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The Signs of the Last Day in the Hadiths of the Prophet (saas)

Fourteen hundred years ago, the Prophet Muhammad (saas) related a number of secrets concerning the Last Day, and of his thoughts about it, to his Muslim companions. These valuable words have been passed down from generation to generation to the present day in the form of books of hadiths and works of Islamic scholars. The hadiths used in the coming sections of this book contain such information given by the Prophet (saas) in this regard. One very significant evidence proving that these hadiths are authentic, trustworthy and correct, is that all these signs referred to in the hadiths have taken place one after the other in the last 30 years since Hijri 1400. The realization of the incidents mentioned in these hadiths confirms the authenticity of these hadiths.

It should also be stated that some of the signs related in the hadiths were observable in some part of the world in any period during the 1400 year history of Islam, but that would not have proven that that period was the End Times. For a certain period to be called the End Times, all the signs of the Last Day must be observed to be occurrence in that same period. This is expressed in a hadith:

Signs following one another like the pieces of a necklace falling one after the other when its string is cut. (Tirmidhi)

When we examine the End Times in the light of the information related above, we come up with a surprising conclusion. The signs that the Prophet (saas) described in detail are occurring one after the other in every corner of the world, just in the way they were described in the age in which we live. It is so that the hadiths paint a perfect portrait of our time. This is indeed a miracle, and demands careful consideration. Every sign that occurs is to remind people once again that the Last Day is very near, a day when they will give account of themselves in the Presence of Allah, and therefore, that they should immediately apply the moral values of the Qur'an to their lives. Those who say, despite this manifest truth, that the Prophet Jesus (as) will not be coming in this century, that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not appear in this century and that the moral values of Islam will not rule the world in this century are making a terrible error. According to such people's false perspective, the more than 200 signs that have taken place over the last 30 years and are still continuing to do so would have to happen again, one after the other, in exactly the same way. This claim is neither honest nor realistic. What is rational and honest is to see that hundreds of signs of the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as), in other words that the Last Day is imminent, have taken place in this current century and to experience the joy and fervor of living in this holy time.

In this section of the book, only some of the signs of the Last Day heralded by our Prophet (saas) have been mentioned (for further information about this subject visit

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War and Anarchy

In a hadith, the Prophet (saas) described the End Times in this way:

Allah's Messenger (saas) said: "The Harj (will increase)." They asked, "What is the Harj?" He replied, "(It is) killing (murdering), (it is) murdering (killing)." (Bukhari)

The meaning of harj mentioned in the above hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saas) is "utter confusion" and "disorder," which is not to be limited to one particular area, but will be widespread throughout the world.

Again, on this topic, the following words of the Prophet (saas) have come down to us:

The Hour will come when violence, bloodshed, and anarchy become common. (Al-Muttaqi Al-Hindi, Muntakhab Kanzul Ummaal)

The world will not come to an end until a day would come to the people on which there will be general massacre and bloodshed. (Muslim)

When we examine the above hadiths, we are led to an important conclusion. The Prophet (saas) described conflicts, disorder, murder, war to involve the whole earth, and outbreaks of terror, and revealed that these events are signs of the Last Day.

If we look at the last fourteen centuries, we see that wars were regional before the twentieth century. However, wars that affected everyone in the world, political systems, entire economies and social structures, have happened only comparatively recently, in the two world wars. In World War I, more than 20 million died; in World War II, the toll was more than 50 million. At the same time, World War II is acknowledged to have been the bloodiest, the greatest and the most destructive war in history.

Modern military technology, including nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, have increased the effects of war to an extent never before seen in history. Because of the weapons of mass destruction that have been developed, it is commonly accepted that the world will not enter into a third world war.

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In the hadiths, the Prophet (saas) described the wars and terror that now engulf the world, and related that these things are signs of the Last Day. Today, in every part of the world, conflicts, regional as well as civil wars are pervasive.

The conflicts that occurred after World War II—the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Gulf War—are among the most critical events of our time. Likewise, regional wars, conflicts and civil wars, have caused destruction in many parts of the world. In places such as Bosnia, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Kashmir and many others, problems continue to afflict humanity.

ahir zaman alametleri


Many countries of the world struggle with acts of terror perpetrated by their own citizens. In places like Chechnya, mass graves (right) can be found, and elderly persons, children and babies are made to suffer. This terror and conflict concerns all of us and must be considered as among the signs of the Last Day. These events that have been predicted in the hadiths are an occasion for everyone to consider and from which to learn a lesson.

Another instance of a type of "disorder" that concerns human beings as much as war is organized international terror. As authorities on the subject also agree, acts of terror have multiplied in the latter half of the twentieth century.3 Indeed, it is even possible to say that terror is a phenomenon particular to the twentieth century. Organizations devoted to racism, communism and similar ideologies, or with nationalistic aims, have engaged in acts of brutality with the help of the developing technology.

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The fact that the signs related in the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (as) are coming true, and the fact that our world is full of scenes like these is a warning for humanity to return to the moral teaching of the Qur'an.

Within the world's recent history, acts of terror have, time and again, fomented disorder. Much blood has been shed and countless innocent people have been maimed or killed. But still, humanity has not learned its lesson from these events condemned by all Muslims.

In many places in the world, terror continues to be the roots of acts of murderous anarchy.

There are a number of verses of the Qur'an relevant to this subject. In Surat ar-Rum, Allah reveals that confusion has come upon the earth because of what human beings have wrought:

Corruption has appeared in both land and sea because of what people's own hands have brought about so that they may taste something of what they have done so that hopefully they will turn back. (Surat ar-Rum: 41)

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In the Qur'an, Allah reveals that human beings have brought evil upon themselves. The problems in the world today are proofs of this...

We must add that this verse is to remind us of a very important truth. The pain and misery that arises from the mistakes human beings make are a kind of opportunity to assist them in turning away from these errors.

In short, we are now living in that age of confusion and disorder in which yet another sign of the End Times is manifested. This sign is a stern warning that people should begin immediately to live their lives according to the moral teachings of the Qur'an.

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The condition in which people find themselves in the world today is an important opportunity for them to consider the disorder in which they live, and to learn a lesson from it and turn away from their error.

The Destruction of Great Cities: Wars and Disasters

One of the pronouncements given to us by the Prophet (saas) about the End Times is the following:

Great cities will be ruined and it will be as if they had not existed the day before. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman)

The ruin of great cities spoken of in this hadith brings to mind the destruction that now arises from war and various natural disasters. Recently developed nuclear weapons, aircraft, bombs, missiles, and other modern weapons, have caused untold destruction. These terrible weapons have brought about a degree of destruction never before seen. Indeed, the great cities targeted are most affected by this destruction. The incomparable destruction of the Second World War is an example of this. With the use of the atom bomb in world's greatest war, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely destroyed. As a result of heavy bombing, European capitals and other important cities suffered a great amount of damage. The Encyclopedia Britannica describes the damage caused to European cities by World War II:

atom bombasının etkileri


In the hadiths, it is revealed that, in the End Times, big cities will be destroyed as if they had never existed. In the past century, many cities were destroyed in such a manner. Only two examples here suffice, Hiroshima after the atom bomb (left), and several cities in Chechnya. (right)

The resulting devastation had turned much of Europe into a moonscape: cities laid waste or consumed by fire storms, the countryside charred and blackened, roads pitted with shell holes or bomb craters, railways out of action, bridges destroyed or truncated, harbors filled with sunken, listing ships. "Berlin," said General Lucius D. Clay, the deputy military governor in the U.S. zone of postwar Germany, "was like a city of the dead."4

In short, the unprecedented destruction caused by the Second World War conforms entirely to that described in the hadith of the Prophet (saas).

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In the last century, a great number of disasters have occurred. In numerous countries, destruction has taken place as a result of which millions have lost their lives. These events are a striking parallel to that mentioned in the hadiths as signs of the End Times. People should now take lessons from these occurrences and adopt the moral teachings of the Qur'an.


2001 Came With Disasters

ahir zaman alametleri

1. Northern Europe
The coldest weather ever seen grasped Denmark, northern Germany, Norway and Sweden, many traffic accidents occurred, public transportation came to a halt.

2. USA
11 persons of the same family died in a fire. In a fire in California, at least 2320 hectares of land was destroyed and thousands of people left their homes.

3. Holland
9 people died in a cafeteria fire.

4. Poland
28 people froze to death.

5. The Ukraine
Ukrainian ship sank in the Black Sea, 20 people died.

6. Russia
150 people froze to death.

7. China
56 people die in sea accidents, 21 die in two plane accidents and 37 are killed in a methane explosion.

8. Germany
4 people die in a plane crash.

9. France
6 people die in a fire.

10. Bosnia Herzegovina
16 people die in a bus accident.

11. Spain
A train collided with a van on the tracks. 11 people died. ETA’s terrorism continues.

12. Kazakhistan
The temperature falls to 52 degrees below zero, 4 people die.

13. Chechnya
50 die in bloody skirmishes.

14. Italy
4 people died while celebrating the New Year, more than 800 were injured by fireworks.

15. Colombia
A clash between leftists and rightists, and conflicts caused 116 deaths.

16. Afghanistan
In 10 days, more than 700 Afghans died of hypothermia.

17. The Sea Of Oman
A Pakistani vessel sank, 35 people die.

18. The Middle East
Violent skirmishes between Israel and Palestine.

19. Algeria
59 die in five assaults, and 8 die in skirmishes.

20. Costa Rica
23 persons died over New Year’s.

21. Korea
10 die in a snow storm

22. Ethiopia
7 die due to religious clashes.

23. El Salvador
2000 die in an earthquake.

24. Japan
No day passes without an earthquake.

25. The Congo
50 dead in a train accident.

25. Sudan
22 persons die in a minibus accident.

26. Mozambique
8000 people homeless after violent rain storms.

27. Equador
A tanker run aground off the Galapagos Islands released hundreds of tons of oil into the sea. It was an environmental disaster that shocked the whole world.

29. Iran
18 die in a snow storm.

29. Sri Lanka
108 people die in clashes.

30. Zambia
A ship sank claiming 16 lives.

31. India
More than 30 thousand die in an earthquake that measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale,  125 die of hypothermia and 4 die in a helicopter accident.

32. Honduras
24 persons were killed, most of them with firearms.

33. Kenya
30 villagers die in an attack by cattle thieves.

34. The Philippines
Violent rain storms paralyze the economy.

35. South Africa
70 die of cholera,  14 die after being struck by lightening.

36. Brazil
Hundreds of people are injured in a fight that broke out in a square in Sao Paolo where 1 million people were celebrating the New Year.

37. Paraguay
In a month and a half 33 people were murdered, or died as the result of traffic accidents, electrocution, and drowning.

38. Pakistan
24 die in a bus accident, 15 in a train accident.

39. Bangladesh
31 persons die of hypothermia and 250 perish in traffic accidents.

40. Venezuela
24 passengers died in an airplane accident.


The twentieth century is most frequently characterized as the century of disasters. Many deaths were caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods; while many others were caused by civil war, conflicts and by great accidents on the sea and in the air. And this situation has remained unchanged in the first years of the twenty-first century. The destruction of cities and the annihilation of its peoples appears in the hadiths as signs of the Last Day.


kıyamet alametleri

Experts maintain that the worst natural disaster the world has known was Hurricane Mitch in Central America in 1998.

Another cause of the destruction of major cities is natural disasters. It is a statistical fact that the age in which we live has seen an increase in both the number and the seriousness of natural disasters. In the last ten years, disasters caused by climactic changes are a novel phenomenon. A dangerous and unwanted by-product of industry is global warming. Industry is gradually disturbing the balance in the world's atmosphere, giving rise to climactic changes. The year of 1998 was the hottest on earth since records have been kept.5 According to the information of the American National Climate Data Center, the greatest number of weather-related disasters occurred in 1998.6 For example, Hurricane Mitch has been referred to by a number of observers as the world's worst natural disaster ever to strike Central America.7

Hurricane Katrina in 2006 caused the sinking of almost the whole city of New Orleans. In the last few years, hurricanes, storms, typhoons and other such disasters have had a destructive effect on the American continent as well as in several other places in the world. In addition, floods have caused mudslides, which have engulfed certain centers of population. Furthermore, earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves have also caused great devastation. Therefore, all this destruction brought on upon the great cities by these calamities is an important sign in each case.

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Natural disasters, which have not been preventable despite advances in modern technology, have shown just how helpless humanity can be. Earthquakes, mudslides, volcano eruptions, floods, and especially the destruction of large cities, are all important signs.


There is no doubt that there have been no other natural events in history that have affected people to the extent that earthquakes have. They can happen anywhere and at any moment. Throughout the centuries, they have caused many deaths and great material loss. For this reason, they have been greatly feared. Even the technology of the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries has been able to prevent earthquake damage only to a certain extent.

The 1995 earthquake in Kobe serves as an example to those who like to think that technology will make it possible to harness nature. It will be remembered that this earthquake came unexpectedly upon Japan's largest industrial and transportation center. In spite of the fact that it only lasted 20 seconds, as Time magazine reported, it caused about 100 billion dollars in damage.8


The destruction caused by the Kobe and Mexico earthquakes.

In the last few years, major earthquakes have occurred repeatedly and are among the foremost fears of people around the world. If we look at the data collected by the American National Earthquake Information Center for 1999, we find that 20,832 earthquakes happened somewhere in the world. As a result, an estimated 22,711 persons lost their lives.9


Newsweek, January 22, 1995


Earthquakes, as predicted in the hadiths, are among the most important signs of the Last Day.

Several earthquakes that took place in the last 30 years are as follows:

  1. On July 28, 1976 an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude took place in China, in which 242,000 people lost their lives and 164,000 were injured.
  2. On December 7, 1988 an earthquake in Armenia cost the lives of 20,000 people and 500,000 were left homeless.
  3. On June 20, 1990, 40,000 people died and another 100,000 were injured in an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 in Iran.
  4. The Kobe earthquake in 1995 lasted for only 20 seconds though more than 6,000 people lost their lives and the economic damage caused was put at 132 million dollars.
  5. In India an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 cost the lives of 25,000 people and 166,000 more were injured.
  6. In the 6.7 magnitude earthquake that took place in Iran on December 23, 2003 31,884 people lost their lives and 18,000 were injured.
  7. In Indonesia the tsunami that struck with a similar impact to that of an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 cost the lives of 300,000 people.
  8. On October 8, 2005, an earthquake measuring 7.6 in Pakistan cost the lives of some 100,000 people.

All such cases bring to mind what our Prophet (saas) said 1400 years ago:

The Hour (Last Day) will not be established until ... earthquakes will be very frequent. (Bukhari)

There are two great incidents before the Day of Judgment ... and then years of earthquakes. (Narrated by Umm Salama (r.a.))


15.000 Dead


Disasters affect the whole world. We must learn a lesson from them and turn to Allah.

In the Qur'an, there are certain verses that point out the relation between earthquakes and the End Times. The 99th Surah is called Surat az-Zalzala; zalzala means great shaking, or earthquake. This Surah, composed of eight verses, describes the violent shaking of the earth and states that, following it, the Judgment Day will arrive, people will be raised from the dead, will give account of themselves to Allah, and receive their just rewards, even for the slightest thing that they have done:

When the earth is convulsed with its quaking and the earth then disgorges its charges and man asks, "What is wrong with it?", on that Day it will impart all its news because your Lord has inspired it. That Day people will emerge segregated to see the results of their actions. Whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it. Whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it. (Surat az-Zalzala: 1-8)


It is well known that poverty is the lack of food, shelter, clothing, health services, and the other basic needs, due to a low level of income. Despite the possibilities afforded by advanced technology, poverty is today one of the most serious problems the world faces. In Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, many people live with hunger every day. Imperialism and unrestrained capitalism has prevented the distribution of income throughout the world and the advancement of under-developed and developing countries. While there is a happy minority that has more than it needs, there are a considerable number of people struggling with the problems of poverty and destitution.

açlık, fakirlik

In the world today, poverty has reached grave proportions. The last report by UNICEF stated that one in four people of the world's population lives in "unimaginable suffering and want."10 1.3 billion of the world's people survive on less than $1 a day. 3 billion people in the world today struggle to survive on $2 a day.11Approximately 1.3 billion people lack safe water. 2.6 billion people are without access to adequate sanitation.12

açlık, fakirlik


Despite the possibilities afforded by advances in technology, poverty continues to be one of the major problems in the world today. According to the report of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, for the year 2000, 826 million people are undernourished.

According to the report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), for the year 2000, 826 million people around the world do not get enough to eat. In other words, one in six people are hungry.13

Over the last ten years, the injustice of income distribution has increased more than one can imagine. United Nations reports show that, in 1960, the 20% of the people of the world who live in the richest countries had 30 times the income of the poorest 20; by 1995 it was 82 times.14 As an example of the collapse of social justice, the wealth of the world's 225 richest individuals is equal to the annual income of the poorest 47%.15

The current statistical data point to what our Prophet (saas) said about the increase of poverty. In the hadiths, it is revealed that poverty and hunger will be among the signs of the first period of the End Times.

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The basic reason for social injustice and its consequent gap between the rich and the poor is that the moral teaching of the Qur'an is not followed.

The poor will grow in number. (Amal Al-Din Al-Qazwini, Mufid Al-'ulum Wa-mubid Al-humum)

Gains will be shared out only among the rich, with no benefit to the poor. (Tirmidhi)

Obviously, that period indicated by the Prophet (saas) describes conditions in our day. If we look at past centuries, we see that the difficulties and anxiety brought about by drought, war and other calamities were temporary and limited to a particular region. However, today, the poverty and difficulty of earning a living are permanent and endemic.

rusya, fakirlik

Those of you possessing affluence and ample wealth
should not make oaths that they will not give to their
relatives and the very poor and those who are refugees
in the way of Allah. They should rather pardon and overlook.
Would you not love Allah to forgive you?
Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
(Surat an-Nur: 22)

Certainly, our Lord has endless compassion and mercy; He does not wrong people. But, because of the ungratefulness of humanity, and the evil it has committed, poverty and anxiety have been institutionalized. Indeed, this sorry state of affairs shows clearly that the world is stratified on a basis of selfishness and greed rather than on religion, moral values and conscience.

açlık oranları

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3. $ 5,500-22,000 4. $ 22,000-35,500 5. Higher than $ 35,500 6. No information


The growth of poverty and the increasing chasm between rich and poor is a sign of the first period of the End Times.

Economic crisis is one of the signs of the Day of Judgment

The economical crisis that began in 2007 and aggravated in 2008 and 2009 and that is expected to last until 2014 is one of the signs that the Prophet (saas) informed us. Some of the hadiths regarding this crisis that caused the unemployment of hundreds of people, the poverty to climax and bankruptcy of hundreds of firms and even countries are as follows:

The convergence of bazaar and market is a sign of the End Times. What does the convergence of bazaars mean? It means: Everyone will complain of low earnings.... (from Ibn Marduwayh Abu Huraira (ra)...) (Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Rasul Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 146)

In a hadith narrated by Naim ibn Hammad from ibn Masud, the period preceding the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is described as the time when TRADE and roads are CUT and strife increases. The hadith goes on to report that this will come to an end in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as):

We came to seek that person [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] BY WHOSE HAND STRIFE WILL BE EXTINGUISHED. CONSTANTINOPLE [ISTANBUL] WILL BE CAPTURED THROUGH HIM. (In other words, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will spiritually capture hearts and establish a huge cultural intellectual impact.) We recognize him by his name, and his mother and father's names, and his army. (Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman, p. 52)

Before Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, TRADE AND ROADS between nations WILL BE CUT and strife among people will grow. (Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar, p. 39)

[Before the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi (as)] Stagnation IN THE MARKETS, A REDUCTION IN EARNINGS. (Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Rasul Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 148)

Everyone COMPLAINING OF LOW EARNINGS... the rich respected for their money... (Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Rasul Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 146)

Business being slack. Everyone will complain, I cannot sell, buy or earn money. (Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Rasul Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 152)

When TRADE and roads are CUT and strife multiplies ... (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 52)

The Collapse of Moral Values

In our day, there is a great danger that threatens the world's social fabric. In the same way as a virus kills the human body, this danger brings about subtle social collapse. This danger is the degradation of those moral values that help to maintain a healthy society. Homosexuality, prostitution, pre-marital and extra-marital sex, sexual misdemeanors, pornography, sexual harassment and the increase of sex-related illnesses, are a number of important indications of the collapse of moral values.

These remain continual matters of public concern. A great number of people are not aware of the danger that is increasing around them, and mistakenly consider it as normal. But, statistics show that, with every passing day, the extent of the danger is growing unperceived.

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For societies without religious and moral values AIDS has become a growing and epidemic problem.

The proportion of sex-related illnesses is an important criterion to help indicate the extent of the problems facing humanity. According to the records of the World Health Organization (WHO), sex-related diseases forms one of the largest segments of illnesses. These reports show that of an estimated 333 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases occur in the world every year.16 In addition, AIDS continues to be the most serious problem. Statistics of WHO indicate that the total number of AIDS deaths since the beginning of the epidemic have been 18.8 million persons.17 The report of the World Health Organization for the year 2000 sums up the situation succinctly: "AIDS is unique in its devastating impact on the social, economic and demographic underpinnings of development."18

Among the most frightening developments is the spread of homosexuality. In some countries, homosexuals can be legally married, enjoy the social benefits of marriage, and form associations and organizations. Around the world their activities show their opposition to religious faith and their antagonism to religious values. This is a characteristic of our age; such things have never happened before since the time of our Prophet (saas).

The audacity of today's homosexuals makes one think of the end of the people of the Prophet Lot (as) who were noted for their homosexuality. As it is stated in the Qur'an, when they flamboyantly rejected the Prophet Lot's (as) invitation to the right path, Allah destroyed the city and its people by a great disaster. As a reminder, the remains of this perverse society still lie beneath the water of the Dead Sea.

It is clear that the hadiths describing the End Times and its moral degeneration are coming true today.

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The growing prevalence of homosexuality over the past few years is a frightening development. This phenomenon was mentioned in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) fourteen centuries ago.

  • One hadith indicates that the absence of the shame of prostitution is a sign of the Last Day.

There will be prevalence of open illegal sexual intercourse. (Bukhari)

  • The Prophet (saas) says that the spread of extra-marital sexual relationships in society is a sign:


The Hour will come when adultery becomes widespread. (Al-Haythami, Kitab al-Fitan)

  • The weakening of moral values and a sense of shame is described in these words:

The Last Hour will not be established until they (wicked people) commit adultery on the roads (public ways). (Ibn Hibban and Bazzar)

It is interesting to note that, recently, scenes of prostitution captured by hidden cameras have been broadcast on a number of television channels in some countries. Prostitutes have sexual intercourse with their customers in open view in the middle of the street. This is another sign of the Last Day revealed in a hadith; millions of people have witnessed this sign. These hadiths show that tolerating homosexuality as a normal way of life is an important sign of the period before the Last Day.

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Every day newspaper pages contain reports that point to the collapse of social morality, while many regard these developments as merely normal.

Men will imitate women; and Women will imitate men. (Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti, Durre-Mansoor)

People will indulge in homosexuality and lesbianism (Al-Muttaqi Al-Hindi, Muntakhab Kanzul Ummaal)

The Rejection of the True Religion and the Moral Values of the Qur'an

The hadiths that deal with the signs of the Last Day provide us with a detailed description of the period in which these signs will appear. We can understand from the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) that the first stage of the End Times is a period that seems to be religious, but one that almost completely rejects Allah's religion and the moral values of the Qur'an. It is a period in which that which has been clearly indicated in the verses of the Qur'an are overlooked, non-Islamic judgments are given by using the name of Allah, religion falls into discord, worship is performed for show, and religion is used as a means for profit and gain. It is a characteristic of this time that faith does not depend on knowledge and study but on imitation. In this time, so-called Muslims are in the majority, while real scholars and sincere Muslims are in the minority.

Kuran-ı Kerim

The following are the signs reveled by the Prophet (saas) 14 centuries ago, and which are coming true in the age in which we live:

According to the Qur'an, on the Last Day the Prophet (saas) will say that his own people will have abandoned the Qur'an: "My Lord, my people treat this Qur'an as something to be ignored…" (Surat al-Furqan: 30) It is also revealed in the hadiths that, during the End Times, the Qur'an's guidance will be disregarded and people will stray from it.

Near the establishment of the Hour there will be days during which (religious) knowledge will be taken away (vanish) and general ignorance will spread... (Bukhari)

There will come a time for my people when there will remain nothing of the Qur'an except its outward form and nothing of Islam except its name and they will call themselves by this name even though they are the people furthest from it. (Agreed upon)

Allah makes a comparison in Surah Jumuah, verse 5: "The metaphor of those who were charged with the Torah but then have not upheld it, is that of a donkey carrying books…" There is no doubt that this verse applies as a warning to Muslims, reminding them that they must be careful not to fall into the same grave error. The Qur'an was sent down as a book of guidance for people to observe.



In the hadiths, consulting the stars about the future is mentioned as one of the signs of the Last Day.

Our Prophet (saas) said that, despite the fact that the Qur'an will be read, the knowledge and wisdom it contains will not be considered. This is another sign of the time of the End Times.

There will come a time upon the Ummat when people will recite the Qur'an, but it will not go further than their throats, (into their hearts). (Bukhari)

Allah's Messenger (saas) spoke of something and said: "It will happen when knowledge will be no more. " (Ziyad) said: "Allah's Messenger, how will knowledge vanish despite the fact that we will be reciting the Qur'an and teaching its recitation to our children and our children will teach its recitation to their children up to the Day of Resurrection?" Thereupon he (the Prophet (saas)) said: "Ziyad, do these Jews and Christians not recite the Torah and the Bible but not act according to what is contained in them?" (Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi)
  • It is a sign of the End Times that some Muslims will follow the example of heretical Jews and Christians and imitate them blindly.


    The Prophet (saas) said, "Surely you will follow the ways, of those nations who were before you, span by span and cubit by cubit (i.e. inch by inch) so much so that even if they entered a hole of a lizard, you too would follow them," We said, "O Allah's Messenger! Do you mean the Jews and the Christians?" He replied, "Whom else?" (Bukhari)
  • In Surat al-An'am, verse 26, Allah speaks of those who keep others away from the Qur'an. We can understand from the hadiths that there will be corrupt manners of thought prevalent before the Last Day comes, and that systems will come into being that are far from truth and justice, that only cause great discord and draw people away from the ways of Allah.


    The Apostle of Allah (saas) said: Before the Last Hour there will be commotions like pieces of a dark night (Abu Dawood)

    Before the Last Hour there will be commotions like pieces of a dark night in which a man will be a believer in the morning and an infidel in the evening, or a believer in the evening and infidel in the morning. (Abu Dawood)

  • It will be a sign of the Last Day that after Allah has completely revealed in the Qur'an what is lawful and what is forbidden, laws and commands will be given that are not essential to religion:


    A time will come when a man will not care about how he gets things, whether lawful or unlawful. (Bukhari)
  • Allah's Messenger (saas), revealed to us that, in the End Times, some people acknowledged as scholars will actually be two-faced impostors:


    Wolves will give readings in the End Times. Let those who come to see those times seek shelter from their evil in Allah. They will be very corrupt people. Hypocrisy will prevail, and nobody will be ashamed of it and its manifestations. (Tirmidhi, Nawadir al-'usul)

    There will appear in latter times a people who will gain this world with the help of religion. (Tirmidhi)

    Allah's Messenger (saas) said, "In the End Times men will come forth who will fraudulently use religion for worldly ends and wear sheepskins in public to display meekness. Their tongues will be sweeter than sugar, but their hearts will be the hearts of wolves." (Tirmidhi)

  • Those people are described who show no respect for the laws of Islam and who do not hesitate to use religion as a means for their own profit:
In the End Times of the community of the faithful, people, those who adorn the mosques but leave their own hearts in ruins, who fail to look after their religion as much as they do their clothes, who forsake their religious obligations for the sake of their activities in this world, will increase in number. (Agreed upon)
  • It is a sign that the Last Day is approaching when people know that Allah has commanded them to prefer goodness and shun evil, but do not observe it:
The Last Hour will not be established until there will remain those people who will neither be aware of the virtues and never prevent the vices. (Ahmad)

Near the establishment of the Hour, good deeds will decrease. (Bukhari)

  • In one hadith it is revealed as a sign of the Last Day that faithful Muslims will become weakened under pressure from sinners:
The Hour will come when voices are raised in the mosques. (Tirmidhi)

The Hour will come when leaders are oppressors. (Al-Haythami, Kitab al-Fitan)



1400 years ago, it was mentioned in the hadiths that people around the world would be martyred just for practicing their faith.

  • The Prophet (saas) says that, in the End Times, there will be very few people who can be called true believers:


    There will come a time for my people when… the mosques will be full of people but they will be empty of right guidance. (Agreed upon)
  • One hadith says that sincere Muslims will have to hide their faith and perform their worship in secret:


    A time will come when the hypocrites will live secretly among you, and the faithful will try to live their religion in secret among others. (Agreed upon)
  • In the hadith quoted below, it is revealed as a sign of the End that mosques and Islamic schools will be made into places used only as social gatherings:


    A time will come upon people in which they will use the Masjid as a pavilion (a meeting place). (Narrated by Hasan (r.a.))
  • In the End Times, people will appear who read the Qur'an for profit rather than to gain Allah's approval:


    Let him who reads the Qur'an ask (his reward) from Allah. Because in the final times there will be many people who read the Qur'an and seek their reward from other people. (Tirmidhi)
  • It is also a sign that the Qur'an will be read only for pleasure, just like a song:


    When the Qur'an is read as if singing a song, and when a person is esteemed for reading in that way, even though he is not knowledged … (Al-Tabarani, Al-Kabir)
  • Some people who will be recognized as Muslims will have a warped understanding of fate, while some will believe that the stars can grant knowledge of the future. This is another indication of the End Times:


    'The Hour will come, when people believe in the stars and reject al-Qadar (the Divine Decree of destiny) (Al-Haythami, Kitab al-Fitan)
  • Despite the fact that Allah has forbidden the taking of interest, it is practiced openly. In one hadith, this is revealed as one of the signs:


    Undoubtedly, a period will come upon people wherein not a single person will be saved from indulging in interest. If anyone avoids direct indulgence in interest, yet he will not escape from the smoke (effects) thereof.. Its effects will somehow reach him. (Narrated by Abu Hurairah)



    In the Qur'an, Allah has clearly forbidden the taking of interest, though it has become a fact of life.

  • Another among the signs of the End Times is that the pilgrimage will be made for the sake of travel, business, ostentation or begging.


    Such a time will come when the rich go on pilgrimage for purposes of travel, the comfortably off for business, the wise for boasting and outward show, and the poor to beg. (Narrated by Anas (r.a.))


    Social Deterioration

    A serious problem that people face today is the disintegration of the social fabric of societies. This collapse is discernable in various ways. Broken families, the increase in divorce and illegitimate births naturally lead to the destruction of the institution of the family. Stress, anxiety, unhappiness, worry and disorder turn the lives of many people into a real nightmare. People living in a spiritual void, looking for a way out of their depression, fall into a bleak mire of alcohol or drugs. Some, who think that there is no solution to be found, consider suicide as a way out.

    One of the striking marks of social decline is the huge increase in illicit activities. The level of crime has reached proportions that astound even experts. The report, "Universal Crime and Justice," prepared by the United Nations Center for International Crime Prevention, contains a general appraisal of crime throughout the world:


    Basically, as in the 1980's, the crime rate continued to rise in the 1990's.

    Everywhere in the world, in a five-year period, two-thirds of the people living in large cities have been the target at least once of a criminal action.

    All over the world, the odds of being the target of a serious crime (robbery, sexual crimes, assault) are one in five. Regardless of the area, crimes against property, and crimes of violence committed by youth, have both had economic ramifications.

    The number of types of illicit drugs has increased and their nature diversified in recent years.19

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    3. Guardian, January 18, 2000, 4. BBC News, January 14, 2003, 5. The Guardian, March16, 2002


    The growth in the number of those who perpetrate evil is proved by the numerous instances of immorality reported in the newspapers. Such instances announce the coming of the End Times.

    Actually, all this is not surprising. The causes of such a societal phenomenon are clearly related in the Qur'an, in the accounts of past societies. Social deterioration, and all the various problems associated with it, are the inevitable result of human beings' forgetting Allah and the purposes of their creation, and their abandoning religion and its spiritual values.

    sokak çocukları



    The period referred to as the End Times will be a time of extreme social disintegration. The structures that form the basis of society will be seriously undermined. In the hadiths of the Prophet (saas), there is much to bring to light the collapse of the fabric of today's societies.

    The aspects of this social deterioration we see happening so prevalently today were predicted by the Prophet (saas) fourteen centuries ago. Allah's Messenger (saas) described the End Times as "When people suffer strife and social upheaval" (Ahmad Diya'al-Din al-Kamushkhanawi, Ramuz al-Ahadith). The following are the hadiths relevant to its first phase:

  • It can be understood from the hadiths that the increase in the amount of evil people, the fact those people regarded as trustworthy are liars, and the fact that some who are regarded as liars are actually trustworthy, are characteristics of the End Times.
There will be years of deceit, in which a truthful person will be disbelieved and a liar will be believed (Ibn Kathir)

The time will be years of confusion. People will believe a liar, and disbelieve one who tells the truth. People will distrust one who is trustworthy, and trust one who is treacherous. (Ahmad)

The Day of Judgment will not come until the very lowest people are the happiest. (Tirmidhi)
  • One hadith reveals that there will be few trustworthy people and little money earned according to the rules and laws of our religion:
In the End Times, people will be carrying out their trade but hardly will there be a trustworthy person. (Bukhari and Muslim)
  • Truthful testimony will be neglected while false testimony and slander will be widespread. This is yet another sign:
Verily in the presence of the Last Hour, there would be … false testimony and concealing evidence. (Ahmad and Hakim)

There will be false accusation of unchastity and slander. (Tirmidhi)

  • The only measure by which people will be judged will be wealth, respect being dependent on how rich a person is:
Before the Hour comes, there will be special greeting for the people of distinction. (Ahmad)

There will be no Judgment until greetings are given not to the people but to particular individuals. (Mukhtasar Tazkirah Qurtubi )

  • It is said in the hadiths that another sign it the destruction of social relations between people:
Only people one knows will be greeted with the salaam... (Ahmad Diya'al-Din al-Kamushkhanawi, Ramuz al-Ahadith)
  • In the hadith quoted below, it is stressed that positions of responsibility will be given to those who are not competent:
When the power or authority comes in the hands of unfit persons, then wait for the Hour (the Last Day). (Bukhari)

sokak çocukları

Newsweek, January 28, 2002


One of the most important features of the End Times will be the cessation of love and respect among people. A sick person lying in the street, with no one offering him assistance, will be a common sight.

  • Another characteristic of the period will be the disintegration of relationships among families, between friends and neighbors, and the loss of community and spiritual values:

A man is unfilial towards his mother, and drives his father far off... (Tirmidhi)

There would (first) be turmoil for a person in regard to his family, his property, his own self, his children, his neighbors. (Bukhari and Muslim)

  • Young people will be rebellious and the love and respect between young people and adults will deteriorate:

When the old have no compassion for the young, when the young show no respect to the old … when children grow angry … Judgment is at hand. (Reported by Omar (r.a.))

The disintegration of the family, people's failure to communicate, relationships formed not out love and respect but for other selfish motives, as well as increasing loneliness and alienation, are all characteristics of the End Times. This degeneration, as announced in the hadiths, is an opportunity for people to understand that the Day of Judgment is approaching and to turn to Allah.


The hadiths show that another characteristic of the End Times will be that divorce and the number of children born outside marriage will increase:

Divorces will be a daily occurrence. ('Allamah Safarini, Ahwal Yaum al-Qiyamah)

There will be an abundance of illegitimate children. (Al-Muttaqi Al-Hindi, Muntakhab Kanzul Ummaal)

Influenced by materialism and their worldview, people will be excessively attached to this world, and will forget about the afterlife. This is another characteristic of the End Times:

Meanness and greed will multiply. (Muslim, Ibn Majah)

At that time, people will sell their religion for a small amount of worldly goods. (Ahmad)

A hadith reveals that people will curse and swear at each other:

In the Last Days, there will be such people, who, when they meet, curse and abuse each other instead of greeting (with salaam). (Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti, Durre-Mansoor)

dedikodu, magazin


Some Magazines

Another characteristic of the period will be gossip and mockery of other people:

There will be an abundance of critics, tale-carriers, backbiters and taunters in society. (Al-Muttaqi Al-Hindi, Muntakhab Kanzul Ummaal)

Insincere flatterers will be respected:

As Judgment draws near ... the most respected people of the age will be lickspittles and sycophants. (Agreed upon)

The Last Hour will not arrive till people come forth who make a living with their tongues as cows eat with their tongues. (Tirmidhi)

suç artışıı

1. TIME, July 5, 1999, 2. The Guardian, May 11, 2002, 3. Hindustan Times, February 13, 2003


The noticeable increase in murders is a sign announced in the hadiths.

Another sign of the End Times to be frequently encountered will be dishonesty in business and bribery:

Deceit and cheating will be common. ('Allamah Safarini, Ahwal Yaum al-Qiyamah)

Bribes will be called gifts, and will be considered lawful. (Amal al-Din al-Qazwini, Mufid al-'ulum wa-mubid al-humum)

The Prophet (saas) describes the increase of murder in the End Times in these words:

The Hour (Last Day) will not be established until murder will increase. (Bukhari )

Science and Technology

The Prophet Muhammad (saas), as we all know, lived fourteen centuries ago. Historical records show that, when the Qur'an was revealed, Arab society did not have the technology to enable it to conduct investigations of the world or the universe. Therefore, there is a significant difference between the level of science and technology at the time, when the Prophet (saas) lived, and our own. Actually, the difference has persisted into the beginnings of the twentieth and the twentyfirst centuries. A clear proof of this is that a few technological innovations whose names were unpronounceable just a few decades ago have become indispensable elements of our lives today.

Despite these enormous differences, in the seventh century, the Prophet (saas) revealed a number of truths about the future. In the following pages, we will examine the hadiths describing the degree of scientific and technological knowledge of the End Times. We will see that what the Prophet (saas) predicted fourteen centuries ago is coming true in our time.

Medical Technology:

For ages, living a long life has been one of humanity's chief goals, one which it has spent much effort to achieve. In this regard, the Prophet Muhammad (saas) revealed to us a development in the End Times:

At that time ... life spans will grow longer. (Ibn Hajar Haythami, Al Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi 'alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar)

Fourteen centuries have passed since the Prophet (saas) said these words. Records kept over the past few years have clearly shown that the average life expectancy in our time is greater than that in every preceding age. Even, there was already a great difference between the beginning and the end of the twentieth century. For example, a person born in 1995 can expect to live more than 35 years longer than a person born in 1900.20 Another striking example of this is that, in the past, people rarely lived to a 100 years; today many people survive to that age.

According to the United Nations Department of National Population, over the past few years, the world's population has continued on its remarkable transition from a high rate of birth and death to one of low birth and death rates. The substance of this transition has been the growth in the number and proportion of older persons. Such a rapid, large and pervasive increase has never been seen in the history of civilization.21

This increase in life expectancy must have a cause. The development of health services due to the advance of medical technology has made such a situation possible. In addition, developments in genetics and the rapidly advancing Human Genome Project are about to incept a totally new era in the field of health. These advances are of a proportion that people living in earlier times could never even have imagined. Based on all these developments, we can say that people living in our time have reached the long and healthy life described in the above hadith.

ömürlerin uzaması


1400 years ago the Prophet (saas) predicted the scientific developments mentioned in these headlines.


A significant difference that distinguishes the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from previous ages is the advance in literacy. In earlier times, the ability to read and write belonged to a particular group of people who were privileged in status, whereas, towards the end of the twentieth century, UNESCO and other government and private organizations, have organized campaigns throughout the world to counter this trend. This mobilization of educational resources, with its attendant technological innovations and humanitarian services, has borne fruit in our time. According to a report by UNESCO, the average literacy rate in 1997 was 77.4%. 22 This figure is certainly the highest it has been in 14 centuries. At the same time, our Prophet (saas) described society of the End Times in his hadiths:

Literacy will increase—as Judgment draws nigh. (Ahmad Diya'al-Din al-Kamushkhanawi, Ramuz al-Ahadith)

teknoloji eğitim


By means of projects made possible by new technology, the literacy rate today has reached the range of 80%.

Bu rakam kuşkusuz, geçen on dört yüzyıl içindeki en yüksek orandır. Aynı zamanda da Peygamberimiz (sav)'in hadislerinde haber verdiği Ahir Zaman toplumlarının bir niteliğidir:

Kıyametin yaklaşmasına doğru… okuryazar çoğalır. (Son Zamanlarla İlgili Hadisler, s. 93; Ramuz-El Ehadis, 1/121)

Construction Technology:

A sign of the advanced technology of the age in which we live and which the Prophet (saas) has mentioned is the construction of tall buildings.

There will be no Judgment—until very tall buildings are constructed. (Reported by Abu Hurairah)

The Hour will not be established—till the people compete with one another in constructing high buildings. (Bukhari)

If we look at the history of architecture and engineering, we see that multi-storied buildings began to be constructed only towards the end of the nineteenth century. Technological developments, the growing use of steel and the use of elevators accelerated the construction of structures called skyscrapers. Skyscrapers have become an important part of the architecture of the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries, and have today become a symbol of prestige. What the hadith says has come true: people do compete in the construction of tall buildings, and nations compete with one another in building the tallest skyscrapers.

inşaat teknolojisi


The time in which we live, with its tall buildings, and competition in the advancement of building technology, was described in the hadiths 14 centuries ago.

Transportation Technology:

Throughout history there has been a direct correlation between a people's wealth and power and its transportation technology. Societies that were able to establish effective transportation systems enhanced their advancement.

Speaking about the characteristics of the End Times, the Prophet (saas) said of the development of transportation:

The Last Day will not be established until …time will pass quickly. (Bukhari)

Great distances will be traversed in short spans of time. (Ahmad, Musnad)

robot teknolojisi


A high-speed automobile produced by the latest technology.

The message at the above hadith is quite clear. During the End Times, great distances will be traveled in a short time by means of new vehicles. In our time, supersonic aircraft, trains and other advanced vehicles can, in a few hours, travel the distance it used to take months to, and do it more easily, comfortably and safely. In this sense, the sign related in the hadith has come true.

hızlı araçlar


In the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries, technology has truly reached a high level. Especially in transportation technology, architecture and various fields of engineering, wonderful developments have been achieved.

In the Qur'an Allah mentions vehicles that are the product of modern advanced technology:

And horses, mules and donkeys both to ride and for adornment. And He creates other things you do not know. (Surat an-Nahl: 8)

Here we may consider the meaning of the expression "time will pass quickly" in the first hadith, in the light of what we have related. Clearly, as our Prophet (saas) said, during the End Times, tasks would be completed in a much shorter time compared to other periods. Indeed, the advancements in science have allowed the possibility for most things to be finished in a much shorter time and with much better results. A similar hadith confirms this view:

The Last Hour will not come before time contracts, a year being like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hour, and an hour like the kindling of a fire. (Tirmidhi)

For example, ages ago, international communication, that would span a period of weeks, can now be completed in a matter of seconds by the Internet and other modern communications technology. In the past, goods that reached their destinations after trips that took months by caravan can today be transported instantly. Today, millions of books can be published in the time it took to write merely a single book a few centuries ago. Daily things we now take for granted, such as hygiene, methods of food preparation, and child-care, no longer require as much time with the help of modern technological wonders.

robot teknolojisi


Some technical devices which allow various tasks to be completed in a much shorter time.

We could easily provide numerous such examples. However, what we must stop to consider here is that the signs revealed by the Prophet (saas) in the seventh century are now coming true.

Another sign of the End Times revealed in the hadiths is the spreading of commerce (Reported by Ibn Masud (r.a.)) which has paralleled the advancements in transportation technology. Modern transportation has enabled every country in the world to establish close trade relations with others.

Communications Technology:

Some of the most interesting information the Prophet (saas) revealed is found in his hadiths that describe modern communications technology. One of the things he said is quite striking:

The Last Hour will not come before the end of a man's whip speak to him. (Tirmidhi)




Technology, which can transport sound and images thousands of kilometers at the touch of a key, exhibits a striking parallel to the point mentioned in the Hadiths.

1400 years ago, sound recording was described in the Hadiths as “a person’s own voice speaks to him”, while the technology that makes it possible to listen to sound recordings was predicted. Above, we see a music system which is the product of modern technology.

When we look at this hadith closely, we can see the truth it contains. As we know, in ancient times, the whip was widely used to ride saddle beasts, especially camels and horses. When we examine the hadith we see that the Prophet (saas) is making a comparison.

Let us ask the people today this question: "What speaking object can we compare to the shape of a whip?"

The most likely answer to this question would be a cell phone or some other such communication devices.



All the communication devices discovered in the last few years allow us to confirm that we are likely living in the End Times. 

If we recall that wireless communication devices, such as cell phones or satellite telephones, are very recent developments, we will understand how prescient the Prophet (saas)'s description was 1400 years ago.

So, this is one more revelation of the time before Judgment Day in which we are living.

In another of the Prophet's accounts, he highlights the development of communications technology:

There will be no Judgment ... until a person's own voice speaks to him. (Mukhtasar Tazkirah Qurtubi)



By means of satellites, every kind of broadcast can be sent to its destination in an instant. The fact that the Prophet (saas) predicted this extraordinary capability 1400 years ago is another sign.

The message in this hadith is quite clear: it states that a person's hearing his own voice is a characteristic of the End Times. Surely, for a person to hear his own voice, first it has to be recorded and then listened to. Voice recording and reproduction technology are products of the twentieth century. This development was a turning point in the advancement of science, one that has allowed the birth of the communications and media industries. Voice recording has now reached its apogee, with the latest developments in computer and laser technology.

In short, today's electronic devices, like microphones and speakers, have made it possible to record and listen to a person's voice, showing that what the above hadith has told us has come true.

What is said in the hadiths that describe the End Times about communication technology is not limited to the above quoted hadith alone. There are other very interesting signs related in other hadiths:

The sign of that day: A hand will be extended from the sky, and people will look and see it. (Ibn Hajar Haythami, Al Qawl a-Mukhtasar fi 'alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar)

The sign of that day is a hand extended in the sky and people stopping to look at it. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman)

It is clear that the word "hand" in the above hadith is intended figuratively. In earlier times, "a hand's being extended from the sky and people's looking and seeing it" as stated in the hadith might not have meant much for them. But when today's technology is considered, this statement may be interpreted in a number of ways. For instance, television, which has become an indispensable part of the world today, and it, together with cameras and computers, may explain very well what the hadith described. The "hand" mentioned in the hadith might have been used in the sense of power. It may be referring to the images coming from the sky in the form of waves, that is, television.

Some other relevant instances are very interesting:

A voice will call him by name … and even people in the east and west will hear it. (Ibn Hajar Haythami, Al Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi 'alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar)

This voice will spread over the entire world, and every tribe will hear it in their own language. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman)

A voice from the sky that everyone will hear in his own language. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman)

This hadith mentions a voice that will be heard throughout the whole world and in everyone's own language. Evidently, this refers to radio, television and other such methods of communication. It is a miracle that, 1400 years ago, the Prophet (saas) referred to a development that was unimaginable even just a hundred years ago.

When Bediuzzaman Said Nursi interpreted these hadiths, he explained that they miraculously foretold the advent of radio, television and other such communication devices.23

Another hadith about advances in telephone, television, satellite and Internet technology reads:

In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), a Muslim in the East will be able to see his Muslim brother in the West, and he in the West will see him in the East. (Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p. 391)


This hadith refers to the technological advances and visual communications systems that will arise in the End Times. People are easily able to see and speak to friends anywhere in the world by means of video phones, televisions, satellite and other forms of communication. Our Prophet (saas) spoke of this technological development 1400 years ago and said that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come in this time. In that time, people in management positions will communicate and learn things using hand-held computers and computerized phones:

According to Muhammad, son of Imam Jaffari Sadiq, the imam said: " WHEN THE QAIM [HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)] APPEARS, he will send a messenger to every country, and will say to them: 'YOUR AGREEMENT IS IN YOUR HAND. If you encounter a situation you do not understand and find it difficult to rule on, LOOK AT YOUR HAND AND DO WHAT IS WRITTEN THERE...'" (Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim Nomani, al-Ghaybah al-Nomani, p. 381)

The hadith notes that in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), people in management positions will make use of palm computers and computerized telephones to communicate, obtain information or research things they do not know. It seems that in this holy time technology will reach the most advanced level and people will press the keys on palm computers or computerized telephones to access news reaching them or learn things they do not know, and they will see and understand these things by looking at the screens of such devices.

Cloud Seeding

As an-Nawwas ibn Sam'an reported, the Prophet (saas) said: He would then give command to the sky and there would be rainfall upon the earth ... (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, Number 7015)

It is reported in the above hadith that in the End Times there will be means of causing rainfall when so desired. These methods are actually employed today. The technique known as cloud seeding is applied as follows:

Seeding of clouds requires that they contain supercooled liquid water—that is, liquid water colder than zero degrees Celsius. Introduction of a substance such as silver iodide, which has a crystalline structure similar to that of ice, will induce freezing (heterogeneous nucleation). Dry ice [frozen carbon dioxide] or propane expansion cools the air to such an extent that ice crystals can nucleate spontaneously from the vapor phase. ... In mid-latitude clouds, the usual seeding strategy has been predicated upon the fact that the equilibrium vapor pressure is lower over water than over ice. When ice particles form in supercooled clouds, this fact allows the ice particles to grow at the expense of liquid droplets. If there is sufficient growth, the particles become heavy enough to fall as snow (or, if melting occurs, rain) from clouds that otherwise would produce no precipitation. This process is known as "static" seeding. Seeding of warm-season or tropical cumuliform (convective) clouds seeks to exploit the latent heat released by freezing. This strategy of "dynamic" seeding assumes that the additional latent heat adds buoyancy, strengthens updrafts, ensures more low-level convergence, and ultimately causes rapid growth of properly selected clouds. Cloud seeding chemicals may be dispersed by aircraft or by dispersion devices located on the ground (generators)." (



Cloud seeding by spraying silver iodine vapour from a plane in the state of Kansas. (Source: National Geographic web site)

Cloud seeding rockets attached to a plane wing

One place in which this technique is often employed is Kansas. The National Geographic website provides the following information on the subject:

In Kansas, clouds sometimes promise rain and fail to deliver—or produce crop-damaging hail. To coax moisture from the clouds, the Western Kansas Weather Modification Program sends out its planes. Wing-borne burners produce a silver iodide smoke, which rides updrafts into the sub-zero heart of certain storm clouds. At that altitude, the silver iodide particles provide nuclei around which cloud water can freeze. When they're heavy enough, the grains of ice fall—melting into rain on the way down. In theory, the strategy not only increases rainfall but also keeps moisture from being swept high into clouds and forming hail... (

Cloud seeding is a technology developed over the last 60 years. Today some 24 countries, including the USA, Israel, Canada, Russia, Thailand, Morocco and Australia make use of this technique to produce greater rainfall.

Increased Milk Production

One of the signs of the coming of the dajjal in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) concerning the End Times is an increase in milk production. The progress that has been in livestock rearing in our time has given rise to this increase in yield reported in the hadith. And Allah knows the truth.

An-Nawwas ibn Sam'an reported that the Prophet (saas) said: He [dajjal] would come to the people and invite them (to a wrong religion) and they would affirm their faith in him and respond to him. He would then give command to the sky and there would be rainfall upon the earth and it would grow crops. Then in the evening, their posturing animals would come to them with their humps very high and their udders full of milk and their flanks stretched. (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, Number 7015)

The artificial insemination of the animal population, embryo transfer and the raising of animal quality by means of high productivity stock, which began being implemented only recently in our own time, have led to a huge rise in milk production in all countries, particularly Holland and Belgium. In Holland, for example, the daily average milk yield from a single cow has risen to 35 liters. Some cows are even known to produce as much as 53 liters.

süt üretimi

The Treasure Detector

One hadith that describes the End Times, the coming of the dajjal and his characteristics states that the dajjal will tell of the treasures buried beneath a building when he walks by it:

He would then walk through the waste land and say to it: Bring forth your treasures, and the treasures would come out… (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, Number 7015; reported by an-Nawwas ibn Sam'an)

As we know, detectors that can find metals under the ground and that are capable of distinguishing between metallic and non-metallic compounds are in wide use today. By means of these, it can immediately be established whether or not there is any metal buried beneath a building or under the ground. These detectors, which make it easy to find buried metals such as gold, silver, copper and bronze, are frequently employed in engineering, construction and by the military, and by others for treasure hunting.

The above hadith may well be referring to the use of such a device. That would explain the detection of treasure beneath the building and its subsequent extraction. And Allah knows the truth.

define dedektörü

Trawl Fishing

One of his [dajjal's] astonishing deeds is this: He will enter the sea three times a day; one of his arms is long. With his long arm he will lean on the bottom of the sea, and with his other hand he will sweep up and catch what he wishes from among the fishes in the deeps... (Reported by Abu Nuaym [ra]). (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 216)


It is indicated in the hadiths of the Prophet (saas) that in the End Times dajjal will "reach down the bottom of the sea and catch the fishes of the deeps." The "trawl nets" used today in catching fish fully match this description given in the hadith. And Allah knows the truth. Fishing with trawl nets is also known as "multi-species fishery" because a large number of species are caught at the same time. Trawl nets, a kind of drag net, are used in seabed and mid-water fishing. These nets, which scour the seabed with steel cables, trap all the fish they encounter.

Trawl nets resemble large, cone-shaped, wide-mouthed (30 meters or so wide) bags. Wooden struts are used to keep the mouth open when the net is first cast into the sea. These are connected to the trawler boat by steel cables. Bottom trawling is generally used in places where the seabed is largely flat. Dropped from the trawler boat, the trawl net is dragged along behind it for some 1.5 to 3 hours and scours the seabed, catching all the fish it encounters. It is then raised using a winch and the fish inside unloaded on deck. Once the fish have been cleaned and washed, they are packed in ice in the ship's hold. On some very large and highly advanced trawlers, the fish are loaded into freezing apparatus once they have been cleaned. These boats are able to remain at sea and therefore fish for more prolonged periods.

The Discovery of Solar Cookers

He will catch a bird flying in the air and roast it under the Sun. (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 216.)

güneş ocakları


In the above hadith reported from the Prophet (saas), our attention is drawn to "hunted prey being immediately able to be cooked and eaten" in the time of the dajjal. Another aspect of these descriptions is that this will take place "in a sunny environment." These statements in the hadith may be referring to the "solar cookers" that are used with modern-day technology. And Allah knows the truth.

By means of the solar cookers that are manufactured as an alternative to LPG, natural gas, electricity, wood and coal, even foods such as meat can be immediately cooked and eaten under the Sun.

As shown in the picture, solar rays are focused on the cooker by the bright interior surfaces. Food placed inside the oven cooks in the high temperatures released by the reflected solar rays. (Emily Krone (Daily Herald Business writer), "Elburn-made solar ovens give hope to many in Third World," September 26, 2004, p. 1, 3)

The descriptions referring to the End Times are highly applicable to our own time.

Clouds Of Smoke

duman bulutları

The dajjal will say, "I am the Lord of the worlds... It is by my leave that this Sun follows its course, if you wish, I can halt its progress!" They will respond by asking him to halt it. At this he will imprison the Sun, and will make a day resemble a month and a week a year. (Reported from Nu'aym ibn Hammad and Hakim ibn Mas'ud (ra)) (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 219, 220)

duman bulutuOne of the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) refers to the dajjal imprisoning the Sun. Today, smoke clouds can be formed using a variety of different techniques, by means of which the sunlight can be blocked out. The smoke bombs used to create such clouds were used in the First and Second World Wars. These shrouded the sky, blocked off all sound and prevented the detection of planes and parachutists. This artificial measure, the blocking out of the Sun's rays, appears to be in close agreement with the imprisoning of the Sun referred to in the hadith. And Allah knows the truth.

Peygamberimiz (sav)’ın hadislerinden birinde, deccalin Güneş'i hapsedeceğine işaret edilmiştir. Günümüzde çeşitli teknik yöntemlerle duman bulutları oluşturulabilmekte ve bu bulutlar vesilesiyle güneş ışığı engellenebilmektedir. Duman bulutlarının oluşmasını sağlayan sis bombaları, 1. ve 2. Dünya savaşlarında kullanılmış, tüm gökyüzünü kaplamış, görüşü tamamen kapatmış ve gökyüzündeki uçakların ve paraşütlü askerlerin tespit edilmesini engellemiştir. Bu suni oluşum, hadiste işaret edilen güneşin hapsedilmesi, yani güneşin ışığının engellenmesi için kullanılacak bir yöntemdir ve hadisle mutabık görülmektedir. (Doğrusunu Allah bilir)

Rivers Flowing In Arab Lands

The Last Day will not come until rivers and streams flow through Arab lands. (Ash-Sharani, Mukhtasar Tazkirah al-Qurtubi, p. 471)

This hadith refers to desert agriculture using large quantities of water on the present-day Arabian peninsula, and particularly in countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.



These pictures show the greening of the deserts in the United Arab Emirates and the resulting crops.

The Return of the Prophet Jesus (as) After The Emergence of False Prophets

It is known that, throughout history, there have been many false prophets. For the purpose of their own gain, these kinds of impostors have resorted to deceit, exploiting people's naiveté. Also in the hadiths, it is revealed that false prophets will appear before Judgment Day.

The Last Hour will not come before there come forth thirty dajjals (imposters), each presenting himself as an apostle of Allah. (Abu Dawood)

The above hadith reminds us of developments in our own day. By taking advantage of the hopes of Muslims and Christians about the second coming of the Prophet Jesus (as), a number of deceivers have claimed prophethood and at times caused great suffering.

Experts have noted that there has been a proliferation of so-called messiahs that began to appear in the 1970's and which has since increased substantially. The following excerpts have been selected as examples to help us better understand this phenomenon:

The fiery demise of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, that claimed the lives of David Koresh and at least 74 of his followers...24

Last week at two sites in Switzerland and one in Canada where 53 of Jouret's followers and their children died. Police in two countries are trying to find out whether the deaths were mass suicide, mass murder or some bizarre combination of the two.25

Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, says he is the Messiah of the Second Coming and that his family is the first true family in all history! … [The Unification Church] was officially founded in 1954 by Moon, who claims that in 1936, when he was 16, Jesus Christ appeared to him on a mountainside in Northwestern Korea and told him that God had chosen him for the mission of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.26

Grim evidence of the worst cult slaughter…Up to 1000 followers feared dead as more graves found in Uganda…27

It was an event that sent shock waves worldwide—the worst mass suicide in modern history. More than 900 people, members of a cult, were found clustered together in a South American forest. The dead were followers of Rev. Jim Jones, the leader of the Peoples' Temple in San Francisco.28

In the Qur'an Allah also points to the advent of false prophets. One verse pertaining to this topic is the following:

Who could do greater wrong than someone who invents lies against Allah or denies His signs, or who says, "It has been revealed to me," when nothing has been revealed to him, or someone who says, "I will send down the same as Allah has sent down"? If you could only see the wrongdoers in the throes of death when the angels are stretching out their hands, saying, "Disgorge your own selves! Today you will be repaid with the punishment of humiliation for saying something other than the truth about Allah, and being arrogant about His Signs." (Surat al-Anam: 93)

sahte peygamberler

1. David Koresh, a false messiah, and his compound on fire. (right)

2. Sun Myung, the founder of the worldwide Moonie organization, in a ceremony. (above)

3. Thousands of people go to their deaths in obedience to self-proclaimed messiahs. Above, we see a mass grave in Uganda, and on the right, the followers of Jim Jones who had committed mass suicide.


In our day, a number of false prophets have appeared, one after another, each proclaiming himself to be the Messiah. The fact that the signs of the End Times are happening in succession is an extraordinary occurrence that certainly should make everyone think.

As it is stated in that which follows this verse, these people will surely receive their recompense for the lies they have fabricated.

There is no doubt that the time when all the lies of all these false prophets will be eradicated is soon. It is announced both by the Prophet (saas) and in the Qur'an that, after the liars have gone, the Prophet Jesus (as) would return.

We have mentioned earlier that in the Qur'an Allah tells of the Prophet Jesus' (as) return to earth, and that Muslims and Christians alike eagerly await this event. There are a few hadiths from the Prophet (saas) that refer to the second coming of the Prophet Jesus (as). The Islamic scholar Shawkani stated that there are 29 hadiths about the Prophet Jesus' (as) return, and that the information contained in these hadiths could not have been falsified. (Ibn Majah) (For further details, see, Harun Yahya, The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) Did Not Die)

There is another important item of information that comes to us through these hadiths. The return of the Prophet Jesus (as) will occur during the second phase of the End Times, and will be an important sign of the Judgment. In this regard, the following hadiths are pertinent:

The Last Hour will not come until you see the descent of the Prophet Jesus (as), son of Mary. (Muslim)

By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, son of Mary, the Prophet Jesus (as), will shortly descend amongst you people (Muslims) as a just ruler. (Bukhari)

The Hour will not be established until the son of Mary (i.e. the Prophet Jesus (as)) descends amongst you as a just ruler. (Bukhari)

Our Prophet (saas) tells what the Prophet Jesus (as) will do when he returns:

At the time of his death, the Prophet Jesus (as) will have reappeared on this earth for forty years. (Abu Dawood)

The Prophet Jesus (as), son of Mary, will descend, rule for 40 years with the book of Allah and my Sunnah, and die. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman)

The Prophet Jesus (as), son of Mary, will be a just judge and just ruler (in my community), break and crush the cross [annul the worship of the cross] and kill the pig [inform that eating pork is forbidden]... The earth will be so filled of peace as a vessel is filled with water. The entire world shall recite and follow one and the same Word and none shall be worshipped except Allah. (Ibn Majah)

The Hour will not be established until the son of Mary (i.e. the Prophet Jesus) (as) descends amongst you as a just ruler, he will break the cross [annul the worship of the cross], kill the pigs [inform that eating pork is forbidden]… (Bukhari)

Therefore, when the Prophet Jesus (as) returns, errant doctrines such as those of the Trinity, the cross and the priesthood, and illicit acts such as eating pork, will be swept away, , and Christianity will be saved from superstition and restored to its original state.

At this point, there is an important issue we must stop and consider. In the Qur'an and in the hadiths, there is no doubt that the Prophet Jesus (as) will return to earth during the End Times. Today, on the other hand, some Muslims disregard the evident proofs regarding this return, and suggest that it is possible that the Prophet Jesus (as) will return after the Prophet Muhammad (saas) comes. However, Muslims who think such a thing should attempt to interpret the relevant verses and hadiths objectively and without prejudice. And, secondly, there is no contradiction between the fact that the Prophet Muhammad (saas) is the last Prophet and that the Prophet Jesus (as) will return to earth. When the Prophet Jesus (as) comes for the second time, he will not bring a new religion but will be subject to the true religion communicated by the Qur'an and the Prophet Muhammad (saas).

The great Islamic scholar Imam Rabbani said: "The Prophet Jesus (as) will descend from heaven, yet he will follow the Prophet Muhammad's (saas) Way" (Imam Rabbani, Letters of Rabbani, Volume II, Letter 67); Imam Nawawi said: "… He (the Prophet Jesus (as)) will come and apply the Prophet Muhammad's (saas) way." (Al Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi 'alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar) On this topic; Qadi Iyad said: "The Prophet Jesus (as) will rule with the rules of Islam and will revive the practices that his people have abandoned." (Ibn Majah) This is stated in Barzanji's book as follows: "He will judge by the law of the Prophet Muhammad (saas), will adhere to a Prophet even though he is one himself, and will belong to the people of the Prophet Muhammad (saas)…" (Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, p. 243)

The greatest Islamic scholar of the past century, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, has provided some interesting expositions of this matter in his Risale-i Nur Collection. According to Bediuzzaman's analyses, the Prophet Jesus (as) will return to earth in bodily form in the End Times and will contend and intellectually repudiate anti-religious ideologies that represent materialist and naturalist philosophy. Under his leadership, Christians and Muslims will unite and the powerful anti-religious forces will be eradicated. Christianity will be cleansed of its vain beliefs, heresy and its myths and become subject to the Qur'an. Bediuzzaman said that, in making this announcement, the Prophet (saas) relied on the words of Almighty Allah and that, therefore, it would certainly come to pass.29

Regarding this subject an important question comes to our attention. How will the Prophet Jesus (as) be recognized? Surely, the clearest indication that it is him who will be in possession of all the features common to a prophet as mentioned in the Qur'an. In addition, he will bring an important sign to indicate that he is the Prophet Jesus (as). When he comes, there will be no one that would have seen the Prophet Jesus (as) before in person and therefore there will be no one to recognize him. None will be able to recognize him by his physical appearance or by the sound of his voice. No one will be able to say that he knew the Prophet Jesus (as) personally, or saw him at such and such a time; no one will have known his family or his relatives. All those who would have known him would have died 2000 years ago. Mary (as), Zechariah (as), his disciples, who spent years with him, as well as all those to whom the Prophet Jesus (as) communicated the message of Allah, will have already died. Therefore, there will be none who would have experienced his birth, childhood, youth or adulthood when he comes for the second time. No one will know anything about him.

As we explained in the earlier section of this book, by the command of Allah, "Be," the Prophet Jesus (as) came into the world without a father. Clearly, after so many centuries, he would have not any surviving relatives. In this regard, Allah informed us in the Qur'an that the situation of the Prophet Jesus (as) is like the creation of the Prophet Adam (as):

The likeness of Jesus in Allah's Sight is the same as Adam. He created him from earth and then He said to him, "Be!" and he was. (Surah Al 'Imran: 59)

In this verse Allah reveals that He said "Be!" and the Prophet Adam (as) was created. The Prophet Jesus (as) too was created by this same command. The Prophet Adam (as) did not have a mother or a father while the Prophet Jesus (as) had only a mother when he came into the world. But, when he comes to the world again for the second time, his mother will not be alive.

Therefore, the confusion caused by the false messiahs who will appear from time to time is rendered ineffective. When the Prophet Jesus (as) comes back to the world again, there will be no opportunity to cast any doubt on the fact that it is him. No one will be able to find any viable reason to say that he cannot be the Prophet Jesus (as). The Prophet Jesus (as) will be recognized by that one characteristic that will separate him from every other person: not a single person in the world will know him.

In conclusion, the information presented here should lead us to recognize that the time of the promises with regard to the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as), and the things he will do, is near. Surely, it is our duty to be best prepared as possible to meet that blessed person who we have been so long waiting for.

The Golden Age

The characteristics of The Golden Age, described in detail by Allah's Messenger (saas), are important signs of the Judgment Day. This period is called the "Golden Age," because of the Paradise-like description of it by Islamic scholars. It can be understood from the hadiths that the Golden Age will come in the second period of the End Times.

One major feature of this happy period will be its great wealth. The hadiths stress that this wealth will be a unique phenomenon in history:

My community will find such well-being at that time that the like will never have been seen before. (Ibn Majah)

My community, both the good and the bad, will be blessed with blessings they have never seen before. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman)

Another hadith describes the richness of this period:

During the period, the earth will throw out its treasure… (Ibn Hajar Haythami, Al Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi 'alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar)

Other hadiths relate that the years of anxiety and distress will end; no one will be in want. No one will even be found to give alms to:

Give in charity because there will come a time on the people when a person will go out with his alms from place to place but will not find anybody to accept it. (Bukhari)

Goods will certainly multiply and flow like water at that time, but nobody will stoop to pick them up. (Al-Halimi)

altın çağ


In his hadiths, the Prophet (saas) stated that the End Times will be divided into two period, and that the second will be one of unprecedented prosperity. Islamic scholars have called this period the Golden Age, because of its Paradise-like characteristics.

A notable characteristic of the Golden Age will be the establishment of justice and truth. It will be a time when law and justice reign in the place of anxiety, conflict and injustice. As we read in the hadiths, "The earth will be filled with justice, instead of cruelty and torture." (Ahmad Diya'al-Din al-Kamushkhanawi, Ramuz al-Ahadith) Among the most important features of this period will be the silence of weapons, the end of enmity, conflicts and social disintegration, and the establishment of friendship and love among people. The extraordinary amount of money spent in the war industry will be invested instead in food, health, development, culture, and on the things that bring about the happiness of human beings.

Another feature of this blessed period will be the return to the fundamentals of religion as it was lived in the time of the Prophet (saas). Those laws, myths and traditions that were invented after Islam and not basic to it will be removed. The differences among Muslims in the practice of their religion will cease.

In short, The Golden Age will be a time of plenty, well being, peace, happiness, wealth and ease. It will be an age when developments in art, medicine, communications, production, transportation and other such areas of life will occur as never before in the history of the world. And, people will live according to the moral values of the Qur'an.

altın çağ


The Golden Age will be a time when the moral teachings of the Qur'an will be adopted and when plenty, bliss, wealth and glory, similar to the descriptions of Paradise in the Qur'an, will be prevalent. It is described in the hadiths as a period in which a poor person will not be found to whom to give alms.

After the Golden Age

When we read the accounts of the prophets in the Qur'an, we see that an important Divine law governs all ages. Those societies that reject the messenger Allah sent to them and fight against him are destroyed, while those who subject themselves to the messenger experience the material plenty and spiritual well being that true religion brings. In the period following these messengers, some societies then reject the true religion that was clearly communicated to them, and begin to associate partners with Allah. Discord and conflict ensue. In fact, they have contributed to their own disastrous end with their hands.

This law will surely be operative in the End Times. The Prophet (saas) reveals that the Hour will come after the death of the Prophet Jesus (as) and at the end of the Golden Age:

After him (the Prophet Jesus (as)) the Day of Judgment will be but a matter of moments away. (Ahmad Diya'al-Din al-Kamushkhanawi, Ramuz al-Ahadith)

The Day of Judgment will come after him (the Prophet Jesus(as)). (Ahmad Diya'al-Din al-Kamushkhanawi, Ramuz al-Ahadith)

Surely, the End Times and the Golden Age will be the periods in which a last warning will be given to humanity. A number of hadiths highlight that there will be no good left in the world after this period. So, we see that, shortly after the Prophet Jesus' (as) death, all the peoples of the world, spoiled by the material abundance of the Golden Age, will become wicked and reject true religion. We may state that it may be under such conditions that the Hour will come, but, of course, only Allah knows.


Allah, there is no god but Him. He will gather you to the Day of Rising about which there is no doubt. And whose speech could be truer than Allah's?
(Surat An-Nisa', 87)


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