Every moment we live is a great blessing from Allah

The lower self of man tends to delay. For this reason some people are in a constant state of suspension, delaying their commitment to living sincerely for the sake of Allah, and leading a life which pleases Allah. Many people will attempt to justify their actions by saying, “When I get old, I will start praying.” “Soon I intend to start reading the Qur’an”, “I will make up for all that I have done in the future”, “I will begin to pray as soon as I finish school.” “When I become more mature, I will think deeply,” “As soon as I complete my education, I will assist those in need,” “Once I have established myself in my chosen career, I will consider the persecuted Muslims,” and “After I attain fifty years of age and perform the pilgrimage (Hajj), I will start praying.” As they do not realize these when Allah gives them the power and means, they may never do so, as it is Allah Who gives the power and opportunity to achieve these targets.  An unexpected illness could hinder one’s worship which one could easily have performed in a state of good health. Similarly, Allah may suddenly and unexpectedly take his life, making him meet the angel of death.

A sincere Muslim who has fear of Allah should behave with the consciousness that every second he lives, and every breath he takes, is a great opportunity provided by Allah. He should know that there is no time to delay the performance of good deeds, and that had Allah willed, He could take his soul at any moment. The sincere Muslim should live his whole life according to this important reality.  

Allah, Possessor of all things and owner of infinite power, provides us with a huge blessing with every second of life that passes.  

This is because every moment that we live offers an opportunity to fear Allah and love Him more.

Every moment that we live, we can try harder to earn Allah’s pleasure.

Every moment that we live, we may pray more deeply to Allah.  
Every moment that we live, we may beg more intensely for forgiveness from Allah.

Every moment that we live, we can strive to be more sincere than the previous moment.

Every moment that we live, we can endeavor to show more piety and deeper faith.

Every moment that we live, we can be more conscious of Allah.
Every moment that we live, we may further develop our thinking and perfect our morality.

Every moment that we live, we may expend more effort describing, implementing and propagating the morality of the Qur’an.
Every moment that we live, we can improve our character.

Every moment that we live, we may love Allah and the believers more.
Every moment that we live, we may think more clearly and deeply.

Every moment that we live, we can work harder to minimize our mistakes and deficiencies.

We should never forget that proper worship, including correct morals, which is performed without delay, is a great source of reward for a Muslim. Each of these is an opportunity for the believer to completely surrender to Allah, and to clearly demonstrate his love, faith, and belief in Allah. We are clearly informed in the Holy Qur’an that “…Verily the postponing is an increase in Unbelief…” (Surah 9. At-Tawba, 37)


2011-01-15 15:12:45

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