Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

A9 TV, 14 September 2012

Our Prophet (saas) is the prophet who interprets the Qur’an. If our Prophet (saas) could not interpret the Qur’an (may Allah forbid.), how should I respond to someone who say, “I can interpret the Qur’an best”? Our Prophet (saas) is the person who interprets the Qur’an for us and who also gives us knowledge from the mind of Allah, by His leave. Allah says that He will give secret knowledge to the prophets. And He has done so. What He said has come true. People can deny it all they like. But what does that denial change?

A9 TV, 12 September 2012

(Following the broadcasting of the libelous movie trailer about our Prophet (saas) – Astagfirullah, may Allah forbid- there have been protest demonstrations in many places all over the world. The video which caused rage among all Muslims was distributed over the internet by an Egyptian Christian, Moris Sadek, who is an anti-Muslim.)

There is no need to attach that much importance to such things. I mean there may be many ramblers all around the world that libel – may Allah forbid- religion, faith and holy matters. They expect others to say, "What was it?", "What did he say?" And the others will say, "This one said this and that." Why is there the need for this? You should just say he spoke nonsense and the matter would be closed there and then. What is the meaning of distributing it all over? There is a nice saying of Bediuzzaman; "Depicting null and void things thoroughly would seduce the gullible minds." Why is there the need for that? They explain what he said in all details. Where did he say that? Who said it? Where was that person born, where did that even take place? They attract the attention of the whole world. And then no one would be left who hasn't heard about it in the world. For instance, instead of having 20 people, 10 people hearing of it, they make it heard by 1.5 billion-3 billion. There is no need for that, there may be such libelous people all around the world. These are depraved people. The best thing to be done against those is to ensure the Unity of Islam. Have a look at those people making all that fuss, do they make any speech about the Unity of Islam? If you implement the unity of Islam, no one could ever dare say anything against our Prophet (saas), against Allah, or against the Book. Without the Unity of Islam they can spout libel against everything, against holy things, against you, against your family, against everyone. Whilst the solution lies in the Unity of Islam, the scholars act as if it is a skill to hide this, to conceal this fact.  Those people taking the lead are thus suppressing the excitement of Muslims and are putting away the Unity of Islam. They want to experience the excitement of stopping the Unity of Islam. Yet we have struck their heads like a spiritual ton of bricks. They have been disarrayed. Or normally they were attempting to stop the Unity of Islam. I mean picture that we didn't have our activities. Picture a world that we have not explained the facts. Picture a world where we haven't defeated Darwinism, materialism. Assume that our support has been withdrawn. If we were to say, "The Islamic World does not have a problem to be called the Unity of Islam. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not come, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will not come either and Evolution took place," like many scholars, many hodjas have said, what would be the status of Muslims? Yet we have never let that happen, and we wouldn't. We have spoiled all such games, insha'Allah. 

A9 TV, 18 June 2012


In response to the question, “Before the death of Rasulullah (saas), who witnessed the transmission of this information, and how was it heard?”)

These conversations took place through revelation during the time of our Prophet’s (saas) sickness. Gabriel’s (pbuh) words came through revelation. Azrael’s (pbuh) words are all through revelation. In receiving revelation, our Prophet (saas) would not be in a state of consciousness. He would lose consciousness. He says that. Allah asks, “How are you?” “Ask him how he is,” he says, through Gabriel (pbuh). “I say I am in an unconscious state,” he says. What does that mean? A comatose state. But he is not always in a comatose state; he emerges from it. And when he emerges from it, he says; “Gabriel (pbuh) told me these things.” But this is not revelation that will appear in the Qur’an. That is different. Allah tells him, “Say…” for instance. The time that will appear in the Qur’an is different. There is also revelation that does not go down in the Qur’an. Special information that comes to the Prophet (saas). That information is special. He says it to the Companions and people around. Those conversations are public. For example, he says his last words are “Refik-i Ala Yarabbi.” ( “O Allah, with the supreme communion.”) That is public. People heard it. But before his death, our sweet Prophet (saas) perspired because since that is the test, “...the throes of death are very severe.” The death throes. Of course, the death throes are acceptable, but since he is a prophet he makes a point of it. He says it deliberately, as if to say he is not receiving any special treatment. Otherwise our Prophet (saas) would not say such a thing.

There is revelation that comes to our Prophet (saas) in the form of an angel.

“Appearing in the true form of an angel,” in other words, Gabriel (pbuh) and Azrael (pbuh) bring and reading Allah’s commandment to our Prophet (saas). In their true forms. “Gabriel (pbuh) brought revelation in this form twice. The first was at the beginning of his prophethood.” A verse refers to his appearing on the horizon, drawing closer and closer, the distance an arrow can fly, then closer still like. In his true form, Gabriel’s (pbuh) wings fill the horizon. Our Prophet (saas) fainted when he first saw this sight, when he received that first revelation. He could not go home, he was trembling all over. For a long time he was unable to come to his senses. His wife helped him. “The Prophet (saas) fainted. The second was in the events of the Miraj. As proof of this, may be cited the verse, “Another time he saw him beside the  Sidretu'l-Munteha [the lotus tree in the seventh heaven] (Najm, 53/12).”

Then there is Rasulullah (saas) speaking with Almighty Allah in a state of wakefulness. “There is no intermediary in such talks. This is how the namaz (prayer) becomes a religious obligation. The following verse may be cited regarding revelation coming in this way: Allah spoke directly to Moses." (Surat an-Nisa, 164).

“There is Gabriel bringing revelation to our Prophet (saas) while he slept.” In a comatose state. By sleep, it does not mean the sleep we are familiar with, because in his state of sleep he is fully aware. He is asleep but fully aware. “Surat al-Kauthar reports that it descended in that way.”

“There is the angel of revelation bestowing revelation in his heart while Rasulullah (saas) is in a state of sleep.” It comes to his heart as a voice while he is asleep. “This form of revelation is reported as follows in the hadiths: "The Holy Spirit breathed into my heart, saying, 'No spirit will die without consuming its sustenance.' So fear Allah and seek His sustenance by legitimate means." He hears a voice. But not a voice from the outside.

Gabriel also brought revelation to our Prophet (saas) by assuming the form of a young man or human being. For example, he comes in the form of Hazrat Dikhaye.“Read a verse from the Qur’an,” he says. Our Prophet (saas) reads it. “You have spoken it right,” he says. The Companions were amazed. He left. They imagined he was Hazrat Dikhaye. “O Rasulullah, who was that?” they asked. “That was my brother Gabriel,” he replied. Recitation from the Qur’an begins after that; he recites and is told he has recited correctly. The Companions are amazed, but this is not such as to eliminate the need for the use of free will.

The angel also brings revelation to our Prophet (saas) without being seen at all. “Our Prophet (saas) heard a sound like a bell. This is the most grave form of revelation. This form of revelation is limited to verses that threaten or promise. Rasulullah (saas) describes this form of revelation as follows: "It sometimes comes with a sound like a bell.” But he hears it; he hears a sound like a loud bell. “This is the gravest form to reach me." “The Prophet (saas) trembles at the coming of such revelation,” his whole body starts trembling “...he perspired and became uncomfortable. When that started, the Companions would cover our Prophet’s (saas) face with a cloth.” Revelation begins while he is conversing with the Companions, and they then cover him up. “In a hadith related from Ibn Abbas, we are told that the Prophet (saas) had difficulty in memorizing the verses and moved his lips when he recited them.” Our sweet Prophet (saas) constantly tries to keep the verses memorized. All these long verses are memorized. Normally that would be impossible for anyone. This is also a miracle. Do not move your tongue trying to hasten it. Its collection and recitation are Our affair. So when We recite it, follow its recitation.

Allah says this. Recite it in your head, and I will preserve it, He says. Do not repeat it to memorize it. (Surat al-Qiyamah, 16-18)

“Revelation also comes roaring like a bell.” Like a loud roaring, like you sometimes hear when a car goes by. But only our Prophet (saas) hears it. “The loud sound heard is either the voice of the angel or the beating of its wings.” The angels beating their wings creates a loud roaring sound. “The wisdom in this is to enable the Prophet (saas) to collect himself and prepare his heart and to leave no possibility of his ears and heart being busy with anything other than the angel of revelation.” He can hear no other sound. There is just this loud roaring. Allah places a wall before all other sound waves. Only the sound of revelation is audible. Allah severs all other audible connections to the outside. And this is a miracle.

A9 TV; 1 November 2011

 (An answer to the question “Is kohl sunnah [the teaching of our Prophet]?”)

Of course. Our Prophet (pbuh) even used it. My dear ancestor’s eyes were black, his hair and beard were braided. He was tall, with broad shoulders. He had thick arms. If he put you down, you would stay down, masha’Allah. He was a wrestler. Nobody could beat him. He had a very delicate skin, our Prophet (pbuh). But his eyes could literally hypnotize you. Women were particularly taken with our Prophet (pbuh). Every woman who saw him fell in love with him, every woman, masha’Allah. They competed for his attention, masha’Allah. There was no end to the women who wanted to marry him. That is why Almighty Allah says to him in a verse, “After that no other women are halal for you..” But excluding those he already had. My ancestor is now in paradise with his concubines and my mothers, insha’Allah. May Allah allow us to see the lovely luminous face of Muhammad. May He bestow that on all my brothers. May Allah bestow happiness on us all.

A9 TV, 3 September 2011

Surat al-Ahzab, 50-52

“O Prophet! We have made lawful for you: your wives to whom you have given dowries and any slavegirls you own from the booty Allah has allotted you and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts...”

I wish my blessed Prophet (saas) the very best. May Allah bestow many times more on him in paradise.  “…and any believer woman who gives herself to the Prophet if the Prophet desires to marry her,” she now wishes to give herself. Does the Prophet (saas) not see this woman? He sees her. Would he accept her without seeing and liking her? “, - exclusively for you as opposed to the rest of the believers.” Fanatics are embarrassed by this verse. Did you know that? It is one of the verses that most upsets the fanatics. “We know very well what We have prescribed for them regarding their wives and any slavegirls they possess – in order that there be no restriction on you.” Do you know what restriction means? It means pagans and polytheists basely putting pressure on the Prophet (saas). Those are the restrictions to which this verse is referring. But they were shattered when the verse came down. “You may refrain from any of them you will and keep close to you any of them you will;” Almighty Allah says you can keep them with you or not, as you wish. “And if you desire any you have left alone, there is nothing wrong in that.” Allah says you can call them back if you wish and again live with them. “This makes it more likely they will be comforted and not be grieved,” not be saddened, in other words, “and all of them will be content with what you give them.” Because the approval of Allah lights up all things. But if a woman looks at this through the eyes of ignorance, it is a tragedy. But if she looks with the eyes of faith, it is like the Sun. And what will happen. Her heart will be eased and lit up. She will say, “If Almighty Allah has said this, there must be goodness and beauty in it, thanks be to Allah, and I accept it all.” Our mothers’ eyes are lit up since the verse has come through revelation. “…and not be grieved,” they are no longer saddened. “…and be content with what you give them,” they are content. I wish my female forebears all the best for marrying my male forebear. I am most proud of them, masha’Allah. They did what was right and behaved very well, masha’Allah. “...and all of them will be content with what you give them. Allah knows what is in your hearts. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Forbearing.” It is suitable for them. “After that no other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you,” so take that, my extremist friends. How could the Prophet (saas) know how beautiful they were without seeing them? They are not lawful for you, “even though their beauty might be pleasing to you;” our Prophet (saas) liked them very much. But Allah says he must not marry them. “…with the exception of any you own as slaves.” Almighty Allah says that. Our Prophet (saas) had many concubines. “They are not lawful for you, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you. Allah is watchful over all things.” And our Prophet (saas) had many concubines thereafter. Our mothers were all lovelier than the last. He is together with them in paradise. How delightful, thanks be to Allah. May Allah bestow even more concubines upon him. May He bestow millions more concubines on my beloved forebear, the loveliest man of all, masha’Allah.

A9 TV; 21 October 2011

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) used to grow roses. My beloved prophet. My beloved ancestor. He grew roses for a living in his youth, in his garden. He would then sell them. He also used to smell of roses all the time. He loved roses very much, masha’Allah, and the smell of roses. He smelled delightful. His teeth were pearly white. His hair was groomed. His two braids were long. His eyes were black, with huge irises. His eyes most perfectly expressed his depth and passion. Look how women fell in love with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) with the love of Allah... The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was in love with his women. And his women with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). And what a love! They were literally hypnotized by the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) when they saw him. He was broad-shoulders, with back eyes and hair. He smelled lovely and wore bright, white clothes. Sometimes he dressed in black. Our Prophet (pbuh) was of medium stature, and a wrestler. He had a lovely voice, like that of David. His speech was perfect. He was a delightful person, a perfect human being. The bigots went crazy when they saw such a high-quality person. Those curs of the time uttered terrible slanders against our mothers. Against our mother Ayesha (pbuh). They uttered terrible slanders against the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). But they got absolutely nowhere. Allah bestowed many blessings on the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). He lived and died heroically. May Allah have mercy on my lustrous forebear, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). Insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 24 September 2011

(Regarding Hadiths in Which Our Prophet (pbuh) Saw the Future)

True. Allah may have shown him the future in the palm of his hand. He speaks of images being seen in one’s fingers. He might have seen it all in his hand, like a television screen. He saw it all before his eyes, like a screen, without looking at his hands. What they say is true. These clashes and events are all in destiny. Look, I said, “There will be disorder in Turkey. Things will happen.” And it has happened, just as I said. And it will get even worse. You will see major events taking place in 2012. And the most unexpected people will sign up to the way of the Mahdi. The most unlikely people. Because there is no alternative. You will see. The Christian world will have to accept Jesus the Messiah (pbuh), as there is no alternative. Europe will also head towards a totally impasse, complete deadlock.

They asked Hazrat Ayesha, “What was the Sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh)?” She replied, “The Qur’an.” Our Prophet (pbuh) followed the Qur’an all his life. He did nothing of his own invention. The pagans tried to win our Prophet (pbuh) over, and there is a verse about that. But he always spurned them.

A9 TV; 31 October 2011

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) loved women very much, and the power of the Prophet (pbuh) is specially set out in the hadiths. He was a very strong person. His strength and love were very powerful. We see that in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. The bigots do not like to hear that, but I say it anyway, insha’Allah. All the prophets have had a huge love of women. In proportion to their faith. The more faith a person has, the greater his love of women.  That is how much he loves their beauty, and how much he loves animals. That determines how much he loves beauty and cleanliness. He loves all that is beautiful. In proportion to his faith. But bigots loathe women, and seek to turn them into apes because they detest them. They try to turn them into something disgusting. Bigots dislike pretty women. And Allah dislikes them. He gives them foul women who stink. And they are all disgusted by one another. Both are utterly filthy. Their women are like the wife of Abu Lahab. They all spread filth. Allah sets them up with one another. He gives bad men to bad women, and bad women to bad men.

A9 TV; September 7th, 2011

Our Prophet (saas) may also have minor mistakes. It is not true to say that our Prophet (saas)  never made any minor mistakes. This is related in the Qur’an. Many prophets made mistakes. When a blind man came to our Prophet (saas), he might have not conversed with him because he, with his personal conviction, considered many other people  needed more attention but Allah corrects this through revelation and He says that “This is a mistake.” This could also be the case, but this does not lower our Prophet’s (saas) status. Our Prophet (saas) is blessed, honorable and pure. But he is also  human; he is a prophet but he is also  human. Prophets may make mistakes and one needs to see them in a reasonable way, insha’Allah. My dear grandfather, my dearest Prophet (saas) always  wanted to do the best of everything. But he was  human; he might have made some minor mistakes. This does not eliminate his beautiful status. Prophet Adam (as), for instance, committed what Allah commanded him not to do. This is a mistake of a prophet. He is a prophet of the Paradise, and this does not degrade his honor.

A9 TV; November 20th, 2011

(About the superiority of our Prophet (saas))

Our Prophet (saas) is the greatest and the most superior of all prophets Insha'Allah.

A9 TV, 1 May 2012

Rasulullah’s (saas) age did not wear him down. He was like a youngster at the age of 63. That is amazing. He had the face and sweetness of a child. Someone of 63 should have the features of someone of 63. But not him. He had no more than 20 white hairs at the age of 63. In commenting on a verse he said it came from Allah. “I have feared Allah very much,” he says. Despite being the sweetest man in the world, “I suffered much from him,” he says. His skin was like silver. That is an Arabic term, meaning it was like a child’s. And he was immaculate when he died, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 29 April 2012

There was quality in the time of Rasulullah (saas). Quality in behavior, language, dress, cleanliness and everywhere. For example, Muslims went to Spain and founded a civilization there. People are still stunned when they see it. There was a glorious quality. There was quality in the Ottoman Empire. You see the works surviving from the Ottoman Empire. Nothing like them has been produced since. Concrete buildings, rectangular boxes, sacks of potatoes… after that it doesn’t really matter how rich you are. It is no good. You need to reach the highest point in art and quality. Then the world will be beautiful in a technical sense. Without it, what happens? A man has a garden, but it is horrible and devoid of quality. You go in and it stinks. But care can make it high-quality.

A9 TV, 27 April 2012

It is in the Gospel. It is coded in the Gospel in the Sight of Allah. “A thousand years for you is one day in the Sight of Allah,” it says. The Gospel emphasizes that again.  It emphasizes the 1 twice. That makes 2002. I have always said he will come in 2002. Look at the Gospel and see. A secret date is given. Jesus the Messiah says there will be great disorder when he comes. He says there will be two world wars, and that he will come before one human life span has passed since the end of the Second World War. Add 80 or 90 years to the 1940s, and there you are.

A9 TV, 5 April 2012

I have described the life of the Prophet (saas). But they say, “Our Prophet (saas) did not look at women.” He did, but with luminosity. He was a trustworthy person, he looked with love. He did not look out of evil intent. He looked, and if he liked the women, he would marry her. That is all. Well done to my ancestor, masha’Allah. If he looked, he must have liked their beauty. There is a verse that says, “After that no other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you,..” But then the verse goes on – Allah’s mercy is very wide. “..with the exception of any you own as slaves.” It is boundless, masha’Allah. Allah has bestowed many times more beautiful women in paradise, insha’Allah. As houris, and our mothers also appear very beautiful there.

A9 TV, 28 February 2012

Our Prophet (saas) had some 20 white hairs on his head. At the age of 63. His hair was pitch black. Masha’Allah. May Allah have mercy on our Prophet (saas). He is the most perfect human being ever created by Allah. The most perfect and the most attractive. Rasulullah (saas) was highly courageous, joyful and extroverted. There is no question of his never looking at women, as the bigots maintain. He looked, and then took them for his own. There are verses about that. Allah says, “. After that no other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you, ...” You must not take them, though if one pleases you, you can take her as a concubine, and that is a separate matter. Allah says you can take them.

A9 TV, 29 March 2012

Hazrat Muhammad (saas) is the greatest prophet. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) reigned over the world. Does that make the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) superior? In their eyes, the fact that the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) rules the world makes him a superior prophet because he says, “The Mahdi (pbuh) cannot do what the Prophet (saas) cannot do.” Hazrat Dhu’lQarnayn  did it, and he was not a prophet. He was the ruler of the world. Our Prophet (saas) himself says that. Does that make him superior to our Prophet (saas)? It has nothing to do with superiority. Allah bestowed that on him. It is Allah Who ruled. Do you see how they misinterpret our Prophet (saas) in order to turn Muslims away from achieving global reign? 

They are trying to turn Muslims against the Prophet (saas). You say you will rule the world. Have you lost your senses? May Allah forbid.  “Our Prophet (saas) did not rule the world in his time, so how can you do what the Prophet failed to do?” they say. People then feel guilt, “May Allah forbid, I had best know my place. I had best strive to ensure that no such thing happens,” they say. How can I do what our Prophet (saas) could not do?” What kind of language and logic is that?

A9 TV, 27 March 2012

Our Prophet (saas) said that red hair is attractive. They dyed their hair black. Our Prophet (saas) dyed his own hair black. He used the same dye as our mother Hazrat Ayesha (r.a). Our Prophet (saas) would dye his hair at the same time as our mother Ayesha (r.a) dyed hers, insha’Allah. But one of the Companions arrived with hair dyed red with henna, and he said that looked attractive. So Muslims are well-groomed. Our prophet (saas) wore a very attractive Byzantine robe at that time. His shoes were very well maintained. He parted his hair down the middle. It was long, reaching down to his shoulders, and the Prophet (saas) plaited it on either side. Our mother Ayesha (r.a) plaited it. He also plaited it himself, though our mother may also have done it. That is an adornment, isn’t it?. Our Prophet (saas) used kohl on his eyes. His eyes were dark from birth, but he used kohl on them, as well. He rubbed a perfumed olive oil into his hair to make it shine. That is an adornment, isn’t it? The hair cream in those days was a perfumed olive oil, so his hair shone very brightly, masha’Allah. His eyes were pitch black. He rubbed it into his beard, so that also shone brightly. He dressed very well.

“Hazrat Ayesha (ra) narrates: Rasulullah (saas) called on the women of Ansar at one of their weddings. They were singing songs.” That kind of thing drives the bigots crazy to hear.

“Our Prophet (saas) attended the wedding ceremony of the daughter of Muavviz Ibn Afra, Ar-Rubayyi. He sat next to her.” He sat next to the woman. That drives the bigots crazy. That kind of thing. “Some girls started playing the tambourines and singing songs about the deeds of the martyrs at the Battle of Badir.” From Bukhari.

“Hazrat Ayesha (ra) arranged for a woman of the Ansar to marry. Our Prophet (saas) said, “O Ayesha, do you have no singer to play the tambourines with you. Because the Ansar enjoy such entertainments.” Look, the Ansar like singing and dancing. Rasulullah (saas) says this in Bukhari, in the Nuptials section.

 Young girls who welcomed our Prophet (saas) did so singing songs.

“Rasulullah (saas) used kohl when he was fasting.” He even used kohl when he fasted.

“The ladies of paradise sing for their husbands with lovely voices that have never been heard before,” he says. This happens even in paradise.

The Companions, too. Aba Qatar also rubbed in hair cream made of olive oil into his hair twice a day. It shone very brightly. They used all kinds of adornment.

“An account from Ibni Abbas; A man who had dyed his hair with henna passed by our Prophet (saas). Rasulullah (saas) said how good that looked. Later on, another man who had dyed his hair black with henna and hemp passed by. He said that he looked even better. The man with black or brown hair. Then another man who had dyed his hair blond passed by. He said that he looked the best of them all.” So what is the bigots’ problem?

A9 TV, 29-March-2012

Hazrat Muhammad (saas) is the greatest prophet. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) reigned over the world. Does that make the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) superior? In their eyes, the fact that the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) rules the world makes him a superior prophet because he says, “The Mahdi (pbuh) cannot do what the Prophet (saas) cannot do.” Hazrat Dhu’lQarnayn  did it, and he was not a prophet. He was the ruler of the world. Our Prophet (saas) himself says that. Does that make him superior to our Prophet (saas)? It has nothing to do with superiority. Allah bestowed that on him. It is Allah Who ruled. Do you see how they misinterpret our Prophet (saas) in order to turn Muslims away from achieving global reign? 

A9 TV, 24-March-2012

Our Prophet (pbuh) was very well groomed. He rubbed kohl on his blessed eyes and the wives of the Companions rubbed it on theirs. Being well-groomed and clean is obligatory for a Muslim. There is nothing surprising about that. Even children used kohl.

A9 TV, 1 March 2012

Our Prophet (pbuh) enjoyed the pleasures of the table, masha’Allah. The Companions say that he enjoyed fried forelegs. He would eat two at a single sitting, masha’Allah. They brought them up fried like a pomegranate. He liked bread soaked in gravy. Look, this is highly significant, “Add some barley to flow made of wheat and mix it up,” he says. Other cereals lack the protein value of barley. It has a special kind of protein. Barley compensates for that lacking protein. In that way one can obtain the same protein value as there is in meat. This is a grand truth bestowed on our Prophet (pbuh) through revelation.

Some ignorant people say; “Our Prophet (pbuh) used to tie stones to his stomach out of hunger, out of lack of money.” Our Prophet (pbuh) was quite wealthy, thanks be to Allah. That is clear from a verse. Our Prophet (pbuh) would go on a diet from time to time, with 3-5 dates, and not eat much. He had stomach pains sometimes, and then he would warm a stone in the fire and tie it above his stomach with a towel or something. But some idiots say he tied stones to his stomach to dispel the pangs of hunger. They say the Companions saw that our Prophet (pbuh) was miserable and they took pity on him when they saw his house was empty. That is an insult to the Companions and to our Prophet (pbuh). Look how stupid that is.

A9 TV, 22-February-2012

Allah shows us in the Qur’an that laughter is quite acceptable. He places no limit of laughter. This is not an honest and sincere thing to say. Our Prophet (pbuh) was very joyful and would laugh out loud. And laughter is becoming of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). You will see him laughing in paradise. All the prophets were very joyful, masha’Allah. Why should he not laugh? His wives were joyful, and so was her. They are our mothers, masha’Allah. “He only laughed twice…” as if they were there with him!

Our Prophet (pbuh) could smile or could be very serious. Being serious is no crime. And if he liked something, he would smile. He would laugh out loud, with a passion. Why should he not laugh? Why hold himself back? What do unbelievers say to us? They tell us to weep a lot and laugh little. But I tell them, you weep if you want, we are going to laugh and laugh.

A9 TV, 19-February-2012

Fashion in the time of our Prophet (pbuh) meant robes and turbans. Everyone wore then. And he wore what everyone else wore. Unbelievers wore robes and turbans, as did Jews and Christians and everyone. And the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) wore what everyone else wore.

A9 TV, 20-February-2012

Abdullah ibn Omar (ra) related- “The ladies of the people of paradise sang in tones of voice that nobody ever heard before.” There are also beautiful songs in paradise.

“Abu Kadada (r.a.) said: I have hair extending to my shoulders. Can I comb it? Our Prophet (saas) said? “Yes, take good care of it.” The hair of our Prophet’s (saas) companions were always long, extending down to their shoulders. Cutting the hair is something that people adopted later.  The fact is however, our Prophet (saas) very rarely cut his hair, during the hajj. Normally his hair was long.

“A man who dyed his hair with henna passed by our Prophet (saas). He said, ‘How nice this is.’” He encouraged dyeing the hair. He did not want white hair. “ Later another man who dyed his hair with henna and ketene hair dye passed by. Our Prophet (saas) said, “This is even better.” A black that is dominant over red. Dark brown, blackish brown, insha’Allah. That is to say, black.

Our Prophet (saas) related, “What dyes white hair best is henna and ketene.” Dark brown that is obtained by mixing red and black hair dye. Dark brown dye. That is black hair dye.

“ Keep your children equal in your donations.” That is to say, if you give a gift to one of them, then give the same one to another, says our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet said, “If I had to keep superior one of them, I would keep the girls above.” He said he loved girls more.

“Our Prophet (saas) led the ummah in prayer although his granddaughter Umama born from his daughter Zaynab was on his shoulders. When he made sajda, he left the kid and when he stood up, he took the kid on his shoulder again.”

Buhari Wude, Abu Dawud, the women and men in the time of our Prophet (saas) performed ablution from the very same bowl.

Our Prophet (saas) was a treasure of mercy, the most beautiful of the world. He was a man of moral perfection, a man of love. He was in love with his wives,  a person full of love. He had a fervent love of Allah. He loved kids, women. He said that Allah made him love three things- one; pious women, two; prayer, three; beautiful fragrances. Our Prophet (saas) used to smell beautifully. Bigots stink like corpse- they have the disgusting smell of a dead body. If you describe such a prophet to them, you would simply, Allah forbid, be insulting our Prophet (saas).

A9 TV, 13-February-2012

For example, Rasulullah (saas) approaches from 50, 100 or 200 kilometers away. And a priest sees him and says. “This person is a prophet.” After looking in his face just once. But as long as he is an intelligent and rational person. For example, he looks and they come face to face; his eyes are black, and his expression is profound and meaningful. It is as if he has received an electric shock from his eyes. He loses his senses; something extraordinary happens, as if he has received an electric shock. Something happens in his body right away. It is as if he has been struck by the current. That happens when they come face to face. And that is one of the signs of our Prophet (saas), too.

A9 TV, 16-May-2012

llah says We made him rich. All prophets are rich. Our Prophet (saas) was also rich. The Prophet David (pbuh) was rich as well. So that means our Prophet (saas) was not poor. He was not binding rocks around his stomach. The lot of bigots always wants to portrait our Prophet (saas) like this. The fact is that all the prophets are rich. ".. and gave him wisdom and decisive speech." Meaning he speaks tersely. Not making long speeches that possess no meaning at all,  like the bigots do. Concise, terse, striking, influential, sincere explanations. ".. decisive speech." His speech has a very striking impact and shakes the listener so that the man would be amazed when he hears him talking.

A9 TV, 15-August-2011

(Response to a question about our Prophet’s (saas) marrying the wife of Hazrat Zayed)

This is one of the subjects that greatly trouble the hypocrites. Hypocrites are in any case embarrassed by it. They dislike the Prophet’s (saas) strength, dominion, effectiveness, the way he liked women and the way women liked him. It is one of the subjects that makes hypocrites most uneasy. That was also the mindset of the hypocrites who built the Mosque of Dirar. It is an excellent thing for our Prophet (saas) to have married the wife of Hazrat Zayed. She was a very clever, intelligent and beautiful woman. She wanted to marry our Prophet (saas) and Allah granted that wish. And our Prophet (saas) wanted her, and Allah gave her to him. Our mother behaved in the very best way. How lovely for her that she will live with the Messenger of Allah (saas) for all eternity. Even if we say a quadrillion time a quadrillion years for all our lifetime, still the life of paradise will only just have begun. It is still right at the zero point. The Messenger of Allah (saas) delighted in very beautiful and attractive women. And our Prophet (saas) was very impressive and attractive, so were Hassan and Hussein, and the Prophet Solomon (as), and the Prophet Joseph (as). All the prophets were like that. Spiritual guides are the same. It is an excellent thing, may those who oppose it burst with envy. Allah gives the Messenger of Allah (saas) wide discretion in one verse and told him to marry as he wished. That inflicted terrible pain on the hypocrites. Because hypocrites have no love of women. They hate women and have no human love at all.

Non-Muslims must also be brought to love our Prophet (saas). They must be followers of Muhammad. Not to love the Prophet (saas) is a violation of good conscience. Why do they not love the Prophet (saas)? Let them tell me. There are millions of aspects to love in him. He was the loveliest person in the world. A blessed person. Everything is compatible with reason and logic when we look at the Qur’an. There is not one inconsistency. Everything is compatible with science. He was a lovely person and devoted his life to spreading Islam and the Qur’an. He was called Muhammad al-Amin (the Trustworthy) prior to the prophethood. He was totally honest. And he never lied once. He was so honest. They believe in the Prophet Abraham (as), Isaac, Jacob and Ishmael, but not in Muhammad! What kind of logic is that? I am amazed how Jews do not believe in the Prophet Jesus (as). The Prophet Jesus (as) was a radiant and lovely prophet. Why not believe in him? He never said, “I am Allah.” May Allah forbid! He never said any such thing. He called people to Allah and the Qur’an. And he said he was a prophet. He never said he was Allah. Not loving the Prophet Jesus (as) or the Prophet Muhammad (saas) means that one has a damaged conscience. It is out of the question. Of course one must enter the Kaaba as a follower of Muhammad. One must enter the Kaaba with love of the Prophet Jesus (as). And with love of the Prophet Abraham (as).

The Messenger of Allah (saas) is the light. Almighty Allah says “I created the entire universe out of your light.” The whole world will recognize his prophethood, insha’Allah.

Prophets are shown secret worlds. Our Prophet (saas) was shown events from the past and the future, and he told us, and all this is coming true, word for word.

Reason in any case means knowledge. Rational knowledge. Our Prophet (saas) was highly rational. He said a thing and it was true. Because he acted through revelation. What will Hazrat Mahdi (as) be like? He will also act through revelation. Our Prophet (saas) says there will be an angel to correct him when he makes a mistake. Jibrail (as), Mikhail (as), the great angels, will be alongside him, always by his side.

The way our Prophet (saas) was never martyred is a great marvel. The sole aim of the pagans in Arab society was to martyr the Prophet (saas). He was surrounded by fighting on all sides. He was left all alone and continued fighting for hours. And nothing happened to him? Is that normal? It is a miracle, in my view. Enough all by itself. Someone dives into a crowd of people who surround him and whose only wish is to kill him, and he uses no armor. Because Allah says in a verse that He will protect him. Our prophet (saas) used to wear a double layer of armor. But after the revelation of that verse he removed it and went to war unarmored, and nothing happened to him. They had swords, spears, bows and arrows and did all they could to kill him. Being surrounded means you cannot see behind you. What might have happened among the hundred people all round him?

A9 TV, 09-March-2011

"(Reply to a question regarding our Prophet (saas) not looking women in the face)

That means that our Prophet (saas) never saw half of the Muslim community at that time. Almighty Allah says in one verse that “After that no other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you.” Allah says it is unlawful. Our brother may be saying that our Prophet (saas) saw them [women] behind their veils. There are verses saying that he saw them openly, that there were women he liked. How could our Prophet (saas) have liked any women if he did not see their faces? Is it possible for him not to have dealings with the Muslim community and not to have looked them in the face? Of course he looked at them. That means he also saw their beauty. How could our Prophet (saas) not see his Community? Why should he not look at their faces? Out of the question. Our Prophet (saas) often spoke to women.

2012-10-31 15:02:54

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