The good and the bad: Whose side are you on?

The Middle East — a region consisting of mostly Islamic countries — is where most of the massacres take place. Currently Syria seems to be the epicenter of all the terror. 

Let us take for instance, Aleppo; once a beautiful city is now in ruins due to the civil war. Not a day goes by in Aleppo where civilians do not get martyred. 

Many public places such as mosques, hospitals and market places are shelled daily. 

Such attacks obviously do not have any military aim, they are completely the acts of the bad people; that is an insatiable thirst for bloodshed. They are perpetuating these attacks because in their own sick minds they do not hesitate to kill innocent people to attain their objectives. 

It cannot be explained in another way. I am always against any operation which carries a risk of hurting even one human life. Some military operations are considered exceptions and the aim is to make a legal self-defense in retaliation of some attacks for multiple reasons such as protecting their country, lives, properties, chastity, freedom and liberty. 

Other types of attacks target places where civilians abide, this is only done out of immorality and a dishonorable attitude. Most of the casualties are the elderly and the children. 

The only people who reside in Aleppo are the Muslim Sunni community who are innocent bystanders to this attack on their country. There is not one terrorist or Islamic State (IS) movement member taking refuge in Aleppo, just innocent people who are devastated due to their circumstances with their family and friends dying all around them. 

It is disturbing to see people who are actually amused by the desperate refugees drowning in the sea in flocks as they flee their homeland to save their lives. They embark on a journey with the hope of a better life but end up being drowned instead. 

It was shocking to see the ugly caricatures in several Western media publications of a beautiful baby boy named Aylan wearing shorts and a red sweater and whose dead body was found on the seashore. While the good side was deeply affected by this scene, the bad because of their evil minds found a way to entertain themselves using this tragedy. 

One example of the western media, the French Charlie Hebdo magazine made a cover with the title “the proof that Europe is Christian” with a drawing of a bearded Christian walking on water (the sea) and a little baby boy shown to have drowned, head first, into the sea. The caption read “Christians walk on the sea and the Muslims sink like this”. 

Those who draw such caricatures are not fond of human beings whether they are Christians or Muslims; they hate everyone but themselves. 

There is a game being played here and these plotters are devoid of love, mercy and compassion. If a person can be merciless to such an extent as to make such a caricature of an innocent child’s dead body, one can expect any kind of malice from such a person. 

Syrian civilians are living in war zones in extremely harsh conditions, they are having trouble figuring out how to survive and escape. They are hit when they stay home, they are hit when they go out in the streets, or in the hospitals or in the mosques. 

When they want to leave their homeland, others refuse to take them and it is likely that they get murdered on the way anyway. It looks like a dead end and they are trying desperately for a way out.

Some conscientious politicians and leaders cry out against such a vileness like the mayor of Greece Spyros Galinos criticizing the European policies in terms of refugees.

Syrian civilians are living in war zones [...] they are having trouble figuring out how to survive and escape.

It is a shame on humanity that many European member states are changing their policies against refugees. Even the UN meetings, where nearly all world leaders try to address this global issue, still have not found any reasonable solution thus far. 

Individuals on the bad side do not seem to care about how many people lose their lives in the conflicts they establish on purpose. Additionally, it is not possible to determine the number of people who are killed either in war zones or on their way fleeing the conflict. 

Some agencies that give statistics on such matters criticize other similar institutions blaming them for giving false figures and showing that there is an enormous gap between the actual number of dead and the numbers stated in their statistics. 

In fact, the figures do not matter anyway because a single human life is worth everything because that life possesses a soul. 

While the bad is striving hard to achieve their goals by doing evil against people, the good should do its best to rescue even one life because saving one life equates to rescuing all of humanity. 

It is the right time for the good to rise up and join forces against the bad. Leaders from key countries alike should organize important meetings to determine methods on how to disclose these evil actions and their outcomes through press meetings, TV shows or news reports.

Muslim country leaders should also give joint declarations of unity to protect the lives of Muslims. It is apparent that the main reason Muslims seem fragile and get attacked is that they are fragmented. A strong unity in the region would act as a deterrent force against those who try to harm Muslims or other innocent people. 

There should be no doubt that the good will always win in the end.

Adnan Oktar's piece in The Jakarta Post:

2016-10-28 23:02:10

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