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Taking ablution and performing prayers is very easy according to the Qur’an. Complicating prayers and ablution is a plot devised by the satan to keep people away from performing prayers. All sects add arbitrary, made-up sunnah and obligatory conditions to perform prayers, on their own. They all contradict with one another even about lawful and unlawful acts. Lawful and unlawful acts according to Islam are defined solely by the Qur’an. There is no such thing as performing prayers and taking ablution differently according to each sect. How to take ablution and perform prayers are defined in the Qur’an and they both are easy to perform.

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Some circles misrepresented Islam as if it were introverted, joyless and far removed from freedoms. It is not possible to live by the religion they portray. Many people who appear to be conservative do not even perform their prayers. Because they have presented prayers as if it were an intricate, complex form of worship that is impossible to perform. The religion God described in the Qur’an is easy.

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There is no command in the Qur’an declaring that one cannot perform prayers in a room with pictures.

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Our brothers should be strong-willed about performing their prayers.

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Performing prayers (salat) turns people into noble and precious beings. There are only a few things declared unlawful by God; all else is lawful and acceptable in religion.

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According to the Qur’an, prayers are prescribed for the believers at specific times.

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Young people can perform their prayers wherever they want. They should pay no attention to those who seek to alienate them from prayers by raising spurious difficulties.

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It is important to perform prayers by knowing and thinking about the meaning of the prayer and expressing our deep love for God.

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In order to encourage people to perform their prayers, you can make them love God. If they love God, they would want to show their love to Him through prayer.

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The age that a child can begin performing prayers depends on his or her consciousness. One can begin performing prayers once he understands God’s Existence.

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Salat (prayer) is a religious obligation that must be performed at certain, designated times of the day.

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Because the traditional orthodox understanding of Islam has shown prayer (salat) as if it is too complicated to perform, many stay away from prayer.

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Most people stay away from performing prayers because bigots portray it like it is a difficult practice. On the contrary, it is very easy and brings happiness. Turning prayer/ablution into difficult practices, is satan’s plot. Allah explains ablution in one verse in Qur’an. But some people write 300-page books explaining it.

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All my friends perform their daily prayers five times every day and are very meticulous about their prayers.

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Performing prayers is a very old form of worship. All tribes throughout history prayed throughout history. This is also seen on cave paintings.

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A sincere, devout Muslim would never forget performing prayers. Performing daily prayers is an amazing act of worship with which we show our love to God. It is a blessing for us.

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The Qur'an is sufficient. A Muslim knows praying and prayer times from the details given in the Qur'an.
Allah reveals in the Qur'an that prayer is an obligation that must be performed on time. It is not acceptable to delay prayer to another time.

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All my friends are very meticulous about their prayers. They always perform their prayers on time and are very careful not to miss any prayer.

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My friends are very meticulous about performing their daily prayers on time. They never delay their prayers and always perform their prayers on time.

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Regular prayers (salat) are very joyous for Muslims. It is joyous to perform prayers in a timely manner. One makes preparations for performing prayers with joy.

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There is inherent peace and wisdom in acts of worship. If one gets tired while reading the Qur’an, taking ablution, paying charity and so on, satan must be troubling him. God created all acts of worship in such a way that they are both easy and pleasing to humans.

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The hypocrites would not take ablution or perform prayers if there are no one around to see. They only take ablution and perform their prayers when there are people around.

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Both performing prayers and fasting is the expression of the lover to his Love.
Performing regular prayers is our way of expressing our love for God. God is pleased with our love for Him, and we are delighted with God's love.

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One should close the door to misgivings during the prayers: That is because you do not avoid performing prayers, you do not avoid taking ablution. Since you are there to take your ablution, you do not avoid doing so. You wash your hands and face. You do whatever is required. If that is the case why should you be doubtful?

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Satan shouldn’t be allowed to deceive people by presenting salat and other religious services as difficult, Millions of people keep aloof from religion just because taking ablution and performing prayers are presented as if they are very difficult to do.

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How is it acceptable to initiate children into performing prayers as if they are initiated into gymnastics? Children should be taught why they should be performing prayers and how one prays lovingly, by feeling inside, by understanding the meaning of the prayer.

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Some people assume that what is meant by standing in awe during prayers is to loose one's self. In fact standing in awe is sincerity. It is a sincere connection with God, it is feeling love for God with an open conscience. That is what standing in awe means.

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We need to present the prayers to the people in the easiest form. Complicating prayers would only draw people away from performing prayers. Being a facilitator is the command of God, it is the command of religion.

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Complicating performing prayers is an intrigue of the bigoted mindset. Prayers should never be abandoned.
There is goodness in the morning prayers. It brings health and abundance. The morning should be greeted awake with prayers.

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The prayers (salat) should be performed immaculately just like it is described in the Qur'an with great sincerity. There is nothing complex. You perform your prayers joyfully, lovingly and peacefully. Trying to complicate the prayers is a satanic behavior. Satan attempts to turn it into something complicated so that people abandon their prayers.

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Our brothers should wake up happily for their prayers. How nice it is that when we wake up we see a bright and clear world. One might wake up paralyzed in the morning. One might wake up and see that he is physically disabled with his face disfigured. Or he might wake up and see that he is in Hell. How nice it is that Allah wakes us up nicely, feeling delighted.
A Muslim would wake up for the morning prayers feeling in rejoice.

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Bigoted mindset made it almost impossible for people to perform their prayers. Allah describes ablution with two lines in the Qur'an yet bigots describe it in 350 pages.

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On prostration you ignore your pride completely. You prostrate to Almighty Allah. That has nothing to do with sports, nothing to do with gymnastics. You show your humility there. You express your thanks.
One would miss beauty. He would miss thanks, miss love. He would miss affections. How nice it is to thank Allah every single day! Performing prayers is a great blessing. Salat is a beauty. Salat is a relief. Salat is giving thanks, it is an expression of love.
Performing prayers is a must; it is an inseparable part of a Muslim. Prayers (salat) cannot be separated from the Muslim. Muslims and prayers are adherent to each other, it is like breathing in and out, it is like the beat of the heart. Can one live without thanking Allah? It is the expression of love towards Allah, it is the expression of thanks.
Perform your prayers (Salat) 5 times a day. If you cannot do that perform 4 times, if you cannot do that, perform 3 times, if you cannot do that then perform twice- once in the morning and once in the evening- if you cannot do that pray for once- only in the mornings or in the evenings- or if you still cannot do that, perform Cuma (Friday) prayers, or else perform your prayers in feasts. Let there be no brothers, sisters of ours who do not perform their prayers, they should all perform their prayers by all means, insha'Allah.

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Bigots have implemented a system in which women would not perform their prayers half their lives.
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