Politics is not the only solution

The past century was marked by countless wars, clashes, massacres and disasters, with deep and long lasting effects on humanity. These calamities claimed more than 250 million lives, leaving countless more homeless and traumatized. In addition to massacres and political assassinations, millions of others were subjected to unthinkable cruelty and inhumane treatment like starvation and torture. Disagreements between different ideologies led masses into huge conflicts, turning the world into an arena of conflict. Brothers were pitted against brothers as armed groups brutally wiped out populations regardless of age or gender. In the 21st Century the world has yet to find a solution for peace, love and justice; conflicts and wars are still ongoing in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. No matter how many people want this pain to come to an end, no one was able to come up with a viable solution. No country, no government, no international organization, humanitarian aid organization or peace ambassador was able to find a way out of this conundrum. Since this is the picture we see at the moment, it is obvious that we need to stop for a minute and ask ourselves some important questions: 'Why can't we be effective? Why can't we find a solution to the pains, injustice, ordeals, clashes and wars in the world?' Indeed, individuals, communities, governments, politicians and the international organizations need to question themselves and see the clear truth: 'We must be doing something wrong, we must be looking in the wrong places for a solution.' It is obvious that the problems in the world cannot be solved with politics alone. Surely politics is an important tool to help the people make their voices heard and also to guide societies, yet, it should never be considered as the only way to work out problems. For years, many people wrongly thought that the Islamic world could be saved with political maneuvers. Many were led to believe that the pain in the region could be ended with politics and 'intense political approaches' were adopted to this end. When have politics alone ever helped with any problem in the Islamic world? The brutal dictatorships in the Middle East cannot be eliminated with mere politics; history has shown on many occasions that the depraved ideas of such regimes cannot be destroyed with military methods. Such communities can transform into conscientious and sensible individuals only when they are infused with the love and fear of God. Only then love and peace can find its way into the hearts of people and only then will nations find love and respect for each other and live together harmoniously. This is the only way for societies to improve and become stronger. If the leaders encourage their people to love God and everything God creates, they can help build happy and peaceful societies: However, in societies ruled solely by politics, the cold and stoic atmosphere will fail to create a peaceful spirit. The only thing that can solve the problems in societies is appealing to the compassion, mercy, brotherhood and conscience in the hearts of people. Once this important fact is accepted, it will be much easier to find solutions to the pain, suffering and tribulations in the world. As soon as the politicians, peace advocates and international humanitarian organizations focus on this big problem hurting us all, and work to rekindle the feelings of humanity, love and brotherhood, building their policies only on the basis of these values, they will be able to reach an effective solution. It should be remembered that as long as it is based on love, anything can be achieved. It is much easier for people to react to a loving, peaceful approach, which will translate into a mutual understanding between societies, thereby putting an end to past resentments. If you can build love in the hearts of people, then you will be giving them enough power to stand up to calls of hatred and they will refuse to retaliate in anger when they encounter hostility. Such people will be able to pacify hateful people or those with discriminatory or separatist ideas and usher them onto a reasonable path. Therefore it is imperative for people that have the power to lead societies to see this important fact and not see politics as the only means of solving their problems. Unless the communities of hatred who have lost their conscience and who see this world as an arena of conflicts are led to love, conscience and humanity, the policies pursued by such communities can never yield permanent and positive results. On the other hand, approaches and policies based on love will always yield fruitful results. 


Adnan Oktar's piece on Daily Mail and Riyadh Vision:




2014-02-16 20:26:08

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