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The result of one’s prayers is simultaneously created with the prayer itself. It would be wrong to think that one would first pray for something and then a change would occur. That prayer and the change it would bring have been created simultaneously an infinity ago.

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One needs to pray to God saying : “My God make me friends with a servant of Yours who will not be egoistical and selfish, who loves You very much and Who You love very much, who will contribute to my faith and my personality, who will see me precious, who will love me and respect me.”

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One needs to pray to God for love saying; ‘My Lord I do love you very much, grant me the blessing of loving You with the most profound faith. Save me from egoism and grant me the blessing of living for You. My Lord make me loved by others and let me meet people worthy of loving. “

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One should pray saying: “My Lord , grant me the blessing of death with as few sins as possible after You bless me with the joy of getting close to You as much as I possibly can. “

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One can pray silently but God says, ‘Remember your Lord in yourself humbly and fearfully, without loudness of voice.’

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When praying to God, it is important to be sincere and honest. The examples of prayers said in the Qur’an are concise and sincere. It is important to pray throughout the day.

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I keep telling people that they should all pray for the Islamic Union; it will happen for sure.

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Both prayer and everything else that happens after that prayer are part of destiny.

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Believers always demand “knowledge” from God and pray saying “My Lord, increase my knowledge and wisdom.”

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Believers praying for one another is a good act of worship.

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God answers the prayers; if one prays in a state of need, God makes it happen. This is a miracle of God.
If Muslims sincerely pray for the prevalence of Islamic morality, God will answer it. If we remain sincere to God, He will definitely make it happen.
God definitely answers prayers. Prayer should not be done as a formality; any sincere prayer asked from God would be answered.

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Allah accepts every prayer, and creates what will be good for that person.

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Dreams are a sort of education, it is like another dimension of life. Believers can pray to be educated in their dreams, too. We are not responsible for our dreams but we can be educated in our dreams.

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Having a weak sense of attention and appreciation in the face of shocking and stunning information shows how incapable the human mind and soul are. The willpower falls short. Otherwise, normally people should feel quite amazed, astonished. The only cure for this weakness is prayer.

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A Muslim should see prayers as very important; prayer is the reason why God values Muslims.

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Praying is important. Saying a prayer is the most important strength of a Muslim; that is because God is the One Who controls all incidents at every moment.

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A Muslim needs to give himself in to the prayers, he needs to focus on the prayer but prayers should not be tiresome. Look at the prayers in the Qur’an. The prayers of the Prophets are always short. “My Lord, increase me in knowledge” (Surat At-Taha;114) That is it. Short but frequent. “My Lord, Guide us on the Straight Path” “My Lord, keep me thankful for the blessing You bestowed on me, keep me acting rightly, pleasing You.”
Saying prayer is very important. What stops the feelings of anguish? Saying prayer does. A Muslim needs to say prayer. For instance, let us say that one is going to make a speech; a Muslim would say, “O My Lord, make me speak beautifully.” Let us say he will eat; “O My Lord, let me enjoy the flavor of this food and make them means for my health. Grant me the joy of being one of those who thanks God.”

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Praying without clinging on to necessary means would not be acceptable. If you are saying that you will perform your prayers, yet go and sit in a corner, even if you say “My Lord let me perform my prayers,” you would simply be sitting there doing nothing. You should do your actual praying by going and performing your prayers. The determination and the effort you make would be your actual praying.

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There is richness in discourses. Companions of our Prophet (saas) have reached maturity through the discourses of our Prophet (saas). Even if they participate the discourse of our Prophet (saas) only for ten minutes, they would attain maturity. Richness comes with discourse. And praying during discourses is one of the most beautiful blessings. Their hearts would be nurtured with that prayer.

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Pray to God saying; "Oh Lord, strengthen my faith. Increase my love for You." And never be too lazy, tired or weary while taking in knowledge.

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May God make all the Muslims feel the pleasure of praying.

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It is crucially important for our brothers and sisters to pray during their house talks. A brother of ours stands and prays and others say "Amen" altogether. It is very important that they get together very day and read from our books or read verses from the Qur'an and tell each other facts leading to faith.

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A person falls ill from his arm and he constantly goes to medicine. But why do you not also pray for it? Make your prayers, medicine is just a vehicle, what does it have to do with medicine? Know that God is the One Who created medicine, be aware that medicine is only used as a prayer and apart from that simply pray for the cure.
Praying is being in a constant connection with God. God approves prayers, God loves prayers. That is explicitly stated in the Qur'an. That is because it forges a connection with Him. Christians are very well aware of this secret and they enjoy the taste of it. So God accepts their prayers. That is a very crucial matter.

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Prayers should be very sincerely made. We need to attain that with a special concentration, with a special spirit of sincerity. And the prayers should not necessarily be long. Concise, profound and sincere prayer is very important. It should be heartfelt insha’Allah.

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I will pray for a person attaining richness but conditionally, only if that person devotes all his earnings, his body, his life to Allah. In the verse Allah says; “Say: ‘My salat and my rites, my living and my dying, are for Allah alone, the Lord of all the worlds.” May Allah give great abundance and richness to all those who devotes themselves completely to Allah, who submits completely to Allah, may Allah give them such profuse richness so that they can be able to spend it on the way of Allah.

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One should pray every single day. It is very pleasing to pray Almighty Allah. It gives joy, praying is a comfort for a Muslim. That is one of the greatest blessings.

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A Muslim prays to Allah that He makes him a leader to those who have piety. There is a verse about it. That is to say, EVERY MAN AND WOMAN NEEDS TO PRAY TO ALLAH TO BE THE MAHDI.
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