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Please provide your videos and books translated into Farsi. Iran, Afghanistan, Tajhilistan equals 90 million Farsi speakers who are in great need to see and hear your message!
Ahmet Suleman - US
Jazakallah. i may use these contents in and and all
Abdulla bukhari - IN
Aoa, im a grade 12 student and i am not sure about what career i should pursue please help me, I don't know about my talents, I firstly planned to pursue animation but the problem is that i would be character designing and drawing nude humans as a part of my career which is not halal in Islam PLEASEE help me
mona - CA
Good knowledge given by Allah.
Mujahid - MU
Hope to see more articles about matter.
Mujahid Jeeawody - MU
Mashaa Allah. Wonderful Job it is amezing videos. very intresting facts.
Mahmood - US
you done such a great work,we are all proud of you.please upload some latest books of Mr,Harun yahya.
Hassan Raza - PK
Master, Your works are helping me to locate my Lord ALLAH.May ALLAH be pleased with you. I am trying to copy your works and share with those who are unaware of all your efforts.Please help me and provide me with your new Articles.
farooq tapadar - IN
Dear Sir How I study Harun Yahya. are all books free?Now I am student of science and I have done 12th. Thanks.
Shamsul Huda - IN
Assalamu halaykkum
Faisal - IN
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