Muslim woman avoids idle talk and idle deeds

Muslim women, who are sincerely devoted to Allah, organize their whole lives in accordance with the law Allah ordered in the Quran and they do this with a meticulous care. Therefore, like it does for all people, Islam brings honor, dignity and respect to the esteemed Muslim women, who truly live in the way Allah ordered, during their life both in this world and in the hereafter; and thus grants them with a superior morality. In our previous article, we made a detailed explanation upon this subject. And in this article, we will continue to emphasize the features of Muslim women.

Idle talk and wasting time with worthless deeds is a very common feature of females in the societies that do not practice Quranic Morality. Yet, Allah described the true believers in a Quran verse as the ones “who avoid vain talk” (Surah Al-Muminun,3). “Avoiding idle talk and vain deeds” is a significant feature of the true believers. The personality of a Muslim woman is much more different than all characteristic features of females who do not live in accordance with the Quranic Morality. She knows that Allah destined a short earthly life span for men and time is quickly being consumed. This short life span is all they have to attain Allah’s blessing, His will and His eternal paradise. Therefore, Muslim women act knowingly that any moment is very precious. They are aware that any moment they waste with a vain deed or an idle talk is a great loss, indeed – which may cause a feeling of regret in the Hereafter.
They never lose this awareness and they pay a great attention to direct their efforts towards the good deeds that might please Allah. As Allah announced in the Holy Quran: “They believe in Allah and the Last Day; they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; and they hasten (in emulation) in (all) good works: They are in the ranks of the righteous.” (Surah Al-Imran,114); they live every single moment of theirs by hastening in good deeds to attain Allah’s will and His blessings.


2011-04-30 20:07:36

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