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Harun Yahya's works are amazing. He has truly shown that our religion is the religion of love and kindness. May Allah be with him and bless him.
Ahmed Shakir - US
when are the other political books by harun yahya (like de world masonry and the book about the Bosnia war be published in english. I am waiting for the publications so long (more than 4 years).
izetbegovic - US
Great work excellent! Brother Harun Yahya, Your voice by grace of Almighty will reach every corner of the world. I pray Almighty to bless you with more power, strength and energy and safeguard you and your family from all evils.
Mohammed Ghouse - US
Thanks for sharing this post. This is a very helpful and informative material. Good post and keep it up. Websites are always helpful in one way or the other, that’s cool stuff, anyways, a good way to get started to renovate your dreams into the world of reality. Thanks Micheal,
Micheal - PK
Im since 9 years researching 4 the true.. and HARUN YAHYA deffinitly gives US the true .. great work ^ May Allah bless u All.
Sadik B - NL
Assalaamu Alaikum....... I am really impressed a lot about your Deligent Research of the Facts about Islam and Secularism by the great support of the "Quran and the Sunnah" ALHAMDULILLAH! I am very eager to learn more about the Modern Developments, Education, Manpower and Future Innovations, Research, Science & Technology and other Advancements in Civilian as well as in the Military spheres authentically and how Islam totally deals with All of This. May Allah (SW) strongly guide us all and bestow on us His Mercy in this world and in the hereafter. Ameen
Zayn Ali Shah - IN
Dear brother yahya, Really impressed on your excellent works. May Allah bless your accept reward you the Jannah for all your humble efforts and time - amen! Please keep the works on!
I must appreciate the work of this man cos he has done alot of work in islam.may Allah rewards him.
Mohd Falalu Hamza - US
its awesome!
Fawad - US
SALAM MALECU....May Allah reward you all for the itv programme you have started,i am a full member of islam in Nigeria desiring to be like any one of you that i watch on television i long to serve Allah faithfully but my poor state does not let me demonstrate my desire to come over to be taught by you i do humbly appeal for your help to take me out from the darkness in my country and lead me to light which is where you are and if i have fall out of your sight,may Allah grant you the strenght to hear my cry....thanks. suleman Alao.
alao suleman - NG
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