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Secularism doesn’t mean silencing religion. It doesn’t mean using religion either. It means living religion sincerely. If a politician wants to talk about God as he feels, he should be able to do so.

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Real secularity means the state showing respect both to those who cover their heads and to those who don't.

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People are implementing secularity as if it is irreligiousness. And thus religious people are being oppressed. However, if secularity is abolished, an inconceivable ignominy, incomprehensible pain and oppression will start to appear. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the one who will establish that balance.
Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the one who will implement secularity. He is the one who will show compassion and love to everyone.

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Secularity is feeling respect to everyone from all beliefs. What is abnormal about this?

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Secularity is an assurance, it is tranquility, it is the protection of religious and irreligious ones. There is secularity in the Qur'an.

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The concept of secularity exists in the complete sense in the Qur'an. Secularity as described in the Qur'an should be put into practice. Everyone should be utmost free in their beliefs. The essence is not to intervene in anyone's beliefs. One cannot interfere in the beliefs of an irreligious person, or a religious one, or a mason or a communist or anyone else for that matter. They all are first class citizens.

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Freedom would bring about comfort and abundance. We should protect Jews, we should protect Christians and irreligious people as well. Let us create such a liberal, refreshing, beautiful environment. A very wealthy, sound understanding of religion would prevail in such an environment. Secularity is a system that exists in the essence of religion.

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Turkey will remain secular because the Qur’an promote secularity.

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Islam is the religion that teaches people laicism. The most beautiful description of laicism is in the Qur'an.

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Secularity is in the structure of the system of the Mahdi.

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A secular, democratic system will come into existence properly, insha’Allah. The time of oppression, the period of violence will come to an end. Insha’Allah.
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