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A sincere person would instantly see the Existence and the Power of God. A person should put his trust in God with all his might and love God with a profound love. We will be tested no matter what, being subjected to this test is a must. God says that He will give enormous troubles even to Hazrat Mahdi. Those who love God would show patience in the face of all troubles and those who don’t would go astray.

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People who are lazy for thinking would not be wise, would not be able to think deep. When that is the case, they lose their joy and happiness, they lose their reasoning and their ability to judge. Keenly preserving a constant, sharp closeness and attachment to God, constantly trusting in God would make one’s mind sharp and precise. People would then advance on a straightforward, steady path. But of course one would be tested while advancing on that straightforward path. Some people assume that they would not face any difficulty once they love God and put their trust in God. That would not be right. Loving God very much doesn’t mean removing all difficulties. Prophets live in the hardest of conditions. For instance, Hazrat Hamza loves God very much and God makes him a martyr, Hazrat Ali loves God very much but God makes him a martyr as well. Believers would most definitely be faced with difficulties, this is the condition of the trial.

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Difficulties in life do not necessarily make life bad. This world is a place of trial. If people use their intelligence and good conscience, life would be like Heaven. Life would be best during the time of the Mahdi. Right now the reason why life seems bad and difficult is the system of the dajjal. Once the system of the dajjal collapses and the system of the Mahdi prevails, everything will be very beautiful, insha’Allah. Our brothers and sisters should pray for the appearance of the Mahdi.

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This world is a transient place for trial. We are watching images on a screen. Getting angry with the images on that screen would be very humiliating. Just as one would not get angry with the movie he watches, it is not acceptable to get angry with the details of the images that you call your life as you are watching it in front of that screen. Getting angry would make one a laughing stock.
A strong movement of dajjal is necessary for the trial of Muslims. What is miraculous is that those who believe are able to defeat the system of the dajjal despite their limited means. The Prophet Abraham defeated all the armies of Nimrod with his limited means, so did the Prophet Moses and our Prophet. God says the followings in the Qur’an: “Those who are unbelievers should not imagine that the extra time We grant to them is good for them. We only allow them more time so they will increase in evildoing. They will have a humiliating punishment.” (Surah Al-Imran, 176) “Do not be deceived by the fact that those who do not believe move freely about the earth. A brief enjoyment; then their shelter will be Hell. What an evil resting-place!” (Surah Al-Imran, 196,197)

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Destiny God created is perfectly beautiful. God created everything, every fine detail in just the way that people would handle. God created every person’s destiny in just the way he could handle every trial he is subjected to.

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God doesn’t want people to forget about the transiency of the world. God shows people that this world is not created to simply survive with diseases and troubles they face. People learn about loving and being loved through troubles, ordeals and diseases. Without them people’s education wouldn’t be completed.

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Living is an art. The fact that God created life with so many difficulties is a valuable part of the trial that matures people.
As part of our education in the trial of this world, most of the people we see around are created as ‘spiritually dead’.

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Human body is created weak and open to many diseases. This is part of the trial in this world.

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There aren’t any obstacles in front of a person’s spiritual advancement in the trial of this world.

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We are not sent to this world to survive and to indulge in vain activities but to be tried and trained.

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God exists. The Hereafter exists. This model of trial in this world is the best, truest and most rational form of trial.

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This is not the real world, but a very deficient example of the real one in the Hereafter This world is only created for the trial.

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Believers might feel some anxiety in a difficult situation even if they know it is part of their trial. But they trust in God, despite the anxiety they feel.

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God turns people to Himself through diseases and the death of their kins so that people can win their eternal lives. Disease is the best trial in this world. The beauty of people who take care of patients increases because of their altruism and fidelity. God creates a special light on their faces.

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The trial of a person who has high wisdom and strong faith would be tougher.

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Trials and afflictions make it possible for people to witness their actual morality.

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God’s Artistry in creating reasons for everything is for our trial in this world.

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It’s a miracle that people can feel arrogant when they are in fact created so weak, with so many needs. This is a part of the trial of the life of this world.
Believers are always tested with difficulties. Their accepting and loving patience will make them even more precious and valuable.

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If people fully grasped the secret of the trial, they wouldn’t suffer even a tiny bit. One needs to think and comprehend well that everything belongs to God.
Through trials and tribulations, God makes us see how much we love Him, how selfless we are and how we behave when things don't go our way.

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Satan is an important part of people’s test. Satan will continue to try to sway people until their death.

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We are in this world so that we can change and improve ourselves for the better. The test of this life is actually an education.

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Patience and loyalty are required for depth, love and passion to develop. And they can best be gained through the trials and tribulations in this life.

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Eternal Heaven cannot be earned with an easy trial. A comprehensive, difficult test is necessary for eternity.
The details of the trial in this world enhance believers’ souls, and this richness will benefit them for eternity.

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We will be able to appreciate the beauties in Heaven because of the difficulties we will have experienced in this life. Hardships are necessary for people to become more refined.
Without trials and tribulations, life and people would become crude and dull. However, difficulties create beauties, fine details and refinement.

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The test in this world is flawless. No matter what happens, one will never feel obliged to believe, but will always have a choice.

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This life is a short test for us. Everyone can make mistakes; can have flaws. Therefore, compassion is crucial, compassion calms everyone down. A person who cannot look with compassion, will be inclined to get angry quickly. God forbid, anger will destroy the heart. One must choose compassion each and every time and resist the temptation of anger.

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This world is transient and the trial here is difficult. How nice that our martyrs are blessed with a beautiful rank, we envy the rank they are given.

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Patient, persistent and respectful intellectual efforts of believers against the dajjal [antichrist] movement is an important part of their tests.

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We are put on a beautiful trial. According to the portents of the hadith, bigger incidents will follow but they will all end up with goodness insha’Allah.

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The fact the trial in this world is so difficult enables one to develop a strong character. An eternal life entails a difficult trial in this world.

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Most people do not realize that he lives among millions of zombies. They don’t know that those they fight are a sort of zombies. Zombies in human shape, whose souls are captured by satan cause trouble in all over the world. This is a special requisite of the worldly test.

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Economic crises are created specially by God for the worldly test. Without economic problems, many people could get spoiled and go astray.

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Since the Mahdi possesses the knowledge of hidden wisdom, he sees the secret behind the ordeals and trials of this world and gets ahead in profundity and love. The ordeals the Mahdi will suffer through are explained in great details in the Torah. The Mahdi will be very outstanding and preciously superior because he would go through great ordeals.

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God always creates trial in this world at a reasonable level. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wages many wars, but he does not suffer any serious injuries from those wars.

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God created such a flawless test environment in this world that it perfectly reveals who is good and who is bad.

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Human beings are created weak as a requisite of test in this world. People are struggling with sickness and troubles. Despite the fact that period of test is so short, people are attached to this world with greed.

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As a requisite of worldly trial, evidences for the existence of God are hidden. Due to this deep unawareness and familiarity arise in some people which causes them to be weak in faith. Believers should not give in to familiarity and unawareness, they should tear the unawareness up.

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God creates a very detailed trial in this world. If it hadn’t been for the negativities, life would be very dull. Trial takes away the dullness.

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God created the world only as a place for trial. God attaches importance to love and friendship. He wants love to rule.

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Living an easy life without hardship, sickness and getting injured and going to the Hereafter like that isn’t valuable. Test should be difficult and exhaustive; seeing the beauty amidst intricate details is what matters. Adam and Eve fell for even the slightest trap of satan because they weren’t previously tested. Without the test, without the elaborate details of the test, it’s not possible to appreciate the art of God or Heaven. An ordinary-level test will lead to trivial happiness in Heaven. The more exhaustive the test is, the deeper the love, the better life will be. God wants a difficult test especially in the End Times. The more tough the test is, the higher levels of Heaven one will attain. If God had willed, He could have caused Islamic morality to reign on the Earth right now, but it takes time. Why? So that the test can be arduous and its reward can be greater.
If our tests in this world were just ordinary, there wouldn't be any meaning to this life or Heaven. God created every setting for the perfect education for us by means of tests.

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There would be no trial in this world if people who have no faith, mock religion, and are against Islam did not exist. God creates such people even if they do not exist in the first place. They have to exist so that believers can be compared to them, so that their trial gains meaning through them.

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Satan, the self, dissentious people, blood-shedders, warmongers, thieves, evil people; all are a part of the trial. "If it weren't for them..." some people say. They will always exist. If the trial exists, so will they. What you must do is to respond to them patiently through wisdom and willpower and defeat them.

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God checks up faith related sensitivities. Starting from the Prophet Adam (pbuh) until the Last Day, all people will be put through a perfect trial without any exceptions. No one has ever been granted any privileges that would remove their freewill of mind.

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The trial of Muslims is really difficult. I mean an easy trial would be very humiliating for Muslims. That means there is really a painful situation for that person, that means there is something weird. The tougher one's trial, the better it is for him.

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When one says trouble, people assume that it is always bad. Actually troubles come to people from the Presence of God; so does wealth, beauty, health. Sometimes troubles and illnesses come to us, sometimes beauty. Both of those are from God. None of them come randomly.

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This world would never be without pain or suffering. Pain is in the origin of love. Life has no meaning without love anyway. There has to be pain, people have to go through ordeals.
Some people say, “What if God did not create pain?” Well then you would be obtuse. Let us say that you have gone by the river in Heaven; you would simply look at it with vain eyes. But if you have suffered through ordeals, you would kiss each and every single one of the pebble stones in Heaven numerous times. Almighty God gives people a lengthy life and makes them experience these ordeals because it is crucial. After that people people return to normal.
Some people ask, “Why does God create pain?” There is beauty in the essence of pain that is why. Paradise cannot be attained without pain. There is no love without pain. A person would then be obtuse. One needs to go through all these ordeals and pains to gain that profundity.

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The PKK became rabid on one hand, the hypocrites became rabid on the other and the unbelievers became rabid. They are attempting to do all sorts of vileness. Muslims should behave very temperate and very reasonable. They should be aware of the fact that God is the Creator of all movements. They should see the good in everything and act patiently and reasonably according to the Qur’an and respond accordingly.

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Muslims and people of faith would always be attacked. Spineless ones with weak character would be defeated. But noble, decent people with strong personality would not collapse and remain standing with the help of God.
At the time of our Prophet (saas) they were intimidating weak and characterless people. They were thus preventing them from joining our Prophet(saas). But those with strong faith and personality always remained beside the Messenger of God (saas).

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Some say, “Why do we suffer through ordeals in this world? Why do we feel pain?” That is because you are educated through those pains. You become a person, you become a real human being. Otherwise, if you do not suffer through any ordeals, you would simply be dull. Man is educated through ordeals.
Love is very important. Suffering through ordeals is very important. Wherever there is a person in need, wherever there is a suffering person, if he is an artist, he would become a genuine artist. A person who hasn’t suffered any pain would instantly be felt. He would instantly be known.

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The impact of difficulties on Muslims is exactly opposite of their impact on unbelievers. Difficulties directly cause them to crumble . With Muslims on the other hand, difficulties directly cause them to become even more perfect. That is a secret knowledge of God, that is the Hidden Knowledge of God, those who do not look carefully wouldn’t see. Only those who look with the light of faith would see.
Difficulties turn into blessings that make Muslims more beautiful and look even younger, that opens the minds of Muslims, increases their profundity and reinforces their foresight and perception.
A person who suffers through ordeals and who experiences hardships will become beautiful. He becomes even more beautiful as time passes and he becomes even younger. If the unbelievers live through the same things, they would collapse. But Muslims become even younger and even more beautiful with hardships. These have the exact opposite impact.
One doesn’t suffer in the path of God, he doesn’t suffer through ordeals or face any difficulty yet he says, “I am ready for Heaven.” You cannot go to Heaven. Do you know what you are? That means, may God forbid, you are a human being created in the form of a man with a beautiful appearance yet without soul. It is impossible for them to go to Heaven. These are created as a special intermediary form for this world.
Ordeals beautify people.
It is difficult to give a struggle against hypocrites. It is difficult to give a struggle against unbelief. It is not easy to serve Islam for God. Of course one would face hardship; that hardship beautifies Muslims. The difficulties he faced is the reason why our Prophet (saas) was so beautiful.
A Muslim is the one who lives by the religion of God even in hardship. Almighty God says; “ For truly with hardship comes ease; truly with hardship comes ease.” (Surat Al-Inshirah, 5-6) A Muslim would surely face such difficulties.
One says, “I have lived a very happy life, I have never faced any troubles all my life.” That is not a gain. First of all he won’t go to Heaven. In the Qur’an God says; “Or did you suppose that you would enter the Garden without facing the same as those who came before you?” (Surat Al-Baqara, 214) A Muslim should strive on the path of God, face difficulties and make an effort against unbelief, against the hypocrites.
Those who strive on the path of God become beautiful. Those who face difficulties on the path of God become beautiful. Those who do not face any difficulties become ugly, their meaning would be lost, they would become dull and blunt. I mean they would become coarse.

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When one is wronged, when he is backstabbed, he attains good deeds from that as well. The backstabbed one attains good deeds. God strengthens those who are backstabbed. God strengthens those who are wronged. He would not let them fall in weakness.

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One goes through a very staggering trial. People should not expect such an easy trial and they should not be surprised to see that it is not easy. Otherwise, it would not be a trial anyway. The man wants to live a life with the mindset of a retired person and then die that way; that is not going to happen. Muslims go through a staggering trial if they have genuine faith.
We will all go to Hereafter. There will be no one who wouldn’t. Almighty God puts us through an important trial, an important test. Without this education we cannot be normal people.

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As the level of welfare increases, the number of those who patiently endure difficulties or those who endure pain decreases. Such an environment does not help the cultivation of art. Those who are brought up in poverty, those who endure pain and difficulties often perform art quite beautifully. God gives pain and ordeals for love to deepen. The more one endures difficulties, the more he knows love, the more he knows profundity.

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After the appearance of the Mahdi (pbuh) and the establishment of the Islamic Union, the impact of the good deeds one collects would drop from one million to three. That is because the rest will be very easy. All hardships will thus be removed. The antichrist (dajjal) will then be dead. The attacks of one’s lower-self would be removed as well, so everything will be fine.

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What is the characteristic of a lover? It is never deserting the loved one despite all sorts of sufferings and hardships. A lover would never leave his loved one even under the hardest conditions. God is showing us how much we are living with that spirit of a lover. That is because in the Hereafter, the existence and the manifestations of God will be the greatest pleasure we will be given.
One would never leave his beloved one. God is the real Beloved One. And even if 7000 years pass by, one would endure all sorts of ordeals. That is the characteristic of a lover. God would approve to see one enduring everything because of love for Him. That is completely a sign of love.
Almighty God would of course test your love. See how devoted you are to Him; He will of course test that. And He will show that to you as well. You will see how much you love God. You will see how loyal you are.
God increases the disasters that fall upon His beloved servants. If disasters do not befall on you, you should think about what is wrong with you. If there are disasters following you, be thankful to God. Disasters are like winds, they pass by and their beauties remain behind.

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We are in a very short course, it really is very short. We are being trained day and night and we are improving ourselves, we are taking the civility of the Heaven. Without the civility of the Heaven if were to go to the Heaven we would have been like robots. We have to get that training in order to be able to take endless pleasure in the Heaven.
While proceeding in the right path Almighty God creates slips and hitches as a part of the trial. But eventually the truth becomes victorious. The hitches are bound to exist. Difficulties are bound to come up. Otherwise there would be no meaning to the trial.
God creates the erroneous, wrongful people for us to know the worth of the good ones. There are always wrongful, erroneous people. But the good ones shine among those erroneous ones. So there is the need for such erroneous people. The secret of the trial comes forth only then, insha’Allah.

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Almighty God does not want monotony, God definitely breaks down inertia. For instance if it is a mountain we are talking about, He turns it into a volcano, if it is a land we are talking about, He makes it restless with an earthquake, if it is a person He either makes him sick or makes him happy or takes his life; but one way or another Almighty God surely brings about dynamism. There is no inertia.

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Difficulties bound to come up. That is how the pleasure of the Hereafter would be perceived as is due. Without difficulties one would not know love. Those who have not been through any kind of difficulty cannot conceive love.

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God is the One Who educates children. Just like it was in the story of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh), just like it was in the story of the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). Children are tested as well. God tests them with hardships and with ease as well so that they would be reminded by Him when they grow up. Being reminded by Him is a condition of this test anyway.

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It is a painful truth that people do not get better before scourges befall on them. That is the Custom of God and a truth stated in the Qur'an.

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As the requisite of the testing, there are both angelic people and evil people in the world.

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Living is created as difficult by God in its nature if you add radicalism on it you would make people go mad. The human nature does not put up with radicalism.

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There will definitely be good ones, and there will definitely be bad ones. Good ones will struggle against the bad ones, bad ones will be eliminated and good ones will remain superior. In the Hereafter they will enter Heaven after being educated. As the people of love, compassion, mercy, aesthetics, beauty and quality, they will enjoy Heaven. For a person who did not receive this training, Heaven would not have any meaning.

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The Companions of our Prophet (saas) were like bread; everyone loved them very dearly. That is because they’ve all been through very difficult trials.
The tougher the test a person is put through, the higher quality that person would attain.

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We are going to be tested. For instance while you are going on cheerfully all of a sudden you can have a sore back. For instance just when you thought that you’ve passed your class, you may fail. You can get into trouble all of a sudden. Everything can happen. You should put your trust in Allah. This is not a fairground, this is not a play ground. That is a testing environment, you are in a hall of trial. You will be asked questions and you will answer them successfully one after the other by the leave of Allah. You will give right answers. You will try not to give them wrong answers. And thus you would be trained.
Heaven will have a meaning for you when you are properly trained for it. You should be well trained so that you would fall in love and when you go to Heaven in love, it would have a meaning for you. You should learn to enjoy precious furniture, valuable goods, beautiful people, beautiful trees, beautiful perfumes, beautiful fruits here in this world so that you would be able to enjoy them there in the Heaven as the Manifestations of Allah.

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Almighty Allah has created the End of Times very hard so that the deeds attained would be very rich. The more the troubles, the problems are, the higher will be the rank of that person.

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Allah puts people through a difficult test. That is because He will make them live for all eternity. I mean He teaches love to beings that will live forever, He teaches them to appreciate the blessings. Or else may Allah forbid, one may go to the Heaven yet still does not understand Heaven.

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No matter what happens, Muslims always stand strong. Allah is the One Who creates all scourges, all troubles. Those who do not suffer hardships would not know love.
We are being educated for Heaven with troubles that are coming one after the other. Without the hardships you would become sick. Hardships beautify you. The more hardship raining down on you, the more good deeds you would be attaining.
Through successive troubles Muslim is trained for Paradise. A Muslim attains as much good deeds as the scourges that rain upon him/her. Hardships beautify a Muslim.

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Everyone can feel distressed at times. This is how it is in this World as a part of the trial. Drinking lukewarm water, not leaving the body dehydrated, not leaving one's self sleepless, moving a little. But the most important and above all else being in love with Allah, completely submitting to Allah and leaving one's self to Allah and knowing that reasons can never be a basis [ can be the cure for to overcome that distress.]

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Muslim would become valuable through pain and ordeals.

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This world is not a place to have fun, it is not a funfair. This is a place of trial. If people assume that they will just be having fun here, that they will labor after their cheques and bonds, that they will get married and have weddings and get on with their lives, then Allah does not give them comfort. Allah says; "I created everything as a trial." If they fail to understand, then Allah explains it to them in a way that they will surely understand.

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If Pharaoh were to act nice and democratic; if Pharaoh were to say; "Welcome, come on in, let us talk," then the merits attained through that would drop down to "one" or "two". What would become of the good deeds you acquire when the Pharaoh acts rabid and aggressive? They would be a "trillion" when compared.

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The increase in the number of people that stand against, that talks sharp and harsh words, that displays offensive manners would increase the good deeds a Muslim attains.

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In this world, we are being trained for the Paradise, we are being educated for that. For us to receive such training there is the need for the antichrists, for Pharaohs and Nimrods. Without them, there will be no training.

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Allah creates the test perfectly. He trains good people in this world and gives them the training of the Heaven.

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Uwais Qarni loved Allah with a profound love; he was madly in love with Allah. He has suffered many ordeals but he always looked at our Lord with good opinions.

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One needs to welcome all sorts of tests that come on his/her way with joy and do well by them with the utmost effort. A tough test coming on one's way means a ship full of gold is coming to him. Sometimes tests might seem to be difficult but they are all full of good deeds.

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We will never be bored in the Heaven, everything that we like will be there. Feelings like boredom and rage are given specifically to us in this world. In the Heaven these feelings will be taken from the hearts of people.

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No miracle would ever remove the freewill of mind. We are in a world of testing. Some people assume that – for instance- the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) would make a sign with his hand and food would instantly appear on the table. How is that possible? It would be unjust for other ummahs. Almighty Allah would not do such a thing. Nothing that would remove the freewill of mind would ever happen. When the Prophet Jesus prays, they find a table set for them in the other room.

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People cannot stand hardships and difficulties. About 60-70 % of the people are using antidepressants. A grave fear has enwrapped the whole world. Let us be friends, let us be brothers and sisters, let us live in peace, friendship and in love with people from all faiths and religions.

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Allah does not give all kinds of blessings at the very same time. When He gives blessings from one side, He creates a shortcoming from another, so that people would be tested.

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In times of economic crisis people always become devout, they come back to their senses and start acting reasonably. That is why there is always economic distress everywhere around the world. Allah does this especially for people to turn their hearts and faces to Allah.

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The soul is trained through hardships and ordeals.
Allah regards people's attaining value by being subjected to tests as very significant.

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Allah has given pain but He also has given medicine. Allah created modern medicine to sooth the pain. No one ever faces anything that he/she cannot bear.
Weaknesses enable people understand the vainness of this world and love Allah. Illnesses make people modest.
Aches and pains zestfully draw us closer to Allah.

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Believers are put to the test through hardship. This world is not a place of fun. There will be trouble and you will persevere.

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ALLAH PUTS US ON TRIAL, FOR ALMIGHTY ALLAH WANTS GENUINE LOVE. If everyone loves one another like robots, if Allah made it obligatory for them, you would be loving each other under compulsion. That is not what Allah wants. ALLAH WANTS US TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER AMID PAIN, SUFFERING AND HARDSHIP.

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The trial in this world is absolutely essential. Think about that for a moment, otherwise a world would not be possible. In the absence of trial everything loses its meaning, may Allah forbid. The system becomes ruined. An easy trial is not a trial. It must be a reasonable trial, insha’Allah.

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Trial is absolutely essential. Just think about it and you will grasp it. In its absence a great nullity comes into existence. The universe becomes all flat. Humanity becomes devastated, may Allah forbid.
IN THE ABSENCE OF THE TEST EVERYTHING COMES TO AN END, MAY ALLAH FORBID. EVERYTHING LOSES ITS MEANING. Love, friendship, life, everything ceases to have any meaning, becomes nothing. Nothing beautiful remains left. For instance, the beauty of woman no longer means anything. The beauty of flowers, the beauty of plants, the entire universe is devastated.

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Whoever is conscientious, he sides with Allah. Whoever is unconscientious leaves Allah and pursues his own pleasures. He tends to this transitory world.

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To attain a resolute love for Allah by thinking, by finding Him in a complicated system, And not to leave Him in any way; this is the love that Allah admires most. For instance, a scourge is inflicted on him but he never gives up loving Allah; he suffers trouble, in his old age or in times of sickness but never abandons Him. Then the quality of his love increases tremendously.
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