We have not let our honor be trampled on

What He Said?What Happened?

Hilal TV, 24 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: If someone is afraid on this subject, I do not regard that person’s thirst for life human.  BECAUSE OUR TURKISH TROOPS GO AND GIVE UP THEIR LIVES IF NECESSARY FOR ALLAH’S APPROVAL. THE BLOOD OF OUR MARTYRS FLOWED LIKE RIVERS AT ÇANAKKALE. OUR MARTYRS DID NOT SAY, "FOREIGN TROOPS HAVE LANDED, AND WE ARE AFRAID, SO LET US RETREAT AND MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS.” THEY SHED RIVERS OF THEIR BLOOD, THOSE HEROES. I AM NOT SAYING WE SHOULD GO IN AND DEMOLISH ISRAEL, OF COURSE. I AM VERY FOND OF THE PEOPLE THERE, THE JEWS. THEY ARE VERY INNOCENT AND THERE ARE PEOPLE I HAVE SPOKEN WITH THERE. THEY ARE VERY PIOUS AND GOD-FEARING. We need to identify satan and the members of his team one by one and they should be settled. We must co-operate at once with religious people in Israel, Christians and Jews.  Let us expel this devilish army from  there. Let an excellent Turkish-Islamic Union be established and the matter will be finished with.

Türkiye-February 5, 2009

We have not and will not let
our honor be trampled on

Milliyet-February 3, 2009

A placard in Sudan:
A symbol of honor and pride

Milli Gazete-February 2, 2009

Shake off your “defeatism”

Replying indirectly to criticism of his behavior at Davos, Erdoğan said, “Turkey is no ordinary country to be swept along by the current. WE HAVE NOT LET AND WILL NOT LET THE HONOR OF OUR NATION, THE SPIRIT WE DREW FROM THE WAR OF INDEPENDENCE, BE TRAMPLED UPON.”  

Erdoğan went on to say: “We had no alternative but to be victorious during the War of Independence. Independence or Death, we said. We performed heroic deeds the like of which had never been seen before. And we have no alternative but to be victorious in the war of development. We shall aim for the contemporary civilization indicated by Ataturk. And we shall succeed. Turkey is no ordinary country. Turkey is not a country to be swept along by the tide, but one that directs the flow and that even summons up storms if necessary. This is the spirit we drew from Çanakkale, from the War of Independence. We have not let our honor be trampled upon to date, and will never let it be trampled upon in the future. Some people may from time to time appear in the written or visual media, right or left, and seek to represent matters outside Turkey and the Turks, but we say, this is our service and this is our nation.”

2009-02-26 19:59:48

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