King Moshiah


A9 TV; 3 October 2011

Our Prophet (pbuh) says: “There will be no such unity after me. The Islamic community will be fragmented.” That is destiny, in other words. Allah will create it like that. “But there will be unification in the End Times, in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), in other words, of the King Messiah,” he says. We have now entered that time. The intermediate times are now over. Our Prophet (pbuh) says there will be division along these lines in this time. That appears in the Qur’an, too. Our Prophet (pbuh) complains that “My community do not abide by this Qur’an. Allah says, “those who divide up their religion and form into sects,” That is a verse from the Qur’an. These things have happened. Our Prophet (pbuh) described all the parts in detail. He even said, “there will be a time of despotic rulers.” That time is also over. This is now the time of peace. Had it been different, what our Prophet (pbuh) said should have turned out wrong. But the fact that what our Prophet (pbuh) said has come true shows that our Prophet (pbuh) is right and what he talked about is a miracle. The Qur’an also says this is how it will be. That is set out in the Qur’an. The faith will be impaired after our Prophet (pbuh). But the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), will come to put that right. Otherwise Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would not come, the King Messiah would not come. The reason for his coming is to put right this seemingly irreparable, very difficult-seeming damage. We believe that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has now come. We believe that the King Messiah, Shiloh, has come and that we are now in his age. We see this when we look at the Torah and when we look at the hadiths.

A9 TV; 26 September 2011

You are in the time of the King Messiah. Those troubles of the last 3000 years are coming to an end. Love, peace and beauty will prevail everywhere, insha’Allah. You can rejoice in that. We are entering a time when we will live well, as brothers, with Palestine and all Arab countries, insha’Allah. Victory will go to those who espouse and live in peace and brotherhood, those who love brotherhood, goodness and beauty. The armies of satan will be vanquished. There will be no more fighting or tumult. You can start rejoicing in that now. There is no need for tension. We will join hands and eliminate this climate of conflict and tension. You can see that we are already doing that. You can see the results. The more satan seeks to maneuver, the more we hobble him, with love, knowledge and science. I therefore send my love to all the people of Israel, to the Israeli government and its prime minister. I wish for peace and good for all Palestinians and my Muslim brothers and Christians. May Allah protect you all.


A9 TV;  October 11th, 2011

It will be much more better than it was before. That is because the King Messiah imparted in the Torah is in the world at the moment.   I mean the Mahdi (pbuh) is in the world  now. Consequently we are in a time that the Children of Israel will live the most beautiful life. We are at a time that the Muslims will live the most beautiful life. The people in Turkey, the Turkish people approach the Israeli people with love and compassion. Such transient, political crises  happen, but this is not the norm. Look let me give you a very sharp indication. Turkey is hosting a big radar system in Malatya specifically to protect Israel. It is done within the structure of NATO. The characteristic of this system is that it aims to strike down  rockets in the airspace of Turkey or Iran, or even in the airspace of Syria if there happens to be a nuclear attack towards Israel.  That is something that requires a great sacrifice. That is because when a rocket is struck from  the air, the parts   of the rocket would pour upon that region. And consequently Israel is being protected in the perfect sense. Even this alone is a very explicit proof of an extra-ordinary compassion, an extraordinary protection and sacrifice. 

Yes, what is practiced is important. In practice there is no tension in between peoples; in between the Turkish people and the Israeli people. But there might be some political discussions, political tensions in between governments. This is not something binding upon the peoples, it is not something that fundamentally effects them. There is nothing that changed, on the contrary the Israeli people and the Turkish people have drawn even closer to each other, and are in an emotional state that coalesces with each other even further. That is because, this is the specialty of the time of King Messiah. That will happen anyway. I mean, Allah does this even if people do not want to. I mean that is a very wondrous time. The time [we are living in] is an extra-ordinary time. Allah influences the hearts of people with His name al-Jabbar. Knowingly or unknowingly,  people will all enter into this affection, this unity. The people of Israel, as you know, have been waiting for the Messiah for 3,000 years. It is now the time of the King Messiah, the Shiloh. Both according to the Torah and according to the hadiths, there is no time other than this. We are at the End of Times, we are at the threshold of the Last Day. Apart from this century there is no other time for the appearance of the King Messiah. There is no other time for the arrival of the Mahdi. The foundation of the state of Israel is itself a portent of the arrival of the Mahdi, the Moschiah. All the portents defined in the Torah have been realized. All the portents defined in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) have been realized. The weapons will be removed, the arms race  will stop from then on. The money spent on weapons will be directed toward  natural needs, like food and clothing  the poor and the needy. From that point on the dissension and anarchy would decrease gradually and disappear.

But no one can enable this other than King Messiah, the Mahdi (pbuh). You can be sure of that. I mean forming communities, gatherings, making speeches, various institutions and organizations stepping in; these would never give any results. Allah had commissioned the King Messiah, the Mahdi (pbuh) about this matter. This attachment, this affection can only be formed with the electricity Mahdi would provide, with the strength he will supply by the leave of Allah. Other than that, it would only remain as  wishful thinking. There is no other way. For that reason, we as Muslims and you as  Israeli Jews should intensely pray for the appearance of the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and we all should fulfill this religious duty. When these conditions are met, when we keep the words of our Prophet (saas), when we abide by the Mahdi, we would be abiding by one single mind, and thus the whole would be under the guidance of a conscientious, merciful, honest and reasonable person. Then peace, love, happiness, goodness and justice would be realized in the fullest expectations of the word. Allah had described this at length in the Torah.  The Qur'an makes a reference to the Torah as well; to the Torah and the Psalms. I mean, Allah states that the world dominion is mentioned in the Torah and the Psalms. Our Prophet (saas) has also made a reference to the Torah and the Psalms in his hadiths in regard to the Mahdi , that is the King Messiah. Consequently. a sincere Jew would believe that this happiness, this beauty could only be attained by the way of the King Messiah, the Mahdi. That is the same with the Muslims. I mean this is how it is in the four ahl-al sunnah schools and also in the Shia sect and the Jaferite sect as well. The opposite is unimaginable. 

A9 TV;  September 18th 2011

We believe in the End Times. We believe that we are in the times of the King Messiah,  Moschiah. All the evidences related to the coming of King Messiah, Moschiah in the Torah has appeared. That is to say, all the evidences related to the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) have come about. We see these evidences both in the hadith of our Prophet (saas) and the Torah.

There is no problem whatsoever between Israel and Turkey. They all love one another, they know each other as brothers. This has been so for centuries. In the time of our Prophet (saas), our Prophet (saas) used to take off his cloak and lay it underneath Jews and conversed with them. Our Prophet (saas) married a Jewish and a Christian lady. Besides, you know the era of Spain when Jews were persecuted. We took them from Spain and brought here, to Istanbul, to the most distinguished district of the beautiful city of Turkey. We made them settle in Istanbul. We presented our friendship and brotherhood to them. This is a tradition of us. We have always had feelings of compassion and protection towards Jews and we always will . That is why this crisis is temporary. In other words, it is impertinent to think that this will grow worse and that it will end up in conflict and war. There will be no war, no fight. On the very contrary, because we are in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), there will be peace and brotherhood. Together with Palestine and Turkey, Israel will be in the midst of all kinds of goodness. Our Palestinian and Israeli brothers will embrace one another, the fight will come to an end. Those walls will be demolished; those giant, tall, high walls. The control points will also be removed because peace and brotherhood will come. We see this in the hadith of our  Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) spoke of  the End Times and the era of Hazrat Mahdi (as) in detail. Similarly we see it in the Torah. We read it in the Torah, you saw it. We are in this era depicted in the Torah. The King Moschiah has come, Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come. Let us rejoice in this. Consequently the sounds of conflict, the noises of war must disappear and they will disappear. You will also see them. In 10-20 years, a great peace and brotherhood will reign in the region. Consequently, noises of strife and war must disappear and they will disappear. You will also see them. For about 10-20 years, a great peace and brotherhood will reign in the region. Our brothers must rejoice in this. That is, they must have unease for no reason. Surely Jews are brothers of religion with one another. So are the Muslims. We are also brothers of this world with our Jewish brothers. We feel compassion for them; we respect their opinion and beliefs. We do not believe in intervening and putting pressure on anyone’s beliefs as Allah openly relates in the Qur’an, “There is no compulsion in religion.” No one can ever violate Allah’s provision. No one can be converted to Islam by force. A religion is a religion if it is embraced by one’s own free will. By compulsion, that religion becomes unacepptable. Our Israeli brothers must know this notion and make their assesments according to it. Three thousand years ago, the Torah gave us the good news that we will see these beautiful days. Our Prophet (saas) also gave a detailed account of this age 1,400 years ago. All the portents have appeared. The portents of the King Moschiah. The flow of the Euphrates stopped. Two comets, Halley and Lulin, appeared. The Qa’ba was stormed. Eclipses of the Moon and the Sun 15 days apart during Ramadan. They all happened. Conflicts are temporary. They must be evaluated in the context of political affairs. In the realm of politics, such crises, such tensions happen. The general opinion of the Turkish public is important. Likewise the general opinion of the Israeli people. We must dwell on these, and they can be determiend by public surveys.

A9 TV;  September 18th 2011

You will, Insha'Allah, see that King Messiah will establish the peace. In five to ten years time, this beauty will happen, you will see this.

Allah does not let the world   become derelict…..The world will be in the hands of the King Messiah (as). Consequently you will be safe. So will the Muslims and Christians. The world does not proceed towards an unknown. It is under the sway of Allah. Allah will put the world into order with the hands of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Let your hearts be at ease. What all the prophets had told have come true. The words of Prophet Moses (as) also came true. We must put our trust in Allah.

A9 TV;October 7th, 2011

In the Torah, there is the mentioning of King Messiah who will guide the Jews to salvation, who will be instrumental in enabling the Jewish people to live in peace. As you know this is one of the basic beliefs. The King Messiah is an individual that they have been waiting for for 3,000 years; he is a descendant of David. Messiah, the son of David. They define him as the King of the world.  We call that individual the Mahdi (pbuh). This is the person known as the Mohammed Mahdi in the Islamic belief. The time of the Mahdi has come according to the Torah and according to the hadiths. I mean the time of the King Messiah, known as Shiloh, has come and we believe that the King Messiah -that is the Mahdi- is on the earth at this very moment. The Mahdi will put an end to this dissension, this disturbance, and Israel and Arabic countries will embrace each other, other countries will embrace each other as well.  Moreover, according to the expression used in the Torah, children will play with the snakes and the snakes will not have an effect on them. The children will play with lions and the lions will not harm them.  We have come to such an age. We will put aside the grudges and rage. If we look at things with a grudge and rage, no one can ever be friends with another.

We are at the time of the King Messiah, we are at the time of the Mahdi(pbuh). By embracing each other with love and compassion and by apologizing to one another, this matter should be closed. Otherwise, this world would turn into a living Hell and we will not let that happen.   

It might seem that there will be a crisis, but the system of the Mahdi will prevent that from happening. That means the spiritual power of the Mahdi, the wisdom of the Mahdi will deem these incidents impossible with Allah making the Mahdi instrumental in this. You will see that it is impossible.  The people of Israel will go towards better and more beautiful conditions as time passes. But under one condition; they will show their love for the King Messiah, they will completely submit themselves to Allah, they will increase their fear of Allah, they will grow closer to Allah with love; if they love Allah very much, the protection of Allah will be upon them, they will see this. But now the time for the global dominion of Islam has come, what they call the Arab Spring is actually the spring of Islam, I mean it is the spring of the system of the Mahdi. They are misstating it by calling it the Arab Spring. Actually it would be truer if they had evaluated it as the spring of the system of the Mahdi, the spring of the King Messiah. That is because the Bediuzzaman Said Nursi has stated that such a period will come, this has also been foretold in the hadiths as well, and at the moment it is happening exactly as it was foretold in all its details.    

A9 TV; September 14th, 2011

However our Jewish brothers especially realize that King Messiah- Moshiach has arrived I mean there is no other time for that anyway. Both according to their time and according to the explanations in the Torah- those true commands in the Torah that are valid also for us, there is no other time for Moshiach, it is obviously seen  that the Moshiach has come.  We are at the time of King Messiah, insha'Allah. We are entering the period that they will be most comfortable.  I mean Jews, Sons of Israel, will experience the most comfortable, the most beautiful times of their history ever since the Prophet Moses (pbuh) in the time of King Messiah.  Not only in Israel, they will be free in all the region. Starting from Jordan to Turkey, wherever they like, they will be able to walk around proudly and they will all be able to perform their religious observances  however they like. Let their eyes be enlightened, let their hearts be at ease. There will be no more wars from now on. Some psychopaths have the idea of annihilating the Children of Israel as a whole. I have said this before as well; we would overthrow the skies on top of them.  We are fiercely against the mentality which states that the children of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) should be annihilated as a whole. We will mortify the satan, we would not let such a thing happen, this is not possible. The children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) are entrusted to us, the children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) are entrusted to us as well.  The whole of Palestine, all those beautiful lands, those sacred lands will become the land of peace, insha'Allah. We would not let even a drop of blood be shed there. We will throw out the satan from there, we will throw it from everywhere insha'Allah. The satan, devil will perish at the feet of Moshiach, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).  This is a truth mentioned in the hadiths, insha'Allah. The Palestinian children, the Jewish children will run about holding hands, you know that childish chirruping, they will be screaming out, playing ball and having fun and we will watch their joy, happiness, delight, excitement and that childish sweetness in joy. Palestinian youngsters, Israeli youngsters will sing songs together, they will have nice discourses, we will establish a beautiful world insha'Allah.  The region is immense, let their hearts be at ease. We would not let any blood be shed in that region, let their hearts be at ease, no such thing would happen, nothing of that sort will happen, insha'Allah. I mean they should trust Allah, they should trust the word of Allah. They've been praying for Moshiach everyday crying for 3,000 years saying "O Lord send us the Moshiach".  And there is no other time, this is the last age. The lifespan of this world is 7,000 years according to their belief as well; it is 7,000 years according to ours as well. 7,000 years have passed by, everything will be finished in between 1400 and 1500 (A.H.) . King Messiah-Moshiach is embracing Israel at the moment, he is embracing  Palestine, he is embracing the whole world. Let their hearts be at peace. The Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is performing his duty together with his students,  King Messiah- Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is performing his duty together with this students as well, and Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is on his duty everywhere at the moment. Within 10 years there will be a peaceful, well steered , nice, positive, concrete, decent world which will be formed insha'Allah. The economic crisis will end in 2014, but this will be because the love of the Qur'an will be spread. For those who turn their backs on the Qur'an, Allah deems the ground as suitable, He deems the soil and pain suitable for them, He deems the crisis suitable for them. For those who love the Qur'an, who love Allah, Allah grants abundance, wealth, peace and security; now we are heading towards that beautiful time, insha'Allah. 

A9 TV, 18 April 2012

May Allah permit us to see the King Messiah, Moshiach. May He allow us to build the Temple of Solomon. May Allah allow us to lay the bricks with our own hands. May He allow us to build the mosque and mausoleum of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). May Allah allow us to build the mosque of Jacob (pbuh) and Israel (pbuh).

A9 TV,  4 August 2011

(About that part of Judaic belief that refers to the King Messiah (Hazrat Mahdi (as) suffering)

“When Elohim [Allah] created the world... under the Throne of His kavod, and brought forth the being of the Messiah. He said to him: 'Will you heal and redeem My servants after 6000 years?' He [King Messiah] answered Him, 'I will.'”

This is in full agreement with the hadith of our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) says, “6000 years have passed.”  Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear within 7000 years. 6000 years have already gone by. 7000 years is in full agreement.

Then Elohim [Allah] said to him: 'Will you then also bear the punishment... as it is written, “But he bore our diseases” [Yeshayahu 53:4]. And the Messiah answered Him; 'I WILL JOYFULLY BEAR THEM' (cf. Zohar, 2:212a).

This is mistakenly attributed to the Prophet Jesus the Messiah (as). But it really refers to the King Messiah, Hazrat Mahdi (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) will suffer very much. They imagine that Jesus the Messiah suffered on the cross. But it was the person who betrayed Jesus the Messiah (s) who was crucified. Allah took his soul as he screamed in pain. It was not Jesus the Messiah.

“I shall happily bear suffering, defamation, slander, persecution and torture with fortitude,” he says. That is a characteristic of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) will suffer millions of times more than other people. But this increases his love of Allah. I will bear it with fortitude, he says.

Rabbi Moses Haddarshan states:


Hazrat Mahdi (as) will happily undergo all kinds of pain and suffering for Allah’s approval. And that will further enhance his love of Allah. The Torah stated 3000 years ago that Hazrat Mahdi (as) would suffer. And Allah says that he will therefore be raised in station. He says he will elevated to the highest rank in this world. Our Prophet (saas) says the same thing in a hadith. It terms of time it is all in full agreement. He says 6000 years later. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will also come in 6000 years’ time, in 7000 years.

The King Messiah awaited by the Jews is the same person as the Mahdi (as). The important thing is the global dominion of Islamic moral values, Islamic Union, people being free and nobody being persecuted for his beliefs. For people to be able to live freely on their own lands and for there to be no greed for land. Let Muslims and Jews be free to settle anywhere and go where they like, insha’Allah


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