False Flag Operations

Peace entails willpower, patience and effort. Although living together in comfort and harmony requires no effort and is beautiful, throughout history, many generations have considered war, murder and massacres surprisingly easy. Instead of showing the determination to preserve peace, love and friendship, they escalated even the smallest disagreements into wars where the blood of hundreds of thousands were shed and sometimes, they laid the groundwork for conflicts through tricks and deceptions even in the absence of any disagreement.

Aside from their conventional powers, all military forces, intelligence agencies or terrorist groups employ techniques of deception as a strategy. What is aimed at here is to withhold information such as the forces at hand, objectives, and strategies from the adversary and conceal the truth from the public eye. Another goal is to earn the consent of the belligerent’s own supporters, citizens or the world public. Sometimes, this aim is also exploited to provoke communities or governments and manipulate them towards a certain end.

These types of operations are called 'false flag, counter-guerrilla, dirty war or black propaganda.' The reason they are called "False Flags" is that in naval warfare, the captains of ships would sometimes hoist the flag of their adversary to be able to approach their ships without being noticed. In this case, seeing the approaching ship's flag, the crew of the other ship would think it to be friendly but when the approaching ship came within the firing range, it would be too late. Today, this method of deception has become the general term that is used for illegal, shady operations. The entity globally infamous for conducting such operations is the British Deep State. We can summarize three false flag operations carried out by British Deep State in the recent history as follows:

The 1953 Iranian Coup D'etat: In the 1950s, the majority of Iran's oil revenues were going to Britain and the people of Iran could not benefit from their own resources. Britain, fearful of Iran's plans to nationalize its oil industry, came up with the idea for a coup in 1952 and pressed the United States to mount a joint operation to remove the prime minister. MI6 handpicked General Fazlollah Zahedi to succeed Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and covertly funneled $5 million to General Zahedi's regime two days after the coup prevailed. Meanwhile, some Iranian collaborators working for MI6 staged bombings. Their intention was to turn the country's Muslim community against Mossadegh. [1]

The 1957 Syrian Coup D’état: In August 1957, the British Deep State orchestrated terrorist organizations and a number of false flag operations to topple the Syrian government. Accordingly, fake unrest would be organized on the Syrian border, and this would be used as a justification for the invasion of the Western parts of the country and senior government officials would be assassinated. The Syrian government would be held responsible for conducting acts of sabotage and violence against the neighboring countries, and the British Deep State would demonstrate its psychological and operational talents to escalate the tension. In other words, the British Deep State would fuel civil rebellions, attempt to free the imprisoned political criminals, and stir up various groups within Syria against the government. [2]

The 2005 London Bombings: In July 7th, 2005, bombings were staged in a bus stop and an underground subway line in London. Following the attack, which was also dubbed 'Britain's 9/11', the British government made various amendments to the anti-terrorism laws, restrictions were imposed on human rights, and the persecution particularly towards Muslim citizens saw a dramatic increase. Evidence surfaced in the following years which proved that the four Muslim suicide bombers accused by the government had nothing to do with the incident and the operations were carried out under the control of the deep state. [3]

There are many false flag operations conducted by various countries around the world that have now been exposed. We can list some of these as follows: Nazis setting the German Reichstag building on fire in 1933 and putting the blame on the Communist opposition; the Japanese exploding a bomb at a railway station in 1931 and laying the blame on the Chinese, thus trying to justify the occupation of Manchuria; Operation Gladio carrying out several assassinations in Italy and some other European countries and laying the blame on the opposition are a few of the many examples before us.

As we understand here, there are deep powers in the world who "organize and regulate evil" for the sake of achieving their purposes. In order to reach their goals, these powers conduct operations during which innocent civilians are killed, and try to gain the approval of the people on the local and global media by making it look like these operations have been carried out by others. Sometimes the intention is to eliminate or disgrace a government or a government official conflicting with the interests of the deep structure, while at other times it is to incite hatred in the people against an ethnic group or a non-governmental organization. These operations are frequently seen to be conducted against ethnic or religious groups. Usually, they use terrorists with fake Muslim IDs, in an attempt to portray Muslims as terrorists. The aim here is to incite hatred against Muslims in the country where the attack is carried out and governments are forced to impose various practices that will restrict Muslims' rights and put pressure on them.

Therefore, it is of great importance for both people and governments to be really careful and meticulous so that such false flag operations do not reach their goals. It is of vital importance to monitor all incidents down to the smallest detail, to keep an eye out for any details that might go unnoticed in the background, and not to take an incident at face value, but to evaluate it in the light of all the uncovered evidence. In this way, it will be possible to eliminate any potential injustice towards an ethnic group, a religious group or a country, and above all, it will be possible to prevent the deep structure that has organized and regulated the said misdeed from achieving its goal.


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