The end times II- The golden age

Many hadiths indicate the existence of a period when the Qur'an's values will pervade Earth. This period, known as the Golden Age, will last for more than half a century and, in many ways, will resemble the Blessed Period of our Prophet (saas). We call this period the Golden Age due to our Prophet's (saas) Paradise-like depictions of it.
In our day, the countless portents giving the good news of the coming of the Mahdi have occurred one after the other. It appears from these portents that the coming of the Mahdi, described by the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, is close at hand.

So, what effects will the coming of the Mahdi have on mankind and the world?

This film seeks an answer to that question.

It looks at the developments which will be experienced on a world scale following the appearance of the Mahdi, and examines the features of a period known as the “Golden Age.”

The Golden Age is a time when the moral values of the Qur’an will prevail and people will arrive at true faith. These two developments will give rise to some major physical results. You will see in this film how these extraordinary developments will come about.

2004-02-09 12:07:29

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