Coelacanth is not a transitional form, it is a perfect deep-water fish

The features that should be particularly stressed:

-     It has a fossil dating back to 450 million years.

-    By looking at the fossil, they claimed that it had lungs that were being formed and primitive feet.

-     They said it is a transitional being which was about to pass from water to land. 

-    An alive Coelacanth was found. It was the same as its fossil dating back to 450 million years.

-    The examination made on the alive Coelacanth revealed that what they called as the primitive lung was in fact an oil sac.

-    The examination again revealed that what they called as the primitive feet were actually fins.

-    They said it was about to pass to land. However, Coelacanth is a deep-water fish that can not survive in shallow waters. It can survive only below 150 metres.

-    If Coelacanth were not caught, it would be represented as the most well-known water-to-land form, just as Tiktaalik of today. Darwinists would show its pictures and it would be included in the textbooks.

If they were also extinct, Darwinists would also show the following living beings as transitional forms:


-    Platypus is a mosaic living being.

-    Despite being a mammal it reproduces by laying eggs. It has hair, posseses glandula mammaria and nurses its chicks.

-    It has a beak similar to bird beak and has curtained feet just like waterfowls.

-    It has poison like reptiles and again like reptiles they leave their eggs in a section in their bodies.

-    This living being has fossils dating back from the dinosaur period (208-146 million years) and it has not changed in any way.

-    Tiktaalik is also a mosaic living being like platypus and all its features reveal that it is a perfect living being.


-    The pectoral fins of this living being which look like hands is quite developed.

-    Hand fish use its pectoral fins to walk on the ocean floor.

-    Just like Coelacanth it is a bottom-dwelling fish living in the depths of the ocean.

-    If this fish were extinct and its fossils were found, evolutionists would not hesitate to claim that it was a transitional form from water-to-land and they would claim that their developed fins were feet about to develop.

-    However being a fish living in our day, the possible claims regarding this perfect living being become void.

Flying Fish

-    Fish beloning to a total of 50 species use their developed fins like wings and thus cover short distances by flying.

-    With a height of 1,5 metres, flying fish can fly about 2,5 metres.

-    These living beings live in our day and are created perfectly.

-    If these living species were extinct and only their fossils were found, evolutionists might have seen them as a transitional form between bird and fish. However, these living beings that are perfect in every way, have been living for millions of years.
2009-08-26 02:41:12

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