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Dear Dr.Adnan Oktar Assalamu alaikkum. I felt very sad and almost cried when I read about the plight of the muslims of uighur.I was not aware of it till i read from your website as it is not highlighted in the local media. I pray to Allah for the safety, security, peace and prosperity of the muslims of uighur and well being of all mankind. Wassalam Rizwan Harris
Dear Mr.Adnan Oktar Assalamu alaikkum May Allah be pleased with you for the excellent work you are doing. I hope that your vision of global peace and prosperity is established soon. Iam having a hardtime for my livelihood and to take care of my family.I request you to pray for me and my family. Wassalam Rizwan Harris
Dear Sir Assalamu alaikkum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakathuhu.By the Grace of Allah,am a lover of Ahlul baith and Imam Mahdi Alaihisalam.I kiss the hands and feet of Dr.Adnan oktar and request him to pray for me and my family.I was many times considered crazy for always talking about Imam Mahdi Alaihisalam and his imminent arrival.Insha Allah, I want to dedicate rest of my life for spreading your ideas and to welcome the arrival of Isa Alahisalam.
Rizwan Harris - IN
May Allah bless you all
Mohammed Imam - US
I am really inspired the excellant work done by you and the knowledge about islam and medical science. It is very useful and beneficial especially for students and generally for all people. Due to the reason I have become a fan of you. Keep it up. Yours effectionately Muhammad anis
Darwinism began to uproot so theory of creation will be accepted. thanks to your propaganda for realizing this fact
bari nizami - IN
I pray that may Allah in His intimate mercy guide and protect Harun Yahya for the good work he is offering to the Muslim and non Muslim across the globe. I am not a regular internet brownser, my request to you is if there is anything educative conserning my religion please I look forward to receive through my Mail Address e.g. Video and Audio as well as Books. May Allah Guide us to Jannah Alfirdaus Amin.
Nafiu Abdullahi - US
things seem so much clear to me now. jazakallah for spreading what you know to the ummah inshallah we will do the same may ALLAH reward you in this life and in the hereafter.ameen
Seema Raani Khan - UK
Thank you Allah .I am very like your article,DVD and books.My doubts dealing with Allah are almost clean for your books.Thank you so much.
Raoof - MM
AOA, awsome match...u r amazing sir.....i just love ur all work........i m really thankful to my teacher who told me about u.....may you live long n happy.....may u share with us more valueable.......GOD BLESS YOU...amin
zahra - PK
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