First-time explanations by Adnan Oktar

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (31 October 2016)



In the end times, hypocrites are enjoying an immense advantage. The telephone and Internet. Internet is the most significant weapon of the Mahdi movement. It is the beast of the earth to Mahdi. However, it is a significant weapon for the hypocrites as well. This is the method hypocrites' employ; they create a real social media account. Over that account, they act like nationalists, Muslims who uphold sacred religious values and oppose alcohol, homosexuality, the Rumi philosophy, the British deep state etc. But on their fake accounts, we witness racist, anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim, dishonorable, snobbish, devious, foul-mouthed pretentious characters that advocates homosexuality, the British deep state, Darwinism and tries to make up for their inferiority complex by delusions of grandeur. But on their real accounts, we see completely different, unrecognizable people. This is a huge weapon for hypocrites. On their real accounts, they don fake identities. On their fake accounts, they show their true faces. Hypocrites don fake personalities on their real accounts and show their real faces on their fake accounts. And they establish over their fake accounts an immense network of dishonorable people just like themselves. We see that they flatter or try to ingratiate themselves with all sorts of fraudsters or homosexuals or the admirers of the British deep state. Do you see what qualities the weapon takes on when used by hypocrites? Their fake accounts are actually their real ones while their real accounts are actually their fake ones. Also, they have myriads of fake accounts. Forty, fifty, sixty, a hundred of them. What is more that these simpletons back up their accounts with their fake ones, leaving comments such as "You are great, you are magnificent, your magnificence is unmatched." All sorts of compliments you can think of. For example, hypocrites present themselves as classy, distinguished people over their real accounts. But on their fake accounts, the number of which can reach hundreds of thousands, they unleash their dishonorable, insolent, vile and ignoble personalities. Their real accounts display honest, proper people whereas their fake accounts reveal a truly treacherous, double-faced, perfidious and foul character. One can find all sorts of villainy and malice on those accounts. For that reason, we see once more that the Internet is the greatest weapon of hypocrites as well. We see that, while they seemingly support, watch over and love Muslims on their real accounts, they reveal themselves to be foul-mouthed Muslim haters on their fake accounts. We see that they venomously attack Muslims. For the sake of argument let's say that they appear to be nationalists who support the Nationalist Movement Party [a Turkish political party] or its nationalist youth movement. Yet, on their fake accounts, we see them turn into these treacherous lot who are irreligious, anti-nationalist and anti-patriotic. Therefore, keeping in mind hypocrites' effective and extensive use of the Internet, one should develop their outlook on the Internet accordingly. Because currently, the Internet is causing the greatest damage, and through such a method are hypocrites able to find a ground. For example when hypocrites masquerade as Muslims, they identify all other Muslims in no time as Muslims are very friendly and immediately strike friendships with them. The entire Muslim community keeps in touch with and is supportive of them. Thus, the hypocrites are able to examine Muslims social media accounts and learn about their private lives and personality traits. They take advantage of the information in various ways including spying activities, treacherous deeds, in identifying Muslims' weak points if any and utilize it in attacking them, and in their effort to sap the morale and upset the balance of Muslim communities. In short, the Internet grants them vast opportunities. For that reason, Muslims have to be extra careful against such schemes of hypocrites. They should particularly pursue a rational policy to expose hypocrites' fake accounts that are connected with their real ones. Since hypocrites are witless, they do not deem it likely that their fake accounts might be traced back to their real ones. So they ceaselessly praise themselves over the fake accounts of their own. Do these fools never realize how obvious it gets when those fake accounts praise no one but them? When all these accounts do is to flatter homosexuals here and there and exclusively praise them, then it is clearly their doing. Isn't it? If the tone these fake accounts use suits hypocrites' convenience, if they say what hypocrites exactly want them to say and are of the same mentality, if they act the way hypocrites want them to act, and if they praise the way hypocrites desire to be praised - because those who praise them do so the way hypocrites want them to... These accounts reflect a personality that exactly suits hypocrites' desires; for example, if hypocrites need them to be homosexual, they masquerade as homosexuals, if they need them to be Darwinists, they masquerade as such. If they need them to act like sycophants of the British deep state, then they act so. If these accounts become whatever hypocrites need them to be, then it is quite obvious that they themselves orchestrate these accounts. Hypocrites are so dimwitted that this fact goes over their heads. Such people are in abundance on the Internet in Pakistan, India, Egypt etc. If they have a thousand real accounts, their fake accounts are as numerous as millions. Thus, they come across as a tremendous force, whereas they are just a small group. Hypocrites constitute a small community, but on the Internet, they turn into a force to be reckoned with. Every one of them has a couple hundred fake account and they believe that, in this way, they can achieve their ends.

For instance, they say 'I am against wine as it is unlawful', but over their fake accounts, they rave about wine. This is a mentality reminiscence of the Rumi philosophy. And since hypocrites believe they go unnoticed, they are filled with a sense of bliss peculiar to hypocrites. Because they think they manage to act covertly. They are like a lab monkey with its head hidden but its tail showing, but they are not even aware of it. Hypocrites are like bloodhounds Muslims surveil, observe and use in tracking down satan. That is why Muslims nurture hypocrites among themselves; they use them to catch other hypocrites and the irreligious. This is one of the characteristics of hypocrites. Because only a hypocrite can easily detect another hypocrite. Muslims have a hard time detecting hypocrites. For that reason, since the presence of hypocrites is a must for every Muslim community, God creates hypocrites among them. Muslims should make good use of hypocrites as they are like skilled, high-quality hounds employed in catching other hypocrites. They are skilled dogs. Through them, it is possible to elicit all the information regarding every abnormal activity of hypocrites and disbelievers alike, as well as their malicious deeds, meeting points etc. It is quite hard for us to discover all these information on our own.

On their real accounts, they show support for Israel and the Jews, but on their fake accounts, they attack them like rabid dogs. On their real accounts they are against drinking wine, but on their fake ones, they extol it. On their real accounts, they are against homosexuals, but on their fake ones, they are fervent homosexuality advocates. This malicious and evil throng exists all across the world. So Muslims should keep this in mind and take due steps and measures.

For example, hypocrites pretend to be highly pious people on their real accounts, but on their fake ones, they mock religion and Islam in their own way, because they reveal their hypocritical subconscious on their fake accounts. For that reason, these fake accounts are like maps to the villainy of hypocrites. They exhibit the full extent of their malice over these accounts despite their apparent reservation. Following those who advocate this philosophy, this mentality will suffice to become acquainted with the hypocrite's spirit.



One of the methods used by hypocrites is that they have their photos taken with a pose of themselves reading books written by homosexuals or people who rejects religion and God; but they do this in a way that do not obviously draw people's attention to the book, but they rather appear to share an innocent picture of themselves merely reading a book. But upon closer look, we see that the book they are holding is in fact written by an atheist, disbeliever, or a spy of the British deep state, or a Darwinist, a materialist, or a member of the PKK, or someone that is against Islam. This is one of their methods. Or they share the picture of a sculpture made by an anti-Islamic sculptor. They write down the name of the sculpture with an emphasis on how wonderful a work of art it is. Those who see the picture wonder about the sculpture, and when they go to his website, they are introduced to a world devoid of religion. This is another method they employ in their supposedly subtle anti-religious propaganda. Muslims need to be very careful about it. At first glance, one thinks they simply wish to display a photo of their homes or themselves and used the book as a mere prop for their photos. Whereas, their actual intention is to promote the book itself. By doing so, they seek to hint at the author the fact that they are of the same mentality On top of that, others who view the picture wonder about the book and check it up on the Internet. And upon finding it, they come across the author’s website and are introduced to his ideas. This is an insidious method. Muslims should remain vigilant about it. This is one of the secret and sinister methods employed in subliminal reconstruction. For example, hypocrites share the picture of a sculpture acclaiming its intricate details, whereas, in reality, that sculpture is dedicated to homosexuality. And finding it beautiful, some Muslims take that image of that sculpture and share it on their own social media accounts, unknowingly carrying out homosexuality propaganda or atheist propaganda. Muslims should be mindful of such insidious methods of hypocrites. If hypocrites praise someone, know that there is definitely a malicious intention behind it. Every name, every speech, every work of art, be it a painting or a sculpture, they share should be approached with caution and interpreted meticulously. Because, subliminal reconstructing is a crucial method employed by hypocrites. They do this worldwide. I take a look at the members of the British deep state and see that they come out in the name of Islam, claim that they are the followers of Rumi philosophy, but at the same time, they carry out a heavy Buddhism propaganda. The Rumi philosophy and Buddhism are two significantly different things. They seemingly claim to be not only Muslim, but Sufi or Mawlawi, sub-sects of Islam. They have not only become Muslims, but immersed into Islamic mysticism; in other words, they are devout Muslims. However, by adopting the Rumi philosophy, they utterly reject Islam; as for their Buddhist propaganda, they do so simply to cause confusion, not because they truly believe in it.



Said Nursi says, "Materialism is a spiritual plague..." In other words, Darwinism and materialist thinking. "...that has infected man with a terrible fever..." He says humanity is shivering in the wake of the destruction this plague has wrought. "...causing him to be visited by divine wrath." In other words, he says that a major disaster has befallen the nations of the earth, such as wars, conflicts, suffering, the high cost of living. "The more the ability to inculcate and criticize expands, so does that plague spread." In other words, he says that materialism thrives on inculcation and criticism. (Letters, Seeds of Reality) For that reason, Muslims should pay extra attention to the inculcation method of hypocrites. They usually employ the method of subliminal suggestion. They are indeed nefarious. One would think that they are delightfully reading a book, -I am referring to hypocrites; otherwise anyone can read a book. That does not necessarily make them hypocrites- but upon closer inspection, the book they read turns out to be written by an atheist. You claim to be a Muslim, you traitor; what are you implying by doing so? They believe that it will go unnoticed, but zooming in on the image gives it away. Look, it is impossible to make out the book when the image is small. But of course people wonder about what book they are reading, and upon zooming in on the image, it turns out to be a book by an atheist writer. This time, people wonder about the subject matter of the book. Do you see their insidious tactics? And when they delve on the writer, they are exposed to his ideas. This is one of the subtlest methods of hypocrites. Most of their methods are in this vein. This is how they improve their inculcation ability. The other is criticism. Hypocrites constantly criticize people. Believers, too, criticize. But hypocrites' criticism has a destructive nature. It aims to destroy, to promote villainy, not mend or restore. "Why haven't you adopted Darwinism, materialism, homosexuality yet?" This is their way of criticizing. Their intention is not the betterment of others.



Hypocrites are all-around thieves, in that they not only steal material properties of others, but the ideological ones as well. For example, they take writings of others and present to others as if their own. As they seek to make themselves look clever, wise, sophisticated and cultured, they try to achieve this by writing articles that have actually been stolen from others. Hypocrites are generally obtuse people. But they try to make themselves look powerful by plagiarizing the properties, ideas and opinions of others. Hypocrites have a pilfered notion of wealth. They make themselves look much different than who they are. For example, they are normally uncultivated, unenlightened people, but they present themselves as refined and sophisticated. They are normally unintelligent, but they pretend to be smart. For that reason, they plagiarize the ideas of others and put them down on paper as their own ideas. This is another way to identify hypocrites. Hypocrites steal both objects and ideas. One can easily identify hypocrites by their tendency to plagiarize. Look, this is a glaring, tangible example. They present the articles of others as their own. This is also true for the objects they have stolen from others. Since their souls have a tendency towards everything that is unlawful, they have a penchant for theft too. For example, they come across an analysis or an article regarding a topical issue. They convey this information to others as if it has been their idea all along. But it is not their own idea. They plagiarized it. Or they take an excerpt from someone else's article. And oblivious to the fact of the matter, people compliment them on their article. However, if they thought about, they would quickly realize that it is plagiarized. Because it is not written in that hypocrites' usual style. It is not something they could come up with.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (29 October 2016)



One should take note of every aspect of hypocrites' lives. For example hypocrites consider the institution of marriage as an important weapon. In a way, the institution of marriage is like the stronghold of hypocrisy. It is a source of happiness for Muslims, but a stronghold for hypocrites. Hypocrites are not concerned about Islamic community. They only concern themselves with their families. Islam is based on the principle of guardianship, that is protecting all Muslims. In the Islamic system, all Muslims constitute a single, full family, consisting of fathers, sons, brothers, mothers, daughters and sister. Whereas for hypocrites, they are only concerned with their own family. Theirs is an egoistical entity. For example, fascism is national egotism where one deems their own nation superior to others. This manifests itself as familial egotism in hypocrites. They are only concerned with their own families since they see their wives and children as property. They also have actual, physical properties, possessions upon which they have built the prospect of an infinite life. They think that even if they die, their children will inherit their possessions, also inheriting their lives, thus they believe they can reach eternity. They built all aspects of their lives around their own family. For example, the Messenger of God (saas) says; "There is an attack that targets all of the Muslims, regardless of age or gender." A hypocrite asks, "Alright, but what about my family? I will go to war to fight against them, but what will happen to my family?" He continues, "My house will be left unprotected. My house is important." The Messenger of God (saas) responds, "Look, we will save all the houses," to which the hypocrite says, "I only want to save my own house." Or for example, when the Messenger of God (saas) says, "Let's go and bring salvation to all the Muslims, this is what the spirit of guardianship calls for." But a hypocrite says, "I cannot go out to fight in the heat."  Because he does not care about the institution of Muslims, he only cares about his own.



Hypocrites says, "I do not think that the Judgment Day will arrive, but even if it does, I believe that my life in the Hereafter will be as nice as it is in here." This is a characteristic of hypocrites which is disclosed in the verse of the Qur'an. They say, "I do not think that the Judgment Day will come, but even if it does, I believe that my life will be just as wonderful in the Hereafter."



Hypocrites do not trust in God. As they are extremely afraid of death and their future, out of a bestial instinct and fear, and a mental state brought about by their distrust in God, hypocrites only trust in their family and think that their salvation lies in them. They believe that their spouses, their children will save them. Contrarily, believers trust in God because their children might die one day, so might their spouses; or things might no go as planned and they might have a divorce. Anything can happen. Or their spouses might leave the house. Their children might abandon them; anything can happen. There are occasions where children abandon their parents even on their deathbeds.  Some leave them to die so that they can inherit the money of their parents. It's the way the world turns. But believers trust in God, so they do not look to their children, their family to save them; they look to God and and trust in all Muslims as a community. Thus, they put their trust in hundreds or millions of Muslims, but of course they do so as a means to worship God. However, since hypocrites merely trust in their families, the institution of marriage becomes an obsession to the point of insanity. It turns into a mad and instinctive goal. As God says in the verse of the Qur'an; "If your fathers or your sons or your brothers or your wives or your tribe...or any business you fear may slump..." In the Qur'an, God explicates a family system, describing in full detail all the characteristics of the family with all its perks.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 October 2016)



We always talk about how hypocrites are a threat against adults, but they pose a major threat to children, as well. Hypocrites are dangerous for orphaned little children as they are utterly defenseless. Adults or communities are capable of defending themselves against hypocrites, whereas children are not. Therefore, God says that the conflicts within hypocrites themselves are quite violent. They fight like cats and dogs among themselves out of their vicious and vile dispositions. We should lay particular emphasis on protecting children against hypocrites. Let's imagine a male hypocrite and a weak-willed woman who has a couple of children; he tells the woman, "Divorce your husband and I will marry you. I will take care of your children." What this woman does is a risky move. The woman believes in him and divorces her husband. This, in fact, is a characteristic; to subvert people's established systems and disturb their peace and wellbeing. He persuades the woman to divorce her husband, saying, "I will take care of your children." Then, that person turns into a terrible menace, a terrible disaster to those children. He beats the children, swears at them, and -God forbid- tries to violate them; he commits all sorts of vile deeds. Likewise, female hypocrites are incredibly dangerous as well. For example, a female hypocrite tells a weak-willed married man with children to divorce his wife and marry her instead. She reassures him that she will take care of his children. That hypocrite woman spells doom for those children in every sense of the word. She is a great menace capable of many despicable deeds, capable of ruining those children's lives both spiritually and physically. And children are vulnerable against hypocrites. It is children that are at greatest risk. Therefore, protecting children is the paramount concern in the case of a hypocrite attack. One must be extremely cautious when dealing with them. Because, a hypocrite man tells the woman -with a hypocritical disposition- "You are a terrific woman, you are like Cleopatra," -in his own way comparing her to some people- "but you are wasting your potential. You are very clever, a genius; stop wasting your potential, come join me." If you pay attention to the correspondence between hypocrites, they are riddled with lonely woman waiting at the door in a sense of urgency, covered in blood. I am sure you have noticed this entrapping tone, mentality in myriad places many times. And if the woman has a hypocritical tendency, then she might end up entrapped out of her egocentricity. Because, he flatters her saying, "You are the finest, the smartest." Even large sums of money cannot produce the same result. Because he gets his hooks in her, grapples her evil hook and lifts her up. Egocentricity is the most vulnerable point of a hypocritical woman, hearing that she is the greatest. Being called "the greatest" infatuates them. This is also true for hypocritical men, that when they are told, "You are the greatest, your grandeur is unparalleled," they too lose their minds. It is quite cheap to enthrall hypocrites; there is no need to pay them any money. For that reason, hypocrites are like pigs that are sold off cheap. They are easy to satisfy and can be used in all sorts of vile deeds. For example, male and female hypocrites have always cost little to employ on the British deep state's part. None has become rich; all have lived in misery. The British deep state has always ensured their loyalty by feeding their egos. To give an example of the methods the deep state uses; they introduce hypocrites to the head of a state, which excites them immensely and leads them to think, "I must be a very important person". However, for the sake of argument, let's assume that the head of the state is a homosexual. A homosexual, murderous creature exalts you, so what? What if he is an important person? How can you fall for such flattery, regardless of how much he praises or exalts you? Of course, I do not imply that homosexuals should suffer beatings, ill-treatment or persecution. I do not wish any of it upon them, but their constitution as described in the Qur'an must be told as it is to the people. For example God calls homosexuality "an obscenity" in the Qur'an and this should be related as it is. This is not an insult, but rather a description of the foul deed. Because this is how God describes it in the Qur'an. This is not an insult, but describing an existing circumstance. God does not ask believers to beat, persecute or kill homosexuals either. To do so is utterly unacceptable, and we will not tolerate anyone who does so.

The 1st and 3rd verses of Surah al-Ma'un -I seek refuge in God from satan- "Have you seen him who denies the religion?" A characteristic of hypocrites. "He is the one who harshly rebuffs the orphan," notice how hypocrites inflict torment on orphans, on children. "…harshly rebuffs..." In other words, hypocrites might beat, curse or even kill them. They might violate them, sexually abuse them; they might commit all sorts of immoral deeds. "And does not urge the feeding of the poor." Since hypocrites are quite fond of wealth and property, they do not want to share their possessions with anyone. If they have to do so, it physically hurts hypocrites. In fact, everything hurts hypocrites. Reading the Qur'an, listening to the signs of hypocrisy or having to share their possessions all hurts them physically. Failing to fulfill something that they covet hurts them. Hypocrites have an infinite, insane ambition. Not all but most of the homosexuals have insane souls and a tendency towards committing suicide or homicide. This is a well-known fact covered by all psychiatry textbooks. They have an aggressive and unpredictable temper. Not all, but the majority of them are that way. With these personality attributes, satan portrays us the exact homosexual culture and mentality. Because, satan is the original homosexual. Homosexuals come in both genders, male and female. Female homosexuals are particularly supportive of male homosexuals. If you have taken notice, they always strike intimate friendships with them. Homosexual women constantly look for and seek out homosexuals. On the internet, one can see how close they are with homosexuals and how they support them. They are homosexuals' greatest friends and fans. And the homosexual males return the favor by supporting them. Feminizing men and masculinizing women is a method of satan. Looking at the British deep state, one can see that they feminize men and masculinize women. All female members of the British deep state have masculine looks, so have the aspirants or the sympathizers of the British deep state, or those who admire the homosexual culture; they all have masculine appearances. When we look at the woman who advocates Darwinism, the homosexual or the Rumi culture, we see that they all have been masculinized.

For this reason, we will cover all aspects of the hypocrite issue, in a way that is aimed at the state, the public or children; we will cover the issue in every possible way. Hypocrites are the single most dangerous threat in the world. Atheists are harmless, the irreligious are harmless. They openly and readily admit to their disbelief, they do not feel the need to conceal themselves; they even write books about it. On the contrary, hypocrites are quite treacherous and perfidious, a thoroughly dangerous entity. And they desire to live among Muslims; they are, in a way, like the tuberculosis microbe that plagues the bodies of Muslims, and they must certainly be cured with antibiotics. Look, it is meaningful that hypocrites cannot live anywhere else. One would think that, since they are disbelievers, they should be able to live among disbelievers, right? But astonishingly, they prefer to live among Muslims and never leave them. However, in the absence of hypocrites, Muslims cannot thrive. They cannot make effort for religion, nor can they truly reach enlightenment or earn merit. For example in the era of the Messenger of God (saas), if it were not for the hypocrites, believers would earn too little merit for their deeds. Hazrat Ali (ra) was able to attain the positions of guardianship and martyrdom on the occasion of hypocrites. Without the existence of hypocrites, believers cannot attain profundity as their absence leads to apathy.

Almighty God says in the 56th verse of Surah al-Ghafr: "Certainly those who argue about the Signs of God," hypocrites always turn to verses of the Qur'an in their struggle against the Qur'an, "without any authority having come to them," in other words, they did not receive any sign or authority from God and are only making things up. Hypocrites always resort to verses of the Qur'an in their struggle against the Qur'an. I have mentioned this before. "…have nothing in their breasts," in hypocrites' breasts, "except for pride which they will never be able to vindicate." In other words, hypocrites seek Godhead. They have delusions of grandeur. "Therefore seek refuge with God. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing." It is wrong to take personal credit in prevailing against hypocrites. God prevails against hypocrites and believers are His means to do so. One should refrain from saying 'I vanquished them with my wisdom.' Because it is God who created hypocrites as well as your mind. It is also God who hands hypocrites over to you. It is God who grants the means and the wisdom with which the hypocrites are defeated.

Hypocrites have the gift of the gab. Hypocrites are indeed treacherous. They have a way of using words to deceive people. They are extremely deceitful. They are classic tricksters of words. They constantly play with words. Look, in the 41st verse of Surah al-Ma'ida, Almighty God says: "...those who listen to lies," those who keep an open ear for and fabricate lies, "listening to other people who have not come to you..." In other words, -and I am speaking for our century- the traitors who provide intelligence to the British deep state. Look, "...other people who have not come to you..." by other means, God refers to the deep state, the enemy of Muslims, and those who work as its spies; look, God explicitly talks in the Qur'an about how hypocrites act as spies. The 41st verse of Surah al-Ma'ida talks about their spying activities. "...those who listen to lies, listening to other people who have not come to you..." This is the verse of the Qur'an that talks about informants and spies. It is aimed at the spies and informants of our century as well as all other centuries. "...distorting words from their proper meanings," in other words, hypocrites interpret them in completely different ways. "...saying, ‘If you are given this, then take it. If you are not given it, then beware!’" They even employ tactics. For example, they share their hypocritical tactics about what to do in certain situations. They devise schemes. "If God desires misguidance for someone, you cannot help him against God in any way. Those are the people whose hearts God does not want to purify." In other words, no one can save a hypocrite who has already fully succumbed to hypocrisy. "They will have disgrace in this world..." Hypocrites indeed are constantly disgraced, humiliated as they are exposed for the liars, deceivers, spies, villains, fools that they are. God says, "They will have disgrace in this world and in the hereafter they will have a terrible punishment," at the deepest levels of hell with their vicious souls.

"But when they leave your presence, a group of them spend the night plotting to do other than what you say. God is recording their nocturnal plotting." [Surah an-Nisa', 81]

Yes. It is in hypocrites' nature to plot where they are away from the public, in the dark, when they are all alone. Of course, the current level of technology offers immense means for hypocrites. It is for this reason that the fiercest hypocrites spawn in this century. Because the technological means utilized by hypocrites and Muslims are at their highest level yet. Hypocrites can easily carry out their hypocritical activities over the internet and telephones compared to the past.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (22 October 2016)



"But do not obey any vile swearer of oaths, any backbiter, slandermonger, impeder of good, evil aggressor, gross, coarse and furthermore, despicable... (Surah al-Qalem, 10-13)"

This is how God describes the hypocrites in the Qur'an. They are snobbish, crafty, dishonorable people, the kind that would say 'thank you' if you were to spit on their faces. They are despicable people; in other words, they are callous, impertinent characters who know no shame. And notice that they swear their oaths on God's name. One of the characteristics of hypocrites is that they act in accordance with the verses of the Qur'an. They seek to give Muslims a dose of their own Book. When their vile deeds are exposed, they recite the verse regarding slander. Or when one of their villainous actions are thwarted, they recite the verse regarding squander. Let's imagine that they have obviously committed a vile deed, devised a scheme that aim to harm Muslims, and through that scheme, they strive to do harm to Muslims. And Muslims neutralize this scheme of theirs through law and legislation. Hypocrites assert that the act of neutralization, for example demolishing the Dirar Mosque, carried out by Muslims is in contradiction with the verse of the Qur'an. They say to Muslims, "God talks about restoring, rebuilding His mosques, yet you destroy them." Whereas, the Dirar Mosque has become satan's stronghold; it is no longer a mosque. Two are different things. And despite their disbelief, they still resort to treachery out of their impertinence.

For example, Muslims warn the hypocrites who desert them on their way to the Battle of Uhud. In response, hypocrites say, "We will settle accounts in the Hereafter," in utter confidence. You act treacherously, you defy the Prophet (saas), and you completely reject the commandments of God, what is it that you will settle in the Hereafter? You are obviously condemned.

Our Prophet (saas) divide everything according to the needs of the individuals For example, he gives less to those who are already affluent, while he gives more to those who are destitute; hypocrites accuse the Messenger of God (saas) of being unfair, reciting him the verse "be even-handed." Look at how foolish they are. Here, God has already entrusted the task of division to His most trusted and it is their religious duty to comply with the Messenger of God (saas) and consent to the commandment of God without feeling any resentment. Hypocrites completely disregard that verse and recite the verse regarding being even-handed to the Prophet (saas). Such is their perfidy. Despite being fully aware that what they do completely defies the commandment of God, they still resort to deceit and mischief.

"Just as God informs in the verse, hypocrites are 'backbiters, slandermongers, who lie, cast aspersions, twist the words of others by making additions, deductions or exaggerations, thus furthering their insidious schemes. However, hypocrites sometimes act overtly petty in order to play Muslims off against each other. They become explicitly aggressive, using a loud, angry, snobbish and arrogant tone to supposedly demonstrate how ill-disposed, malevolent and deceitful Muslims are."

Do you see the personality traits displayed by hypocrites here? Just as God mentions in the Qur'an, hypocrites display a vicious and wanton spirit that can be seen in some homosexuals. They have a petty, aggressive and insane spirit. These are the characteristics described here. They all display the same personality traits, be it male or female. This can be seen in both the female and male homosexuals. Not necessarily all of them, but most of them are like this.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (20 October 2016)



The world of martyrs is like a dream world. They cannot comprehend this situation. But they are sure that they are not dead, because there is nothing missing. Their lives are still going on. They pray, eat and drink like an ordinary human being. Granted that they can still pray, how could they be dead? They are sure that they are not dead but cannot comprehend. Just like us unaware of the logic of dream. We lead a happy life when we are in a dream. Do you face with a problem when you are in a dream? We are quite sure of ourselves. We are quite sure of the fact that we are living a normal life, unless someone tells us otherwise, that we are in a dream. However, we cannot know that we are in a dream unless we realize it. It is the same for martyrs. They just live in peace and comfort. This is one of the God's dimensions of life.



The British deep state has also developed astounding systems on the internet; it secretly provides these cowards with such means, thus they have tremendous means at their disposal. They have established such a villainy system. The British deep state has given them all kinds of deeds so that they can settle accounts, communicate and commit all sorts of malicious deeds among themselves. Accordingly, they can reach one of their members in Japan or in London with great ease. I have also told about their system of identifying each other. For example, when one of them sees the picture of an elephant or the Galata Bridge, the Galata Tower, or any picture of Galata, they immediately recognize each other. Because the British deep state once controlled the Galata district. It has a commemorative value for them. Or they use the colors of the British flag which consists of a classic blue and a red color. For example, they use these exact tones of the British flag so that other members of the deep state can recognize them. Or for example, they use a homosexual sculpture. But the most significant of them all is that their entire circle of friends comprise of Darwinists, homosexuals, atheists, and many other types of drifters, not just these. But they are all rebellious, misanthropic, egocentric, ill-tempered, aggressive, mentally unstable, psychopathic characters; but if a Muslim happens on even one such person, he should rejoice because they are like the genie inside Aladdin's lamp; one should protect and watch over such people so that they can observe all the characteristics of satan.



Every community of believers needs hypocrites so that they can become familiar with satan's personality. Instead of immediately banishing the hypocrites, they should nurture it like a guinea pig and observe all his vile deeds so that they can get to see the foul art of satan. One should witness the foul occupation of satan, because such characters are prone to be utilized as hounds. They have a heightened sense of smell. In other words, when you unleash them, they can immediately seek see satan out, whereas a believer cannot. For example, they can easily go find the henchmen of the devil, but you cannot. For that reason, Muslims should not feel uncomfortable or upset about nurturing hypocrites among themselves. But they should still be vigilant, because dealing with hypocrites is like holding a flame in your palm. They are dangerous creatures. Dealing with them requires a keen mind and a careful attention; it is like playing with electricity. So one should be very careful. Hypocrites also have unpredictable personalities, so believers should beware.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 October 2016)



Only the Iraqi army and police forces enter the area abandoned by ISIS. It is just as our Prophet (saas) told in the hadith, soldiers from 80 countries, 80 nations has entered the area. Let me put it this way; for example, the French army marches in there, but it includes a hundred Moroccans, a hundred Algerians, a hundred Egyptians etc. Therefore, more than 80 nations are in the region. Besides, our Prophet (saas) says '80 nations' to emphasize on the multitude of the nations. Soldiers of more than 80 nations have now entered Dabiq. Just as our Prophet (saas) heralded in the hadith, "In the End Times, in the era of Hazrat Mahdi (as), soldiers carrying 70 banners" according to a narration, and "80 banners" according to another, in other words, soldiers of 80 nations," will march into Dabiq", says our Prophet (saas). And they did just as our Prophet (saas) had heralded. Now, a massive skirmish is expected to break out in there. But the hadith has come true. Because, our Prophet (saas) specifically states, 80 nations, "foreign soldiers carrying 70 or 80 banners," as mentioned in the hadiths. These soldiers are given many names such as "Banu al-Asfar" or "Ahl al-Salib". The hadith is quite meaningful with regards to its timing. It is completely accurate in terms of both location and manner. And now, our Prophet (saas) says that an all-out war will erupt in the region. But all-out war continues to rage on. Some of the people are martyred on the sea, some in bombardments and some under tank and cannon fire. The war continues unabated. Muslims, women and children alike, are being martyred all across the world. Just as our Prophet (saas) said it would.

The Messenger of God (saas) says in the hadith: "In the End Times, innocent people in Iraq will seek shelter toward Damascus." Look, he makes mention of both Iraq and Damascus. "Iraq will be rebuilt, Damascus will be rebuilt." In other words, our Prophet (saas) says that they will be destroyed and subsequently restored. Kanz al-Ummal, Qitab al-Qiyamah, Qism al-Afal, volume 5, page 254, by Al-Muttaqi.

"In Damascus, as people try to eliminate the scourges in one place, they will spring up in another." (Risalat al-Huruf al-Mahdi, page 63) When they seem to calm down in one place, they break out in another. They say, "We have signed a peace treaty, a ceasefire." You know about it, don't you? Look at what our Prophet (saas) says, "In Damascus, as people try to eliminate the scourges in one place, they will spring up in another." They break out in another place. "And they will break the ceasefire", the People of the Book will. In other words, foreign countries, "the Romans" meaning foreigners. Or namely "Ahl al-Salib". In hadiths, they are mentioned under various names. Other non-Muslims forces fighting against Muslims. "And then they will break the ceasefire." Notice that the Prophet (saas) talks about an initial ceasefire. They did declared ceasefire, did they not? And the hadith says, "They will break the ceasefire," and they did. "And then they will come to you carrying 80 banners." In other words, soldiers of 80 different nations will come to Dabiq. And under each banner will be 12 people. This hadith is narrated from Avf Ibn Malik (ra) in Bukhara.

Dabiq is only one of the places mentioned in the hadiths, but not the only one. Hadith makes it clear that this will the state of the region in general, not only a single region.

In the Iraqi War, the occupying forces will be multinational. This is stated in the Torah as well. In parallel with the hadith of our Prophet, the Book of Isaiah, 13/4 talks about the events that will occur in the End Times: "Listen, a noise on the mountains, like that of a great multitude! Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms, like nations massing together! (Isaiah, 13/4)


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 October 2016)



Hypocrites are utterly dishonorable, vile and parasitic creatures that cling on Muslims. Muslims should disinfect them using tincture of iodine, in other words, through science, knowledge, law and legislation. They are extremely treacherous and perfidious. Hypocrites infiltrate any Muslim community they can. So Muslims should remember that every Muslim community will face an army of evil. A great number of demons infiltrate Muslim communities, with an intention to deviate them from the true path. They seek to occupy and work Muslims over through pointless chatter and nonsense. They seek to deviate Muslims from a pious path and drag them into an evil one. It is these evil paths they seek to drag Muslims into that should be eliminated. Muslims must eliminate that evil path through science, knowledge, law and legislation. "The light of satan illuminates your path," they say. Do the opposite of what hypocrites recommend.  If they advise you something, do it the other way.  And this is a great convenience, because we can never have the skills of a hypocrite. Why is that? Because hypocrites share a close bond with satan. In other words, they are possessed by satan; therefore, they have immense abilities. For example, they personally see satan's nests and minions; the people hypocrites are in touch with are all minions of satan. Looking at the Facebook profiles of hypocrites will reveal that they have sought out all the hypocrites they could find. One could see in their profiles that hypocrites try to ingratiate themselves with all sorts of atheist, faithless, Godless, Bookless, anti-Islam, pro-homosexuality lackeys of the British deep state. Thus, one does not have to sit and look for such people themselves. Hypocrites are like trained dogs that are used in seeking out narcotics. Unleash them and watch them find other hypocrites as well as the most vicious disbelievers or anti-Islamists. All you have to do is follow them and neutralize every person they find through science, knowledge, law and legislation. This is a huge convenience for Muslims. Otherwise, Muslims cannot seek such people out by their own means. How can they? They cannot. Hypocrites are unbelievably talented. For that reason, Muslims should keep hypocrites as if they keep a pet dog. They should not try to get rid of them. On the contrary, they should try to keep them to benefit from them. Following them will help Muslims catch all sorts of hypocrites and disbelievers. In this way, Muslims can witness the extent of the vileness of hypocrites' moral values, or they can see on what points hypocrites plan to attack Muslims, or they can see the most vicious of disbelievers. In this way, Muslims can learn about all the strategies and schemes they device. Because, hypocrites immediately find a place among such people. Just as satan thirsts for hell and hellfire, just as hell thirsts for the damned, hypocrites thirst for such people. No matter how hard you try to control them, they still obsessively seek out other hypocrites, disbelievers or similar villains. Keeping an eye on them does not change anything. God takes their foresight and insight away; thus, hypocrites disregard the fact that they are under surveillance and proceed to seek others out regardless. And by doing so, they help Muslims catch others. Therefore, every Muslim community needs hypocrites. But of course, Muslims should put them in good use and exercise caution while doing so. Said Nursi discusses this issue in great detail. He says that hypocrites possess an evil intelligence.  They are quite proficient in evil, villainous and treacherous ways. Therefore, rather than banishing such people, Muslims should follow them to identify the enemies of Islam and administer the necessary remedy.

Regarding the hypocrites, Said Nursi says; "Hypocrites are obscure creatures," look, he says "obscure", in other words, hidden. "An obscure enemy is a more dangerous one; a beguiling enemy is a more malignant one." Beguiling. Hypocrites are malignant and lie nonstop. "A deceitful enemy is more vicious." Hypocrites are indeed deceitful. "Severer is the mischief of such an enemy," he says. "They work more ambitiously from within." In other words, they work more ambitiously when they are among Muslims. "Because, the enemy within is debilitating." Because hypocrites join among Muslims for spying purposes, they constantly provide intelligence regarding the actions of Muslims They report these activities to the headquarters. "They demoralize." They demoralize the weak-willed Muslims. "On the contrary, the outside enemy further rise the temper," in other words, the enthusiasm," and strengthens the will." "The heinous crime of hypocrites casts a heavy burden on Islam." He says that hypocrites are committing a terrible crime. "It is hypocrites who shake the very foundations of the Islamic community." He says that hypocrisy is the reason behind the collapse, the undoing of the entire Islamic community. He says that hypocrisy is the sole reason behind it. Do you notice that he does not cast the blame on the irreligious? It is hypocrisy. "It is for this reason that the glorious Quran vehemently condemns and reproves hypocrites. The third; hypocrites display corrupt morals such as sarcasm, duplicity, cheating, lying, two-facedness. Even disbelievers do not stoop that low," he says. Hypocrites often resort to sarcasm, and intricate schemes. For example, they post a picture over which they carry out homosexuality propaganda. But they do so slyly. They devise cunning schemes but in a devious way. When they realize they have been exposed, they become even more devious and meticulous. This is why Said Nursi uses the term "sarcasm"; intricate schemes. They subtly heap ridicule upon and devise ploys against Muslims. Hypocrites devise ploys quite often. When they plan to commit villainy, they lay its ground work for every stage of their ploy, be it preliminary, middle and final preparations. They are indeed tricky and treacherous. They are duplicitous and unprincipled; for example, they wear a happy expression around some people, but when they leave, they turn into the phony, backbiting and vicious people they are. Then when they rejoin those people, they once again don a cheerful, affectionate and polite appearance. Hypocrites are two-faced people who are really adept at using their facial expressions; in the blink of an eye, they can don a disgusted or an innocent expression. This is the characteristic of hypocrites. "Hypocrites are fraudulent." They constantly pursue fraud and trickery. Hypocrites feed on trickery. They constantly play tricks on Muslims. And they do so covertly. Lies; hypocrites lie excessively, to the point of insanity. They tell lies as preposterous as traveling the world on a turtle; in other words, hypocrites are raving lunatics. They lie through their teeth. If proven to be lying, they resort to pettiness. So, Muslims feign ignorance even when they spot the lies of hypocrites. Two-facedness; hypocrites are keen on showing off, but they do so slyly. For example, they carry out British deep state propaganda through their tone and demeanor, but they do so covertly, in their own way. But sometimes they can also be overt in their propaganda. "Hypocrites display corrupt morals. Even disbelievers do not stoop that low," says Said Nursi. Disbelievers do not feel the need to cover their intentions; they blatantly say, "I am in disbelief" and live their lives normally. They openly say, "I am against Islam." They do not hide anything. For that reason, they are condemned to a lighter punishment in hell. However, a severe punishment is in store for hypocrites. "The fourth one is that," says Said Nursi, "hypocrites mostly have an evil intelligence; they tend to be more deceptive and devious." Since satan has direct possession of their bodies and minds, they have an evil intelligence, which in turn makes them more deceptive and devious. They resort to whining and villainy. For example, they express their desire to leave, migrate or complain about their positions. They make themselves look as if they are in desperation and predicament, as if they have succumbed to depression. They might feign insanity or illness. They might feign love or anger. They can put on all sorts of acts. They are quite the stage actors, says Said Nursi. (Isharat al-I'caz, pages 83-84) 



Said Nursi says, "Yes, a well-tried method of the dissemblers is to collect together people who are all like officers and judges, concerning some common question in constraining places which make them stand-offish, and irritable and critical of each other," look, he says, "in constraining places which make them stand-offish, and irritable and critical of each other..." They assemble the most vicious and egocentric hypocrites and make them fight among each other. Indeed, the most vicious hypocrites of Turkey are assembled in coffeehouses or television programs for debates. They are specifically handpicked for this purpose. Said Nursi continues, "...stirring them up so they fight among themselves, they destroy their morale." Since they fail to best each other, they become demoralized. "The dissemblers then easily deal blows at those who have lost their strength, and kill them. Since the Risale-i Nur students have taken the way of love and brotherhood and ‘annihilation in the brothers,’ God willing, they will foil this well-tried, divisive stratagem," says Said Nursi. (The Rays, page 282)

Hypocrites are fond of quarrels. There are online forums where people constantly debate; hypocrites frequent these internet sites where they fiercely debate with each other. They debate quite fiercely. Although they cannot best one another, they try to satisfy their animalistic aggressive urges in there. But they become all the more irritable while doing so. For that reason, hypocrites often seek to pester and spark off debates with Muslims. Muslims should always find an excuse to avoid such quarrels. Hypocrites have an insane and foolish quarrelsome spirit that is highly maniacal. For example, when you tell them one thing, they find a nonsensical excuse to turn into a debate saying the opposite. Hypocrites have ferocious and insane spirits. They are germs of society in every sense of the word. Therefore, Muslims who lack experience in this regard sometimes tolerate such things. But for the experienced Muslims, they should not tolerate it in any way. Because, due to their maniacal spirit, they constantly display aggressive behavior. And sometimes when they encounter other hypocrites like themselves, they fight like cats and dogs among themselves, which they enjoy immensely. You know the saying 'fight like cats and dogs'. This is what hypocrites do. When I say they enjoy fighting immensely, what I mean is that it gives them an evil pleasure. In other words, they find pleasure in suffering and agony. This stems from their tendency towards hell. In this regard, God says in the Qur'an, "I prepared a feast for them." They spend their lives in constant struggle, strife, conflict, and quarrel, striving to prevail and devise schemes against others as necessitated by their demented spirits.

Another characteristic of hypocrites is that they appear to be patriots, but they actually hate their homelands. They appear to love their nation, but they actually hate their fellow citizens. One should not fall for such schemes by hypocrites. You might take them for nationalists when in fact they are traitors who despise their own nation. They say they are against homosexuality when in fact they underhandedly support and advocate it through symbols, paintings, poems etc. Because doing so overtly will give them away. So they support it covertly, underhandedly. Homosexual philosophy is also the philosophy of hypocrites. Because they both abide by satan. Satan is the first homosexual. He comes to the tribe of Lot disguised as a handsome man. That is the origin of homosexuality; satan is a homosexual in spirit. As a matter of fact, his tone and demeanor gives away his homosexual personality. Right? It is a well-known fact that his petulant, vicious and wanton spirit is also manifest many homosexuals. Therefore, do not believe in a hypocrite claiming to be a nationalist. They despise their own nation. Do not believe in a hypocrite claiming to be against homosexuality; conversely, they support it. They support all sorts of perversities, not only homosexuality. Hypocrites are advocates of all kinds of perversions. But they do so slyly. As they live among Muslims, they cannot openly show their support; so they do it slyly. Their admiration for the British deep state stems from their hatred towards the Turkish nation. They revere the Anglo-Saxon race and despise the Turkish nation. But when asked, they tell you that they are nationalists. This is another one of their deceptions. For example, they seemingly advocate Hazrat Muhammad (saas), but in reality, they hate him -Hazrat Muhammad (saas) is surely above such thoughts. They truly despise him. They advocate God when in reality, they hate Him. This is why they do not want to hear any mention of God's name, and avoid places where God is mentioned. Any mention of God exasperates them. But when they are asked, of course they will tell you how much they love God. However, they need such deception to be able to subsist among Muslims. When alone, they never perform prayers as they loathe doing so. They despise performing ablution as well and never do so when they are alone. They avoid performing prayers.

Regarding hypocrites, Shah Abdul-Qadir Gilani, the founder of the Qadiri Order, says, "The sinister hypocrite does any task with a heavy heart. Everything is a nuisance for them. When it comes to worship, their laziness is unmatched." Hypocrites normally do not perform prayers, except when in public. Hypocrites normally do not perform ablution, except when in public. Look, this is very important. Observing them secretly without them knowing will reveal this fact. "Their laziness is unmatched. If they are to perform worship, they do so only because they are compelled to. But on the inside, they are in a state of total mischief," that is, they do not want to. "In no way do they want to be affiliated with pious communities, in other words, they despise pious Muslims. They only seek to waste Muslims time by engaging them in mindless chatter and pointless tasks to disturb them. But believers must use their minds and not tolerate such behavior.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (12 October 2016)



God says in Surah an-Nisa, verse 75, I seek refuge in God from satan; "What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of God: "...for those men, women and children who are oppressed and say, ‘Our Lord, take us out of this city whose inhabitants are wrongdoers," The people are wrongdoers, like Syria where there is bloodshed. They say "take us out of this city". The Muslims want to escape, they want to emigrate. "...Give us a protector from You," and what are some people saying? They say, "There is no need for somebody like that". God says that there is a need for it. Look at what God says in the verse; "...Give us a protector from You." The people say that send us someone, sends us a leader. "...Give us a helper from You" they want someone, they want a leader. "What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of God?"  [Surah an-Nisa', 75] God says, "Why don't you make an effort".

For example, Dhul-Qarnayn was not a prophet. Almighty God says in Surah al-Kahf verse 84, I seek refuge in God from satan: We gave him (Dhul-Qarnayn) power and authority on the earth and granted him a way (reason) to everything. [Surah al-Kahf, 84] a head, a leader. They were saying that there's no need, what happened to it? It turns out there is a need.

For example, in the 246th verse of Surah al-Baqara, God says: "What do you think about the council of the tribe of Israel after Musa’s time..." "...when they said to one of their Prophets:" They say this to the Prophet "‘Give us a king and we will fight in the Way of God!’" King. So the Muslims want a king, look, even though he is a Prophet, they want a king. Because the Prophet spreads religion but a commander is a different thing, isn't it? The Prophet talks about prophethood but it is different when he is given the duty of a commander. Khalid ibn al-Walid and Hazrat Omar (ra) were the commanders of our Prophet (saas). They are leaders. Some people say, "there shouldn't be leaders". 12 imams were leaders, how come there can't be leaders? For instance Talut, he is not mentioned as a prophet in the Quran but he was a leader, a commander, through him believers achieved victory.



In order to feel passion for someone, that someone must be a person who melts in the presence of God, they need to love God more than anything, including themselves. They always have to take God's side. Every moment, they need to think about and fear God, and love Him with the highest possible love. And, they need to be meticulous about everything God says. They need to fulfill every commandment of God. They mustn't be selfish or egoistical. They need to be meticulous about the commandments of the Quran. They need to lose themselves in them. They need to live for their loved ones, not for themselves. They need to be stalwart and courageous. They need to be profound thinkers. They need to be clean, pure, conscientious, merciful. They need to have a protective spirit. God grants a profound spirit of love to those people as a miracle. A feeling that no one knows, descends upon that person. It is a substantial miracle. A magnificent power is bestowed particularly upon these people by God, the power of passion. The other person can't understand this, they can't notice that passion. Only those who know passion can notice it. A common person who doesn't possess these characteristics can't notice this. When a regular, common person talks to them, they notice that there is something peculiar, something extraordinary about such individuals, but they cannot sense its profoundness. They might like it and sense that it is something that cannot be described. But they must share the same characteristics, even if it is partially, for them to truly communicate with such people. Or else, they cannot sense it. Otherwise, a notion of love develops between them that is a mere imitation of common, ordinary love. They concern themselves with their future husbands' wealth, possessions, whether they can take care of them in sickness, whether they can provide them a comfortable living. These are the things that rouse their passion. This is where their passion and love derives from. They want their future husbands' possessions only for themselves. As for men, what they look for in the future wives is whether they are meticulous about food hygiene, whether they are good at housework, whether they can satisfy and entertain them, whether they can patiently endure their moodiness; they see wives as servants at their disposal. But if the girl has a rich father, how wonderful. If she owns a car, even better. Above all, if she owns a house... This is why parents buy their daughters a car and a house, because like attracts like. Since a girl who owns a car and a house will not marry a man that does not have any of them... This is similar to gambling where one of the gamblers bet a car and a house, and the other calls the bet and then they toss the dice. It is the same with such people in that they want the possessions of the others to be made over to their name. For example, the woman wants the man's possessions to be made over herself and vice-versa. This is their notion of passion. This is a characteristic that can be found among animals as well. Animals, too, look for a place to take refuge and food, do they not? They instinctively do the same thing as these people do. Believers do not share the same notion of love with that of disbelievers or that of ordinary people. In other words, they have greatly differing perspectives. For that reason, when a woman meets a man, she immediately starts to wonder about his wealth, his fidelity, whether he will take care of him all his life, whether he will take care of her in sickness, or whether he will take care of her family. And the man wonders about whether the woman will wash his or his father's clothes, or whether she will take care of his mother when she becomes ill and needs to go to the hospital. They make such a technical appraisal of each other. This is truly sad. They should adhere to pure love, courage and honesty.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (11 October 2016)



Hypocrites' know-it-all attitude is one of their most prominent qualities. All deep state spies have "pseudo-intellectual" characteristics. They use foreign words.  For example, this was the case for Lawrence and many other spies. And when others meet these spies, they feel simple-minded and utterly ignorant next to them. All the female and male spies employed by the deep state always broach subjects such as philosophical and sociological topics the common folks are unfamiliar in order to emphasize their intellectual superiority. They speak the names of obscure scientists or different accents of a word. In using such a snobbish discourse, they try to make themselves seem like influential individuals who are superior to common people. And they manage to impress the ignorant who take them for sophisticated people, whereas in reality, they are simple, ordinary people. With the British deep state behind them, they think themselves to be powerful, whereas they are nothing but despicable, homosexual, weak-minded individuals who deny God. 



I seek refuge in God from satan; Sirata allatheena anAAamta AAalayhim ghayri almaghdoobi AAalayhim wala addalleen. In Surah Al-Fatiha, Almighty God says 'not the path of the misguided", referring to the followers of dajjal.  "Guide us on the Straight Path, the Path of those You have blessed," O Lord. "Guide us on the Straight Path, the Path of those You have blessed," Whom Almighty God grants his blessings to? To Hazrat Mahdi (as). He clearly says "to the path of those You have blessed." God grants His blessings to Jesus Messiah, and above all, to the Messenger of God (saas). "Guide us on the Straight Path, the Path of those You have blessed," not of those who are misguided and follow dajjal says God. (Not of those with anger on them, nor of the misguided.) "The Path of those You have blessed." The Path of those who received the blessing of God, those who follow the path of Islam.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 October 2016)



For example, while unbelievers were chasing the Prophet Zachary (pbuh), he hid inside the trunk of a tree. He said "Nothing but God is permanent", and they cut the Prophet Zachary in half with a large saw. Almighty God could have taken him to heaven if He had wanted so; but He did not. He deemed martyrdom suitable for the Prophet Zachary (pbuh). For example, dear Prophet John (pbuh) was imprisoned. While drinking alcohol, in his completely drunken state, the man asked for the Prophet's head upon a woman's request. "What do you ask of me?" he asked the woman, and she responded, "I want John's head." He had priorly told the woman, "I will do whatever you wish." Ask something of me and I promise I will fulfill it." The woman said, "Since you promised, I want John's head." Then, he said, "Consider it done. Behead him and bring his head." His men went and martyred dear Prophet John; they beheaded him and brought his head. If Almighty God had wanted so, He would have razed the place upon their heads, He would have destroyed there by creating earthquakes; but He did not. The Prophet John was destined to be martyred. They took his head and brought it on a plate. As you know, the arm of the Prophet John (pbuh) is here in the Topkapı Palace among the Holy Relics. It is preserved within a golden container.

The reason God took his life this way is to show that prophets are no different than normal people. Because, people are always martyred in wars. God does not always protect prophets. They, too, fall martyr in the battlefields, or they are martyred in other ways in different places. In other words, God does this so that people do not lose their freewill. Because, just as a child can be martyred, so can prophets. But this was not the case for Jesus Messiah as he was taken to the side of God, and he prayed alongside angels there. He prayed for 2000 years. If we are to ask him, he would say it was only a couple of seconds. He would say he was gone and returned in an instant. He wouldn't even notice. 2000 years have passed. He prayed for 2000 years. He continuously prays alongside the angels and does nothing else. But people misinterpret, misunderstood this. They say, "God will seat him to His right, he will sit at a pedestal". Does God show Himself as a person to him? There is only God's manifestation. God would surely seat him to His right. Prophet Jesus can sit right next to Him and pray, but it would only be God's manifestation. God does not have a personage. They talk about God as if He is a person. This is wrong.



Everything happens for a reason. It is God Who gives everything, Who takes away, Who informs about everything and make everything speak; when this fact is remembered, God loves His subjects, when this fact is forgotten, it offends God. In other words, believers should always remember that all the power and might belong to God. When people leave God alone, He leaves them alone. God says in the verse of the Quran, "If you forget me," I seek refuge in God from satan, "then I forget you." Do you know what being forgotten mean? It means to become lost in a fathomless darkness, may God forbid. It is to fall down into the well of Gayya in an endless fall. "Remember Me and I will remember you," says God. "If you forget Me and I will forget you," He says. If the subject does not care about God, then God does not care about His subject.


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