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If you are looking for the Mahdi's group, God presents evidence in the Qur’an. He says, “Follow those who do not ask you for any wage” When we look at religious scholars and teachers, we see that almost all of them are getting paid: Ninety nine percent of them are getting paid. If you want to find the Mahdi group, you will recognize them when they don’t ask for a wage.

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Those following the Mahdi, those who are God-fearing are the students of the Mahdi (pbuh) and - God willing- they are the people of Heaven. Our Prophet (saas) refers to those 313 students as the center.

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The students of the Mahdi(pbuh) are under the protection of God.

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People will approach the community of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) with suspicion as well. The whole Islamic world will have suspicions about them, and because of those suspicions they will only be 313 people.

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People Almighty God has specifically created recognize the Mahdi (pbuh) and accept him because this is in their destiny. Or else satan will try to create an enormous resistance in people against the Mahdi; it will whisper into their ears saying; “Upon my word do not approach him Beware, he is very dangerous.” God will only gather his sincere students around him.

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God does not only send Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), but He also sends Hazrat Mahdi's students as well. People might assume that it is only Hazrat Mahdi that is being sent but that is not the case. His 313 students are sent specifically as well.

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The students of the Mahdi are striving with all their might to get rid of this policy of hatred all over the world.

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Patience and determination are two characteristics of the students of the Mahdi (pbuh).
Both the People of Ar-Raqim [Inscription] and the People of the Cave consist of young people. The People of Ar-Raqim are the students of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and the People of the Cave are the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

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Love is the main characteristic of the community of the Mahdi; God loves them and they love God.
The bigots and the radicals of the End Times would have a great egocentricity, they would put on airs and would get wild and act like Pharaohs; some of them will. But the students of the Mahdi will be humble and loving. Towards whom? Towards Muslims.
The students of the Mahdi (pbuh) would not fear the blame of any censurer, on the contrary they would be encouraged by them and act more fervently. That is because the community of the Mahdi is the community that would be blamed. Apart from those 313, everyone would be blaming them.

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The students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are very loyal to their Master. They are very much committed to eachother. The students of the Mahdi are geniune Muslims.

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313 people that will accompany Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be people who have complete faith in Allah.
Bediuzzaman calls the students of Mahdi "sacred flowers."
The radiant individuals Bediuzzaman refers to are Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his students.
There is Mahdi (pbuh), there are the students of the Mehdi (pbuh) and there is a collective identity consisting of all these.

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The committee of the dajjal (antichrist) and the dajjal will attempt to exert pressure on Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his students in order to prohibit their just and right activities, they will threaten them and attempt to cast them out according to their own twisted minds. Under such conditions the students of Hazrat Mahdi will continue their scientific struggle with love, compassion, reason, science and culture. That is the reason of the increase in their good deeds, their being the lions of the End Times, their being worshippers at night, their being appraised; that is the reason why they attain more good deeds than the Companions.

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Mahdi (pbuh) and his students are very brave, courageous and intrepid in their nature.

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Intend is very important. Looking for the Mahdi (pbuh), loving the Mahdi (pbuh).. If one knows that Mahdi is alive, in his soul he should experience that submission and that wholehearted love towards him. If that is case, our Prophet (saas) says that such a person would attain merits just like he would attain if he had spent all his life striving on the side of the army of Mahdi.

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Some people will attempt humiliate the students of the Mahdi, including Mahdi (pbuh) himself and they will be oppressed. Some people will attempt to crush them with insults, slanders and conspiracies. But in the end Islam will prevail in the world insha'Allah.

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According to what has been foretold in the Hadiths; The students of the Mahdi will be tested with diseases and with sorrow. With the appearance of Mahdi (pbuh) Allah will take away diseases and the sorrow from them.

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Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is, as the Bediuzzaman has put it, an "extra-ordinary individual."
The Surat Al-Kafh refers to the system of the Mahdi from the beginning till the end. Our Prophet (saas) informed us in the hadiths that the People of the Cave will be the helpers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

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Patience and perseverance are the characteristics of the students of Mahdi.

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Our Prophet (saas) declared that the Muslims in the End Times will gather fifty times more merits than the Companions.
For the Muslims in the End Times Our Prophet (saas) says that; "they are like lions by day and devout believers by night."

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We are the community of Hazrat Mahdi (as), we are the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as), insha’Allah. We consider being a martyr the greatest honor. We consider it an honor to be imprisoned.

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Great ideals, great cases are not dealt through logic. This is also the case with the system of Mahdi. What can be accomplished with 313 people? In compliance with logic, nothing can be done. But it can be accomplished by wisdom.

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Being a follower of the Mahdi (pbuh) is a question of having that bestowed on one. It either happens or it doesn’t. All things happen as Allah decrees. In the same way that Allah decrees who is the Mahdi (pbuh), so He decrees who will be his followers.
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