Ehud Tokatly ( Writer, Educator )

3rd December 2008

As an Israeli Jew, who believes in the Lord, God of Abraham and his children, I find it my holy duty to praise the wise and kind work of Mr. Adnan Oktar of Istanbul, Turkey.

Several years ago, I came across his publications on the World Wide Web, under the pen name of Harun Yahya, and was immediately impressed by his honesty and kindness. … And then, out of this darkness, I suddenly heard the loud, clear voice of a true Muslim believer – Harun Yahya / Adnan Oktar – who bravely preached against violence and hatred and promoted love, peace and co-operation between all monotheists: Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Mr. Oktar’s mission is based not only on his evident love of all human beings, but also on his deep faith in Allah, the Prophets and the Holy Books. Even his opposition to the evolutionist Darwinian theories shows a great love for all creatures and their Creator. Although he explores these theories with methodical and rational scientific standards, which are shared by many academics around the world, his real goal is to defeat the cruelty, racism and immorality that some Darwinian assumptions can cause.

... His approach is always kind, moderate, rational and constructive. … I call upon all honest people and true believers in our One God to seek justice, to support and encourage Oktar / Yahya and his followers’ quest for peace and faith, and to pray to the Almighty God, the Merciful and Infinite, to save all the lovers of peace and justice.


Ehud Tokatly
Jerusalem, Israel

2009-09-16 02:41:38

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