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To have martyrs is an honor for our nation. We are proud of our brave heroes. May God deem their martyrdom blessed. May God give their families long, auspicious, long lives. We envy both our veterans and our martyrs. Every moment of the lives of our veterans brings a great amount of good deeds for them. God has granted them a beautiful rank masha’Allah.

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The martyrdom of our heroes is a matter of pride for our nation. How nice is it that they already attained Heaven and have met our Prophet and other martyrs. We are still here waiting, we would insha’Allah join them if they call us. May God give a beautiful patience to their families and surround them with auspiciousness and beauty.

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Our martyrs are the honor and pride of our nation. Giving martyrs is not something we would be weary about. We are a nation that has given 200 thousand martyrs in Çanakkale. We have given ten thousands of martyrs in a single pitched battle. Our country, our state, our flag and our nation are sacred for us. We would never let anyone speak impertinently about God, about our homeland, about our state and nation. We would not let any attempt against them. We would never ever give away a single stone of our homeland. Asking for kilometers long land or a single stone doesn’t make any difference for us. All 83 million of us would lovingly choose martyrdom instead of having our homeland divided. Trying to wear down our government by using the number of our heroic martyrs as a pretext is a dissension, a fitna. If they imagine that we would say ‘we have given too many martyrs, we should give up this struggle,’ they are wrong. To protect our homeland, our flag, our state and nation we would altogether be martyrs if need be.

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May God bless the martyrdom of all our soldiers who’ve been martyred. We cherish and celebrate their martyrdom. May God make our army victorious in the air, on the sea and on the land.

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May God bless and approve the martyrdom of our heroic soldiers who’ve been martyred today. May God bestow a beautiful patience, peace and abundance to their families. As a nation, we have come to these days giving martyrs all the way since the battle of Malazgirt. That is an honor for our nation. May God bless the honorable campaign of our glorious army.

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May God bless the martyrdom of our heroic soldiers. May God give their families a beautiful patience. What a beautiful rank they have been given, may God bless us with that beautiful rank as well.

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Our martyrs are the pride and honor of our nation. How happy they are that they have reached Heaven and the Messenger of God. Our trial on this world is going on while they are dining at the dinner tables in Heaven. They have thus concluded their trial honorably. May God give their families auspicious and long lives.

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May God bless the martyrdom of our brave soldiers who’ve been martyred during the Olive Branch Operation. We admire every single one of them, they are our brave heroes.

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We celebrate the martyrdom of our martyr Mustafa Özalkan. May God grant us the honor of being a martyr as well.

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May God bless the martyrdom of our martyrs. They have lived like lions and have reached God like the lions they are. How happy they are that they have directly become the people of heaven. May God give health, welfare, goodness and auspicious long lives and a beautiful patience to their families. We pray God over and over again that He blesses the martyrdom of our martyrs.

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It is not acceptable to weep for martyrs; we can only congratulate their martyrdom.

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Hundreds of thousands of our people were martyred in the Battle of Gallipoli yet we’ve never shed a tear. Martyrdom is an honor and a source of joy for our noble nation.

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According to Islam, to the Qur’an, it is wrong to grieve for a martyr. A true believer is proud of martyrdom.
A martyr is guaranteed to go to Heaven. It’s wrong to cry for a person that is in Heaven. Everyone should be happy about martyrdom.

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We congratulate the martydom of our martyrs. It’s a great blessing that we admire. May God give a blessed life to their families.

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May God grant us the honor of martyrdom as well.

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This world is transient and the trial here is difficult. How nice that our martyrs are blessed with a beautiful rank, we envy the rank they are given.

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We congratulate the blessed ranks of our martyrs who lost their lives serving our country. May God accept their martyrdom.

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Those who lose their lives in earthquakes are considered as martyrs. Those who are injured are considered as ghazis and the properties lost are rewarded as alms by God’s leave.

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Three of my very close friends have been martyred. Martyrdom is a celebration for us and we do not cry after those who are blessed with Heaven, we rejoice at their martyrdom.
Martyrdom is a great honour. Such an happiness for them to be with Allah now. May Allah grant patience and long lifetime to their loved ones.

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In the dimension of the martyrs, there is nothing to be sad about. And their bodies, their souls cannot feel sad anyway. They feel only joy.
There is fear and worry in this world. But in the dimension of the martyrs, they only feel joy and happiness.

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I constantly speak about the greatness of the rank of the martyrs. And I have repeatedly said I wanted to be a martyr myself.
Dying as a martyr is the greatest honor; it’s a blessing that a Muslim would most desire. What befits a valiant man is martyrdom.

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In the realm of the martyrs the logic of this world is totally altered. In fact the life in this world is similar to the kingdom of dreams.
The realm of the martyrs is glorified place; martyrs continue their worship fastidiously there.
There is no gloom and sadness in the realm of the martyrs. Martyrs are always in delight.

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Martyrdom is a reason for joy. Martyrdom is an honor. It is wrong to grieve after martyrs; grieving is a pagan tradition.

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For a believer martyrdom is a wedding, it is not a funeral. Martyrs are alive.

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Our martyrs who made their bodies shields before the coup plotters are lambs in Heaven. All of them are lions and so courageous.

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Mourning is unlawful according to religion, it is an ancient pagan custom. As the ancient Sumerians, ancient Egyptians, Persians, Hittites did not believe in the afterlife, in martyrdom, they considered death as a disaster. They would cry as to rebel against God. Us Muslims regard martyrdom as [achieving] an honorable rank.

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On account of their trust in God, Muslims are joyful in their lives. They are joyous when they are struggling for the sake of God or when they are martyred. They never lose their inner sense of happiness, joyfulness. However, those who are faint of faith becomes paralyzed; they feel at a loss, they panic, they cry and lead their lives in a state of unhappiness and fear.

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Who would want to die in bed? Martyrdom (Shahada) and dying while struggling for the cause of God is the best way to die.

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God appreciates martyrdom and getting wounded in His way. He appreciates preaching religion until late at night. What God also likes is the effortful search for His love. Only then God bestows this love and passion to those who are worthy.

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The families of our martyrs should never be left alone. Their homes should be like prayer houses. They should be immaculate, sparking clean places in which God's Name is mentioned every day. Their visitors should clean the house for everyone. They should say, "Mother, let us clean the house for you." They should do the dishes if there is the need to do so, they should cook for them if they don't have food.

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God loves self-devotion, self sacrifice. That is why God loves martyrdom. This is one of the beauties God loves the most. God calls it "one of the two best things." God calls martyrdom and becoming disabled while striving on the Path of God as the two best things. That is one's losing his arm, his leg on the Path of God. God likes this very much.

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Martyrdom is something to rejoice in. It is an honor, a blessing; it is not something to mourn about. Only idolaters mourn about death. Only unbelievers cry for such things. In the Qur’an God says, “Let them laugh less and cry a lot.” And what do you say? You say, “Do not laugh!” God says that for idolaters. Muslims do laugh, and they only cry out of love for God.

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The families of our martyrs are the first ones invited to all our conferences.

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Our honor, our pride, our dignity, our homeland, nation, our flag, our Lord, our Book; these are what life is for us. We can give our lives for Allah without batting an eyelid. We are living for Allah anyway.

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Our martyrs have submitted their lives to Allah for this homeland. No one can dare to bring us an offer for separation.

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Crying for martyrs would make the antichrist happy. It is not acceptable to cry after the post of martyrdom Allah has praised. We consider all those who cry out of excitement clear of this.
Martyrdom is an honor. Mourning after a martyr will be impertinent towards that exalted rank.

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The compassion and interest shown to the families of martyrs is a requisite of morality and faith and being a Muslim.
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