Atheist masons are in a state of panic

Atheistic freemasonry, the system of the antichrist, has developed a devilish system to prevent genuine Muslims, Christians and Jews being brothers, acting as one and striving against irreligion, materialism and Darwinism. It is trying to prevent believers acting as one by depicting Muslims, Christians and Jews as the antichrist to one another, thus weakening them. Atheistic freemasonry has used this system to convince and deceive some naive Muslims, Christians and Jews. With this method, atheist masons seek to set believers against one another and maintain their own dominion. They are seeking to distract attention from and conceal themselves by portraying true believers as the antichrist, and are sometime successful in doing this. 

By using this cunning method, the antichrist has even set Christians against one another and is trying to prevent them being united. Some evangelicals even regard Catholics as the antichrist. There are currently many evangelicals who believe that. Under the influence of atheistic masonic conditioning, some evangelicals describe the Papacy as the system of the antichrist. Freemasonry is gaining time by dividing believers who fear Allah and causing them to strive against one another. 

The battle of Armageddon, which is claimed to be launched by the antichrist and to occur in the future, is also interpreted in a satanic manner. In various different ways, masons express the need for a constant increase in bloodshed and tension in the Middle East. This is described as a religious obligation. This is one of the bloody, vile actions of the system of the antichrist implemented through the revelation that atheistic freemasonry receives from satan. Armageddon, which they say will happen in the future, has in fact already taken place. Iraq has been occupied by troops from the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Denmark and Poland. A great many soldiers and civilians, including Muslims and Christians or members of other faiths, have been martyred or killed. The occupation of Iraq by various countries, the slaughter in Iraq and this battle of Armageddon has been revealed in the hadiths right down to the finest detail: 

Baghdad is destroyed by fire in the End Times ... (Risalat al-Khuruj al-Mahdi, vol. 3, p. 177) 

Right from day one of the invasion of Iraq Baghdad was the target of a very intensive bombing campaign. Under heavy bombardment, Baghdad burned in flames, just as the hadith said it would. Images of Baghdad, which appeared on TV and in newspapers, conveyed this reality to the world. 

BAGHDAD IN FLAMES, Sabah, March 22, 2003

Our Prophet (saas) said: "There will be such troubles and calamities that nobody will be able to find a place of shelter. These woes will move around Sham (Damascus), fall upon Iraq, and tie the hands and feet of the Arabian Peninsula. The community of Islam will fight against troubles in the steppes. Nobody will feel any sympathy for them or even say: "Alas!" As they try to remedy their woes on the one hand, they will emerge again on the other." (Al Muttaqi al-Hindi, Kanz al-Ummal, vol. 5, pp. 38-39)

The reference in the hadith to “these woes will move around Sham (Damascus) and fall upon Iraq” took place during the recent occupation of Iraq. 

BAGHDAD IS BURNING, Tercuman, March 21, 2003

Judgment Day will not come until Iraq is attacked. Innocent people in Iraq will seek shelter in Sham. Sham will be rebuilt, and Iraq will be rebuilt. (Al Muttaqi al-Hindi, Kanz al-Ummal, vol. 5, p. 254) 

The hadith refers to the reconstruction of Iraq. Many Iraqi cities were devastated in the wake of the invasion. The reconstruction of Iraq, which was also ruined by the acts of looting that took place during the invasion, is essential. Newspaper reports have devoted wide coverage to this. 

(1) USA WILL RECONSTRUCT IRAQ (Ortadogu, March 19, 2003)
(2) THE RECONSTRUCTION OF IRAQ (Oncevatan, April 18, 2003)



The people of Iraq will be divided into three groups. One part will join the looters. One group will flee, leaving their families behind. And one group will fight and be killed. Prepare yourselves for the Day of Judgment when you see this. (Mari’ bin Yusuf Karami Hanbali, Fawaid Fawaid al-Fikr fil Mahdi al-Montazar) 

As the hadith relates, some Iraqis will join the "looters." Indeed, at the end of the war, some Iraqis took advantage of the loss of authority and engaged in looting. In fact, some of these people stole and looted, acts that can be defined as "pillaging." The hadith informs us that some people would try so hard to escape that they would not even think about the families they would leave behind. The newspaper reports along these lines are striking. The hadiths show that some people will join the fighting and be killed. There was much fighting during the invasion of Iraq, and a great many people lost their lives.

(left above) PEOPLE FLEE IN MASSES (Tercuman, March 19, 2003)
(right above) SADDAM’S PALACE GUARDS ABANDONED THE PALACE: The Republican Guards Fled the Palace: Some of them jumped into the River Tigris (Vatan, April 8, 2003)
(right, in the middle) THEY LOOT WHATEVER THEY FIND (Milliyet, April 10, 2003)
(right, below) FLEE FROM HUNGER AND DEATH (Yeni Safak, March 30, 2003)




The innocent and immaculate people of Iraq will flee to Sham. (Risalat al-Khuruj al-Mahdi, p. 210)

Immediately before the outbreak of the latest Iraq war, tens of thousands of Iraqis sought to migrate to other countries, especially Syria. This bears a great similarity to the event described in the hadith. News and pictures about this attempted migration appeared in the media.

(Left) Drama of Emigration (Milli Gazete, March 19, 2003)
(Middle) IRAQI PEOPLE ON ROADS (Vatan, March, 2003)
(Right)Emigration Started (Vatan, March 18, 2003)



Abu Nadra reported:" We were in the company of Jabir b. 'Abdullah that he said it may happen that the people of Iraq may not send their qafiz and dirhams (their measures of food stuff and their money). We said: Who would be responsible for it? He said: The non-Arabs would prevent them. He again said: There is the possibility that the people of Syria may not send their dinar and mudd. We said: Who would be responsible for it? He said: This prevention would be made by the Romans. (Sahih Muslim, Book 041, Number 6961) 

Iraq was invaded by foreign states, immediately after which and as revealed in the hadiths, foreign powers again imposed a lengthy embargo on Iraq. 

" 'The time will come neither a dirham nor a qafiz will be given to Iraq. Its mudd and dinar will also not be given to Sham. Its irdab and dinar will also not be given to Egypt. You will return to the point from which you started.'" (Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud) 

The Iraqis will be left with no weighing equipment, and no money will be left to them with   which to buy and sell. (Al Muttaqi al-Hindi, Kanz al-Ummal, Kanz al-`Ummaal, vol. 5, p. 45) 

As revealed in the hadiths, because of the weakening of the Iraqi economy during the invasion and because of the embargos imposed by foreign powers, the public’s purchasing power declines and poverty and want became one of the most pressing problems. The Iraqi dinar was no longer convertible after the invasion. With the last war, the rapid loss of the Iraqi currency's value and the possibility of its being withdrawn from circulation appeared in the newspapers during 2003. 

Atheistic freemasonry, the system of the antichrist, desires constant bloodshed, and to gain strength and establish global dominion by weakening believers. In addition to the many people who were martyred or died in this war in Iraq, a great many more were injured or crippled. Homes were destroyed and people left in a wretched condition. The atheistic freemasonry that brought Saddam to power in Iraq inflicted terrible oppression and suffering on Muslims there. Saddam was also an atheist mason, and those who invaded the country were atheist masons, and the people who shed all the blood were atheist masons. But those who suffered were the Muslim public, Muslim troops, and Christian and Jewish soldiers. This is a atheistic masonic strategy that oppresses the weak and innocent.

But this stratagem will soon be thwarted. Muslims and Christians and Jews are all true believers who have faith in Allah, the hereafter, the angels, paradise and hell. By Allah’s leave, Muslims, Christians and Jews will forge an alliance to thwart this stratagem of the antichrist’s, and will eliminate atheistic freemasonry, Darwinism, materialism, atheism, fascism and communism, the greatest weapons in the antichrist’s hands.

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