Those evangelicals exposed to atheist masonic influence must not become part of the antichrist’s stratagem

The  atheist masonic system that receives its instructions directly from satan and has declared global war on belief in Allah as a part of satan’s plan is also taking steps to influence certain evangelicals. This threat, which we have already warned of many times before, seems to have brought a number of people, albeit a small one, under its control. As a result of the indoctrination by these sinister forces, the evangelicals in question have opened up a major front aimed against Muslims.

The fact is that their error is a very great one. It is atheist freemasonry we all really need to be striving against. ATHEIST FREEMASONRY IS THE EVIL ORGANIZATION seeking to create a division between Christians and Muslims. This is no conspiracy theory or fictitious organization. Atheist freemasonry is a cunning and sinister organization that WORSHIPS SATAN in its highest-ranking rituals and openly describes its own perverted mentality in its internal publications in the words “SATAN’S LIGHT WILL ILLUMINATE THE DARKNESS WHERE IT REACHES.” 1 Atheist  freemasonry is the most cunning organization that, with inspiration and instructions from satan, SEEKS TO TURN THE WORLD INTO A PLACE OF DISASTER, DISORDER AND SLAUGHTER AND THAT IS ENGAGED IN A CAMPAIGN AGAINST BELIEF IN ALLAH.  


The Baphomet figure representing satan, the idol worshipped by the atheist part of the  Knights Templars, on which the masonic movement is based, is the most familiar symbol of satan in freemasonry.  

The greatest economic power in the world belongs to freemasonry. THEY OWN 90% OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY. FREEMASONRY RUNS THE GLOBAL DEEP STATE. THE ANTICHRIST heads the atheist part of the organization. The antichrist acts by way of atheist freemasonry. Using a well-known technique of the antichrist’s, atheist freemasonry comes out in the name of religion but in fact sheds blood in a highly systematic manner. In order to continue this bloodshed in subsequent generations, it needs to eliminate belief in Allah and to set believers against one another to that end. That is the masonic rap being set for some evangelicals and Muslims. 

Freemasons identify Lucifer with satan and worship it.

Atheist masons who try to show themselves as Muslim and evangelical are striving to spread this perverted mentality across the world by way of various newspapers and columnists they control with money. The fact is, however, that it is highly dangerous for certain evangelicals influenced by this erroneous idea to regard Muslims as the main threat to themselves and to the world. Without their being aware of it, these people are becoming the tools of atheist freemasonry, a satanic organization, and its policy of leading the world to irreligion. Atheist freemasonry is at this moment striving to spread irreligion across the world. Atheists and Darwinists under atheist masonic control thus want the field to be left entirely to them. By creating the false and artificial idea of a struggle between believers they may obtain a climate in which irreligion, Darwinism, terror and disorder can dominate the world. 

There is currently a serious campaign against belief in Allah all over the world. Communism, Darwinism, materialism, Marxism, communist terror, Leninism and Stalinism represent a serious threat of irreligion. At a time when the world faces such perils it is unjust and incompatible with good conscience for evangelicals to regard Muslims as the only great danger in the world and to behave as if there would be no problems in the world if Muslims did not exist. The evangelicals in question are literally encouraging everyone engaged in fighting irreligion to abandon that struggle and oppose Muslims and Islam instead. They encourage people to regard Muslims with hatred instead of with the feelings of love, affection, patience, peace and brotherhood demanded by religious moral values. All these things are happening as a result of indoctrination by writers and journalists in the pay of some atheist masons who try to show themselves as Muslim and evangelical.


As required by belief in Allah, justice and good conscience, waging an intellectual campaign against all those opposed to belief in Him across the world means to unmask all the evils in the world in order to eliminate their infrastructures. One has to distinguish the practices of ignorant people who use the religion in acts of bloodshed and who bear the name of Muslims or else are completely irreligious practices, which have nothing to do with Islam at all. No sincere believer can ignore the essence of Islam and be taken in by the horrible plans of satan-worshiping atheist freemasons.

Through this secret and systematic indoctrination, atheist masons alienate some evangelicals from their communities and set them against Muslims, whom they should regard as brothers. In doing so they encourage hatred for Muslims under the influence of atheist masons who try to show themselves as evangelicals. Instead of standing alongside the friends of Allah who genuinely love Him, they follow in the path, albeit unwittingly, that represents the vanguard of an atheist, Darwinist, terrorist system. They fail to see that this erroneous belief will damage both themselves and all believers in the world.

By Allah’s leave, THE NAME AND WORD OF ALLAH WILL INEVITABLY BE VICTORIOUS AND RULE THE WORLD.  This is the promise of Allah to all genuine believers. But we need to cling to natural causes that will be instrumental in this, and there needs to be a powerful solidarity of faith across the world. If genuine evangelical Christians recognize the wicked stratagems of evangelical atheist masons who try to show themselves as evangelicals  and the danger to which they are being led and unite with sincere, devout Muslims,  then as a blessing from Allah they will enjoy more peaceful, happier and better lives. Once they recognize the true extent of the danger under the secret leadership of atheist freemasonry – the danger of Darwinism, materialism, Marxism and Leninism – they will oppose all heretical systems that have declared war on belief in Allah and wage the true struggle alongside all other believers.

By Almighty Allah’s leave, the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is imminent. According to the Qur’an and Allah’s promise, all Christians will willingly go along with the Prophet Jesus’ (pbuh) call for union and togetherness in that time (Surat an-Nisa’, 159). Again according to the Qur’an, when the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) returns, there will not be a single member of the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) who will not believe in him before dying. In that time, and by the leave of our Almighty Lord, they will realize that what needs to be done is to construct love and alliance among believers. The important thing is to realize this now that the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is close at hand and TO PREPARE THE GROUNDWORK FOR THESE HOLY INDIVIDUALS’ ACTIVITIES BY ACTING AS THEIR VANGUARD. It is certain that Allah has no need of anything to bestow dominion on His word (surely Allah is beyond that). But Allah has blessed believers with the grace of prayer and reward. A POWERFUL ALLIANCE BETWEEN GENUINE, SINCERE BELIEVERS IS A PRAYER FOR IRRELIGION TO BE ELIMINATED FROM THE WORLD AND FOR THE NAME OF OUR ALMIGHTY LORD TO BE VOICED ACROSS THE WORLD AS TE ONE AND ONLY. 

1 Turk Mason Dergisi, No. 29, p. 23

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