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According to the Torah, those who will have a profound comprehension of the Mahdi's teachings first will be women.

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The beautiful aspect of the Gospel is that it talks a lot about love. The Gospel talks a lot about affection, friendship, forgiveness and brotherhood. It is very refreshing in that respect. It is very pleasant.

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The Qur’an is pure revelation. That is why those who read the Torah should definitely read it with the Qur’an. Those who read the Gospels should read it with the Qur’an. Or else they might get confused and be misinformed, may God forbid.

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There is an amazing coding-cypher system in the Torah regarding the future and regarding the names of individuals.

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Muslims are obliged to observe the true parts of the Torah. A Muslim cannot deny the true parts of the Torah and would also observe the true parts of the Gospel.

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It is an abnormal behavior to be afraid of the Gospel and the Torah; it is savagery. Communist books are being distributed and certain people are keeping their silence to those books.

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The Torah is valid. Which parts of it are not valid? Those parts that are not compliant with the Qur'an. If there is a stipulation that is in conflict with the Qur'an, in conflict with what is Right, the Qur'an brings an explanation to it.
There are corrupted passages in the Torah and there are the true passages. Those passages that are in compliance with the Qur'an are valid.

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Qur'an wouldn't contradict the Torah. The contradictory parts are those that are corrupted in the Torah. But the Qur'an and the Torah affirms each other in major matters. The commands in the Torah are exactly the same in the Qur'an.

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Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not someone who entirely rejects the Torah. He embraces the just sections of the Torah and the Gospel. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will advocate the just sections of the Torah and the Gospel, insha’Allah.

24 July 2011; A9 TV> Click for more

THE GOSPEL IS A LIGHT. IT SHEDS LIGHT ON THE HEART. Allah praises the Gospel in the Qur’an. When one rejects His book one has in any case abandoned the faith. But one must read and understand the true parts, those parts that have not been corrupted and are compatible with the Qur’an.
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