The significance of the year 1956 in terms of the end times

In his Emirdag Addendum, Master Said Nursi cited the year 1956 as that when the system of hypocrisy began to collapse across the world.

... If the gemination mark is taken as two nun, and if unread hamzas and (ya) are included making 1376 (1956-1957) for the end of this hypocritical system based on irreligion and oppression...

(Emirdag Addendum (1), Letter No. 15)


In the words “this hypocritical system” Bediuzzaman says that the year 1956 IS THE BEGINNING of the collapse of the system of denial, hypocrisy, the Darwinist-materialist system. And after 1956 enormous progress was indeed seen in the Islamic world. 

2009-06-22 17:54:54

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