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Allah Blessing You
Assalamu Alaikum, I pray and hope that Harun Yayha Keeps His Enthusiasm To Spread The Light Of Islam To The Summit Level And Strive To Continue To Play His Leading Role As A Fervent Creationist. Amen.
Sidratul Muntaha Ibne Rahman - BD
Nasir Ali - US
Nasir Ali - US
assalamu alaykum dear my teacher.i want help to you.your jobs is interisting.write litter and your phone number if you can.thank you.assalamu alaykum.
Abd-ul-Aziz - UZ
i like your jobs and i want help you. I Wish Allah save to you.assalamu alaykum.
aziz normuminov - US
great philosopher.i am fan of sir haroon yahya.may ALLAH give him reward
faisal - PK
salam this message is 4 Mr. Harunyahya. i see uve spent ur life n time 4 islam . god bless u. i have a question from u. have u researched on shia n on ahlolbayt lives? have u read imam ali s nahjulbalaqa or imam sajjad s sahifa? have read shia famous books? whats ur opinion about that? whats ur opinion about the ahlolbayt that god says: i ve removed al dirty things from u ahlulbayt. n about prophet sayings : i ve put 2 things 4 u , quran n my etrat that they never seperate from eachother . what ur diea ? haev u spent enough time 4 researching about that? i have a recomendation too. it l be very great if u also add a shia part 2 ur site n debates with shia scholars. that will make ur efforts n ur site a very perfect n complete site 4 any1 who wants 2 know islam . 4 exp u had viewponts of diferent sunni belifs like hanafi or shafi .. but nothing about shia belief . it will be geat if u also have cooperation n assistance with shia scholars in ur site too. allah will bless u if u pay more attention 2 that part too. thank u veryyyyyy much 4 ur efforts 4 islam
maryam - IR
Ijust like harunyahya works inshaAllah, because it is the work of prophet Muhammad(saw) and for this reason, I shall make it a duty for myself and those around me.Ilike inspiration works
Abdul Jaleel Oylere - US
Dear Dr.Adnan Oktar Assalamu alaikkum Initially i was not particularly fond of israel and jews. But your work has made me realize that jews are our brothers in faith and it is the duty of every muslim to love the entire creation. I thank Allah for changing my outlook and filling my heart with full of love for jews and israel. May Allah be pleased with your effort to bring peace and harmony on earth. Wassalam Rizwan Harris
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