their wealth in the way of God is that they want Islam to be destroyed. This is very dishonorable.
Hypocrites draw themselves and their wealth away with an aim to disperse Muslims and see Islam defeated.
Hypocrites show commands which are not from the Qur’an as if they are from the Qur’an. Their real aim is treachery.
Hypocrites are people who have sold themselves to satan.
Hypocrites think that they can harm Muslims by deserting them. The aim of hypocrites is to feed information to unbelievers and to bring down believers. Hypocrites desert their cause while Muslims are martyred all over the world. Hypocrites are responsible for the martyrdom of millions of believers. This is worse than fornication according to the Qur’an.
Hypocrites depart from Muslims with an aim to desert Muslims in their intellectual struggle in the way of Islam and to make the cause of Muslims fail.
Hypocrites betrayed their cause and foolishly sided with unbelievers, therefore they have the blood of millions of Muslims on their hands.
Hypocrites have negativity in their eyes, their tone of voice, the words they choose and what they emphasize. They are instantly detected.
Hypocrites do not believe in God or the Hereafter. They are ungrateful and treacherous to God. They are the scurviest creatures in the world.
Their filthy bodies are very precious to hypocrites. They strive to keep them alive.
Hypocrites begin spreading their hatred and resentment after they part from Muslims. They engage in all sorts of immorality and obscenity.
Hypocrites attempt to prevent things that will benefit Muslims. They are very stingy and miser. They accumulate wealth instead of using it for people’s benefit.
Hypocrites part company with Muslims and ignominously serve the irreligious. They continue their dishonorable acts after they part from Muslims.
Believers who struggle in the way of God are beauties of the End Times. They are living a beautiful destiny.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 30th, 2017> Click for more

A hypocrite is a negative example for believers. That is why our brothers should lay great stress on hypocrisy as a subject matter.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 29th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites become like a corpse, they are hollow and rotton inside because of their evil moral values.
One of the disasters that God gives to hypocrites is the early deterioration of their bodies both inside and outside.
Detesting hypocrites, unbelievers and oppression is one of the most explicit signs of believers. Believers love for the good pleasure of God and detest for the good pleasure God. This is one of the sharpest qualities of believers. Believers have deep love towards what is good and resentment towards what is evil.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 26th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites idolize everything that keeps them away from Islam and the Qur’an. They are very immoral, as they prefer their idols to God.
Believers live only for God. Hypocrites idolize everything other than the Qur’an and Islam.
Hypocrites idolize their wealth against the Muslim community or idolize an irreligious person. Sometimes they devote themselves to the world, which becomes their idol.
Hypocrites are like corpses inside. Even in this state, they think that there are so smart but they are incredibly stupid.
Hypocrites are determined to spend Muslims’ wealth but when there is a need to spend their wealth for Muslims, they find this very difficult.
Hypocrites avoid spending wealth in the way of God or to help the needy. They look for weak excuses to avoid such good deeds.
Hypocrites search for a philosophy to escape from religion. Therefore they falsely interpret the verses of the Qur’an to help them escape from acts of worship like prayers or giving alms. Hypocrites try to find a way to evade performing prayers. For them, their ugly bodies are more important than anything. They aim to sustain their filthy bodies.
Hypocrites do not fear God but they fear people especially prophets and spiritual leaders of Muslims.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 25th, 2017> Click for more

By separating hyprocrites from Muslims, God save Muslims from their filth.
Hypocrites’ slander against our Prophet Mohammad (saas) was to accuse him of influencing people with fear. This is the shameful ignominy of hypocrites.
Hypocrites are steered by satan. Satan is their guide and surrounds them like a crust.
God sometimes sends man-like animals among believers. Those animals serve Islam. Then they leave believers to die like a stray dog all alone.
Believers use hypocrites like a hound. They observe the ugly activities of hypocrites to detect the source of the trouble.
Hypocrites are beings that live like parasites among believers. Existence of hypocrites helps believers open their attention and wisdom.
There is nothing bad in believers’ lives. Everything is auspicial for believers. Hypocrites do evil but their evil efforts turn out to be auspicial for believers.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 24th, 2017> Click for more

I have many deist and atheist friends. Honesty is a very good trait for people. Hypocrites and idolaters are insincere and dishonest.
Hypocrites are like dirt-producing machines. God removes hypocrites from believers just like the body clearing itself from toxic substances.
Hypocrites always go after their own pleasure. While they chase their own pleasures, their place in hell advances. Just like hyenas feasting on meat, hypocrites think they are in a good place but they are loathsome. Hypocrites don't realize their ugliness.
Wild dogs always chose loneliness when they are about to die. Hypocrites run into solitude like wild dogs because of their spiritual death.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 23rd, 2017> Click for more

Islam is a religion lived as a community. Muslims take pleasure from living together with Muslims. Hypocrites look for irreligion and vileness.
Hypocrites want to stay alone because they do not want to hear believers mentioning God’s Name. They support unbelievers to prevent Islam spreading.
Hypocrites want to be snobbish. They do not want their treachery and snobbery to be prevented. This is why they demand unruly freedom.
Hypocrites are like wild animals and want to have an animal-like freedom. Hypocrites want to stroll along like dogs all alone. They live a lonely life and die alone in the end.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 21st, 2017> Click for more

Believers are happy to spend their wealth for God. Hypocrites have an insane greed and consider spending for God as a loss. Believers don’t collect and accumulate wealth. It is a compassionate act of worship to distribute wealth.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 20th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites have an extreme fear about their future and dread what will happen in the future. They also fear losing their wealth. Hypocrites stay with believers for their own self-interest and when they have no self-interest left, they leave. Hypocrites greedily accumulate wealth and property. Muslims always distribute their wealth to earn the good pleasure of God.
Hypocrites are very immoral as they attempt to use the name of God and the verses of the Qur’an in order to defend their own evil actions. They interpret the Qur’an with their own twisted logic.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 16th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites can never do any harm to Muslims. They suffocate in their own troubles.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 11th, 2017> Click for more

A hypocrite is like a hound; they immediately find the wicked. Muslims attentively track hypocrites and disclose the wicked.
God creates qualified hypocrites so that Muslims benefit from their existence. Muslims use qualified hypocrites to disclose the centers of evil such as the British Deep State.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 10th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites are always surrounded by an air of negativity.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 23rd, 2017> Click for more

One should live according to the Qur’an, rather than only memorize it. At our Prophet’s time, there were some scribes, and they memorized the revelation but they still turned out to be hypocrites.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 15th, 2017> Click for more

The fiercest hypocrites of the End Times display the highest levels of foolish treachery, dishonesty and instability.
Everything the hypocrites do is ignominious and dishonorable. They are like satan in human form. They are full of filth in every moment of their lives.
The hypocrites in the community of the Mahdi are the fiercest ones; they are almost a preview of the dajjal. The hadiths tells us that there will be around 30 different dajjals.
It is unacceptable for Muslims to try to trouble each other while hypocrites and unbelievers cause tyranny all over the world and blood is being shed all over the Islamic world.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 12th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites are evil beings and condemn themselves to a life of humiliation. Believers on the other hand, are always strong.
The presence of hypocrites is good for Muslims, because they make Muslims more vigilant, careful and stronger.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 5th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites are cowardly and self-interested.
The British deep state recruits treacherous, arrogant people to use as its minions. We exposed them all.
After we exposed the British deep state, the Turkish people and intelligentsia saw the clique of hypocrites used and supported by the British deep state.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 3rd, 2017> Click for more

The British deep state has sleeper cells and qualified hypocrites that it keeps ready to use when necessary. But their efforts will be to no avail.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 29th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites live among Muslims but they slide to the dimension of unbelievers. Yet they cannot harm those who believe.
The Prophet Moses (pbuh) was striking and was very strong. People were intimidated by him; that was why the hypocrites couldn’t carry out their evil deeds in his presence. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) was a very valiant and powerful leader.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 3rd, 2017> Click for more

Some Muslims are indifferent to seditions such as Darwinism, hypocrites or the British deep state. They selfishly worry about their own future. Some attain many worldly gains since they never dwell on topics that are the main causes of pressure on Muslims. They never bring the way of the Mahdi, Islamic Union or the British deep state on the agenda in order to not do any harm to their interests.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 1st, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites are the ones that devastated the Islamic world. British deep state uses the hypocrites; they fool sycophantic, ignoble people and make them serve their goals.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 29th, 2017> Click for more

The subject of hypocrisy is very important for the Islamic world. We'll always dwell on this subject.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 26th, 2017> Click for more

According to the Qur'an, there can be no compulsion in religion. One cannot force anyone to be a Muslim, but he can only advise. Pressuring people would only produce hypocrites.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 23rd, 2017> Click for more

It is only natural that there is opposition to sincere believers. It would be strange for believers if there were no hypocrites or dajjal [antichrist].

Adnan Oktar Says... March 13th, 2017> Click for more

With a worldwide web of espionage, the British deep state orchestrates hypocrites and pursues the policy of pitting Muslims against one another.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 26th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites aren't of a single type. They have different classes and styles; seeing the difference is advantageous in terms of diagnosis.
One of the biggest mistakes of Muslims is to see hypocrites as an out-of-focus issue. It’s why hypocrites destroyed the Islamic world.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 25th, 2017> Click for more

When asked, hypocrites say that they are devout believers, even more devout than most Muslims, but in truth they hate Muslims.
Hypocrites are snobs and conceited. They are arrogant and assume themselves to be clever only.
Qualified hypocrites are in a relationship with the deep state. For this reason they are one of the significant weapons of unbelievers against Muslims.
Hypocrites are like a sort of submarine. They flow under water invisibly, so they are not seen. They are full of hatred against Muslims. Hypocrites are respectful and careful towards unbelievers. They are attentive not to offend them, but get ugly and aggressive towards Muslims.
One of the ugly attitudes of hypocrites is that they stay distant from Islam but keep on giving advice to Muslims. They deem themselves very superior.
Hypocrites defame Muslims. They live a dirty life, but make slanders on the life and morality of Muslim women.
While there are some hypocrites who are aggressive and quarrelsome, there are also others who act quietly, invisibly and deeply. We should be on alert.
Hypocrites are very impertinent, but at the same time very ignorant. They try to cover up their ignorance by making a fuss.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 23rd, 2017> Click for more

Our beloved Prophet (saas), Hz. Hassan (ra) and Hz. Husain (ra) have all appreciated the value of women and loved them dearly. The hypocrites of the time were jealous of their love for women.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 18th, 2017> Click for more

A Hypocrite's character is very dangerous. We see a severe hypocritical attack against the government. We must be united as a nation against this.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 16th, 2017> Click for more

It is very nice that after we made the hypocrites a current issue, politicians also started to emphasize the immorality of the hypocritical character.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 13th, 2017> Click for more

Those who assume they can harm Muslims using hypocrites are wrong. All hypocrites are under God’s control. They can't harm Muslims.
The sycophants of the British deep state are demon-like hypocrites who are always after treachery and ugliness.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 9th, 2017> Click for more

Satan always wants to derail people. Hypocrites want to disintegrate believers and bring detriment and failure to their efforts.
It is very crucial to keep the hypocritical character on the agenda. Hypocrites reveal their darkness and hatred on their fake accounts. Hypocrites pretend they have no relations to unbelievers amongst Muslims, but back what is unlawful and irreligious in their fake accounts.
God first gives hypocrites vast opportunity but then He destroys them. The means that they possess cause them to get more evil.
God gives time to unbelievers and hypocrites in this world. This should not mislead Muslims. Leaving it to the last moment for retribution is one of God’s sunnah.
Unbelievers and hypocrites in hell assume that they are somehow under a spell and can change their situation. All their efforts end in failure.
Hypocrites strive for Muslims to be unsuccessful and it is like a mental disease for them. They try to prevent the efforts of believers, but not of unbelievers.
God describes the immorality and games of hypocrites in detail in the Qur'an. A hypocrite is a devilish and marginal creature. The logic used by the hypocrite is the same as the logic used by satan.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 8th, 2017> Click for more

Satan drags people into marginality. Croesus, for instance was marginal; so was Samiri. That is a common attribute for the hypocrites. Their logic works defectively.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 26th, 2017> Click for more

Atheists are honest and openly declare that they do not believe. Hypocrites, on the other hand, are perfidious, treacherous and ignominous. They try to corrode Muslims from the inside out.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 23rd, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites are extremely evil. They do their biggest attacks on believers following the biggest kindness of believers to them.
Hypocrites are ungrateful and can never appreciate anything. Ignoring a thousand favors, they see one problem and throw a tantrum.
When hypocrites are prevented at one point, they’ll find another excuse to cause trouble. They find a way to vent out their filth.
Hypocrites are shameless in this world and in hell. They make demands both in this world and in hell.
When hypocrites wish to gain something, they resort to trickery. The way they try to take the possessions of believers is similar to looting.
Our Prophet (pbuh) told about the signs that would give hypocrites away. One sign is that their greeting will be fake.
Hypocrites will try to exploit believers. Believers should always be careful about that.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 15th, 2017> Click for more

People did not know how hypocrisy is practiced in our era. We have exposed hypocrites by explaining how they used technology and Internet.
Nobody mentioned of hypocrisy in the past assuming hypocrites to be a group of people who had lived at the time of the Prophet (pbuh). We have explained in detail how hypocrisy is practiced today, by giving comprehensive descriptions of the hypocrites.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 13th, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites tried to find out the flaws of our Prophet (pbuh). For instance, they couldn't grasp why our Prophet paid more alms to some people.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 12th, 2017> Click for more

A person with sickness in his heart can in time be reformed by means of the Quran. But a true hypocrite will never change.
Hypocrites wear a constant mask. They have no feelings of shame, and lie and slander with no reservation. They are serial liars.
Hypocrites are like devil disguised as human. Therefore, believers should always be very careful with them.
Hypocrites are very foolish. They constantly humiliate themselves because their acts always give them away.
Hypocrites are very foolish, but they consider themselves very bright. Every time they plot something, they are caught in the act completely humiliating themselves.
God creates every act of hypocrites, but they don't accept it. Hypocrites have a secret fight against God.
Hypocrites live their lives in a constant struggle. God creates everything they do, but they don't know it. That’s why they live in misery.
Hypocrites do not take into consideration the fact that God creates everything. The only god of hypocrites is their brain, which they worship.
Hypocrites work in vain to try and fool the believers. They seek to exploit everyone.
Hypocrites have a maniacal soul, seeking to dominate the world. They have constant worries and live in a constant state of panic. Hypocrites have an emptiness in their soul that they cannot fill.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 10th, 2017> Click for more

A hypocrite learns the Qur'an just to find mistakes in believers - according to his feeble mind - and raise arguments against them.
Hypocrites are so ungrateful and never appreciate goodness. They always seek ways for complaint and look for deficiencies and errors in others.
Hypocrites are filled with filth inside and bear no love for Muslims. The filth and mischief inside them is endless and he prowls for acting sneakily.
A hypocrite assumes he owns the right to everything. He does not realize what he possesses are blessings from God, but assumes them to be owing to his intelligence.
A hypocrite, according to his feeble mind, tries to protect himself against Muslims with the Qur'an and makes perfidious slanders against Muslims.
A hypocrite does not take lessons from troubles. Diseases or inflictions do not guide him to truth, but on the contrary deviate him more.
A hypocrite is like a bat flying in darkness and seeks the time for acting in more perfidy and malevolence.
A hypocrite is like a beast waiting in ambush and seeks opportunities for committing more evil and immorality.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 1st, 2017> Click for more

Hypocrites are snobbish, rebellious and very sly. Slyness is a characteristic of hypocrites since the time of Prophet Adam (pbuh).
Hypocrites are thankless and coward. The hypocrites’ system is based on finding Muslims' faults and weaknesses despite their good behavior.
Hypocrites are sycophants. They are after their own benefits. They do not care about the troubles and suffering Muslims are going through.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 31st, 2016> Click for more

May Allah destroy the games and plots of the hypocrites. May Allah grant beauty and blessings to the people of the Book and grant faith to atheists
Hypocrites are so foolish that they can't understand that God creates everything. They think they can hide, yet God creates everything that they think is hidden.
Hypocrites have an ignorant understanding of freedom; they constantly get into trouble. As they escape from one trouble they fall into another.
There is utter chaos and anarchy within hypocrites since they are distant from God and they struggle against Him, may God forbid.
Hypocrites faces are like a puppet show. They play with their faces all the time. They can use an evil or an innocent look when needed.
Hypocrites' souls are always in anarchy and chaos. Hypocrites don't live peaceful lives as they are in constant anger and grudge.
Hypocrites are very active when defending unbelief and working against Muslims, but when talk about Islam, they put words of blasphemy within their speeches.
Hypocrites want Muslims to be completely separated. When they leave Muslims, they give others the message that they can also leave.
Hypocrites are curious about the affairs of Muslims. They want Muslims to get into trouble.
Hypocrites hide themselves among Muslims to gain profit from them at first. Then they attempt to leave them wishing to drag others along as well.
The most important subject in the Qur'an is intellectual struggle against hypocrites because hypocrites work against Islam among Muslims.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 30th, 2016> Click for more

In the Qur'an, there are more than a thousand verses about hypocrites but hypocrisy is the issue on which the Islamic world thinks about the least.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 28th, 2016> Click for more

Right after the demise of our Prophet (pbuh) the hypocrites and deep structures of the time allied to cause harm to Muslims.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 26th, 2016> Click for more

Hypocrites have no patience and do not trust in God. That’s why they are deeply shaken by everything and have frequent nervous breakdowns.
One of the telltale signs of hypocrites is their constant agitation. They are always on edge.
After we drew attention to the scourge of hypocrisy, our people realized the danger.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 22nd, 2016> Click for more

The British people are innocent of the crimes of the British Deep State, which is a dark structure using evil people and hypocrites.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 21st, 2016> Click for more

We will expand the issue of hypocrites. The gravest trouble upon the Islamic world is hypocrisy.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 20th, 2016> Click for more

Hypocrites do not like to engage in any work; they want to delegate everything to Muslims, they want to be a burden on others.
Satan devastates human beings by instilling the most unbecoming doubts; likewise hypocrites devastate one’s mindset, the environment and everything else.
The barbed speech of the hypocrite stems from satan’s grip on his soul.
With foolish pretexts, hypocrites claimed that –may God forbid- our Prophet (pbuh) couldn’t think properly but they thought better.The hypocrite even claim to be God, may God forbid.
Because hypocrites target the most devout believer, they always bother prophets, messengers and the leaders of the time.
Hypocrites also want to destroy peace. That is why they constantly stir up conflicts and create anarchy, but they always form a reasonable ground for it.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 19th, 2016> Click for more

Hypocrites cause constant discomfort with their talks, gazes and jokes. It’s because they are constantly restless.
Hypocrites have wild mood swings. They sulk and then suddenly appear maniacally happy.
We understand from the Qur’an that the main goal of hypocrites is taking up Muslims’ time.
Satan applies great pressure on hypocrites so that their bodies can be completely possessed. That’s why hypocrites act insane.
Hypocrites, which are actually human satans, are very active. Even one of them can be a serious source of trouble for Muslims.
Unless Muslims expose and intellectually neutralize hypocrites, hypocrites will continue with their trouble-making.
Qarun got spoiled and even more obnoxious when believers showed interest in him and later caused trouble for believers.
Hypocrites are spoiled. They suddenly get happy in a spoiled manner and suddenly begin to sulk. They feel joy when they do something evil.
Qarun was a hypocrite at the time of Prophet Moses. He was a source of trouble for believers. Even his keys were a problem. The fact that Qarun’s keys were a burden for believers shows that hypocrites cause constant trouble for believers.
Hypocrites try to abuse the kindness of believers and shamelessly makes constant demands. Hypocrites are obnoxious. When they don't want to do something because they find it too burdensome, they try to make believers do it.
Hypocrites love keys, love opening secret things. They are curious about everything about believers, want to learn everything.
Hypocrites seek to cause constant trouble for believers. They seek to damage their property, hold them back, waste their time.
Hypocrites are lethargic and incapable when it comes to serving Islam, but are extremely motivated for any non-Islamic matter.
Hypocrites seek to disturb and agitate believers and hold them back. When he cannot do that, he will be distressed.
Hypocrites live with frozen brains and souls under the influence of satan. As believers enthusiastically work for God, hypocrites live dully. As hypocrites are away from God, they live with an animalistic indifference and apathy. They can spend hours doing nothing.
The British Deep State widely uses the hypocrites under its control to cause trouble and to kill. The British Deep State trains hypocrites to be professional users of the Internet and teaches them hacking to be used against Islam.
Hypocrites change character depending on the season. At the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), they caused trouble saying ‘do not go out to war in the heat’.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 18th, 2016> Click for more

Hypocrites try to prevent something reasonable and want to waste Muslims’ time with futile deeds.
People are in general well-intentioned; yet insincere hypocrites put people into serious trouble. Otherwise, people want to live in peace.
The cause of all the afflictions the Islamic world is going through is hypocrites. It was also the hypocrites who demolished the Ottoman Empire.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 17th, 2016> Click for more

There might be temporary good progress in hypocrites; this should not make us heedless. They are very rancorous and immoral; they make sudden attacks. A normal person would not think of making series of corrupt behaviors in a row, but hypocrites make series of depraved acts one after the other under satan’s influence.
Hypocrites develop like bacteria, that is, why it is important for them to approach celebrities and try to be one.
Hypocrites are very lazy; they want to sit around indolently while making Muslims work. This way they take up Muslims’ time and make continuous demands.
Hypocrites want to do evil all the time. They look for ways to do evil and give harm. They struggle to give harm, even if not much.
Hypocrites feel strong hatred against Muslims. It is so severe that their hatred overflows from their mouths. They fail to hide it.
Hypocrites’ nerves are very tense; they are like uncontrolled cars. They make unpredictable moves all of a sudden.
Hypocrites have severe inferiority complexes. For this reason they want to exalt themselves by bringing forward the deficient sides of other people.
Satan knows every weak point of all people; that is why he is a master in how to use hypocrites.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 14th, 2016> Click for more

Hypocrites try to meet celebrities and make a circle of friends from them. They try to use this circle of friends against Muslims.
A handful of hypocrites and communists under the influence of the British Deep State cause persecution in Iran. Muslims want the betterment of everyone.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 13th, 2016> Click for more

Whatever the British Deep State and treacherous hypocrites do, it will get in their way. Whatever happens will be bad for them and good for believers.
We have to be cautious against hypocrites. Hypocrites that are among the Shia and Sunni communities cause enmity.
Hypocrites are plagiarists of ideas. They claim every idea to be theirs. They have a fraudulent nature.
Hypocrites are impudent and shameless. They suffer all their lives in disgrace and humiliation leading a dog’s life, then they die disastrously.
Hypocrites are obsessed. They keep on telling the same subject continuously like a person with a heavy dementia.
Hypocrites have a feeling of superiority stemming from a severe inferiority complex. That is why they unwisely try to humiliate people.
Hypocrites want to harm Muslims’ properties. For example, Samiri usurped believers’ gold and built a statue of a calf.
Whatever the evil plan hypocrites devise God makes it come out good for believers.
Hypocrites are gluttonous and insatiable. Their real goal is to put Muslims in dire straits. They wanted onions and beans while they were in the desert with Prophet Moses (pbuh) just to cause corruption.
Hypocrites are like bats, they make secret plans in darkness. They get into contact with satan. Yet every plan of theirs is actually created by God.
Hypocrites put no effort for the sake of Islam. But whenever there is an evil activity, they are very zealous and act promptly.
Hypocrites do not keep their promises, they use every means they have been given for treachery. They constantly betray Muslims.
When satan falls down on hypocrites their bodies almost become beastly. The Qur’an draws special attention to the emptiness in their looks.
The Qur’an tells in detail about how hypocrites try to tire and put Muslims out of action and take their time under some reasonable pretexts.
Hypocrites are like beasts that approach this a-way and that a-way between two communities.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 12th, 2016> Click for more

Hypocrites don't like peace. They want trouble, tension and fight because satan stirs up constant anarchy in their souls.
The British Deep State is the cause of problems in the Islamic world. They use hypocrites for their acts and Darwinism and Rumism as their philosophies. The main resource of British Deep State is hypocrites. When we intellectually render them ineffective, the British Deep State will lose its army.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 10th, 2016> Click for more

Hypocrites have countless excuses not to help Islam. All the pretexts they use are actually treacherous vile lies.
One of the most evil methods of hypocrites is using their wealth as a way to make Muslims uncomfortable and gain interest over them. By saying ‘do not go out to fight in the heat’ [Qur’an, 9/81], hypocrites tried to insinuate that Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is a person who does not think of well-being of Muslims [Prophet is above those claims].
Hypocrites have anarchy in their souls, that’s why they want constant trouble. They oppose everything regardless of the subject.
Hypocrites are like moles in fields. You cover a hole and they will pop up somewhere else.
Since hypocrites bear satan’s intelligence, they are talented in an evil way and the British Deep State exploits hypocrites like satan’s army.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 9th, 2016> Click for more

Hypocrites are arrogant around Muslims, but submissive around unbelievers. Aware of the evil nature of hypocrites, the unbelievers debase and mock hypocrites all the time.
As hypocrites are inglorious, they feel no shame in telling lies. They lie with no trace of shame on their faces. The impudence on hypocrites when they are lying results from the fact that they get under the control of satan. Hypocrites lie continuously. Their lies never come to an end.
If hypocrites stage an act of friendship, they will most certainly follow it up with an act of betrayal and treachery.
Hypocrites perform their biggest acts of betrayal when they seem most friendly. They don't attack when Muslims are cautious.
Hypocrites are a serious problem for the entire community. They lie at the first opportunity, and reveal their opposition to God and religion. At time of Prophet Moses (pbuh) hypocrites left Moses alone and returned to Pharaoh only for some beans, onions and garlic. This is how low the hypocrites are. Every time the hypocrites try to do something bad, the Prophets turned that action into something good.
Hypocrites actually know what is right and what is wrong, but still choose to do wrong. Qualified hypocrites are those who have the ability to lead masses. Samiri, who is referred in the Qur’an, was such a hypocrite. Qualified hypocrites try to replace the leaders of the unbelievers and rule the world. Each one of them sees himself as God (God is above their claims). Samiri wanted to lead masses, too and claimed to return them to glory and came forward by saying, ‘Moses forgot his religion’ (Prophet Moses (pbuh) is above such claims). Samiri exhausted Muslims and drained their energy. He took their gold possessions, then made them carry the gold across the desert and had them build a furnace. Samiri later made them do casting. He kept so many Muslims busy over building a golden calf. Samiri only thought of his low selfish gains and wrongly claimed that Muslims had monotonous lives with Prophet Moses (pbuh) and offered them colorful lives in which they would have all kinds of meals.
One of the biggest iniquities of hypocrites is their attempt to accuse God in their speeches (God is above their claims).
Hypocrites are gluttonous. Hypocrites living at the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh) wanted to return to slavery with Pharaoh just because of their gluttonous nature.
Even though hypocrites are foolish, they consider themselves clever. They are so blind; they can’t even realize their idiocy.

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Hypocrites are so foolishly self-assured that despite all their ignominy and their unbelief about the Hereafter, they claim that they will go to Heaven. “But if We let him taste mercy from Us after he has suffered hardship, then he says, ‘This is my due. I do not think that the Hour is going to come. And if I am returned to my Lord, I will definitely find the best reward with Him.’ But We will inform those who are unbelievers of what they did and make them suffer a ruthless punishment.” Qur’an, 41:50
One of the main characteristics of the hypocrites is that they are insanely self-assured. They all believe that they know everything very well and that they rule the world.
Some of those that curry favor to the British Deep State are convinced that they are wise and intelligent enough to rule the world yet they all are foolish.
Every hypocrite imagines himself as the supreme brain that rules the world. Every single one of them is convinced that he is incredibly intelligent and wise when in fact they are all fools.
There is no aspect of this world that could justify people’s being devoted to it. Yet, hypocrites are insanely devoted to this world. Hypocrites’ attachment to this world is fiercer than that of the unbelievers.

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Because the sedition is so huge, we need to crack down the British deep state and its structures in the intellectual sense.
The immorality, abnormality and filth of hypocrites are all created for a reason. Hypocrisy is a kind of mental derangement.
Assuming that hypocrites have an independent power would be a huge mistake. Hypocrite are problematic, sick and unstable beings.
The reason why we dwell on the topic of hypocrites so much is that since the Ottoman Empire they, have clung on like a leech and caused so many corruptions.
Hypocrites consider themselves as superior people who know better than anyone else. They consider themselves superior to God, may God forbid.
Muslims aren’t prepared for the seditions hypocrites can generate over the Internet. Thus it’s important to disclose these methods.
In this century hypocrites have attained a great opportunity to stip up sedition via Internet and smart phones. July the 15th coup was such a sedition. Secret correspondence programs and fake accounts cause hypocrites attain a filthy power. The danger of this power was seen on July 15th coup attempt.
Without the hypocrites there would be lethargy among Muslims. In that sense the hypocrites bring about excitement and vitality to Muslims. Every hypocrite move strengthens Muslims’ power of togetherness, their enthusiasm and fervor regarding faith.
Despite the evilness in their hearts, the hypocrites say they take God as their witness. All hypocrites aim for with their speeches is to con and influence weak people.
The hypocrites try to decieve Muslims by appearing to be talking about the Qur’an and about Islam, by using the name of God.
The hypocrites learn about the Qur’an simply to give a struggle against Muslims.
The hypocrites try to show as if what they say complies with the Qur’an. That is why they distort the Book with their tongues. “Among them is a group who distort the Book with their tongues so that you think it is from the Book when it is not from the Book. They say, ‘It is from God,’ but it is not from God. They tell a lie against God and they know it.”
(Qur’an, 3/78)
One of the atrocious characteristics of the hypocrites is that they attack Muslims with the Qur’an. They try to advocate homosexuality with the Qur’an, even though homosexuality is explicitly deemed unlawful in the Qur’an.
Hypocrites are brazen; they claim that they are the source of everything that is good yet when they get into trouble they disgracefully blame Muslims.
Hypocrites are very piggish. They always seek ways to give harm to the wealth of Muslims.

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Hypocrisy is a topic that we will dwell on until Islamic morality prevails in the world. Hypocrisy is the Islamic world’s greatest scourge.
Hypocrisy is a profound form of insanity. Their souls have almost turned into a tar. A normal Muslim can never grasp this state of mind.
We need to call people to honesty because the hypocrite is a great peril for the Islamic world. It’s hypocrites who are responsible for the current bloodshed in the Islamic world in our time.
Unbelievers are honest. They sincerely put forth their outlook and openly say that they don’t fulfill their prayers. The hypocrite, on the other hand, lives as an impostor all his life.
It is very wrong to oppress an atheist. An atheistic person honestly reveals his stance. In cases of oppression, people turn to hypocrisy.
The number of hypocrites is predestined. In the Qur'an, it’s stated that satan can have no influence over the sincere servants of God.
A hypocrite always engages in turpitude and lives in constant tension.
Honesty eases the conscience. The hypocrite, on the other hand, constantly engages in forgery and thus always feels tense.
It is almost a miracle that hypocrites surrender to satan and are influenced by it. Satan’s power is weak, but a hypocrite gives in.
Believers seek to get physically stronger, but they do it for God’s sake, to serve God better. Hypocrites, on the other hand, do it for materialistic gains.
Hypocrites do not fear God consciously, which actually shows that they are spiritually dead.
In the Gospels, hypocrites are compared to whitewashed tombs. It is because hypocrites are actually dead; their souls are possessed.
Hypocrites plot skillfully. That’s why Muslims should be very careful and use their judgment very wisely.
Hypocrites are the top contributing factor to Muslims’ attentiveness and zeal.
Everything turns out to be a source of torment for hypocrites. Everything they eat and drink turn out to be a scourge for them.
Hypocrite lives among Muslims almost as a tourist. He doesn’t pay any attention to waging an intellectual war for Islam.
By presenting themselves like Muslims, hypocrites stick to Muslims like leeches. They dastardly seek only their own interests.
Hypocrites feel an immense greed for food. They are dastardly inclined to lust and food. They nefariously use lust in order to use people.
The hypocrites call themselves peace-makers while they actually cause corruption. The British Deep State coordinates hypocrites and uses them in generating sedition.
The hypocrites are serious trouble-makers for the society. Without disclosing hypocrisy in the real sense, it is impossible for Muslims to live in peace and ease.
One feature of hypocrites is to impute crimes to Muslims. They always slander Muslims. They also did this in the time of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
Hypocrites are liars and thieves in all aspects, but they impute all the atrociousness in their souls to Muslims.
Hypocrites are insatiable; they always come up with new requests. They always want more no matter what they get.
Qarun said that he has been given everything owing to the information he possessed. The hypocrite also comes up with a similar unwise claim. The hypocrite makes it a habit to plagiarize.
The British Deep State tries to win hypocrites by promising to help them in making an elite circle of friends for them.
The British Deep State uses its minions for prostitution; thus they enslave these hypocrites to their system.
Hypocrites have their method of sharing each others’ secrets. By disclosing their secrets to one another, they become enslaved to one another.
As long as hypocrites exist, irreligion triumphs despite our best efforts to communicate Islam. First the filth of hypocrisy must be cleansed intellectually.

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Muslims are lenient, reasonable and companionable while hypocrites are surprisingly evil beings. Hypocrites have a devilish kind of restlessness, vigilance and insane courage. Satan takes possession of hypocrite’s soul and uses his body as a machine.
When people meet hypocrites they are surprised to see their unfavorable behaviors, in truth hypocrites are like robots that satan has taken hold of.
Satan is snobbish and cunning. The reason why hypocrites are so pretentious and cunning is that satan has captured their souls.
Satan has an amazing power to deceive. Hypocrites also have this power of deception. Hypocrites influence those with weak minds and souls.
Hypocrites are human satans and they have many sycophants around them. The British Deep State uses them all for its use.
When Muslims lay stress on the matter of hypocrites and uncover their mentality, the prevalence of Islamic morality develops very fast.
Houses of believers are sort of like mosques while those of hypocrites are almost like prisons. That’s why they constantly want to change locations.
Sycophants of hypocrites admire qualified hypocrites brazenly and make an idol of them in their eyes.
Hypocrites amazingly recognize and find one another; they protect each other. Even if in different countries they get hold of each other.
Hypocrites have an incredible amount of insane energy. They constantly come up with insane demands and want to create disorder.
Hypocrites have insane energy like satan, they approach people from right and from left, they are always restless. “[Satan] said, "My Lord, because You have put me in error, I will surely make [disobedience] attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all.” (Qur’an 15:39)
Hypocrites’ goal is to drive Muslims away from worshipping. They pester believers so much with their insane energy trying to make them not remember God.
Hypocrites constantly demand property and constantly destroy possessions. Hypocrites want to destroy both people and properties.
One of the most apparent signs of hypocrites is that they run away from where God is remembered. It is important to tell hypocrites about God’s commands everywhere.
Hypocrites are like the living dead. Satan uses their bodies. The term “eyes revolving like one being overcome by death” in the Qur’anic verse refers to that. “Indisposed toward you. And when fear comes, you see them looking at you, their eyes revolving like one being overcome by death. But when fear departs, they lash you with sharp tongues, indisposed toward [any] good. Those have not believed, so Allah has rendered their deeds worthless, and ever is that, for Allah , easy.” (Qur’an 33/19)
Hypocrites foolishly show insane courage. People are amazed to see their foolishness and depravity.
Hypocrites always demand something and criticize Muslims with trivial matters.
A hypocrite is a troublesome sort that wants to pester on Muslims. They bother Muslims snobbishly and flagrantly.
Hypocrites always cause sedition upon the incitement of satan. They never calm down. Whenever we assume they have, they make another insane act.
Another amazing incident is that most of Muslims have ignored the matter of hypocrites for centuries. There are over one thousand verses about hypocrites in the Qur’an, but Muslims have always thought that hypocrites had lived in Prophet’s era and are bygone.

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There is a notion of constant conflict and confrontation in the communist philosophy. The same is valid for the hypocrites as well; they create conflicts for no real reason.

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Hypocrites are inclined towards murder, and that is why the British Deep State uses spies swayed to murder. This is seen in their social accounts.
Hypocrites were planning all kinds of sedition, murder and immorality at their Masjid ad-Dirar built against Islam and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
Hypocrites and satan have the same personality. Both the hypocrite and satan are ungrateful to God.
Believers should never be ignorant or oblivious to the fact of hypocrites; they should always be on guard.
Hypocrites take evil pleasure from distorting the truth and seeking things made crooked.
Hypocrites are like machines under satan's control. With their evil intelligence they imitate Muslims, and wants to distract attention from him.
Hypocrites want to prevent believers from remembering God by making empty-talk, through impertinence, psychotic behavior and endless demands.
Hypocrites live with an anarchistci soul inclined towards unrest due to the incitement of satan. Hypocrite cannot be at ease even for half an hour.
A hypocrite is suspicious of everything. Satan whispers "this statement is against you" for every sentence, and he is under that surmise.
Hypocrites may seem appealing from outside, but they are like propped-up plank of woods. This means satan has taken control of their bodies. “When you see them, their outward form appeals to you, and if they speak you listen to what they say. But they are like propped-up planks of wood. They imagine every cry to be against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. May God destroy them! How they are perverted!”
Qur’an, 63/4
Hypocrites are like snakes; nobody knows where and when they will appear. They are sly and come by unexpectedly at a certain place.
Islamic world regards the matter 'hypocrites' trivial, yet it's of utmost importance. They lie behind every matter that is a trouble for Muslims.
Hypocrites are miraculous beings; they may live with unbelievers if they like, but they prefer to stay with Muslims and live by humiliation.
In Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) era, hypocrites tried to get close to Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) wives, get information from them, act treacherously and do mischief.
Though there are over a thousand verses about hypocrites in the Qur’an, it is the least focused subject in the Islamic world.
When hypocrites make an immoral act, this is not bad for Muslims; on the contrary it is good, they gain a lot of merit due to that.
Hypocrites agonized Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but many Islamic scholars leave this subject out. Every unfavorable deed of theirs should be explained.
The relationship between hypocrites and the British Deep State relies totally upon interests, since hypocrites show themselves to be wealthy, the British Deep State uses them. When it realizes that they are not wealthy, they use them for prostitution.

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The bloodshed in Aleppo is one of the torments the movement of the antichrist and the hypocrisy inflicted upon the world.
Hypocrites are very extravagant and they try to harm Muslims with their squandering. They want to spend the wealth of Muslims.
Hypocrites are very gluttonous. They eat with an animalistic instinct. They cannot live like a normal person.
The hypocrites feel a constant anarchistic simmering; they can’t behave themselves. Even if they are in an empty room, they find something to cause unrest.
Hypocrites are very grumpy, instable and aggressive. They are in constant distress. They want to go out and wander around to rest their hearts but they can never succeed.
The hypocrites want Muslims to go astray and fall into disbelief just like their own perversion, they want them to become Darwinists and followers of Rumi.
There are micro -hypocrites and macro -hypocrites. Micro -hypocrites live among people and are unqualified; they carry out petty, vicious acts. Macro -hypocrites, on the other hand, carry out gross acts in alliance with the deep states and cause all-out slaughters. The harm caused by micro -hypocrites are small and petty, their acts are small-scale. Macro -hypocrites carry out large scaled damage and harm. As they are used to ignominy, micro -antichrists, that is to sy micro -hypocrites. constantly serve macro -antichrists, which are in fact macro -hypocrites. Deep states want to use these microbes extensively.
No matter where they are, the hypocrites aim to harm Muslims. They imagine that they are strong as they are supported by the deep states.
The hypocrites feign friendship with Muslims but when they are alone with their own people and with satan, they speak against Muslims.
The facial expressions of the hypocrites are foul as well. They reflect their foulness with their gazes and facial expressions.
The hypocrites are in constant pursuit of praising themselves. They constantly try to praise themselves by talking about the city they are from, the school they went and the languages they speak.
The hypocrites try to flee from the environments in which God’s Name is invoked and verses about the hypocrites are explained. While the Qur’an is recited the hypocrites refrain from listening to the Qur’an and hearing the verses about the hypocrites either by making noise or creating a scene.
The hypocrites constantly cause disinformation since they want to deceive Muslims. If a hypocrite says that something is black, know that it actually is white.
Vileness is the artistry of the hypocrite. Ignominy, dishonesty, treachery and perfidy are a system engraved in the hypocrites.
Both the hypocrites and their sycophants are constantly in pursuit of causing unrest. They certainly find something to cause unrest about.
The hypocrites always want disturbance and unrest. They constantly strive to disturb Muslims in one way or another. With the instillations of the satan, constantly taking up Muslims’ time is the most important characteristic of hypocrites. They keep the Islamic world occupied with their instigations.

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Hypocrites are like wild donkeys that fear from lions and run away from them. The Mahdi will defeat hypocrites in the intellectual sense.
A hypocrite is a very cruel, perfidious, pitiless and filthy being. A Muslim is always compassionate and sensitive.
Although the hypocrite is more powerful, he is doomed to be defeated. Pharoah, Nimrud, they were all defeated.
Explaining the attributes of hypocrite becomes instrumental in making Muslims purify themselves. The hypocrite can’t understand this.
The hyocrites don’t fear God but they fear about the future, irreligion, the deep states and so on.
Even if intelligent, a hypocrite cannot understand that he is unwise. The hypocrite relies on his intelligence but he is disgraced because he lacks wisdom.
The hypocrites don’t want to observe God’s provisions. They have an unbounded conception of freedom. They object to everything; they are very immoral.
The hypocrite considers himself to be very important, but every time God degrades him. This is a miracle of God.
The hypocrite is like a truck carrying trouble around. They want to wander about in order to get rid of trouble but the trouble accompanies him.
The hypocrite tells lies incessantly. He doesn’t feel embarrassed to speak lies because he’s impudent and shameless.
A hypocrite is actually not a human being. He’s satan in the human form. People generally don’t understand this.
The hypocrites have a secret language among themselves. A hypocrite recognizes another hypocrite right away and understands him. Sincere Muslims can see this language clearly when they look at them rationally.
The hyocrite has his target list. His primary target is the believer whom he considers to be the most pious.
Every hypocrite has his informants and minions within Muslims. Satan establishes teams that will support the hypocrites.
The British deep state definitely kills its hypocrite spies after their work is over.
The hypocrite doesn’t take ablution or pray when they’re not seen. They don’t want to be present where God is remembered. They live by the religion only to show off.
Making rational struggle against the hypocrite is one of the most important attributes of Muslims. Success over hypocrites brings about success over the irreligion.
Hypocrites’ attempts to do harm to Muslims opens the minds of Muslims and adds to their enthusiasm.
In the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh), rather than being thankful for being saved from Pharoah’s persecution, hypocrites wanted to go back to the Egyptian lifestyle.
The hypocrite takes pleasure from everything secret. Rather than living in a peaceful and legitimate way, they want treachery.
Because the hypocrite wants to act in a treachreous way, they spend their lives in tension, filth and flattering. Their end has always been disasterous.
In every age, the hypocrite cooperates with deep states. They hatch plots against Muslims and puts their treacherous acts into action.
Hypocrites made trouble for Prophets Moses, Lot and Mohammad (peace be upon them all) and then marytred Ali, Hasan and Omar. They were treacherous.
The hypocrite wants to take advantage from the moments that Muslims take a break. That’s why they make sudden attacks.
In his own way hypocrites try to take Muslims by surprise. That is why they enter houses abruptly. In the time of our Prophet (pbuh) they entered houses from the back.

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Hypocrites hate even the little kids. They are immoral to the extent that they spill out rage against refugee kids who have drowned in the sea in their fake accounts.
Hypocrites have one real social media account and many other fakes one to reveal their true hatred, ungodliness and vileness.
Hypocrites use fake accounts and develop many other methods not to get caught on the phone or the Net.
TV, radio and the Internet are important weapons of hypocrites in the End Times. There are also some people working in film industry who are under the control of antichrist [dajjal]. There’s intense propaganda in favor of homosexuality in movies. This is a result of the instruction of the system of the antichrist [dajjal].
Hypocrites message each other using weird images in the social media for propaganda purposes. This fact was unknown before. Hypocrites also secretly communicate with each other through Rumi quotes and numbers.
It’s a grave mistake to think that hypocrites won’t enter big communities. The threat of hypocrites must be placed to forefront.
Homosexual, dishonorable and ignoble hypocrites who attack Islam criticize anything good and benevolent.
Hypocrites are clannish. Once one of them is spotted, it’s possible to detect others too. The clan of hypocrites work day and night to oppose Muslims.
Muslims are dignified. When they make a mistake they feel embarrassed, but hypocrites are unbelievably shameless.
Hypocrites relayed information to the Roman State about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Today, they relay information to the British Deep State.
Hypocrites of the End Times are the lowest. Today’s hypocrites work in cooperation with the world deep states.
It is important to know how hypocrites’ sly methods are applied today. Some think hypocrites lived only during the Prophet’s time and are over.
In their fake accounts hypocrites are opposed to their own countries and hate their nations. But in their true accounts they are the opposite.
Even if caught, hypocrites still carry on their acts shamelessly. They only renounce if they are completely unable to escape.
Just like a thief caught in the act but still shamelessly denying theft, so are hypocrites unbelievably shameless and impudent.
Hypocrites portray themselves as innocent, clean and high-quality, yet they are like chameleons. They may act respectfully and decently if they wish. Yet, in truth, they are extremely despicable, impudent and shameless.
Hypocrites’ main weapon is their despicable and dishonest nature. They are a cause of trouble for the entire society and are insidious.
If not detected, hypocrites flourish like bacteria. One must be wary of them, this matter is of top priority.
Since bacteria act as friendly to the host body, cells cannot recognize them and don’t react and thus bacteria flourish; it’s the same for hypocrites.
Muslims used to live in joy in Iraq and Syria. They failed to take hypocrites into account. But one should be wary of hypocrites.
Hypocrites wear the mask of a perfect person, portray themselves as clean-cut and thus live comfortably among Muslims.
While Muslims eagerly and heartily strive for the sake of God, hypocrites carry on their perfidious and evil deeds.

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The real target of hypocrites is the Prophet and devout believers. Their actual hatred is against the spiritual leader of Muslims of the period.
Since hypocrites believe unbelieving people to be powerful they are defeated against them, but full of hatred against Muslims.
Hypocrites are very aggressive and disputant. Even a simple matter can make them be termagant. Their souls are in deep boredom and anarchy.
Hypocrites show themselves to be devout, yet their real world is full of hatred, resentment and filth. This is seen in their fake social accounts.
Hypocrites are both physically and spiritually dirty. They are unbelievably filthy at times when no one sees them.
Since hypocrites are corrupt, their souls are in constant distress. They constantly ask for interests from Muslims in order to eliminate that distress.
Remembering God and explaining hypocrites’ signs distress hypocrites very much. They don’t want to listen when God is remembered.
Hypocrites communicate with their supporters by way of codes, they give messages through coded photographs, poems, books and so on.
Hypocrites resemble donkey loaded with books, tells the Qur’an. They want to make a name for themselves by furnishing themselves with empty information.
Hypocrites use a bad tone in speaking. Their looks are empty, crude and soulless.
The commands of God should be spoken of everywhere so that wherever hypocrites turn they would face the commands of God.
Hypocrites are sickly conceited. They want to make a name with their race, city they live in, knowledge and so on. Yet God is the Owner of all.
There are some ignorant people who would respond to hypocrites’ dark attitudes. If there are no such people, hypocrites die in their dark, filthy immoral world.
Hypocrites have a dull, foolish and empty look on their faces. When God is remembered, they feel rage.
One of the primary characteristics of hypocrites is that they don’t want to listen to commands of God. When God is remembered, they run away from Muslims.
Hypocrites have their own superstitious criteria of moral values. They fancy their own little minds very much.
Hypocrites foolishly find spying on their own country and putting their nation in dire straits a kind of superiority.

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The hypocrites and members of the deep state use paintings and photographs to communicate. They give many messages with a painting.
The social media accounts of the hypocrites are very important to trace their lack of character. When they share faith related posts, they instantly remove such posts.
The hypocrites use all available techniques and technologies merely for corruption and dissension. But in the end all these means turn out to the advantage of Muslims.
Hypocrites are astonishingly foolish. Even though they are incredibly foolish, they play tricks in their own twisted ways.
The hypocrites are in constant fear of getting caught. Since they carry out secret activities against Muslims, they constantly live in hiding like a mole.
The real faces of the hypocrites can be seen in their fake social media accounts. They share religious posts on their actual accounts while they carry out every kind of ignominy in their fake accounts. The greatest foolishness of the hypocrites is that they imagine that what they do remains secret. Yet God witnesses every moment of their lives.
While introducing the people of the British Deep State, the hypocrites present them to Muslims as if they are religious people. Actually those are all ignominious types who are against Islam.
Hypocrites use the advanced technology of the End Times, smart phones and the Internet not for the good of Islam, but only to cause dissension and corruption.

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Hypocrites, even when they recite a verse, believe that they’re saying something against Muslims. Because they’re fools, they cannot understand that the verse is against them.
Faith is easy, beautiful and wise and complies with human nature. Hypocrisy, though, is very difficult and brings constant darkness and humiliation. Some people nevertheless choose to be hypocrites.
Hypocrites foolishly seek to swindle Muslims. With an animalistic instinct, they obsess over Muslims and try to hold them back from their good works.
Hypocrites are very fond of showing off. That’s why they constantly lie to make themselves look rich although they are not. If a hypocrite plans to fool a person, first he will seek to convince that person of his wealth.

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Hypocrites are extraordinarily rebellious, uncontrollable and psychopathic. They cause troubles for their families and always cause problems.
Hypocrites talk about eternal loyalty to each other but don’t believe in eternity. That is why they talk about time periods of 10, 20 and 30 years ahead.
Hypocrites want to get married just to gain material property. They find someone rich to marry and rob him under the name of livelihood.
The aim in the marriages of hypocrites is to extort the other person’s property. They calculate every step of this extortion.
Hypocrites feel constant boredom that causes them to continuously travel. They feel the torment of boredom like fire. Hypocrites travel to leave behind the boredom but boredom does not leave them. Wherever they go, God drowns them in their boredom.
The reason why hypocrites are so hasty is due to the strength of their inner boredom. Believers are patient against hastiness. Hypocrites are impatient and constantly suffer.
Hypocrites talked behind the Prophet's back knowing that their claim will be left unanswered and hence they cause apprehension in people’s hearts regarding the Prophet. Hypocrites are aware that if they asked the Prophet directly, their claim would be negated. So they talked behind his back to cause doubt about him in people.
Hypocrites make the same subject be explained to them over and over. The Prophet tells the same topic numerous times but in the morning they pretend not to understand yet again.
Hypocrites foolishly try to find the weak spot of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Samiri treacherously claimed that Prophet Moses (pbuh) forgot his religion.
Crying is an important weapon for hypocrites. Joseph’s brothers tried to martyr Prophet Joseph [pbuh] and tried to cover it up by crying.
Hypocrites are literally filthy. They come to places of worship with almost beastly dirt. That is why God revealed verses to keep places of worship clean. Hypocrites are filthy and take an evil pleasure in contaminating places where Muslims live. This evil pleasure will turn into torment in Hereafter.
Hypocrites use their eyes to cause pain to Muslims. They cry and give the image of a fool whenever they want. Their eyes are full of hate any time they want.
In their own weak minds hypocrites want Muslims to pay for their being Muslims. They assume they do Muslims a favor by being Muslims. “They think they have done you a favour by becoming Muslims! Say: ‘Do not consider your Islam a favour to me. No indeed! It is God Who has favoured you by guiding you to faith if you are telling the truth.’”
Qur’an, 49/16-17
Hypocrites speak of empty subjects under the direction of satan. They want to impede the good service of Muslims with futile talk.
Hypocrites rarely take baths and do not take ablution when they presume no one sees them. They do not pray.
Hypocrites are always in a spirit of opposition. They oppose foolishly to whatever the Prophet (pbuh) says.
Hypocrites want to act corruptly by using art. They like paintings that promote homosexuality and praise atheistic books.
Muslims should study hypocrites very attentively. Muslims can observe all the verses of the Qur’an regarding hypocrisy on a qualified hypocrite.
Hypocrites claim to be the most clean, honest, hard-working, perfect ones of all Muslims, but in fact they are rampant than the most fierce adversary of religion.
Hypocrites do not believe in the Mahdi’s coming, in truthy they want to extort the Mahdi movement for their own interests.
Hypocrites are very eager to communicate through codes that public do not understand. They foolishly regard this a kind of splash and superiority.
The social media accounts of hypocrites demonstrate how insidious and foolish they are and how they are full of rage against Muslims.
Being a hypocrite is the most painful, vile and dirty profession of the world. But hypocrites live in that vile world intentionally and willingly like filthy dogs.
The social media accounts of hypocrites show how they act as sycophants lacking any dignity and how they feel anger towards Muslims. Hypocrites use many fake accounts and these accounts reveal, in detail, their vileness and infamy.
Since hypocrites are filthy and disgusting, they find Muslims’ cleanliness surprising in their own small minds.
The fact that hypocrites’ understanding of marriage is based on looting of the other party’s property shows their vileness even more.
Since hypocrites are seriously unwise, they assume they can play tricks against God, God forbid. Yet God’s traps cause more terror.
Spying and making negative talks behind Muslims is a characteristic of hypocrites.
Hypocrites and deep states always act on assumptions, that is why they leave the world in disorder.

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The hypocrites try to teach religion to God. They practice the religion in their minds, not the religion that God has commanded in the Qur’an. Presenting the philosophy of Rumi that embraces homosexuality, Darwinism and unbelief as if it is a true religion, is one of the depravities of the hypocrites.
Hypocrites constantly sulk because they are rather uncomfortable with being Muslims. They constantly ask to be entertained and try to waste Muslims’ time.
Since being Muslims make hypocrites feel very much constrained, they try to make the lives of Muslims troublesome as well. They constantly pester on them and try to prevent goodness.
Hypocrites foolishly regard Muslims under obligation to look after them simply because they accepted Islam. In their twisted minds they want Muslims to recompense for their accepting religion.
Muslims are very tactful people, they fear God very deeply and are very clean. Since hypocrites do not fear God they are shameless and insolent. Muslims fear God and hence they behave very conscientiously and meticulously. The hypocrites, on the other hand, are beastly and crude. Muslims can never understand such heedlessness.
Hypocrisy is the subject matter that the Islamic world lays the least emphasis on, yet the Qur’an lays great stress on hypocrites and hypocrisy.
It would be a grave mistake to fall into lethargy regarding the issue of hypocrisy. We will lay emphasis on this all our lives as the most important subject matter.
Hypocrites are physically dirty. They try to pollute every environment they are in and they carry dirt of the streets to inside. The filth of the hypocrites is very dangerous. They are insanely dirty. Hypocrites might appear to be intellectual and modern individuals but in truth, they are rather vicious, dirty and loathsomely filthy. God commands us to be in the houses where God is remembered with clean clothes. It is not acceptable to carry dirt of the streets to mosques and houses. Hypocrites bring dirt of the streets to inside.
The hypocrites foolishly collogue to bring Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) down in the eyes of Muslims and create an unfavorable environment for Muslims.
The reason why the hypocrites spoke behind Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was that they knew very well the response they would get, had they spoken to his face. They constantly spoke secretly.
The then hypocrites always talked behind Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). They were ignominious and constantly plotted against the Prophet.
Hypocrisy is explained thoroughly in the Qur’an. However the subject of hypocrisy has not been sufficiently elaborated in the Islamic world.
Hypocrites are in constant doubt. They can’t decide between Muslims and unbelievers. They never side with Muslims and the Qur’an.
Hypocrites want to change the command of the Qur’an and retain people from the Path of God. They prefer the life of this world to the one in Hereafter.

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Hypocrites are plagiarists. Samiri presented Prophet Moses’ (pbuh) knowledge as if it were his and hence influenced the people.

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In a shameless and wicked manner, hypocrites constantly make up excuses to avoid serving and doing good works for Islam.
Hypocrites are very talented at betrayal and causing problems. If they were asked to serve Islam, they would lie saying they wouldn't know how to.
Even when the hypocrite seems to be doing something good, there is always a dirty hidden agenda in the background.
Hypocrites have a beastly curiosity. They try to find out about the secrets of deep state also and continuously relay information.
Hypocrites are usually penniless but show themselves rich, hoping that this way they can get in good graces of the British Deep State.
One of the ways hypocrites make a living is writing articles and books against Islam and Muslims and trying to make a name for themselves by doing that.
One of the frequent phrases that British Deep State uses to fool hypocrites is ‘you are family’.
When you study the writings of hypocritical people, you will see that they plagiarized almost every writing as their own. Hypocrites are serial liars; they are very cunning.
Hypocrites are deceitful and thieves of ideas and knowledge. They take credit for ideas that they would never be able to come up with.

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Believers are always peaceful, and give peace to fellow believers. Hypocrites, though, stay away from pious Muslims and seek to inflict harm.
Hypocrites neither love anyone, nor are loved. They have a blank look on their faces like planks of wood and constantly try to prevent Muslims from praising God.
Hypocrites are looters. They wish to steal, loot, harm the property of Muslims.
Hypocrites use crying as a sort of weapon against Muslims. They can cry and stop crying at will.
Hypocrites are so insolent and arrogant, they consider themselves superior even to God. They even assume that they can teach God better morality (God is above these claims).
Hypocrites infiltrate within Muslim communities and benefit from their resources. Hypocrites constantly betray Muslims.

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One of the things that hypocrites extoll the most is being a spy for the British Deep State. Actually it is a perfidious, ignominious and filthy act.
There is a worldly greed in the character of the hypocrites. They always want more of everything. They have a formidable ambition for worldly life.
Hypocrites would not want to invoke God’s name, they feel distressed but when it comes to empty talks they can talk and write for hours and become invigorated in such talks.
Hypocrites, who are extremely talented when dissension, immorality and treachery are in question, claim that they are unskillful and uninformed when it comes to serving Islam.
Hypocrites use their health as an excuse to weaken the power of Muslims and to flee from struggle.
The hypocrites claim that they are Muslims and devout believers, but they never become friends with Muslims. They do not consider devout Muslims as their friends.
Hypocrites take the secret states as their confidantes and communicate any information about Muslims to the British Deep State.
The hypocrites and the members of the deep states promise one another that they will be loyal to each other for eternity. Yet the hypocrites are disloyal and impatient.
Hypocrites do not feel any shame while lying. Their lies are incredibly foolish yet they imagine as if their lies would not be revealed.
Trying to present themselves as if they are very wealthy is one of the most important characteristics of the hypocrites. They are incredibly foolish and have inferiority complexes.

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Hypocrites embrace those parts of Islam serving their purposes while they never adopt the parts against their interests.
At time of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) hypocrites claimed they did not know how to put efforts in the way of Islam and they left him alone.
A hypocrite is depressed when he cannot commit treachery or iniquity. He is despondent unless he acts in perfidy and deceitfulness.
Hypocrites are serial liars. Yet their lies are so foolish and easily exposed. That is why the intelligence they provide to the British Deep State is nonsensical.
The British Deep State particularly searches for and finds people with hypocritical characters mostly from countries like Pakistan, Jordan and India and uses them for its own benefit.
At time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), hypocrites pretended they did not know how to make efforts for Islam and thus did not go out to war with him. “They said: ‘If we knew how to fight, we would certainly follow you.’” [Qur’an, 3:167]
Muslims use the key and all their means in the way of Islam for benevolence. But hypocrites make use of these for only evil and corruption.
A hypocrite who is so talented in causing mischief implies that he is not competent to serve Islam; this shows his lack of conscience.
Samiri considered himself to be superior than Muslims and claimed "I saw what they did not see." This behavior shows the arrogance and impudence of hypocrites.
The key mentioned in the story of Qarun in the Qur’an symbolizes the activities of hypocrites against Muslims. Qarun was using the keys to prevent Muslims from using his stockpiled goods in the way of Islam. This is how hypocrites misbehave.
When hypocrite's methods are exhausted for sedition, he is left in solitude. In fact, he desires to live alone in his own mischief and denial.
The hypocrite is satan in the form of man. He is very talented in an evil way in plotting against Muslims.

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The 'nocturnal plotting’ of hypocrites signify every sort of means and technology hypocrites use as hidden from people. “..when they leave your presence, a group of them spend the night plotting to do other than what you say. God is recording their nocturnal plotting.” Qur’an, 4:81
Hypocrites use their social media accounts to make posts only for their interests and doesn't ever mention subjects that matter to Muslims.
Hypocrites assume nothing will happen when they continue in their immoral ways, that they will definitely be forgiven. They insistently rely on this.
The British Deep State influences hypocrites by praising them. They literally go insane by gushing over each other.
Hypocrites are immoral, yet they assume they will go to heaven despite their actions. They are sure they will be forgiven in hereafter.
The social media accounts of hypocrites are like mirrors. They mention topics that are of interest to them and they don't tell anything in favor of Islam.
The British Deep State immorally uses both women and men homosexuals that are of hypocrites' character and leaves them aside when they are done with them. The British Deep State approaches young men and leads them to homosexuality. They make women almost like men. Then they use all of them for their dark works.
Hypocrites deny God, but they promise each other that they will be loyal to each other. They are liars.
Hypocrites assume they'll gain interest by selling themselves to movement of antichrist [dajjal]. But in the end they get what they deserve.
Hypocrites constantly run around like mad dogs. They run away from Islam, verses of the Qur'an and Muslims and live in contempt.
Hypocrites put up with every kind of hardship to ingratiate themselves to British Deep State. Then they are abandoned and belittled.
The British Deep State uses hypocrites for their darkest works. They used such types in Turkey’s failed coup of July 15th.
Hypocrites are seriously bothered when God is praised. They want their pervert ideas to be the subject of conversation.
Hypocrites are constantly humiliated and live in secrecy and furtiveness, in persistent trouble. It's amazing they are fine with living like that.
Hypocrites never left the side of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The reason for it was not their love for him, but it was so that they could convey information about him to disbelievers.
Hypocrites show themselves to be ignorant and unskilled when it comes to serving Islam, but they are skillful when there is evil work and mischief.
The reason we insist on subject of hypocrites is that they are the only movement that should be struggled intellectually in the End Times.
One of the hidden qualities of hypocrites is that they are filthy to the extent of grossness.
Hypocrites assume they are smart as they consider themselves to influence people's subconscious by making hidden propaganda. By using all kinds of art like paintings, books and poems the British Deep State drive people into a pessimistic and dark world and inculcate a disgusting life. Despite all their foolishness hypocrites assume themselves to be very clever, whereas they live in humiliation in a world filled with devils.

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As wickedness is the most distinctive quality of hypocrites, they use even love for evil. When they claim to love, they intend to harm.
Believers oppose the intelligence of hypocrites with their wisdom. Hypocrites live their lives in humiliation; always defeated by wisdom.
For a hypocrite, betrayal is like breathing. They cannot continue without doing something immoral for even ten minutes.
Hypocrites are insanely hateful. Their sole purpose is disturbing Muslims and harming Islam.
The top priority of the Islamic world and Muslims should be exposing hypocrites intellectually. Unbelievers are honest in their opposition, but hypocrites sinisterly disguise their true intentions and are perfidious.
Hypocrites are extremely shameless. Everyone knows they are liars and cheats. Hypocrites also know that about themselves. Nevertheless, they continue to claim they are honest.
When hypocrites are called to stop their trouble-making, they will claim they are trying to put things right.
Hypocrites claim to be very honest people and in a way admire themselves. In reality, they are very immoral and foolish.
Hypocrites don't wish God to be praised. They don't want Islam to be served and will try to stop it when people do so.
For hypocrites, their clique of hypocrites is crucial. They believe that, their clique will help them.
Hypocrites, in a way, are human devils. They act with a satanic intelligence, backed by deep state and consider themselves to be very strong.
The British Deep State effectively uses technology of this century like smart phones, Internet for secret communication of hypocrites.
Throughout history, hypocrites have claimed they are more intelligent. They almost lose their minds when they are called intelligent.
The British Deep State pinpoints the hypocrites; is bent on using them because she knows they are shameless and treacherous.

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The hypocrites do not fear God; they are seized by pride which drive them to wrongdoings.
When something that is against the teachings of the Qur’an is in question, the hypocrites feel an enormous energy, fervent and excitement. “You see many of them rushing to wrongdoing and enmity and acquiring ill-gotten gains. What an evil thing they do!” Qur’an, 5:62
Hypocrites flee from environments in which God’s name is mentioned. They feel suffocated when they God is remembered. “We have placed covers on their hearts, preventing them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears. When you mention your Lord alone in the Qur’an, they turn their backs and run away.” Qur’an, 17:46
Hypocrites cannot stand the remembrance of God’s Name. Remembrance of God is a torment for the heart of the hypocrite while it is relief to the hearts of Muslims.
The British Deep State almost enslaved the Islamic world by using a handful of hypocrites.
Since hypocrisy is not detected easily, it is the gravest trouble the Muslim world is facing. That is why we are constantly stressing this matter.

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Until now the Islamic world hasn't paid much attention to hypocrisy, but hypocrites are the ones that have always given the biggest harm to Muslims.
Hypocrites unwisely think that they are too clever because they don't join in the intellectual efforts of Muslims. Foolishly they think that Muslims are unwise considering their willingness to make sacrifices to attain God’s pleasure. Hypocrites unwisely believe that they’re being clever. But unknowingly, they walk towards hell.
Hypocrites do not want Judgment Day to come, because they crazily want to live forever and their wealth to exist forever.

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When the hypocritical movement is disclosed with intellectual means, the scourges over the Islamic world will also be removed.
The British Deep State employs hypocrites for all forms of depravity. Hypocrites want to attain power by means of the British Deep State, but they will collapse altogether.
The minions of the British Deep State laud hypocrisy and they encourage young people to irreligion and betray their countries.

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One of the evil characteristics of the hypocrites is that they try to waste and to take up Muslims’ time. Since they keep away from God, they constantly feel tension inside. To get rid of that tension, they want to wander around or keep themselves busy in vain and waste Muslims’ time.
Hypocrites imagine that they can move away from Islam and the distress they feel inside simply by wandering around instead of serving on the path of Islam. Actually wandering around would not lessen the distress hypocrites have inside, on the contrary it causes their torment to increase in folds both in this world and in hell.

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Although hypocrites hate one another, they dishonorably pretend as if they love one another.
Not giving due attention to the issue of hypocrisy would amount to giving opportunity to satan in hatching its plots. A hypocrite is a soldier of satan and what scares him the most is to be uncovered.

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Breaking up families is very widespread among hypocrites. They have various traps they set to acquire worldly goods and possessions.
Everything God informs us about is true. The hypocrites never reckon that they will suffer this torment. Actually creating all those matters is very easy for God.
All the attention the hypocrites show towards their families and their close circles is for their own mundane interests. They love and respect no one truly and would give everyone away to be saved in the Hereafter.
The ties between the hypocrites and their spouses are completely based on material concepts. They remain with their spouses only if they are given worldly possessions
Hypocrites try to conceal their devotion to this world, their ambition for possessions and children with various excuses. Actually, their attitude is exactly as described in the verses of the Qur’an.
The hypocrites never think about their lives in the Hereafter. They only concentrate on their lives in this world. Their possessions, their spouses and their children all turn into occasions to commit sin for hypocrites.
Since the hypocrites’ faith in God is very weak, they have a grave fear of the future. The hypocrites imagine that they can save themselves with their families and their children yet these all turn into troubles for them.
The hypocrites only think about continuing their line and thus attaining infinity by having children. Yet Muslims want to have children, not to reproduce or ensure their future but to serve Islam.
The hypocrites always have a fear of the future. They want to get married and have kids for their own interests and to be looked after. Having themselves looked after and guaranteeing their future is the only reason why hypocrites want children. They never think about the faith and future of those children.

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Hypocrites cause great problems for Muslims in many countries like Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
A hypocrite tries to paint himself as a different person. He is an empty person, but poses as an intellectual and steals ideas to do that.
Hypocrites steal in every way, they steal ideas too. They steal ideas to try and show themselves as being smarter than they actually are.
Hypocrites suffer when they are caught. They almost feel paralyzed when their idiocy is exposed.
Hypocrites pay attention to subtle details to carry out their evil propaganda. That’s why Muslims have to be very careful. There is always an evil message, a sinister goal in the writings of hypocrites, in the pictures, songs, etc., liked by them.
One of the subconscious messages that hypocrites give is by posing with the book of an anti-religion person as a form of secret propaganda. At first sight, it might look like a regular picture, but he is actually promoting an anti-religion book, or a painting etc. Hypocrites have very sly methods. If he is praising someone’s books, there must be an evil motive behind it. One has to be very careful.
Hypocrites are like hounds that Muslims can use to detect satan. Hypocrites inadvertently reveal all hypocrites and their weaknesses.
Hypocrites are foolish; they wrongly think that their fake accounts cannot be understood. But their common character gives them away.
Some Muslims lack the necessary experience to deal with the hypocrites. Hypocrites are incredibly sly that’s why some Muslims cannot see what’s going on.

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The hypocrite either does not listen to the Qur'an or make noise to hinder others listen to its recital.
Explaining the obnoxious profession of hypocrites all around the world will eliminate the sedition caused by hypocrites.
The hypocrites of the End Times use systems such as the Internet, smart phones, etc. They advocate all kinds of perversion with their fake accounts. Hypocrites are pests of society. They advocate all kinds of immorality and sedition and use social media for this end.
Racial nationalism is a trait peculiar to the system of the dajjal. Hypocrites are racist. Aware that human beings are the sons of Adam, a Muslim loves everyone.

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Every believer can find a lesson in signs of hypocrites. Everyone should think about them and work to continuously improve themselves.
Hypocrites are very loyal to deep states. The British Deep State considers it crucial that hypocrites concoct evil plot against Muslims.
Hypocrites will serve the power he sees with his eyes. He wrongly thinks British Deep State is very powerful and sides with might, not right.
Hypocrites can’t understand that God knows everything. That’s why they have an uncontrollable wildness and aggression in their souls. Deep states, since the time of Pharaoh, have used aggressive, uncontrollable hypocrites. The people they appoint always have these attributes. The women used by British Deep State are usually selected from aggressive, belligerent, cruel people with a masculine appearance. They do this because they want to encourage women to adopt this loveless philosophy. That wrong approach is collapsing, that era is closing.

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Instead of abiding by the Qur’anic verses that contain clear judgments, the hypocrites follow verses that are open to interpretation by interpreting them according to their own desires.
The technology available in the End Times present wide opportunities for the hypocrites. That is why the fiercest hypocrites appear at this time.
The hypocrites are swindlers of words. They constantly budge words and cheat with their words. They are manufacturers of lies.
The hypocrites struggle against the Qur’an with the Qur’an. They have a very importunate desire for greatness; so much so that they wish to be God and of course, God is surely above such thoughts.
Receiving praises about their intelligence, beauty and greatness is what the hypocrites are the most sensitive about. The British Deep State easily manipulates such people by praising them.
Note that the hypocrites constitute the real power group against Muslims. That is why scientific struggle against the hypocrites is very important.

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The British Deep State uses hypocrites to a great extent for its works. Since hypocrites are generally at key positions, they're useful to the deep state.
Hypocrites assume that their brains is a property that belongs to themselves. They’re unaware that God creates it. Intelligence that hypocrites uses is a demonic intellect.
It is very important for hypocrites to be praised. That’s why those who use them nourish them with compliments like feeding an animal.
Hypocrites have a demonic loyalty to deep structures. They expect to serve the British Deep State fully one day.
Hypocrites use long words of loyalty. They wait even for 10, 20 or 30 years to commit their evil acts.
Hypocrites live among Muslims and convey even the slightest information they get to the British Deep State.
The British Deep State doesn’t spend much money to feed on hypocrites, they feed such types with so little food like they do animals
It is God Who creates every word hypocrites speak and every sentence they write. They are unaware of this fact since they are foolish.
It is very important for hypocrites to look intellectual. They don’t ever mention the Qur’an, Islam and our Prophet, but they recommend books with perverse mentalities.

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Every community of believers needs hypocrites to identify satan. By observing the behavior of hypocrites, the evil methods of satan can be seen.
Hypocrites are generally inclined to homosexuality. Hypocrite females show masculine traits. They are perverted, aggressive, hostile and shameless.
Hypocrites and deep states use the Internet to find each other and secretly communicate.

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The likes of hypocrites in social media puts forth their identity. For instance, some like a photo that includes wine or a poem that propagates homosexuality. In this way when they are with Muslims, they tell that they are against perversions, yet by social media they signal to other that they support them. When such people come together, they use a tone advocating Darwinism, making homosexual jokes and looking down on people.
Hypocrites are very bored of serving Islam. That is why they spend their time with futile matters.
There is no love in hypocrites’ hearts. When they say they love, there is surely a trick or a trap.
When hypocrites study the Qur’an, they realize it is true, but in order to put on airs to their circles they don’t accept what is right.

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Those with the mindset of hypocrisy depict the religion of the dajjal via pictures, novels and sculptures. They subject people to constant subliminal reconstruction.
The hypocrite only loves himself. He does nothing to make people love Islam, our Prophet (pbuh) and believers.
Hypocrisy is an obnoxious philosophy that reveals the corrupt nature of the basic moral structure of the British Deep State.
Dajjal does the greatest harm by way of hypocrites. That is why it’s important to disclose the philosophy of hypocrisy.

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A hypocrite is a spiritual soldier of satan and its deep state. Now the British Deep State governs satan’s powers in the world.

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Hypocrites of our Prophet’s time wanted extra care to be shown for themselves, but they did not show the same care to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

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The hypocrites would not take ablution or perform prayers if there are no one around to see. They only take ablution and perform their prayers when there are people around.
The hypocrites are like robots, they are inglorious but they do not have the slightest shame in their faces. Their souls are annulled and demonized.
When asked, the hypocrites would claim that they love God but they do not want God’s Name to be invoked and they flee from the environments God’s Name is invoked.
It is satan that taught homosexuality to the people of Lot. The philosophy of homosexuality is the philosophy of the satan. The hypocrites have the same philosophy.
The hypocrites appear to be patriots yet they literally hate their country and their people. They are very treacherous.
The hypocrites are like dirt that wants to smear people. They ask for a favor and then would assuredly cause another problem when you oblige.
The hypocrites are very argumentative. They are very prone to argue and fight with the animalistic aggressive feelings they have inside. Muslims should tenaciously avoid such arguments.
Since the hypocrites possess an evil intelligence they are cynics and hoaxers. In hell they will have far lower positions than the unbelievers.
Hypocrites are very cynical and very pretentious. They tell lies like a madman . They are very ignoble and characterless.
Muslims needs to be very level-headed against the hypocrites and seeing their evil intelligence they should give a very rational intellectual struggle against them.
The social media accounts of the hypocrites are very much intertwined with all immoral topics and individuals that are against Islam. In this respect they cause Muslims to be alert. The social media accounts of the hypocrites reveal to Muslims which attacks are planned against them and which circles would stand against Muslims.
The hypocrites can infiltrate every Muslim community. Muslims should be very cautious. The hypocrites want to waste Muslims’ time and drag them down an evil path.
The hypocrites are very inglorious people. They are the enemies of the society that stick to Muslims like a burr. They are very perfidious.

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Hypocrisy is one of the greatest scourges of Islamic world. It is a serious problem for many religious groups and societies.
Hypocrites’ behavior is not regular human behavior. They act bluntly and rudely to an unexpected degree.

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Using a pretentious, pedant and smarty language is one of the most significant characteristics of hypocrites. By talking about topics they imagine common people would not know or using foreign words they try to display themselves as superior to others. Actually they are simple, unsophisticated people with weak minds.

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Deep states always use the hypocrites but after making use of them, they discard them in the most scurrilous manner.
Hypocrites go through different phases. First they live with their rage among Muslims and then they break away from Muslims and their aggressiveness increase and then they collapse inside.
In the beginning, hypocrites approach Muslims to make use of their means but as they get to know the faith of Muslims and Islam, their rage and hatred towards Muslims escalate.
Muslims play with hypocrites just like a lion plays with a sparrow. A hypocrite leads a dishonorable life both in this world and in the Hereafter.
At first glance hypocrites might seem flamboyant. Since they are among Muslims, unbelievers regard them as important, thinking that they would make good use of them.
A Muslim’s rank in Heaven raises with the intellectual struggle he gives against hypocrites, against satan and his lower-self.
The hypocrites do not have faith. Even though they do not believe, having to serve Islam is the greatest pain for them.

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The hypocrite is always in trouble since he has forgotten God. Because he doesn't remember God at all, God forgets him also and he can't free himself from torment.
Every work we accomplish for deciphering the deceit of hypocrites and their ploys is important. Their evil should continually be disclosed.

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The hypocrites always look for ways against Muslims yet sincere believers always look for ways in favor of Muslims.
In the name of their so-called honesty, the hypocrites always blame our Prophet (saas) and cast aspersions against him solely to whitewash themselves.
With their feeble minds, the hypocrites try to find something against our Prophet (saas) merely because of their villainy and malice.
Anyone seeing our Prophet (saas) would come to belief merely because of the radiance and cleanness seen in his beautiful face. The hypocrites’ attitude towards our Prophet (saas) is outright villainy.
The intelligence of satan would rule over the hypocrites. A Muslim would be intellectually struggling against the intelligence of the satan while scientifically struggling against the hypocrites.

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Hypocrites are psychopathically courageous, they aren’t ashamed of lying. Joseph’s brothers lied shamelessly and foolishly.
Hypocrites produce false evidence. Prophet Joseph’s brothers brought their father his shirt with blood on it.

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Understanding hypocrites well is important for the Muslim world. Since they surround the world like a spiderweb, they can cause great harm.
Hypocrites have different qualifications. Some are more qualified and some are ordinary in the sense that hypocrisy is not an addiction for them.
Hypocrites always think that they are treated in an unfair way and they are very suspicious. Suspicion is a disease of hypocrites.
Hypocrites get ugly when something they don't want happens. Then they expose all ugliness they hide inside.
Hypocrites don't read the Qur'an and they are disturbed when others read the Qur'an near them. They don't want to hear about the signs of the hypocrite mentioned in the Qur'an.
Hypocrites go away from Muslims as soon as they don't have any self-interest. Some expect money and position, some expect marriage.
If hypocrites are alone, they don't take ablution or pray. They take an evil pleasure from this. But if they are suspected of being hypocrites, then they pray.

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When there is a vital issue to be dealt with, hypocrites pay attention to other trivial matters. Their brains are senseless and blunt.
The technology of the End Times and social media are means God has granted believers to learn about unbelievers and hypocrites. It’s possible to know about the entire personality and morality of people through their social media posts and their contacts.
In our age it is easier to detect hypocrites. Their social media accounts openly reveal their targets and personality. Hypocrites’ social media accounts show their admiration for the unbelievers. They try to stay away from Muslims as much as possible.
Hypocrites are a part of life. Intellectual struggle against them is a must in Islam. Their existence is not surprising.

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Unbelievers recognize hypocrites easily since they immediately know who might be useful to them and who might not.

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Hypocrisy doesn’t come in a single forms; it has various facets. Their illness is not in a single form, we will explain all forms of hypocrisy thoroughly.

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Hypocrites have no shame, even though their errors are explained to them, they never give up their loyalty to deep states. Hypocrites are not loyal to God, but to deep states around the world.
The extensive use and backing of the hypocrites by the deep states have been greatly influential in the expansion of hypocrites.
Hypocrites claim that they are superior than others in terms of their lineage or race. Their mindset is racist.

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The subject of hypocrites is usually ignored, yet it is them that put Muslims in hard conditions. It is the hypocrites’ mentality that has ruined the Islamic world. We need to explain it thoroughly.
One of the moments a hypocrite can easily be identified from the anguish on his face is when Muslims are given blessings.
Hypocrites act upon their evil intelligence and try to appear like a humble person. Yet God states that they are like propped-up planks of wood.
God states that hypocrites are filthy. They are grossly dirty in their private lives. Yet they appear to be clean when they are besides others.
Hypocrites constantly talk against other Muslims to lessen Muslims’ love for each other. They insistently bring up their faults.
Since the real target of hypocrites are Muslims, they try to stay with them till the last minute and devise their evil acts.
Satan coats over hypocrites just like a magnetic field. It whispers him all the treachery acts he commits.
Hypocrites makes themselves seem like high-quality intellectuals, and common people fall for this easily. In truth they are filthy, treacherous and perfidious.

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A hypocrite is just like a mole. Just as how a mole can live without eyes, a hypocrite also lives blindly in the spiritual sense.

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Unbelievers don't tolerate the sneakiness and laziness of hypocrites; they humiliate them. Hypocrites want to use the courtesy of Muslims. Believers are patient and compassionate towards hypocrites. This's why hypocrites find it more comfortable to live among believers.

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The hypocrite brain is nothing but dirt, and that dirt is visible in his eyes and words. The hypocrites of the End Times are the most evil.
Hypocrites are shameless and crooked. They flatter homosexuals and immoral people in an attempt to gain power.

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A Muslim takes a lesson whenever he hears a trait of a hypocrite.
The fury of a hypocrite is in the form of seizures. Their reactions are almost like the reactions of animals in barns.
The rationale of a hypocrite is not based on the Qur'an; they have their own corrupt values and rationale. God relates that this rationale is disgusting.
A hypocrite assumes that he will go on with his filth in his dark tunnels. A believer however discloses that secret world and devastates it in the intellectual sense.
When a hypocrite listens and speaks he does this to engage in meanness. He has an evil memory; he wants to use everything against Muslims.
The darkness flowing from the eyes and tongues of the hypocrite can never do any harm to Muslims.
The light of Muslims burns hypocrites. Hypocrites remain among Muslims only because it serves to their interests.
A hypocrite is full of resentment; he not only keeps his distance but also harbors deep rage and revenge.
Hypocrisy is the British Deep State’s system of corruptness. Anyone raised by it adopts the character of a hypocrite.
The hypocrites of the End Times are the most severe hypocrites in history. The believers, on the other hand, are the most devout. They are in complete contrast with each other.
Hypocrites embrace those parts of Islam serving their purposes while they never adopt the parts against their interests.
A hypocrite wants to enjoy all sorts of ease and comfort provided by Muslims. In case he experiences any conflict of interests, his villainy appears.
Hypocrites who are deceived by the brief life of this world and only seek their own interests live as animals and die as weaklings.

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The main peril devastating Turkey is hypocrisy. We need to be very cautious about the character of hypocrites.
The hypocrite is a being who sometimes gets into contact with satan. In such moments the way he looks becomes so meaningless that he no longer looks like a human being. This is why the Qur’an draws attention to the treacherous way hypocrites look.

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The contrast between the immorality of the hypocrites and the beauty of our Prophet’s morality is like a diamond shining in the dirt.
The hypocrites and the unbelievers constitute two groups that God uses to exalt the spiritual ranks of Muslims. Hypocrites are like stones to step on for Muslims to rise spiritually and to increase their value.

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Hypocrites use a very respectful language towards deep states. They believe in their strength. They are cowards against Muslims.
Allah is the One Who creates hypocrites and their traps. Allah is also the One Who destroys their traps.
The existence of hypocrites causes believers to be more cautious and attentive. Any sluggishness goes away.
Hypocrites always try to prevent goodness. They do not want Muslims to serve and be successful in the way of Islam.
Hypocrites always make immoral implications in their statements. If they make ten sentences, seven of them are immoral, scornful and evil.
There is the system of the hypocrites behind the coup attempt in Turkey. Because of this we must understand the hypocrite character very well.

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Hypocrites are like the devil walking among Muslims. Hypocrites serve as the sycophants of those who are against God.
Hypocrites are immoral, anarchist and aggressive against believers. They seek to do evil to Muslims. Yet they are respectful and obeisant to unbelievers.
Hypocrites are insidious, snobbish and rebellious. They constantly seek an opportunity to do evil. Their spirit never accepts respect, it looks for evil.
Hypocrites run from one corner to another like a mole in a dark nest. Believers seize every corner of this nest using their wisdom.
Even when a hypocrite shares a simple detail, asks a question, shares a picture, there is something evil in this. For believers, catching hypocrites' games is like brainstorming. It's an honor to solve and neutralize each and every hypocrite plot.
Members of shadow structures have been using poems or symbols on a statue or a painting in order to communicate with one another since before. The public generally does not know these symbols. Hence hypocrites assume they know secrets that no one else does and consider themselves superior over others.

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The hypocrites are subjects to the deep states of the time. They lie, they are insidious and they side with the powerful. They are treacherous and perfidious. They have propensity for murder.
Hiding in disguise so he cannot be identified, being treacherous and having homicidal tendencies are among the basic characteristics of the hypocrites.

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The year 2016 will be the year of the intellectual defeat of hypocrisy.
While explaining the hypocrites some people thought we were saying something imaginary. I explained it in details that hypocrites are inclined to murder.
The hypocrites come forward praising God, but they want the marytrdom of Muslims. It was hypocrites who threw Hazrat Ali and the Prophet Joseph in to the well.
I said that the year 2016 would be the year of the intellectual struggle against hypocrites. Turkey has grasped the importance of this struggle.

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Hypocrites from the inside and the British Deep State from abroad are trying to occupy Turkey. It's rightful for our state to defend itself.
Hypocrites are generally narrated as examples from our Prophet's time. The important matter is to analyze their vile acts in our time.
The most crucial matter in the Islamic world is the presence of hypocrites. Muslims suffer due to the vileness and treachery of hypocrites.
Hypocrites fear most is their treachery being exposed. His conceit stems from assumption of his malice as unknown. When it's known,he's paralyzed.
Hypocrites are insanely liars and impostors. But they use their evil minds which can only be neutralized and demolished by the Qur'an.
Hypocrites are vile and treacherous and possess an evil mind. When exposed and disgraced with all the details, they are paralzyed.

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Hypocrites are stubborn in their evil attitude. They hear the verses of the Qur’an, but pretend not to hear them.
Hypocrites cannot stand to hear the verses of the Qur’an, or the signs leading to faith.
When a believer speaks to a hypocrite, he should be calm and mature like a shrink talking to a patient, and preach him with the Qur’an.
Hypocrites at the time of Prophet Noah (pbuh) were jealous of pious people and tried to drive them away from Prophet Noah.
Hypocrites at the time of Prophet (pbuh) wasted time with unnecessary talk. The hypocrites of today will try to do the same.
Hypocrites can’t stand the wealth, happiness, youth and dynamism of the believers and will do anything in his power to stop them.
Hypocrites are selfish, egoistical, inconsiderate and crude. They are very self-centered and display almost animalistic behavior. They have blank looks in their eyes just like animals.
Muslim communities would have weaker faith if there were no hypocrites in their midst. That’s why God creates the hypocrites.

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Tagut [the false deity] is a system that protects the hypocrites. It distances the people from holy light and drifts them into the darkness.

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Hypocrites would never accept verses or warnings. Muslims are the ones who think on verses about hypocrites and purify themselves.
Hypocrites speak 50 words and mix their poison inside two of those words. With those two words they try to influence those with feeble minds.
Hypocrites are very angry towards everyone and they only like themselves.
Since the hypocrites trust their feeble minds very much, they look down on everyone and constantly give unsolicited advice.
Verses about the hypocrites have an impact on only Muslims. Hypocrites are not at all affected. The verses only increase their rage and anger.
The souls of hypocrites are unquenchable. Even when they are offered a glass of water, they can cause thousands of dissensions regarding that glass and the water in it.
Hypocrites' lives are very restless. They want to discipline people and while doing so, they constantly cause unrest.
Hypocrites feel an incredible respect towards the shadow states; because they believe that Pharaoh is superior, they even accept being his slaves.
Hypocrites try to deceive Muslims with their words. They imagine themselves to be very smart, very intelligent and good players.

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The incidents that took place in our Prophet's era are significant in understanding how terrifying the character of the hypocrites is.
The hypocrites in our Prophet's time exerted considerable pressure and witlessly tried to discipline our Prophet (pbuh).

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Hypocrites begrudge the believers and they always complain. They complain about the believers to other believers in a bid to stir up trouble.
Many people don't know about the evil attacks of the hypocrites at the time of our Prophet (pbuh). Our Prophet had been through so many difficulties.
Hypocrites hate to practice religion and do so only reluctantly. It’s important to expose them, because that will stop their evil attacks.
Hypocrites foolishly thought that they could dictate to our Prophet (pbuh): They wanted him to follow their philosophy.
Pharaoh was one of the worst hypocrites in history; he affirmed his faith many times and then broke his promise many times.
It’s important to be careful with the hypocrites as they can do something devious any moment. Their words shouldn't fool believers.
Hypocrites do not worship God, but worship power instead. They bow down to power and never really clean up their act.
With an evil plan, hypocrites target the spiritual leader of the believers: That person will be their main target.
Hypocrites wish to sit idly, doing no good. They also wanted the Prophet (pbuh) to be like them. They also find fake excuses for their behavior.
Hypocrites wrongly thought that they were in a position to discipline the Prophet and believers, and tried to manipulate them for their agendas.
Misogyny in the Muslim world first arose in the hypocrites’ Dirar masjid.
One shouldn't be fooled by the pious appearance of the hypocrites.
Hypocrites believe that God is unjust (God is above such claims) and try to make other people believe it.
In every word they use, hypocrites imply they are more clever and just; thus they deviously imply that God is unjust (God is above this).
Hypocrites target the subconscious of people. At first glance, their actions will seem normal; only with the wisdom of the Qur’an they can be spotted.
Hypocrites have incremental plans. They deliberately take words out of context to justify their evil actions.

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Hypocrites are the most important problem for Muslims today, since they are the reason behind the current devastated state of the Islamic world.
It has always been hypocrisy that hurts and devastates people. It is a danger for all Muslims.
The Qur'an provides many examples regarding the argumentative nature of hypocrites. As hypocrites act in compliance with the orders of satan, they become rampant for no reason and cause problems.
On the face of hypocrites there exists a very disgusting expression; they lack the holy light.
The soul of hypocrites is rampant; they are incited by satan.
There exists dispute in the soul of satan. The willingness to dispute is actually a disease. In Hell, hypocrites and irreligious people will continue to argue with one another, just as they typically do in this world.

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Hypocrites do not regard the good pleasure of God as important- God is above these claims- yet attach importance to people's opinions.
Both the acts and the faces and languages of the hypocrites are filthy. They have a snobbish, priggish, vindictive, ignominious attitude full of hatred.
Hypocrites constantly try to make a subconscious configuration and indoctrinate others that they are the most correct and most reasonable ones.
Hypocrites have a filthy body language. Frowning and having a filthy expression on their faces are all characteristics of this body language drawn attention to in the verses.
Hypocrites respond to goodness with ignominy and snobbery: You say something nice, they instantly respond impertinently.
Hypocrites reverse the facts. They say something white is actually red and something red is actually white.
Hypocrites want to drag Muslims into their ugly, dark worlds and make them abide by their philosophy.
Hypocrites try to show themselves as if they are close to Muslims but they keep their distance. They imagine that they gain a lot by keeping their distance.
Hypocrites live among Muslims and benefit from their means yet they ignominiously turn up their noses at Muslims.
Hypocrites' minds are weak and feeble. Muslims should pray for help from God from being weak in mind.
Hypocrites are vain people. When they are called to serve Islam and the Qur'an, they chose to engage in vain acts and be hollow.
Hypocrites are in constant contact with one another. They have a circlular structure. The shadow state is in the center of this circle.
Hypocrites carry out evil acts one after the other, they are like a fountain of sewage. They engage in filth at every moment.
Hypocrites make evil assumptions about everything. When they are given something good, told something nice, when a successful activity is carried out, they make evil assumptions about all of them.
Hypocrites come near the Prophet when they have an interest they are expecting from him. They are very fond of worldly possessions.
Hypocrites are very fond of this world and living long lives. They ally with everyone to attain this, including the shadow states, thieves and immoral ones.
Hypocrites feel an immense jealousy about the success, love, friendship, brotherhood and beauties God gives to Muslims.
Talking about the signs of the hypocrites is a cure for Muslims. Their hearts feel relieved, become purer and attain riches and peace.
Hypocrites cannot stand to listen to the Qur'an and God's commands. God has specifically informed us about that.
Hypocrites are always against God, the Qur'an and Muslims. They constantly exalt themselves and claim that they are the most successful ones.
Hypocrites saying, "I came to belief" is merely an evil plot. They foolishly imagine themselves to be shrewd and think that they can deceive Muslims.
Hypocrites do not obey God and the Messengers. As they consider themselves to be superior, they do not regard the Messenger as their leader; they do not heed the Qur'an either.
Hypocrites take their ablution and perform prayers only if Muslims are watching. If they are not in Muslims' sight, they neither take ablution nor perform prayers.
Hypocrites only act on their instincts. They lie, they cause dissension, they feel jealous. They almost live by their beastly instincts.

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A Muslim feels pleased by being criticized and corrects his mistakes. A hypocrite, on the other hand, gets paralyzed when they are criticized.
The hypocrite wants to break the zeal of Muslims, or at least slow down their efforts.
The hypocrite does not know to give thanks to God. He never feels happy; he always complains and grumbles. He seeks ways to accuse Muslims.
The hypocrite always pursues his own comfort. He doesn't make an effort to save downtrodden women and children but only thinks of himself. The hypocrite tells dastardly lies in order to avoid struggling for Islam.
Struggling against the hypocrite in the ideological sense gives strength to a Muslim.
The hypocrite finds it very distressing to engage in something that will benefit Islam and Muslims.
In the time of our Prophet (pbuh) hypocrites appeared after attaining material wealth and having the support of certain circles in Medina.
In the time of our Prophet (pbuh), hypocrites used to steal the properties of Muslims. Yet hypocrites cannot use the things they steal. Anything they steal becomes a scourge for them both in this world and the Hereafter.
The hypocrite is dead in the spiritual sense. He never refrains from acting in a psychopathic way; he dares to engage in all sorts of insanity.
The hypocrite considers himself to be independent but whatever he does is predestined in God's Sight.

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In one way or another, the hypocrite wants to take advantage of Muslims.

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Muslims always seek benevolence and win hearts. Hypocrite is not pleased with even objects and is always ungrateful and unappreciative.
Hypocrite is never thankful and cannot appreciate beauty. He does not know how to show his gratitude to God and is an ingrate at all times.
Hypocrite only admires himself and wants to live alone in his dark world. Satan also deemed himself to be superior and desired isolation.
Satan enfolds the entire body of the hypocrite and becomes as if a second soul for him. Satan's soul is then in charge of the hypocrite.
Rebellion, anarchy and haughtiness are the dormant characteristics of the hypocrite. Satan is the teacher of the hypocrite.
Hypocrites are jealous of the beauty, health, success and diligence of believers. That is why hypocrites try to obstruct believers enviously.
Satan is jealous of the contentment and success of believers. Hypocrites take an aversion to the achievements of believers.
Hypocrites are prone to arrogance, rebellion and treachery. The Qur'an teaches us about this evil character that is seen also in satan's nature.
One of the most evil attributes of hypocrites is their hateful sharp tongue. The Body language of hypocrites is abominable.
Hypocrites are like a blast hole that extends to infinity, they come up with vileness every day.

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The British shadow state examined the Quran, realized the presence of hypocrites and now controls the Islamic world by using the hypocrites.
Since hypocrites are self-serving, project self-importantance, are a treacherous group of people who don't fear God, shadow states easily spot and use them.
It is not the non-Muslims preventing Islamic Union. It is the weakness of faith in some Muslims and the prevalence of a hypocritical character.
Hypocrites are significant in the history of Islam and also important to believers’ faith, because they are the main force against Muslims, not unbelievers.
The system of antichrist now operating as the world shadow state, is the organized form of hypocrisy. Hypocrites can be defeated with faith and sincerity.
Throughout the history hypocrites have ruined the Islamic world. Many past Muslim leaders were in fact hypocrites, and that led Muslims to ruin.

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Hypocrites and idolaters foolishly believe that they can extinguish the light of God. God will never allow that and will perfect His light.
Hypocrites are too lazy to do anything for Islam, but they are very hardworking when it comes to immorality and hypocrisy.
Hypocrites are like a tribe. They find each other and stick together.
Hypocrites have an evil intelligence. Shadow states easily spot them and use them for their purposes.

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Hypocrites wait for disasters to befall Muslims, but they end up being the ones surrounded by disasters as punishment from God.
Hypocrites lead miserable lives in this world and in the hereafter. But, unknowingly, hypocrites boost the power of believers.
The existence of hypocrites is actually a good thing for believers, because it makes believers more driven, more vigilant. Hypocrites help believers achieve a broader horizon and be more careful against dangers and appreciate believers more.
Hypocrites feel incredible rage when the Qur’an is mentioned and this hatred is visible in their eyes.
Hypocrites don't like it when God is praised, the Qur’an is recited or Islam is preached. Instead, they wish to waste their time on petty things.
Hypocrites have a hierarchical order; they all have their masters. They think that the shadow states are very powerful and therefore they follow them.
We are focusing on hypocrites, because it’s the most crucial issue in Islamic world. They’re the reasons Muslims are being persecuted.
Trying to scare Muslims with unbelievers is typical hypocrite behavior.
Hypocrites believe that their audacious behavior is right; they don't believe religion is the right way. They offer a religion other than the one in the Qur’an.
Believers know how to feel shame. But hypocrites are shameless. They are audacious and barefaced.
Hypocrites can’t contain their rage and it sometimes spills out of their mouths. But the rage inside their hearts is even greater.
Hypocrites brag about trivial things to impress each other; try to convince others of their ‘supposedly’ good lives. They always fail in the end.
Hypocrites wish for believers to go astray, just like they did. That’s why they pursue unimportant knowledge. Believers, on the contrary, pursue wisdom.
God compares hypocrites to hollow pieces of timber in a verse. They might look or sound impressive, but they are always hollow.
Hypocrites seek to take credit for trivial things, trying to portray themselves very successful. God explains the punishment awaiting them.
Because hypocrites are arrogant, rebellious and foolish, they just can’t understand and are annoyed by the temperate, calm manner of believers.
Hypocrites think very highly of themselves; they wrongly think believers are naïve. They can’t comprehend believers’ honest, sincere characters.
Hypocrites thought that they could humiliate the messengers with their foolish attitude. Every single time they only humiliated themselves.

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Hypocrites help believers achieve higher ranks in paradise. Countering hypocrites intellectually is a blessing for a believer.
Fanatical hypocrites target the strongest believers. Hypocrites unknowingly help believers gain higher ranks in the Sight of God.
For Muslims, youth and old age are both blessings. Hypocrites, on the other hand, are terrified of aging and death.
Hypocrites are incredibly foolish and arrogant, they can even say that ‘the Qur’an needs to be changed’. They are very foolish.
Hypocrites can’t stand talking about God or reading the Qur’an. They learn everything, but don’t wish to learn the Qur’an.
Hypocrites lie or oppose shamelessly although they know the truth.
Hypocrites find those treacherous people they can use against Muslims and ally with them.
Hypocrisy is tearing Islamic world apart. The British shadow state practices the use of hypocrisy to the highest levels.
Hypocrites have pathological lying habits. But because they really believe in their lies, only with a careful eye can their lies be spotted.
Hypocrites use their knowledge to stir up trouble. They don't like reading or listening to the Qur’an.
Hypocrites are known for their rebellious, deceitful character and flattery. Believers are always sincere, honest, selfless and temperate.
Hypocrites are hell-people; they begin to live the discontent of hell in this world. Believers, on the other hand, are content in this world, and in hereafter.
Believers are compliant and selfless. But hypocrites are self-centered and choose their own comfort over the peace of mind of Muslims.
Hypocrites always prioritize their own interests over everyone else’s and constantly seek to disturb believers over petty things.
The believers’ first priority is the happiness and comfort of all Muslims. Hypocrites though are the complete opposite.
Hypocrites make life a living hell for themselves and try to spread their sickness to Muslims. Believers, though, are always content.

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Hypocrites are sinister beings. They promise to give up on their evil ways, but they don't. They are like germs in Muslim communities.

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We have to research, analyze the ways of the hypocrites and the disbelievers. Why did they become so, how can it be remedied, what can be done about this, how can we persuade them, and in what way should we talk to them? What are their mistakes? What are their malicious plans for the Muslims? In what way can they do harm? What plots can they hatch, what traps can they set up? God informs us in the 104th verse of the Surah an-Nisa that it is a vital form of worship and a religious duty for Muslims to analyze these.
We must get ourselves acquainted with satan, we must try to understand the ways of the hypocrites and the irreligious. We must try to learn the ways they can harm the Muslims. In the 104th verse of the Surah an-Nisa, God commands this to Muslims as a form of worship.

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One shouldn't say to someone who mended his ways, his intentions, "You are a hypocrite; you have always been a hypocrite." If he shed himself of his hypocrisy, then we should take their final disposition as basis. It is a good thing, you should be happy about him. If you are going to talk about the past, what kind of person were you? You were not aware of religion or faith either; God put you on the true path. When a person mends his ways, he is accepted. If God accepts him, then you have no other choice.
In some occasions, a person with hypocritical tendencies might mend his ways; hypocrisy does not get a hold in him. Lucky are those who mend their hypocritical ways. But those who do not will perish.
What hypocrites like is being lumpen and snobbish. They like making insinuations, vileness and pettiness, making a scene, gossiping, and tale bearing. Their souls delight in evilness.
Hypocrites have a foul conception of freedom. What they seek is that there will be no religion, no worship, and they will communicate with the irreligious and do snobbery to their hearts' content. They will abide by no leader; they will know no obedience or respect. Hypocrites despise all these.

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Dishonorable hypocrites regard the struggle in the name of God as foolishness. If they were to gain personal benefit, for example, if our Prophet (pbuh) offered each of them 5 or 10 pouches of gold, they would never say "Do not go out to fight in the heat." They would never utter "If we knew how to fight, we would certainly follow you." Or they would never say "We are sacrificing our lives for no reason." They would go crazy, they would become quite eager if they received 10 pouches of gold.

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Being an atheist means being honest. They bravely, honestly say, "I do not believe in God, I do not believe in religion. If there is a person who can convince me otherwise, let's talk as if I will believe I want it to be sincere." But dishonesty, hypocrisy is horrible.
Some people suspect others of being hypocrites. Let's assume that they are hypocrites; then educate them, communicate with them, talk to them through the verses of the Qur'an, be patient with them, right? Otherwise, people would not want to talk to each other, no Muslim would want to see or speak to another Muslim. If you start accusing people of being hypocrites, disbelievers or sick, there will be no one left to talk to.
People occasionally ask me, "One of our friends is a hypocrites; what should we do?" How are you so sure? Maybe the person who you believe to be a hypocrite will go to Heaven and you will go to Hell. Did you split his chest open and looked at his heart? Even the prophets cannot make such a judgment, so how can you? They make such judgments only based on revelations. Even when people act openly in displaying their hypocrisy, the prophets try to put them on the right path rather than expelling them.
As long as a person says "There is no god but Allah Muhammad is His Messenger", you cannot exclude him from the guardianship system. You cannot say things such as "Begone; go away to the disbelievers." Saying so is unlawful. On one hand you are trying to win people over to the cause of Islam, but on the other hand, you are trying to expel people from it. If you are going to expel people, then why are you trying to win disbelievers over?

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Occasionally, the hypocrites display positive behavior. This is a tell-tale sign of the beginning of a new attack. For example, they treat everyone well and speak nicely, but this only lays the groundwork for a serious attack. In other words, this behavior is the beginning of an attack plan satan has granted them, impregnated them with. In other words, it is usually doubtful for a hypocrite to be cured of his hypocrisy; he will surely attempt something, try to initiate a new attack.
Hypocrites generally try to avoid Muslims. The reason they do this is that if someone attacks Muslims, they might get arrested, blacklisted, beaten, or insulted and they do not want their reputations to be damaged.
Hypocrites always aim for being the closest to the Muslim’s leader, or the prophet. This is the position hypocrites desire the most to reach, because in that position their attacks, their strikes, will be the most effective. They regard this position as vital as it is the focal point to hinder the activities of the Muslims and provide intelligence to their satanic masters.
Hypocrites are incorrigible maniacs whose fierceness knows no bounds. The grudges and hatreds of the hypocrites know no end as they can never calm down. In other words, they are typical maniacs. Just like a tuberculosis patient, their insanity regresses when they are given effective antibiotics, but when the dose of the drug is reduced, even a little bit, they will proceed to attack immediately. And sometimes the hypocrisy virus develops immunity to the drug and is unaffected and it tries to get ahold of the body.
Hypocrites do not know what love is. They only use love as a means, as a tool. It is a means for the hypocrites to attack, to behave immorally and viciously towards Muslims. In other words, the hypocrites exploit love to disturb Muslims, to carry out vile deeds against them. They say, "I visited out of love", or, "I spoke out of love", or, "I do this out of love."
Hypocrites use a very treacherous and evil method when they attack. They make Muslims look like unjust, oppressive, witless people and make themselves look like cautious, wise and conscientious people who are on the right path.
Be it a prophet or a leader of Muslims, hypocrites focus on whoever is the center of power and influence among Muslims. Satan grants them an undivided focus. Hypocrites attack that person with all their attention.
In the Qur'an, hypocrites do not target all Muslims. This is very important. Prophet, Imam, or whoever is the leader of Muslims at the time; hypocrites become obsessed with that person and target whoever they believe to be the most influential. In other words, that person becomes their greatest enemy, their biggest target and then the hypocrites become obsessed with the people the prophet or whoever is the leader in that era trusts the most.

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Hypocrites believe that they talk accurately, eloquently and beneficially. In other words, they believe that they always speak properly. However, they leave those who listen to them astounded. In other words, people are baffled by their instability. But hypocrites do not realize this. For example, they cannot see how witless they are. In other words, they cannot realize that they are mentally instable.
Hypocrites have an instinct to constantly travel. They use tediousness as an excuse to do so: For example, they use their businesses or their families as an excuse and wander around. Hypocrites can never achieve peace of mind; they carry around their troubles, discomfort on their shoulders everywhere they go. They run from their troubles, and their troubles trail behind them.
Hypocrites assume themselves clever for staying away from Muslims, and think that Muslims cannot see through their foolish ploys. They think Muslims and God will approve of such behavior. They are under the assumption that they can deceive Muslims, as well as God [God is surely beyond that].
In every era, even in the era of the prophets, there were people that were "wimps", so to speak. These people would abstain from being near to the prophets since they were afraid of going out, afraid of their families, their fathers, their mothers, afraid of losing their jobs, their education and their education. They would stay in touch as minimum as possible and actually stay away, keeping their distance and visiting every now and then. The reason for their occasional visits was that they believed they could deceive God in the afterlife, [God is beyond that ].
When the hypocrites speak, they sound erratic as if they are drunk. But in their own madness, it is impossible for them to realize this. They possess a schizophrenic mentality. They have schizoid personalities as they talk maniacally and erratically, but they are not aware of this.
What the hypocrites really seek is to become God, to become superior to God. This is the actual ambition that drives the hypocrites. Therefore, they deem all Muslims witless while regarding themselves as clever and eloquent.
When bothersome hypocrites realize that they are suspected of their true intentions, they cease their activities for a while but the moment attention is off them, they will return to their foul ways, their vile activities. They will start to bother Muslims, resort to villainy again and do everything in their power to disturb Muslims once more.
Seditious hypocrites take a break when their attempts at sedition are noticed but they then wait for the moment when Muslims become distracted. Thereafter, they proceed to attack once again. In other words, the hypocrites lie in wait for the atmosphere and the conditions to settle down.
Hypocrites are like a new strain of tuberculosis virus. They should constantly be treated with antibiotics. Otherwise the hypocrisy constantly attacks the body to take over. It is like an incurable tuberculosis virus. So it should be kept under control through high-dosage antibiotics.
When hypocrites realize that they've been caught, they partially get better. But when attention is off them, the hypocrites go astray again. They return to their harmful and bothersome activities towards Muslims.
Hypocrites have sharp minds, but at the same time, they are foolish to the extent of madness. They are quite witless. For example, when they openly do something, they think that it won't be noticed. They tell lies and think that their lies will go unnoticed. Hypocrites pursue an insane ostrich-like policy; they bury their heads in the sand and believe that they are well-hidden.
Hypocrites believe that in time, the order God has established will collapse. So they deem Muslims weak. Just as Muslims believe that Islam will prevail, hypocrites believe that the disbelievers will prevail. They believe that the party of satan will prevail. For that reason, they never trust in Muslims and Islam.
Hypocrites find an honest, Muslim way of life to be boring and abnormal. They love to lead troublesome, dangerous lives. Therefore, they always seek friendship and fondness among the disbelievers. They always curry favor with disbelievers. Knowing one day the hypocrites will join them, they secretly lay the way open by ingratiating themselves into the disbeliever's favor.
Hypocrites love adventure, foulness, danger, and risky businesses as they are quite adventurous. Adventure is virtually indispensable for them. For example, they travel to many countries, run away from one place and get caught in another. Hypocrites spend their whole lives in foulness.
Hypocrites prefer a filthy life to a clean one. For example, avoiding taking daily showers, smoking weed, committing vile and immoral deeds, hanging around in cesspools, having close relations with disbelievers and experiencing such foulness is what hypocrites always have in mind. And they wish to be superior, and run the world without lifting a finger; that is their egocentricity and arrogance. They seek to stay in touch with a bad lot, and undertake dangerous ventures.
Hypocrites always say they are on the side of the Messenger [of God]. But in reality, they always prepare for their lives among the disbelievers. They always have the disbelievers in their minds. They contemplate on how their lives among the disbelievers will be.
Hypocrites constantly conspire against Muslims in secret. Otherwise, they cannot find rest. Their lives only find meaning when they hatch a plot.

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When a believer meets Islam, he renounces everything he learned from the disbelievers. But a hypocrite preserves everything he learned from the disbelievers, he never cuts them loose.
A characteristic of the hypocrites is that they cannot leave their personalities they used to have before knowing religion behind. They continue with the exact same personality they had in their childhoods, in their teenage years. They are aggressive, gruff, disrespectful, tactless, just as they were before; they do not mold their personalities in accordance with the Qur'an.
Insidiousness and secrecy are significant weapons of the hypocrites. They strike secretly, sneakily but a mind that can deal with them is a marvelous, advanced mind. An average mind cannot deal with the hypocrites. A higher level of wisdom and faith is required to be able to do so.
Hypocrites help believers sharpen their minds; otherwise, believers would become lethargic. Pointless thoughts would then begin to occupy the mind of believers. Sharp vigilance and clarity of thought is achieved by the occasion of the hypocrites.

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Impiety [disbelief] is a grave threat. But the threat posed by disbelief is nothing compared to the threat posed by hypocrisy.

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The hypocrite enjoys uttering diabolical words; furthermore, he talks to others cryptically and in an unclear fashion. He also chooses vague and incoherent words in his statements and they have a secret language specific to themselves, just like Morse code.
The hypocrite is noncommittal when he talks. He does not show his true colors. He does not give away his side. In other words, he chooses his words in favor of himself. He is very despicable. For instance, there is a verse about a hypocrite, reluctant to fight against disbelievers, who tells our Prophet (obuh), "If I knew how to fight, I would join you." If our Prophet had driven him to the battle and he had been injured by an arrow or a sword, he would blame the Prophet, saying that, "I already told you that I do not know how to fight; see, I got injured." The hypocrite is despicable enough to say that.

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A Muslim refrains from sedition, conflict or disturbing other Muslims. However, a hypocrite does not; he is very shameless, always willing to create a scandal. He is a very malicious creature.
The Qur'an, so to say, burns the hypocrite and the hypocrite strongly keeps away from the Qur'an. Since the verses in the Qur'an provide an explanation which invalidates his system, he detests the Qur'an.
The hypocrite is like a virus lying in ambush. He resurfaces and overwhelms in an appropriate environment like a tuberculosis virus. When satan asks him to hide, he hides; and when he asks him to appear, he reappears. He does not give up being a hypocrite.

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What hypocrites despise the most is having to live all their lives among Muslims. They live in agony as they cannot dwell in blasphemy with ease and they have to pretend to be a Muslim among Muslims.
Hypocrites constantly try to irritate Muslims in a sneaky, under-handed manner. They mostly exhaust themselves and nourish believers by doing so. God established a system that works to the contrary of what the hypocrites try to achieve.
Under no circumstances do hypocrites have any desire to serve for the benefit of Islam. They latch onto and feed on Muslims like a bloodsucking parasite, like a tick; they continue their lives as bloodsuckers. Hypocrites only make small efforts as a mere formality, just enough to deceive Muslims but in general, their efforts are idle and pointless.
Hypocrites exploit the comfort Muslims provide to the full extent but they never contribute to anything that would benefit Muslims; they do not lift a finger in this regard. They do not want to support Muslims in any way. They conscientiously avoid making any effort or being helpful.
It is in the hypocrites’ nature to lie in wait for believers and ambush them. They sit and contemplate all day as to what vile, indecent acts they can commit against Muslims. They deal in such villainy instead of catching a break and leading peaceful lives praying to God.
Occasionally, believers might show signs of hypocrisy as well. Believers are able to abandon such behavior, but hypocrites cannot. They cannot abandon their perpetually deceptive methods.

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Hypocrites go into coma upon hearing the signs of hypocrisy when they are among believers but they survive all the same. They survive in a comatose state. For example, their hearts beat only once every 20 seconds, or they breathe once per minute but they do not die. They continue their lives in such state. But when they get a reasonable opportunity, their breathing, their heartbeat becomes more frequent as they seize it.
As hypocrites do not set their hearts on God, they are concerned with everything except God. They specifically keep away from God. They do everything in their capacity to forget about God. This is the reason behind their meaningless banter for hours on end. They carry out such a practice to forget about God, to become numbed.
Believers might show a few or even many signs of hypocrisy; for example, even fear is a sign of hypocrisy because hypocrites are cowards. Believers should overcome these signs through sheer willpower.
Hypocrites will never give up their hypocritical ways because hypocrites are mentally ill. They are unstable creatures. They do not display the characteristic of a reasonable person. But they can be pacified.
Talking about 1,400 years ago will have no effect on the hypocrites [of today]. It is really important to interpret the hypocrites within the confines of our century. It is important to define them through the verses of the Qur'an. Only then will hypocrites have no place to hide, only then will they be backed into a corner.

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The true hypocrite is a psychopath. He always holds his ground. He does not give up no matter what you do. He may fidget and squirm but he does not give up since he is of an evil nature. On the other hand, the believer may sometimes have the behaviour of a hypocrite. He can be a normal Muslim again when he gives up.

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Hypocrites should be monitored closely all their lives. Hypocrites are psychopaths; they are schizophrenic. Treating such creatures are futile. They certainly tend to commit foul deeds. Like snakes, they slither and constantly seek to do villainy.
Disbelievers does not like hypocrites if hypocrites admire Muslims. Thus, hypocrites pretend that they admire disbelievers so as to be admired by them in return. They talk about how much they liked the books, the articles of the disbelievers. It is almost impossible to see the hypocrites praise any article written by Muslims. Their only concern is disbelievers. But as hypocrites are dishonorable people, they are never ashamed of this and do so openly.
It is essential for hypocrites to carry out their vile activities at night. Malice and cunningness fully descend upon them, and the mark of hypocrisy on their faces become more prominent, more vile as they commit their dishonorable deeds.
The British shadow state is quite arrogant and egocentric. As hypocrites have an inferiority complex, they admire this arrogance, egocentricity and grandeur. Hypocrites regard the egocentricity of the British shadow state as that of an elephant's and admire it, whereas they regard theirs as that of an insect's. Thus, they hold the shadow state in high regard and is extremely respectful of it. They hold disbelievers, heretics and oppressors in high esteem.
The head hypocrite of the Prophet Moses’ (pbuh) era, the Samiri, lived and died in loneliness. No hypocrite dies in a happy, contented manner. They always die miserably, in a corner, in the foulest of ways.
Intelligence means money for hypocrites. Hypocrites are treacherous people that live on selling information regarding Muslims.
Hypocrites gather foul things: In other words, they do not seek anything regarding the faith or the Qur'an. They go after anything that is snobbish, sneaky, anything that will help them make a name for themselves among the disbelievers, anything that will help them prove themselves to other hypocrites. They prioritize their own promotion by doing so
The most distinguishing characteristic of hypocrites is their desire to stand out. They want to attribute any achievement to themselves, not to the Prophet (pbuh). Or they don't want to attribute success to Muslims’ leader of that era, they only arrogate it to themselves. They are only after their own glory and reputation.

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Hypocrites are foolish in every aspect but when they are possessed by satan, their evil souls emerge. For example, if they get in touch with people outside the Muslim community, they begin to write, talk and commit foul deeds in a swift manner. They excel at hiding themselves. But they achieve all these things with the help of the wisdom they obtain from satan. Otherwise, they are like planks of wood in every way.
Believers make a name for themselves through God, through their faith, Islam, and the Qur'an. Hypocrites try to make a name for themselves through idle actions. They do not realize they are debasing themselves with unworthy actions and continue to do so.
Connections are really important for a hypocrite. Thus, they constantly try to make friends out of disbelievers, tricksters and foul people. They believe, on the off chance of them becoming lonely in the future, that these people will provide them with employment and food.
Hypocrites spend all their lives in manipulation, deception, secrecy, sedition and villainy; they know no rest. But they consider their villainy, their struggle, to be what life is all about, as if this is something they must go through in life. They never settle for an honest, normal life.
Hypocrites always try to stand out around others. They try to patronize others. They are know-it-alls who want to win at everything. They always want to be right. Their behavior can be considered maniacal, in a sense.
Hypocrites despise Muslims as they consider themselves superior. They consider themselves wise and intelligent. They think of themselves as "magnificent" creatures that are way ahead of Muslims. However, Almighty God does not agree with them in this regard. So, as the hypocrites are weak-minded, they are not aware of it and ultimately become disgraceful.
The hypocrite is a devil who tries to destroy Muslims from within by joining them. It is the most foul, most treacherous specimen of humanity and it is not possible to contend with hypocrites with an average level of intelligence. They can only be contended with through the guidance of the prophets and the depth of authority. Otherwise, hypocrites are clever and merciless. They have incredible means and are quite diabolical.
Suffering is a necessity for achieving the love of God. Satan must exist in order for suffering to exist. And satan usually engages hypocrites and disbelievers for its deeds.

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Hypocrites communicate with disbelievers, but believers do not know about this. They exchange information with disbelievers, but believers are not aware of this. They use cryptic texts disguised as a poem or a prose, but believers cannot comprehend it. All of these actions lead the hypocrites to have a delusion of superiority. We should decipher it, break their codes; they are neutralized when their codes are deciphered.
Hypocrites are not aware of the fact that God is watching them. They are satisfied when other people are not aware of their hypocrisy. So, the remedy to hypocrisy is to describe their whole psychology, their mental state, in explicit detail.
Hypocrites feel as if their souls burn and suffer when they feel they are becoming more like Muslims. Thus, they try to inspire their evil natures by committing indecent, treacherous deeds, by keeping in touch with disbelievers, or by hatching insidious plots against Muslims.
Hypocrites find comfort in tapping into their evil sides. They feel obliged to commit vile, secret, dishonest deeds, to hatch sinister plots; their souls can find no rest otherwise.
Hypocrites are impudent and dishonest people. No matter how often you warn them to be honest, to be transparent, they will only adhere to their villainous ways. They will continue their secret activities. It is a manic illness that afflicts the hypocrites.

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Hypocrites profess to be superior in this world. They become spoiled and go astray; however in the afterlife, in the Presence of God, they will have no strength left in them to act like a snob, a know-it-all, a pseudo-intellectual, a sneak.
Occasionally, Muslims with a sickness in their hearts might act like a hypocrite. They are not hypocrites per se, but they have a sickness in their hearts; God informs us of this in a verse of the Qur'an, saying, "They have sickness in their hearts." They act in the exact manner of a hypocrite. This is a phase they are going through. Sometimes they recover from it, and sometimes they succumb to the disease that is hypocrisy.
Secrecy is the primary weapon of a hypocrite. His primary weapon becomes neutralized if his characteristics and his activities can be exposed.

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Hypocrites deem general culture important, wish to learn about everything and hate religion. The only thing that irritates them is religion, Islam.
In the era of Our Prophet (pbuh), the then- hypocrites pretended to be wiser than Our Prophet; as they believed themselves to be supposedly wiser, they talked in a patronizing manner. Hypocrites are insolent and disrespectful.
Our Prophet (pbuh) says in the hadith, "Most of the hypocrites in my community are from among well-educated people." Knowledge leads them astray and into a desire to be apart from Muslims. Feeling a sense of superiority, hypocrites seek to abandon Muslims, thinking, "I am wiser and smarter."
The hypocrite has an innate desire to leave. In his book 'Ihya' ulum al-din', Imam al-Ghazzali states, "The hypocrite inside a mosque is like a bird inside a cage. When the door of the cage is opened, the bird flies away."
Muslims look forward to the hypocrite leaving them in peace but as soon as he leaves, another one comes along. The hypocrite is a necessity and is significant for worship. It is just that people should know the Qur'an method well to be able to deal with them effectively.
It is dangerous to let your guard down against the hypocrite threat. People must be ever-vigilant against hypocrites because a hypocrite is like sticky tar. The moment you get rid of one of them, another one appears. There is no Muslim community that is free from hypocrites.
A hypocrite is not alone. When he abandons Muslims, he turns to an already available hypocrite community. A hypocrite always has a crew that will watch over him and look after him but he hates them as much as they hate him.

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The hypocrite teaches villainy, misdeeds and hypocrisy to the people around him. Some despicable and immoral people follow after the hypocrite. For instance, if the hypocrite is a devotee of the shadow government, these people become so as well. If the hypocrite is loathsome, they become loathsome too. If the hypocrite is a know-it-all and talkative, they become so as well.
If Muslims are supported by hypocrites, unbelievers and malicious people, then they will be ruined. On the other hand, if these people oppose Muslims, it will be clear that Muslims are on the right track.

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The common characteristic of all the hypocrites in the era of Our Prophet (pbuh) is that they consider themselves superior to Our Prophet and have a desire to stand out beside him. Be it men or women, hypocrites always aim to be the one on the top, to be the greatest. They consider themselves to be God, may God forbid.
Hypocrites tell Our Prophet (pbuh) and his companions, "If we knew how to fight, we would certainly follow you." Hypocrites intentionally make themselves appear as incompetent. Additionally, they do not want Muslims to carry out activities for the benefit of Islam. So, they also try to hinder Muslims in this regard.
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