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When one remains aloof from faith and belief, God would systematically give troubles to that person. There would be a constriction in his mind. The understanding of happiness would be strangled, there would be no power left in his soul for happiness. The doors of sorrow would be opened and the doors to happiness would be closed. Reasoning and judgment would be disturbed. The minds of those whose hearts are devoted to God would be open, their horizons would be broadened and they would be under the special protection of God. It is not possible to harm those who are under the special protection of God, even if the whole world join forces to do so.

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A smart, intelligent woman would naturally be attractive. Both the gazes and the voice of a smart woman would be very attractive. Every sentence such a person forms would bring her appealing. Intelligence turns a woman into a magnificent power. But the majority of women keep their minds under pressure because of their emotionality, fears, worries and unnecessary apprehensions. That prevents them from experiencing the beauty of their natural disposition as is due.
Siding with love against all kinds of difficulties is the foundation of wisdom. Those who become wild in the slightest clash of interest cannot keep love going. Love is a blessing given to a few people and is a great blessing that necessitates making an effort.

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Without wisdom, mere intelligence might cause disasters. Hypocrites are very intelligent but they are extremely foolish. They have an evil intelligence yet they are ultra fools.

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People who are lazy for thinking would not be wise, would not be able to think deep. When that is the case, they lose their joy and happiness, they lose their reasoning and their ability to judge. Keenly preserving a constant, sharp closeness and attachment to God, constantly trusting in God would make one’s mind sharp and precise. People would then advance on a straightforward, steady path. But of course one would be tested while advancing on that straightforward path. Some people assume that they would not face any difficulty once they love God and put their trust in God. That would not be right. Loving God very much doesn’t mean removing all difficulties. Prophets live in the hardest of conditions. For instance, Hazrat Hamza loves God very much and God makes him a martyr, Hazrat Ali loves God very much but God makes him a martyr as well. Believers would most definitely be faced with difficulties, this is the condition of the trial.

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Reason and wisdom develop with obedience to the Qur’an. Even a person who you know as wise and reasonable would go astray when he forgets the Qur’an and cannot be wise anymore. For wisdom to develop, one has to abide by the Qur’an.

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Wise people move through the narrow passages of life and get ahead in doing good deeds. Those with weak faith get stuck in those narrow passages.

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The right way is to follow one’s conscience. Such a person becomes wise. One who follows romanticism or “logicism” would stray away from wisdom.

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The qualities of a woman that I find the most attractive are her wisdom, her passion, her cleanliness, having a strong enthusiasm in her soul and her love and fear of God.

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True cleanliness is attained only with wisdom. A wise person sees details and does not cause anything that could result in a chain reaction of contamination.
Wealth is not necessary for quality. Quality shows itself in the eyes, the speech, walking style, courtesy and manner of a person. It requires intelligence and wisdom.

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Wisdom is critical for love and passion. A wise person would never be bored with love.
A woman who is wise, who knows passion and thinks deeply is beautiful.
The source of wisdom is the Qur’an. An intelligent person who follows and abides by the Qur’an becomes wise.

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A wise person understands a wise person. A simple-minded person cannot recognize the immorality in others.
One needs to see a person’s rationality, faith and deepness before trusting that person. Without trust there is no love; there is mere fancy.

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People can be happy only with love, altruism and compassion.

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The best teacher is one’s own conscience and judgment. God inspires the right choices to everyone’s good conscience.

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Ending violence using violence is the method of the dajjal. According to Islam evil should be ended by goodness, lovelessness by love, irrationality by wisdom.

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Satan might distract people and cause forgetfulness. It whispers evil thoughts into people. Strong, clever people do not give into the calls of the satan.

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One’s intellect and articulation are created every instant. God grants and creates wisdom, intellect and the capacity to speak.

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Being intelligent and knowledgeable does not equal being wise. Wisdom is a blessing that comes with faith.

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God’s infinite wisdom is formidable. Only the creation of God is a spectacular artistry on its own.

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Violence occurs when there is no fear of God, love and wisdom. People suffer when the reasoning of the Qur’an is not practiced.

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Religion requires wisdom and depth. People are driven away from faith by way of Darwinist and materialist education.

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Muslims are in such a deadlock that their minds are frozen by rules non-existing in religion, i.e., music, arts, being joyful. Since being exuberant is shown as a potential sin and they regard themselves as guilty, they have a defeated character. Muslims who abide by the Qu'ran are enlightened, high-quality, self-assured and wise. No Muslims should agree to having a defeated style.

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Loving is a very beautiful and pleasant blessing. Some only think about lust but in the absence of love, respect and wisdom they also lose lust.

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Many people give in their lower-selves and the pressure of the satan but forget about love. Without love, the body collapses, sanity regresses, foresight and perception would be lost.

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In the communication of Islam’s message, sincerity and wisdom are the most effective factors. Knowledge or modernism alone will not suffice. One needs true, deep wisdom to explain faith in God. The most important thing is having a sincere belief, sincerely loving God, sincerely fearing God. The message of Islam cannot be communicated with a snobbish, pretentious attitude. Our Prophet (saas) didn't attend any universities, but achieved a world-wide effect with his wisdom stemming from his sincere faith. The Prophet Moses wasn't overtly eloquent, but he was very sincere. Because of his sincerity and deep faith, he was able to influence everyone. The Prophet Jesus and the Mahdi (peace be upon them both) will make Islamic morals triumph worldwide with their sincere faith. Jesus will not be a university graduate and the Mahdi will not have madrassa training, but they will make Islam triumph with sincere faith.

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History does not repeat itself. The system always progresses and gives rise to innovations; it undergoes a change in every cycle. When people try to repeat their past deeds through a romantic historical conception, it will only lead to their ruin, their defeat. We live in the era of science, knowledge, love and piety. Victory can only be achieved through love and piety. There is no other way.

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How can something be considered right if the opposite of it does not exist? How will we be tried if satan and the lower-self do not exist? How can we recognize what is beautiful, what is right? It is impossible. It is impossible to achieve any higher love, any higher wisdom in this way. Then we would be no different than a child, we would not be able to develop.

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Fiercely defending one's own desires is a mental illness. One should get a grip on himself in this situation and take refuge in God. He should ask himself, "How did I turn into such an abnormal person?" He should listen to what others have to say in a reasonable manner. A Muslim is open to 'al-amr bi-l-maʿrūf wa-n-nahy ʿani-l-munkar' (enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong). Therefore, he becomes wiser with ease.

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Wisdom is a light shed upon us by God; it is given to mankind by God as an inspiration. Wisdom does not appear out of nowhere. If God takes the wisdom away, one would be astounded, become speechless, tongue-tied as if a mute.

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One who does not comply with the Qur'an cannot be reasonable. He might be intelligent, but not wise or clever.
Reason has a close relation with the Qur'an. For one to be wise, one needs to comply with the Qur'an. The Qur'an equals reason, rationality; reason, rationality equals the Qur'an.

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Many people in this world stare absently. Passion is very difficult. It can only be formed in very wise people.

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A person who fears God would become very wise and would be very meticulous about what is religiously lawful and what is not and all his attitudes would be very proper and balanced. When one doesn't fear God, may God forbid, that instantly reflects on his behaviors. He starts to say whatever comes to his mind and acts however he likes. When one fears God however, he would act very selectively, very meticulously and very beautifully. A Muslim would keep away from being egotistical and selfish.
When one remains aloof from the Qur'an, the wisdom goes away, that person's attitudes become unwholesome, they no longer pay attention to what is religiously lawful and what is not and they become unstable. But if one abides by the Qur'an, his mind settles, his works go well, an abundance comes upon him, a radiance, a pleasantness, a blessing settles upon him. That is why holding on to the Qur'an tightly is very important.

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It is an art to put the Qur’an into practice. A wise, reasonable person would understand the Qur’an very well and very nicely put it into practice in his life. For instance, he’d know how to be humble, how to erase the feeling of haughtiness, how love is experienced.

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Reason and the Qur’an is one in the other; one needs to have a full grasp of the Qur’an to be reasonable. That is why one should think according to the Qur’an.

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Being in a race in good deeds, being in a race in respect of goodness opens one's mind. It brings about abundance, radiance and beauty.
When one praises God, when one takes refuge in God, his mind would become sharper and clearer. Otherwise a person's brain will get numb and become abnormal. When one praises God, when one prays to God, the pressure in that person's mind will be relieved. Otherwise mind would shut down. Reason would be lost. One would become crazy.

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We find reason and wisdom with the Qur'an. There is the mindset of communism, the mindset of fascism, there is the mindset of the Qur'an and there is a psychopathic mindset. All those have their own logic. But what should be understood from wisdom, from reason is different: we call a consistent person who has mercy, compassion, reason stemming from the Qur'an and who acts with his good conscience a reasonable, wise person.

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The Qur'an is interpenetrated with reason. The Qur'an equals reason, reason equals the Qur'an. The Qur'an is pure reason. It is the guide, the way to be reasonable. One would become reasonable with the Qur'an. It is not possible in any way other than the Qur'an. One might be intelligent but cannot be clever and reasonable without it.

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God is the One Who creates wisdom and wisdom is created every single moment. It has a constant flow, it does not remain stagnant inside the brain. People presume that wisdom can be preserved as if it is put inside a cube; actually that is not true. It is completely empty inside the brain. Wisdom constantly flows like a river, it is made to flow by God.

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Feeling love for God requires wisdom and effort. So is genuine piety. It requires wisdom and delicacy, it requires good conscience.

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If heart is in distress, so would be the mind. They are connected with each other. May Allah give peace of faith to our hearts. Peace comes from faith. Some people might say; “I would feel relieved if I go outdoors.” Your satan will accompany you outdoors as well, so you would not feel refreshed or relieved. Some might say; “I would feel refreshed if I eat something.” Your satan would be eating with you. “Only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace.” [Surat Ar-Rad; 28]
If the heart is bored, then the mind will be bored as well, may Allah give relief of faith to everyone’s hearts.

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Israelis attach great importance to technicalities, to electronics. They attach great importance to using mind and that is what Muslims should be doing as well. That is what the whole world should be doing, they should be using their brains, their minds very well and use technology very well.

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Rationality is important for people. Their minds should see a fact and their heart should approve. Mind and heart should have the same strength. They should act together. If you do not use mind, only the approval of the heart would lead to weakness in faith. Strong faith, ascertained faith, ayn al-yaqin (eye of certainty) faith would be very strong.

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It is easy to persuade an intelligent person, it is easy to address his conscience. I mean such a person would not act tactless. An intelligent person would be reasonable. It is a great blessing that such a person cannot act remorseless. A wise person cannot run over his conscience, I mean he acts in line with his conscience. You hear beautiful words from him because he is conscientious. Such a person's beauty would mean something. Otherwise beauty has no meaning. That is because all there is left behind would be flesh and bones. And they have no meaning in that sense.

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A Muslim would not be ugly. Ugly ones are those who do not use their minds, those who fail to see the radiance of the Qur'an.

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Explaining things with scientific evidence is important. That is because science is knowledge that addresses reason and satisfies the heart.

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A person who is of sound mind is responsible for his own mind. That is to say, he can not use others as an excuse.

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AS LONG AS A PERSON MAKES EFFORT AND USES HİS MİND ALLAH GRANTS HİM FAİTH. Still, what is predestined comes about but that person feels as if he labors to attain something. The faith that comes into being following it becomes very precious.
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