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Mashaallah great work of harun yahya ...
Asha saleem - LK
Buddhist ideology of their religion not to kill even an ant, Burma under spotlight, Sleeping Buddha wake up being the worst killer of humanity. Thousands of Muslims are killed Women,Children, Old and Young. It is pre-planned genocide of muslims with green signal from enemy of Islam. No news in Media as it is under their control. Innocent Women,Children, Old and Young living there life in atrocities and injustice for decades, A wholesale killing is going on and the world is silent. Where are the powers who claim to be champion of Human rights. Muslims in thousands are butchered women,small children,old are slashed to death. "ISLAM ENEMY HEART FEELING COMFORT AND HAPPINESS". America and western world come to rescue at an event when non muslims feel unsafe. Open your eyes Muslims. It is enmity and hatred towards Islam and Muslims through out the world that is coming open now. Muslim Ummah is one body, a pain in one part is felt to the whole body. Wake up Muslims... Wake up.. chalk out decisive plans to implement Islamic values within and outside and give fitting response to enemy of Islam by condemning this act of violence at all levels.
Mohammed - IN
Assalamalikum Brother Harun Yahya, Allah Protect you from all evils and give you more energy and health. Please voice your concern regarding "BURMA MUSLIM MASSACRE" - THE SILENT KILLING OF MUSLIMS BY BUDDHIST IN BURMA. PRAY FOR ALL THOSE INNOCENT CHILDREN,WOMEN,OLD MEN AND YOUNG KILLED FOR KALIMAYE HAQ "LA ILAHA ILLALA MUHAMMADUR RASOOLOLA"
Mohammed - IN
Dear Sir , i am fond of watching movies , like action hollywood movies , funny hollywood movies , i want to ask are movies permissible in Islam ??? if we fast forward the lustful scenes then should a Muslim enjoy movie like spiderman , Avatar , The avengers etc etc ??? please do replyy
Assalamalaikum Brother Harun Yahya, In youtube search gujarat final solution you will get a list of videos from which please follow Final Solution -- Part 1/ 10 -- Gujarat Riots -- 2002 Final Solution -- Part 2/ 10 -- Gujarat Riots -- 2002 ..... till 10/10 All videos display english subtitile You can see the real face of hindutva.
Mohammed - IN
I pray for good health and well being of Harun Yahya from my Almighty Allah. I am an indian by birth but located to middle east for work. Eventhough being an educated i was deprived for opportunities as being muslim in India. The entire system of administration works for uplifiting Hindus in all levels of economic,social and education. We can say its undeclared Hindu nation but its all functionaries are on Hindu ideology. I have a serious question that i need to address to you. In India there are forces of RSS,BJP,VHP,Bajrang Dal and many others unknown organization working in strict secret coordination who have planned to wipe out entire Muslims in India systematically and step by step. First they do with Babri Masjid demolition on false pretext that it was the birth place of their Ram, whom they worship, infact it was masjid and people were praying before,they put idols inside the masjid and declared that it is the birth place of their Ram and on this false pretex they motivated hindus all over india and demolished Babri Masjid, this was their first attempt nationwide to gather all Hindus of different cast to come under one umbrella of Hindutva.They are working to make India Hindu Rashtra which means hindu nation. Muslims are peace loving people in India, RSS wants to make India a Hindu nation and they are saying that Muslims in India are Hindus, they did not come from far lands of persia or middle east they are our own their linage meets with our ancestors, so they are Hindus thats what they claim now,they want to implement hindu ideology on Muslims if Muslims want to live in India then with Gujarat and Mumbai riots- they silently killed muslims in an organized manner. If you search for the above topics you will get many information related those subject on net. Godhra train carnage was an insider job of those forces to instigate hatred against muslims and to kill them easily. They have organized work force within all administrations of india and they can easily manipulate at their wish and will the law and order and fabricated false accusation on muslims. Now my main concern is present and future generations are not safe in India. Muslims are wraped around by those Hindu forces and can be killed at any time in large numbers on false accusation and from time to time. Please address this issue and save us.
Mohammed - IN
otho - PK
You are so cute master Adnan Oktar.. so are your works.mashallah.Gonna read ur books soon.. I especially loved that convo you had with Mr Sean ALi Stone. Rcently had an inspiration and wanna be with imam Mahdi (A.S) Inshallah!
Precious gem - MU
Assalmouilaikoum to Master adnan OKtar and all staffs..Master you are so cute. mashallah..It's been couple of months since i learned about your works on darwinism and all.. Im trying hard to lay my hands on the books written by you.. inshallah soon I shall read them.. you are so humble sir..the time u've spent in the mental asylum must have been really hard but still u managed to survive the ordeal.. u r really strong and blessed Master.. .I feel for you..I had a couple of dreams about you..Mawlana Sheikh Nazim says to follow you and that's what im doing...!!:) Following your conversation with Mr Sean Ali Stone, next day I had an inspiration in my heart to be with Imam Mahdi( A.S)...Inshallah master...Wish you good luck with ur works ahead!!! May your works attract more and more people people to islam...inshallah..!!
Precious gem - MU
Excellent work but Harun yayha has some Misunderstanding of Qur'an verses. Harun yahya says "Allah is Every where" but Qur'an and Hadith Clearly states that Allah is above Arsh. I request Harun yahya to Kindly Go through the Qura'n Tafseer and find out that Allah is not Every where
arif - IN
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