1,400 years ago, our Prophet (saas) foretold the name of Assad

115- Ghaibat Nomani: It is narrated from Muhammad bin Hamam from Fazari from Ibne Abil Khattab from Husain bin Ali from Salih bin Sahl that he said that Abu Abdullah Imam Sadiq (a.s.) had said when talking about the verse: “One demanding, demanded the chastisement which must befall...” (Surah Maarij 70:1)

“It is a fire that will flame in Thawiyya and then it will move to the tribe of Assad and then to the tribe of Thaqif. THIS WILL BE BEFORE THE APPEARANCE OF THE QAIM -MAHDI (PBUH).”

(The Promised Mahdi, Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi, English Translation of Biharul Anwar, Volume 13 (Old Edition)/ Volum 51-52-53 (New Edition), Kitabul Gaibah-Book of Occultation, Imam Mahdi(a.t.f.s)- The Twelfth Imam of the Twelver Shia, Part II, Translator; Sayyid Athar Husain S.H. Rivzi)


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