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Adnan Oktar Says... January 25th, 2018> Click for more

Iranian are immaculately pure, honest and trustworthy people. Iranians are very dear friends of ours, we will always love them and will always support them. There is a bigoted section in Iran, just as there is in Turkey. Yet this is not valid for the all Iranians, only a small section. To struggle against bigotry, intellectual and progressive statesmen should form an alliance. With love and compassion, we can stop this by putting an end to Darwinist-materialist education with rational evidence. Iran and Turkey are friends no one can change this.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 21st, 2018> Click for more

Turkey, Syria, Iran and Russia should ally about Syria in protecting the territorial integrity of Syria. Turkey should be in contact with the Syrian state. If this is ensured, all the plots devised by the British deep state would be thwarted.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 12th, 2018> Click for more

Turkey’s policy for Syria should be supporting the territorial integrity of Syria and Unitarian structure of the Syrian state. There is the need of recognizing the state in Syria and forming an alliance between Russia, Iran and Turkey to act jointly with this state, otherwise the PKK would be legalized. Syrian government should convene, the head of the State, namely al-Assad should gather the assembly and say; “come help me.” Russia, Iran and Turkey should jointly help them. This way the PKK’s plot to divide Turkey would completely fail. Since this would be realized in accordance with the requests of the Syrian State, neither the UN, nor the US, etc. could object to this. If Turkey doesn’t enter into such an alliance with the Syrian State- may God forbid- she would unwillingly be helping the foundation of the Communist PKK state. To remove such a possibility completely, protecting the territorial integrity of Syria and to ensure that protection contacting the Syrian State is a necessity. Russia could be a mediator for Turkey in this respect. The governments of Iran, Turkey, Russia and Syria convene and take joint decisions. Cooperating with the Syrian state in this regard is the right decision both conscientiously and politically. Our government should not refrain from being brave in this matter. It is true that Syria committed murders, it is true that there is persecution there , but these are not obstacles for establishing contact. There are murders committed by almost every other country, the US, Russia, UK, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc. Approaching others with this mentality, Turkey would not be able to establish a dialogue with any other country. We need to act wisely and to support Turkey’s cooperation with Syria, Russia and Iran to wipe the PKK completely out of this region.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 6th, 2017> Click for more

Mr. Rouhani’s statement declaring that Iran will not accept the drawing up of new borders in the region is very to the point and very nice.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 5th, 2017> Click for more

My articles are published in Iranian papers. We have revealed the games of the British Deep State. Satan can't drive a wedge between Iran and Turkey anymore.
One of the best initiatives in Turkish foreign affairs is the betterment of relations with Iran and Russia. Shia-Sunni separation will end, God willing.
It is important that Turkey befriends all countries in the region. Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Turkey should have good relations.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 4th, 2017> Click for more

An alliance between Iran and Turkey means the salvation of the whole region. Taking Russia’s support is also correct politics.
Iran and Turkey are two sister Muslim countries. Neither of them carry a racist or sectarian mentality. We will always be friends, insha’Allah.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 3rd, 2017> Click for more

The British Deep State was attempting to prevent the friendship of Iran, Turkey and Russia. We thwarted this plot.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 22nd, 2017> Click for more

Having such a religious, honest and courageous neighbor like Iran to the east of Turkey’s borders is a blessing for our people. Let’s unite with Iran and Azerbaijan and open our borders. The Greeks were also our own people; let’s unite with Greece as well. Let’s befriend everyone.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 14th, 2017> Click for more

Leaving President Trump alone against the British Deep State would not be good politics. Iran, Russia, Turkey and China should all support him.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 24th, 2017> Click for more

We will see the Mahdi (pbuh), Prophet Jesus (pbuh), the world dominance of the moral values of Islam, the Islamic Union and the friendship of Russia, Israel, Iran, Armenia and all countries.

Adnan Oktar Says... July 11th, 2017> Click for more

Had Iran and Turkey been united as brotherly Muslim countries, many troubles of the Muslim world would have been solved.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 16th, 2017> Click for more

Iran is not governed with the assumption of racial superiority. On the contrary, it is based on the ummah principle. Iran is not a racist state. Shia may have their shortcomings, but they love Ahl al-Bayt and Hz. Ali (ra) very dearly. We love Shias, Sunnis, Wahhabis and embrace all of them as our Muslim brothers and sisters. Muslims should not accuse each other of racism.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 9th, 2017> Click for more

Iran, Russia and Turkey taking joint action would bring peace and comfort to the whole region.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 26th, 2017> Click for more

The British deep state seeks to cause a divide between Iran and Turkey. Two countries have always been friends and will continue to be.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 25th, 2017> Click for more

Iran is a great Muslim country and is a friend of Turkey. People shouldn't be affected by negativity on certain media outlets.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 23rd, 2017> Click for more

Iran and Turkey will forever be sister countries. Efforts of certain circles are in vain. Both Shias and Sunnis are great Muslims.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 7th, 2017> Click for more

The people of Iran are decent, humble, brave people. Iran is a great Muslim country. No one should fall for the games of those who want a discord between Turkey and Iran. Both in Iran and in Turkey, there are groups trying to stoke hostility between Iran and Turkey. These people are guided by British deep state. The best way to answer the anti-Iran sentiment provoked by the British deep state is disavowing radical ideas and strengthening our friendship with Iran.
Both Russians and Iranians are great people, with humble characters. The British deep state is discriminating against Russia. Let’s be good friends with them.
Turkey, Russia and Iran should form a powerful, solid bloc. We should also help Armenia and not be spectators to their isolation in a faraway land. Azerbaijan is very dear to us. Let's help them solve the conflict with Armenia and build an alliance of friendship in the region.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 6th, 2017> Click for more

It’s great that Turkey, Russia and Iran agree on a policy to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 3rd, 2017> Click for more

A Russia-Turkey alliance will be an effective power against the British deep state. The USA, Iran and China should join, too.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 2nd, 2017> Click for more

Turkey and Iran are two great countries. They are fraternal countries and allies. There are attempts to turn Turkey and Iran against each other through artificial problems. The Turkish government is thwarting these attempts and we are supporting them.
Our articles in the Tehran Times are a steely response to those who try to set Iran and Turkey against one another.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 15th, 2017> Click for more

Iran is a fraternal country; the Iranian people are our friends. Shia are dear to us, they’re in our hearts. God commands Muslims to be brothers and sisters.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 27th, 2017> Click for more

Iran is our friend. We should avoid a language that can offend our centuries-old friend. We should have a kind, loving approach.
We should beware of plots to create a rift between Iran and Turkey. Iran is a very good Muslim country. It is wrong to accuse Iran of racism.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 26th, 2017> Click for more

Iran and Turkey are friends. We want to have more friends from Iran to come to Turkey. Mutual visits should increase.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 13th, 2017> Click for more

The best response to the plots hatched against Turkey is promoting Islamic Unity. Russia, Iran, Israel and other Islamic countries must unite with love.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 10th, 2017> Click for more

It’s great that Mr. Erdogan is taking steps to make our alliance with Russia stronger. We should do the same with Iran.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 3rd, 2017> Click for more

It’s great that Pakistan, Turkey and Iran showed their friendship. The friendship that Mr. Erdogan showed to Iran is great.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 1st, 2017> Click for more

Trump can only get results with Iran by explaining the compassionate and merciful aspects of the Mahdi movement. It is not possible to attain results with weapons. The US will be able to resolve the disputes they have with Iran by acting jointly with Russia. They should not fall into the British deep state’s trap that forces them into a conflict.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 27th, 2017> Click for more

Let’s not fall into the traps of those who seek to destroy Iran-Turkey relations. An Iran-Turkey friendship would bring peace to the region.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 24th, 2017> Click for more

The movement called the British Shia wants to generate conflict of sects. The error of a handful of people among the Shia can’t do harm to our friendship. Nobody should be deceived by the plots of the British deep state that wants to cause conflict between Turkey and Iran.
The Shia and Sunni are brothers. Iran and Turkey must come together at once and embrace one another against those who want to stir up sedition.
Iran and Turkey are two friendly nations. The British deep state excitedly awaits the disruption of this friendship. Let’s not do anything to harm this.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 18th, 2017> Click for more

Iranian people are full of love and compassion like Anatolian people. We will strive to make America and Iran friends.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 16th, 2017> Click for more

The tension between Israel and Iran, between Iran and the US are all artificial. We will mend all fences between Turkey and Iran, Israel and Iran, Iran and the US.
Actually it is easy to fix things between people and countries but a determined person does not come up and try. God willing, we will make Iran friends with Turkey.
Iran should make very friendly statements about Turkey. Iran’s friendship with Turkey would bring relief to the region. Our President desires Turkey to be friends with Iran. It would be great if Iran enthusiastically embraces this hand of friendship.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 11th, 2017> Click for more

It is possible to smooth things over between Iran and the USA. An unnecessary and artificial pride has been formed in between them. It is possible to get over that and ensure the peace.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 4th, 2017> Click for more

Classic political rhetoric, provocative language reminiscent of WWII, should no longer be used. We should make peace between Iran and USA.
Countries should act on the basis of friendship and brotherhood. The US and Iran may also always adopt a friendly tone, free from any tension.
It would be a mistake for USA to consider fighting Iran, because it would mean fighting Russia as well. It’s important to be on the side of peace at all times.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 31st, 2017> Click for more

Any country getting close to Turkey is targeted with international plots, including Israel, Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 23rd, 2017> Click for more

It is great that Netanyahu called for friendship with Iranians. But real peace and friendship will be possible with the Mahdi (Moshiach).
If Turkey acts together with Iran, Israel, Russia, China and the USA, the British Deep State will lose its influence.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 18th, 2017> Click for more

Obama and his staff had communist tendencies. We’re hoping that Trump will undo the damage Obama did. Trump is an anti-communist, anti-Darwinist person. Russia, Turkey, Iran, China and Turkic Republics should support Trump.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 15th, 2017> Click for more

Let us be close allies with Israel, Russia, China and Iran. Let us overturn the evil plots of the British Deep State.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 14th, 2017> Click for more

Turkey, Russia, China and Iran must show the highest level of support for President Trump. People against him would see the world's support then.
An Islamic Union where Turkey, Russia, China, Iran and Israel are united must be established urgently. This would end the British Deep State.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 12th, 2017> Click for more

If Turkey, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and China join forces, Islamic Union can be easily formed. There are many Muslims in China.
The Islamic Union should be immediately formed with the participation of Russia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and China.
The system of the British Deep State is based on blood and violence, but British courtesy and politeness is nice. It would be wrong to externalize this. Let's take British gentlemanship, French politeness, Italian art and beauty as example for ourselves. Russia and Iran could also do this.
Turkey must also look out for China, Russia and Iran. Turkey should always assume a humble and compassionate role. We are not after our self-interests.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 11th, 2017> Click for more

Turkey and Russia should support China as well. An alliance between Turkey, Israel, Russia, China and Iran would be a very effective and powerful alliance.
Turkey will be very strong if she allies with Russia, Israel, Iran and China. In that case, plots against her will never work.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 8th, 2017> Click for more

Rafsanjani was a very prominent name in the Turkey-Russia-Iran agreements. He said that he would never allow a Sunni-Shia war.
The death of the Iranian former President Rafsanjani should be investigated thoroughly and the possibility of an assassination should be considered as it might be a plot of the British Deep State.
May God rest the former President of Iran Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani in Heaven. We give our sincere condolences to the Iranian people.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 30th, 2016> Click for more

Let's strengthen our ties with Iran, Russia, and Azarbaijan. We must have complete cooperation on natural gas and energy sources.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 28th, 2016> Click for more

If Russia, Iran, Turkey and Israel form an alliance with the participation of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the whole world will find peace.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 25th, 2016> Click for more

An alliance between Iran, Russia and Turkey would paralyze the British Deep State. And if Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia joined, the force would be very impressive.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 22nd, 2016> Click for more

Iran and Turkey are friends. With our intellectual efforts, we’ll block attempts to drag our countries into a hostile atmosphere. Hostility against Shia and Iran is provoked by the British Deep State. The Turkish nation will not fall into this trap. Iran is our friend.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 21st, 2016> Click for more

Russia, Iran and all countries have realized the plots of the British Deep State.
If Turkey, Russia, Pakistan and Iran ally, it would be impossible for the British Deep State to target such a great force.
Russians are decent people. They struggled to make Russia and Turkey foes, yet we did not let that happen. We won’t let hostility with Iran either.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 19th, 2016> Click for more

We should act quickly to build a very strong alliance with Iran and Russia, cooperate with them in everything.
We’ll be friends with Iran, with Russia. The British Deep State is wrong to think that with their feeble games they can manipulate our people.
The British Deep State doesn't want Iran and Turkey to be friends and to ally. They stir up trouble since they cannot exploit Turkey and Iran.
Attacks against Iran and Russia started because they criticized the British Deep State. It is imperative that Turkey, Russia and Iran ally.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 17th, 2016> Click for more

It's significant that just after our explanations Khamenei stated in his today’s speech that British Shiism incites Muslims against Muslims. Khamenei stated that salvation for Islamic world against the British Deep State is possible only by Islamic Union just like we said so.
Iran and Turkey are two friend Muslim countries. Just as ISIS does not represent Sunni Islam, Shia militia do not represent Iran. Both ISIS and Shia militias are organizations led by the British Deep State. All such groups in the region are branches of the British Deep State.
The British Deep State wants to make Muslims get into conflict with other Muslims. The armies of Iran and Turkey are two of the world’s greatest armies; they want to make them fight each. Iran and Turkey, two great powers of Islamic world will not fall foul of each other, on the contrary we will be united. And we will take Russia on our side.
Iran is fed up with British Shiism. The British Deep State wants to make Shia and Sunni fight each other by using British Shiism.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 16th, 2016> Click for more

Iran should make an official call to Shia groups to pull out from Aleppo. All of them should leave and civilians should be evacuated.
The Shias murderers who massacre Muslims in Aleppo and Iraq are tyrants guided by the British Deep State. They are not real Shias, they’re MI6 Shias. We love the Iranian people, our Shia brothers. We condemn the massacres of the militia that murder people in Aleppo and Iraq.
Iran or Shia as a whole cannot be held responsible for the crimes of Shia militia, just like Turkey cannot be blamed for the persecution of Sunni terror groups.
May God allow Muslims to unite and may God join Iran and Turkey. May the whole world live in peace.
Iran is the friend of Islam. It would be wrong to harm Iranian-Turkish relations which is two countries having a centuries-old friendship.
Employing a slanderous tone against the people of Iran is obnoxious. They provoke to set against Iran and Turkey against one another.
Iran and Turkey are two brother countries. Shia and Sunni are brothers. Shias are lovers of Hazrat Ali just as Sunnis. No one should give credit to the hate speech used against Sunnis and Shias.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 15th, 2016> Click for more

Murderers sent to Iraq and Syria are in fact communists disguised as Shia, irreligious hitmen working for the British Deep State. It would be foolish to be angry at the entirety of Shia because of some murderers disguised as Shia. Iran and Turkey are friends and will build Islamic Union together.
They are trying to drive a wedge between Iran and Turkey. No matter what they do, we will remain friends with Iran. They plan to destroy Muslims after making Iran and Turkey enemies in the Middle East. To foil that plot, we will be even better friends with Iran.
Turkey and Iran will continue to remain brothers no matter what the British Deep State does to prevent it. We will not allow a conflict between Shia and Sunni.
They seek to pit Turkey and Iran against each other. If these two powers join forces, all Muslims will benefit from it. Pitting Turkey and Iran against each other is a project of the British Deep State. No one should fall into this trap. It’s wrong to be angry at the Shia or Iran for the atrocities of tyrants who pretend to be Shia.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 14th, 2016> Click for more

It is very dangerous to incite hostility against Iran. Iran has been a friendly country for thousands of years. It would be wrong to declare a country evil as a whole.
A handful of hypocrites and communists under the influence of the British Deep State cause persecution in Iran. Muslims want the betterment of everyone.
They want Turkey to be in a fight with Iran and also Sunnis to be in a fight with Shias. It is actually the British Deep State that demands this conflict between Shias and Sunnis. We won’t be fooled by this filthy sedition.
The ones carrying out this persecution are not the immaculate people living in Iran, but a handful of hypocrites organized by the British Deep State. We are against the persecutors, not Iran.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 6th, 2016> Click for more

Turkey, Iran, China and Russia must trade with their own currencies. There is no need to trade with Dollars and Euros.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 29th, 2016> Click for more

The war in Iraq and Syria would be ended if Iran, Turkey and Russia were to act in alliance.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 25th, 2016> Click for more

If Turkey strengthens trade with Iran, China and Russia, it'd be beneficial. Temporary economic crisis may occur, but Turkey will never topple.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 23rd, 2016> Click for more

If the Presidents of Turkey, the USA, Russia and Iran join forces, the Islamic Union can be easily formed. Then the spirit of the Mahdi movement will quickly spread around the world.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 18th, 2016> Click for more

Turkey should have good relations with all its neighbors. Let’s remove borders, passports, visas with Iran, Greece, Israel and Syria.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 13th, 2016> Click for more

It would be great if Russia, Turkey and Iran support Trump. We want the US to return to their former religious and happy days and to revive the American Dream.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 5th, 2016> Click for more

If Turkey, Iran and Russia form an alliance, they can render the influence of the British Deep State ineffective. It is important to behave rational and poisedly.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 4th, 2016> Click for more

It is imperative that Turkey allies with Iran and Russia. It is important that the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq are preserved.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 19th, 2016> Click for more

The British Deep State wants to incite Muslims against Muslims. Both Iran and Iraq are friends and brothers of Turkey.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 13th, 2016> Click for more

Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and all other Islamic countries should definitely unite and ally.
Turkey, Iran and Russia should definitely act in alliance. This will bring power, peace and prosperity to the region.
Dissent between Iran and Barzani would not be right. Iran, Barzani and Turkey may form a friendly alliance in the region.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 10th, 2016> Click for more

Iran should act in cooperation with Turkey both in terms of military and intelligence regarding the PKK terror organization. Iran should definitely work together with Turkey.
Russian President Putin is a brave person. Turkey’s alliance with Russia is very significant. Cooperation with Iran, Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan would be very good in the region.
Turkey should approach Iran with love and compassion and as a friend. That friendship would bring blessings.
Turkey should have a definitive stance against the separation of Syria. Turkey can act together with Russia and Iran on this matter.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 8th, 2016> Click for more

Both Iranians and Jews are religious people. Some people make a big mistake by being averse to them.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 7th, 2016> Click for more

Let us communicate with Iran for strengthening their friendship with Turkey. Iran should not give allowance to the PKK in the region.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 5th, 2016> Click for more

Iran, Syria, Iraq, India and Pakistan, all are oppressed but none of them stand against the British Deep State and ask for unity.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 27th, 2016> Click for more

If the the British Deep State is not disclosed in the real sense of the word, they also want to fragment Turkey, Iran and Russia like Syria and Iraq. The region must ally.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 26th, 2016> Click for more

It would be very beneficial for the entire region and its people if Turkey, Russia and Iran act in union.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 24th, 2016> Click for more

A new ploy is to collapse the economy and take hold of Turkey. Our nation is vigilant and will overcome this. Let's ally with Iran and Russia.
Turkey should establish a strong alliance with Russia and Iran. Shia are pure Muslims. This friendship will be of great benefit for the region.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 4th, 2016> Click for more

If Turkey, Russia, Iran and Pakistan come together and decide on it, it means the Islamic Union has been established.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 26th, 2016> Click for more

If Russia, Turkey and Iran ally, great developments will happen.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 24th, 2016> Click for more

All groups in Israel, Iran and the Middle East believe that the coming of the Mahdi is true and are enthusiastically awaiting him.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 19th, 2016> Click for more

Our sectarian differences are not important. We believe in the same Qur'an as Shiites. Let's become allies with Iran, Pakistan and Russia.

Adnan Oktar Says... August 5th, 2016> Click for more

Russia, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey must form a political, military and economic alliance as soon as possible.

 Adnan Oktar Says... June 23rd, 2016> Click for more

Certain circles sought to create sectarian clashes between Iran-Turkey. Through our intellectual efforts, we did not let that happen.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 12th, 2015> Click for more

Iran is a country that Turkey should urgently become friends with. How nice that they are all Muslims, how nice that they are all devout. How nice that they are one of the strongest military powers of the region. How nice that they have such a settled structure of state.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 15th, 2015> Click for more

Mahdi (pbuh) will be the one who will save Iran. God made Shias love him this much and they are the ones who appreciate the Mahdi. They should hold on to the Mahdi (pbuh). Yet they are only talking about the Mahdi (pbuh) very rarely; that is very bad. Especially their head of state should bring the place down with the name of the "Mahdi".
Iran should hang on to the system of the Mahdi, for the sake of God and bring it up. They should bring up that name very frequently; they will find their salvation there. However they should do so not in the form of superstitions but rationally, sincerely and scientifically. Let them do as I have said and they will see the result.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 4th, 2015> Click for more

Iran is already strong and influential in the region right now. That is because they carry an enthusiasm stemming from religion, stemming from the system of the Mahdi.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 5th, 2014> Click for more

Actually the regime in Iran is a communist regime; they likely support the PKK. That is because Iran has very close ties with all communist countries. They appear to have an Islamic regime, but in truth they have a communist regime as a foundation. But to appear reasonable to the public they present themselves as Muslims. That is the say, the state is actually communist but the people are religious.
Iran should be compassionate. They should become a European society. We should be able to go to Iran fearlessly. All women are living there in fear. Why do you impose an obligation about headscarves? Let those who want to cover their heads cover them, and let those who do not want to cover them don’t.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 27th, 2013> Click for more

There is a communist regime in Iran. A cover of Islam is being put over it; a cover of Muslims is being put over that regime. They are almost mocking religion- may God forbid. They have an expectation of a ghostly Mahdi. And they are keeping the communist system up and alive. They have formed a communist alliance with China and Russia.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 24th, 2013> Click for more

The Iranian belief of Mahdi which regards him –may God forbid- as if he is God, is very dangerous.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 13th, 2013> Click for more

Actually, Iran is the head of the whole dissension and is carrying out the protectorate of communism in the region.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 2nd, 2013> Click for more

What Iran should do is to give up that ghostly-Mahdi understanding, that polytheistic understanding of Mahdi and embrace the truthful understanding of the Mahdi that is compliant with the Qur'an and be brothers with the Islamic countries. Iran should put an end to egocentricity and fanaticism.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 23rd, 2013> Click for more

We wouldn't have a fight with Iran. We will make an alliance with Iran, insha'Allah.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 8th, 2013> Click for more

People assume that Iran is governed by shariah law. Actually Iran is a classical communist state. It is one of those countries in which irreligiousness is most widespread.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 6th, 2013> Click for more

Iran is one of those countries in which Darwinism is taught most strongly.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 16th, 2012> Click for more

While there is still time, before it is too late Turkey should unite with Iran.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 1st, 2012> Click for more

It is the Iranian deep state that is communist. Mr. Ahmadinejad is not a person within that communist structuring.
The speech Mr. Ahmadinejad gave in the UN meeting was very beautiful masha'Allah. We congratulate him. This speech of Mr. Ahmadinejad should be heard everywhere.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 29th, 2012> Click for more

It is very nice that Mr. Ahmadinejad talked about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the UN meeting. Yet it is a mistake to talk about Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) as a spirit. There is no lost Mahdi, there is the real Mahdi (pbuh) and he is in the world on his duty at the moment.
Secret, private meetings should be held for the cooperation of Turkey and Iran. To hold such secret meetings for goodness is the method of the Prophet Noah (pbuh).

Adnan Oktar Says... 29 March 2012> Click for more

THEY WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE TO FOLLOW THE MAHDI, AS YOU WILL SEE. Iran will eventually free itself of that dead-end, belief in an invisible Mahdi, and will seek the true Mahdi (pbuh) and will have to accept him, and they will abandon all nonsense.
The reason they regard Iran as a threat is their belief in the invisible Mahdi. This faith in an invisible Mahdi in Iran resembles making a wish by fastening rags on a tree.
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"Bizim bir arada olma amacımız örgüt kurmak değil. ilmi mücadele...
"Biz birbirimizi Allah için seven.. arkadaşlarız"
"Polisler geldi, hangi eve operasyon yapacağız derlerken, balkona çıkıp...
"Biz örgüt değiliz"
"Devletimizi desteklediğimiz çok hayırlı faaliyetlerimiz var, Bunlar...
"Biz Allah`tan Razıyız Allah da Bizlerden Razı olur inşaAllah"
"İddia edildiği gibi katı bir ortam olsa 40-50 yıl niye kalalım?"
"Neden cömertsin?" diye soruyorlar
"İngiliz Derin Devleti bunu duyunca çıldırdı..."
"Biz Milli değerler etrafında birleşmiş bir sivil toplum kuruluşuyuz"
"Bir imza atıp dışarı çıkmayı ben de bilirim. Ama iftira büyük suçtur."
"Ben varlıklı bir aileden geliyorum, Saat koleksiyonum var"
"Silahlı suç örgütü iddiası tamamen asılsızdır, yalandır, iftiradır."
"Bizim yaptığımız tek şey Allah'ın yaratışını anlatmaktır."
"Almanya'da İslamofobi var, İslam düşmanları var..."
Bir örgüt olsak devlet bizimle faaliyette bulunur mu?
"Ben Sayın Adnan Oktar `dan hiçbir zaman Şiddet, Eziyet, Baskı görmedim."
Adnan Oktar davasının ilk duruşması bugün yapıldı.
Adnan Oktar'ın itirafçılığa zorlanan arkadaşlarına sosyal medyadan destek...
Adnan Oktar suç örgütü değildir açıklaması.
Adnan Oktar'ın cezaevinden Odatv'ye yazdığı mektubu
Adnan Oktar'dan Cumhurbaşkanı Sayın Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'a mektup
Casuslukla suçlanmışlardı, milli çıktılar.
TBAV çevresinden "Bizler suç örgütü değiliz,kardeşiz" açıklaması
Bu sitelerin ne zararı var!
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşları 15 Temmuz'da ne yaptılar?
Sibel Yılmaztürk'ün cezaevinden mektubu
İğrenç ve münasebsiz iftiraya ağabey Kenan Oktar'dan açıklama geldi.
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarına Emniyet Müdürlüğü önünde destek ve açıklama...
Adnan Oktar hakkında yapılan sokak röportajında vatandaşların görüşü
Karar gazetesi yazarı Yıldıray Oğur'dan Adnan Oktar operasyonu...
Cumhurbaşkanı Sayın Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'dan Adnan Oktar ile ilgili...
Ahmet Hakan'nın Ceylan Özgül şüphesi.
HarunYahya eserlerinin engellenmesi, yaratılış inancının etkisini kırmayı...
Kedicikler 50bin liraya itirafçı oldu.
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarına yönelik operasyonda silahlar ruhsatlı ve...
FETÖ'cü savcının davayı kapattığı haberi asılsız çıktı.
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarının davasında mali suç yok...
Cemaat ve Vakıfları tedirgin eden haksız operasyon: Adnan Oktar operasyonu...
Tutukluluk süreleri baskı ve zorluk ile işkenceye dönüşüyor.
Adnan Oktar’ın Cezaevi Fotoğrafları Ortaya Çıktı!
"Milyar tane evladım olsa, milyarını ve kendi canımı Adnan Oktar'a feda...
Adnan Oktar davasında baskı ve zorla itirafçılık konusu tartışıldı.
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarının davasında iftiracılık müessesesine dikkat...
Adnan Oktar davasında hukuki açıklama
Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarının Masak Raporlarında Komik rakamlar
Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarının tutukluluk süresi hukuku zedeledi.
Adnan Oktar'ın Museviler ile görüşmesi...
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarına yönelik suçlamalara cevap verilen web sitesi...
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarına karşı İngiliz Derin Devleti hareketi!
Adnan Oktar iddianamesinde yer alan şikayetçi ve mağdurlar baskı altında...
Adnan Oktar iddianamesi hazırlandı.
Adnan Oktar ve Nazarbayev gerçeği!
En kolay isnat edilen suç cinsel suçlar Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarına...
Adnan Oktar kaçmamış!
Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarının ilk duruşma tarihi belli oldu.
Adnan Oktar ve FETÖ bağlantısı olmadığı ortaya çıktı.
Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarına yönelik suçlamaların iftira olduğu anlaşıldı.
"Bizler Suç Örgütü Değiliz..."